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All of at eighty downtown it's sunny and eighty. I'm Tom Halliday newsradio Wamel of eighty next news at ten thirty news happens anytime another hour with Bob Laws Bury starts now on newsradio Lambeau of eighty. Thank you so much. There appreciate that troops I appreciate you, Sean for muster. Hope all is cool and copacetic on your end. It was a great of fourth of July weekend for our family Friday I knew that your. Your Day. My we! We've got this little pond. The country land and I I know I talk about it, and I don't want you to think it's any great thing. It is very humble. It's very small it's very hillbilly. and we put it all together over about a decade on a shoestring budget we. We spent less on this. Then you'd spend on a used car, but the the point deal being. Friday afternoon, my Wife and kids were taking some of their friends out. There a splash around in the pond, so I went down the early, and I a spent the morning mowing got it all squared away, and that was pretty nice. They had a good time. Saturday on the fourth, of July we of course when it got dark, shot off a bunch of fireworks, the legal dull variety in the driveway. Watch President Trump's speech ten o'clock at night. It was great. I would urge you to watch it at Whitehouse. Dot Gov. The New York Times called it dark and divisive and said that he wanted to culture war. that's what he friends the the comrade journalists say when a president United States suggests that loving our country would be a good thing and honoring the people who have made a great but we went earlier in the day on the fourth of July to Watkins Glen to the State Park. which is such a great place? I had never been We went down and it's not a bad little walk. You go uphill quite a ways, but you such wonders that it was a delight lot of people. They're having great. Great Times It was a thrill to be around them as much as anything else. And What else? Oh? I special request to John Cusco Friday I'm cutting the grass and I drive down into none day. see if I can't find some lunch. and. There's a lady on the street corner selling hot dogs. Well, it turns out that she would that Don's hots or something like that. There's a guy named Don who has a graphic arts business in one day we we've had the gentleman on the show before, and it turns out that you know Don. T got a A hotdog cooker and put it on the sidewalk out front, and now he's got a second business, but any rate. A So I mean there visiting with the people in the graphic arts shop, and they're doing a mural that's going on the side of an old factory of various churches and buildings and events from days past and They. You know they got chatting, said you know John Coach. Cope I said why. I've seen him on TV, and and here's the deal. Cusco of course is the king of photography. These days and one of his prime focuses is letchworth state park. So, he drives through a Monday all the time. And John. If you're listening, may I just politely say They would like you to stop in the or may not ask for autographs I. Don't know, but Cusco is the star of Non Day and here's the deal over on channel thirteen. Now you may have noticed that. They have a new reporter by the name of Natalie a CONSECO she. Is the daughter of John Cusco, and his dear bride of low these many years later used to be on TV named Charlotte Stevens, and if you'll forgive me, I don't remember but Charlotte Steven's father was a longtime television news person in Rochester so in this Natalie Cusco over channel thirteen. You have a third generation a television. Reporter at work third generation in this town so wish her and her family lots of success. You probably saw. a couple of a Mug. Shots from two people, a Marcus McCreary and Jessica. Seines S. A. N. Z.. and. Here's what you might remember. Remember about Oh they. beat up a sheriff's deputy. Yeah, no, he dare to try to enforce the law. Yeah, so he had to be beaten up. Obviously, but the dealer would these mugshots is. They've got some kind of lighting system, or whatever where you saw Marcus, McCreary and Jessica, saints and. I don't you know endorse the grooming decisions if either one of them, but these look like they were models, these these I wonder. If like the next time I've got a job, application or I would say passport photo, but I'll never forget even this country Duh but anyway next time I need a photo taken I. WanNa go wherever Monroe, county, sheriff's deputies take their arrestees. It was very nice pictures, but here's a story. Jessica Haines is apparently driving a vehicle which It violates the law some former fashion this is down and beautiful Henrietta it and Jefferson Eastern ten road. She pulls into a convenience store exits. The vehicle gets out. There's a right behind says don't exit vehicle. He's in effect pulling over for doing wrong. She gets out. Screw this. She goes into the store. Jessica Seines as I understand and Marcus McCurry the gentlemen the vehicle, he also exit the vehicle. And he starts beating up the sheriff's deputy This year of a sheriff's Deputy ends up with a swollen face. A split lip inside put his teeth into his lip and this because mark McCreery did not want to i. mean the just out of the blue starts punching the COP, but again that I that's that's heroin now, isn't it? Isn't that almost obligated right? I don't know I'm trying to remember the evening news. I know we're. We're supposed to hate cops right? Yeah, and if and if a cop ever speaks to you, It's because of racism. You're you're you know you're pulled over you were stopped? Because exclusively couldn't be anything else. your race, whatever your race is doesn't matter who you were racist cop and Danny rate so ultimately Marcus McCreary is restrained. Jessica seines allegedly comes in help, so here's the deal you have a traffic stop wherein to individuals attack a sheriff's deputy, resulting in not insignificant facial injury to the deputy, okay? So The lady Jessica Saints. I'm sorry. The Woman Jessica Seines was given and appearance ticket. Okay? and then the man. McCreery was released on his own recognizance. Are by Democrat. Henrietta Town Justice Susan Michelle. Wright. released on his. It's worry okay. You come before the judge, and just like it's not five dollars. Bail is not ten dollars. One hundred dollars bail. It's not five thousand dollars bail. It's go have a wonderful fourth of July. Thank you for voting Democrat right and I to be a jerk, but. How can you violently assault a police officer and there being no bail? Right high. What level of Democrat Hell is that? Exactly. and. All I mean is I recognize that that we're supposed to hate the cops. Especially, we're Democrats. And I recognize that. If you're a judge, look at you. You've been elected and now you can. Turn the situation over from inside. Look at you. You're successful subversive that congratulations. You get progressive points for that You ought to be Rochester. City, court, Judge Man, you'd fit right in, but the deal is that you have someone who punched a cop over and over and over again in the face. Right, In that person is released without bail. Bit but both of you. You don't obey the law Florida you. A violently assaulted a police officer and you just walk down the street. Because when Democrats are in charge, stupid things happen whether we're talking about a legislature or a courtroom back with you in just a moment on newsradio. WHAM eleven eighty. Welcome welcome back troopers. Welcome back Sandra doorless house. got protested over the weekend. It was up and webster three three of the activists folks who've been in charge of the black lives matter demonstrations here in town including the lady who runs the New York Civil Liberties Union went up. And it's amazing thing. TV cameras were there, I don't know how they knew but at ESP. Probably sure or as we all learned rewatching Independence Day. There may be a signal coded in there. It's it's it's a countdown We must get to the White House immediately, but Anyway shrubbery my dad, but I go to Sandra a house in they protests in the street out front, and by protest I mean like have a press conference I don't know there was shouting or whatever else like that? There's any distraction or disruption to the a neighborhood but they talked about how defunding. The police isn't enough we must defined the district attorney. Also pointed out that Sandra Darley is a Republican and a racist, obviously redundant. And she said that this lady from the New York Civil Liberties Union. That Sandra door leased constituents are racist that that's probably code for You Caucasians out there, but the and they called for her resignation two things. They say that Sandra doorly prosecutes people of Color disproportionately and that she refuses to prosecute police officers for the various evils ills they they do, and here's an interesting thing because I think Sandra. Sandra. doorly has really tried to kiss this behind i. think she has tried very hard to be woke she's tried to show hypersensitivity in this area and has I think tried to be accommodating. She issued the statement about how bad things were and all this other stuff, and how she was resolved to changing this that and the other and yet they found their way to her a house and and and there haven't. One thing I noted in Ni I in some of the video coverage from the news. People who went out. Is that There was an investigator from the District Attorney's office. Who seem to be there standing a talking to the the three protesting ladies? and. It just enough that it's a big deal, but I would. A gentleman, who previously held a prominent position in the Rochester Police Department. But I just wondered How is it that that person came to be there? And what was his function in that setting and moment right was there as a friend was there as a district attorney's office investigator on the payroll and again these are all wonderful people. I, very highly of but if there was it in a Goshi -ation was he on behalf of the office, saying you know, you can come down on Tuesday and talk, or what I don't know if there's a a public safety issue. If there's a concern about anything like that, then it would be appropriate for the webster police. Department to be involved, and and I don't think for an investigator from the. District Attorney's office to be handling a of public safety of function there there was I think a win from a public safety standpoint over the weekend You know to the extent that when you have ten shootings, you can say anything was a win. It looks like Antero Beach Park was squared away. You know we spoke with Jose. Peo- I think on WHO's a city councilman up that way on a Thursday and he said that the the new section captain excuse me up there. Nate Cornell. And, he Mr Peo-, had they had spoken extensively, and that the our PD had a a plan for keeping things quiet. You'll recall Memorial Day and pick any year you'll recall Memorial Day the crap, the fan of there and of course in social media over the last couple of weeks if you type in Ontario, Beach Park. You'RE GONNA. Get a Lotta pictures of people beating the hell out of each other, and so with this holiday coming up It seems that you know the Rochester Police Department prudently didn't want that to happen and it looks. Looks like it worked There were a lot of people who are up there having a lot of good time, and you know the I. Don't think that we got reports of fights like they're normally are one of the things that happened is about eight o'clock on the fourth of July. There were a maximum number. The police were going to allow in. And when they got to that number, they shut it off and at any rate. Maybe I missed now, or whatever along those lines, but I think the reports are positive and so congratulations to captain. Cornell and to Jose Peo- into the the people in neighborhood, and whatever else like that, because, because, here's the I hate to be stupid, but of course Ontario Beach park on a hot summer's Day is just a tremendous blessing and gift right, and that it can be a place for families and young sweethearts and people just WanNa seem swimming splash and sun and stuff like that is outstanding and keeping the conduct going the right direction two thumbs up on on that. Supreme Court has just a ruled that states can bind faithless electors. What's that mean the Electoral College? This is how we a president, and typically a state votes, and then the elector goes and casts a vote on behalf of the state in accord with what the will of the voters were. It turns out that like it's not absolutely mandated by law that that happened. The elector could say screw it. You voted your way. I'm voting this way. Right and the deal is with you know concept of cancel culture, and the especially hate for hatred for trump. There was a concern that you know there could be faithless electors at any rate. Supreme Court said that States can bind electors. States can legally require electors to vote the way the people voted. Here's a note Frederick Douglass who statue God bunged up over the weekend last night. It was I think Frederick Douglass was. I Papa. Nine hundred. Eighteen, I can't remember the year eighteen. It might have been eighteen sixty eight. Frederick Douglass was the New York state electoral. R- he was the one who represented New York and the Electoral College and cast the ballot. If you will for I think it was ulysses. s grant so the first electoral of Color in American history was a Frederick Douglass at right here Rochester. It's time for news with Todd Halladay. We'll be back with that. Good Man's done on newsradio. Damn eleven eighty. Thank. My Grandma told me how live all the land and his dog him to be a business. Back, my friend welcome back. sneaker king is one of the stores was looted back at the beginning of the protests up on Lake Avenue and the deal. Is that The day they were looted was the first day they were allowed to reopen by governor. Cuomo, and so they were stocked and ready, and their entire inventory was wiped out losses. I think a couple. Hundred thousand dollars and word is now sneaker king is not going to reopen. They're just dead. And of the sixty eight businesses that hit in the initial rioting there will be a several more which will not open. Others have have stayed boarded up from then till now the fireworks. Ended up being just an amazing phenomenon this year. the illegal fireworks that shot off. I don't know if you have seen the skylines of almost every major American city this year. ban on fireworks in terms of municipal. Demand stations and displays, but they been shooting off for weeks in Rochester and Syracuse Buffalo there one. The weather cameras in Rochester showed. You know sort of a time. Condense thing people shooting off some pretty nice pretty impressive for works all across the neighborhoods of Rochester. There is a an. Piece of footage out of Los Angeles a similar ban and yet dozens and dozens like the whole city is lit up with a firework after a firework. I know these have been very irksome to some people. I also know that typically the people who have set the fireworks off have just left them. It's been it's been a garbage. Problem is what it's been I'd be curious to know if they're truly. Were I mean how many injuries were there? How many fires were started? Were those the threats we were told they would be or or not. How did it? How did it turn out? Myself I know the people are very upset, but personally I've always liked fireworks and I can sleep through them fine. No none of them kept me awake. We had quite a few done amount Morris. Granted probably nothing like some of the neighborhoods in the city, but I think they're fun to. I imagine it probably was a very diverting thing for the kids and people of neighborhoods. I know we're supposed to be all upset, but you know and people say well I. Hopefully. This won't happen next year. Here's what happened. a criminal syndicate of one sort or another decided to go into the fireworks business. This was not your uncle Lou, driving down to. Pennsylvania, and picking up a few extra in his trunk right, these were trucked in here. The number of fireworks were set off was massive. had a very large logistical issue and they figured out how to get him here. They figured out how to sell them. And here's the deal over in Syracuse. The Syracuse Police Department did intercept a large u-haul truck that was coming to its city resupplying. But how is it that you had? Thousands of these items sold and no, we. It never got figured out right. We never found out who was the illegal fireworks salesman on the corner, but anyway the point being. Somebody, a made an awful lot of money selling fireworks this year and you know people are going to WanNa. Keep. Making money and so next year they'll. They'll be right back and this will probably be the new normal and again. I recognize we're supposed to be very upset, but again. I always thought fireworks were fun and again I imagine people had a pretty good time. It's a little embarrassing that. here we are in this season of of great violence and the public safety issue. People are worked up about complaining to the Police Department. About is the issue of illegal fireworks, and not the fact of you know we've got people getting shot down left and right. Let me check my email again. Once more. No nothing no word yet from the city of Rochester nothing from the mayor about this violent weekend ten shootings, one stabbing twelve different people shot. It's. A At a certain point I know our narrative is we need to be you know ticked off at the cops or whatever else like that, but the carnage of this weekend just passed and here's another thing. I'd like to say. What do you think the likelihood is that people from outside the city concerned about their safety are going to come in to Rochester a further it take to a bigger city. How many folks have decided to cancel any plans to ever visit New York City again right? You can have your progressive paradise, and you can hate the cops, but as the crime unavoidably rises. people are not not gonNA. Put Foot in your city Chad. Glad you called welcome to Newsradio wham eleven eighty. So, we did a nice firework display We're out in FARMINGTON and well. We did it my myself. My wife, my two brothers and my father, we saved our stimulus checks, and we went down to Pennsylvania, and we got one of them big twenty four, but you halls, and that's how we had artists play. It was beautiful. It should be legal and three fireworks in my opinion good day. How how long does it take to shoot those off and did you? Did you resell them or just doing? Dumais your house. We did ourselves. We started around seven o'clock, and we were still sent him off 'til midnight. On a massive grand finale of a whole bunch, go off all one thing. Yeah, good for you, Chad good for you I wish he'd invited me over and and here's the thing. I Don I don't want. Anybody's house burned down I. Don't want anybody blowing their fingers off, but. It is insane that fireworks are illegal. Right and here's just a little thing that happened. It's it's SORTA like the all the demonstrations told us that you can go outside and large group of people and not get covert right I think that the fireworks audit teaches this that people can do fireworks and not kill themselves. Burn the place down. Because there were thousands and again, this is before we talked to. You know any other city just if you look at the city of Rochester, you're a massive amounts of fireworks and again there were some litter issues. People need to pick up after themselves, but. I think it worked fine and it I if you say Oh, we're GONNA. Burn things down in blow our fingers off. I think there was one guy got injured hold onto the firework, but I don't know of any fires caused by fireworks and I don't know of any other injuries and the people of Rochester. The people of America may have just proven that they can do this safely while we take a break numbers to two to eleven eighty. You're on the air next on Newsradio wham eleven eighty. Welcome back friends. Welcome back at, beverly, I appreciate your phone man welcome to Newsradio Ham eleven eighty. THANK YOU MR? Lansbury I said like to say I just love your show and I appreciate all your wisdom and knowledge of share with A. I wanted to say that. If you drive around Henrietta the last couple of weeks, there's like circus size tense bitter. Red And yellow that had been selling fireworks everywhere, so I quite don't understand why they're complaining about the fireworks. When you can stop on any corner and buys them, and also you can buy professional fireworks at any reservation around here. So why are they complaining about the fireworks? Which I love when you can stop at any gas station or Walmart parking lot, and by all you want. Do they sell good fireworks on the reservations? Oh, yes, I. I bought them. They go up about around one, hundred, eighty, two, two, hundred and fifty feet in the air this whole thing. Yeah! Yeah. You can buy amazing fireworks at the reservation around before fourth of July. You can yeah I appreciate that information I might go. Get some we The ones the tents are all New York. Legal then means they can't shoot up in the air Some of them can make some pretty nice little demonstrations. We had a a pretty nice driveway show on a Saturday night. Put together by my dear bride and the kids, but no I with common sense. It is ridiculous that we are so restricted in our USA fireworks. Now common sense includes you gotta clean them up. And of course people doing their homes do but yet, if nothing nothing else what we've learned is that you can have fireworks and the world doesn't end it Tim I'm glad you called welcome to Newsradio wham eleven eighty. Good morning about July and God bless junior family. You is sir. I just wanted to say that. I live in a small town in Ogden and we have the Ogden to department in the Monroe County sheriff's barracks so then. That's eight quarter of a mile each other. And I just wanted to convey the difference that seems to me between the way that our town. And braces in loves our local PD. Versus the sentimental police department from which we see within within the city limits You know people are are are bringing the police departments. peed this cookie. gifts. You know just a show of gratitude or support out here we are. We're with you. We love you. We support you You know I don't know if that's because we gotTA. We gotTA KNOW BS chice! Ogden and we feel he does a hell of a job protecting our community. They haven't credibility. They have an incredible social presence in the community, even walking the beat sometimes just a little village the. Report so I. You know I I. We are diverse not as diverse city obviously I'm just a downed at where this anti-cop. Sentiment comes from and the democratic pandering, and almost almost joyfulness, but they tend to to champion destruction of law enforcement and I just think it's sad. How how? A couple of miles away sport that we have for our local media in love is incredible. We'll said. Exactly in them for us, which may be the Rupaul Chris Myers the chief out there is neutering sort of person. I've always thought it in these two regards. one there certain people who just by the way their faces put together. There's like a natural smile on their face. It's like I don't know what it is, but you know there's people who are is. You're always happy. No, you just have A. Mir's has a natural facial expression. That looks happy. That seems smiling at the end. It is I. You know I. I think that's genuine I I have no doubt that this January. But at the same time he also is a one hundred percent cop, and and has a tough commitment to to doing what's right and is a true public servant. He and the others of his department. And I think that that sentiment out there. Is Normalcy. That's the norm. Unfortunately the norm with our comrade journalists does not get on the evening news. It's the exception that makes the news the norm is that people do love and appreciate the police and the norm is that the police are great defenders of us all the friend of everyone that's the norm and that narrative doesn't elect Democrats. It doesn't foment the Social Division and upset that various people are looking to advance themselves their philosophy. So that's not what you're GonNa see on the evening news. That's not what the politicians are going to embrace, but that's America. This other crap you're seeing just to be honest with you is not America. I can take a couple of fireworks calls I remember a while ago. A lady called up and she had this thing about. We all need to understand the other person's perspective, and all that and I said yeah, that's not the way I. Look at it and I'll tell you how I look at it. Remind me to tell you. Hi Do look at it maybe right after the eleven o'clock news John Glad you phoned up welcome to Newsradio wham eleven eighty. Good Morning Bob. Well Cuomo should go into the fireworks. Business is maybe it would help fifteen percent unemployment rate that New York state has. and. Maybe the only fireworks we're used to seeing in the state of New York. Is Molotov cocktails going through businesses and businesses being burned up and that's pretty much it, but he doesn't worry about that. He worries about people lighting fireworks and having a good time, and which is absolutely absurd. I just I. Don't get it. I don't get where we're where we're going where the state is going. He's putting his nose into the whole country. Each worry about his own state trump worry about the country. I mean I don't know Bob. The the the country is just so divided with stuff and I really don't get it, and you're right about the national anthem with football I'm a big football fan. But what are you going to do? You'RE GONNA players stand for the black national anthem, but then when the when the American national anthem comes on. They're gonNA. They're gonNA Neil. That's just gonNA. That's GONNA divide more people and it's going to get people to turn off the TV. I. Just. Everything is just so divided, and it's not trump's vault I i. truly believe it's the Democrats fall. Really believe me, it's all we've turned America into a PEP rally for the November elections for the Democratic Party every bit of angst and stress is and again I. I'm not you know there are many wonderful people who are Democrats and God bless you in America Needs Democrats like in each Republicans. We need everybody's ideas, right. But. There are sinister actors. There are those who will embrace evil for a personal and political benefit, and absolutely the difficulties of recent months have been and are being played to the political benefit of the Democratic Party, and they want to agitate you and scare you an enraged you and if they have to F- your life the way they don't care right the they're gonNA make the absolute worst out of his Cova that they can. They're gonNA a cripple the economy at the absolute most they can. They're to preach race war like nobody's business. They're going to set people at each other's throats because they believe on election day that helps them and so screw you all as long as they get what they want, which is power, you can do a coup in any number of ways right? Some people campaign on the strength of their ideas. Other people try to burn society down John. Glad you called Sir Welcome to Newsradio wham eleven eighty. I Bob Anybody Yeah. Lot The fireworks You should have been in this neighborhood. I live in a city neighborhood. You should have been in this neighborhood for. The past five weeks. Bob Cheering five weeks ago. This started every night. It goes bad. You know what an end! Of quarter stick. We're living so close together here by you set off an an era quarter stick. It sounds like a bomb going off their mindy bombs, you know. Is it any wonder people overloading the nine one one system? Do you know what Shell shock is? This is like show sat listening to this. We have no recourse we're in. We can't open windows at night up till two o'clock in the morning. That's what this that's what this is all about. It's not about people having fun. If people WANNA use sparklers, fine or something smaller, but a mess Seti Bob, and all these as it's about making the loudest explosion, and you know what that does a person. Do Our veterans to our pets? No. It can't be explained. The city of Rochester lovely Warren Mayor. It is time for news. We're taught Halladay. Right after that on Newsradio, wham eleven eighty.

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