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Have you ever wondered how far people would actually go for klondike well. That's why on affairs is going undercover in a new snacks. I series you can watch on a disguise herself. How fun is is that and go undercover with a hidden camera to find out what crazy things real people would do for their favorite ice cream. You can see the full videos everyone at klondike bar dot com com slash videos and share what you do for a klondike bar using hashtag before klondike. That's hashtag the number four the letter a. and klondike and show them what you do for a bar welcome to movie crush a production of iheartradio <music>. Hey welcome to many crush. We nolan are just having good combo and then we started rolling in media say. Is that the term. I think that's literary term his when things start in the middle oh it's like in progress and we'll just jump in. What is it call in medias. Ray s might be silence might be in media ray uh-huh. I think it's a greek the drama term that refers to dropping in right in the middle of something already. I'm a big fan of that's what we just did. Wow because you literally we hit record while we were still talking and you heard a little bit of that that was that was the real shit right there. Chuck yes a quick recap. We were talking about music <hes>. I've been listening to a lot of <hes>. Here's here's my genesis deal. Ooh i just told you love the peter gabriel stuff of course but i've been really getting into the like four albums post. Peter gabriel pre invisible touch right realize unusable touches when they really leaned into the eighties. You know excess senator poppy poppy where shoulder pads dynevor array so you know what i think is really funny though i think peter gabriel phil collins are artists in an in their own right. I'm more of a peter gabriel guy. He was the weird one azure. His solo records fucking weird. Yeah collins was way more into the commercial stuff but i swear to god man after peter gabriel left the band. Phil collins is doing his best. Peter gabriel brill impression singing wise. They sound like identical. It's a little weird i do. Oh seattle idea early on specialty early on that's just my opinion uh-huh <hes> and i just dropped that i've been listening to a lot of punk music because we did a study should now on park never got into it. Now turns out. I'm really into it. So your hair's spike cute. I am <hes> getting into punk rock music at the age of forty eight in the first time ever too late never too late. <hes> you wanna break some shit araya no man i'm. I'm one of those good parks chill punk what <hes> what are some some rex for the people at home well. I've been listening to the misfits the damned yup the circle jerks and the saints out of australia and if you like there was one more there was always a student loans but i listen to more remote saturday yeah and we were saying off air. How those those are the ones that maybe elevated the form a little bit like where there's a little more melody do a little more interesting compositions whereas some of the more hardcore thrash she punk bands or not really your bag not my bag yeah. My six pistols record is great. Oh agreed you know. I think they kind of straddle that line as well whilst sort of leaning more towards the rashy rashy snotty side but they're still they're really clever songs. Yeah clever lyrics really cool arrangements. I agree good stuff. We were also talking about podcast movement. Which <hes> for you you know assume you might know about it but people outside the industry that is sort of has been <hes> weeded itself out is the best conference industry the i want once in orange county <hes> in in california several years ago and this year is under that one race right yeah this year it's in orlando that's right <hes> and we're both going uh-huh and this will come out. <hes> i think we will have already been oh. It was terrible. No there's no way of knowing i'm mainly looking forward because all of the the the h. W. crew <hes>. I'm not sure about you chuck. I don't catch you in that bunch. We're staying at the <hes> the orlando hilton and it has a lazy river. Oh you're not staying at the place where the thing it was sold out that that place was sold out <hes> everyone was like we're staying the orlando hilton because it has a lazy river any reese who does save her. <hes> stefan told you how that she's is an accident so she knows what's up and she's like lazy river hilton orlando hilton. Gotta go mad well. Maybe you can come over and laser. She can't the i'm there for an eighteen hours a while and i've got like four things scheduled pretty much going hitting hitting it running. Although tuesday night i get then look to get a drink. One hundred percent i get into as well okay. Great perfect sealed signed sealed delivered everybody. I'm yours for drink on tuesday anyway all right. Nobody we're gonna start it off with the poll truth to have done some polls in a while. We're gonna pull it up. The tarantino you know a dish because he is on everyone's mind right now yep <hes> we are going to crush that movie out which will have already come out says. I hope you guys enjoyed that episode. <music> enjoy looking forward to recording that i am to all right no and i want your your answers here to you. Got <hes> poll truth. Yeah hold on my phone's ringing. Here's your that guy. That's very clever shuck. That's my voice. How'd you make that happen. That's that's and i got emily. <hes> 'cause i wanted her to have her own ringtone to yell at me and so when she calls is just her screaming. Coming in people are always to hand. It's obnoxious. I'd like it all right here here. We go here better movie jackie brown or reservoir support dogs. Yeah i mean i'm gonna read. We're dogs. Jackie brown kicks yeah. I it got reservoir. Dogs is won in a landslide four thirty to fifty seven hundred and fifty seven people that like jackie brown jackie brown just such a classic movie uvi yeah just the way it feels so intentional and it's less stylized and i like that about it. It's it's a it's a nice. It's a good movie so oh. I would vote for reservoir dogs. I guess it was probably not a fair way to kick off the polls. That's okay but i'm sorry all right next one. No <hes> better screenplay this tough pulp fiction or true romance. One of the best scripts to me ever is true romance so this is a tough one. Yeah i mean i i would say pulp fiction by how can you i mean i put it against the biggest heavyweight for reason no i. I like true romance but i i don't really remember much about it a lot a lot about it. I remember the gary. Oldman has faked gold teeth and in andretti in an address wig yeah that happens right. You got everything here from adela joe too damned. If i know that's pretty funny i mean that was a big movie for us. Maybe it's slanted in my mind breath on the couch with the honeybear because we watch to romance forty times in college. I need to revisit it all right pulp fiction one three three ninety eight to one zero seven. I'm glad hundred seven people out there appreciate the brilliance of that script. Totally is what i'll say and that was also like he was. He was a screen writer for that and not the director correct. Yeah the great great late great r._i._p. Tony scott right tony so sad about that. What would you do for a klondike. Akbar is back in a new snacks. I series starring on a ferris watch on a disguise herself and go undercover with a hidden camera to find out what crazy things real people would do for their favorite ice cream. You can see the full videos at klondike bar dot com slash videos and i'm telling you guys my favorite klondike bar. Dr is the old standard klondike vanilla in the center. It is so delicious and i'm gonna be checking these videos out for sure you can also share what you would do for a klondike bar using the hashtag at four the number four the letter a. klondike hashtag for klondike. That's hashtag the number for the letter a klondike and show them what you do for a klondike bar and you know what i would do for bar <hes> just about anything all right poultry. If everyone poll truth kills <unk> bills should have been one movie better to movies well. He's talking about making a third movie. Of course he is and he's also like an he's saying he only wants to make ten movies movies. He's counting kill bill as one movie. He's getting a <hes> sort of a mulligan again. I think it it it it it it. It's in our best interest sure. He didn't release it. That's my whole point. That's so tarintino. I love him. Any bugs me so we wanna watch the five hour movie. No watch a tight three hour movie from that four and a half hours of material. I liked both of those movies very much. Let it too. I just remember thinking man that would have made a tight three hour movie he right most people like to film three eighteen to one forty eight. You're winning. That's not competition. It's just the pulse also just the poultry. My daughter said that the other day when emily not usually you know let her win in a stupid like race you to the door because we're parents but the other day we both just dug in in one and she went. It's not a competition. No amazing the poll truth death proof awesome loved it or give me a real movie gimme removing a lot of people get mad been say it's very much a real movie but i remember feeling a little cheated and being like this was a fun exercise in oman to a certain john ruling come on now much beyond that he's counting that as part of his vra bro he shouldn't. I don't think so either yeah. People are mad right now. Who loved that movie. I get it and they wind out but i will say no. This is pretty close us. Two hundred and twenty people said awesome loved it one hundred and eighty six gimme a real movie. It's pretty close curious about some of these comments here our <hes> our old pal ethan says i'd love clinton a bit nostalgic. Perhaps but death proof just ain't my speed. Aaron crabtree says death. The proof is so bad ass that climactic car chase is an absolute knockout in great soundtrack. I sure add some great stuff. <hes> it was a great sequence bailout <music> out when he like forces the bailout or whatever and <hes> somebody get their legs. I don't remember even it's made such little impression on me. I thought thought twice because i saw it was part of that whole grind house thing with <hes> <hes> slant at either. It was whatever the whole thing. I remember the time i thought it was really i find i think i saw it in the theaters twice but i have not given it much of a second thought since i thought oh school that they did it. They did this cool grind house thing and like i get it. I like the trailers trailers super fun. It's all like i'm glad they do that stuff. It's cool that someone's out there doing that stuff but i just didn't think like movie wise. I need story story man all right paul truth pulp fiction clearly his best or not his best certainly the high watermark watermark for him. I mean that's sort of established all of his tricks. You know like a took what he'd started in reservoir dogs and just pumped it up now to the next level and that was sort of the tone that he set where he either had to like double down on that stylistically back away from it the jackie brown wwl sometimes he did back away with jackie brown. I would argue that that's much more of like a laid back kind of like simpler picture. You know yeah yeah for sure it was i mean most of his movies are all modules to his his forebearers sure cinema forgot. I can't wait to talk about the new one. I'm holding everything back as older bacchanal plug that whole <hes> four thirty-six had clearly his best best. Three nineteen said not as best so a lot closer than i thought interesting. I wonder what they i mean. I think that's the thing too because he has you know pretty pretty pretty big <hes> catalog of films but not like a massive catalog of films so it's like enough to there's enough to see some shuffling of what your favorites yeah yeah <hes> our old old pal gale kuhn said <hes> inglorious bastards but pulp fiction the second alex glasnovic shero pals jackie brown is leagues above any any other tarantino film. He's a big jackie brown fan. It's a great flick interesting. Christian binchy says hateful aid is a very very close second for me and some people pooh pooh hateful a pretty hard. I am one of them. Yeah i just he said to me. It's a western version of the thing and now i'm kind of like thinking about that and he may be right but the thing and i didn't love eight yet tapes late though is like he did a interesting interesting thing where he something that i always appreciate what artists do where he limited himself to a space and yet insisted on shooting in this massively wide format y- <hes> <hes> thought was really interesting. It looked amazing amazing but like he used that to great effect by making this claustrophobic space kind of you really inhabited with the characters you know for sure but it had it did have that like walzer closing in effect especially because it was nineteen hours long all right most bad ass woman woman the bride or jackie brown. The bride is bad ass but pitting against pam grier. You know the differences what the bride is like a cartoon character. Yeah and jackie brown is like a real. Ask woman yeah yeah yeah so i would say jackie brown wins. Jackie brown is not win. The bride winds and i think bad ass you know. She fights jackie. Brown is like you know woman surviving. That's what i'm saying that i think it's i agree and i i r l jackie brown. John is clearly a bigger bad ass. Yes you got one hundred sixteen votes to three forty eight for the bride all right poultry with no once upon a time in hollywood. This is going to tip your hat. At least i can answer okay a new masterpiece. We've already heard the yeah but i don't wanna now now. Okay cool. Yes don't answer once upon a time in hollywood a new masterpiece good at not great and you know. I got these binary choices. People are so mad for everyone listening. That's upset. That's the only way that an admin can do opole is with two <hes> two options so weird. This is very close. <hes> one hundred seventy five seven new masterpiece one eighty said good not great. The crushers have spoken interesting. You dislike you can say say words right. You can't read my poker face. Booker base poll all truth tarantino the director one of the best ever or overall overrated a lot of people come in at both <hes> three hundred and forty one says one of the best ever one hundred forty six say overall overrated. This is really interesting. This is giving us a pretty clear clear picture of the movie crushers and how they feel about. I think you're binary. Choices are fine because they are you know they're extremes but then we see where people fall on that spectrum abbott abbott people want to be in the middle on the middle for these poll. You need all right tarantino the writer distinction no one of the best or overall overrated. <hes> three nineteen saved one of the best ever one hundred sixty five say overall overrated interesting. He's pretty great overrated but pop culture wins me over nine out of ten so i also love him. That's from david massey <hes> matt mccullough greater dialogue but i think there are better screenwriter's like paul thomas anderson and aaronow ski. I can agree with that and the charles pal for both of these said both so one of the best but also overrated. I guess it's possible <hes> it absolutely especially with tarantino because there's so much hyperbole when it comes to praising guy like that and i agree that anderson persson historians are more subtle therefore you could argue that he's better. He's got a lighter touch whereas <hes> you know tarantino sort of uses like a fucking sledgehammer yeah. He's tarintino tarintino mastic. He's gonna cutie it up exactly which i respect. I respect it too. It's his it's his thing all right final poll truth movie length too long indulgent or let demand do his thing because you know that's always my gripe depends on how if the movie's any good one one hundred sixty eight people think movies are too long indulgent and four hundred and sixty let them into his thing. They have gotten longer over time haven't they. Oh yeah they pulp fiction wasn't three that was a i feel like it was supposed to change to two and a half. I'm curious. Let me look that up here. No keep everyone entertained forgotten gosh so so here's the thing that <hes> came up. Oh actually geez to fifty eight. I really have for some reason. I thought it was like a two twenty interesting that is that is pretty long. That's the word dogs was one forty. The okay jackie brown was to forty yeah. He's always got a lot of story a lotta stuff in addition to the great story. I stand corrected all right me too. I wonder what his longest as inglorious bastards <hes>. I dunno i dunno. Maybe once upon a time was quite quite lengthy. I think that was to like two fifty yeah but that's what pulp fiction was apparently yeah. I mean maybe that's wheelhouse had no idea that pulp fiction was almost three hours boy. It really moves really does yeah. That's the one that did not feel baggy to me. No not at all the stuff not at all in glorious dead dead air. No hey man listen <hes> so i was sitting at the <hes> question our table we have youth you know what let me finish the story if you want i'll all i wanted to say is that <hes> chuck walks up and i start having conversation and every time he shows us me and the daughter telling us to save it for the for for the podcast brown and i'm like we'll zoom zoom okay all right chuck. That was pretty funny. As you said yeah 'cause we can't talk like real can't suck like real people off. Mike and mike save that too and you laugh. I did well here. We are inglorious bastards and all to thirty three. Oh my goodness so pulp fiction is on the longer end of his <hes> certainly is his his his his films interesting all right. Let's move on from that. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls. He has plenty of time to think if could sadly she has no brain however however when an inner most nesting here's the geico not only saves people money but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer pity the innermost nesting doll and her lot in life and let's move onto. Let's move onto a social studies and all social. I asked the crushers what's your favorite animal movie and what i mean by that is like the animal has to either be a main character or very very heavily feature is the revenue evident count. No at bear was cavalierly beecher actually all right sure the revenue. That's no what about mid. Somare does that account. The bear gosh all these bear bear appearances so like a homeward bound. You know whatever you get your turner's huges journalist interesting who just got a dog's life or marley and me and so doesn't necessarily have to be talking animal. The black stallion got black beauty well. There's two blackout. I didn't know that all right. We're gonna start off with shannon. Marie you think about your answer. <hes> nago not now goal with an l. Null okay you g._o. L. e. n. a. You novel now. Go yeah now. Go naga like nautical. That's right n._a. You it'd be probably like this is the conversation of heard my entire life probably all rights. She posted <hes> the emperor's new groove. I bet there will be some animated in here. In specify old pal in top in caroline guests and says homeward bound <hes> kevin herbon says jaws k. It's great point movie. Yeah so that's mine. I guess accounts even though they don't really show the shark fair yeah <hes> oh buddy jimmy mallory says turner and hooch <hes> bo hale says the animated robin manhood certainly better than robinhood prince of thieves elissa galvin says does jurassic park count for sure animals yeah right uh-huh. Maybe no or they we are lizard. People and other animals okay. They're they're theoretical animal. I thought they might have been lizard. Humans <hes> <hes> probably turn turns down. They probably didn't look like that. They probably had feathers in real life. That's right so that would have been less terrifying. I think if these creepy gangulys right bird creatures actually that would have been my hell if they'd had feathers anti-bird. You know that's about me right. Are you afraid of birds. My friends stepdad is afraid of birds birds and i always thought that was interesting so that what's the phobia called. You know probably a phobia okay. Wow did you ever bird incident yeah. Yeah i think so <hes> it it it. It's like a very far in my past hood when i was a little kid. My grandpa take near the beach and throw breadcrumbs in the seagulls with swarm from a little child's perspective. I think that probably sherifi yeah. Wow thanks graeme yeah. I am not like so scared of birds. That won't like look at them or they freaked me out but if one comes at mean walk the other way that's for sure what about this new york city pigeons they will strut up to your herath. They'll swarm as well. Yeah all right good to know explains. A lot actually doesn't explain anything <hes> all right. Let's go on that was really interesting. Karl gafni says babe good movie. It's very true. <hes> maria maurice says chicken run ashley white says the last unicorn church. That's an animal make believe but why not truly just a horse with a little hat jason rees rise top fan an old palaces the last unicorn as well jeez what is going on with that you kind of unicorn is an animal yeah man all right mythical animal sure you say it had to be a real animal. I guess you're right <hes> bonnie blondeau boy. That's a great name. I blaney bondo. That'd be fun to gray. Spooner is it <hes> homeward bound to not vote for homeward bound my loan otis from eric keith. I haven't heard of this this movie toothless how to train your dragon gosh agan yeah. Monique cassie says that those movies good people really enjoy them. I have seen them but i've heard nothing but good things. Thanks from people whose opinions i value gotcha. Rob dixon says zootopia. There's a lot of things in here are animated. Things not exactly what i was going for but i get it didn't specify ant man come on. There's an aunt in that he rides the it's got a name shraga his aunt pal that he rides around his name was it anti his main aunt your mammalian ads right all right and let's finish up here with william angus r. o. pal from from way back with hooch from turner in huge how long we been going no twenty two zero five six. Oh seven point the three that number keeps going super fast. I can't you buy we're gonna finish up in with the return of trope time. We haven't done trope time in a long time because i think we burn it out early on because i had no other material but we're getting back in our. It's been like many many many weeks. I think so we're gonna bring it back. All dust it off. We're gonna to start off with david mills. One of our pows also my cousin's name. He says i always love the dramatic pause possibly accompanied taking off the glasses looking distance and uttering my god yeah that's a good thing for scientists characters to do right right got to have those glasses yeah exactly because that means business take them all the way off and then you kinda wipe your brow or sort of like i'm doing that. We get pinched your temples. Thank god what have they done. Yeah there's <hes> the other big move. That's for sure. Trope is the <hes> the turn in the chair around backwards when he got to do some straight talking. You know like the teacher. Oh yeah listen. That's been kid with that chair around sleaze roll up. This is not teacher teacher time. This is from allen all right. Tim campbell says look a distraction. The big will always fall for the look over there. That's true. That's an old bit that i'm surprised so many movie character fall for you. Gotta read the one from my my buddy steven. You'll tools. It's in there. I don't know if you're planning on getting too but i do. You know what it is. Yeah it was about. We'll just gordon's car races <hes> yes so it's like you someone falls to to their knees like accidentally trips and traffic and they look up see the headlights accompanied by the horns. There's always a car is always a car right there. Somebody should take the piss out of that one for sure and just angle it like where you know it's coming and the guy looks up and dislike. You hear crickets. There's like a baby carriage or something like that yeah but stephen. It is an old pal from my hometown of augusta georgia. Oh cool is a newspaper writer when i was younger and in bands and he was always very kind to my bands in the music scene in augusta relax really sweet guy hi stephen very nice. He listens to this show cool. He's in the crushers. Is he really he he he he wrote that thing about that. <hes> vanessa lopez part of the squad the nasa squad. I like neces- squad when people have a gun pointed at someone but no one takes them seriously until bipolar amer back to indicate that they really mean business yeah that is funny. It's like you gotta face. What are you going to do with that click. Oh oh shit. <hes> let me see here. Rick swain says walkie talkies working perfectly fine all movie long until the climax of the film. It's right when that static comes in oh you hear bits and pieces just enough of what they're saying right yeah just enough for the audience to know that you're are missing. Something really fucking important gets up gun die good exactly dinosaurs. That's it <hes> matthew. Flynn says the accidental discovery of the master plan yeah for sure. He said good example independence day david david. You're gonna catch a cold. Dad your genius yeah i remember being. I didn't like independence day. I had so many problems with me. I was very young when it came out. I was just said it's stupid fun for me. Yeah <hes> there's this movie on netflix that i would love to crush with you sometime. Maybe not it's too stupid. It was just like a lifetime kind of like <hes> mm thriller style movie and basically it's about this woman because it gets called secret obsession and local idea <hes> spoilers. I guess if you haven't seen secretive secretive center but <hes> this woman is in an accident and ends up in the hospital with or she lost her memory and there's a man who claims to be your husband but it turns out. It's not really her husband but the funny part is his whole scheme is banking on the fact that she lost her memory which like when when does that ever happen like no one could predicted that and she discovers his master plan by noticing all of the photos in quote unquote their home. <hes> uh have been badly photo shop. She notices that there's a reflection of the back of his head whereas hairs difference. Oh photoshop fail is worth it. Reveals reveals his master plan and then it all goes downhill. It's a really fun badge schlocky piece of shit. I love it love. Watch those <hes> man when they when it's such a tenuous or you know just convenient thing. It's always like that. <hes> our old buddy adam peltier says chinese food takeout when a family is somehow down their luck or in disarray absolutely and it's always eaten out of the takeout containers. That's how that works. It's very easy. <hes> i think prop trucks keep chinese food takeout stuff just on the truck <hes> because you know what are you going to do well. They're eating chinese food. That's one of those things to maybe you're right. Maybe it is a product of like actual availability or convenience of production type stuff or maybe it's also just like we're keeping the tradition alive to. We're all we're just kind of. Were slumming at home or eating out of the containers. There's usually during a part where people are sad or something how people are like there for each other and kind of like back in each other up and it's like you know. We don't need any fancy food. We can take us right who got orange chicken. We both simultaneously. He did <hes> our old friend melinda by carlo when the really really bad guy drags out the torture or killing of the good guy of course allowing ample time to escape or to be rescued yeah and she said ed <hes> they actually made fun of this one in austin powers for sure all right drink everyone. Let's go with oh here. It is your friend stephen tools. You'll use have made that mistake before as well. Here's another one found the one that i found the one go. Did i mainly something. I do it justice. Yes you did a justice so when falls in the street. Here's a horn-blaring looks up before well. He says no one he indicated to though no one ever gets hit by that car right and it's always a near miss yeah and he says the same applies to trains very true all right. We'll finish up jennifer sawyer. She says every dying person in an abed reaches out and grabs an arm and says just make me this promise and it's usually promise you look out for flank. I promise you look out from my daughter. Make sure she gets a good education. Don't let her grow up republican. That should be an movie limit sugar intake. She has a tendency to get dehydrated. Oh man all right. I guess we're done all think so. Definitely were cancelled. Okay <hes> it's thirty twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three it for more podcast for my heart radio visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Wherever you listen to your favorite shows in the montgomery county maryland courthouse there are thousands of pages of documents detailing the horrific murders <music> of three innocent people soon as i heard the details i knew my dad was involved right away. Instantly assumes lawrence but at the time of the murders lawrence horn was clear across the country. I'm jasmine morris from iheartradio and hit home media. This is hitman. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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