Season One Farewell


Hello friends is Ron burgundy. And boy did we have a fun time with with season. One of the Ron burgundy podcasts. Did you? Did. You have a good time. Carolina. It was all right. It was challenging at some point. That sounds great. Yes. And guess what? We've got good news season two is right around the band. Well, not really I mean sorta right around August. Yes. We have some wonderful wonderful guest lineup. Interesting topics. You know, the usual dynamic extravaganza that you've come to love and expect from the Ron burgundy podcast in the interim there might be some special episodes, so keep your eyes peeled wide. Open next year phone next year phone just like the movie is wide shut. Starring Bernadette Peters and forget the other guy. A lot of listeners have been wondering why the hiatus well, I have to of course, go to have both knees replaced. My doctor said I don't need to do that. Right. My knees are fine. Just proactive just getting double knee replacement. Got a gut feeling is the right way to go. Then they said, well, why don't you do one need time? So you don't have to do both. And I'm like, Nope. Get it done. So I'll be taking the summer off the spring and the summer while I get both my knees replaced, but then we'll be back better than ever with brand new knees. And and episodes.

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