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Thank you for listening to this podcast one sports net production available on Apple podcast and podcast one okay this is a thirty second commercial title and I'm going to throw a lot of numbers at you but please stay with me and just fifteen minutes you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance this company's been offering great rates and great Sir Joey Bosa when he joins but go for it is our poll question that we've been asking brought to you by our friends again at capital one When John Bell who has responded to the trade rumor conversation on twitter we'll get to that tweet in a second and friendly him the exits are here here here every okay there you go so the late add you are going to try and open savings or checking account don't go anywhere except capital one because they offer savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimum zits banking Ryman that with him not a chance okay not doing even though I'm feeling good about my wolverines Jerome Bettis is going to get a hat from us that I got us so is on the air live from the at studios in beautiful lovely on the Los Angeles California We've got a late add is Joey Bosa from Los Angeles chargers he'll be joining us in the middle of this hour and I will say this right here and right now there's no way and meanwhile de'andre is tweeting out a videos of himself as the blue genie from Aladdin right now is Halloween costume spend some time this week to make up that says I should've Gone Michigan he's gotTa wear it on the field at Notre Dame with touchdown Jesus behind him that's coming it's going to happen and it's delicious away in the NFL gotta get get good in is repealed see if a deal gets made and there's a lot of names that are out there including a late add to the rumor mill today they gave for Laremy Tunsil but you gave up once for Laremy Tunsil to protect your quarterback to find somebody liked the Andre Hopkins's a difference maker at the position you are our guest list okay just had our of the Monday morning quarterback on our show talking about everything going on with the trade deadline that is just three hours getting set to go to London this weekend I'm calling his game if he's still with the Texans so that's what I'm looking at on my phone so I guess you never had sorry for all the numbers and in five four three two one amount of time our number two are the rich Eisen show sources telling him bengals making a quarterback change after the bye week Andy Dalton to the bench Ryan Finley gets to go and he had a great I don't think they're doing I who knows what the bengals are doing and that's boy that's part of the reason why we asked our poll question which I think I'm going to ask just delicious and news just out of Cincinnati what's the news out of Cincinnati Chris on their by week. What's going on Tom Paul sorrow NFL network and Deandra Hopkins is apparently in the ether who he that they're taking calls no plans to trade him long chase young leads the way fifty percent Joe Borough second twenty six percent to twenty four everybody sleeping onto it unless we asked this question sleeping on a guy he's been the preseason we'll see what Zack Taylor can do them so trait Ambi you don't trade A. J. Green right now do you trade Andy Dalton intern from Capitol on one of the best needs savings rates in America to what's in your wallet what do you have over there Christopher who you taken first overall next year's NFL draft to Joe Borough Chase no plans until play throws a one at you how is your plan what's the plan I know they need to replenish to that he since he sliced up Georgia a couple years ago on a scene that's why can't stay healthy he's got injuries last two seasons is to be acquired by a team that has a coach that's not going anywhere an offensive system that's been entrenched that can be taught to him or feels that I'm taking the approach of no plans but we'll take the calls right see if you blow us away go for it Chris y but e let's ask this question maybe in two weeks if they beat Lsu we'll see how that goes or we'll ask it again and see if Joe Borrow wins it you know if you if you take in this show you know where big rose and fans here I still my I think they've honestly if they if they want to Ryan Fitzpatrick just starts throwing five interceptions in a game or gets hurt I don't think you're gonNA see him for the rest of the season Andy I just don't think Rosen deserves a chance fortunate development for him what's going on Miami unbelievable there's a lot going on Falcons released Matt Bryant you could still vote on this correct got I don't think his lunch changes if his uniform changes very concerned by the way Don Boyer he's still also have two hours left here and Orange County California has been hold on forbid let's take his phone call here on the rich Eisen show what's up Andy Mr is in our you suited to him and he gets he just he's there I don't think anybody's going to acquire him and say you are star from week one next year I think that's that's an UN sob on bells react reaction twenty six minutes ago was hey guys So I need some help should I have a Burrito or sandwich for lunch he did throw out doing fantastic so my take him dolphins should take chase young and then get them linemen and give Rosen the chance boy you know we I'm saying what they have in Josh Rosen why are they not playing them I mean write your own eight now so you have to figure out benched he's such a great guy he is it is his thirty second birthday wow like he new England patriots you've got the Houston Texans who take on New England on a Sunday night football at home in week thirteen they don't have jj Watt I don't know if you think get to my four downs here Chris we have that Lebanon Bell tweet again he's he's been out there today Monique Meta who's been covering the jets if he's the guy unless they've already figured out your own seven pardon me and and you give them an eighth loss but it's coming no I I you know I I don't I think that ships unfortunately sailed for Josh forever today in New York City he threw out there what rich Simeoni who's been covering ESPN the jets for ESPN for while he says that the jets are again ever had that on their resume. Wow analyst says we all know hasn't won a playoff game because the last quarterback of the coordinating producer just let us know it's Andy Dalton's birthday today no way Happy Birthday from Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff Andy Dalton you're break that's why the Ravens have got to win this one they would be just a game behind New England with that twenty thousand votes did he set the deadline for Eastern now this headline in the he just waiting for our standard twenty four hour changes teams eight wins right now no other team in the AFC currently even has six the most wins any other team has had in the AFC else are currently having five wins they don't face the Patriots at all so a team that currently has five wins with an opportunity to take on the more and I think the dolphins if anything they need to get linemen anyway no matter who they pick for a quarterback thanks for the call appreciate it what Rosen needs Sunday night football Seattle's at San Francisco on Monday night football those are some interesting dates to circle right now then fast forward a week see currently because they haven't either played eight games yet or because of injuries in the case of the Kansas City chiefs is five that's it and the chiefs are current house in other words the one seed and home field advantage throughout the entire AFC playoffs could be on the line on Sunday night out a poll question on this Burrito or sandwich do you have a preference sandwich you yes oh Sandwich only pulling twenty eight percent right now wow seventy two percent burrito with the five and three they do take on the New England patriots later on in the season when they go visit New England in week fourteen the Indianapolis Colts does not once we're done with the regular season week fourteen is pretty darn big you've got the forty niners you've got the forty niners at the king on Seattle at home on Sunday night football they visit Dallas Week Sixteen is huge folks you got one big one per day because that's when Saturday football new England to now lose four times over the last seven games for you to have New England come visit twelve week dozen the packers are at San Francisco and week twelve finishes up with Seattle at Philadelphia on Sunday night football is this huge just absolutely huge you're probably sitting there saying thanks rich appreciate you're going out on such a very Catholic there but here's where I'm backing it up patriots had Roland Saints and then on Sunday night football Seattle's at the ramps by the way how big was that kick that Greg Mix missed because if he had made it the rams would currently sure that New England visits you in January if they don't win it New England's nine and all your five and three and union they have the ability to go ahead and beat New England and then make sure that New England loses two more games so they could use that tiebreak to make your New England has to visit them tiebreak in their back pocket Baltimore you WanNa go to the super bowl this year you would be who've yourself to win this game and make football that's how huge this game is second down down all right well we're looking over the steering wheel at the second half of the season right now winner go home or important for one of those teams it's San Francisco at Seattle that might have to be an NBC game as I'm currently looking over the steering wheel it's just maybe starting this week or even with Patrick mahomes coming back to beat New England later on this year and then make sure that New England loses to more time so they could exact that eighteen hot take my fourth down take ten when team is not gonNa make the playoffs in the NFC so here's some key dates for you right now week ten Minnesota's Dallas on like you could pick up the flag on an offensive pass interference but they don't pick it up and this week in Indianapolis Frank Reich challenged a pass interference starts week sixteen the rams at the forty niners is a Saturday game then a Sunday game fresh I'm imagining late in the window no through eight weeks but that second third down don't even try reviewing replay anymore just don't do it don't do it I mean it's they actually instituted one it was the first one in five weeks so I I if I'm a coach and I it's not called or it's called I'm moving on cowboys at Eagles in week sixteen and then on Monday night the finale of your Monday night football season is Green Bay at Minnesota Nice game and then one guy for the last two years understand why people have gone to sleep on this guy there you go I don't understand why you didn't highs mania has won a national championship since six and to the seahawks will be five and three completely reverse than the situation behind San Francisco right now then you've got week fifteen the rams after here we go down I down Sunday night football for week number nine on NBC between the Patriots and Ravens we sense about cody sensabaugh the broncos grabbed him no flag right challenged it the actually put a flag for pass interference the replay for an AFC championship game somewhere. The fact that Kansas City did last year didn't work out anyway Kansas City have the horses with Matt Morgan at the NFL just wants no has no interest in doing anything with replay on lasts as egregious as last year's NFC championship game and the a home for Buffalo but after that a Thursday night short week game home against Pittsburgh for Miami at Pittsburgh home for Cincinnati Hey that everything's swirling around the team right now but my fourth-down heartache the Cleveland browns will win their next six games in Kennedy Bengals when a playoff game is on CBS it is not named Tony Romo Gary for four downs here on the rich Eisen show hit it Mike delightful downs with rich around the soft part of their schedule coming up and I said even with them coming off the bye New England obstacles finding the Cleveland browns even the way the browns looked in New England is call it was non as a non call one placed on the field via replay and with ty Hilton on a crossing route is is that this was not at all the way it was discussed with us in the media throughout the the the summer and and to the credit I think of the NFL they tightened let's take a look at some key dates that are already emerging in the national football conference where things are very very tight I've already said my previous four downs it could have been last week that attendance doesn't finish up but that's a big game on Sunday football reason why is if Seattle and Philadelphia don't win their division that could be a tie-break as to who makes the playoffs and I missed a ton of kids coup okay so they're going with them there's a lot going on but there's no trades just as no big trade and Landry's guy over the Middle Cleveland browns she win the next six games this isn't so damn hot belittlement of bolts here on instant replay with pass interference but it's just not happening and the reason why I'm saying that is we saw another one last night where it looked if Bosa of your Los Angeles chargers wonder what he thought of Mitchell trubisky taking a knee with forty-three seconds left bet you didn't expect that eight four four all right you know I think I'm GonNa back your play in follow the action on this don't follow the action your final NFC currently right now we're going on the show steering wheel key date might be game to fifty six when you're looking at week seventeen bet no w. two two three eight six six nine to receive your fifty percent welcome bonus don't sit on the sidelines this summer for Major League Baseball to the women's ag your online sportsbook experts Joey Bosa will be calling in shortly but let's take some calls here on the program John in Long Beach California just heard me World Cup and all things UFC bet online dot ag has you covered visit bet online dot ag and don't forget to use the promo code podcast wine bed online six straight really that's their next six they should win them all buffalo's tough but Baker Mayfield needs I'm moving on right now and until the League configuring John Comparison on Monday night football last night until the league is all buttoned up all on the same page right now as to what WanNa go let it ride each game with you here all right we'll take your phone calls including I'll take your phone calls including that of one her so I appreciate your support but you're way off patiently John John the Denver broncos okay the Denver is the only quarterback in the history of the NFL to have started a season eight and now and now to start a season onate unbelie nobody's aw win their next six games all Lori Okay we're taking on next up in Denver what Brandon a hot plank take or backley cake tank okay for ease my way into it reverting wiser I said this a couple of weeks ago and I'm going to back it up IC- after that you should be able to beat Pittsburgh a couple of times with Miami in Cincinnati winless teams on the other side of that I mean that's honestly John Broncos can put together four quarters we know that for sure okay they beat the the they beat down the bears right and then they went ahead and you've got pardon me the Denver Broncos went ahead and they've got Cleveland coming in they took care of Indianapolis for almost all the whole game go for it your phone calls when we come back this summer there's only one trusted place that lets you get in on all your favorite sports betting action that online DOT AG sign up today wake-up dangerous when Josh Jalis chosen six picks afternoon strolls into town wakeup dangerous final dealt Beckham Unleash Myles Garrett Oh man out there in Cleveland named Darrell Writer I'll give you shout outs and she gave me a shout out on your twitter feed about the six game win streak I just mentioned for the rest of two thousand nineteen certainly saying I'm saying that would before Joey Bosa call in and about a few minutes time I'm not gonNA definitely not taken that Bay I'm going to say it's definitely happened a free account at Bet online dot ag and use Promo Code podcast one for your fifty percent off welcome bonus or text bet now two three eight six six nine that's and I said a couple of weeks ago when they were a mere two and four going into their by week that I'm okay with the Cleveland browns still still okay with the Cleveland Bliss again to the point where the rumors were hot and I think Joe Douglas did reach out to Daniel say why don't you leave what you're doing come aboard with me and let's be my my VP. Amy took care of Tennessee not the the bears I understand they could do that but you should be able to beat them with a with a quarterback who has never started before then buffalo coming in is issue comes back in week ten in after this game and Denver Kareem on joins Nick Chabot should hold onto the football and the backfield Jarvis they haven't won more than four straight in the expansion era last time they won five zero Belichick was the coach in ninety four have to go all the way back to nineteen take a hot take plank saying that the turn turn your radio down John just heard me say that that the browns are GonNa win is going to be on tomorrow's show he couldn't make today show of because he was doing his move the sticks podcast and he is tight with jets general manager Joe no I know I'm certain thanks for the call John I'm I'm Gonna I'm GONNA retire from making friendly wagers I mean that's that's a that should be done that's six wins I'd be willing to make your friendly wager you know we could do a that's why I made it a fourth down heartache yeah it's hot and after I said that I appreciate him listening out there I saw on twitter he's a radio hot take plank did you write down those words you don't miss it I didn't off the time just terrific eased into it you said fourth-down heartache then you said the plenty on is that his name Brandon Allen Allen never heard start that's a win then next up for Cleveland after that this one concerns me home against Buffalo risk for over seventy five years in anytime you need help you can speak to one of their trained specialist twenty four seven the company is Geico go to geico dot com today so maybe going to be trained and Robbie Anderson I just don't know how much longer I can hang on with these guys it's tough real tough Daniel Jeremiah Jersey let's take your phone call what's up Brent Dan I'm totally with you on your heartache I got a two hundred dollars bet with a friend that they'll make the playoffs so really need that six in a row there seventy two the last time the bruins won six in a row that's why it's a hot take that's why it's a heartache Brenton pack your drinking some cooler I don't know where you got it from that this team finishes five and eleven given everything that's going on it will be okay but I'm just calling because I'm a I'm a miserable New York jets fan and it just feels like the same Ole jet they're listening to calls for Levian Bell Zero what he got from John Well I'M GONNA CLEVELAND Browns Fan since Jim Brown carried the ball and with all due it is and what it isn't as a coach I'm just avoiding it get to fourth-down Mike you walk it over work down hot we get that problem solved this off season everything else is secondary that's what he tweeted out which means either Joe Douglas believes the same exact thing or is talent my vp of player personnel a he said the jets should have one priority right now fixed the L. collect as many assets as poetry and they lose that one and suddenly they have a better draft position than the same one when team because they lost that one win team up to get across the finish line that's how you tank and the jets should've out tanked the dolphins by ruining their borne out of the mononucleosis situation leading to the u the man point from Sam Darnold and my fourth down hot take I believe in week three after the disaster on Monday night football born out against Cleveland that the Dolphins Front Office has removed so many players from this roster that leaves the team shorthanded enough okay football broadcasts well at any rate I set after that one that the jets should out tank the dolphins feel that Sam darnold would not regress into absolute a pool of water then than they should do it if somebody's going to call them up flying with US exactly but I say it with a germ of you know what I kind of can see this happening and I kind of believe it all I'm saying is there still time the jets play next week the dolphins by giving them fewer and fewer bullets of ammunition figuratively in a game where when it all comes down to it like it did in Pittsburgh last night they don't have enough get his best as great as he is for for the team we haven't seen somebody that talented at that position since Curtis Martin and if he of that sort of stuff completely agree with you thank you for taking my goal Brent and again when I give a fourth down hot take plan sitting there first overall and trading to away to somebody else and met all the draft picks for it so get rid of Lebanon Bell lose the rest of them and build up the offensive line and out tank everybody go get chase young or eight away all of the tool bounty and get a million draft choices if you're planning on trading levy belt you might as well just a nuclear crisis out indefinitely graphic that will live as long as seeing ghosts for this poor kid what a graphic by the way to espn Monday in a deep end of our business pool a lot of people that that that you know I know I sound like an airplane pilot and you have a lot of choices at this time of day and we appreciate you the matter how much these players and coaches of the dolphins want to win and they do want to win they're not taking once told me Ball Front office tanking it is presented with tongue slightly in cheek flailing that stuff that I wouldn't ordinarily say but I remember the US president but there's president Adams in the back end of this defense that should go nowhere and I think I speak for every jet Fan and when I say that I will take a break Joey Bosa of the Los Angeles chargers when we come back football season is here and it's time to dominate the competition step in from the UK and say we're taking a car keys away here the jets owner is focused on that's part of the constructive my four downs that my fourth down I dipped my toe in hot hot take pool when we are as you know in this business tells me this guy so coffee he wants to hide his strength no matter the matchup RJ's got you handled with topnotch analysis for the best nfl picks and with your fantasy picks and RJ bells dream preview on comcast sports net is your secret weapon victory I said the fact they didn't run enough in week one go the whole distance I'm like that I'm like that voice from the corn cow with test yeah so according to the rich Simeoni he's reporting three hours to the deadline help make this show possible so thank you for downloading subscribing and of course supporting now back to the show welcome back to the rich Eisen show kind enough to statistically was speaking in that sense when you were lining up in Chicago I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you and I wanted to remind you that prior to this one is this yeah I'd have to say that this one this one probably takes the cake here why is that around now is that true or not I don't know very optimistic download RJ bells dream preview every week on apple podcasts and podcast one dot com hey let's Agilis chargers he is Joey Bosa here on the rich Eisen show how are you joey I'm good how are you I'm doing fine I I am doing absolutely fine everything seems to be great in the Bosa World Huh you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com clicking on the support this podcast button and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that I'm all out of that subserve that's absurd now that's where you got to basically step in from the UK well I mean and again it's interesting that I will take get a perspective from somebody on the other side of the line and certainly somebody whose job it is is to disrupt plays that the coach Matt and he thinks everything is on the table for the jets you know being available minded except for Darnold Adam and Quinton Williams no one is untouchable including Oh Joey and time's ticking down and the bears took a knee did that surprise you honestly I these days not bad this weekend is this the best weekend you have had what what's the best weekend football weekend you you as the Bosa brothers of had China I didn't really realize how much time was left I see that tennis -ssume that it was uh I don't know if that's trubisky decision or what ever made the decision but I guess they probably could have attacked it a little differently compounded by what was happening to your team in the previous weeks leading up to that it was just tough because you know I felt like we Nigeria I mean before we get to the whole demoralized sense I guess then when you realized after the game the situation I guess in which Nagy said and this has been a part of the conversation Chicago since is that everybody knew that they were going to run and that would lead to a loss of yardage that he didn't want to all in on an off day in between winning in Chicago at the very last second and getting set for none other than Aaron Rodgers to come into the house of the loss my mind hoped and thought that the game was at that point and it was tough then obviously with addition of weeks prior and the things that now down to the last seconds because they were I I was I was just so demoralized that they got down the field field goal that I wasn't it's closer and have a little little better shot at making it but I guess that logic makes sense when and then when you say that you were kind of demoralized over the did you say something yeah okay yeah I mean so no championship belt if you put them down on the ground nothing like that I don't know maybe maybe a little something I'm usually I'm usually not saying much cubeys but I rogers deserves a little bit of respect Louis Charges He's one of the most fearsome pass rushers at several levels of of pro football is he's as he's shown from the Ohio State University to now the lawsuit packers and Aaron Rodgers what challenge does he present to you joey I mean I think everybody knows the channels he presents in his arms fact that the chargers had gotten as far into your territory as they did did that was at just the general situation of the game or was that just I think he's the clubhouse leader in that

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