Bobby Shares Details About First Date With Flight Attendant + Lunchbox Nearly Got Into A Fight


Hey, everyone. I'm Dr ause. I love getting the talk with you on my show every single day when the cameras stopped rolling the conversation isn't over where decided to start a podcast in order to dive deeper into the issues, and ideas that I love sharing with you. It's health, unfiltered, my wife, Lisa will be joining me together. We're taking wellness to the next level and having a little fun along the way. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts are on the I heart radio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. All right. The Bobby bones post show pre show gonna make a quick here. Because I don't have all my voice and eventually I've got arrested. And so if I'm out here doing extra. Never going to heal. And I have a Bobby Lori. Mckenna tonight. Oh, yeah. You got to do that. And we've only it's only fallen through like three times I've been served. And it's like the unicorn, and I know Laurie personally, but she lives in Boston and larger than like every song. What what posts that tonight? So follow the Bobby cast. Hopefully, my voice comes back mostly as nervous about last night, the operator United sing, and I played the let's do it again the clip of singing on Instagram mentoring him. I mean, we we've found a better. Yeah. But for what we're dealing with. I thought it was good. What we're dealing with pretty good. Both of us are pretty like critical about it. Because like I was in for Boko. So you're there, and when I don't believe vocals. No, do you weren't. Oh, it was just me. I forgot to tell you forgot to tell me everything. So just going to say what up and that we appreciate your listening. Anything you wanna say quick one? Oh, wow. Amy doesn't new podcast sort of out of her podcast? That's really good. I'm telling you is really good Amy has a podcast called four things with Amy Brown. I'll say this union says and she has a follow up in the middle. And it's just good. What do you mean saying, it's a fifth thing? Yeah. Well, it's CUNY about things you've talked about near podcasts or any questions. Yeah. That people submit I'll address it, even if I haven't talked about the podcast might be a question. I get and I feel like if it's I don't know. Ranges from heavy stuff to light stuff to products. I like, it's good thoroughly enjoying them. Anything else? Lunchbox man co Ed soccer guys wishes lock run a four game losing streak. We'd lie. Now. What are you gonna do? Here's what I've heard about. You is that you're secretly injured. But you're you don't want to admit your old. Uh-huh. Who who said that who said the Dave? And do you have an achilles injury. Do have an appointment today. And you don't wanna talk about it. Because it means you're losing a step because you didn't really injury. It. Just hurts. Yeah. Yeah. Just hurts. And I haven't said anything, and it's been bothering me for about a month. And so I finally made an appointment to go to the doctor. So I go today at two forty to get it looked at it. I do stick a needle in me. Well, I don't know if I want to do that. I mean, if I'm going into my shoulder right now. That's cool. Yeah. That's like DAL fester. Still the. The I like, this can you give me the of gives me muscles. And they're like, no is this like. Wish. Try your cycling Newark. Now, if I'm sticking a needle in my body. Can I get some muscles out there as Bobby and his bike? No. It's like two he'll say healing. None of it. It's not a steroids human growth, but my Sean. Yeah. H my shoulder, wouldn't and that could be saying it completely wrong. But my shoulder would not heal for months, and I got check out again to make sure there are no structural damage. And since there's not I can go ahead and make Phil better. Because the problem is I've been told is if there is something wrong with it. And you shoot it up. You're still damaging it and not knowing it because it doesn't hurt will. And eventually you have to stop taking the age you do it forever. You like a cycle careful that happened to inject myself. Crazy. This is me every time with that. Needle. Oh my God. Oh my God. And sometimes I bounce it off my no, I know. That's that's you just have to do it. Yeah. Bounces off. I'm like, you're goes here goes blink. Oh, what sounds terrible? Do. Good luck, buddy. Thank you very much. Preforms are added you up. I was a little squeal squeezer. Sorry. I got an not my dad was a little secret note. Okay. He's he's keeping something from us. Make note of on this podcast. We talk about the data went on. And I know the risk of talking about that stuff. I know you guys are going to be like is it love. But you know, what for the good of the show? I like dick share that. We're just curious. I know, but I don't want him to think it's any more than a date. But it's a good day date. Should I only make dates now when I'm like playing off of the rhyming or or an idol? Only appearances. Hey, listen. Finale dance with stars can be the championship. I if I do something for fifteen minutes before you wanna come Sunday night. What do you do it? Well, I'm hosting the Grammy. Yeah. Don't know. Hear that. Thank you. And we're going to sorry this association today, if you do like, the post show appreciate you can tell you when you guys do say, you tweet me and say, you listen, I appreciate that. Because it has made me feel good because unless we just go on and on here. I don't know if you like that or if you like to shut up and play the show already. That Mr. Bobby Jones. That's it. Thank you. And let's start the show. Your buddy. Transmitting across America. This is about. Right. I hear you. Welcome to the show in a nice Wednesday show for you more studio. Hey, us Mantas on Indiana hate Samantha. Hi, how are you going on? Cool. I've I've tried to call in before. But I've never gotten through. I think they'd be when lunchbox tries to get weight and everything so everybody calls him. And so let me ask you a question about that. When you call, and I guess you get busy signals. Yeah. How many shots? Do you? Give it before you go. No for me this line. Wow. Give up quick. I mean, I worked so. I'm all for kids. So what can I do for you? Well, I just wanted to say that we love the writing idiots I live in Bloomington, Indiana, and you're not on the radio here. So I listen on iheart. My mom's friends, listen, I don't know anybody else. So listen. So it's kind of like my own little thing. My obsession with lobby nobody else understands but my seven year old. He I think I bought the CD the racing when he was five and then my eighteen months old currently is like obsessed. So do you like our new smash the emoji song? Yes. We look at the dinner table every night. So there really wasn't meant to be a kid. So. Kind meant to be an adult love song. But the kids love it. But it's meant to be like a millennial love song. You know? Yeah. Yeah. Because it's about emojis. So they're into it can do you know the hook. Can you sing the chorus? I don't know. Right now, come on. You got this. You got this. We got that eight moti Lippo eight moti love. Oh. Hey, hey, doesn't can give her back there. I like to call. Hey, doing something in the back that I can I give her a treat or a gift? And I say something else I'd love for you to I was pregnant with my eighteen month old two years ago at the eighth all you that river fun that was so much on until I wish I wish I would've like got a hold of you on social media say if we could meet you, but my five year old my son was five then the house, and like he was so he had the best time ever very. Thank you very much Smith. I'm John hold on against something will sign send it to you. Okay. Okay. Our producer Raymundo is in the glass room, the stack news Raymundo what you got Tripadvisor name the top each in America, and it's Clearwater Beach, Florida the winner and in all four landed set of the top ten in other news, rotten tomatoes, they've banned refuse head of the release of the superhero movie, captain marvel cried down on troll movie is any value and people already even reviews and finally recall news, bags of green beans and chopped up squash sold at WalMart. Enrico? They can make you beg take him back for forty funds. Show. I saw this online. Didn't know if it was real discounted post picture goes my grandfather's eight a gallon of paint thought it was yogurt. Why? Go. So I was like that's not real. It was real grandad downs half. A pot of paint mistaking it for yogurt. He's ninety years old insurance bad forum. Like, oh, man. Don't you lose some of your taste buds when you get old? Little bit everything. Right. Yeah. But he's unfazed feels fine. I totally job. And I saw it online. So he had mistaken can't have meant green paint for his favorite food item in of bunch of it. And then the grandson discovers the half fifty can't paint. Oh my goodness. And his lips are great. Yeah. Now. I mean, the jug of paint sorta does look like yogurt grope offset offsets apparently paints morning. It also tastes better than yogurt. So no regrets poison control. After me. They said I'll be fine. Wow. Yeah. There's another one I saw where they saved this dog in the pond, you see this story. So I ended up being told me something good's a lot of times where these workers and it's freezing pretty much everywhere except Tampa shoutout. Tampa always calls with stories construction workers saw a dog in the river frozen river, and so they go all right, everybody get down, and they cleared the path for the animal. They broke the ice up. Its swam right down the broken water path that they may for it. They got the towels. They dried it off. They warmed it up. It was a wolf wall thickness. Goodness. Could rip their face off? In your last hour, the vet said that considering the wolves condition or would not have been able to get out of the river. So they did say animal the wolf was not in any condition to attack because it was so worked from the water regaining strength was released back into the wild. It is not anyone's pet. They did not adopt it because he will kill them, basically. But yet I thought it was a dog. It was a wolf and then nutty two. Yeah. About. Nashville entirely would never number two thirty seven skinny the top country albums this week include number one Florida Georgia line can't say I ain't country number two Luke homes. This one's for you. And number three Casey muss graves golden, hour course, when Nelson dare that he hopes to open his own bar one day, a coal in the wall. He joked, but he shared look at the people that have bars, I've got a long way to go before I'm there. But it's a cool idea. Casey must graves performed at the Houston radio show this week and treated the crowd to a surprise cover of Selena as a tribute to the twenty four th anniversary of Selena's final concert in Houston. You can see it at Bobby bones dot com. I'm we're gonna number two doctors getting. For the good news. Amy. For the sheriff's office in South Carolina. And they both got books for the same late night. Shift. Will the problem is they have a baby. And when they got put on the same time. Like, no, what are we going to do? Well, deputies that work with them went to pick their baby up from daycare and watch their baby until they finish their shifts. Yes. So they're just said that it's cool to work for a place that is like family, and the will be there for you like family, and I thought that was nice to give it to a good in may two. Well. That k- Otis. Chains busy. Hey, holly. Hey, thanks for calling the show. It's going on. For some color just want you guys. Thank you very much. Where do you live in Texas been brand Texan, man, we love it there? We all used to summer there. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Blue bell ice cream, right? Cream of the half with the wooden spoon. The little little Cup. And there were a little wooden spoons. Yes. Absolutely the torture. The well, I guess you do now. But again since it was closed down and all that. Yeah. Any today is my birthday. This is the coolest thing ever come on. Well, happy birthday to you. Do we have stuff to give people? Do we know? Oh, yeah. We have multiple books. New ones can can I send you a copy of my book signed to you. Holly. You're what? What is the last one the Bobby bones? The last one I just started reading it. And I'm talking to you. I can't talk. You bought? Don't my second book. Okay. I'm gonna I'm gonna send you a signed copy. Is that okay? Awesome. That is awesome. Thank you hope that book brings you much joy and inspiration. And I just want to tell you, I think you so much. I've been listening to the show for about two years. Now, there's some girlfriends here that are diehards. They listen all day every day podcast, you know, radio show on the way to work, and they turn me on guy. And I recently turned my husband onto you guys. So when we travel he's like, so are there any new Bobby bones, podcast and Jones new a have a MO JI song came on? I've been listening to constantly and I'm like come on Honey thing with me. He goes, no, I don't wanna get stuck in my head. So I'm like, okay, fine. So the other day I walk in the kitchen, and I hear him. He's totally singing is saying that I love that. Happy birthday stay on the phone. I'm gonna hook you up. I appreciate you calling and listening, and I don't know just being so nice to us. Okay. Appreciate you guys very much hold on. Flash. Be honest with you. I did not expect people to like the song as much as they do any thought. It would be kind of fun. Yeah. We're getting offers to play shows all over the country. Woodstock coachella. Oh. That was telling me something good. I just knew she was a birthday I wanted to put her on. Show down head. This story tells us from Elkhart Indiana, a couple came home from shopping to find a minivan in their driveway and a guy in their house. You know, stealing some things they come in. Like, hey, what are you doing? He goes. Hey, whatever you do. Don't call the police give you two hundred dollars. So he pulls out his wallet gives them two hundred dollars. And he leaves they call police. Here's arrested a mile later. So did he still anything? He was he was in the house stealing things, but he left everything don't tell two hundred bucks. So we got arrested an loss two hundred bucks. That's dishonest folk they promised they wouldn't call the cops saw right because money promised right? That your bonehead story of the day. Your buddy is the Bob. Transmitting across America. Right. The next time that you run out of shaving cream. And you're like, I got nothing peanut butter L. I saw that. And I was like, oh, you would really have to every swipe have to clean the race cleaner. As they don't use crunchy though. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. That's the thing. Use peanut butter this morning. Jordan Davis is on a phony as a song. Jim the first call you Vanessa long is this one. Third to facet jam is. My theory is hey, everybody sided Jordan Davis doing. How you doing man doing good, man? Good. What do you do in the morning? What are the country Rockstars during the morning? Well, the rare mornings where we get to wake up at our house. I usually just sit on my couch and watch sports center. Nice. Nice. Who you live with? You and your wife together. Everybody else got two dogs dogs. Yeah. I got a golden doodle and Cava put it sounds like to breeze. You didn't pick and tell me more this the cabinet Cavaco. What's a cab who if the king cavalier and a cocker spaniel mix? Do they make some purpose? I think though man it wasn't like an accident. Okay. Then what's the other one a golden doodle golden retriever in a poodle? I actually did. I did take go noodle. But my wife's dog is. What are their names Louis is golden doodle Virginia is be Cavaco? Well, anyway, are interested I picture door with his kind of pets? You mean this among Isley beard? Like can have a Rottweiler little big German shepherd is laid dog with the beard was. Always like always like Beagles going up because my dad loved a rabbit hunt. And then we had then we moved to labs. So we had like black labs. And then once we get the capital, and she like, she got me Mansi, still art. I love that little dog things the end an Apu or a do or doodle. They don't shed do. They can't always amazing that's genetic proper. Jimmy, don't say often. Well, listen, we have you on could songs doing so good this week. And I was talking about it. And I felt free talking about it because no yellow bit. And I was like, you know, what I I'm gonna take it for me. I was like all right. All right. Then I was like I was pretty good. And now love it. Like, it's grown on me off, man. Appreciate that's one that. I mean, it's one of the older songs that came off the album, but it's especially when I covered that with my brother. So we kinda had had a goal to come to town and eventually get hopefully a the goal is in the morning. Together. So it's a look, my guess, but but this one is every song special. But this one's getting a little bit a little bit more to which is pretty cool. So you Jacob wrote the song together. Yeah. I man go number one can make that money. But I mean it is little bit. You know, the whole family can't get behind it. Which is you know, it just. It's been a cool thing. And you know, I don't get Jake as much as I used to it now with the phone being out. You know, celebrate the only we saw very when get the top twenty when we got up ten so it's been it's been allowed for him. And let me say a few things about Jordan Davis on the phone right now he joined Old Dominion on their make it sweet tour curly tourney Innova Pearl nominated for ACM award new male artist of the year be joined rascal flats and on January eighteenth tweeted that after his tour Jayco nj gave him a golf cart as a present. All that happening. Just one thing after the other. Well, listen, I'm gonna play take it from me. Now, it's wanna talk to you see how you were Seattle dogs were throughout the dog breeds. Whereas his dog breeds names were all that man. You good though, everything else. Good everything else. Good, man. Rock and roll. And y'all doing good. Yeah. We're good. We're working working enrolling. Can we do? All right. A you have a good more to mega talk to you. Thank you. Hey there is joining Davis. Hey, it's Bobby volunteer been talking about this for a while. If you haven't played best fiends yet van you're missing out. It's like friends about the our best beans. Best fiends is the five star rated puzzle game that has me and millions of people obsessed like go look at the rating best be tell you know. It's a good game. You saw thousands of fun puzzles. You collect tons of characters. We love the game here on the show Morgan number two loves the game. I think she plays it every morning before we start playing work, or at least most mornings, it'd be having given it a try let me just recommend that you try it. You can play best beans with the family with friends you love and you live. They're all probably planning to if they're not you can get him on best fiends. It's friends without the are. And here's something the fact that you can play best fiends without WI fi. It's pretty awesome to perfect for flights. It's perfect for long trips. Best beans is one of those games. You'll keep wanted to play more and more and get the higher levels Americans falling love with best beans. So do yourself a favor and download best fiends for free from the app store or Google play. Today. That's friends without the our best fiends. Play a song from a movie, I gotta do day in the movie, for example. A star. Or? Armageddon run. Right transfer down. Let's meet our contestants here. A longtime co host glasses today. Well guy, I'm glad I wore these today because they just make me feel smart. That's it. Over tomorrow, Ryan and his Kansas jayhawks. Tony how many days in ROY that you were there? Seven or eight days. It over to my far far far, right? He's of their editing videos. Sometimes I disrupt its work to play a game or video producer. Haibo right ready for the club's goes clock. Right durant? Threw down when I play song, ready ready. What movies this from? Just me sixpence. None the richer. Much. What do you have? She's all that. Correct. Amy things a hate. Oh. Hetty this tred. No. Let's box takes the lead. All right here, we go. What movie is this from? Mri look Cam, Christine Aguilera, pink, and Maya. God. Cake state at the gate lunch box move on ruse. Bruce, Eddie move on rooms. Still leader how next one what movie this song from? Julio. Gangster's paradise. Got it. Question. All right. Three seconds. What are you doing talking about Michelle Pfeiffer in it teacher? Goal to school. Michelle don't have a timer for them. The way expired. Yeah. I I now have a five second timer you guys. So if ever you're down to five seconds all that to do this one button. And then it's here you go. Here's a timer. Then. Wow. That's dress. Okay. That's the time. Okay. Let's go to lunch box. Dangerous minds. That is correct. Got it. Eddie dangerous mind. Correct. Amy hot teacher. Oh. Oh. I had to leave the head the name the movie this is from. The rhythm. Right. Seconds. Let's go to lunch box number. That's all my life hitch. What you never heard that. Oh. Oh, I did. Amy Batman judges? Are you quitting? Are you? Joking to generes Batman. Okay, fine. I don't know. Is it a dark night? I think to be fair be more specific dark night. I don't know about the movies Batman. Yeah. Do you want to be more specific Batman returns? That in forever. I mean, I would have given that man, but. Mighty wrote the game one lane down a little luck partner. The do jump. Say might be jumped by these. That reminds me of something I said to Steve Harvey that I shouldn't have family feud. Yeah. I don't even know if you know, I said, oh, and I hugged him after something happened. I said you better make this right? Steve say that. Okay. After I think about it. Now, sometimes a threat like he could kicked me off stage. Well, that's why the producer came over Nash fewer, okay? During the break there. Movie this. Shifting. Let's box LEGO movie. No, let's go maybe tros. That's correct. Trolls. Yeah. Trolls. Sunshine, traffic networks that you're now tied Amy back. One kid. In this movie. The way. Let's go movie Hetty, the LEGO movie, Amy movie awhile. A while. Right last one come on. Name this movie by the song. That's safe and sound by Taylor swift and the civil wars. I have no idea. All right, lunchbox other hold you back. Okay. Thank win and Yemen. All g back 'cause you get it. You can win. Okay. Amy. No. You can tie though. Okay. What do you have hunger games? Correct. Right. Closer. No, Taylor, swift wasn't even born. Are you ready? Oh, this everyone's tied time. Goodness. Name the movie just buzzing on it. By say, did you call me bone? Oh, no. I didn't. He did. I said buzz buzz buzzing, I never combust enough to say your name and go. All right. Make sure you get Mark three go blind. There's so many. He's smart though. There's here's a clip yells com. Do not when I know the answer ill ready name the movie. Everybody. Bush over to okay. I don't know how many times he has to be smarter than you guys that maybe the whole history of the show. You guys realize done it before the answer feels dumb. Now, you have that new music shot suppression shot. My strategy. Stop talking. The another sorry talking. Amy's pile of stories listen to cut down on the overall amount of sickness that is happening in the workplace right now officials are urging people to just take a sick day. Like, even if you think you might be sick take a sick day. If your coworkers are sick take your six day because if they come to work, you're gonna get sick from them. So now's the time of year ever. It's just all spreading like crazy. So if you've got a day, take it, you know, what if you're sick, take it? That's all don't feel like I'm waking up, and I'm gonna guess it. Frank over cubicle. Sees six. I'm calling in. Now, I had a friend recently who refused to she knew. Or is he he knew that a co worker was sick and was still coming to work, and he called I'm not coming. If you keep letting him come to work. I'm not coming you need to send him home. I'm okay with that. Okay. I'm okay with if you're sick. You should not be at work. Even you guys. I tell you guys do not come in. If you're sick. I come in. If I'm sick. The shows gotta go, right? But you guys do not need to commend. If you're sick. We there's this bad. Standard that's been set by culture that you need to work all the time, regardless of how you feel because it makes you weak. If not know what looks weak is. If you stay sick for weeks because you're not letting yourself heal up in a few days, or if you're passing around and everybody except for me, by the way. Yes. And it says here the sleep is how is the best way to fight an illness. It's a restorative medicine. So when you deprive yourself of rest like Bobby saying, you continue to work just go ahead and take the day or two off it you need get rest. Try to talk to Dr get better than what I would. I did the minute thing with sickness. I all I did was sleep drink water and slept like four times, and I just slept slept and every time I slept at other got worse or a got better meeting. It had run its course rents courts faster because I was sleeping or got better faster. I slept so much, and I was on the road doing stand up in Iowa. So I would sleep all day wake up half hour before. Go do my show go right back to sleep. I didn't like three days and it did. I agree sleep is the best medicine. What else sell if you're someone who's always hot at night? But your partner is always cold. Well, there's a new blanket that it's perfect. It's called the blankie ni. And it's it's designed so that once I can be opened and flip down and there's zipper down the middle where your partner can shimmy right into the blanket, but you're still sharing a blanket. You just each have your own side, and they make them for both king and Queen beds, and they're on Amazon Glenn Keeney, maybe think lunchbox because he's like always sweaty. And and then his wife is probably not. So you should get her a blinking look into. What are you guys do have two different blanket? She sleeps of the comfort of my own blanket. See they need to blend. Awesome nights. It's just gross in sweat, and you get up towel off and get back in bed. Do you have to tell off sometimes from what else three men right here? Lunchbox Eddie, Bobby? How many of you dreamt about your wedding day as a kid? To never was as a kid mo-. I don't think even I did. I do now a bit. But not as a kid, so you're more. So now in your yeah, dollar married. Did you know never see two thirds of men have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were at kid, but I got over three right here. And I'm not even so manly. I wouldn't want to admit it. I two thirds of men also say they were just as excited as spouse on their wedding day, if not more excited the average man has five panic moments during the wedding planning process, and these are the areas in which men are most involved first of all who's in the wedding party. The guest list the budget, picking the date and the invitations other than that. It's all up to the girl, like flowers cake colors, all that. I feel like Bobby you'll be involved in every single step. And guess what? People. If you're just now tuning in bobby's supposed to be married by December twenty nineteen. Coming up where get somebody pregnant. I nothing. Go ahead. Oh, okay. Never mind. I'm amy. That's my bile. That's it. That was Amy's pile of stores. It's time for the good news. Fifth grade kidding, Colorado. But his buddy some colorblind glasses because you couldn't see colors which mom glasses. He's my best friend the moms like, yeah. But you gotta earn the two hundred fifty bucks yourself. So he goes out and he mows yards. And he does chores and he saved up any bottom the glasses, and he said again the glasses and you watch them put them on. And then have silent for a long time. Okay. Silent for a long time. Hey, are you? Okay. And he started crying because the first time we'd ever been able to see color. Isn't that crazy? Yeah. Kids wanted it for his body. That's good. That's what it's all about. That was telling me something good, Bobby bones show. The early Abby Anderson coming in with their keyboard? You guys are gonna love her. Trust me, you love it. You can do a lot of cover songs to that abbey. Anderson's gonna come in one of my class of twenty nine thousand artists, by the way, she played football. Wait, I'll tell you about that later over to Amy now with the morning corny. Morning corey. Did you hear about the cheese factory that exploded in France? I did not there's nothing left, but debris. That was morning, Gordon. Show Abby Anderson is here, you may know this song from her make them, wait. You may know that she's one of my class at twenty nineteen. I didn't know you hadn't been in alone as a guest yet. No now, I'm really excited for having me. You know, not you came on your show on the road. Yes. And Amy should get her she'd go out and she just play she'd make her band leave and that she would just play and she played Georgia. Let's do that. Why don't we start with the song? Yes, Abby Anderson is here. And she's in here with just two keyboard, Abby playing piano for how long for goodness star. When I was five how long that ten ten years. I was home school. I can't. Turn fifteen. Very much older than I hear ago. It got saw Georgia family. It would go. Judge. Stood. I assume. Cars as sweet and clear. Has moved to the time. The. Chat to me. Smile attend. Still in Ps will James. Judge. Fun. Diz and knows weet sown. Keys judge to own. Sound like? Fifteen. The story and the story and an ad came up for rob Thomas, and it was like rob Thomas is on this like chip to store something. And it was like with Abby Anderson. I also have a friend named Abby Anderson. Does he it's you? It's me. It's me, man. I'm so I'm so lucky that he would ask me to come onto within. Let's be fun. How did you get on toward rob Thomas from matchbox twenty Danga manager? That is yes, sir. Yeah. I just got a call and day. And I am I just gone. You know, lots of stuff happening the near. So I wasn't expecting a summer tour. I really wasn't as we were booked with festivals. I was like that's great. We'll get a fall tour. And then I got a call that you know, I was gonna to rob Thomas tore off her, and it's all major markets for two months, and I love raw, Tom. That's crazy. Awesome. Fun. Quite the jump open for me to rob, Tom. Now. A step backward. Of my career. White rob called. Oh, I think. Think about that. So do you know any like of the rob Thomas solo stuff? I know that my favorite song by Amazon worker for love songs that ever the same phone only here. Oh my God. You play versa court to that. Full. Area. The. The scene. Saying kissing fall. I loved his voice fan. That'd be good is it's like two months shows every single night. So I'm I'm excited to learn something from this to rob. You know, did you know the abbey played football in middle school. The only girl on the team. I was I was that girl. You know? I was raised. I'm like you. You always say you surrounded by women growing up on the second oldest six girls. And so in our family, we always did everything the boys dig because we had to mow the lawn and all that stuff. So tell my mom one day I wanted to trial for the football team. And she Jove me to practice. Probably mortified it embarrassed Vermont. But she was every game her Muhdad. I was running back and wide receiver. So you can move them. I can run a little bit. Hazy. And so how many years did you play? Oh, gosh is like to sixth and seventh grade. Did you guys were taking harder shots on you? Because you were the girl. I don't think I was probably taking heart harder shots on them. Because like my opportunity to hit people. So I don't I don't they have. I it was it was fun. You know, what I saw you doing online was you did post Malone better. Now. Then do you still do a low of? There. Say the two. Anything? But gave you everything will burn. You. Good. Abby Anderson inter which by the way, Abby is going to be playing. If you're in Nashville on April first, the class of twenty nine thousand nine it's Abby Abby Anderson Loren Jenkins tail towns. Rachel MAC and Kaley hammock off artists who the like they're gonna blow up love them. Love them. Love them. I actually have your new home. That's not out yet. Have you heard it? No. I wrote it. But I haven't heard this. Oh, it's called good Lord. Yes. So and it doesn't come out when people built here for a while right in this in March. But I just play local. His. As my. Thanks. Good. Ready for that one to get out for some ever played that now's the first. Okay. So you're at home, you have is that your instrument that you played is that right? Pianos man, I dabble in guitar pianist the main so if you're at home, and you're bored, and you're like I want to play something I love plan. What do you play? What do you go to you know, I go to? Zoom. I know I know one of your songs except in the us love. Ella? Disarmament heavy move in. Smell. You think is? Watching L of that one day in Q. I want to be her. We went and after a show we went to where we go. Cheesecake factory. Thank you for. Thank you for taking us out to dinner to very nice. I don't even eat cake. And Abba, though, we gotta get one of this one of that all the seven is paying some like. This is gonna last this guy last we all week. I'm making. Thank you for picking that up, very kind. You're so good. I'm so happy. You're in the studio. I'm so happy Jimmy did that song together. So when you're song is ready. You're gonna come back. We'll get into a whole thing. And then want to do all new music here. Now, it's wanted to introduce you to my audience. Your pleasure. Thank you, bring smile to the room when you left the other day. Everyone's like, wow, she's really fun to be around. Really cool. So and that anything you wanna play us out on. Okay. This is this is one that will come out to the. I'll just play verse core cabbie new doesn't exist. Too cold yet is called not in the picture here. We go. Still put the song combing through the pie. Favor causing. To the lose when dry. S still got you. Exactly. Still dishes in the game. Danis? Sales still joining. Can two cloudy still ground. Big fame in Mamma gave still. In the pictures and. Area. That's a little sniffer. Thank you. Thank you. All right. We'll see a month or so. And then new musics ready? Yes. I'll see you on April. I love her. Yes, sir. What you feel old for a while? Respects you like six year olds to kill geese and candy. She'd be like, yes, I do. Good to see you. Thank you. See you soon Abby Anderson everybody. Can talk about a date last night. If you like what do you want to? I mean, I guess I wanna know how it went from start to finish. I mean, the all the details, whatever you're willing to share please share. We'll the backstory is. I was flying to California to tape American idol two weeks ago. And there was a flight attendant, and she's real nice Purdy. And so I wrote on a napkin because I don't know how to talk to girls and say, you're pretty an EPA mainstream name some listeners founder told her. She didn't know the show foul me message me, then all of a sudden it was well, let's talk FaceTime. A couple of times then she had a layover in town yesterday last night for what turned out to be about seven hours. Okay. So picked up at the airport. That's work. I know that sounds like her office. But you picked her up you have a car. I know. But there's yeah. Okay. Okay. Sorry was that. The shot that he'd pick over there. To go. She don't have a car going to stay in the airport hours straight. She knows how to get around the towns all the time. She goes to cities if no car, okay? So a pick her up and I had to play the opera last night, and I've been like sinus like I've had my throats been horse. I was concerned because I don't want to go play the operation and not do. Well, anyway, because I kind of bomb the last time the opera guitar broken. The is set so low laws like I gotta do this not being able to talk and then she's in town, and it can really talk. And so I pick her up, and we get some food, and it really wasn't awkward or anything to begin with talking FaceTime a couple of times. Yeah. Pick her up. And then we go to the Opry, and I worry because when I go to the operate like to meet as many people as possible. So we we had set up a meeting with a bunch of listeners. And so I go, and so I had to leave her with Morgan to basically, and I went over. And so that's your like can somebody handle. Does she did Morgan to buy? I loved her. I thought she was great lissi loved her perfect. Ask you a lot of questions about Bobby. I mean, not really she liked confirms something she's like he's from like, where's he from like, I wanna make sure I know these things about him that I like miss doing and she didn't want to Google thing. Because I was like don't Google stuff's not true. Most of it has but still so the Eddie was there at matter talked to rose, and is very nice like Caesar really nice. Like, I liked her a lot. And we did the show a Mattel you guys a lot of giving me crap about like a first day taking someone to watch you perform. Yes. Most ball move everything done in my Lawler. Also did pretty well at played. I did a set in the Nettie came on the end we played a song together. Yeah. Sorta Opry is awesome. Says she's in it like, wow, I'm in Nashville stage at the grand ole offered definitely look. You'll definitely baller sort of like a star is born ish. I didn't bring her out. She didn't go to say. La, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA like, you meet her. And then it's like, hey, you're coming to my show. I had to I had to work. I know I know is perfect. You take her backstage at idle. Oh my gosh. Is that there's no time for that? I'm so, you know, she doesn't know really what she knows what I do. But she never seen it. And she was like you go do comedy stand up. And I was like, yeah. I'll do comedy. I take my guitar out and play and what she carries how that tied into radio. And all your everybody is because it's just not the same the only similarity and radio and stand up is that there's a microphone not the same skill set at all. And so I'm way better radio. And so we do the show, and then we hung out for a little bit afterward. We're a little bit. Yeah. And then by the time it was over took her back. Good. So what did she say afterwards after the whole night? She had a good time. It's fine. We had a good time. Nothing. So does she have a future? Layover? I don't know. We didn't talk about her work plans future. Again. No. But I don't think that we won't. It was good. It wasn't. Yeah. It was it was good. I okay, I hear that you feel like something like Tinguely. This is exciting part of my body. Chest about. Tummy, no. It was it was I was excited, but I'm excited. Yeah. Listen, I'm not I didn't meet her and go I'm going to get married, but it was good. It was a good date. It's just weird part of expectations. Are she doesn't other state? You know, that's difficult. But it's also awesome. Sure. Is she willing to move? He now that's not a conversation. Like they can live wherever they can. They just have to get to their hub. And in the end, we had a good time. The operate performance went off pretty well. And she thought I was cool much cooler than I probably am do you wanna say where y'all eight. Food. Yeah. It somewhere near the Opry. Yeah. It was crazy. We'd have much time bail no cooter. Opera girl national ballots. No. Awesome tie there. Shutout on stage. Now if nothing like that. Okay. When you drop off at the airport. Do you know how you pull out to the departures? And it's okay this airline you get out. Did you Smoot? You're on the cheek you can't on the so you got out her bag to pop your trunk Airbus our work bags, right? So it wasn't like suitcases 'cause she flew in was it effortless or awkward with every awkward now. I'm trying to picture you kissing her cheek and hugging and then you being like it's on. Imagine running at you with the head. But that's what it's like whatever I'm doing. Yeah. Yeah. Picturing. Okay. But it was it. Good. Yeah. But it was the first day any texts after I went to bed woke up melon and still there was no no not from me. Not from hurricane from airplanes. Yeah. Yeah. You can. You can that's probably why she didn't take. So it was actually good. Yeah. Like her. I think she liked me. Does it Morgan between Eddie matter? Everyone wanted to come to the opera last night to turn everyone down and well one I wasn't doing well with my voice and two. I was like I don't want. Nobody wanted to come. I never bring girls around. Anyway, I haven't ever like when's the last time? My next my girlfriend a year and a half ago. So he's got to go into this about and I didn't wanna have to deal with that. But it was good. We played a cool though. Right me and Mortimer too. Yeah. Yeah. We were just like what's up she's way prettier than I am. She's really pretty like there's definitely a difference you'd go why she with him. Yeah. I would say out of bobby's league. Well, yeah, I saw Instagram, and I thought is like a model. She looks like a model flight does look like, yes. Like, bingo, like she just uses the flight attendant thing to fly to her different modeling gig for free getting free flights. Modeling. But now that you mentioned that Amy was like a star is bored. I saw Bobby was on stage. And she was backstage like watching it at that moment. I really do that. Yeah, you're right. It was just like that movie. Do you think if I were to win shot, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, Lilo, what she was? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. For sure. And then she would have been a big star. Then what words what she is saying? Hello Morgan anything you want to say. Yeah. I will say that. She did bring up to me that she's ready to have a garden and settled down dog. So Bobby garden. She's definitely. That have been talking about getting a new dog. Oh my God. You have a guard dog. I got actually I have neither. But do you know Nashville is such a great central location for flight attendant? Verte gardens. Yes, listen, we're not jumping ahead on sale I soon. We'll probably have another date. I need to find a date for Friday night. What she case MSA. Yeah. I'm gonna Casey I'm gonna go with. Do you wanna go? I i've. Oh. Yeah. Of course, Amy's married. Finally, get the nerve to ask her out and she's married. How long have we been together? Thirteen finally worked it up guys Mary with kids rate. Number two, we've met fallback. If I can't find him to go with the. If you right. But that just sounds. Honestly. Yeah. What's what's? That sounds weird. That's it. Like if I can't find anybody. It was right twins day. Right. So you're trying to find like a ledge. I would be into go, right? Yeah. For sure I'm listen. I'm single Redmond. Go right now. Yeah. So mingle up one of my friends said, hey on set you up with somebody. And he was like Senator DM. And so I did. And then she never responded. No response is evil. You told me who was trying to set you up and everybody's interested. You gotta have everything for nerds. Yeah. She probably was really pretty he seems like he hangs out with really pretty people. Knows you know, I don't care about that name. It's a good heart. I am. He hangs out was really nice people care about it. Matter matters, right. Because when you put your Instagram handle on fled the napkin shock. No her anything about her heart. Giving Hart gave me game. Chevy all the peanuts. Listen, I'll say this. Because all the listeners are blowing me up, and you can if you want at if you guys are listening. Anyone ask something that our question hand? I know everybody wants to know that it is good that she has Eddie and Morgan to stamp of approval. And. If you could marry next, you know, or eventually, you're going to we're going to have over to the house, you have to see how you interact one eight she gets along with Stevens is then we'll be the true test. This is why don't bring up everything I do though. That's what's up bring up everything. But then it how old is she? Are we saying that over thirty? Okay. Wow. Okay. You can get on board with this or go over thirty. Yeah. Enough sin the gardening. I didn't know that. I'm not ready for what the heck. Did y'all talk about dinner? Good caution. What I didn't tell you. Oh, just life. You know? I didn't tell you write this down. And you're gonna go. What all now, I can't even believe that right now. Now, that's not true. Swear. My life. What are here right down? I swear my buddy right is insane. A swear thing is going on. Yeah. Jesus is trying to tell you something for sure. Is is is trickling little things in my life right now. One day, you'll all be able to know. Okay. This is the best friend Jesus story. He'll tell me hold on. Okay. Hey, Mario Lopez here. And I really hope you can check out my new podcast. Listen tomorrow. L T going gonna be having some really cool casual in-depth conversations with a lot of amazing and fascinating people some of your favorite celebrities, everyday heroes. Newsmakers even some of my friends and a few of my family members. Definitely inside of me that you've never seen before. So please, listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. Last night. Eddie, and I played the grand ole Opry the raging idiots played. And we played an acoustic version of our son emoji. Love we got that. What do you want to hear us live? Yeah. It's not much just a little something. But yeah, this is Eddie, and I both battle by the way, we both showed up like Rudy with sinus, right? Hey, go. Lonely in. Plan. We. Gene. Gee. A win gets off. We'll send you base with. Thanks to the grand old Opry for sale. It's so fine. I love the operate and the crowd laughed and what's up? Now. There was a female laugh at the who is recording. This was that the girl I know from the crowd, we still. Yeah. Good try. Yeah. This is our song emoji love. Download and stream it here. It's fun. Awesome. Yeah. I'm not so embarrassed about Santa smile swin appealing grave. And send you. When I'm lonely the big eggplant. We got that in. The flash camera for your photo winning said you face with the teeth. That, gene. Donut went. I'm starving. Eighty. But if you. We got that. Gene. The ranging idiots. Clam Boston Mark seventeen Bakersfield, California, the muscle kings, car shows more. Yeah. And in Austin, Texas, our country festival tickets at raging idiots dot com. According to this new study looked young people are keeping a pretty serious secret from their significant other young like twenties and thirties when they get married like third Mike one they intermarriage something they haven't even right before marriage, like serious relationship into marriage like. Almost half. This is which is crazy to me. Got to get it all out there. Right. I think the debt falls into that. That's a big one. The biggest one thirty percent of people are hiding big time debt credit card or on the opposite. Now, I said a debt money actual money. Excellent or an account what about partners? Secret. You Lau the number. You know, I don't think there's any. I I don't think there's any benefit telling truth and that situation nothing nothing's gonna become. Unless it's like three. I just don't think there's a benefit tell the truth. You can't if you felt like the truth needs to be told like in your heart. If your heart says, no one wants to hear fifteen I didn't doesn't matter. Maybe that's nice. You're lying. There's no way you're lying. But that's just not unless you feel like you need to tell the truth. There's not a win there. Don't lie. Don't ask. Yeah. You can you don't be like zero. That's why maybe not some of us. But when you do your confessions stuff on Instagram don't people like vent. Oh. I do this bit on my answer story started as one night. I was bored was like tell me a secret. People tell me all their secrets, and I never sell them out. I've never seen. I've never done that cute QNA or whatever five questions that'd be like, Atlanta them, whatever they want to show my life on my Instagram, Mr. Bobby bones. But then I was like tell me a secret people share, their deepest darkest secrets some are. So even share bag even even anonymously. I like when you put it to song. Yeah. And I was going to do that. But then I started to see other radio people doing the bit now on Instagram Klein, everybody do everything. Yeah. We don't we don't follow them. But they'll come on. It's good bit secrets imagery have one. That's how you you'll find out. What else is on the list part depart things one of them? But I just don't think there's a thing by the way coming up. We're going to do the big I already music awards announcement performer. So hang out for that. And the story about the whole deal with the things that you didn't know the kid you believed it and you still him. No, it's true. And we still might believe it for sure let me see we've probably still pass it down. I tell my kids stuff like to. Yeah. For sure at least two or three these. I would bet you still believe just be honest honesty. When I read these to you promise me that even if you think you sound dumb, you'll be honest and tell me if it's true or not, okay. Like if I would've said knuckle cracking leads arthritis. Okay. Just making sure they're real quick over to Carlin, Kansas. Hello carla. Hi, bobby. Thank you for calling. Would you like to say? We have been listening to you. My said and is for the last couple years. He loves to download your podcast, and we listen to it. When we go on trips. What's his name? His name's Carson Carson fourteen. Love that. And where do you live in Kansas? Lindburg love it there. They have the best album pi. I'm just kidding. But that'd be cool. Right. Always. Yeah. It's time for the good news. Catherine was a typical parent telling her twelve year old daughter, you watch too much TV do something better with your time. Next day, they go get some to eat a local fast food restaurant. Catherine bites burger starts choking turning different colors. Her twelve year old daughter jumps up gives her the Heimlich spits the burger out Chuck where did you learn to do that mall? I learned it by watching TV real number Yonne. Inter by watching TV, and then our life was saved her life was saved because her daughter watching. TV everyone doesn't rot your brain. Let me ask you a question about TV. Do you consider anything TV now because I do like Netflix TV if I'm watching a show on my phone. Yeah. Right. Screen time at our house kids. Yeah. Yeah. It's like how long have you been in front of a screen? But it's also like when someone say if you talked it'd be the weekend Amy to that'd be like, yeah. I texted with Amy, but I still feel like that's talking to Amy. Yeah. Where we differ 'cause sometimes I'll be like. Hi, haven't talked about being a while. And we maybe have texted. But I haven't talked to you. Don't feel like I'm caught up with you fully 'cause like a one little text or Mogi, but we got. She was telling me something good. Buddy, miss the Bob. Transmitting across America. Right. Brian. Hey, everybody thought he owns and special announcement for you the biggest stars and music are nominated for twenty nineteen iheartradio music awards. And now. We're unveiling this year's lineup of performers. It's gonna be pretty crazy. All right here. Yeah. These are all big artists. All these people were playing dang Alicia Keys. Arianna grandes? Garth brooks. The piece in Mimi. John legend. Casey musk graves. Special appearance by Taylor swift. The nominees and cast your votes. Iheartradio dot com slash awards or the iheartradio Twitter account and limited number of tickets. If you wanna get out there and go to the show available through eight excess dot com watch our I heart radio music awards live on FOX Thursday March fourteenth at eight seven central or here on iheartradio. By the musical lineup. Their body. Saying Taylor's got some new stuff coming out. She put enough like palm trees, and let's go to Morgan twenty-five. What do you know about this? I know it's T S seven which means Taylor seven and record. Yes. And the palm trees are some signal that she gave off an old photo. So fans are relating it that it's a possibility. She's bring stuff from her past in making a very country pop brand new kind of music album that hasn't been out yet fusion, Katy Perry. But I don't know if that's the case that rumor I haven't heard that rumor. He said, it's not the right word. Mexican Asian place. Yeah. Do. Paul taylor's. That's good. Are you ready for this thing kids, we thought? Yes. Five lies. You were told as a kid and probably still believe as an adult. I one what does that like ads said this one yet? Would you believe still that knuckle cracking leads to arthritis? Recent studies show that polling twisting joints, create spaces between the bones. And that's what causes the crack. The cracks actually the pop it gets into science. That's not true. Okay. The sound still going to be will. But it does not cause arthritis. And anyway, that's number one number two sitting too close to the TV will ruin your eyesight. Yes. You know? Yeah. Not only is this not true. But it just so happens at children are better focusing at up close objects more. So than adults too bright, the problem, they say is if someone sitting close to the TV, though, there they may be nearsighted. They may be having to Deb because they can't see it's one of the first signs of get. There is checked, but they sitting to close to the TV is not you know, where I used to thrive close to the TV. Duck hunt going. All anything. Number three. If you swallow your gum. It takes seven years. I told my daughter that the other day. Well, you told her. Yeah. What she called me out on this. Gum is mostly indigestible. Some brands use sim rubber as inner tubes in because it doesn't digest pass the system quite easily. Is it doesn't break down? So that means you can find it later. It's just like. Through. Okay. Okay. That makes sense. They say the only time you can get sick. If you eat a whole pack in that's like gastrointestinal issues. But that's with anything a lot. But yeah, like gum is like tire. How about swim too soon after eating in? You get cramps. Yeah. According to the American Academy of pediatrics and the American Red Cross is not true just finish swallowing before you jump in say, Cedo, choke. So you don't show the hour. Wait is probably made up to give parents just a little time. So I have to go out and watch people's kids. So one more. This is the one I know well this vessel. Now. What do you think? Ocare? It's make. They make them better. True. Boy, I don't know that that's a. Carrots. If you touch toed. You could get words. Yes. That's why you never pick always touch does never got award children or more likely than adults to get worse as their immune systems have yet to build the property offenses. And that's why mostly a kid would get one and kids also the people who are touching frogs. They have nothing to do with each other. Nobody has ever contracted award from handling towed. Wow. I didn't know that that is shocking. Shocking. One of all of them. Also might just pulled out the carrot myth. Tell me the origin of this myth Carrington. I hope I site c. Not like, I was believed it though, the origin of this myth dates back to World War Two. And it's based on a bit of the carrots are rich in beta carotene, which the body converts to form vitamin A. The really has no. To your your vision all the time, unless you're deficient in vitamin doesn't really do anything there. Again. Not only do I believe that I've told some of that stuff. I tell it to my kids like my daughter loves carrots. I'm like, this is so great your is are going to be so. Spinach with Stevens his muscles. Yes. Oh, all the time. And he loves it. He's like the hill. Eat lettuce. Nobody like this is going to make me bigger. I'm like. Yep. And he chows down. Holly in Wisconsin, you're on what's happening. Oh, you know. Gist hadn't home after driving the kids to school fan. Actually today was a really good morning. We usually, you know, try to send the intention that it's going to be a good day. And your show helps a lot. What about this morning was good for do more of that? Hopefully, well, I'm a strong believer. And and my faith in God. And you've been somebody we've been praying for recently. I really relate to you. I think because when you talk about being awkward and really driven. I feel that I possess those qualities pretty strongly. And this morning. It was funny to kinda just here you start talking as we already had a great morning anyways. The really be able to just chill. Listen to you guys. And you started talking about this potential love interests. No, look, Holly Holly, while you're getting your head, we potential, okay? Going. Okay. Yeah. So we're, you know, kind of cool to even it's nothing comes out of it. It's good to you get and going somewhere. And then Amy said, I really appreciate your relationship with Amy. You guys have this. Awesome friendship that people can really model we can feel it when you is. Are interacting away. You do we can feel that you really care about each other and having other back, and that's what friends are supposed to be. But then she said like, oh, Jesus is really doing something here. And it's so funny because I was saying that like, oh, we prayed for that last week and. It was just it was really prayed for what made have a girlfriend. Well, we pray for you to find, you know, everything that you want in your relationships. I mean, listen, that's honestly, really sweet of you. I wish everybody would do that. Pray for me to get a girlfriend, that'd be awesome. Actually, really soft. Yeah. It is. It's extreme that you would take one of your prayers, and you know, toss it over this way. I really appreciate that. That's that's quite kind of you Holly. Oh, yeah. All over all day. Thanks a lot. What tell the kids are say. Hello and thanks for listening. Where do you live in Wisconsin? We're from about my around Madison is about the closest anybody's gonna know of. 'cause we really live out in the middle of nowhere around by Amish. Tell you kids we say, hi. And I appreciate that. Call our someday they'll be calling to say, hi. All right. Thank you have a good morning. Thank you for the prayers every I would never turn out in prayer less. I do feel like stick up for the people that feel awkward usually kid yesterday that the science project so put it on my Instagram, Mr. Bob, vela's, my Instagram, and he literally went as you as his project. There were peop- people went as Abe Lincoln Sally ride. Audrey hepburn. They're like, and then he went as me, and I was like how. Yeah. Really? I mean seeing that knowing that he and then I I liked your little note to him to your like, did you get an A or what something about his great? If not him me up. Now, I am curious like what he got. And then you like shouted out to him. And then offered him a pair of Jordan's. And I hope that him reading that or anybody else. They know it's not about just you try to be like, oh, you just up me. I'm gonna throw you Jordan's like that you it's your way of showing like, hey, I appreciate this and your kid and me as a kid like the whole shoe thing. I could explain the thing. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. I think you should explain it. Because some people might be like, oh, why are you trying to throw out while we gotta do is that you're gonna throw some kids in Jordan's. But it's it's so much bigger than that. We'll have a sometime I give people shoes I love shoes. But as a kid I can never afford nice shoes and go to yard sales and try to find old cool shoes. And then try to scrub them and paint them for. For the first day of school because they had new shoes and we couldn't afford issues. And so when I first started to make enough money to save up not even just week to week. But to save up, my my I I made it gift was a pair of Jordan's to myself, and I was like twenty three and I was like man, I feel like I bought a pair of Michael Jordan tennis. You can never fought him as a kid and everybody's make fun of me. Like, it was tough. It's tough school stuff because I never had nice clothes. And so now, I love shoes because for me that was always the thing that I couldn't have. And that's also I give them so much. But it's not just about shoes. Right. But that's what's that's what's important to me is. And that's because I mean, obviously, he admires you like on like a high level. So now, he's gonna get a pair of shoes from you. He's gonna wear those things. So for Allie. You know, I. He's a size ten and he's like fifth grade. Dang, wow. What got a lot of growing? Yeah. But yeah, it's up on my Instagram, Mr. Bobby bones. Yeah. Listen, don't take for granted. That's awesome. So we're gave me a parking spot here, which is awesome mount parking spot in the garage. And so. It's fine. It says bobby's pockets, and when I'm not there, Amy parks in line with that. But let's Vauxhall someone who wasn't one of us parking yesterday some red van in there like they had no respect in the world for the sign said reserved for Bobby bones. And I told people if you park there, I'm gonna put a boot on your vehicle boot Laden gentlemen, and it's seventy five dollars to get it off. Well, who do they pay me? Oh, I didn't know the. Yeah. So what do you put your number on the boot go Gadot, it was supposed to be stored in the glass room? And I could not find it yesterday. I looked and looked and looked and could not find the boot. So I went and wrote a note on the dudes vehicle and said move, your vehicle ace app, you will be booted, and it's a seventy five dollars to remove the boot reserve for Bobby bones, and you're not Bobby bones respect the sign. Oh, but yeah. Spec on name disrespect because you pull it and you cannot help but miss the sign that is your spot and who. Does he think he is that? Exactly, right. But I get it. Like, right. Yes. Yes. Yeah. So that he move. Yeah. He was out of there quick because he was like, I don't wanna pay seventy five dollars. It's pretty it's. Oh, it's prime location as ING like, Phil. Like I worked last six years when I signed my contract for that parking spot. I was sorta weird about it free. Like, I felt weird when you were asking. And then when it happened is awkward, but now I love it. Yeah. Gone asking for it to. Yeah. Park down the road again at two pm. It can walk up here. I quit just getting. Support that. Do please boot someone what areas and I was ready to food. You are really going to boot it. I was Bobby. That's how you gotta make. That's how you send the message and people get it loud and clear like, okay, I messed with the wrong person. It's almost as if I don't mind. No, stop, you don't mind. What if you say that then people are going to say, no respect to the side? I've seen a couple of cars parked and to. Okay. I'm like if I'm not there to pull into it. And I know that I'm here. No. I haven't said anything. But I mean, one time someone even like parked in it really crooked. So not only that the spot to the right was then taken. So you're spot. Am this about to the right because they didn't even park. Right. I took a picture of that queue Carrie Underwood note. No. There was a great Dane that gave birth in nineteen puppies. That is crazy nineteen. I don't know how many puppies dogs typically have that that sounds like a lot. And I'm totally dog mode right now every I look a little more. Would you ever? Get a great name. Yeah. That'd be cool. Yeah. We looked at them. Yeah. Hard to travel with you. You think it's more trouble on right? Like horseback. Yeah. I would have spared have about yard. Yeah. You have plenty of round. Wow. My husband had one as a kid. And he said it was the coolest really. Yeah. Cleo, a great Dane in Arizona was said to be doing. Well. Well, my Arkansas Cammello tired. Cleo's doing? Dang. It's crazy. How you get tired of nineteen puppies. The doctor said that all nineteen came out. They're all doing well. They're bottle feeding every three hours. So my gosh, they are so cute. Looking at them. I won't one body bones dot com. I don't know if I'm gonna do great. Dane, I don't know what I'm gonna do kinda get in that mode. I may wait till may when American idol's over and I'm going back and forth. Right because the live show, by the way, American idol starts on the third this weekend. Like getting Sunday on the I'm not, but you should still watch. All right. I'm not on the first ones because I was still doing dancing with the stars. I told you they they thought it'd be kicked off by this point about scheduling dancing with the stars. So I mean, I quit on side story for if you're new to this show, I grew up in a town of seven hundred people mountain pine Arkansas, I don't know anybody I'm done anything and slowly like knocking on doors trying to get in get anybody. Give me a shot. And so I got this tiny job mentoring one episode there. I'm back for two for four. Then they've signed me for a whole season than ABC Siamese a whole network deal. It's crazy how this happened right and so- ABC signs me to a deal, and they they also go here's somebody develop on shows, and they go well do Miss America. I went in judge that and they said in American before time every episode, but you have a two month period going dancing with the stars. You can't dance kicked off. And then go do American idol. Well, go on to enter the SARS there. Right. I couldn't dance. But I right here. Do you know what that's the? Tiger fricken tiger. Yeah. And I trained twelve hours a day. Sometimes. Yeah. When is the next line to that? 'cause I was about to go into it. But I don't know it it got the time. And the cats the frill of the cats just it's not right? Oh, throw the fight. Right. Ace screwed up by not being the frill of the cap. Yeah. Bigtime 'cause that's pretty good all the writers are kicking survivors, Frankie. I know you're seventy two again, let the house and a few weeks. This new version of our song. Let go. Fail of the cat. I'm just trying to make. Yeah, they go. Anyway. So I don't starts won't be in this city audition. I was still doing ours. But there's some good. There's some good ones. I'm not saying this. There's some good ones that you're going to be like, wow, they could be a real deal. That's all starts weekend. Not add. But they do pay me. Mating matters the podcast that looks at human behavior through very sexy lens. I'm Dr Wendy Walsh. Let's face it where wired to reproduce so powerful. Is this instinct that it has secretly embedded itself? In nearly every human behavior mating matters podcast helps you understand yourself a little better human mating strategy plays out everywhere. Mating matters listening. Subscribe at apple podcasts on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to your podcast. Came fun to me. You're saying this one. Say no, I hear think of it. But I know every word lets loose elope. Biggest crush still do it tweeted like two weeks ago? Really? Yeah. She answered I don't think so. Go ahead tend to radio. Singing, my song lover's in love and the others runaway lovers. Anybody who knew she knew all his words. She most of. Most. I mean, all right name the one hit wonder artist. Are you ready? I know the reason. How? By the way, the term one at wonder is controversial because a couple of these had kind of seconds. Not really because I think they'd had more than only massive hit like top pop. Yes. Okay. What do you got? Let's go Amy snow patrol snow patrol's. Kuba staying. That's correct. Mistake, you know, that sometimes goes down. No, all right. Can you get this one? John. I know it's not for me. If you still my son, Jon Voight. Yeah. I know the song I've has drawn a heart with marker. All right. Let's box UB. Forty. Good yellow, Eddie, Len Elian, Lenny's Elian. Okay. Good. Did you know that never heard random one? All right ready for this one. This is a country when big smash a friend actually wrote the song oddly enough, you're ready. Yeah. Skid laga. Each other. And. Called in color such a good song. All right already. All we got. All right. Amy jamey Johnson. Job. Lunchbox? No offense this guy. Josh Turner, sounds just like Delhi. Really? I mean. Like that sounds like with a beard. Jamie johnson. I just don't know who ready. What don't you know? Be happy all the way. No. I heard it. But fifties. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The big Bopper. Who is it be forty? You be. Really bad. Yeah. My possibly Eddie, Bobby mcferrin. Yeah. Eight doesn't he doesn't. That's another one at the United this podcast. It's one of the Bobby casts artists who don't like to their big hits. Check that out today for the show, Bobby. She hates the doesn't do it. That's crazy. You know? He also does the Cosby show theme. Yes. That's that's right. And that's. You're going to see some of which I guess. He didn't play that. Okay. That four or more. All right. I'm ready. You're just glad you're still in it. Well, you're not in it, by the way is he not no. Play this. Why are you laughing? So hardly. Just pointing right now. Like, I'm trying to methanol guy when he give you three you before there. Judge Turner mixed. All right. No. I Turner mixing. I got. Amy. Still. Stove adroit chasing cars takes revenge. Ending of us of our show. Like, well mean you I don't know that night. No. Me I like this show had been on. But something that song. I feel like we played it a lot. I don't know if we did really thinking of us Adamy. But not with you on. I don't know what to do. We might as well. And seven. So is that you guys. Yeah. I started working with you in two thousand and six. Oh, well, there you go. What up lunchbox you'll never get this about? Yeah. And it's on. Refrigerator? Josh turner. Oh, wow. Eddie, right. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Recipe's Mindy mccready? Is that right? It is a really good gas lunch box. Eddie got it. What is it Shelley? Right. Yeah. I guess to me. But that's just thinking of some. It's another country. Don't even get hold on mini McGrady. That was close. You said she didn't get it. Right. Okay. Yelled close. He got snow patrol who was saying the reason that's true. How many points? Me. Okay. You're losing bed. Okay. Come back right here. Five points. Visit. Okay. Okay. This is worth one point everybody for lunch monkeys worth ten points. If he gets his. L chance to get the. No, you don't know me. Okay. Does how long we've been together. What year is it? Watch. Well, it's forty seven after sixteen years. Anna place in. From the first brass seabreeze. When she. That she fanned you some ding. But it still to give ten points. Like, I know I know. Do you know, I Don I know the song. I don't know the artist singing, I know so to go ahead. This was horror. But man, this one I think this guy has more than one hit. Go ahead. Why Yoko over? Yocum? Thousand chair back down boy jumped up. Marlin. Band. Dwight yoakam is a massive super. So do you know his voice why y'all comes on the top five of my childhood? That's why I said, I think this may have more than one here. Yeah. Then you gotta sit. I was right. So I got excited hoops. Listen with that. Favorite time. Tom. We get a break. Out with some. Guitars. I met Dwight yoakam Dirk, Dirksen, showing in Los Angeles. Yeah. He didn't have any hair hit had on. I don't know. That's why. The back because he acts in movies, and he's always bald. All right. Put ball caps on. Apparently Randall adverts not happy with the press hounding her and her husband. Oh. Oh. I get it. Right. You live your life. Yeah. Don't wanna be bothered. Here's the thing. Because I believe they were at the airport. The walking out of the airport inside edition there and again who wants to digital business, right and cameras are they said snaps out. She was like, well, if I say, something, we leave please like the world should mind its own blanking business. Oh, I get it. But you can't put your pictures up from people magazine on Instagram like, here's our wedding. And then when you're out in public people come out and be like, hey, what's up with that? Also, she's posting stuff on her Instagram be consistent. If you don't poke thing it'd be like apple posted. I'm not sharing things shot. We wouldn't have known. She got. Then I think the salad salad tossing was being. Yeah. Yeah. Tossing salad over on the head. And if that hadn't happened, maybe they don't announce it. But again when you announce it, and people magazine has picture that means weddings public, and we can ask you about it your celebrity that comes territory. Yeah. So let's just cello bit. You know, a little bit just a little bit. So that's all I want to say I like ran just fine. Eddie never talking about the other day. I have a story about I think everyone like a personal story except Miranda. All it's true. Like any name anybody? And I'd be like oh got a personal story. You just don't know that much about her. So I'm not that protected maybe because she tries to be private and she wants to leave her alone. I do and you do. What's going to? Got a workout at one like weights can strong. Yeah. Probably going to join ago boxing. My Jim crow some fifteen. Yeah. Yeah. I want to look a group walks in. Well, we can I can just send you guys. I mean, you can go to classes I owned jam. So you can go whatever. You're supposed on social media. But like I was here tagging. Yeah. I mean, you'll have to today. I'm just saying if you do want to let me know candidate because I'm doing weights, but I do want to. So maybe I'll go Friday like boxing glass. Finding buddy less you want to pay per view. Yeah. We need to take advantage of that. Let's go Friday guys. Okay. Possibly came out the gloves. What do we need? I had this bandage wraps that you put around your hands. I need those. What are you boxing today? What are you doing? I started this thing with my throat got arrested. I feel great no boxing for you. I've a bike in my house now ride that a little bit. Okay. And a level one don't need mothers. If salt throat the though don't mess with that. No not that by Kevin by like oh. Stationary. To everybody will see tomorrow. Thanks to Abby. Anderson become by at Mr. Bobby bones on Instagram picture video the raging idiots planned the opera last night. It's going to watch us play here. Thank you. Bye. You know, people say necessity is the mother of invention. But that's not always true. Sometimes the mother of invention is advertising. Yeah. Or pure accident. How about eagle maniacal delusion? Absolutely. Or just a desperate longing. To be cool. I'm Robert lamb, and I'm Joe McCormick. We're the host of the science podcasts stuff to blow your mind. And now we're branching off into the exploration of invention. Invention is the story of human history told one piece of technology at a time the things we made and how they made us invention publishes every Monday, listen and subscribe to invention on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you find your podcasts.

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