Rock Candy Ep. 121: Thin Lizzy - He Was Somethin'


You know we. We plan our episodes out like a month month and a half in advance. We're good little Dube's and try to have an idea of what we're gonNA. Talk about you know in a month. Yeah because mart. Our podcast takes a lot of planning. It does takes planning, and we are well aware that due to current events being the hot garbage dumpster fire that they are many people that we know many of our podcast. Friends are doing a podcast blackout and we heavily consider doing that as well. Yes, because I think that's a great idea. We fully support all of our friends and anybody who's doing it i. think that's Great. Yes, however, yeah. We had this. This episode planned out for at least month month and a half now and the person that is in the forefront of this whole story is a very progressive black man. who is extremely underrated in rock music and is often forgotten about. So it made more sense to us to tell his story. Tell his band story. because. Everybody needs to know his story. Yeah, I. Agree. I think that's important. I think just as important as the silence you can also. Celebrate. Lives Yeah I think to tell a story. That's important. Yeah, I think his is. It's I guess not as typical of story typical a life as a lot of people of color experience in America of course his takes place in Ireland in the sixties and seventies eighties, but they're still elements of racism. There's still elements of doubt in there still things that affected him in his life. That affect a lot of people of color still. I do believe I. Correct me if I'm wrong, but and there is a lot of working class. Yes, anger, and they from what I understand. This ban represents a lot of that. Sentimentality yeah, so. We decided to tell the story of thin lizzy. Yes, anyway, because thin lizzy is, it's frontman Phil. Line, it and he needs the respect that he deserves yet i. think it's good to bring more attention to their story, because even in the world of music and rock. Specifically you hear thin. lizzy name a lot, but. I don't know their story. Yeah, you may have heard. The boys are back in town, but do you know any of their other stuff? Did you know that they had lake nine studio albums and their bangers? Yeah, dubs. Yeah, and jailbreak is their song to jailbreak is a thin lizzy song every time I hear it right. This is thin, Lizzy, yeah, and Oh. Yeah, on top of that. You know that whiskey in Jar. Cover that METALLICA did. They fucking ripped off of thin. Lizzy I mean so hard so sad. They were doing the thin lizzy cover of whiskey in the. But any casual metallica listener will not know that it was their version was originally done by thin. Lizzy and also James Really yourselves focus. Excuse me. It's whiskey in the jar. WE GO WIN A. Tight Fit Anyway Yeah. We're talking about metallica talking about the because we're rock candy podcast. I'm Ashley. and. We're giving you a sweet treat of a story this week. Yeah, despite this spicy times. We thought it was still appropriate. Oh, I don't even spicy anymore. Let's leave literally on fire. We've hit like actual just. Remember the word for it, but just the bad times. Yeah, like complete disillusionment disenfranchisement. Yes, only twenty. You know the fact that this is all still happening. And I don't think we want to talk too much about it. In the sense that were to white people were not gonNA. Sit around and tell you guys feel better than we're not gonNA. Sit around and talk about our feelings about it because our feelings don't fucking matter what matters is. We're telling this story and we're doing our fucking best. Yep, you try and help the people whose voices need to be heard. Yeah, so yes, we do that then. Let's tell the story of thin. lizzy Yes oh! Never mind. It's going to talk about beer. We don't have a beer. Another announcement. Quick before we started early quick, we didn't just talk about a beer 'cause. We decided not to do that anymore like we're still drinking. Yeah, don't worry about that and if. We're still going to highlight beers that we really care about. Be Thinker, really good or see actually are thematic. 'cause. We're not going to give it up entirely. It's just we're not gonNA. Bust are fucking acids. We don't really like to find a beer that we're not gonna like were don't really want to drink. It's a stretch at pets. That is a stretch at best fitting category exactly so if we find one that is clearly a reference to a musician we're talking about your will drink it otherwise. We just going to drink. Yeah, this week. I'm drinking rare form I'm drinking practically magic. When favorites I would say you know then lizzy could be practically imagined is true because that, too? Hot You also have another one called smoke on the pills, which is clearly a reference to smoke on the water. Yeah, by deep purple has nothing to do with this. They do one hundred percent. They do so it kind of works. The only purple, going to pop up. ooh, okay, yeah. I didn't know that I'm glad that you pointed that out. You be like. Why are you drinking to crawlers Maggie and I'm going to say because I didn't drink for a week. He didn't know it was crawlers well. Now you know. because. I didn't drink for a week. You're making up for last time, so shit's been crazily ironed. Now now that it's out of the way, let's let's talk about thin, lizzy. Let's do it then, lizzy. You was one of those bands that you couldn't take your eyes off of. There's a lot of reasons for that. The biggest of which was the dynamism of the band's lead, Singer and bassist Phil Line Fuck you bases. There's no question that he was the very first Black Irishman to achieve commercial success in the world of music. There's also no question that his extraordinary life ended tragically and way too soon. I don't like this. We really couldn't have picked a better band to talk about this week. Considering the media coverage as of late. George Floyd, Brianna Taylor Ahmad Aubrey, Tony mcdade, and so many more people of color became victims of white violence in the last couple of weeks, although fills eventual death was not directly at the hands of white people. It still was caused by an epidemic. That disproportionately affects far more people of color than white people, and that is drug abuse. Damn it. We can officially say day zero. No heroin heroin. Sorry okay calendars all right. Thin lizzy started in. Dublin I all Ireland in Nineteen, sixty nine, it was one of those bands that had a revolving door of guitarist, but Phil Lineup and Drummer Brian Downey were the pillars held the band up throughout its tenure. Brian was born in Dublin on January, twenty, seventh, nineteen, fifty one and grew up in the suburb of Kremlin. Okay, which sounds so Russian. It's probably pronounced, completely different Kremlin something like that. Kremlin. He was heavily influenced by jazz as a child. And when he started playing drums, that jazz influence could be easily distinguished. He grew up in a musical household with a father that played in an Irish pipe band. It was his father, that introduced him to jazz in his favorite rock bands, the rolling stones, the Kinks, and of course the Beatles of course of Co everyone everyone loved the Beatles. Vehicles Brian took his love of playing drums with him throughout school, joining various bands with his peers lake. The liffey beats liffey beats. I think that's how you say it, yeah. That sounds right. Yeah and MoD CONCAVE DWELLERS I don't know that sounds I'm looking some would call a band. Things were weird in the sixties in Dublin. I feel like I. Think things are still weird doppler. I'M GONNA. Say Yeah, things are still weird. That's what keeps Dublin interesting true. But once he met Phil, line at Everything Changed Phil had a much different, much more unconventional childhood than Brian. He was born Philip. Paris Line on August Twentieth Nineteen, forty, nine, in West, Bromwich England. His mother Philomena line. It was an eighteen year old white woman from Dublin Ireland's and his father's see so Paris was a black man from Guyana `wow! The Scuds Walter Cultural F. C Sola Philomina had met in Birmingham in Nineteen forty-nine, and we're only in a relationship for a few months. When seasonal was trans transferred to London for work shortly after his departure, philomena found out she was pregnant. Oh, she's pregnant. Yeah, an propaganda NANCE, no hope she takes any starch masks. Although. She was unmarried and did not continue a relationship with C., so she decided to keep the baby. Phil. That's her choice. Absolutely, it's her choice good for her. The thing about choice you can do whatever you want I know it's crazy. Filipina move to Manchester. When Phil was of school age and stayed there for several years, and for his part seesaw was fine with this arrangement, kept in touch with Philomina and pay child support throughout fills childhood Oh. This the most responsible. Lay set up I've ever heard I know GD Life Yeah. The most responsible fifties non-married relationship that ever existed. Yeah, like this is the gold star standard of unconventional child rearing. Yeah, exactly. All, right. Phil Entered School in the Mid Fifties attending a moss side school in Manchester, but since children are assholes sometimes. He experienced quite a bit of racism there Oh. Come on, right. Where was this again? They were still in England and should go back to his point. He was in Manchester Okay. So we're stilling. Yeah, Really Manchester. Yeah, Really Nice, yeah! Come on! fucking cuts. And children were not kind to the mixed race boy, so philomina sent him to Dublin to live with his grandparents, frank and Sarah because Dublin's through fucking shoes. It's at this point. It was at least the Manchester I guess. This move had good and bad results. For the first time. Phil had a father figure in his life in the form of his grandfather, but the absence of his real father had a significant effect on him, anyway, leading feelings of abandonment and worthlessness, and it would be. Something fills struggled with throughout his life so his dad basically. He would send money, but that was. He had nothing really to do. Yeah, and I think later in life his dad came back and found him and it really kind of spiraled him into this lake. Weird mental health kind of it was like a too little too late kind of situation. Right and at this point I've come to a place that I'm okay with and you. Coming back just blew that up. Yup, he's finding like guys. I did it. Sounds like hello son and he's like. Oh. Knocking therapists going to do heroin yet. Cut I! We have doing this for too long. Yeah, it is so predictable now. Same Old Shit guys, similar shit, different dealer. It also meant he didn't spend as much time with his mother, although she kept in touch with him, and the to continue to become closer as he grew up, Philomena was more of a sister or a friend him than a mother. She was so young she had to write. By all means, she was a cool mom, though. She's not like regular regular MOM's. She's a cool mom. You need some condoms you keep. You keep you up, so he's got a rat dad McCall mom I. Guess She an Absent Dad in a cool mom, okay? Almost almost as bad. Supposedly she even introduced him to drugs rolling up his first joint for him at age thirteen. Maybe not maybe tone to. Cool, but also I'm not going to begrudge her anything because like it's not like she was here. Here's all the street drugs she was just like Nah. Here's some weed weeds. Fine, she. Probably you know. What though I still look at the same I look at alcohol. And I wouldn't give a thirteen year old booze. No, like if your kids like sixteen seventeen and you're like you're going to go out and do it anyway like I'd rather just do it here, not thirteen. Maybe wait a couple years. If you can drive a car, you can smoke joint. Yeah, that's of that would be my. Two at the same time so why? We're not parents yet. Because I would like, that would be the house role. If you can drive a car, you can smoke a joint. You get your license. You can have a joint. Not at the same time at nowhere near each never beer and a joint, but that's only one of each. Time one nine at the same time. You can't drive while you're doing those things. This is why we're not. Paren- all my God I've made so many weird rules myself. Oh anyway. By the time Phil was a young teenager she had bought the Clifton Grange Hotel with her longtime partner Dennis Keeley in Manchester. Oh, I should say Filipino was a pretty extraordinary woman. She was playing first of all her name's Philomina Yeah, which is a boozy ass name. Yeah, but I mean. Her family was in boozy. She was just extremely progressive. For her time. Okay, she was really like. You know racial equality really gender equality everything like that and really. After Phil passed away, she really liked took the reins to keep his memory alive. Oh so good for her. She was great. But this hotel would become a legendary. Hang out for touring rock bands and a hot spot for Raucous parties and debauchery who who it was often the only hotel in the city that would host bad reputation bands like sex pistols. Oh, and they were. They loved her, so they didn't fuck around. You know yeah, if you can make a reputation for yourself as being the cool place, but so cool that you don't want it to get shutdown. Yeah, YOU'RE GONNA. Treat it good exactly because if that's the only hotel in Manchester. That's going to host you. Better be nice. It's called. Don't shit where you eat. Yeah, don't. On his visits to Manchester, as a young teen, this had to be pretty influential on Phil, also influential to him was his uncle's record collection. Always as always is always your weird uncles record collection. His uncle was listening to blues, rock bands like the yardbirds, and the WHO but also had a lot of motown records for good measure, and these sounds came became ingrained in fills DNA. It was this mix of Blues Rock and soul that would become the basis of thin lizzy sound. Yeah, one one hundred percent. By all means Phil was a pretty nerdy kid. He loved comic books and gravitated towards the lone wolf characters in a way he saw himself in these heroes, a solitary man against the world, making his own way in life. He was alone black boy in. Dublin set apart from everyone else because of the color of his skin, although he didn't face a whole lot of racism in Ireland. I would say he faced the quote unquote, well meaning racism like camera in the sixty more of racism out of ignorance, not out of Hey, yeah, like people like can I touch your hair. Yes, 'cause they're like. ooh, this alien black boy I've never seen one before. Yeah and not to justify it, but it's. Definitely like did not realize at the time. Yeah, how fucking bad that? That's definitely a much more recent. I guess discovery for White People Yeah that that is damaging. Yeah, like finally people. Can you stop and we're like oh? We're assholes. Wow, some of us are yeah I. Mean I've never done it, but you know what I mean yeah. But. He sounds like a really cool kid. I would have loved to hang out with. And like he still felt different because he looked different. Eventually, he grew to accept and appreciate his otherness, but it still meet him feel alone. Yeah, and one thing that made him feel a little less alone was diving into Celtic history and fantasy. Although he was born in England, he considered himself an Irishman through and through, and no one could argue otherwise set. He took pride in his Irish roots and often incorporated Celtic legends into his lyrics. It was lyric writing that first CCUPIED fills time along with singing. He went to play an instrument until much later. Oh, instead he fancied himself a front man, but he had a lot of work to do when it came to stage presence, despite the fact that he idolize comic Book Macho, men and Celtic heroes. He just didn't have as much confidence as they did. WHO DOES I don't know? I mean I didn't lose uncle pen. So how can I be Spiderman? Yeah I don't know I. Don't have any. Bone, so how can I be Wolverine? I don't have come webs coming out of my hands. So how can I be Spiderman? It works right. That's comic books comic books. It's just come webs. Come with. Yeah, yeah! Speaking of come webs I I was like she's. This is where we're going with this. 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Well either way Phil landed his first Gig. In nineteen, sixty, three at age, sixteen, as frontman in a band called the Black Eagles. Oh, it was in this group. That film Brian would. I play together starting in nineteen, sixty five when Brian quit. The liffey beats enjoined Black Eagles. Fuck these liffey beats. Don't the Black Eagles done with this more like lousy beats. Beats Lousy but you're the drummer and he's like fuck you believe in. KICKED OVER A. Guitar Stand Very Natty here. Back. Your fault. I feel like this is just like a continuation of Jack. Black in school of rock. Somehow. Believable read between the lines. The boys knew each other from school already but Brian was busy with his various bands while Phil was still daydreaming of being of fronting a band. This is also when Phil started dabbling in harder drugs than we'd Goddamn his former bandmates. Remember him taking what was basically speed, which helped him feel more comfortable on stage, but isn't that the way that's always what it is if somebody's like I, need speeds or gives me the high energy that I need able to perform on stage. Yeah, and it's usually the next thing especially back in the sixties and seventies after we'd people like. I need something a little because we'd slows you down. But speed. Speed up. Oh, I wasn't trying to do that I. Just realized I was doing I guess he hadn't. He hadn't learned the fleetwood MAC method yet. He did not have coke and Cognac. Yeah, no, not yet. The band only lasted a couple of years until things fell apart in nineteen, sixty, seven fillon Brian went their separate ways Brian to drum for a local band called sugar shack and fill to front skid row, not that skid row I was like what this was an Irish band put together by brush shiels, and also included guitarist Gary Moore who we will see again later. Okay, see you soon Gary Yeah. Skid row did pretty pretty decently shows around Dublin with a repertoire that included Jimi Hendrix and Beatles covers along with some originals. Phil spent his time in the band. Working on his frontman skills, he engaged audience more and even performed mock fights with brush on stage. But it would be a long time before he grew the confidence. You see later in thin, lizzy. You know what's going to give you confidence. Getting your ass kicked on stage. A guy named brush. With a brush in bt with A. Purchase being with with brush dust you off. Dozens his hair dust the floor in front of him. So you have a nice fighting area. Yeah, but the brush with the brush. It was during this time with skid row that Phil became a father for the first time what his girlfriend's father was a military man, and having a child out of wedlock was absolutely not possible. The couple were therefore forced to give the child up for adoption in nineteen sixty eight. It wasn't until twenty ten decades after fills untimely death. That Philomina acknowledge that Madeira. Lamb is indeed Phil's son Wow. I did forget. Yes, this is very Catholic, Ireland. You can't get an abortion, but you also can't keep your baby and then, but I want to keep the baby, and they're like well too fucking bad well. You guys want to get married. No Gay Whoa kids out of here. Your attitude kid yeah. Good fucking luck. As fee would have it. Brian and Phil found themselves together again after things didn't work out in their respective bands getting the band back together, sugar shack folded and skid row kicked fill out after a televised performance went wrong. No brush was already growing concern with Phil's tendency to sing off key, and by the time foe came back after tonsil surgery brush taken over the singing duties. Oh, no, Russia such an asshole! These modified brush with he was really pissed. Either way fill in brush stayed friends, and as a consolation prize Brush Phil how to play Bass Oh. He was still mastering his base skills when he and Bryant teamed up to form a new band called orphanage up so phil gets kicked out of bed, but then you have lashes like a every bad so I'm gonNA. Make you do more work. I'm going to teach you base teach. Yeah, and it's like we really pace. Yeah, I'M NOT GONNA get any of the ladies with base. Probably, not well here you go well. That's what you gotta work on. You need something. It's the base. We don't have enough bass. Players fill a right likely playing guitarists plenty of lead singers. We got this one drummer and he's really good, so just fucking play Bass. You just learn the fucking base. Just pluck a couple strings. Damn it, yeah. So they started another band called orphanage, Brian was on drums naturally and Phil took frontman duties and occasionally played rhythm guitar. In the meantime to Irish musicians named Eric Bell in Eric Wickson the Air Ix Eric's. We're searching for a new band. Put together after they left the band them, which was the band van? Morrison was in before going Solo. Oh, I do not know that. After seeing an orphanage show an evening. They were so impressed with Brian and slightly less so with Phil all fill the asked the to to start a band. Yeah, Phil was still having some stagefright issues Mike at this point. Like how long has it been? No, it's been a while, but like he's Ryan. They're getting real stained with it, yeah! But they're God smacking it. He's trying to. This is not Papa Roach in it Oh boy hoof, no sobriety. Phil did join a band with the Eric's but they had conditions. I they wanted Phil to sing and play Bass. fucking really guy come on why they also wanted to perform some of Phil's original songs, okay, he played some of them for Eric Bell he was so impressed that he emphatically said yes. All right there we go. He's gotTA. Tell and got it all right. Thus the band was formed, but they still needed a name. On February Eighteenth nineteen seventy, the band officially announced their name thin lizzy. They got the name from comet called the Dandy that had a robot character named Tin Lizzy Own, which is also the nickname for Ford model, T car. Okay, the reason they became thin. lizzy instead of Tin Lizzy was because they were taking the piss out of Dubliners. Who would pronounce their teaches at as ts? So if you're a dubliner and you're saying their name, you're still saying ten lizzy. Instead of saying three say tree yeah yeah. It's Oh. I know it. Don't don't I fucking know it. Been Ireland. Plenty of times spent plenty of time there and sometimes. When you go somewhere that you've been awhile, you pick up the dialects kind of fall back into it, and you start to pick up the the few little things like shirts grand. Who's your man there and you know it's? It's half four and that's if I've been there for a real long time. Like at three thirty buck I like when they say thirty three Turkish three. Wait, trees are time yeah. When I first got there the first time I was very confused. Yeah, true. Three. They told Time with trees. Yeah, but you know what. That's why Americans need to travel more. Yeah like that's not why but I would just like to throw it out there little PSA. fucking instead, send your kid college right away thrown in Europe for like among them to experience other cultures. 'cause like that's real fucking important. Yeah, it is God I learned a lot. The band played their first show on a Friday. The thirteenth in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy at a school hall in Dublin. Although their first manager recalls the ban, not being very nervous. Before the show, subsequent shows proved just how much fill suffered from stage fright. Oh, his nervousness prevented him from saying anything intelligible to the audience, fumbling words, and eventually evolved into just awkward, mumbling all their manager even had to write rehearse lines for him to say to the crowds. Has Really really bad. People didn't realize that Phil was like the leader of thin. lizzy. They thought it was Eric Bell because every time they would play. He would just kind of like shuffle off to the side and Eric do his thing. If. I'm Lucky Eric's just GONNA do this for A. Drink. And play the bass lease, a little sort little coke and everything will be fine. Yeah I mean to snort a little coke. Won't that help your your a little bit there? Yeah, because Dutch courage helped a lot as did copious amounts of drugs, such courage drinking. That's you know liquid courage I'd never heard. It referred to as Dutch courage yet Dutch courage is another word for lots of drunken. I never knew that I. Don't know where that came from, but yeah, that's what it's called. I learned something to Daria. Go that you'll learn things every day when you're talking about alcoholics. As Phil Stage presence got better. His drug habit got worse. The drugs may have been the only reason he was able to. Even beyond stage sounds legit, yeah. Thin lizzy self titled Debut. Album was released on April thirtieth nineteen, seventy-one by now they were signed to Decca records and Eric Ricksen had left the band to rejoin them capital T. Van has a great deal for me. I gotta go back to them. Oh. I I think van had left by now. Van Laugh. So the them is going to do so much better now. You tried. The album didn't do particularly well in the same went for their. Follow up, EP still DECA stuck with them and finance the release of their second album shades of blue orphanage. ooh! Critics weren't too kind to this album either claiming it sounded disjointed, which made sense because the ban was on pretty shaky ground at the time, their albums were busts, and Phil flirted with the idea of leaving to start a band with deep purples Ritchie Blackmore, and Ian Paice and there's deep purple which. Happens. That would have been an interesting Combo. Yes, he was really good friends with Ritchie Blackmore, oh, and like collaborated with him on random shit throughout. It's Ironic, then that in nineteen seventy two, the ban was asked to record an album of deep purple covers. They did so under the name Funky junction. Band. Ban that existed only for that recording. Okay, they didn't merely because they needed the money. Since music wasn't raking in the big bucks yet. That's legit. Yeah. They're looked changed at the end of Nineteen seventy-two when they landed a gig opening for the band, slade. If you don't know who slade. Sounds so familiar because slade is a very big influence on Devin, Townsend Oh. So you don't know who's. Slade is first of all big influence on Devin. Townsend, so that can give you a bit number one. Yeah, using why actually likes them? I don't really know slayed very well. Yeah please take a minute to do a google image search before continuing because wow, now I have so many questions about the way. This band looks yeah. The outfits alone. Let alone the haircuts in the really surprise hair. And he committed. He really never gave up on it. He never saw a bang that he didn't chop right off like banks. I don't know what to do with these are better. Off and it's like you could just let it grow. Up Shopping off. I don't know if they're British I just decided. They are British yes, there oh good. Feels like a weird Python skit at that point too, and I thought the same thing. I'm like the kind of look like the directly influence. Monty python like this is spinal tap. Maybe it's probably. have taken some influence from Yeah I. Don't know but Tim. lizzy definitely took influence from them in the ten lizzy thin. Lizzy took influence from them. especially when it came to the one guy that wore the top hat with the mirrors on it. These. Steam punk I don't know. Something was. But Phil really like the mirrors on his hat, so then fill put mirrors on his base. Oh, well that ended up being like his style for you blind the audience. Yes, cool great people love it everybody. The issue of the crowd wild did really all of those screens were actually. There is searing out of their skulls away. They thought it was really great, and the crowd really dug it. You hear all the screams today. I think they don't like the mirrors on your face now. That's not it. Goes Phil setting the place on fire with his mirrors again. It's fine. We'll pay for it. We're going to release. The boys are back in town and basically live off one. Yeah. Slade was at the top of their success at this point so thin lizzy opening for them was going to get them a lot of exposure. WHO THE FUCK IS SLAIN! Slade is one of those things that was really popular in Europe in England and we never heard about the way ever okay I'm like yeah, thin. lizzy. That's going to get them exposure. Who the fuck is slave? However I do believe slade was the original they originally did. Come unfilled the noise all that was now and then quiet riot. Covered okay. So Decca then decided to release the band's cover of a traditional Irish song called whiskey in the Jar Oh. Excuse me whiskey in the Giro. Thank you, James Field. These days. It's one of thin. lizzy is most popular recognizable songs. However at the time, the ban was pissed that decade even released it. They all hell. It didn't represent their sound at all. The sound was fine, but I could see out. Maybe they were like. Oh. We don't want to release the silly little traditional own. Yeah, but at the same time it kind of does have all of the elements of a classic thin Lizzy Song. Yeah it's Celtic for starters it has instances of the twin guitar harmonies that they became known for It's all about twinned guitar. Harmonies on that are fucking area. It's not even like the best song that they have has. But still like it has already example it's. It's a great example of a thin Lizzy Song I. Get it. It's like Kinda. Downtown bullets, not raucous or whatever, but they don't want that to be. Their single got to be with her eight. They don't. Creep I'm sorry from now on I will refer to a single the people like it's not really what I want to be. By radiohead. It's their radio. Heads Creed Yeah. Definitely originally PLU. That's song about the JAR whiskey boy. How the fucking whiskey in the jar son. It's better than a hair. The dogs version of it. I've never heard of. HEARD IT I don't know her. You. Hear the dog. Yes, okay. Yeah, no, they do! They do version of an. It's very traditional Blah but also like. I just don't like hair of the dog. ME I'm not gonNA fight you on that I get it. They're Irish, and everything but I just don't like them. Yeah, it's just a little too corny for me. Yeah if you take Celtic music and you go corny with hands. Paying Mahjong, doing it a bit serious more serious with the right amount of fun. Yeah, yeah, you can fucked it up, but they couldn't be mad for long because the song blew up, it reached number six in the UK and got them in appearance on top of the pulse. Our favorite top of the poll till the books myths, but once again their follow up album vagabonds of the Western world, which is probably one of the best album names I've ever heard in my life. Couldn't continue the momentum like their previous. It got a lot of airplane Ireland, but just couldn't make a splash anywhere else. even in England. Okay in England, but. Ireland was like their their bread and butter. Yeah. That carry gold butter. Man I miss I Miss Gluten. A, lot fall, don't talk about bread. There is a lot of frustration floating around at that time Eric Bell quit the band after a show in on New Year's Eve in one thousand, nine, hundred ninety three right in the middle of a tour Goddamn, and Eric, the Phil's friend and former skid row bandmate Gary Moore swooped in to finish the tour. Good job carry, but stayed with the band until nineteen th until April nineteen, seventy four after they had recorded their next album nightlife God damnit Gary Gary. Nightlife went the way of the rest of their albums, but honestly this album is pretty fucking tight and highly underrated. Yeah, this is a really good album. We get much deeper emotions from fills lyrics here. And some of the songs explore his childhood, his relationship with his mother, and his coming to terms with his blackness. There's an exploration of his roots in here that some criticize in a shut up and saying kind of way, those completely unjustified, but now should be celebrated. Oh, one hundred percent and. There's one song on the album. I think it's like still loving you still in love with you still in love with you. Thank you and I don't know who's singing with him awake. The do they do some good shit? Yeah, I'm definitely in other guy on that track, and they're singing and it's. That's a really beautiful song. Yeah, it's really well done I will. Circle back around to that Song Oh oh no! By the time. By the time, Nightlife was finished thin, lizzy had cycled through a few guitarists and settled on Brian Robertson and Scott. Gorham so now you've got to Brian's. Now there's to Brian's instead of to Eric, there's no. Eric's, but to Brian Eric's gone enter to Brian's to Ryan's into the ring to Eric's leave to right center. Brian had temper Brian. Downey had temporarily quit. Also all hang having been fed up with the music industry and the band cut soldier. He rejoined just in time to see nightlife. Go absolutely nowhere. Oh! Things started to change for thin lizzy in nineteen, seventy five after a high profile tour of the US opening for Bob. Seger and bachman-turner overdrive, who were riding high on the success of their song. You Ain't seen nothing yet. Had Been in any way unseen in thin yet, thank you. Just come out before. Every performance guys is our friends ten. lizzy and he ain't seen. Yet. They're like you're not just sing the song as guys I have a stutter. Fuck you know like Oh. We're real. Sorry, many sorry. Their next album fighting was released later that year, and finally a thin lizzy album gained some ground in the UK album charts, because fighting is a fucking great album and. The Song Fighting Oh, yeah, yeah, is coca it is. That's a fucking giant. Fighting. Like I'm fighting when they hear it. This was the album that thin. lizzy finally figured out there sound. UPTEMPO rock songs that highlighted twin guitar is mixed with Phil's poetic storytelling. In his lyric. They had another great tour opening for status quo, then immediately went into the studio to record their next album jailbreak, because it's the seventies and we can't stop. Can't style south album every year? Maybe two? Could be three if you really ambitious just like Spiderman with them come webs, going and going astern, another chance stop won't stop. feel the noise. Come on my spinner weds. Okay! Goodnight everybody. Though their tours were successful in the band was Kinda, coasting on moderate UK success their label at the time. Vertigo records was on their last straw with the bands. But they're doing well. Yeah, well just started doing kinda shake thin, lizzy, one more chance to deliver in the band finally did. Jailbreak was a fitting title as this was his breakout album. Did their those they were already decently known in the UK and had had two or three successful your US tours. They haven't had any popular singles charting albums there yet. That'll change when the song the boys are back in town was released, didn't it though? Yeah it did DAN INARA new donating. Now you have it in your head I've had a head all night. The boys back own. The song cracked the top twenty in the US thanks mostly to Dj's in Louisville Kentucky who played the shit out of the song until other stations started picking up on it because you're a fucking good, the song is. fucking song actually being hey, y'all here. How good this song is! If a real fucking jam isn't. y'All come back now. To K. W.. K Rock signing off going to show these. Sorry guys showed uses awful I got food poisoning show Miss. It was pretty bad. KNOCK KNOCKER! Civil excited for tape because we didn't know it existed. We thought it was just something. Rick and morty made it wasn't. It's real. Arable. They're awful. beat up Outta at shoney's basically just southern Denny's. Yeah which yeah, it's. Not Competent there was no Grand Slam. No Grand Slam. There was no grand slam on the menu, but you were doing a grand slam in the toilet later that night mostly with puking. Yeah well. It's not a grand slam. A grand who'll? Anyway let's keep. Okay this song's popularity was a complete surprise to the band who didn't even want to put the song on the album to begin with, so is their creep then. No No whiskey in the jar is definitely there cre-. Okay because they were fine with boys are back in town. They just weren't initially going to put it on the album oak, which is usually how it happens with breakout hits. Like, they don't think that's GONNA. Be The head right? Think no one's GonNa fucking like this song, and then everyone loves this fucking saw because they highly overestimate their audiences every time. Thank you. The album and compass everything thin. lizzy was about dipping into lyrical wells that Phil. Love so much cowboy. Song told the story of a lone cowboy wandering around the US painting, a romantic scene of a lonely man searching for Love Emerald is clearly about Ireland. And its battle, rich history and warriors was about the pitfalls of being rockstar addicted to drugs. Oh, this is the system. Do cuts here. Phil new firsthand what it was like being one of those junkie rockers by now he had a full blown heroin addiction compounded by coke and alcohol addictions. Addictions, did the heroin just kinda come along as another way to deal with having to be on stage? Yeah, it was pretty much one of those. I'M GONNA. Just get as high as I can without killing myself and then go on stage because I. Think Heroin gave him the confidence to be a different person on stage. It gave him the confidence to like be the macho man. The Macho Front. Man and you know the entertainer that he always wanted to be. I guess I don't know I. Always look a heroin. Is such a like? A spacey drug that I I always wonder how people have any grasp on reality when their high on heroin I think it depends on who is taking it. And what their intentions of taking it are you? Are you in Jackson? The needle asks was intended. Because you'd like me to help you perform on stage. Are you here because you want to take a napping? And you also want to dream of cats with twenty heads. Yes, which one is it? And I will help you with realize that dream but I mean heroin definitely helps. People become somebody else. Yeah, and maybe he wanted that Macho Dude. That's eight. The Times you're supposed to be Macho and be. Found that father figure, and and there was also just the rock and roll culture of course. Has that time like it was around? So why not do it? and. If it helps, you get on stage and do what you WanNa, do then you know all the better? Yeah, so? Yeah. He had his heroin addiction, coke and alcohol addictions, and this landed him in the hospital in June, nineteen, seventy six after contracting hepatitis from using a dirty need all. Oh I mean taking heroin is an safe, no or smarts, so. And he wasn't doing it smartly either. He was using dirty needles. Yeah, because I also feel like back then. We didn't like understand. Yeah, the correlation, yeah, dirty needles and Hep C.. Yeah, like maybe if somebody shoves that needle into their vein, you shouldn't just rip it out of their hands and shove it into. Your vein might not want to do that kind of gross. Yeah, so histon in the hospital end up ended up costing the band tour opening for Rainbow. which whatever. I'm just kidding. Well Rainbow at that point at that point was he was? Ritchie blackmore and Ronnie James Dio. Oh, I know. I! was just trying to make them feel better, actually K. like. Rainbow guys. It's fine. You guys are being green bow, who bounce right back. It's like a rainbow in the dark. My cat, it all makes sense. He spent a couple months in a Manchester hotel, recovering mid nineteen, seventy six. The downtime allowed Phil to write most of the songs that would appear on thin lizzy next album, johnny the Fox. After this release from the hospital, the ban went into the studio with John, alcock. Also produced jailbreak. Can't go home soda. Guys. Tension between the band members was rampant during the recording sessions, especially between Phil and Guitarist Brian Robertson Ryan come on other Brian Jesus everyone argued about the direction of the band and other Brian in particular was miffed when he wasn't credited with Co writing some songs. Okay, which is understandable legit the tension didn't stop there hard partying ways, however, if anything, it made it worse, Oh yeah like if you have to hang out with somebody that you're having beef with you know what's going to make that easier dog soon. After finding massive success around the world with jailbreak, Phil became a well-known hard partying rockstar. He could out party out. Drink out drug in out. Woman is anyone Oh, it was all downhill. Fell come on. For you, we were all rooting for you I. We have never talked to a guy like. Right like I, really was like all right. He's got the drugs, but he treated women. Great raw crap God. Damn it! His sexual exploits were well documented even when he was in relationships whether it was drugs, alcohol, or just his personality, he was extremely possessive of his girlfriend's. Even as he fucked his way around the world while they waited for him at home. I can't with that Shit Yeah. Fuck Yourself. He even got married in nineteen eighty. Two the mother of two children okay and continued to just fuck around on her, but it's fine because I'm a rock Straw. Is it though I? Don't think it is not. As long as if it's not an agreement between the of you that that is okay, right? It's not okay. Here's the thing if you're going to say I get to cheat then that person gets the she to. Like then you just have an open relationship. Yes, as should don't work, if only WANNA use gets to have your knickers in a twist. Nickerson a twisty. twisty. She got with steed, my knickers Ron. Glad the other night. Show angry. She's getting her knickers into twisty. Anyway So. Yeah Gail Barber Phil's girlfriend around this time and subject of the song still in love with you. Oh recalled basically being stalked by Phil's friends while he was away on tour so that he could keep tabs on what she was doing while he continuously cheated on her with various women. Phil come on Phil. I feel like if we just sat in a room with Phil for a couple of hours and try to explain to him why this is an okay. Maybe he would have gotten. Well I think he'd be more concerned about the fact that he doesn't have heroin or drugs of any kind. Can I get some heroin? No fill, no, you need. I can't listen unless I was just sweating and. Like maybe this isn't the best time to do this. We're GONNA. Leave you see here, yeah! Come back when you're better. Things came to a head in December nine, hundred, seventy six. When yet another us. Tour had to be canceled after Brian. Robertson broke his hand in a bar fight. Phil Woods pissed off and replaced Robertson on their next tour opening for Queen asking former guitarist Gary. Moore to fill in. As Drummer Guitarist Oh, although the Ryan other Brian Oh fuck other Brian Yeah. I'm already done with. I'm sorry. Laughed Robertson was never really fired. Put not asked back until halfway through recording the band's next album, bad reputation in nineteen seventy seven Even still he was treated as a guest on the album, not a full member of Kim musician right? Basically, that's basically what he was treated like. There was still tension between him and Phil even with the other band members as he wouldn't even socialize with them when he got into the studio. The album, which was produced by Tony Visconti. Collaborator of David Bowie was released in September nineteen seventy seven, but it's obvious from the cover image. That Brian Robertson still wasn't welcome. The cover featured a black and white photo of the band as a three piece sands, Robertson, who? Was Tony Scotti okay with this though. Tony Cannoli Visconti is no meets in the. Does. It wasn't the cover. The band originally wind either their usual covers were drawings created by artist Jim Fitzpatrick But in a hilarious mishap, Phil flew to the US to discuss the artwork at his at Jim's home in Madison, Connecticut but Phil instead flew to Madison Wisconsin. How you fuck that up I don't know Jackie. O No I, do know. Drugs, drugs drugs also. I you know what I'd probably the same way with I used to confuse Newcastle England was Newcastle Australia. They're very different places period. You know what I'm GonNa let that slide a drugs but be. Why are there two Madison's? They're probably looking at like because Ireland's just such a small country. They're like why the fuck are to Madison's. No this was in Madison. These are Madison No, no, no, but like. Irish person is like why. Why are there multiple Madison Yeah Okay that's. TR- trying to get Philip Pass here. That's all I'm saying I'm trying to give a pass. You know what drugs it's true. Drugs guys their minus drugs. With the deadline looming, they quickly grabbed an old photo and slapped it on the cover instead. And the album did really well reaching number four on the UK charts, and it spawned the hit. A hit with the song dancing in the moonlight. which is Jay Parentheses. It's caught me in its spotlight. They wanted to continue the success. They found working with Tony, Visconti, but since he wasn't available for a full album recording, he helped the band put together a quote, unquote live album. Oh i. put the word live in quotes because there's controversy about how live, the album actually is while the album live in dangerous features, songs played in front of a live audience, a lot of the songs were re dubbed in the studio to make them sound better. Okay Visconti says that seventy five percent of the songs were studio recordings with only the drums and audience being live. Oh, but the ban maintains that seventy five percent of songs were in D. Live with only some over dubbing here and there to clean up the sound. so. When you get a whole bunch of drug addicts into a studio together to record a sorta live album, whose memory are you supposed to trust? Probably the guy who's not high on drugs. There isn't one that's not high at all my God. That's the one you don't try interest anybody the truth somewhere in the middle I'm GonNa say somewhere like fifty fifty. Okay, yeah. Either way live and dangerous was a hit reaching number two on the UK charts with only the grease movie soundtrack, preventing it from hitting number one which fuck you really. See actual worst, it is reasonable, geared horrible races. The worst mass is the worst is now I is. Sucking worst no seriously fucking hate that movie. Hate the FUCKING MUSIC I hey! Hey and every single person on it. Yeah, pretty sure it needs to just burn. And just never show up. I'm telling you to people who were in Greece that. I like WHO I. Rizzo and resolves cool in the beauty school dropout. Frenchie Frenchie Allegra. Zone French, that's it. I liked Frenchie. She was one of the few that I liked. Yeah and then. Getting bits and pieces of it later in my life I'm like Nah Frenchies fucking annoying, okay as you can tell, Greece pisses us off and I'm really mad that they beat out Tin Lizzy. Yeah, sorry, not sorry, but I'm sorry. Greece can blow it. Considered one of the best live albums ever made. But it all fell by the wayside. Though is fills drug problem continued to get worse. Dammit Tony Visconti try to talk to fill about it as even Tony. Who is a massive drug addict? Too, was concerned. When you? When a massive drug addicts in your life are concerned about your drug taking me. Maybe you should listen to them choices. Fills. Response was basically I've been doing this since. I was a kid, so I can handle it. After that Tony refused to work with van ever again. Tony V.'s druggy. Tony Tony Tony problems between Phil and other Brian finally came to a head, Gary Moore once again swooped in to save the day permanently, replacing other Brian when he left the band for good in mid Nineteen, seventy eight. Got It was a turning point for the band. This was nineteen, seventy eight punk was taking over replacing old man rock and roll the sex pistols were taking the UK by Storm, and people were starting to view blues infused rock bands as Old News and Phil was acutely aware of this shift, and didn't want to be shoved aside, so he made a calculated decision to get in with the punk scene. Scene before they could shove him out of the way interesting. So, how did he do this? How did he do this drugs oh? Yeah, if there is one commonality between rock bands and punk bands, it was drugs Phil became good friends with SID vicious Steve. Jones and Paul Cook of the sex pistols. Oh, he also became close friends with Bob Geldof who, at this time was leading the boomtown rats. Some members of the three bands even started a side project called the greedy bastards. Solidifying fills cred in the realm of punk. Okay, 'cause. They're probably like this GRANDPA's pretty cool. Even though he's like I'm thirty, and they're like thanks GRANDPA even seventy eight. He was like twenty eight. Twenty Nine Twenty, eight, twenty nine, because he was born forty nine like twenty nine ish. He's not even thirty and they're like this GRANDPA. Thanks GRANDPA. Who grants could you imagine when you were twenty nine someone calling you grandma, but weren't the sex pistols around the same age ish. Yeah, but I feel like they would call him GRANDPA probably. Thinks GRANDPA told this. has all of the heroine contacts so shut the fuck up GRANDPA heroin. Thank you. But. This dabbling in punked did nothing to quell fills drug use during the recording. I feel like it. Pry Make It whirl. Yeah okay. Because now, we had friends to do heroin. I mean he still did heroin with some of his bandmates. We now have more friends do it with so many friends to heroin with now during the recording of thin lizzy next album black rose a rock legend drugs were where fill in the band were so reliant on it that they could not even perform if they weren't fucked up. That's what I'm saying like. Eventually with heroin, it comes back and bites you in the ASS. Yeah, you become that. Alter Ego that heroin house you to exude. You don't actually know what's going on our either at all. Yeah, no! It was all too much for Gary Moore, who, after playing a show in California on the fourth of July quit the band for good too many fireworks. It's spooked him about. It's like a little puppy calling like fireworks and behind the bed. They found him in the bathtub and he's also so strung out on heroin. Mostly blaming the hair on that I don't know if Gary Moore did heroin, but I'm sure he at least drank a fuck ton, yeah! He's fucked up enough. Yeah, once again. The band cycled through temporary guitarist to fill Gary's place finally settling on snowy white. In one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty. Okay! Sure sure why not? The band's next album Chinatown was released later that year to continued success. They're song killer on the loose reached the top ten in the UK, although it was met with a whole lot of criticism at the time serial killer Peter. sutcliffe known as the Yorkshire ripper. Wreaking havoc on England and the song was a bit too on the nose. Upset this was when the band started falling apart. This is when the band survival this is when. This is when even fill started falling apart. God escalating drug problems were ravaging the band especially. Fill both Brian Downey and Scott Gorham had to leave thin. Lizzy European tour because of health issues brought on by drug use Jeez snowy white left in nineteen, eighty-two fed up with Phil's constant reliance on heroin. The band even lost their manager to fed up with their bullshit reeling them in despite all this, they pulled their shit together enough to record another album, thunder and lightning, which would be their last studio album. They embarked on their last tour in nineteen, ninety three though Phil was adamant that it wouldn't be their last, but Scott for his part was over it. All part of that was because of a difficult tour in Japan where the heroin addicted band members couldn't get their hands on it. Playing shows was complete. Hell if you were suffering from withdrawal. Yeah Oh God. Yeah, if you go to a country, you haven't been to before. You don't have those contacts that can get you heroin and honestly Japan is one of those countries that is so anti-drug. Yeah, very difficult to get drugs especially without having a connect yen, Japan is that country that bands of this era that are really into drugs have a really hard time going to always have shit tour there because they don't have contacts and can't get their drugs right because. Because everything is I I WANNA say a lot of it's connected through the ACCUSA, and that's why it's so taboo, and it's also illegal. I mean like pugh like life sentences for that Shit. I can imagine like Japan here about our drummer about drugs. Yeah, in Japan! Thin Lizzy, last concert ever was at the monsters of rock show on September, Fourth Nineteen, eighty-three, well shit fill immediately continued with his solo career, taking care to continue his heroin use as much as possible. Ex Thin lizzy band members played with Phil on his future Solo efforts in contributed to his new band grand, slam, which came out at the end of nineteen eighty-three Zely. He's playing for Denny's. Maybe the denny soundtrack maybe better than shoney's again Jeff. Album better than chatterly showed me. Dedicated to those two deejays in Louisville, Kentucky Who didn't give up on us. Thanks guys seeing skies. Grand. Slam toured extensively in audiences. Love them, but record labels did not want to bite because they were well aware of fills drug and alcohol. Abuse a lot of critics labeled the band, poor man's version of thin lizzy woes labels didn't see the value in signing them. That's fucked up. Yeah, but I think that it I get it, but also if they're getting the fan base, and why not? Fans of the money. Yeah, but again even within lizzy like they had the audience, but they didn't really have the sales so nineteen eighties. Everyone is about album sales. They WanNa make the money on the album. Album isn't going to sell immediately then. I can see why they wouldn't want to sign them. Yeah of consumerism ever became a thing. It would definitely have been in the eighties yeah never. You Right. Grand Slam broke up in nineteen. eighty-four and Phil continued to record music, collaborating with his old band, mates and friends, including Huey Lewis and the news. Oh, he was good friends with Huey Lewis for a long time. What? He's a good guy he is. He's wearing a guy that means he's officially a good guy. Because even heroin. Huey Lewis is like now. This is a no, no, yeah. This is love and I'm going to just say so. Nothing was ever officially released except for two singles. The first in the fields was a hit for fill in nineteen eighty-five, the second single was called nineteen, and was released towards the end of one, thousand, nine, hundred five. The success of nineteen. Fill the opportunity to be back in the spotlight. He performed the song on various television shows and gave a number of interviews where he expressed optimism about the future. This downtime was allowing him to spend more time with his family and take some deep dives into Celtic music which he seemed eager to do, but all the optimism in the world can't compete with drug abuse, and his optimism about a future with his family and music was just a dream by now Phil was living in queue outside of London himself. He long ago sent his wife Caroline who he married in one, thousand, nine, hundred eighty. And their two daughters to live in Ireland for the specific purpose of being able to cheat on her without her, knowing Oh although I'm sure she fucking oh no girl new yeah. The days of thin Lizzy, the biggest band in the UK were long behind him in his dependence on heroin was completely out of control. The years and years of drug and alcohol abuse up to him on Christmas, day one thousand, nine, hundred five, when he collapsed at his home near London. Philomena Phil's mother found him unconscious. She had no idea he even had a drug problem. Wow, I. Don't know how. He managed to keep that from her, but wow, yeah, but Phil's wife Caroline did know in quickly transported him to a drug clinic. The issue was too troublesome for the clinic to handle, so he was brought to a hospital where he was diagnosed with sepsis. Eleven days after he I collapsed on January fourth, nineteen, eighty six. Phil passed away from heart failure and Brought on by Sepsis Oh, my God he was only thirty six years old, and left behind two young daughters, Sarah, and Kathleen Oh my God. Yeah, that is a fucking horrible horrible way to go. That's so sad. That's how old we are. Yeah, so he would have passed away after all that time after everything he did after trying so hard within lizzy. And trying so hard after that to have a solo career in lake, just not having a go anywhere. He died basically by himself in his in his place in London, yeah, was he just in a coma? After that? Yeah, he was just unconscious. He like woke up from his coma wants to talk to his mom and then fell back into it. I mean at least. least you out to talk to her one more time. Yeah, still yeah, and since he has passed away the various other members of thin lizzy have come together time after time to like do tributes to him in play reunion shows and all that stuff. Philomina has also tried really hard to keep his memory alive, and fairly recently they put up a statue of fill in. Dublin, and she was there, too, for the dedication and everything. Oh Shit now I feel bad that I didn't search that out when I was in Dublin in August yeah. Now I know for the next time I. Go to look for that now. You know how that's. Damn. That's sad because i. feel like it's so unnecessary, and so it sucks that his heroin addiction happened at all. Let alone happened at a time when people were not as understanding of how bad it is, yeah and understanding of how it can totally devastate your life. Yeah, and honestly sex pistols kind of glamorized it. One hundred percent and I think. I'm sorry like a lot of the seventies and eighties. Artists Yeah made heroin cool because they didn't understand yeah and I think Phil had this. Just deep seated need to be accepted of course people Maybe it was because he was somewhat abandoned by both of his parents when he like a kid. Maybe it was because he was the only black boy that was growing up in his school in Dublin. Something like that, but he just had such a deep seated need for acceptance that I think heroin was so pervasive and so accepted in his circle of friends yet. He did it to be accepted I. think that's why he got in with. The punk is to. Heroin and access to heroin made him a friend and made him accepted. Yeah, he's punk is when he wasn't a punk guy at all like you said it gave him the courage, it gay him. This self esteem boost that I'm sure. If. You are treated like an outcast in your kid. When you get older, it's really hard to go up on stage and pretend like everyone's not looking at you. Judging harshly in that could have been part of stage fright to yeah, that's kind of what I'm wondering because it sounds like he's trying it for years and years without the link price weeds alcohol. Maybe some speed yet, but it didn't work. That the to have to go to heroin like you have some deep seated self esteem issues. It's he's. He did as as self assured and. Almost hockey as he was in real life I think. That was just a front for how he was really on the inside I. Think he always wanted to be? That's. Macho hero that the hero from the comic books or like you know the lone ranger in cowboy song. He always wanted to be the very quintessential dude, and that's probably why he was a womanizer to. Act of conquering was something that he really wanted an honestly back then. If you were a quote, unquote man's man like you. Woman Yeah, and it's disgusting and I'm really glad working out of that as well You Know I. Definitely think that there is a lot of yes a toxic masculinity. Yeah, and he had a lot of difference. Sh- lot of different things going on. That he was trying to fix with heroin and heroin was not the answer. Heroin ended up killing him in the end. Truthfully, yeah, just like it killed most people who start in the sixties and seventies with heroin, and they're like I can do this and it's like nick. Can't you can't though just because you've been doing this since you were sixteen? Doesn't mean you have control over it. It actually just means that it's head control over you for that long. Yeah, which is sad and it sucks and. Unfortunately. You never got to know what your life was like outside of that exactly so and it's interesting to just to know feeling outs. Feeling is an outsider. Yeah, kind of like back to our tricky episode where he didn't know where he belonged because he's from a black family, a white family right and you don't know where you belong, and it'd probably be even more so with someplace in Ireland where we are two ton of people of Color. Yeah, so it's hard to find where you really go, but that's shouldn't even really fucking matter. Shut it! It shouldn't like I'm saying this petition fucking matter like it's. Yes color is real in exists, but it should exist. Justin like I don't know an identifier. Not as like league, and not as a personality thing, not as A. Like it shouldn't make you a different person. Yeah, you know I. It just goes back like everything that's been going on recently. It's just. They never asked to come to any of our countries, guys. True systemic racism this shit's Pinho long time coming. Yeah, and also native Americans never asked for their land to be taken over pillaged, or their people raped no. Yeah Yeah here we are. Moral, stories sit down white people. fucked out if any. Heroin Yeah Yeah, can we not do that? We stopped with the heroin. Yeah, that'd be great i. mean we went for a long time without talking about it, but we are back at zero. We are back at zero. Did you heroin. Don't be a racist fuck. Yeah, that two guys. There's just so many lessons from here, but and obey classes, faulk and like just. God dammit I. Hate Everything and you know what. I hate everything right now, but also speak up for your fellow. POC's and donate to black led organizations and bail reform and black lives, matter and also let's eat the rich. Can we do that? The Red I am down for Good Ole just cannibalistic dinner I know I'm like on PESCA -Tarian nine. Bridges I eat some rich bitches though I break that ship ransom, rich tease fucking good, let's the classism the racism and sexism. Let's do it twenty twenty Hashtag. We over it though yeah. Thanks for listening to her story, guys shake enough with Jennifer Lopez. Guys like Jennifer Lopez. We've had enough you right though. Yeah, so we hope you guys like Susie. We hope you guys know more about the band, but a specifically fell. Who is then lizzy? Yeah, and ten lizzy and despite? His unfortunate heroin addiction. He deserves so much respect and. Everyone needs to keep putting him on fucking lists. Yeah, put put them on all the best ever Lis- ever he really doesn't get the respect now. He's an amazing lyricist. He's a great singer. He also released two books of poetry. By the way he is in actual poet. Yeah I should actually grab one of those. They're very good. His lyrics are amazingly poetic, and that's basically. His books of poetry are just tons and tons of lyrics they. He wrote over the years. You know what like to just make it. Shouldn't to fucking make him a person, but here we are. He was a nerd. He was an artist. Yeah, he was a musician like he a person who had like emotions and feelings. He's not different because the fucking color of skin and the great thing is that he certainly was not perfect. No, he wasn't, but he never said he was either. Yeah, yeah, I think. He knew full well that he was not a perfect person. I'd like to think that if he didn't do the drugs. Maybe he wouldn't have been a crazy possessive boyfriend. LET'S HOPE SO I! Mean as far as I know. He didn't hurt anybody he. Says he? He didn't hurt anybody. He was just stupidly possessive. also don't do that. Yeah, don't do that. Today no WanNa do that because you know, you can go to jail for shit like that. Sins, creepy you don't you don't do that, you want get pussy just just a nice person yeah. But yeah. That's that's the story. Spin. It's been a time, guys and just. Let's try to do our best to support our people of Color. To celebrate them and. Be there. Just help help. However they end to help. If you are a white person, yes, use your privilege as a way of speaking out against racism and educating your fellow white people on how they need to appropriately act. An appropriate thing to say because that is our job. Our job is like you said to tell your racist uncle. Hey, no, let's not cute. Yeah, and even your. You know well co worker who thinks it's okay to say you know low key racist Shit. It's not okay. It's not an and it's okay to just. And, this will brave and say you know what I don't think that's okay. Yeah, because at this point I'm totally fine with making awkward work situations. If it means that somebody realizes they need to shut the fuck up, yeah! Yeah I'm fine with that same. And if you don't like the fact that we are tying this into black lives matter too bad. Go right ahead and stop fucking listening to our podcast. You don't fucking want you here. Get the fuck cow yet. Get the fuck out. Shut your fucking mouth scoot. You're Outta here. 'cause I am not dealing with it anymore. I'm done. We're done. We are all done, but you know it just just be kind be good people. You know what I have, had it? Done I've heard that she's had it. Guys Losing Gentlemen Ashley Lsu has added you hear it first Ashley. Ellis has had it. Oh, thank you for listening. We do love you. We appreciate you. We hope that you guys are on the same levels us with just. You know they hope so every minus of and. Human being to hear you, it's all we want from. People is to be decent We're going to try to spend the week. You know mostly just celebrating artists of color and telling their stories even just like little snippets as we can. Because you know what it's just too many white people on our feed. Let's let's if we're if we're doing this. We gotTA. Talk about people other than white people and you know what as Lizzo said life's veteran color it is. I agree with that and you. I know that our network one hundred percent backs up. We are part of the Pantheon podcast network, and it's also filled with lovely wonderful humans who? Are also behind this movement and want to tell stories of every color of the music rainbow, so please go support our network. Yes, please and also if you feel like supporting us I'm not going to really try and Hawk it too hard. You can go to our Patriot on. If you want to. It's Patriot Dot Com. Slash Rock Candy podcast. We will definitely think our newest Patriot or newest patron chuck chuck. Thank you so much. Super Nice Dude. We've got stories rate stories I. Honestly like maybe Chuck should started putting task. Because you've got some stories, my really good, you might WanNa think about that out there for you. I mean if you WANNA. Give us, but you know honestly. It doesn't matter right now. It doesn't matter right now. Honestly you WANNA. Give to black lives, matter or bail organizations. I think that would be you. Know what it's January or not January it's June first with me and month in. It's a pride month, so it's we got a new cycle of patriots stuff coming our way, so maybe we should think about donating it this month. Yeah, you know what? I think that's a good idea, yeah! So, thank you guys for Tony for donating your money to our Patriot and we're probably going to donate it. Yeah, WE'RE GONNA DONATE IT TO ORGANIZATION I. Love and support, prime mix of pride and black lives matter If we can find some sort of Black Trans Organiz. lgbtq something like that lgbtq color. You know what honestly yeah you know what the next week or two? We'll take your guys, suggestions and what you know where we donate our Patriot on money to. If you know of any in particular, that would be a good idea. Yet ended our way. Yeah, let us know if you have any suggestions because we would love to just for trying to support her where we can. Yemeni were amounts are and maybe I'll even match it same. Got Got well. You know what? You guys go ahead, and maybe we'll do a poll if you give us some suggestions and will do a poll to figure out where we could match What Best Organization to donate. Yeah, I think that's a good idea. I like that we go thinking on my toes. Also with booze. How about that? No heroin? Just alcohol! Don't do alcohol either I don't know. Just don't just don't wait for. Stay a hero in guys. It anyway so. That's the number show. Okay? Yeah, come back in next week. Have more stories. You could times good laughs and until party. Ashley Horny on Maggie and Permian kids. And black lives matter. Around. Traveling. No The. Along. So!

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