Why Following Up is Essential in Business


The. Hey there I'm Eric Olsen. And I'm heaven days. Join us on our journey to building one hundred million dollars company. Hey, everybody. It's eric. I've said it before on this podcast. And I've certainly said it to my folks don't ever assume that an Email that you send gets received Email is one of those weird things where we click send we send it off. And then we just assume that it's been received. And if we don't get a response back, then we think the person's a jerk or something because we obviously sent an Email, and they obviously dinner respond, and they must hate us or something, but in reality emails complicated. There are spam filters that will block Email and all sorts of different locations may be blocked from being sent from your Email server may get lost in transmission. And it may get blocked on the receiving side or even in the Email program itself that the person uses to read their emails, there's a lie. A lot of areas between sending and receiving where an Email can just not be received. So sending an Email is very easy receiving an Email, actually, sometimes is hard and a lot of times. Those emails will end up in the spam or junk folder. So I know that when I sent an Email. I can't assume that it's going to be received. But recently, I had a different situation where someone was sending me emails, and I wasn't getting them. Now, this someone was a perspective client who was trying to finalize a deal with me. I had sent him emails at Ashley called left voicemails. And I had reached out a couple of times of the course of AB three weeks in different ways, he received all the emails and the voicemails he chose to respond by Email, those emails went into my spam. Folder, but I didn't find out until about three weeks later when he. He called me and said, hey, Eric, I emailed you two or three times. And you haven't responded. So I figured I'd just give you a call. That led me to do a detailed search and bam there. They were Emma. Spam. Folder. I don't check my fan. Folder. Maybe. I should. But I mean, it's a spam. Folder for a reason. I don't really understand. Why people have the spam? Folder. Then they check it all the time. I don't check on. So if it goes into spam, it's basically deleted, although I can go get it later if I need to. So when I found out was that he had emailed me several times he has a problem with his Email server we've since pointed out to him, and we're going to connect him with an IT company that fixed, but it's actually a technical problem on his end why those emails are ending up in our spam. Folder. But it was interesting to me that it was kind of a reversal of roles. Everything that I've thought about when it comes Email is sending to people not necessarily people sending to us. So spam spam. It could happen either direction. It can happen when we send it or when they send it. So if your Email is not responded to or you're not getting an Email or communication. Back from someone. Stop and ask yourself could this have been caught up in a spam filter in my situation. The answer was absolutely it can happen. It happens. All the time. Don't assume that emails that are sent by you or sent by clients actually, come through. You always have to follow up with the phone. Call. Thank you for listening. I hope you heard something you can implement in your business right away. Finest online at journey to one hundred million dot com.

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