The O'Reilly Update, August 11, 2020


Bill O'Reilly here Tuesday August Eleventh Two Thousand Twenty you listening to the O'Reilly update. Here's what's happening across our nation. The President Urges Oregon to deploy the National Guard Mr Trump may deliver his nomination speech from a civil. War Battlefield. American air travel down seventy five percent compared to last year. School resuming in New York City in other outbreaks stalls two thousand twenty. season. Also ahead are you poor rich in the middle? But I. President trump urging officials in Portland Oregon to send in the National Guard after anti police riots entered their eleventh straight week the president saying quote, the city's Outta control after three months mayor and governor are putting people's lives at Risk Unquote More than one thousand have been arrested since June but few have been charged in Oregon. Portland pretty much finished economically. The president. Also announcing he may deliver his party's nomination speech from Gettysburg Pennsylvania. That's of course, marks a turning point of the American civil war, a major defeat for the confederacy. The three day battle resulted in fifty thousand. Ts the same number. As in the entire? Revolutionary War. The US airline industry struggling lure customers act during Kovin? Travel is down seventy five percent compared the same period. Last year pull Choi Majority of Americans are refusing to fly. Until vaccine is available. Researchers estimate the odds of contracting co vid. On a plane. One. In four thousand. Seven hundred thousand students returning to schools in New, York City. New York Governor Cuomo giving the green light for classrooms to resume in person instruction including in some very covid infected districts. Another two hundred and fifty thousand kids will opt out and start the academic year from home when teaching starts in September. That's again in new. York. Operate. Postponing the baseball season somewhat. Ten players and seven staff members on the Saint Louis Cardinals testing positive covid, similar clusters the Miami Marlins just a week ago. Four teams now have been forced to delay their schedules since July. In a moment the truth about poverty in America right back with that. Turn Your House do a steakhouse with world famous Kansas City steaks, and make this summer's grilling season unforgettable with basically every cut of meat imaginable like filet Mignon reeb strip steaks plus pork chicken, seafood sides, desserts, and more. All, full of mouth-watering flavor there's nothing like this is. Getting, the grill on a summer night I've been using Casey for years. Find Your Perfect Combo today Kansas City stakes dot com for an amazing deal. GO TO KANSAS CITY STAKES DOT COM and use Promo. Code. Bill at checkout to receive ten free steak burgers and free shipping on orders of seventy five dollars or more. Or you can call one, eight, hundred, nine, eight, seven, eight, thousand, three, twenty, five, and Mention Code Bill to receive this special offer that's Kansas City stakes dot com enter code bill checkout or call one, eight, hundred, nine, eight, seven, eight, thousand, three, twenty, five mentioned Code Bill Kansas City stakes DOT com. Time now theoretically update message of the day behind all the racial strife we are seeing in. America right now behind all of it. Is, poverty. On a percentage basis many more African Americans are poor than White Americans. And poverty is a terrible state to be in. But in capitalistic America. The poor have it much better. Than other people. Elsewhere. Here the fax life expectancy is almost seventy nine. For a poor American right now and rising. According to the US census proximity thirty million Americans are living in poverty. The term is different for different populations, single individuals, married families, those who children and where you live. The common metric is a family of four earning below twenty five, thousand dollars. Now, according to the Heritage Foundation, the vast majority of those living in poverty actually enjoy a fairly comfortable standard of living compared to others in poverty around the world. Most, homes below the poverty line have two cars I didn't know that. Everybody has a refrigerator. No matter what your level of income is TV ninety eight percent of the poor have television stove and oven ninety, eight percent microwave eighty, one percent air conditioning seventy, eight percent of the poor in America of air conditioning cable or satellite TV sixty, three percent. And on and on and on. So the amenities are there basically because of the safety net. that. The US government provide support people they get a consistent stream of income in and they can buy things. Get Harvey is awful. And people are deprived who live below the poverty lawn however. They have far more than most other poor around the world. That's the point. Also. The Socialists will tell you. That a government run economy would improve the lives of the poor. That is not true. And it's hard to believe when you consider the list of items that I just mentioned. So Socialism's going to provide more. Staples than capitalism does for the poor I don't think so. If you travel to nearby Cuba which I did a few years ago. You'll see with your own eyes that socialism and communism has failed their. Most Cubans are desperately poor. They don't have anything. Same situation in Venezuela. In Russia in China in Vietnam. SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM IS A. Joke. It does not work it puts more people in. Poverty. The way out of a destitute circumstance is, of course education. And in the USA, you can get a free education. Particularly if you're a minority. From Preschool all the way through college. You gotta work hard. But it's there. I'm bill. O'Reilly and I approve that message by writing it for more news analysis please visit bill. O'Reilly Dot Com and please join our campaign stand up for your country. In a moment something, you might not know. Now, the Riley update brings you something. You might not know thirty two years ago today, a group of men held a secret meeting in Pakistan to discuss the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Those president included Osama Bin Laden and DR I'm on all Zawahiri after discussion the group decided to create a new organization to fight the Russians and also a holy war jihad around the world to promote Islam, the group named. The base or Al Qaeda. The wealthy bin Laden himself funnel millions of dollars into the terror network almost immediately establishing headquarters in six Muslim countries. After the USA US Saudi Arabian territory to launch attacks against Iraq during the first Gulf War Operation Desert. Storm. Al Qaeda found a new target. America and its allies. Between one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two, in two, thousand, ten. Al. Qaeda organized fifty major terror attacks against the USA Spain Yemen India the UK Bali more at its height al Qaeda was made up of roughly sixty affiliate organizations such as al Qaeda in Iraq and consisted of ten thousand Islamic fanatics. In total, they would kill. More than eleven. Thousand innocent people. Including as you know, three thousand in New York and Washington on nine eleven. The US war on terror would largely disrupt al Qaeda using a new military technology drones. The Pentagon launched five thousand unmanned strikes against the terror network between two, thousand, four, and two, thousand eighteen. Killing, ninety nine percent. Of Al Qaeda leadership. Today, the terror group is considered mostly ineffective since the US raid that killed Bin Laden in two thousand eleven. Isis splinter groups in Syria and Yemen a ranked as bigger threats than Al. Qaeda. And here's something else you might not know. The last deadly attack Al Qaeda claim credit for was in February two. Thousand. Sixteen A suicide bomber tried to bring down an airliner flying from. Somalia. To the Middle East the bomber did manage to inflict one death. himself. The plane landed safely a short time later. Back. After this thank you for listening to the O'Reilly update I. Am Bill O'Reilly. No spin just facts and always looking out for you.

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