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Chris DElia with Amanda Kramer


Hi this is Keri. Brownstein is Dr Bernard. I'll you've got the right. Here is me down right here. Tyler. Trucco quest for at Arlington Brits. All of your yourself mice cosmas and you're listening to the talk house podcasts. What is up. It's your host Elliott. Einhorn welcome back to the Talk House podcast on today. Show Comedian Chris. Delia in conversation with filmmaker. Amanda Kramer to help Me Intro. The episode joining from Brooklyn New York. No Me It's me I'm on does. That's your chief of talk. So good to hear you alliott higher in Philadelphia. You know what? It is Much Greener Than Brooklyn. That's much more relaxed. Yeah Yeah so we will take during these times nick. Today's show brings such a fascinating look behind the scenes. I've got to ask you. How did this one come together? Man While Amanda Kramer. Who's there writer of Lady World which came out last year and and as a talk has contributor? She wrote this amazing piece when the film came out called. Why does everything looks so fucking which I was sold right for that? Marlin on but yeah. She's super talented. Highly original filmmaker and. She's a big fan of Chris. Delia and knows him quite well because his brother. The podcast and filmmaker map. Delia is Amanda Boyfriend so she reached out and basically wanted to have a conversation with Chris and show a different side of him than sort of the public persona. That's out there and I was sold immediately course Christa Leah is a very famous stand up comedian. He's an a writer he's a podcast host in his own right. Chris's known for PLAYING ALEX. Miller on the NBC. Sitcom Whitney Daddy Burton on dateable and Kenny. On the good doctor out. Of course he was in the second series of Netflix's very creepy you. His news special. No pain is out now on net flicks and he just had a baby. Congrats grows congrats and his brother. Matt's girlfriend as I mentioned before is Amanda Kramer who she really is. An original lady. World is just like incredibly distinctive thriller. The played a bunch of festivals and came out last year three Cleopatra Entertainment and a in her talk house buyer. She says she is a film. Radical stands for the Liberation of old artists a love to that and she and Matt contributed films to the without president. Film Festival. The active competition strap. This is a festival of for quarantine. Filmmakers that Talk Harris was a a major partner in an premiered all the films on our site and very very cool to have her part. The talk has family and it was really awesome to have her. Bring this to the table. Nick I mentioned this to you off air but I was convinced from from what I know of her artistry and having read her piece for our site I was convinced that she was going to be a hell raiser she was actually a Very Mellow conversationalist. She's a sweetheart insightful. Thoughtful not the raging punk. I thought she might be oh. She's a raging punk. She's just a sweetheart. Cronk there we go. She has the balanced Darren to eighteen. Amanda really proved herself to be not just a great filmmaker. Not just a great writer but a great interviewer in the way. She approached her conversation with Chris. She was not interested in talking about her own work. Your she was interested in going deep on his and to that end. We get a lot of inside scoop from Chris's world. They talk about people's misperception of Chris as a Bro Party Guy. I mean I get it. I see Chris on twitter posting like these videos from his car where he's like shouting at the camera and you know his onstage persona is kind of in that direction but it's fascinating. Why would people assume that that's who he really is? You mean Neal. Hamburger is not neal hamburger all the time. Oh no he is no. That's a real thing. Oh okay thank God. We also hear about Chris's fraught relationship with hecklers. He has a perspective that I think is really interesting. Aback weather comedian decides to care if they're bombing or not and not giving hecklers power. Basically we also hear about his really interesting concept of teaching his own comedic language to the audience. He amount also touch on the thing that makes him most charged in comedy and that time he compared himself to Daniel Day Lewis. It was a joke people. It was a joke. Let go well it. Let's say hello. Kristie Leah Good. How're you doing okay? It's me Amanda. Yeah that's exactly where I WANNA start. I WanNa say that I know you. And you're not a stranger to me You used to be a stranger to me. I went from being a fan of your comedy to someone who knows you so earlier. I'm lucky you still think you're lucky. That's good honestly. I think I'm even luckier. I remember I met you on Easter and I didn't think that you were Sullen but you were quiet and I. It was like that first moment of understanding the difference between a character and the person who creates the character. Um Yeah I don't know why would I was expecting People always think I'm in a bad mood Leonard when they meet me and I'm not just. I'M NOT YELLING DOWN THEIR THROAT. Bam winning standup Syria I remember early on I think for a little while and I told you. I'd seen every episode of Whitney and episode of unbeatable. And you said to be very earnestly actually why. You seemed surprised for that. But I love you on those sitcoms and I I take your work on the sitcoms very seriously and I wonder if that's a bad thing. Do you not want that to be taken seriously? Do you think it's stupid to dissect comedy and Comedians in a serious manner mode? I never watched that stuff like whenever comedians are talking to each other about comedy you know. I never watched that stuff. I always find it just kind of boring but I mean it depends. I don't know you don't like you don't do standup so like if you are doing that. It's almost more interesting to me. Like if you're thinking about it in that way it's more interesting to me that if like stand ups start thinking about it that way because like I just WANNA stand up starts talking about it that way. I just find it pretentious Sam because it's like that's what we do. It's just like have fun. I I don't know I. I've always felt weird about that. Though I read a long time ago. I read it like an eight page feature article in The New Yorker on the fairly brothers. That was talking about them like they were Scientists And I loved it. I don't know I I find. I could read one of those on you if given the opportunity. So I'm just GONNA put that out there for the New Yorker and Katie listening. I think Comedy is very profound. Making someone laugh is profound and people are always seeking The depths of profundity and trying to figure out why it's so meaningful to them And it's hard sometimes just to laugh and not and not think further on it though of course You make people just laugh. I admire that very thanks. I say I don't think about it that much which You know and I talked about it a little bit sometimes on my podcast right in my new especially like I I don't look at comedy. Like is an escape from pain like a lot of people do that like and I just do it because I have fun doing it and it amplifies my fun time. You know so So I dunno dissecting it seems like such a such a not something I would want to Speaking of your special I I've seen you in small rooms. comedy clubs. And I was also there at the taping of your special no payments which was a big really big sold out theater You fucking killed at the small club Which I was physically physically ill at just nervous. Not Nervous for you but just. I have no fun to comedy clubs because unless you know you're GonNa Laugh. I it's too much. I've heard it was set up before it's very interesting. My aunt is like that she gets nervous. Yeah I mean Mike. Open for you on your opener. And he was doing great but then hit a bump with a heckler really and I wanted to throw up in my mouth and then you came out and you actually made fun of the Heckler and it was this total reversal of everything and calmed down. And just you. You swayed all emotions toward you and I thought that it was like just one of the most baletic beautiful Like taking a vibe and completely owning it do you like dealing with hecklers. Obviously don't like dealing with them but when you're in that much control powerful I guess so yeah. I was say like a comedian isn't bombing unless the comedian thinks or cares that he's bombing you know if if watching a comedian and if he's bombing and and he obviously doesn't care about it then you'd think oh maybe it's the weird you know night for him. He's obviously confident. Gives a you but if you see it on his face that it matters to him then it's like Oh. This is awkward. You know so I you know as you come up. As a comedian through the crowds of Eight and the crowds of twenty and forty and even fifty were a heckler can make a big difference in your show. Then you learn to just think okay. Whatever this shit's going to happen. Who cares an when it happens? I get my instinct. Now is to get mad for all of the other people that have paid to see me. Yes or or waited for me to come to their city and now that this person's ruining their show it's so selfish so there is a part of that enjoys. I often throw those people out and I enjoy that because I feel like do. This is what you deserve. Man You made your bed you have to lay in it now and it sucks for you but let's not let this veer off track for everyone else so that gets removed and then I get to you know go on but it always. It always makes me genuinely upset. Yeah I don't like it. Yeah it sucks so as far as like your performance art. I mean when you earn these small clubs. Where at this point because I'm obviously coming fairly late in your career Every single person is to see you and every single person is there to laugh at you and have the best time and the entire room leans in toward you. It's like physically felt emotionally felt. It's amazing as soon as you get on the stage from where I'm sitting in the audience. It's like every face is already open. An eyes are open or open ready to laugh. It's it's pretty beautiful actually And then you have this intimate setting and it's alive and then it's over and it's dead and it doesn't exist because there are no cameras no one's recording and then you have these giant specials. Were you're in front of so many people and this is like entirely memorex right like this is going to go out to the world and also the intimacy is lost in. You're not in a small club and you're not sort of leaning against the wall and you're truly performing. Do you prefer one over the other. Do you find one to be more exciting and alive or one less. So I mean That's a good question. I don't love any place more than the comedy store so I'll start by saying that like that place to me is where I came up. I cut my teeth. I worked hard. Had Great night's I've had bad nights. You know I've been heckled I've had great shows and I wouldn't trade anything for that. The original room at the comedy store is like a real moment where anything can happen. And you're ready for it and your training. I guess in kind of like you know. I don't want to a lot of people. Compare it to like you know boxing. Where it's like you're your special you're taping is the prizefight is the fight you know but I work this year and a half at around the country and also in local Abrahams and I would say it's more exciting when you're shooting this special because is like all right. This is the movie moment. This is where all the hard work pays off but the actual time that you spend doing it at the comedy store and like I said cutting your teeth is the real special off like that to me is what makes me a professional. You know is that I'm able to work there and I don't. I'm not doing stand up to get anything else you know. I'm doing stand up for the art of standup doing it. To if I could just play the comedy for the rest of my life then so be it. You know that would make me happy. I just love doing it acting and writing. It's it's it's different than that. It's a lot of it is about. Okay here's what I made. Watch it what do you think you know but stand up more about just doing it. The process of doing it for me. At least I'm never more charged than when I get a new bit that works. That's more satisfying than going and doing a show for three thousand people and everyone loved it and how much of of what you're writing is just about amusing yourself. I mean are you thinking about what's going make people laugh or are you just trying to like? Give yourself a little tickle or I feel like for me it's GonNa work the most when I think it's funny. I don't think what do people think is funny. I don't really think operate that way when I'm on stage and I'm doing the thing that I think is funny. If certain parts of it don't hit like they should and other parts do than all you know. I might lean into that other part because are able just works better but As a whole for the bit or the hour or whatever joke I'm telling you know it would be for me mostly because it's not to get too pretentious but like it's a languid like I grew up in with this style of humor. My family my brother my my extended family. This is a language that we do and I realized later on in my career that off. I just make everybody understand this language then. I don't have to worry about what they think is funny. I can just do what I think is funny. And they'll understand the language. Yeah I mean when when did the part of your act come to be where you were laughing Because I find that to be some of the most enduring and compelling moments in your standup When your specifically laughing you're not just the timber of your laugh which is sort of incredibly funny as is but also just. I don't know there's something very warm about how much fun you are. So obviously having which I think is like a very inviting moment for the audience. Who's already laughing by the way everyone's already laughing? And then you laugh and it's like a step notch you know it it up you know. Well it's like we're all doing this together. I mean I'm the one talking but it's energy and I used to think why can't laugh when I'm doing my stand up. That's not right and then when I got to do like I special for comedy central. It was just so exciting and so fun that working towards it I was just so excited and I was like why don't laugh. That's what's natural that who cares and then when I did it. For my first special people would comment. Oh It's funny that you laugh at your shit and I was like who gives a shit. It's fun I never WANNA lose that. I don't WANNA lose that excitement in that fun that I get when I'm doing it. Why would I try to not laugh when I watched standups and it looks like they're not having fun? I I don't want to listen to that You know that's just not my style. I know that there are successful guys. Who Do that but like I don't care about anything but like going up there and having fun like life can sucked. When I'm up there. It's Awesome. It's like some people say. Why do you laugh? You left so much left more. The audience is like good dude. I'm great yeah So okay I know you. I'm GonNa say that again just for my props And I can say this with certainty you are not a sexual predator. You are not a decadent Hollywood freak you are not a glutton for pills and powders and your you are a good good man And I'm wondering how intentional yeah I'm wondering how tension has been to create the character of Christie. Leah like the One people think of when they take like a cursory glance at your social media. And your standup. Like how hard you work to obscure the real Kristalina who like you said people often think is mad or quiet or just you know like a straight edge kind of like family man. Yeah it was kind of unintentional to be honest you know like I said when I was coming up I thought well who wants to know about my family. It's I should talk about what I think is funny. And those are things that everyone sees in the world then nobody knows about my family and as I became bigger I noticed posted one or two videos of my family people just loved it and I. I still think that's weird. But it's that whole thing where they want to know the real you you know. I mean you can't really get away with not having an online presence me getting mad. Getting upset about something to me is comedy There's a lot of people in the world that think. Oh well that's just how he is all the time which is just not really the smartest way to be thinking about things because of course. I'm not like that. Of course people are are not always performing. Is that the biggest misconception about you or do you think it's that you're like a party. Percents misconception about me is that I am yeah a party brody type thing because yeah that's you know. I can't even at a party people think of me. Ask like this Bro. Party guy that drinks and I just made that up. I don't talk about how I do that. I don't know I. I feel the need to correct that misconception. Or are you just like fuck it? Whatever I don't feel the need to correct them but I do eventually want them to understand if they're real fans that if they're gonna be talking about me and thinking about me than they should at least have some sort of real conception about that. I have a son now. You know and like I don't want people you know I I'm forty. I'm eventually going to be fifty and then I'm going to be sixty. I'M NOT GONNA be the sixty year old FRAT guy. I'm not now but like people will know by end that I'm not that guy. So you know these these things that are going. GonNa talk about. I have a newborn but these things that I'm going to start talking about in my act I assume will shake my career and my the way I viewed but if they don't then I don't know I I don't know as long as making people laugh it's fine I just Authenticity like meaningful in your comedy at doesn't mean does it have to be. I mean some people really want to reveal themselves through their stand up and someone a completely dissociate like do crave authenticity and do you want that authenticity to come through or do you actually enjoy that dissociation where you can. I wouldn't say hide behind. Quote Unquote Leah. But like you know like let them think whatever and then you have your private life or do you wish that but more of who you who you are I mean show so I go back and forth like I definitely want people to know the real opinions that I have about things you know. I love when people send me stuff. And they're like Hey What do you think? Can we talk about this? That kind of stuff. I love that because when it's something that I would like I'm like Oh this person kind of gets my humor so when it comes to Schumer and authenticity in that way then Yes for sure. I feel kind of weird though when people know what my mom looks like. Do you know what I mean like. I don't want I mean they really really really WanNa know. It's it's very burning Which I find to be perverted but You know when I'm around you witness a lot of your inherent charm almost a hundred percent more than your overt jokes I'm just wondering. Do do honor charm over being funny. Like how far do you think your charm has gotten you? Because you're very charming person and when you're not joking you still sort of exude this and we'll get back to confidence later but you do you exude us. Sort of confident charm. Thanks I don't I don't know I think about like charm. As like this abstract thing you know like humor me. I know exactly what that is and charm. I get what it is but like. I guess I'll say this like I want people to come to the shows because of my vibe. I don't want them to come because of my jokes. This sounds really pretentious. But I don't even like jokes when people say. Shit to me like your punch lines like dude. That's a compliment man. I don't want that. That's so corny to me like go watch joke writers if you want but to me it's like if you want punch lines read a book man. I want you to come to me because it's you know it's whatever you WANNA call it but it's vibe to me I am having a fun time and if you WanNa have a fun time with me while I'm talking to let's do it and so is there. Do you think there's like a whisper or a hint of like Meta to Krista Leah like? Let's say you do work out. I mean you are a person who actually physically works out but you also take photos of yourself working out and you make fun of yourself for doing it. How are you straddling that line? Like the recognizing of yourself as being doing something a bit funny or something that you would maybe make fun of in someone else. Like the irony. Like yeah I think that it's funny to play in that kind of stuff because it's like to me. One of the funniest things is a guy who's full of himself. I just think that's so funny so I do that. And I think that because I'm loud and obnoxious and very in your face I screamed my opinions at you. That people think that I am really that guy and you know fuck it's like. I'm aware that when I do that stuff. People are still going to be like. Oh you're like in man on fire special to specials ago. I've made fun of fitness influencers. I now do videos like that and people literally will be like you came what you hate and I'm like Dude I. This is a funny thing. I don't actually think that guy using how people can lose hints of irony in their lives and I know it's bizarre and get as time goes on me working. I'm getting more and more fit but it's like that doesn't mean I can't do these. Fuck Joe I think it's become more important to make the jokes Obviously I agree. I agree do you have this thing now? Because you're you you have such a huge social media presence like I personally have a theory that there's that we're all adults and no one can really get in trouble unless it's with the cops or the government but people don't think that way. They actually think that they can get in trouble with just humanity You can just get in trouble. You can get in trouble for making fun of someone you can get in trouble for punching down accidentally or saying the wrong word. How conscious of that are you and like. How much does that step on you? Being able to be like a free flowing funny person. You can't get in trouble except for the fact that if you look online if somebody were to say something off color and then for three days people were like. Kristalina said this fucking. Don't go shows anymore. That would do nothing. That would literally do nothing to my career. I would still do my tour. They would still be sold out and my fans would find me so the only way I would be in trouble is if I saw it online and it made me feel a certain way like but there's no getting in trouble actually like I'm not going to go to jail because now it's not going to affect my money you know so. I don't know what those people think they're doing but they're not doing what they're intending to do. And there's this whole notion of all the comedies under attack. It's not it's fine. There's enough people in the world that will find. There's people out there that are so bad and they get followings and he does. There's enough people out there. There's enough people. WanNa fuck serial killers. Fuck Cyril. There's enough people out there as far as being for men and women. I'm I find you to be for men and women which is lovely. I'm a woman. I love your jokes a very much and I also love your books about women and I want to refer to one now because it is one of my favorite my favorite jokes. I'm going to put threat. Which is so fun. Good butcher it to yeah. It's a joke. Did on on a special. You made a joke about how women don't know how to park. Oh Yeah Yeah. The jokes specifically is for anyone who doesn't remember doesn't know a woman is outside your place and she calls you from outside your place and does like where do I park. And you're basically like well if you're in the car you're like halfway there much can't describe to how much that is me and just how much. I completely am a person who is like. How do I park calling people from the outside to the inside being? Why did I park? I thought that was so unbelievably funny. And so I don't know it's like I still liked. There's differences between US personally genders and I. I love that joke. I'm so I just wanted to tell you. I love that. Joke Wall folks. That joke is actually messed with me over time because now I always am I. When I'm arriving at a place I always think. Where do I park? Oh I can't ask anyone. I always got figure it out myself. See Feminists. Even. Chris is up against that joke. I said it in my special I go back from the honestly we're in. La where the fuck do you park? is this just a good question. Partner sucks so what about anti comedy like? How do you feel about being willfully unfunny in order to be funny like A laugh that comes from being just totally obstinate and nothing like you know like Andy Kaufman or like even like Tim. Hijacker moments like. Do you think that there's some value in in unfunny nece to like such a point that it's almost avant-garde and like do you laugh at that kind of stuff there's a value to it and yes? I do laugh at that kind of stuff sometimes and it can be very funny but it is remarkably easier. Oh Yeah not even a question to get on stage and to be funny. It's way harder than to get on stage and make people feel uncomfortable and ten people get what you're doing. It's so easy to be the guy that is like doing anti comedy because then people will be like. That's not funny and then you can be like well you don't get what I'm doing. Do you know what I'm saying? Maybe to actually be really good at it. It's it's hard but like there's many people out there that are just dish. It is hard doing comedy. Stand up his heart. I do WANNA get back to the special. Because it's it's so good everyone. It's it's on net flicks right now. It's called no pain I saw it live. I still have goosebumps from the night. It was crazy And and very exciting to see. Just what a thrill honestly but You talk a lot about confidence in your new special Even the title is a reference to confidence and On a very like UN nuanced level I would say you could just design comedians into two types. There's the ones that use confidence in their character. Like the Braggadocio the boastful one. And those who use like a sort of self debasement like the underdog. No pain obviously lands you squarely in the confidence category. Have you ever wanted to be the underdog under underdog jokes or did you have? Have you ever WANNA Cut Yourself? And do you find that funny? Do you find it more. Funny that EGO thing Which your brother also does and is very happy. I think ego thinks funny. But here's the thing and I know that I fall into that category but I make sure to have humility. I think if you don't have humility as a stand up and if you don't talk about yeah I'm an idiot. This happened and I. I look like this and I didn't know what to do when I when she was standing there. And so I did this like you have to have that or it's just to me I. It's not funny unless you're doing a complete character. You have a really great bit in no pain about how you read articles. Because he can't really understand them. I think that's like the perfect example of sort of reckoning with your true your true self and not your ego. Do you like the idea of making fun of yourself and your act more and more as you get older. Yeah I like it because it's I I. I have a lot of confidence but like dude. Don't listen to anything I say and actually use it in your life like I want people to understand that and it would be great if I could have people come to my shows and understand both those things. Oh this is a very confident guy. That is funny but really. Kinda doesn't know what he's talking like that that that is that's suddenly deep level. I mean like the the points he's making are very funny and you know he has certain points that he's making within the actual things that he's talking about as a whole. That guy is a nightmare. That's what I want. That's what I want people to come away thinking others a lot of humor in your family. Everyone is very funny But I can also say this from from where I'm standing because I know you It's not always of the sweetheart variety. You're also good at taking the punch. It's kind of impressive to me but also a little bit intimidating Is this just like the Lifelong Delia? Attitude that everyone has to be good at taking a joke like do you like being teased and made fun of and being fucked with. Are you sensitive to that? Have there been at times when you were more sensitive to it. Yeah I mean maybe as a coming of age but in my family. It's how we show love is making fun of each other and I I really like I don't care you know people say like laugh with the person at the person. I don't care if you're laughing at me that to me you're still laughing so I will be the butt of the joke and I love being the butt of the joke especially when everybody you know. Everybody loves YOU IN THE ROOM. Like who gives a shit You've never stopped off. No wow that's incredible off. Maybe once or twice when I was a teenager but no not my adult life now. The only time that I think it's a little bit of a cheap shot and my family doesn't really do this but some people do. This is if I'm making fun of. Okay here's a good like one of the examples of it. I was doing Whitney the show Whitney and I sit and I did something i. It was a long time ago but I did something acting wise which was something. I don't remember what it was and then somebody said why. Did you do that? And I said because real actors do that I wanna be like Daniel Day Lewis Right. Obviously a joke. He's the greatest actor of all time right and and then somebody after people laughed at what I said. Said as a joke. There's no that'll that'll never happen. Or something and okay. I'm already playing the guy we're just said the thing. Where obviously is the joke that that's not GonNa Happen? I'm already playing that guy you don't have to also make the same joke and kick me down because I just did that to myself. That that stuff it it. It doesn't like may offend me. But it offends me because they're just joking the joke like it's already there. I already took the role of lesser than the route. I am already gave that to you. Have you ever been in a situation where you've been being your timing self and your teasing and you deeply hurt a person and you're looking at hurt one hundred percent and do you get out of that situation? I mean what are you what you saying. It happens less and less as I get older. I think because I get better at it but like I want to understand I was just joking and I'd like I love them and Shit like I definitely I don't that's never my intent to hurt. Somebody's feelings thoughts. If I'm making fun of somebody especially hard than I'm it's because I respect them or love them or like them a lot you know unless I'm just bullshitting on my podcast about like country music singer. Nothing about then like no. It's just genuinely because I respect you. I'm not GonNa Make Fun of you if I don't like you don't like you and that's I mean I someone who's sensitive. That's a hard thing to like. Come to terms with but I mean we all got to grow up. Go grab what what what. What do you mean what's hard I don't know like I might have some pretty sensitive and sometimes I when I when I know someone is making fun of me? I'm like this is great. You know it's like you're getting rotated everyone loves you and you. You are happy. They're like I'm the butt of the thing and that means everyone's thinking about me and then sometimes you're so sensitive and someone says the thing and the joke is the thing that matters or somehow it's your acts you actually have a sensitivity about and you can't find the laugh you just fueled bad Which also I have to work on getting better. That older. Who's really picking on me? I'm also almost forty. And it's like no one out. There is picking on me. It's not a schoolyard you know. Yeah I mean. I feel like you know if I wasn't a comedian I'd be much more sensitive to that stuff around it. I'm around it all the time out of my family. Who gets made fun of the most? It was definitely me so you know. I think that I develop a thick skin and now I'm friends with literally the most entertaining people in the world and they fucking make fun of me all the time so it has all love and speaking of love. I WanNa end this with a really beautiful loving Anecdote about you that I was told your brother wants told me. A story I think I was asking him. Did you Chris ever like fight a lot? Did you forget until like really bad fight? I would presume there were phases of your lives where you probably fought a lot on your strong willed people in your your opinionated people and your intense people And he told me a story about a road trip that you guys took A have not sure if you're going across the country where you're going but you've been on the road and He said he was absolutely like out of his mind. Pissed at you what you did. I'm sure it was very bad But he was really really really mad at you and you were driving him fucking crazy and just at the apex of being his most Mattie. Maybe he thought that he ever was. You did something so funny. Like so unbelievably funny. He said he just immediately started laughing. Almost pissed his pants like turned the entire thing around like no policy necessary. No making of necessary like the humor and the moment and just how much he loved. How funny you were being it kind of like whatever tension or friction was actually there And I think that that's so telling of the kind of man that you are and I do think that you're humorous. Something that is so genuine comes from such a genuine place. I'm a huge fan of yours and I am so happy. We got to talk sweet. I want I'm a fan of yours. You know the the. I don't even know when that was with with my brother. But that is good. If I could distill that and well you have. I mean your brothers a special case. I mean you have to know when to at the point where you're making a person the most mad they've ever been you got. The job will work but it worked for him and I am very touched by that moment and I actually think that. It's you know a perfect sort of summation of of who you are. You really do in love so I think you so much for talking with me and I really hope that everyone board at home doing nothing and looking for content comes to the right place and and goes to not flexing watches. No pain it's on there. Yeah well okay and then also look up Amanda just Google share some great stuff out there too but yeah so Yeah thank you. And your great and I'm honored you wanted to talk to me. Art Victor Christi Lia Amanda Kramer. Thank you so much for joining us here on the Talk House podcast and thank you to Amanda for recording both herself and Frisk for this conversation definitely make sure to head over to talk house dot com to read amandas piece. Why does everything looks so fucking ugly? It's classic at while you're there go check out both Amanda and Matt Leah's films that President Film Festival and while you're there also just go read. Amanda Collaborator Ben. Churns DEFENSE OF CATS. Which is another essential rate. Nick you've been recording yourself in Brooklyn. I've been recording myself in Philadelphia. Big shouts to our own man behind the curtain Mark Yoshizumi who's overseeing proceedings from Ridgewood. Thank you dude. Subscribe to the talk. House podcast to catch upcoming episodes like Julian Baker with Katie. Harkin of sleater Kinney a lot of Negro with Brusca Julia and Black Belt Eagle Scout. With Asami you can also catch us on social at Talk House across the board. The talk is podcast. Theme Song is composed and performed by the range till next week. Emily Einhorn. I'm Nick Dawson and no pain.

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