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Mizo Chuck whereas episode seventy life can be tiring. The Senate Chuck. Swirling for energy position throughout the basis. Fine to the crown of the head worth thousands of ancient wisdom has been Ken Starr. Measure to sable, what are the functions of these energy such and cook, these Chuck help you unlock your destiny and buying your purpose? Welcome to my Senate chocolate. And now your host a giant Kumar? What's up action, Dr AG here host and founder of my seven Jerker as a show where we provide you ancient wisdom inspiring stories and action steps that will help you transform your life. So if you are new to our show that I want to give you a warm warm, welcome now before we actually start today's amazing at sort of got a quick announcement for you if you are interested in learning more about the checkers and identifying the dominant hidden blocks that are silently holding you back from your desired life. Then you got to attend the live webinar that I'm hosting this Thursday because I have so much to share with you. We're going to be discussing about energy body and look at life through the lens of the checkers, I will show you how small energy blockages can lead to illness and disease, and what you can do about it. And you will discover five easy ways to start balancing your seven checkers right away. Immediately after the webinar. Ends. So if you're interested in joining me, then was it WWW dot mice seven Chuck does dot com. Follow size live training. That's my seven is a word my seven shocker dot com. Forward slash live training. The linke. Need is my seven Chuck says dot com forward slash live training. See you there. And with that. Let's bring on our special guest for today. Lee Harris Lee, are you ready to inspire? I will try. Greats Lee is a globally acclaimed energy into and transformation guide who offers grounded practical teachings focused on helping conscious intuitive and sensitive people. He'll try and live a better life leading Wybert online community. He reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month, his monthly energy of debt, videos, audio recordings and online courses offer practical guidance for navigating life with clarity, empowerment and optimism. So thanks for joining me on tradit-, surely thank you for having made lovely to be here. Correct. Great great. So again, like we always begin our show we start show with some inspiration. Ward is your favorite inspirational court, and how do you apply it in your life? I saw my favorite. Inspirational, quote is life can be tiring. And it came from my friend. And Amanda burcin of and I remember I was about twenty three years old. And I was in a state of distress of outs. You know, overwhelming tied Nessim feeling like depleted with everything I was trying to do. And it's funny. There are so many inspirational quotes, I've heard in the world's all these years in phantasm pick the one that size with me his life can be tiring. Because for me when I get tired or overwhelmed that was always a distress point for me. There was something about feeling like I didn't have my full energy. Oh, my full life foals or failing vulnerable, and what she broke for me in that moment was this idea that something was wrong. She was like well. Yeah. Sometimes you're tired. And it was it was in a piffle moment for me to help me undo years of my childhood spent running away from my failings in various different ways. So I feel like that has fight with me all this time ride. So they action drive if you are watching the stream or listening right now remember this perform court that life can be tiring quite often. We try to ignore ignore our body our emotions right for detail. What a knowledge in where you are right now, literally an energetically as well and realizing at sometimes life life can be turning so thanks a lot for sharing that with doesn't starting with away profound moment. Mcqueen is ward inspired you to write you. Your book energy speaks which I haven't Mahan right now. Thank you. Great. So it was interesting it I was supposed to be writing another book. I was supposed to be writing a book with a completely different title, which is still there on the backbone. It wasn't quite coming together. And I have been channel up publicly since two thousand and four working with the public. But I I heard my guides about four years Elliott nets. So they've been a part of my life all this time. And I self published these volumes in twenty twelve and twenty fourteen of some of the channel messages from over the years. I did this tour in twenty sixteen across North America. We did twenty eight dates, and then we did some Deitz no stranger in Germany in London. So I met loads of people on that on that speaking tool, and so many of them would say, I have it by my bedside. I flick open a page on. I was kind of blown away. How much I can. Hearing that. So when this other book wasn't working I was like, maybe we should be taking the best of those volumes. Reediting the whole thing adding eight new chapters, and and that was what the publisher went full. So we actually we we go with the publisher new weld library who are just a fantastic publishing company. They've published some great books. So I felt really grateful that this book could come out with them. The yet we spent about two years putting together. Got it got it again, new elabore amazing publisher from great authors and works in the last few years, especially so let's go back to the beginning. Now, how did you? Discover your gift what's that story. Like while you know, the actual day was I was literally on a train going to work. And at the time, I was working in fundraising. I had just left my work in fitter and decided I didn't really want to do this or acting anymore and was really hell bent on doing music. And so I got the job in fundraising. And it was supporting me in, you know, but I, you know, there was a lot of frustration in my alley twenties, and I was still recovering from childhood where I had been an emotional overeater. And then I lost sixty pounds at the age of fifteen and a half. But you know, I went on so many diets I I was taken to whitewash his age ten than a diet clinic age thirteen. Can you know, it was kind of an endless cycle through my teens on them. When I did lose the white. I tend to believe me for about a year and a half 'cause I didn't wanna put the white back on. But I hadn't figured out how to know binge at that point. So I was kind of uncovering myself if you like from that level of self-destruction to try and solve how I was feeling. So I was really into self growth, I was really into metaphysics to some degree. But I never thought I would channel. But this one day on the on the train. I just literally heard this voice from the left hand side of my head which to this day is still the position that I communicate with my guide since still where I hit him. And I was convinced that what I was thinking was correct on the I had decided that this was true that this wasn't my problem. This was their problem. And literally I just heard that's an interesting perspective. But you'll wrong on this ever happened before in ours. Like. And then the carried on tool king explained. How why would I was saying was wrong? And it just completely not only transformed my mind about the situation. I was in. But my whole body, relax and released on my ego. Just go to be a little less tight and to see above the situation. So that was how it began a night. You know, I was like a might schizophrenic you what is nowhere you'll guides and we've been with us since childhood you've just never been able to hear us in this way. But we hit now. And since that day, I've never been able to not access them. I've chosen to sometimes, but they've just been that. It gut accelerate fascinating story that he just shared. So you're in the train, right? And you're thinking of something and all of a sudden from the left side you hear why? So what is your immediate reaction? Like, what's? Yeah. I mean, the first thing is, you know. Sabrina? You know, you think oh God is this voice this 'cause I I had seen a channel. But I was skeptical. I remember coming away from him. Well, he was the thing. I've been Tara ratings on I love those like I thought they were great something in my body would come alive when I went for tarot reading. But I didn't understand why the channel why his eyes closed White's voice slightly changed. I remember thinking will. He's clearly just a wise intuitive. Man, why does he have to pretend it's coming through this guy that actually is a quipped me really well for when I've been accused of the same thing because you know, the thing I always say is trust mate. The last thing you wanna do is the public channel. Or it's something that I've wrestled with years because there's a lot of fear and skepticism about it that you actually have to deal with so, but what kind of cemented the whole thing for me was when I saw it saying on you my guides. I went home, and I wrote questions to them. And then I would study the onset over a period of weeks and see how they were coming through things about my life things about people in my life on things about the well that lodge, and so the acid test for me was that it worked, and it really it was the perspective that was fall high than my own mind will my own understanding of self growth at that point. So I couldn't deny that whatever it was. It was helping me, and it was opening me in it was it was widening my experience with my presence in my life. Got it got into the guides that you work with are that help you and support you there called the Z's right too hard to do. Yeah. So I said, oh, do you have a name, and they will like what we don't have names. But we know humans need names. So you can call me Dockery, and I'm the lead spokesperson. And they said, so I was like what are you is at one of you is that mold them one of you. And they said, well, we're a group of eighty eight entities could then extend wider into souls because the truth is that none in the same way that none of us are really separate from each other as human beings erase the energy failed. Of course that we are all connected to all of the time. Which is not always seeing it's reading it sensing it depending on where focuses what our capacity is that day all who will live in how they're influencing the level of gravity that we are in in any moment. So to me what I loved about that description was this idea that they extended wider into so. So do so do we all so they said think of consciousness library in some of us have been in Konic on the planet before some of us from the Djelic realm. Some of us have never been on us. And they kind of started to explain to me different roles within energy in within jettisoned. How it works when you're not human being? So I found that very interesting. And and yeah that was kinda how it will really began. Yep. Got it got it too. So Lee, how do they communicate with you like on on wing business once every week? Do you have to reach out to them? Or what his the funny thing before? I started doing this job. I would get stoked. So I would be neat with a friend of. I'd be with you. For example, we having coffee, and you'd be talking about something in your life, and you begun really, you know, I really wanna move. But I'm not quite sure it's the right time to move, and I can't tell if this is my ego may instincts, and I would start hearing things. So then I would be sat with you at Kofi, and I would fail compelled to sites you. Hey, you know, I'm I'm hearing some stuff you want me to tell you, you know, 'cause you always have to ask permission with that kind of thing. And if you said, yes, I would just give you that information. It was actually one of those friends that I was helping anonymous Sophia who we were out for Kofi. She was yoga teacher in an older, and she was the one who after I'd help with something. She said you should do this as the job. And I was like, no, no, no, no. You know, I was everything in me was screaming. No. But I was at that time in my life because I was having. To really pay attention to my fears and not let myself be a productivity, my fears as I had been so much of my life. I said yes, just to push myself really not thinking anyone would come. And then I did succeed readings in sixty days in the rest of on a history. Sixty readings in sixty days was on a challenge that we accepted. No, no. But it was it was just the people kept coming in. You know, one thing I always recommend. If you start doing this. As work is what I did I did it on a donation basis? So because I knew it would take me about nineteen minutes. If my time. Because it it did at the time. I would people would send me three questions on. I would type out a spouse as I could what I was hearing in response to that question. So they would get like a two thousand word document could I would then have to go back and check the grammar on. So I thought well, you know, the all why don't I ask for ten pounds or more which is about fifteen dollars? 'cause I feel it will that's ninety minutes of my time. And there's only so much energy. I have polite to do them. So I think that helped people know the no that there wasn't a great risk to them. There wasn't a great investment. But because of that too. I think people would then send me to that friends an overtime people started, you know, kind of just a very full. So I had to leave my job. Honored cut out. That's amazing. And I'm sure that this is a question that almost everyone watching the stream or listening to the spark Kaz like now has which is does everyone have this ability to access information and messages from the other side, I believe yes. But I believe that in much the same way that I could probably become a really good chef if I went on a if I went to chef school because I do believe that we're all potentially capable of learning anything that we really put on mine too. And we really put the Alison doesn't mean everyone's going to be the most talented ATH it. But it does mean that I think we will capable of one thing. I do it my workshops is I get people to channel on this. Usually some horrified faces when I now that's what we're about to do. And that's why I've handed paper and pen out Nello. I've never done. You know, I always say that for me channeling. It's not really about whether you'll channeling you'll guides. Or Jesus or a higher power all your own higher, self your own soul. It's really that doesn't really matter. What really matters is that you'll going beyond the more limited mind, the most human ego into a wiser high abroad, a source of energy in inflammation. And that in itself. Get solicited expand you in. That's really what channeling is about for me. It's about us taking a dose of high wise up more expanded energy. But then the hard part is how do we then apply that to a life? You know, we experiencing this beautiful opening than we come back to our level of density, and the body starts to naturally trying open beyond that density, which is why people can often go have an amazing time at a workshop really move energy inside themselves, and then come back on the hit kind of that low points, and they have to sell working the low aspects of themselves to release them so that they can integrate with. What it is. They just walked into the workshop. Right zoom action drive. I hope you're watching and listening to this dream right now. And we're learning that channeling is about going beyond your physical individual mind and sort of connecting with the source fabric at collective consciousness that we are all part of and then not just that dumbing Bank. And then hopefully, bringing some information back that you can apply in your life. Now. I remember that you mentioned the disease mentioned to you that we've been with you all along. Right. And that's what got my attention. So what prevents sometimes from accessing our psychic gifts are abilities. Well, you know, I think the first thing that comes to me with that is the world we live in, and you know, we're recording this in twenty nineteen I'm forty two. So when I began public channeling fifteen years ago, this was the early days of the incident. So that there wasn't a lot out there that was widely shed what I am seeing in the last decade is a real rise in consciousness exploration. So people are seeing meditation mindfulness yoga nutrition, exercise, channeling all of these things as part of the exploration of all wide consciousness, and it's becoming more normalized on more available. So for me, I think what what can stop. It is. Fear old to you know, it's not that long ago that religion decided that supposed- witches should be Bunn d- wheel. So no from history that that was also just a good excuse to get rid of a load of intuitive women or women who were interfering with what those that were in control of the village wanted to do. So I think there is naturally a fear of our intuitive connection to life that has been instilled by those who would rather weak didn't connect to the fact that we're all intuitive beings. So for some people it will shop is channeling for other people. It might just be that feeling you get in your stomach. You might beat the person who's like note. Mike doesn't feel right about this. My my other brain doesn't feel intuitively right about this. So I think we've been stopped societally. But I know that many people nowadays are beginning to pulp open feel energy moving through that body in the mind in a way that they don't. Remember before a that's really it's a fantastic thing. And then of course, we have to learn to integrate it and stabilize it in our life today and in all community in our collective today. Right, right. I love that does all about not just listening to the thoughts in your mind, which sometimes can run rampant. It's also listening to the sensation on the feelings that you have all across your body in your stomach, maybe in your heart in your shoulders. Yeah. An an I don't know about you. But for me whenever my thought so rampant I know that my motions rampant. It's like something is triggering me. An instead of me being able to feel it on notice it in the body. I have taken that energy up to the mind. My mind's gone does the which is exactly the state that I was in the day. But the Z started token to me, and that was that was how I was able to notice the difference was like, whoa. That voice seems really calm and really steady note like these other voices, I've got over here in my head that a telling me stories about why I'm failing with my plans. So, you know, maybe life isn't going to be okay. You know, whatever it was. I was fifteen through that day. Got it. Got it. Now in your book. You talk about the art of receiving right? So what exactly does that entail? I found this so interesting. So it was it was back in Berlin. In twenty ten when I did a workshop all about abundance, and as as as as was the case back, then my workshops would very channel back, then I'm so I would do quite a lot of channeling over the weekend these days, not so much. I mean, I bring some of it in. But what I remember being so struck by this whole long channel about receiving? I'd never really thought of it in this way. But I'll I'll give you an example, a to really what that chapter is alluding to. So let's say you, and I are out for coffee, and we, you know, we order coffee in a snack age, a nice say, hey, I'm gonna pay for this. I'll get this. Now. You might go. Okay. Great. Thanks, or you might go. Okay. We'll we'll then let me get you next time or you might say, no, no, no, no, no, no. You might be any of those onces. But let's try different Saria. We sit down at the table with whoever has paid for the coffee in this neck, and I say, you I've got this great idea. Let's go to Hawaii for a week together. We love hanging out together. I'm gonna pay for the flight and the hotel and oil, food and activities. Let's go. What he's they most people aren't gonna go amazing. Thanks so much laid out spray. Most people are gonna go. You can't pay. No that thoughts are expensive. That's gonna be two thousand dollars or whatever is by Khan received that. So I'd never really thought about the issue with receiving I felt about given a lot, and we all know that give. Feels great like this something wonderful about giving your energy giving a gift giving a compliment. I mean, that's an I was definitely much more comfortable in that zone than I was in the receiving zone. So this channel kind of blew my mind at the time. And it was it was part for me of learning that there is a flow to the universe on often. The universe is trying to give us things sometimes through nature sometimes through another person sometimes through resources that come to us. But that often we block them on. We don't even notice we've look them because we've got this fear of receiving this lack of trust of receiving this lack of trust in the flow of energy. And I think that's because we have very hard wools built around on money system built around the way that we live at aunt really intrinsic in on nature, but they are intrinsic in the way, we've been trained to interact with our life and as a community. So the altar perceiving seeks to just gently detonate. Some of you will some of your, you know, your own hard wools against allowing allowing abundance in old films. Whether it's love whether it's resources, whether it's money to come to you right, right right now on the same line of tornadoes and another term that really loved. Did you write about in your book is called divine inherited? So what exactly is divine? Inheritance while this is very similar. So it's the same principle. They say the universe is a little like an ATM, and you are all making deposits all of the time through your love through how you gift people. What you do they say, but you you hesitate to make withdrawals? You can be a bit more panicky about taking a withdrawal out of the Bank of the universe, so divine. Inheritance is really that the fact that as human beings with our minds, we have been trained to get very mental about money belongings. Sources rather than recognizing. None of us will take it with us and fifty one hundred years off the wig on we probably won't even be remembered, let alone, you know, have any hold over things that we had. So they say that you'll divine. Inheritance is really you inherit this time line that we're on and repair it where the collective and weather culture is and it is a divinely orchestrated things. So sometimes we get into the minutiae of struggle with money or abundance niff-, we can just open out our perspective on remember that energy is infinite in is everywhere and start to unpick some of the ways we are holding away from all self than the divine. Inheritance starts to flow through you. Got it. Got it got it. So it's all about learning and finding out wiz that we are preventing ourselves from receding from our spiritual banks so to speak. I will give you a great example that it shows up in my life. I remember a time in two thousand six when I had just started doing this work fulltime, I had literally two pounds in my Bank account. But I had a fridge full of food. And I knew that in three days I was going to receive money from pay pal for a reading that someone had put there. So I knew I was fine. But I felt very grateful at that time flash forward to now money is no longer something that is is an issue for me in in the way that it was in the early days the work. You know, I'm so grateful. I now get to employ these wonderful creatives who help with the work that we do and we put out into the world, but I have to now. Learn the lesson of time management and self management in a completely different way. I could use money as an excuse back in the day ago awhile. I, you know, there isn't enough money for the tax Bill. So I better work hard this month. So now, I have to look at that flow and kind of. Pay attention to this results, which is myself 'cause money is not a battle for me anymore or challenge in in the way that it was. So it's interesting how I feel like the universe. Just keep shifting you. And you start to see the things you either using excuses or focuses for states of being inside. Right. They can all be moved on the. That's why it's a great thing to move from an unabashed instate financially to a site where you're like, oh this enough on of course, we never know what tomorrow brings. But it's like, oh, there's enough because then you find all the parts of your body that is still running on this idea that there isn't enough or I go to cod or I've got a so so I feel like the needles always moving on that one for us that to me is part of the divine. Inheritance? We inherited a divine life with many different foams than flavors and colors that we that. Like puzzles for us to solve in each stage of a life on a tour. We're gonna take a quick ball. 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The link you need is four Sigmatic dot com forward slash action tribe or use discount code action tribe at checkout, forcing medic everyday magic of mushrooms. All right now, let's get back to the interview. So I love the fact that you know, you mentioned it's all about going from. It's not enough to if is enough. This is your more about hardware manage my time in a better way, helping them manage my life in a better way as opposed to solely thinking about money because you've gone beyond their. Yeah. And I will say that even back then thanks to the I did feel really grateful that that was my job. But it was interesting with with a I think for many years because I was always focused on expanding my work three working with other people. Like, I always hired people to do the work with me. So that I wasn't like a wet slave to my mission. If you like, so I always would use whatever results came in to invade. Vest back into my work. But in the last few years with some of those things no longer being a kind of on the edge. I've been able to go will I'm I'm how can I serve better. Now. How can I really elevate my own life in vibration? So that those people for him I am emanating messages of support and sign with my team. You know, we approach it that way to this just a little more space to do that now. But I still catch myself occasionally being a little hamster wheel minded, which is selling grain than our culture. It's like, you know, you have to hold. Well, what's next? And so on might challenge has been to know when to stop 'em power down and go. No, it's okay. You can you can not do much for the next few days because you've actually did a lot last week. And you can now let's be presence to the internal life until your immediate life as much as. The wideouts alive if that makes sense countered now in one of eatings with the Z it's written, and I love how they put it. It says the reason we are so joyous about delivering the art of receiving messages in this channel is that so much of your work has already been done. So hor does or does that mean, exactly? Well, you you like primed to receive. It's like, you are you are right there and imagine. Okay. So let's put it this way. You'll like oh God. I just wish I had a bit more time or a bit more money or a bit more space from this relationship situation. The good news is it's about twelve inches away from your face. The tricky part is how can you rearrange your face accordingly in your mind, the coding lead to let yourself feel its presence and let it in. And that's what's so interesting to me about all of this stuff how we can imprisoned ourselves and wink can feel the most extraordinary expanded consciousness inside our selves and unwilling moving between those two extremes. So I think for me, that's really what that means got chill. Would you say that we usually really close to what we designing? Or the thing that you are not dragged in our lives. Would you go to sometimes have the right mindset to realize how close we are to it? You know, how when you're giving a friend advise, and you're like, oh, God, I wish she would get out of our own way. Here. I am again telling her about this awful boyfriend that she's just in an awful, dramatic break-up. And of course, I'm compassionate to have feelings. And of course, I, you know, I want to support her, but I've seen her do this six times in the last six years, and every time the pain seems to get greater in that moment. It might not be the time to say it to have. But maybe the next day when she's out of the hysteria or the emotional reaction. You might say, you know, what jail. I just wanna tell you something. I have watched you suffer through this patent for the last six years on. I love you. And I don't think you need to have you thought about really getting underneath what this is. I'm looking at why you end up with men who don't love you as much as we your friends. Do was your parents. Is that the first boyfriend that broke your what is it that you're playing out that makes you think you don't deserve this love? So what I mean is to us the outside will like jail. Why don't you just you know, end up with a good guy? What jail among this is awful is har-. It's like watching you cut yourself. A trust me. I've I've I've been Jill as I'm show all of us have been the, but it's it's it's not about her outer world at that point. It's about Herenton weld, and her belief systems a more she is seeking to heal. And she is trying to heal it repeatedly over and over again with an outside second sons versus going that six really toxic relationships. I've been in what's going on in my inside south that I should now investigate get support with that. This is what I keep manifesting in the outer world. Got it got it. Thanks for clarifying that now the concept of surrender, you know, house. How is surrender connected to abundance because you've written about that in your book a holiday to related. Well, I'll go back to the example of when I had two pounds in my Bank account which account. I I don't know what it is US at the moment may be one dollars thirty. And I knew that that was all I would have for a few days now to be fair. I had a family that I could always have gone hung too. So my story is not a tool as extremists some people's who might have been worried they'd be on the street will, but but for me that was unusual seconds down to have surrendered, you know, my monthly wage that gave me the security to know, I could pay my rent and my bills into go into the self employment mode for the first time, I did surrender to it. But I could have fought it. I could have spent a lot of time worrying and stressing panicking and guy why is the universe only giving me to pounds the risk. That may be I can't pay my bills. I don't know, you know, I could have pushed against unfolds. So what I have learned is you know, to surrender. You could say surrender to abundance is one thing surrender to life is another like, what is here in this moment. So if you don't have much in your Bank account, and that bothers you take a moment and look around the room that you're in whether it's you're staying at a friend's house. Whether you actually rent or even own that room as much as any of us ever on anything and just go awhile on I'm sheltered right now. I'm not in the middle of enough quake all assume NAMI, and I actually can eat, and I do have friends, and I can reach out to some people for support and their places I can go so start to take list, the abundance that you have around. He said surrender to abundance is about show acknowledged the part of you that wants to change something. But absolutely surrendered to the abundance. That's already that too. And notice it on when you notice it shifts iovine abrasion, and it starts to put you into a receiving state, which is what you need to draw more abundance yourself. So you'll receiving what's right in front of your nose as the first step to receiving mole. Got it. Got it. Entities. And why I think this question is super important is because a lot of our listeners and us right now are people who are have identified different location or a different job or profession that they would like to get into and sort of the Chazan inbetween can be difficult sometimes especially when it comes to finances things like that and this morning. In fact, I was going to your book, you know, just the art of the concept of surrender and letting go whether you're whether you're talking about abundance or just life in general this surrendering to the moment and the situation and the circumstances that you're in. It's a wonderful feeling. Well, it's funny. You bring this up because we if you go to my website, which is Lee Harris energy dot com on the homepage. There the top we have a a little abundance package that we give to anyone who wants to join the newsletter for free. And there is an article that I wrote that hasn't been published anywhere cool. Okay. I'm surrender to abundance. So I'm for anyone listening to this painful. I encourage you to garden receive that gift from the website. Got it. Now Lee you mentioned that when it comes to Carmine abundance. You're right. Everything is possible. Certain lessons must be learned before these possibilities become available. So what are these lessons and hardest won grow about discovering? What lessons dessert? Well, the way that it was presented to me. And I asked lots of questions about this. Because I think, you know, the whole idea of destiny Ofri will end of talked about to me in this feels truth to me, suddenly is they said that it's kind of a combination of the two that there is free will as to how and when certain things take place, they sit there are few things that are very predestined. So the might be Sutton, people Sutton places uncertain events that are really important for your life path. But it's almost like as you take off those important healings, although it's important learnings. You move out of a. Amal comic cycle. And of course, your whole life isn't comic, but there are certain comic lessons, and then you go into a new state of consciousness is often what people will refer to as awakened living or enlightenment. It's when you free of the bonds, you you get to start to transmit and experience the transmission of the earth at a free level. So full for myself, for example, I know that a relationship with grief has been comic because there are certain things in my life. That have happened to me that have plunged means have really deep grief, and the irony is the really deep grief propelled me into awakening sites. But for for someone else, it might be a relationship to anger for someone else. It might be that they came back to really focus on injustice, so they either experienced injustice or they become the one who tackles the bully in the playground who's beating up on other kids in the may end up in the Justice system or they end up. His healing grief counselors. So what the Z's explain is? There are certain themes that are unique for each of us a may tend to drive what we do where we go on what we're interested in. Got it got it. So does it often happen? They want you go through that experience you've gone through it you learned your lesson. And now you're free to go on with your life. It really depends on the person in whether or not you still enjoying it. So I've met some people who you know, will like genius musicians from childhood rans that clearly in a reincarnated musician very early and then thirty five they go. Yup. I'm done. I I don't feel and they become the going train as a doctor in. Everyone's not hang on a male like, well, you know, music is quite mathematical mathematical knowledge, I now want to employ as a doctor. And when that also the fifty do you ever miss music in? They'll no not really I really feel like I go to out my system, and it's probably because they had eight lives behind them in that in that art. So it doesn't there isn't a hard and fast rule from what I've understood from Z's. They said some people will. Complete Sutton comic lessons or energies in their life on some will be left active, and also if you'll enjoying your comic life of being a very happy musician because perhaps before you were a very tortured on agglomerated musician Yanni might choose to go through your whole life having that active, but the key is once you heal the torture. So let's say you became a very successful musician in the wild age thirty there was a pain or a wound in you that that was going to heal. Then you go to another level of using music, and you go into a more service-based focus around it because you're no longer needing to be validated by success. You've kind of just oh, okay. Success reorganized, my wound. Now, I just say successes community. I don't really say it as anything just said as I reached a number of people in that succumb unity connection. So we can also go up the levels within each area too. Got it. Got it. Thanks for sharing. Now for everyone listening right now. Or maybe watching this live. We have Nisha Carmen Jackie. We've got naked got so many will watching right now, what can a person do each. And every morning, maybe are during the day for more abundance to get closer to abundance. You'll of HUD, this for many different voices. But be grateful for what you have really the one of the best things disease have ever said to me in it stays with me all the time. They say, you do not know when you're going to die, and it could be any moment. And I don't know about you. But even just this year, they're healthy and fit people that I've known who've like I know of two people who died in the sleep with. No warning, no anything. So it always brings it home to me that in the moment that were in some level of internal pain or suffering. If we can sure knowledge it may be put a notes in it that you need to investigate this. So give it some time. But also to kind of come out of it for a second ago. Wow. I'm alive right now. I won't be at some point in the next fifty sixty seventy eighty years. I don't know when but right now, I'm in this thing. I mean, this major kind of playground coli cooled the us, which sometimes doesn't feel. Like a playground. But then I whenever I hear people say that I always tell the playground. Wasn't. It was fun. Right. You know, the playground. Sometimes it was fun. Sometimes it was games. Sometimes it was being bullied sometimes it was feeling afraid to go out that you know, it's kind of everything. Got it gutter today, go action tribe and people who are watching listening. We are in his vigil Prager playground. And sometimes it might not always be fun. But you always learn a lesson or two 'til that you'll use in your journey ahead now Lee for all the spiritual entrepreneurs conscious entrepreneurs people who are getting into entrepreneurship and doing their own thing. What does money joy, and how can someone watching the show expedients more of that money joy? While, you know, first of all, I love that you focus on this group because it's a group I've been really cold to work within the last eighteen months, I really love helping people organize the kind of the building blocks around that work because I didn't really have much guidance. I had like mental is along the way, and I definitely benefited from people. But there was no back when I started the wasn't somebody helping me with the kind of inner work as much as they ought to work. And I think what you have to do is do a real. I have a program for coaches and found pronouncements cold O'neil value in it. There's a whole section on money. And I talk about taking an inventory of your money life so far. So what did you parents teach you about money? How did they react to money? What about the other influential people in your life? If you're with a partner or in a business partnership right now, what is that money, vibration? Just I stopped by noticing. All the people you've been influenced by because that carries weight, and that has affected you in some way. So for example, if you know that you'll partner who you've been with for ten years is always very lie all in spending money on this. So now than you might have become a bit too much of an optimistic cheerleader about money to try and balance your partner and get your opponents say, yes, which might mean you make irrational decisions because you trying to pull hard against your partners practice pragmatism. So making assessments of kind of what's going on around you with money. But also recognizing money is a really emotional force. One of the things that struck me was when I would be working with people who are going through divorces. I would hear this time and time again, they would often say things along the lines of I can't believe it. The divorce was amicable until we started getting to the house in the belongings. And I remember channeling for women many. Years ago who's in throw in the Z said to her well where people won't get emotional about the feelings. They will get emotional about their things. It's like a transference. So I've noticed just for myself when I get knotted around money, and because I had many years where I was literally like, oh, God, I hope that's enough money in the company accounts the tax Bill when it comes round. It's taken me several years kind of not have that replay my body and to kind of below my God. Wow. I've definitely got enough saved, you know, for the tax Bill. So I think money joy is a process like anything. You don't get it overnight in one of the things that I think we all encouraged to do enough is taken assessment of our relationship to money into just put it under the microscope. Many people are like, oh, I don't like looking at my Bank accounts than you must. And you must understand why you don't like looking at it and make some notes so have someone coach you will take a get a book or a cool. So recognize this isn't area that you have some trauma in and there are many tools in great teachers around money. That can help you with that. And just say it as an area that you're going to expand in your life. Make it make it a part of your self growth because money is just energy, but it can be very sick on emotional energy that we've all grown up in so clearing your relationship with is really important. Wonderful. And I'm sure that people watching and listening right now are able to relate and agree. That money is an energy. It can either be can either be a lot of fun and growing as well as toxic like you mentioned. Yeah. You know, I want to add one thing. I love that. You just said that one of the biggest breakthroughs I've had both myself. But also with other people when I'm encouraging them to allow more abundance into their lives. Some people have a really hard time receiving that. Or they're worried about how their family will react to it will I can't be the only one in my family that doesn't have money problems on what I always say is think of what you will do with it an who you will give it to because when we're coming from a tree place will naturally benevolence and who needs a million to two million dollars sitting in a Bank. You know, if you if you did generate that money than you would use it for things, you would help out that friend of yours, you would create projects that would help the weld. So it's interesting how people's minds change when they de- personalized money coming to themselves as if I. I'm not worth a million dollars. None of us because it's just the construct. But if you become the embassador for a million dollars, and that's how I see it where ambbassador for our resources energetically. All monetarily, all the practical things we that helps a lot of people to recognize that don't see bringing the money to yourself. So that you can sit there in a room full of notes because that's gonna give you nothing, but you can have resources that you can share an offer end give out a net tend to help a lot of people go. Okay. I never thought of it. Like that. Right. Right. Writes, this if you're watching listening is a great exercise to do because the truth is like you've of your learning today, the nursing event, we're gonna help you much on are gonna take the money with you after you pass away, but think about creativity Hugh have a large sum of money, depending on what someone a sum of money that is try to find out. How are you? Allocate it or are you going to do is it how are you going to use it for the greater good of humanity as well as people in around your life? So thanks for sharing that lead. That's a wonderful way to look at it. So are you willing to do a quick reading from me? I'd love to learn if there's any message from the other side, or if there's somebody who wants to, you know, pass on so MRs from your communicate with me. Okay. So festival. I love your accent, by the way. And and the reason I bring that up is it feels to me that you really are an ambassador for four for your people, actually. And there are some really strong cultural imprint that you are both benefiting from challenged by. And so this this can be a tricky thing us sometimes because you can go between the extremes. It's what allows you to take a wider view and to be a good chili the for others 'cause you're really good. When someone's in tight place at. Going. You know, what trying to see it this way to a no-go? Oh, yeah. But for you. It's gonna be really joyous for you to surrender even more into recognizing euro so allowed to create things for yourself. And you're allowed to have desired as an you're allowed to lean into those desires, and I get that was interesting about you is even though you really pay attention to teaches voices opinions. For you to create really effectively you have to do it alone because you'll very sensitive energetically. And so what you do is you take all of these pieces of information from outside you and you bring it in. And then you have to kind of grow it through your own system. It's not necessarily that someone else can kinda hold your hand. While you're running a rice some people would be bullied by that. And it would help them finish the rice view. It would throw you because you'd be so sensitive to their energy that actually what happens for you as you research than you come back to yourself, a new power up one of the things that comes to me with you is. You've already healed so much pain in others. That's something if you died now you have done so much for the Paine field of others. I'm because you feel the pain field of the planet. So deeply, you also have this really strong sense of responsibility around helping lift humanity on helping them heal that it it's gonna be really important for you to now know that that is hard wide into your system. So it should never be part if you'll focus meaning if you catch yourself if someone says, hey, come into this project with me, and it feels really good in your system. You'll all yeah. I'd love to do that project. And then if your mind starts going yes in this is going to really help me help people heal the pain. Don't even give that thought more than a minute go. Oh, yeah. Don't need to listen to that voice. Because that's hardwired in me. Because I think that's the voice that. Can make you feel like the weld is on your shoulders a bit when you get tired, and can you can feel greatly responsible. And there are figures in your life who have enjoyed making yours funds for our great. He's gonna tight responsibility for my pain. My suffering my financial needs. So I'll just lean on him because everytime lean on him. He just keeps giving me MO so so I think just in terms of your own abundance, which you're clearly working on right now in interested in given. What we've talked about recognize you've already done so much for the world. And that's hard wide in you. What is it that you yourself need to enjoy your life? Just the next level for say this next year. And also to be very mindful of other people roping you into their pain because they can rope you in but not really outcome. Ising you'll help. Meaning it's the people who just come back timing. In time again to be lifted, and if you really pay attention, you're like, well, they're not really actually ever elevating. They just come to me miserable. Every week. I spend an hour of my energy getting them back afloat. And then they come back again. So Anaya was feel tired. So start to notice that sought to notice consciously where the energy flow is imbalanced them while the people showing up with Sutton imbalances. Barrels can you to rebalance full them rather than necessarily receiving you'll help to focus on that for themselves, so really subtle things. And then the only lost thing. I guys laughed at you know, you. Like, you laughing for five minutes is like most people going to a spa for a month. So if you just make show that lofta happens in your life because you do have a really deep connection to joy and laughter. And sometimes that's a reverence it looks many different ways with you. But that actually lofted is medicine for your body because it really relaxes you another system in opens your channels. So if you feel things have been very serious too long or you've been around serious people for too long, you have to make sure the something is inviting you to laugh because that really for you is medicine. Got it got it. Thanks a lot so much Lee for this wonderful reading, I'm definitely gonna taken and apply some of the messages and recommendations that you've shared with me today now for people who are watching this show right now, what is it one quick and small action step that you like to commend that. They try out while you know, it comes from my husband's Stephen, and he's a big he's he's someone who who said this many times to me in life. And it's something he really lives by an it's it's one step at a time. You know, one moment to the time one day at a time, and you know, obviously in marriage or in any kind of punishment you help each other out. You know, you have your grace moments when you have your moments where you are a bit more contracted the will now or a friend or sibling who can just kinda help you open out again for me one step at a time one moment at a time one day at a time. It helps bring it back to the present. If things get very big either. In your psyche in your life, basically, a remedy for overwhelm. And that to me that action step of what's the one action. One small thing you can do today towards your bigger goal. And to recognize that that's how we build big goals. We can't just get lost in the architecture of a big goal. We also have to go. Okay. We'll I'm willing to go. Get the first brick can brush it off and get the cement stick it in the ground. And dig a hole, you know, the the visionary south than this the practical implementational phone, I always find that. When I get a bit lost or a little overwhelmed by life. I try and bring it back to a really small focus. And then I find that. I get my flow back. Wonderful. Thanks for shedding lead for podcast listeners. Who are listening to our audio podcast to read the entire show notes? For today's episode, including inspirational court, the book recommendation and nuggets of wisdom that you might have missed nor have been able to capture right away with it. My seven jugaris dot com forward slash two seven six. That's my seven checkers dot com forward slash two seven six which is the episode number for today. When something is important enough. You do it even though the odds are north in your favor action. Dr whenever you want to make a change in your life. Whenever you want to do something new whenever you want to achieve something big. There are many counter forces that try to place obstacles and challenges in front of you. And in most cases, these issues seem to come out of nowhere, right? When least expected and when something like this happens. Remember that this is because you're shaking things up in your building the momentum needed for a big change. This is just part of life. And sometimes the arts are in stacked in your favor. But just like Elon Musk reminded us with something is important enough. You do it even though the odds are not in your favor. Salih talked was about one meter life challenge that you had to go to in your life. What were you going through? And then how did your comment? I mean, you know, this question of so many things that hit me. But the the thing that hits me the most in this moment is staying in painful relationships too long, both on a personal level with a romantic all of friendship relationships and in business too. Because part of me always thought that it could have a breakthrough. All you know, I was seeing something I talk about in a coast. I have cooled 'em pats narcissists, I'm seeing the highest potential either in the person or in the possibility of our relationship and not paying attention to what was right in front of my nose. And so now, you know, I I'm pretty good at recognizing. No, this isn't flowing. This isn't working no amount of magical thinking is going to think my way through the possibility. Of course, everything is possible. But it's clearly showing me that this this formation of our chemistry is not flowing the way it does in other areas. So it's important for me to initiate, and and and be the person to initiate, the passing of the ways of the letting go of that that's something. I mean, I've been on both sides of that equation. But I will you know as much as it huts to have someone else. Stop a relationship that you won't continue. I've always found it much harder to be the person who actually tells the other person, I think we need to stop this business relationship or this emotional relationship. Yeah. I think that's been one of my biggest challenges and pain points in life. But it's one of grown through too. Got it got her thanks for shedding. I think this is a very relevant story and something that everyone can take away from relationships. Right. We either have relationships that servers are relationships that are a bit toxic that do not serve as an as you mentioned dang in being from relationships for too long waiting for things to change waiting for the breakthrough looking at the positive, you know, focusing on the future at the expense of looking at the what's happening and things that were repeating that was one of the biggest challenges that you had to go through. And at some point you need to realize that the relationship is not serving like you mentioned. Right. And then you need to make a change and just focus on the future. But look at the pattern that is happening again, and again because your energy and your focus is so important. So that is really really useful or that one life lesson that you'd like to share based on that story that you share. I would say be yourself and figure out who you all that caused me so much pain in my younger years. I was really good of feeling the world around me. And I was really confused about who the hell I was in the central, and so I did all kinds of things to myself in my teenage as the destructive and then started to heal from my late teens on what's. So I think be yourself entrust that you'll meant to be who you are. And yet doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement for all of us. You know, the might be a better way that we can learn to communicate things we might be a slightly more lifting person three years from now than we all right now in all of that so carry, but it all starts with the core of who you are. And where all addict so piece for each other at this time that all alive together unto trust that. Well, I think that's really powerful self awareness. Understanding the qualities that you have strengths and certain maybe weaknesses that you have that you need to work on or maybe certain energetic blocks that you need to sort of care. This is so so useful thanks for sharing Lee action. By hope you're enjoying today's session as much as I am. Today's episode was all about energy intuition, and the power of your heart, and based on the conversation that I'm having these days, I'm realizing more and more that energy is all that is everything around you and within you is all energy, and because of this reality, there are certain techniques certain principles exercises that we're learning today and visualizations that you can do to shift that energy, whether you want change your thoughts, your emotions your physical body or your energetic body. And if you forget everything from today's episode, but you just remember one piece of information than remember that change is always possible. But you must have hope. Nope. Because no matter where you are in life. You might just be like limited twelve inches from that energetic transformation or the change that you're looking for that will change your life because as the inventor and engineer Nikola, tesla once said if you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency, and why abrasion? The think about that for a few moments with that we are now at the last but very important round for today, which is the wisdom around. So are you ready? I hope so. Laura's the best feasible. Vice the best number one piece of advice that you received in your life who boy. Apart from the two that I've already mentioned today. The best piece of advice that I've received in my life is that everything poces because you know, when when everything's flying. You don't think you don't think it with a problematic mind, but when things it's tough or difficult all stock you you tend to think about in focus on the problem, but the everything passes everything changes that has that has helped me so many times. Wonderful. And if you could turn back diamond spend one hour with somebody who is currently living or dead. Who would it be? Oh. Queen Victoria is the first person that comes to make because I have a feeling she wasn't very happy. And I really liked to understand agree light to understand what her life was like got it. And where does it one thing that you do in the morning or in the evening before you go to sleep that has improved the quality of your life? Very practical things. I drink the juice of one lemon in hot water will wall water every morning before anything else goes into my body in the end of the day. The last thing I put my body is a magnesium solution in water. So yeah. For me for me, like the highest sites consciousness that easily accessible so focusing on the practical, and my body is kind of like that that that's something that has really that feels really good to do at the beginning of the end of the day love that by the way, apple cider vinegar. And some is my gym. So if you could recommend one book for listeners, what would it be? You know, it's still the book that have blew me. A blue my mind when I was twenty years old and gifted it to five friends at the time, and it's twenty two years ago. And it's a book that I say at the top of charts on Amazon ole time now thrills maintenance the full agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I just think there is a timeless simplicity and elegance and goodness to that book. So so clearly channel through him. And I love that. It's it's become a classic. 'cause I I go two months after it came out when no one had had of it. So I I think is very apt that is out that. So they action I have the four agreements if you'd like to receive this book for free, the no that audible dot com is offering action tribe. One free audiobook download with a free thirty day trial. So that you can check out their amazing service in the books that they have listening is the new reading, and I definitely love listening to my audible books that are having my phone, and the beauty is that you can have so many different books instead of the physical books. You can have them on your phone. And usually the list of the the author are somebody else is reading the book for you. There's not amazing. So do get your own free. Audiobook, go to my seven jeopardize dot com slash free book. That's my seven juxtapose dot com forward slash free book and start listening to the four agreements the lead. Thank you so much for joining us today was a real honor to connect and Degen with you before you go tillers wanting that you're grateful right now for. And how we can find you online right now. I'm grateful for peace. It has been really busy few weeks with the release of the book and in about a loft style. Two things got much more peaceful. And so I am so enjoying the softness and the space the that I've been able to have a bit more of the last two or three days. Yeah. A on my book. So if you go to my website, Lee, Harris, energy dot com. The homepage. You'll find the gift abundance package right bay. You'll see the book at the top end all the different places. You can get it online or bounce a noble or places like that. And I have a free monthly video that comes out every month on YouTube, and on my website and his cooled and energy updates. And it's really just giving you a bit of a reading of what's going on genetically on the planet, and there was a viable on my homepage. Or if you sign up for my newsletter and get the abundance package. You'll receive an Email every time there's a new one guard got thanks a little shedding. I'm so glad that you have some peace and some meat I'm for you right now. Because from what I heard promoting a book can be intensely difficult and and a burden energy, right? Because if travelling allowed speaking allot Canadian US, so many people that it can drain your energy. But I'm glad that that is for the time being over again action tribe to get the book that we. We spoke about today. We obviously didn't get a lot of times is good to all the different stuff that is explained and written about in his amazing book. Make sure that you go to my seven chocolate is dot com forward slash two seven six book. My seven chuckles dot com forward slash two seven six book in see the page. Learn more about it and grab your copy. So Lee thank you so much for coming on our show. Talking to us about energies spirit abundance receiving an so many amazing topics and taking one step closer to a human revolution. Thank you is my honor to be with us. I thank you to you into oil listeners. You're listening to lie. Chuck Goto by as and shot dot com. Download three get inspired take action. Transform your life today.

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