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Hi, it's Ellen Degeneres. Welcome to my podcast. We're gonna listen to some of the best moments from the show and it's going to be hosted by four executive producers that I love happy listening on today's episode of Ellen on the go, superstar, George Clooney opens up about the accident that he had on his motorcycle. Awhile back and promotes his new project. Catch twenty two with Ellen sterling K Brown. Gets the ninja scare of a lifetime. Adorable nine year old magician. Eight in McCann blows our minds and spoiler alert. Andy, it's episode sixty nine wow. Our podcast special episode of this your sturdy disgusting. I mean Andy last year. I'm Mary Connolly. Glad it's a fact of life. It's episode sixty nine. Anybody you sit goes in the second guess you? Friends. Hi there. My sister's birthday today. Today christie. Hi, chris. How many birthday Chris? Chrissy. Which we talk about today. Before we get to George Clooney. We have some listener question where do you guys come up with your amazing ideas for the show Andy last ner? Michelle had dot that was from out and Bill. Is there Michelle Cada wise, Julie Bowen, wearing the same outfit? She wore when she tried to scare Blake Shelton a few days ago. Kevin interest- interesting busted, we tape those shows back to back, that, that we had to we got her earn shows go and has fallen on hard times. Outfit poor little thing, the truth is we take those two shows on the same day. She came a little early for her episode and we used her for the previous two shells notice that Michelle Haddad that is. Shantelle Sanders field. Please show Ellen how to hold the flute. I've seen her used this prop three times and all three times. She held it incorrectly. I know Kevin Leman is in charge of showing her these things. And I just have to say it drives this, former band, canned insane says, I know Kevin Leman isn't, I'm I thought he. The expert on how to hold the flute he may have added that. All right. I'll show her. I don't know how to hold the flu. How does she hold it? Incorrectly. Okay. But I don't know. I don't know either. But that's a problem. Show them we're doing. These questions as driving you crazy. And for comedic purposes and. Try to get her to holy crow. Ellen tube and show us how to hold a flute. That's right. And we'll show telling that would be amazing shantelle because. Hosted on Ellen. Hey, this is this is this is how you hold a flute correctly you play. We look for. Yeah. Just give us a little correct. Correct. Yeah. You know what as a smart person, I can tell you. That listening makes a smarter more connected people. It makes us better partners. Parents leaders and there's no better place to start listening than audible. Audible is where so many inspiring voices and compelling stories. 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And here's a great offer that Kevin wants to tell you about. You can start listening with a thirty day. Audible trial of your first audiobook plus to audible originals for free. You can visit audible dot com slash Ellen or text Ellen to five hundred five hundred that's audible dot com slash E. L. L E, N or text. E. L. L. E N to five hundred five hundred. All right. Well, George Clooney was here. Oh, you're. Wish really know but George Clooney was here, George Clooney. He walked out. And I said over the headset now that is a big fat movie star. That is just a. Big time. I mean. Time like yeah. Just there's so few of them these days that are that where you go. It's George Clooney, and you just feel the presence and yet the most regular normal nicest guy. So there's like a shortage of big movie stars, you figure. No, there's a lot of very talented people out there. But I'm talking about the ones who want to see him on a lot of shows. Right. Come around that often he's not he's not out in the world or publicizing expect him because he's into that. Maybe not be super comfortable or run, run out. He likes made himself comfortable here all day, hoops with. He didn't wanna wanna hang out in his dressing room would not have left, he loved being here, and he's just so normal and nice and the conversation they had on the show every part of it was fun. And interesting. And he's funny as hell and and Iyar was shot on our stage. So the stage that yes. Yeah, E R was on our stage not know that. Yeah. So his his big career break of being on Yar happened at the same places. The Hello you. Forgetting about acts of life. Thank you. Ed. I really trained. Well. Time. Honestly, because I never saw. Yes. This is proof. We need each other. Yeah, exactly. But he really is an amazing amazing talk show. Guests we could play so many clips from him. But this one large producers have selected because he was about a year ago. He was in a car accident. A motorcycle accident and a serious accident serious accident. And he talks about it here while you were shooting. This your incidentally. Right. And this is when you had the accident. Yeah. Yeah. I was on a motorcycle scooter, but a big one. And I hit the guy a guy turned in front of me. I hit him at about seventy miles an hour. So I was a I got launched and I like crushed his his windshield in with my head, and then I went flying up after knock mammoth shoes, proper accident. And I actually thought that was it. You know. And if you did one hundred times ninety nine times I wouldn't be be around for. So I got I used up nine lives and then. My wife and I said, okay. Up's bowl to wheels. Well, we know that and we feel bad that you would not get to ride again. So what we've done for you. Come on. And you've got the sexiest man. Yeah, it's your which oh that's, that's an old one. Now the AARP sexiest man still alive. So that gift she just gave. Yes, is so funny, you have to see what it looks like check your DVR so you can see him driving around about scooter. Holy crap. It's a it's a great visual. I'm gonna turn over dead clapping. Thank you. I think we should play a clip of him talking about his kids twins and about how he is dad. I thought it was funny. Yes. Relatable and kind of adorable. Absolutely. So here that you have apparently to children. I found out I have two children. There are about like that now now, are they equal heights? No. He's taller. Yeah. It's weird. They're very they're very their own personalities. He goes outside hugs, my car car, and he hugs it, which is, is bad when I'm driving. Seems dangerous really gets right in the wheel wells. And then and then my daughter's up my wife's closet with versus going mine. So I see this is going to be a fun. Fun life. Yeah. And they're there to right? It'd be two in June. Okay. So two babies is one thing, but to walking around running things is another Zola. They run in two different directions. You should tell them together with, like a bungee. Yeah. So that they can only go so far. I hadn't thought of that. That's why I'm here I come to you for most parental advice. Yeah. Well, yes. I always come to you, aren't you smart? Yes. Yeah. But that's really sweet. That they're, and they're so are they pretty well behaved for two because the terrible twos is thing. Right. Very well. They were sick of the last couple of days does sort of ruin your nights is you must imagine, and did they in the same room. Yes. Most of the time, unless they're just waking each other. Right. Isn't that a thing like because I have a friend who has two kids, and to finally separate them and have their own rooms. Is that going to be a thing? I don't know. I haven't done it yet. I'm a find out it will come to me for parents advice. Do they have accents because you live in Italy? And then here in England and England. So you the other day I caught my son because my wife is very, very English. British my son said, zebra. To fix that. That's not gonna happen. No, no, no, no. But what kind of accent, they have, then if they're to do they have do they have an accent, cute? Tell you do. They can here's the scary part because the obviously got my, my wife's brains. They're, they're not quite two and they can count from one to twenty in English and Italian. I'm still trying to do the. That was. Yeah. Wow. They are super smart. Then. That's right. That's scary, when they're smart because it's easier when they're dumb. I got a lot of dumb relatives awful easy. Thank you. Mr. Clooney, George Clooney. Thanks, buddy. Go back. I'll touch you later. What you're saying. Clooney was listening. I said, thanks, buddy. I'll text you later. 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On four K ultra HD. We got another like if he's in charge of movies. Yeah. Sterling K Brown was one of my favorite actors on television fantastic. Good on this is us. I know this is this is one of Kevin's favorite shows, and it makes Kevin cry. Every week every SOPs up I get it. And I would say this you have to watch. But we go to L in tube and find it but we scared him the first time he was here. Yep. We scared him the last time us on the show. Right. And he came back. And of course, I said, we're not scaring you. He looked around. He was very suspect and did a lot of inspection of the tables to the way we scared on the last time was we played a game, and the performance area of our stage which was to people facing each other at a table seated facing each other at a table playing a game where they had to describe the it was, basically, it was called movies. But during it the table that they're playing in front of was like, made out of styrofoam and our talent exact Corey jumps out of this table and scares the bejesus. Sterling K Brown. So we knew we couldn't scare them that way. So we got a table that looked like a scare table. The top was a false top. You could open it up and see inside the table. We showed him all of that. And then during the game we dropped a ninja from the rafters at crazy and saying at such a fast speed and that can't not scare you. The you can't prepare yourself for something new guy. I knew it was coming in. It's slowed saying, yeah, we love you thought saying not saying I got you. Yeah, you're, you're you're pretty jumpy at times. Anyway, here's the audio of that scare because it's funny still. But then they should really go watch the DVR and check it out. I'm giving we're we're doing and we were going to play your game nothing. You. Is this check I can check it? No, I'm doing you guys think I'm being weird. Okay. There's nobody. Obviously I if I can lift it, nobody's in there. Lift. Okay. I'm good. I say. Copy that, that's how well built these things are. All right. Okay. So we were going to play your game. But then I told you about a game that I play is really fun. We portion are play when we're driving long distances. It helps pass the time. So I will say a famous person could be an artist. It could be a celebrity, it could be a sports player. And so, I'll start with a name and then you have to start with the first letter of the last day. And then I have to start with the first letter of that last name, I will start with sterling K Brown. Let's go with. So it's a b. All right. And I'll say we're known adjusted. Judge reinhold. Okay. Ryota. They have Oregon or again, so there's no less name Ricky Martin. Okay. Mary Tyler Moore Mandy Moore. Mariah carey. Where huxtable didn't count. Now. Okay got snow did. But, but. It's if you repeat or, or if you can't think of something in certain very. All right. Mark wahlberg. Kill you. Were also busy with the show during the week. It's hard to find time to fit in hot breakfast. But we just heard about this thing called just crack. Neg hot. Fluffy scramble yet. Ready in less than two minutes. How's that possible call? You have to do is that a fresh eg over there diced ingredients stirred up, microwave and boom. You're hot breakfast dreams, have been answered. I want this immediate. I know there's actually seven different scrambles, there's the Denver, the veggie southwest aisles more than I can even name. So you've gotta try just cracking AIG and take breakfast back. Go get it in the gal Andy. This is up your alley. The automatic pain cakemaker. Perfect. Sounds amazing. It's like two minutes. A lot of time. Like I don't have time to eat it sounds like a great thing. So what happens when we see a tape of a nine year old Irish magician on a Friday airland on a Friday? What happ well, when the visa workers, all when the visa paperwork, all taken care of here. They're here the following Wednesday. Yup. That was that was mind blowing to me how we saw the tape of this kid. Yeah. He was adorable door is mom was was the subject of the trick that he showed us on his video tape so super sweet. It felt like the next minute. I'm sitting in a production meeting saying that he's going to be on the show and he flew from Ireland with his with his family. Unbelievable super super sweet kid and a very earnest magician. Yep. Such as and you have to watch them on Ellen too. But here's a little bit of, of his personality. Nice to meet you. I saw your video. You really, really good. Thank you. And your from Arlanda. This is your first time in LA. And yes. How do you like it? I love it. The it was an eleven hour flight hotel is you though, like has twenty four floors. Yeah. Yeah. Is that like the biggest hotel you've ever seen on yesterday? We went to the walk of fame in the Hollywood side. Oh, wow. So you're having fun here. Yeah. That's wonderful. Okay. So I'm glad you're here, and you do magic and I love magic and your nine. How long have you been doing this? I've been do magic for four years now. I've started off like Mogae kids like sets of module, and then. Nick. And then I started doing college magic, but the one annoying thing is sometimes there's, like, Joe some really easy techniques. I can't do because I have small ponds. Oh, will not prolong. All right. So what are you doing today? And I'm going to be doing cortra- shorts though, right here. I have a deck of cards, all the chords, Ariffin. Yup. Great. So I'm just gonna get you to tell me when to stop. Okay. Okay. Tom, you stop great now this cord right? Here is going to be ok. Okay. But nobody's going to look at it until later on. Okay. Sure. So we'll just put that right there. Okay. Okay. Great. Now over here. We have a blank DVD DVD case an inside. We have a blank DVD. Okay. Yup. So can you. Please sign the shiny side for me. Ellen sure can. Thank you. There you go. Thank you. That'll be a were a lot of money. Tricky. Thank you. So we'll just put that in its case here Okari close it up. And just pop pop right there. Okay. Okay. Now in my pocket here we have some of my favorite movies. Okay. Yes. Like we have toys story store wars. We have Geraci Paul, Titanic, finding Dory. Oh, I like that. One of your favorite, it really is its own a my favorites is great E. So can you please just go ahead and grab any movie for me? Just anyone anyone just go right on this one. Thank you. So you can just tell everybody what it is, is the incredible 's, the incredible is that movement. Yeah. Great not as much as finding Dory, but you. Hey, great. We'll just leave it down here. Okay. Okay. How incredible what it be if this blunt DVD was now the incredible that would be incredible. Teaches himself these trip. He goes on you. He sees magic tricks. Would you say a little polka dot bowtie? Accent, any complains that part of the problem of him being able to do magic it his age is that he is kid sized hand and so it makes some of the tricks harder for him to do. You know, that's the reason that this is a true story that Donald Trump did not become a magician this because he is really small hands really. Yeah. He would be magician, but his hands were really, really small hands. But man that kid. That's cute. I just loved them. I really did just any was so composed in front of these nine. I know we were low pass mother's day now, yes, but they're the great monologue that I think it was the Lauren Pomerantz idea Ellen worked together about bad mothers day gifts. Yes. And I enjoy it very much. It is to play that one. You are allowed to play you wanna tell me about it. I now you wanna talk about dawn, dawn. Oh boy. Well, yeah. So the first personnel is gonna call on. This is a woman who was given an iron mother of eight mother of eight and was given an iron for mother's day from her husband when the babies were all little. Yes, networks out there. Still married for thirty years. God bless them, but oh my gosh. This poor woman, and dawn. Just looked like a character out of the background of Scarface move. Yeah. It was like a New Yorker. He's just he doesn't care. He's making the funny. I don't know how he got in our studio. He just didn't look like you belong there at all. It was so fun. He was hilarious. Listen to this mother's day monologue. Enjoy before the show. We asked audience members to tell us the worst mother's day gift they ever received and the worst gift. They've ever given. And if it was a secret. I'm so sorry because I'm about to share it with other people in the world. Okay. This name is interesting color. Seta. Ohi. Seta. Peta. There's, there's no need to lean down that Michael. I'm used to little kids. Yeah, yeah. No, you don't need to where do you live? Covering in Salt Lake City, wonderful. Okay. You said a mother of age and one mother's day. My husband gave me an iron. And then she put iron in all caps. So she's angry. Am I unmanned is tonight? No, they're not applauding for him. They're applauding. Why are you putting I don't know what? So why did you ask for an iron? Did you not own an iron? No, no. I his should every day for his with, with my eight children. So I guess he decided I need to keep up with the. Sir. Stand up, sir. Yeah. What's your name, Don? Don, don. Okay. What made you think that, that would be a wonderful romantic rewarding gift for the mother of your eight children, who aren't your shirts every day? Think she asks for night now? Yeah. I think I think she maybe to hit you with. Now, have you made up for that sense? Then have you given her more? We're how long ago was this? We'll be married thirty years. So it was with. In there. Yanga. I have to say that now he dry cleans all his shirt, so. The iron anymore. Good for you. All right. Well, listen, guys. You got a lot of clips today on this episode, you know that I'm really miss some of the banter, that's led by me today. But we, we wanted to give us. John township of the show. Yeah, what's that end? And no. You playing. What are you playing find anything? I'm looking at my camera that is so not sure you were just on something. Yeah. My backyard camera putting in the fake grass. So I want to see what it looks Lori having over. We'll that's what I do. Have you ever seen me on my camera? Do you have one of those in your bedroom? Yeah. Yeah. What's what are you looking at in your backyard right now? They're putting in artificial grass because there's an area. Our back yard get's. No son, whatever. And it just became a dead patch, or we tried every type of grass, and it didn't work. And so we're trying the artificial grass, your carpeting, the are gonna basically we're gonna see how fake it looks artificial grass grows. They convinced us, it was going to look at. So we'll did you get the nice stuff? Yeah. We've now he the cheap stuff. I went with the nicest possible, and yet it actually looks better the longer, you have it, yet, because it gets a little you have my parents do. And they like it. Love love it. All right. Well, that's all I have the same grasses retired. I have the same grasses retired people in Arizona. What Kevin saying let me just say this is this sitting here doing this podcast. We will be playing for the people who want who choose to hear it on Thursday. The sixteenth of may. If my math is correct. It is, we have some amazing people coming up on our show in the next week that I, I think we should just tell name. Well, we have a lovely southern Reese, Witherspoon, okay? That's a big enough star. There can't be more Will Smith. No stoppage, which my friend friend, Tom hang Tom Maria's. Friends, Tom hang Tom Hanks, big big big. And then a couple of weeks. Jennifer Aniston ho and Harrison. Mark Wahlberg Merck. Walberg stead men's coming. Been here. We've never been here and we're gonna talk about him in and Oprah. And for the first time on Ellen Dr Ruth, Dr Ruth amazing, my gosh. I learned so much from her show about you alone. Subscribe today on apple podcasts or Spotify or wherever you're listening right now. And don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays for even more Ellen fund. We would so love to know more about to here at L an on the go, please head over to wonder Reebok com slash survey. It's a really short survey that will help make this show better. The wonder dot com slash survey. W. O N, D, E R, Y dot com slash survey. We'd really appreciate hearing from you.

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