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The plants capture c o two what if we could help industrial plants capture it to thank you? We could help lower emissions more and more scientists than carbon capture is key to reducing CO two emissions globally. It's one way. Exxon Mobil is helping industrial plants be more like plants. That's the unexpected energy of Exxon Mobil. This week's Adam Schefter podcast. We'll be joined by a former and current Dallas cowboy I Darren witching, little come on to speak about his fourteen year career ESPN before he now leaves to go to ES RPG premier commercial real estate advisory firm based in Dallas, and then we'll be joined by the Cowboys outstanding young linebacker. Jalen Smith, who has business interests of his own. He also talks about all that awaits the Cowboys this upcoming season, but first up our friend, our colleague Darren Woodson, or joining us, now five time, Pro Bowl selection, four time I team all pro player. Three time Super Bowl champion and two-time, Adam Schefter podcast. Darren woodson? You know, I gotta tell you I wanted to get your I was going to call you today to say goodbye. We are taping this on your very last day at ESPN, and I was going to call you to say how much I'm gonna miss work with you. How much I enjoyed working with you, and how much loved having his teammate. But I said, you know what? Let's just get him on the podcast and tell them in person how much he's meant to us, and I wanna thank you for being such a great teammate, such a great guy. It's funny because people see you on TV look, so affable. And that's exactly the way that you are. We are gonna miss having you around Bristol man appreciate that fifty and look man. It's you know, I'll tell you what the hardest thing was, I woke up this morning in the DoubleTree where he's your second home as well. And I wake up this morning and the folks at the DoubleTree know that this my last day, and they all come out this morning, when I'm, I'm a ritual guy, of course. So they know and I'm coming down. I'll grab that coffee grab the food and I'm giving. Hugs, and it's like their family man. They've been family for for so long. I know them better. Then they probably know themselves. I know the kids, I know that churches, I know I just, it's just I just become a part of them and it's the same thing here. You cross the street at ESPN is, you know, these aren't just you know, I didn't just do TV. I've gotten no friends and families, and it's just been great mandate experiences is one thing to be on air man. But it's even that much better to built great relationships over the years. And that's speaks to the kinda guy that you are that you would know all of those hotel employees who their kids are where their churches, are you brought him in as guests to the show in person, right? Yeah. Yeah. Was anyone crying when they take a body today me? There are like, oh, hey, man. Good looking oh, my God. Yeah. Yeah. There was some tears man but I should have some tear yesterday. I was on the show with a guy been on the air with for ten years, and teddy Bruschi and, and it was emotional, and teddy, and I have, you know, we're beyond just, you know, colleagues man, we were like brothers. We talk every day during the week until the leading up to the Thursday and Friday show. So it was hard yesterday. You know, seeing, you know, a lot of the, the is, and all the videos of us, you know, in, in years past. Well think about this, and I thought about this this morning. You spent thirteen years thirteen years with the Dallas Cowboys spent fourteen years, or the PIN, you've been ESPN longer thing, you played safety. The Dallas Cowboys. Yeah. I have, you know, is crazy, how the years is run up on each other, and they just, you know that moves that fast but, you know, a part of mine my entire life. I've played started playing football in, when I was eight years old. And it's been around football forever. And of course, this decision was made for me to move on based on the fact that I needed to grow, and I got a real estate business in Dallas called ES RPI. We're we're located at the star. I go and I wanna grow the business world in it's it's been fun. I fell in love with the business but four or five years ago, and I've, it's continued to grow and the group that I have the team that I have around me is just is nominal. And you know that next step in life man, I'm ready to take on that challenge. What about the ES RPI business make you love it? So much team, the team, it's the one thing about here at ESPN is you have, you know, I work with you, and I'll work with teddy and. You have individual guys and, you know, most of us have come from some success, or have had success in our lives. And that's one thing. But for me at RPI it's you know, there's a partnership, and I'm along with some one a seven partners. But not only that, it's, it's the entire the, the, the, the brokers that are underneath me the lease Adleman group that, that my executive executive systems that are there, you know, forty employees at are there as well that are working every day, and for me, it's the team, it's to see those folks that, that haven't experienced this type of success have some success, financially and built capital wealth for themselves. And that's where, you know, in sit down every day and half five or six people gain planning in trying to help out a client find office space. That's been fun to me. It's just that transition has been really competitive for me, and I feel like every day I wake up, and it's that, that it thing that makes me go. And for those who don't know ES RPM, a commercial real estate. It via Serie firm, you've been working there a long time, right? Yeah. Well, I've been a partner for two years now. So I became a partner about a year ago and, and been with the firm for for about two years of firm has been started about five years ago. So how difficult was it for you to make that decision to leave your teaming again you've pattern here? We're going thirteen years. The Cowboys fourteen years with SPN. You've been with for two years out. Imagine you got another dozen years left at P before you move on to the next phase your life, then. Absolutely. And this is going to be a long term deal. This is going to be something where I'm at ES RPM, and my kids are going to see the process of their dad taking a chance, and that's that's one. Another reason why I wanted to move on as well. Because my kids, have always known me as a either football player or TV personality. Now they see their father in the business world. They see me every day getting up early in the morning being dedicated to the task and learning a new business in being. Heavily involved now. And I've always wanted to be a part of my kids will see me make this transition as well. So, you know, and I'm going to have to and hey, I've been overcoming a lot of things in my life man. And this is another opportunity overcome some of the fears that I've always had what drew you to commercial real estate. When did that happen, a guy named Steve Jarvi actually started with president, the president of the company, but Roger Staubach owned a company called star back and company and sold out to a company called J, L L, our leadership at ES RPI is, you know sharing Morrison whose the, the CEO's Steve Jarvi the president CARA gas. They are all working with Roger Staubach in, in the day. And when SABA code out they had a little time. They had to spend that another firm, and then they started up ES RPI and Steve Jarvi, and I have known each other since our kids before years old, and he's been recruited me since he was at Starbucks days and knew I was going to be special in this industry, and he's the one that. Really, pushed the envelope and say, hey, look, you're going to you can do TV all you want, but you need to take on this, this next challenge and Roger was adamant as far as me making this leap into the real estate business. Roger starbuck Roger starbuck. What did he tell you about it? He told me people person he said, may your people purchase your your, you would be greatness, service industry and Rogers guide that has meant toward me and not only myself at Emmett and a lot of other players over the years as a Cowboys. He's mentored us off the field as businessman, and he gave me that, that inspiration and that confidence to be a guy that's, that's willing to take the next step willing to get outside of my comfort zone, which has been sports and get into the business world. And that was a huge part of that decision along with Steve Jarvi, just making that push in basically, kicking me in the bud saying, hey man, you need to do this now. And now is the time for me to go full all the way in you talked about Roger starbuck being a mentor to you. What is the biggest thing that you've learned? From him. The -bility to overcome. And if you hear Roger story, Roger was the starting quarterback of course of the Dallas Cowboys in the seventies, sixties seventies, and in play in how to financial career, you know, went to the Super Bowl number of times and didn't want them all, but ended up getting a couple of Super Bowl rings, but Roger not only in the in the sports world. But in the business world has them losses has some huge losses in the eighties and had to overcome some of those huge financial losses to get where he is day. And we know he sold his business for hundreds of millions of dollars, just put it that way. He sold saw that company for a hundred hundred million dollars but he had overcome so much debt early on in the seventies and eighties. And they went back, then, as you well know they were playing football and working in the Aussies, and he again to put that kind of time in to be that committed is one thing. But I think the one thing that really love about this man. Roger Staubach is. He's been not only, you know, great sports guy been in the community, but the community service that he is provided in the in the things that he does on a day-to-day basis. Within that within a Dallas Fort Worth market, as far as United ways spending, his time doing that all the charitable attributes he's doing the Jesuits in helping helping them the raise money. He's just been such a pillar of service in giving for so long that that's what really inspires me is that, you know. Yeah. He's got a lot of fame from what he's done. But he does a lot of things under the table that you would never ever see. And you're talking about his characteristics and traits, man. And I will just tell you this, and it pales in comparison to all the attributes that you are mentioning growing up and even to this day. I think he was probably the best quarterback I ever saw. I'll say this to you. I remember watching football games as a little boy, a little boy, and I can't ever remember time riper put on a game was unbelievable how many times he was down. He would get the ball back. And there was never a time with two minutes left when he didn't come through and producing I cover. John Elway in Denver for fifteen plus years. And John Elway became a successor to Roger, Roger starbuck was the first guy who I ever saw demonstrate the clutch gene in sports. But hearing you talk about him. I feel bad that I even think of him as this great football straight, man. Yeah. He tells his story where he was in Israel one time, a long time ago and he was with Joe Montana on on the elevator. And there was a young man that was on the elevator and Joe Montana and Roger starbuck at the same time, and they get up on the second floor and Joe Montana, walks off the elevator in the young masses. Looks over to Roger Staubach says, do you know who that is Rodriguez? Who is that? And he says, that's Joe Montana. Oh, wow. That's that isn't that is great Joe much. He says, you know what you look like that. That guy that real estate guy in Dallas. No dodger. Dodger was some kind of player you talked about teddy Sangabodi or teammate teddy. Are there any teammates you get in touch with your cowboy days any teammates here now that you see lever regular on your life on man? There's so many yesterday. Michael Irvin reached out, right when he heard the news Dion Sanders reached out. I mean Troy Aikman Daryl Johnston. I mean, the list goes well listen. We still live in Dallas and a lot of those guys that I played with in the nineties in early two thousands. We've made home Dallas home and I see these guys every other week we live close to each other. So it hasn't things have not changed as far as that aspect. So, you know, they'll always be Kevin Smith is a really good friend of mine that came in nineteen ninety two, and he was my roommate for ten straight years. We talked in depth over the over the years. And I've had these conversations with these guys can honestly, tell you this, Michael, Irvin is a guy that says you don't leave stay say, you know, I want you to be at ESPN do your thing. Gets a. No, it love at Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys would love for me to stay and be here at ESPN because we're talking calbos a lot of times when I'm on the mic. So but we're still will. Yeah. So there's a lot of, you know. Former players owner, of course, and the Jones family that still part of my life. What will it be like for you after twenty seven years to have a job that is at finally an officially out of the public eye? You're not a football player. You're not on TV you're working for a commercial real estate advisory firm. I feel like honestly, I've never wanted to be that to be my identity to just to be a football player or in the public eye and being on ESPN of always wanted more. Like there's, there's a part of me. That's an introvert part. You've been around me, a long enough to, to know that I'm not the outgoing guy, I'm a little bit more reserved and all, and I've always had that type of personality. But I'm a I'm a grinder man. I just I got I have to see things through and I have to be totally focused on what's in front of me. And I think that's what ES RPI dose for me. It allows me to sit down with a group of guys. And it doesn't have to there's doesn't have to be a lot of hoopla around it at all. It's just let's work through this. Let's find a way to win through this process. And even if we lose taking on a chin this pick ourselves up overcome move forward. But that's I don't see myself as having to have the camera in front of you don't miss it. I don't miss it. Now, I've been I've, you know, since since the Super Bowl have not been in front of the camera and I didn't miss it one bit. That's not why we do what we do. And I always say that I'm a reporter and what I do sometimes goes on TV and, you know, I don't care when we're on TV. I'm no report. Yeah, that's the way it is. TV is secondary to all that we do, but will you allow yourself a moment now to think about all the transpired in your life over the last fourteen years, and let me recount some things here? And it's not that much of a lot more, but you have basically four-day television career. You've got remarried. You've had another child you've turned fifty. You've added more and more to your reputation. You've made all these new friends in Bristol Connecticut up, and their think about everything that's transpired for you personally last fourteen years. And now it's onto the next chapter what part of that will make you most nostalgic or said. Again, going back to the relationships, man. That that's what will make me sad. That, that's what will make me, you know, you know, yesterday being on that show and knowing that, I'm not gonna see teddy, you're probably talk to him every day watching Mark Schleyer move on a few years ago was, I mean man for me broke my heart watching her, you know, Herm left, you know, last year in those are beyond just TV is just so much more to, to know any guys. That's that's, that's the sad part knowing that, I'm not going to be talking to Seth or Cambo every day. I mean, you know, these relationships fourteen years that I've dealt what, so that's the part of me that I'm definitely going to miss Burke, these names like Hermann teddy, and Sean. And I just think of all the great people Daime with all the grape you get to work with the one trait that runs through them the Hasselback brothers. Yeah. All men of great character. Yeah. Really likes roots tremendous people that we get to work with in through, and it's, it's a tremendous group. And there's a reason that every one of you has forged the success that you've had, and it's not just because of your talent and abilities because of the type of people you are in the lives that you live and that's true. And we haven't changed man. I mean, hey, listen, I think this is what made a strong football football men is not knows fortune the good relationships, but the work the work, people don't see that shift. You know, I, I wish I could show my kids, how much work you put into all I see is okay. You're releasing this breaking news, but I I've sat there in watched you for hours on the set at time, breaking news. I mean it's just texts coming in. You're sending things out and reading up. I mean it's just it's it's doesn't stop. It's nonstop man. And I appreciate your work ethic. Man in what you. The tables. I appreciate and before I let you go down. I want to ask you, we have a guest on after you who is going to be cut in the same cloth as Roger stall back, and you and some of the great people who've passed through the Cowboys organization to go on to have great business careers. Jalen smith. Have you gotten to know him at all as a person because he isn't impressive young man? I know he's a great football player again. Let's get past that and talked about the kind of guy that he is in what are you spires to do with his life? Here's a guy that basically wants to be an entrepreneur is into venture capital is into all sorts of things that honestly away too smart for even me to figure out. I just spent two days with Jalen on a an excursion golf excursion out to west Texas, about two weeks ago and I really got to know him. And he is brilliant. He he's a guy that can juggle things many things his brain works that way that it's not just about football and he won't be just identified as just a football player. There's so much more in his makeup, and I can really identify with that really can't. But the kid himself is just a beautiful soul. Man, is he there's no give up? And we, we know the tragedy of you know how he you know. Toward a tours ACL and have to into big time knee injury. In his bowl game at Notre Dame. And again so high AllState and he was supposed to be the top five pick. And he had to sit out basically set a whole season when he came back. He wasn't the same guy he had dropped foot and couldn't run couldn't do the things. But never gave up confidence was always, they're always optimistic always fighting through things. And when even when he had bad workouts, you know, he found a way to overcome those things man. But he is, he's one of those guys that that will be a pillar success and within that organization and the Cowboys love him. They just love the loves personality low how he plays the game and it's the same that he didn't make the Pro Bowl last year. And I told him it was a shame. He says, don't worry about it. I'll make this year. So he just that kind of personality. And again, he's gonna have a great business career like many former Cowboys like you are about to go onto your cellphone a thank you for everything that you've done for ESPN. I want to thank you for the honor of getting to know you and be. A friend of yours a colleague of yours through the years. We will root for you from afar. You're always welcome back in Bristol, Connecticut. And I wanna thank you for everything. You've done for the time today. Shifty love you, brother. Always having always Willman. Thank appreciate that respect is mutual de Woody, thanks. We'll be back in a moment with Cowboys linebacker. Jalen smith. I wanna tell you about ZipRecruiter hiring used to be hard, multiple job sites. Stacks of resumes. Confusing review process, but today, hiring can be easy and you only have to go to one place to get it done. Ziprecruiter dot com slash A. 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But I gotta tell you this vivid seats thing got me, completely change one hundred percent authentic, and I got these great seats yesterday. Vivid seats at stress-free. Wait. What are you doing? Put mail them a hotdog. What's the matter with you? Stephen we know. Joining us now, the Cowboys outstanding inside linebacker, Jalen Smith and Jim, we're going to get to the Jalen Smith, minority entrepreneurship institute the program that you'll be launching here in July. But I asked you about last year. The Cowboys linebacking crew really seemed to take a step forward. How do you put into perspective, what you in van direction, the rest of your linebacking teammates have accomplished and what is your perspective on where this group can go? Man, we've been able to first of all thanks for having me. Hey, my pleasure. Have you means a lot man? But our, our core man on its, we're family. You know, we, we understand the foundation that we've built and the camaraderie. Goes on mats. You know, we, we've got five six guys aren't, you know, the, the entire linebacker roster could all be stars in this league. You know what I mean? So for for us knowing that, and then just being genuine good people who love the game of football, that's really was jailed together. Have you ever held like a like late in Vandermeesch? After a play. Absolutely. I've done it multiple times. He's, he's talking. He's taught me a lot. Like what? How to how I'm not gonna do it on the air. Come on give us one shot on air. Listen man, I got some secret sauce midday. He didn't he didn't eight and put me on game. He has a kidney, man. So it's, it's, it's wonderful for sure. You mentioned that your linebacking crew is like family, and your real family. Your brother rod signed with the giants, what's going to be like going up against him this season in tackling him. Man, I get the later would on final. And you're not holding back. No, I'm not holding back. You know, we, it was a blessing for us to to be able to play together for, for three years. No one, I mean with my brother going to stay to me going Notre Dame. We'd never got a chance to play, you know, together so that was wonderful. You know, me getting draft him him getting waived and signed by the Cowboys plan for four years, and then me being drafted by the Cowboys are which is our dad's favorite team that was a dream come true. But now he goes to whatever arrivals, and like I said, I get to beat up on them. Now, I'm looking forward to your dad's favorite team growing up was the Dallas Cowboys absolutely would and today still is at the Dallas Cowboys are yet to split his allegiance now to some giant phantom. He's, he's still Dallas Cowboys fan, but his only son. Older son's place for giant now. He's, he's gonna have a he'll have jersey in the closet. So Jalen, let's picture this, what would it mean to you, and your dad as a longtime Cowboys fan if you can help return, this team to the promised land, and get it another Super Bowl title? It would mean everything, you know, for us. We understand the Cowboys standard that, you know what set and for us I it's our duty to bring home another championship. It's been so many years of almost twenty years believe. It. You know if keeps up. So we, we understand that the time is now. But we have to focus one day. It's actually over twenty years over twenty. It is over twenty. Wow. It's been what ninety five right? Yeah, I believe that's the last one that you know that year I was born. So I should have known that isn't that right? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Twenty I'll be twenty four next month. So Jim nice season. What a great thing to be twenty four to be playing the way you are to be a restricted free agent after the twenty nine thousand nine season when you'll have only three accrued seasons your future. Looking very right now. Jalen? Yeah, man. It's, it's a blessing. You know, the Cowboys, they took a chance on me. And now they're receiving their return on them vestment, and we'll get to that. We'll get to that in a moment you're going to be playing the NFC east this year. And there's going to be a couple of rookie quarterback's net division now. We'll see whether or not they play with Dwayne Haskins in Washington and dangle Jones in Duke. But how much do you know about either quarterback? Man, I watched one half. And like I said, my brother played it will house, they die hard how state fan so by fourth, you know, growing up, I had to watch how state so I've always been fine. I'm I'm mid with God love bit west. So anything for the mid west like I rock with except permission. Taking a little shot there. Jalen, that's okay with that. I know a lot. I know a lot about that. My little brother. Austin Maggie plays what's why receiver house fake? They were roommates him and a roommate. So, wow. I got a chance to mine a lot, but we will gonna very match up, what has stood out to you about him being that you've had the chance to really watch him. The fact that he's explosive his arm. He can make every throughout. And he's Keith quarterback true quarterback, you know, I don't know about, you know, the naysayer anyone down the main thing that nature. I know he's a little bummed that he you know, that he fell and draft. But we, we all we all have a our own sort of ED's if that makes sense. So he'll be how 'bout dangle Jones? Do you know anything about him? Have you gotten a chance to watch? No. I, I haven't got a chance to watch him. I know that he's you know, he went to play that Duke. So he's he has to be, you know, intelligent guy with the with the football IQ of no other this, that's the type of guys that the giants like draft. So I'm looking forward to to, you know to, to land a hit on them. Like I did. So there were couple of giants now to hit dangle Jones, rod Smith. We gotta take care of couple of giants, their New York. Right. You know how they ended up the is we will. You bring the NFC east you play for the Dallas Cowboys you played for Notre Dame. How do you handle playing for two of the football franchises that are about as historic as they are in their respective sports. What have you taken out of an experience like that? Well, the, you know, for me, I've been able to maximize on these opportunities just being apart of to rich organizations in impetus, you know, they're below. So, you know, the reach is naturally, widened for that point, it's a blessing, you gotta soak it all in. But with that comes great respect and, and in, in what's given of you to accomplish. You know, you gotta reach that high that high goal and it's not for less. You know, the reason why you know the Cowboys are calling their team. The Notre Dame speaks for itself, you know, being a, a wonderful kinds of rich univer- university with so much history. So it's something that, you know, I I've accepted, I'll I love in a part of Richard English. Do you see and feel the similarities between the two different groups? Absolutely. I mean like I say you can go anywhere in the country, you know, someone's gonna know about that star in about the every time you know, of Notre Dame. So, like I said to is, is just wonderful. It's an amazing experience. I can't even put into words but it's just something it's a blessing from God. And, you know, I have to produce a mass when I'm when I'm going to continue to do. Jill everybody knows about demeaning that you suffer back in the two thousand sixteen fiesta bowl against Ohio State, and we know your stance that you would do all again. But knowing what you've been through, there's that change your opinion at all on whether college players should be paid at all. I mean made me, you know, an entrepreneur myself business, owner investor in private equity real estate developments and venture capital. You know, I understand. You know, risk reward you know. Yup. And with me deciding play that game, and then what happened happened, you know, going to be a top three pick and then telling I and all that good stuff. I made it okay for people to make businesses, you know, you, you name it any guy after me, you know, just having a decision to, to, to decide whether they, you know, want to play in a bowl game or not for me. You know my decision what I wanted to play. So is it brings a so much joy, just understanding that because of what happened to me, like it like people like are really can make the decision that's best for them now for me. My the best decision for me was to play in my final collegiate game for for Notre Dame university. You know when you talk about us getting like when you talk about releasing players getting paid. I mean, there's so much that go so much that goes on from a profitable standpoint for these organizations, just don't know. I don't know what the structure would be. They have to do something something. It's going to be it. It it's definitely I I'm definitely going to be I think we're gonna see a change. It's obvious. Sure it would it would be welcome. I will say that for sure. And you bring up the fact that you did that in the building people saw you, do you think that people refer back to your example, and that you and what happened to, you will influence what people do in the future? Yeah. I mean, it's the, the Jalen Smith, you know. From I'm trying to think who came after me. Like McCaffrey winter for news. Correct. Correct. Who was it this year? I know Nick both he got her early in the year, you know, making decisions you know what I mean. It's Liz goes on. But I'm just proud that. Like I said, you know, taking your emotions out of it being able to put the business at on it makes us decisions. But you did that enter into why you went ahead to go and create. DJ Lynn Smith minority. Entrepreneurship instituting, you could explain to people what that is exactly. I mean, I have an idea what we're talking about matching minority owned investment opportunities with impact investors, but why don't you tell people what it isn't how this came to be? Yeah. Absolutely man. I've wanted to be an entrepreneur mind highlight. So, so getting the education, especially these last three years of being professional, you know, in, in beyond the education and being able to invest and like I said, private equity venture capital real see the governments and just being a business owner I in businesses, it's about access to quality Bill flow. And, and for me having that myself with great networks, I wanted to provide that to, to others, especially minorities, black Brown. What Sinoe for dis and desire to be us guys and girls desire to be, but they don't have the financial funding mentor ship or the strategic planning on. So that's what the goal is to do. So we're doing our first Kate showcasing, in Indiana. So it's lifelock, my hometown and you know, it's going to be about one hundred hundred people there, involved be. Five contestants three winters, and they'll be receiving those three things like I said, and next year, we'll move to Dallas and each year where we'll both from work throughout the country and spread this, this knowledge is information access. I'm excited about the, the, the I it's, it's truly my purpose. Be honest. Let it. Well, you know, you mentioned being an entrepreneur wanted to be an entrepreneur entire life. How does somebody from the mid west grown up in Fort Wayne? Starring at linebacker running back wanted to become an entrepreneur. Understanding the, the access that is allows, you know, being a little more control of my time, getting out of the rat, race or something. I've always wanted to, you know being a being from the south side, you don't have to do a lot. You know as wanted to be able to provide generational wealth, and in group, economic group, economics meeting, just being a horizontally night, and not, not always vertical. So this is something that, that is tracked me growing up. And I've always wanted to learn so got myself into reading and gaining a lot of mentors on the way like who, who has stood out to you in terms of mentor ship. That you've learned a lot from. Man Eugene Parker. Oh, all right, man Zini. He passed the gang leaks before I got drafted, he's actually related to me and rot. So his aunt is me and rods grandmother. Wow, we were we're related from the time I was eleven years old. You know, I knew my agent was gonna be. Yup. Though, other physically he pass three weeks before I got drafted. But I, I was able to learn a lot of gyms from him. So, like, what give me one thing you learn from Eugene, if you don't mind, Jalen. One thing specifically off the off. The top of my head is. Understanding value over call meaning mcgeer accessible to. Funds and when you're deciding you're making businesses and we've making decisions in life on, on what you wanna purchase, and what you wanna do if just in life, you have to look at value versus the call. I got sometimes some sometimes the cost, maybe a little maybe a little more, but you gotta think about the value that you're getting out in vice versa. You know, and it is helps from a decision making standpoint. So that's, that's one of the big things that. I've learned from gene other mentors at all that you've taken something from that deserve mention here, Jalen anybody else. Yeah. Man. Michael Lido for sure out of Fort Wayne, Indiana and seal rice Wirtz, visors. He's, he's been in my life since I was about thirteen years old started as for training company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Where we're all we're on the guys train on eight of UP sports, and really challenged me to think. In, in really just a to really understand the perspective of. Understanding my ego. Letting go of my ego, and not being aware of it, but not identifying. Yeah. Yeah. Those. Guys, there's a lot of there's a lot of people that I could business. But I think those. Couple of standup. Why be remiss if I didn't ask you, if there's something that you haven't learned from Jerry Jones during your time with the Cowboys because he certainly knows how to market himself in his team. I have seen a slow who can sell their shares. And I love him. I thank them, you know, for for taking the chance on b believing in me, you know, like I said, now, he's getting his, his return on investment. You know, he's gonna pay me some day as well. So I'm looking forward to that, you know, we build together, what do you envision Jalen Smith's post football life looking like being that you have so many varied business interests outside the sport of football that I'd love to hear what you envision your life looking. Like, once you get done playing the sport. You know, alongside of you know, having family and marrying my, you know, my, my now lady, you know, she would be c-. We'll be my wife one day beautiful outside of having that. I mean, honestly. An and also outside of buildings generational wealth. I wanna help. Athletes become entrepreneurs, I entreat themselves like in. So in just just a spread that spread it out up throughout the world. I said, it's my purpose beyond this is as Oscar Noor ship. And I wanna help close that gap with the ME. I. So it's, it's a wonderful thing that I'm looking forward to, to what's in store. I'm embracing the season. You know, you have to have that balance. And keeping the main thing, the main thing, so it's good will Jalen, I have full confidence that you do all that, and more. A we'll continue to track your career. We thank you for the time today. We congratulate you on all you've achieved and overcome so far and congratulate you on all that awaits you as well. Appreciate you guys take care. And there's Jalen Smith. You could tell how much success hill have not only on the field but off the field is well much as Darren Woodson is done after his outstanding thirteen year career. Dallas Cowboys fourteen year career now at the SPN we say goodbye to him. We will miss him tremendously around the halls of Bristol, Connecticut. But we know great things wait him in his commercial real estate in visory firm. And thank you for tuning into another Adam Schefter podcast. Please join next everybody never great Memorial Day weekend. Wouldn't tracking the domestic dust bunny. You come to find them hiding the wardrobes next to loss soaks to suddenly, although scarring off. What's utterly fascinating about the dust bunny is that although they're not actually essential creatures when they have Kyko not only saves people money, but also has ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating. It's obvious to them. You should switch because yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer. Oh, no. It's the dust bunnies, only natural predator on the long dust on his run along.

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