Mulholland Drive


The. Change. Between Hello again everyone welcome back to ghost with the twin peaks podcast. I'm one of your co host Charles Skaggs. Waiting for ghost. Would force to reopen. Months. That and waiting. I know it's getting Kinda tiresome, isn't it? would be open if people would wear a damn mask right right, so we're not here to preach, but we kind of are we to? Wear a mask, okay? Apparently we are. Is Coming for dinner. Where a mask exactly all right so I guess we are. I stand corrected. We are here to preach. But because we went up reopen. Ghost would force you guys. We want to go outside and do all that so so everybody be responsible. Be Smart. Be Safe. Okay! All right in the meantime as we wait for everyone on the in America to Kinda, get their acts together. talk here episodes of nine. Is something that we've been waiting for to talk about for quite a while. You know we bring it up here. We bring up there and here episode seventy nine. We are finally got to talk Mulholland drive. Oh Holland drive yes, the two thousand one new noir mystery film written and directed by of course David. Lynch because that's what we do here. And You know we're going to be talking a little bit about the criteria, but mostly we're going to be saving that for our follow up episode episode eighty as we need engine a special features. But the criterion collection was released on October Twenty Seventh Twenty fifteen. We are so behind Charles I. Know Right. This is one what we spent the past year discussing the return so. Right. So that took a little while because you know, we're on a two week schedule. Anyway so? So. This is something we've been wanting to talk about. Obviously, you know there's a lot of connections to twin peaks actors in this and I just this is a film that Lot David Lynch players here and you know, and but a lot of new ones, too a lot of ones the people that he hasn't. Hasn't worked with before this one like Laura Elena, Harring or Justin throw although he worked with. Just throw later on in. Do you, do you mean? The Countess. Exactly exactly. So. Now, obviously, this is a film that's GonNa. Take a little. Effort on our part to try to discuss. Yes, this is another David Lynch film like eraserhead. That isn't exactly linear and David Lynch's not explaining it no. He's just saying you know this is. This is a love story in the city of dreams, and that's all he's given, you know. Although he did you know? Apparently? He gave some clues in ten clues. I wrote these down. That was in the original DVD release. There was like a little card insert. Right David Lynch's ten clues to unlocking this thriller. The question of course is. Can you actually trust what David Lynch's telling you? No No No I don't i. don't trust what David. Lynch's telling me because. David Lynch shows me what he wants me to see. And the rest of it is up to me is how I feel about him as a director and that's part of why Lovin. I mean you know? You don't I mean as David Lynch Fan. You know I know personally that. He's not gonNA explain everything. Because Hey I've watched three seasons of twin peaks. And I know I'm not going to get all the answers that I want I still don't know what's going on. You know and I've watched other things like blue velvet or This film Mulholland drive while at heart take your pick. Inland Empire Oh. Yeah so. Just, you know there's a lot of films that you know especially of his that he's not going to give you the full story, and because he may not even know the full story he just. He knows the kind of story he wants to tell. Right that maybe came to him in a dream, and he's just trying, and he's trying to put it up on screen for everybody to share with right. He wants to show you something. Yes, and whether or not what he wants to show, you is in a linear fashion. Is Neither here nor there. Yeah, exactly so so. I'm here with my wonderful. Coho, Zan and then sprouse and We're GONNA. Try to break this down as best as we can. So bear with us as we go through this because. What I think is GonNa? Be a lot of fun as we talk about this. And Sheriff we got a lot to talk about because. There's a lot going on in this movie. And so we might as well without any further. Let's start. Let's start breaking his damn a little bit. So. I should mention that. Of course. This room movies like two hours twenty six minutes. And and it's first two hours are apparently want story, and then we get a completely different story for that final half hour right right? So that's GonNa take some explaining obviously just when it starts to be porn. Does a one eighty on you exactly so. Porn and then flips it right. And you fell for it like the fascist are so. Little Nell That line. And when that was good pinkie. So Little bit of A. Notes about awards that were film received so. David. Lynch apparently received the. Hope I'm pronouncing this right pre deal. Love me's own seen. Apologies. On. San I'm very. Thank you for granted you. Did Not Take French German high school Susumi but that's essentially the best director award at the two thousand one con film, Festival. Y- and of course Lynch was nominated for best at the Seventy Fourth Academy Awards. But lost to Ron Howard for a beautiful mind. Fill that is a decent film in my opinion, but nowhere near. The level of this film, Mulholland drive I mean. Don't get me wrong. I've got nothing against Ron. Howard I like him as a director, but I feel like David Lynch. Does a little bit more with medium of film than most directors do right and when you see somebody like that. You know I would like to see. I would like to see more recognition for. The creativity behind it and I think it's I think it's hard for some people because it is so non linear. and. A beautiful mind either. I mean I am not going to try and sit here and tell you that I don't wish I haven't been wishing I. Was Jennifer. Connelly since I was eleven years old? But that's. You know it's not one of those room like what really? That's what that's. What really? I mean like I said I. Have Nothing Against Ron. Howard is director. I think very competent director. I just don't. I just don't think he's obviously as imaginative as David. Lynch, or creative. David Lynch I think he's a fantastic. Your teller traditional storyteller. Right and I think he does a great jobs with and there's nothing. There's nothing that. Of Real. Of Real a true stories like a Apollo Thirteen or A Beautiful Mind or That boxing one. Oh A. With. I know here talking with Russell Crowe again yeah. Okay Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger and he's a boxer. I can't remember Al.. Blurted out later when it's inappropriate, yeah, I just know that obviously Ron Howard. Did he directed Apollo Thirteen? And so low, believe it or not so yeah. Which I love. Your fans at hated it, but I loved Solo. So pretty underrated personally and one of my all time, favorite comedies, which is ridiculous, but I love it is night shift. Did he also. He also jerked splash. If I remember correctly, he did direct splash. which is probably my favorite role that John Candy ever did. So I mean John. Candy Great in. Uncle Buck but my favorite is probably splash so. So obviously nothing is Ron Howard. He's a perfectly acceptable director. Nothing against him. But I obviously. We're favored toward David Lynch in that regard. All right. So I guess some Trivia on this one and. We kinda talked about that a little bit before started recording tonight, but This movie Mahone drive originally was conceived as a TV series. And back in ninety, nine, nine, hundred, ninety, nine, they did a ninety minute pilot produce for touchstone television intended for the ABC television network. Right and it was also going to be attended for it was a French co production, so it was also going to be on French television, right and TV executives said yet. No, yeah, yeah, so apparently Lynch sold the idea to ABC suits. Based solely on a story of read emerging from the car accident. Her purse, containing one hundred twenty five thousand dollars in cash along with the blue key. Right in in the premise was. Betty would try to help her figure out who she was That's the that was the elevator pitch. Apparently and I'm sure that ABC after having. Twin peaks right. They were probably asking Okay David to find out who she is I mean. Please tell us we're GONNA. Find out who she is. RIGHT SPOILER ALERT! We don't so. I think that might have turned them off. A little bit I might have turned off ABC because they've done that before. And they had great success with twin peaks, but they done that before, and they'd gone down that road before and I don't WanNa. Do it again now. From what I found out from, my research was that Lynch showed ABC a rough cut of the pilot. The guy that they picked through watch the pilot needed. In, ABC immediately cancelled it. And then Lynch goes around and you know it talks it over with I guess a French investor or something and and. They decided that they live basically re. Re mench rewrote. The script expanded it. When they decided to turn into feature film at that point. Nice Yeah. Now interestingly on a twin peaks trivia note. Supposedly Sherline Fan. Yes, that Audrey. Horne Sherline Fan. said in a two thousand fourteen interview that the original idea came during the filming of twin peaks. As a spinoff film. For her character Audrey Horne. That's interesting right, so we got another right, which makes me wonder why maybe that's why Lynch did what he did to Audrey in return. She, the little girl who lives down the lane and this one mean interesting. We get another car accident your with. sherline fan that'd be interesting, yeah. Right yeah. I would have watched that I'm sure you would have watched that because I know you bet big lottery hord fan you're. A Big Fan. Fan as well. Would have been all over the as well. She's one of the greatest humans that has ever graced the earth. She's the sweetest woman. So if that's the case you know, somehow that evolved from a Audrey Horne spinoff into. Something completely different. So. Now for Different. Well at the time that Mulholland drive was being done as a TV show. Sherwood Fed was working on rude awakening for. was that going on at that time Yup an interesting? Helps Yellow. This connects a little bit. So! So speaking of twin peaks cast. We run them down. Because Hey, we're twin peaks podcast right yet, so the actors that. Appear in this one. The only watts, obviously I and four course as inland empire exactly then you. Does the dual role of Betty Elms. Or Diane Selwyn take. Your pick. In this one of course, she played Jenny, Jones and then we had Robert. Forster turns up as detective McKnight. So share free. Truman right there. Share Frank Notice for curate. When you said Frank I saw Harry in my head. That's really weird. Right probably listening because normally when you say sheriff. Harry S Truman. That's probably why. Shouldn't be too hard to remember that. I was just dumb on my part. I'm sorry that's right. We've been talking just went brain. It's I. Have Quarantine Brain, which means which means drink every night brain exactly so. You're you're you're you're podcasting with assisted? chemical podcasting. Yes, this is. Mike cast your adult podcasting. How's that? That makes it sounds so much sexier it's. All Year. All right so we also had dead is huge podcast. There's no reason for you to sleep on the couch, right? Well obviously. We'll talk about that scene late. We're GONNA talk about that a little bit yeah. Yeah because I'm sure. A lot of people didn't see that coming the first time that That, they watch this film. Brent Briscoe as. Detective, Dumb Guard, and. Of course. Yeah Recipe's detective. Right, yeah, sadly, we lost briscoe not too long ago, but yeah detective Dave McNally and the return. now had ngelo battle Amenity as Luigi Castellini the espresso hating mobster. Tends to. Voices displeasure with Espresso by spitting it out into a Napkin bidding it into a Napkin. Yes, and I remember seeing these news to the time list at least user Napkin good friend I just remember watching this movie The for singling but. This is so great exactly so our favorite twin peaks. Composer turns up in acting role here so. In addition to doing the music for this film score. Nothing against Dean Hurley, but he's our favorite. Come on. We know we were. We were Angelo. Fans before your Dean Hurley fans, so that's the thing de knows that our heart is large enough for the both of us were. Just know your place. Dean Hurley that's. Dino's yeah okay. there. We just needs. He needs another twenty five years. He'll get there exactly exactly so Rebecca del Rio. Who of course is one of our favorite roadhouse seniors the return? Makes her appearance as herself. Sorry. Issue there so. Yes. She said she's one of your favorites. Oh Yeah, yeah. I loved her performance of no stars, and you look address the Chevron Dress. I did yeah so. But Yeah I really enjoyed her performance. No Stars In des No surprise here. She does incredible. Performance of Spanish version of Roy Emerson's crying. We'll talk about that. You can sit there and listen to it and not start crying. Like Laura. Harring and Naomi Watts I. Think you might need to check your pulse. Of course. Is it live or is it memorex as we'll discuss who cares? It's beautiful. I know. Michael J. Anderson turns up. As to Roque as rock. So let's rock I guess I know. Let's rack so Of course he played the arm. Slash little man from another place. In, the original twin peaks series and Hey Dunkin Todd shows up and form a Patrick Fischler. He does poor per Dan. Yeah, put shows up. Is Dan the guy who gets basically scared into a parent coma by. Yeah. It's a heart attack. Yeah, yeah, by the bum behind winky's. Who obviously. We're GONNA talk about as well Oh. Yeah, for sure so we have lots of things to talk about other cast of note of course Laura Elena, Harring or just now, Laura. As, reading tests yes, as Rita Slash Camilla, Rhodes one of you calling her the Countess because. She, married the great great grandson of Otto von Bismarck. Really Yeah So. Trivia point his full title is Count Karl? Von Bismarck shown housing. So. They were divorced. Let's have a really big business card. Siri. It's like A. It's like a three by five card. Say. Here's my business card. It's like this is an index card. Now. You gotTA. You gotta you gotTa. Put in your briefcase. Can't you put your pocket? They they got divorced, but she kept the title of Countess. Trusting so yeah, and she also not not in twin peaks, but also inland empire. So you've got so many people that were in something tangentially. Does something Lynch Definitely Lynch even. Even Monty Montgomery Yeah Yeah who played the cowboy. He Produced Wild at heart frontier and hotel room. Right I didn't know about hotel room. Yeah, he did Hotel Room, interesting and. Vincent Castellanos who was Federico and twin peaks. He was ed the guy that That Joe the hapless hitman shoots at the very beginning right. He's there and. Just throw. Just throw yes, up in. Devon Berk. And he's off the Adam catcher yeah. Yep Scott coffee is trick in twin peaks also window empire. Was He trick? I didn't realize he was trick. He is also my favorite student. In. Ben Stein's class. In Fair Day off Oh okay? the. The Holly smoot Tariff Act Oh. It's anybody you know. Vice President Bush called this in one thousand nine hundred anyone. Is he the guy that just kind of like with his head on and like he's looking down gotta like is. He's the with his head cocked like. Mouth Breather. Got It so. He's. so He's been around, so yeah, there's there's a lot of. I looked I liked her. But didn't see her right so I need to. I need to pay closer attention, but PHOEBE Augustine isn't clubs, Olympia somewhere. You know who else is in clubs Lindsey Oh. Who Else Shirley? What I didn't see that Oh. Yeah, she's there. When when the when the? It's only obviously just a quick cameo, but yeah, when when Betty and Rita walk into the theater and they start going down the aisle toward their seat. Even notice that she's off to the right. See you guys we got to. This is why your own DVD's? You can watch this kind of look for this. This is why you listen goes the twin peaks podcast because we tell you stuff like this. We tell you silly tree like. Did you know Charles Yeah that Angela Battlement T. Did the. Ninety two summer, Olympics. I did not know so he did the opening. Did you even? I I if I understood correctly the opening theme to the Nineteen Ninety two summer Olympics. You got it. Yeah, so take that settled. And for all of my Elvis Costello Fan friends out there. He's done some projects with. Not Elvis Costello. CRANBERRIES fans. No relation Stella's ex wife but delayed. Projects. You know I'm a big. Fan so that's cool. I didn't know that. Yeah he sure did intend with Tim Tim booth from. From James. Bond, okay, yeah, there was a delayed album song late. No, no, no, it's called. It's called booth. The Bat Angel Okay. Yeah, so I recommend looking at his. James Song I know is laid. You probably know. Sit down. Oh yes, yes. Sit Down next to me, yeah. Yeah! Okay, got it. Yeah and. Jeanne Bates. Yeah, there, you go Jeanne Bates one of the people that meet betting on the plane and one of the little tiny people at the end, right. Is Mary's mother in. Eraserhead, Get up I didn't know that that's her. Yeah, she plays. Mrs X. in I learned something today. You guys she. She knows how to cook just like regular chickens. So? Yeah, there's a lot of lynch players all over this. Yeah, well. One of the great things we talked about this in the pocket David. Lynch is obviously extremely loyal to his actors. And probably you know, imagine like He. He knows you know what they can do and he knows. The kind of roles that he probably wants or. The type of actors that he wants for this type of role, so he's like okay I've got my stable of actors. Let me see if I can get so and so to play this role. Right right he's. You know he knows what he's looking for, and he gets. I think he gets what he needs out of who he works with, so so if if so basically, if you're you know if you're good in and Lynch legs, Love Your Work and you like him, and you get along I. would say you know you got at least the occasional work coming your way if you get the lynch process yeah. I think that's probably a big deal to him because he is so. UNORTHODOX, with his storytelling, and some actress can't deal with it, they don't like not knowing what script about and stuff yeah. Not to not to speak ill of the dead or anything like that, but I don't think he's you know. I? Don't think you know. Chad Everett is your you know no, David Lynch cutting I. Don't like Chad Everett at all so well. Somebody, we should probably mention because one of the things about this is that he brings in a few kind of old Hollywood types Sim classic Hollywood people. Yeah, so so we including Chad Everett who plays Jimmy cats in this who is just? A wee bit ski in this. Chad. Chat ever ski like. I always felt like Chad. Everett probably is in real life, the type of character he plays an airline to probably we should. Obviously that's where I primarily know him from Simon Kurtz in airplane to the sequel. Simon's turned to jelly. The, greatest sound effects in history out of What are the best lines in that? Whole you. Started Jelly, His whole like, but he's going to be in charge of babies, Mr Mrs Simon Kurtz and that's an order. I'll bet he's really liked that in real life. Because there is that there is I believe it's a Dick Cabinet show where he talks about how he has animals, but his wife is his favorite animal. He owns Oh really oh. Yeah, look that up on Youtube where he says well. My wife She's my. She's my favorite animal. That I own and Lily Tomlin was also on the show. That you own. Oh, I have to leave and then Lily Tomlin just up and walks away interest, and then he makes a comment after it's gone. That I. Think is a dig at Lily Tomlin's lesbianism. Okay where he's like well. My wife really does does enjoy being cared for by a Man That with a woman like I think he's. He's really kind of I think she likes being cared for by a man. And I think he's really digging it Lily Tomlin when he says that she wasn't open back then, so this must have been. She wasn't necessarily, but I still think you know. into the public and open in Hollywood or Hollywood people know. Tell me that people didn't think the tyrone power and. We're. Friends. Like. People who knew Cesar, Romero and tyrone power. They knew it was going or rock Hudson for that matter. You'RE GONNA. Tell me that doors day didn't know what rock Hudson was up to right. They were like besties. Of course she knew all that stuff so anyway. I felt like it was a little bit of a day, but yeah. I feel like Chad. Everett is probably that he's probably probably exactly. I've and that's why he was so good at it because he he's primarily. But he because he is that guy, and Miller turns up as COCO. The did you know the end Miller has a pair of tap shoes in the Smithsonian? I believe it yeah. Yeah, she was choose dancer, and so yes, she was in the films. Kiss McKay on the town. Easter Parades Parade Yeah. There's a whole list there, but she's got a star on the walk of fame exactly so, but apparently. This is like her last film. It was exactly her last film, so she didn't really do anything she didn't do any film. From nine hundred, seventy six, until this movie I think she did the occasional TV spot, but this was her last right first film appearance since nineteen, Seventy six, her last film appearance at before she passed away. So also in in that same apartment. Yes. Leader Yeah so Damian's bomb turns up. That's how Damian's. That's Davies an thorn. Stevens mob Damian's mom. Or is it? All. We know I'm taking. A stand up at stake wreck. What you're right, so, but what deeming ends up getting sent with some relatives write in the sequel. So you're right. It's not his mom. Oh okay, but but in four and. Again I have like so it's like an. Honest Lebron is. Absolutely. You had me second guessing myself again. You know it's okay. I totally apologize but so. I know relation. No relation. But yeah an thorns, probably like an aunt or something of of Damian's that. Probably. Hey the parents are dead, so somebody's gotTA. Take this kid right. Yeah, yeah and know. But. She was like in the heat of the night, the nineteen sixty seven. Film classics. Yeah she also was in. Shampoo. FOR WHICH LEADING! Won An Oscar for that, so yup, and let's let's let's not forget James Karen. Who I don't know if you're a big poltergeist, Fan Turrell's. I'd like poltergeist. I'm not a big Fan, but I like poltergeist. Yes, the original began for guy so the guy that Criti- Nelson is screaming at son of a bitch. Move the cemetery, but you left the bodies. Didn't you all? That is James Karen. Yes, that's cool. I just found out, yeah! was good friends with Buster Keaton at the end of towards the end of your life. He was a good friend of author Keaton's interesting. Yeah, so now an actress that. Is has a pretty notable appearance in this Melissa George. Now? A lot of people don't know her. Not Familiar with her, but I became a fan of hers when she was on the TV series alias. She's. It didn't watch that. Yes, he and she's in season she's. She's primarily in season three, but but she's really. She was really good on that. Recently, if you're a star trek discovery fan like I. She played the modern. You know the the current version of Veena. Who is one of those characters? That appeared in the original star trek pilot the cage. Captain Pike original people exactly so so essentially. This is Pike. Pike is in season two as captain of the US discovery. So she gets the acquainted with. Veena. So. Played this time by Melissa George. That see that's one of the cool things about that. Show is just that you know you're really were warded as a star Trek Fan yeah exactly and I'm hoping that will continue because now. Pike's getting his own TV show. With strange strange new worlds, which is the title? I heartily recommend because. Yeah! I was published in Star Trek Saints. New Orleans back acts really. Were Title. Yes, she plays Camila roads before. Yeah, she's the short hearing place. She's the original. Camilla Rhodes or That is the girl. Yes, that is the girl she's. The girl appears she was the girl the first time around. Yes, Djilas the girl that all this mobsters one in who Mr Rock, wants exactly initially yeah. Actor that turns up. That's in I. Think is particularly fond of this film, Billy. Ray Cyrus. Billy Ray Cyrus is one of my favorite parts of this movie as loved? Guy. I got the pool. She got the pool man. I wanted to buy that judge of Rolls Royce. I Love Billy Ray Cyrus in this movie because it's at the time. When this movie came out in two thousand and one, we really hadn't heard from billy ray Cyrus, right. We're four awhile. And I don't even I. Don't even know where we were in. The scheme of things isn't comes to him and this. Is this obviously after breaking hard? Oh Yeah. It was like ninety, three, ninety, four or something like that. Yeah, and so everybody knew billy ray Cyrus Ganz before. Hannah Montana, though see I think yeah. I think it was close to being because I think around this time. Hannah Montana wasn't around yet, but I think it was still lizzy McGuire type of world. There's usually only one. Thousand Six sitcoms that would have been five years after this. Yeah, so we really hadn't heard too much about billy ray Cyrus, but the one thing we knew about billy ray Cyrus is that he has the most epic mullet in the history of mullets. It's up and it's. Who's got a better mullet billy ray, Cyrus macgyver. And don't say Simon Lebon macgyver her close to like here. Billy Ray. Cyrus is all like. It. Depends on what you look for in a mullet so I I think you're selling. Your mullet's too short. That's what I'm saying. I don't know. I'm loyal loyal to the macgyver mullet, but. Dini Anderson I'll Richard Anderson mullet. Okay, that's a good one. That was pretty iconic as well but. So I remember when I first saw this movie in the theater. and. Adam the. CASHERE- Yes, yes, the amount of cash director character just. Just throw his character. Comes home after having a bad day on the set. and. He sees the Pool van in his driveway right, but he doesn't see the pool guy anywhere, and then he goes and finds the pool guy in his bedroom in his bed with his wife. and. He just says you've just got to turn around and forget about this man I mean he's just so like nonchalant. He's like I'm doing your wife, but you just gotTa. Deal with it, man. That's how that's how it works. And she's laid back just he's just like okay. You know this is happening I know this is happening, so let's just talk. Frankly, yeah, let's I'm not even going to pretend yeah exactly. So it's negative, hide under the you know in a in a bedroom or something. Yeah, yeah, exactly so. Front. And then, Adams wife is like. Why are you even here? Like she's really horrible to him. It's a lot of golf because you get the first of all, you get the impression that house. was bought because he's director exactly. It's. It's. That he, he's he. Paid for it. Yeah, it's probably it's probably his. Work that paid for it. I don't know if the house was there before she was there or what, but you sort of get that sense especially when you have. Two people who were kind of just shitty people, yes. There's there's probably a real superficial nature to their relationship, right? But. You Know I. Am not going to sit here and judge what other people do in their marriage. Okay, yeah, you want to have an open marriage. If you're polly, I don't care. That's your business. But it it takes a special kind of goal in my opinion to have an affair. In your own house in your own marital bed. Okay, yes. Have you ever seen in cool look like know you're going to have an affair ticket elsewhere is what you're saying. Or as Ironically as. As Dana. Carvey used to say take it to Mulholland. I! Don't know if you've ever seen the movie. Silver linings playbook yes. Well the Bradley, Cooper character is in a mental hospital. Because he almost murdered someone, he almost beat somebody to death. And I'm not saying he should. As Chris Rock likes to say I'm not saying he should have killed him. I'm just saying I understand. and. He said what happened was is Bradley Cooper comes home. Finds his wife in his house with another man having sex in the shower, not only are they in his house. His his well. It's. So he comes home. Finds his wife in the shower with another guy and in in their house in their married house. Yes, and the song that played at their wedding for their first dance is what is on the Stereo right? And he loses his freaking mind and goes off on this guy. Understand the guy. The. Guy Has the gall to look at him and say. I think you should leave. To somebody in his own house. And Bradley Cooper goes crazy on and I can't say I'm shocked I mean that's. That's some goal, so she's got some goal, so he takes her jewelry. Adam takes her jewelry. goes to the garage fines paint. That looks like PEPCO abysmal. Yeah I don't know what. Serious Pink. Yes, it's a serious pink. And just Joshua box the the pink room. It's the pinker that's that's what's in the house. Yeah, there's there's you know. He's got a string bass player. In this room. Pours the pain all over the jewelry and she's screaming at him trying to get him to stop so billy ray Cyrus comes out of the bedroom. Picks him up and pushes them out and says. That ain't no way to treat your wife man. I don't care what she's done. Larry. Is the best three minutes at this whole movie The deadpan expression. Most, it's the funniest three. It's whole movie I love the palate cleansing nature of the Billy Ray Cyrus appearance in this movie. Because, there's obviously some very dark stuff in this movie, but Billy Ray Cyrus, but Lynch. Lynch has as a way of like. Maybe he realizes that okay. This movie's getting even a little too dark for me. We need some comedy here. We need billy. Ray Cyrus his. Exactly, so so here's another. One of those where you're like he's. He's a perfect character. Because he has that. Reputation as being kind of a hillbilly. So it works for him here because it really works for. The bill, pool guy. He's the Hillbilly Pool Guy, but he's also. A lot bigger than Adam and a little bit more manly than Adam. So Shaina guns big time in this movie. Sons out outguns out and he's also very. I! Don't know what I want to say I. DON'T WANNA. Say Moral, but he definitely has. A code of conduct that I know your wife cheating on you, but you don't propane on her jewelry. Interesting. Interesting set of morality. Yeah, and so he's he was very recognizable. And I hate to say this because it sounds more elitist than I want it to okay. But. When it comes to David I. Don't think there were a lot of David Lynch fans who were big achey breaking heart fans. I think that's a safe assumption I would bet that a lot of people who were watching David Lynch movies when the whole line dancing craze came about, they were very dismissive of it and sort of looked down on it, so yeah, that's. Not exactly the same crowd really right. It's nice crowd any had that. You know noth- nothing against it, but definitely. It was a different the same way I think the Achey. Breaking Heart would have thought that they did. Lynch crowd was Weirdos exactly. So you know in in general like stereotypically in general because. These two groups do not meet on the ven diagram, not usually. Although apparently, they do here at this one in this one scene and it's one scene. Yeah, like I, don't I. DON'T WANNA. Say Uneven where the circles overlap. Yes, I don't I. Don't want to be a person that ever says that anyone. Creative Endeavor is inherently better than another one. All I know is I got so damn sick of that song. Just because it was everywhere, you and a lot of people don't worry I. Think I could listen to that song sooner than I could listen to roll with it by Steve Winwood. Okay, because that is the song I always go to when I say I can't believe. I listen to the song. Thousand Times in one week of a summer. That was overplayed so. Interesting so there are some songs like that where I'm like I. If I never hear, that's. Too soon and it can break. Your heart was one of them because even even. Achey breaky song by weird. AL, Yeah Okay like thirty seconds entered on I can't. I'm out I heard this one way too much. Memories, and that song is about how that song was overplayed. Even that I'm like I gotTA. I gotta back away, so he was, he was recognizable from being gigantic like five years before. So, everybody sort of I think there were some people when I saw the theater that we're like. So people started to Giggle and I know this is. It fear out like what Oh. My billy ray cyrus like everybody figured it out because he was everywhere for a while. Yeah, so I mean I. Essentially Billy Ray Cyrus as the last guy. You would ever expect to turn up the David Lynch film. And these. And in the. David Lynch film in the bed of one of your main characters. I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for billy ray Cyrus for exactly that'd be really re Cyrus. Another one is another country I. Do not think country musicians. Get enough. Recognition for being good musicians. He's a very good guitar player. And so. So I'm not trying to slouch him I. Just really hated that Song! I'm sure I'm sure Dj. Nick would agree with you on that one. I Dj Nick should at least understand what it was like in one, thousand, nine, hundred hundred. Show. The show, he should at least understand what it was like. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, two to have to be that was that was pop radio that was country radio music. It was your grandma liked it everywhere, but I will forever have a soft spot for Billy Ray Cyrus because this movie, okay? All right so. The other cast members of note that you want to bring up before we move on well I. Did want to bring I wanted to go back for a second. To Jeanne Bates Mary's Mary his mother. was in a twilight zone. And the you of course being a huge twilight zone fan, big twilight zone fan, and this is an episode that most people know it's a good life. Oh which is the one with the little boy who can wish people into the cornfield with bill mummy. Me As a little boy? Yeah, interesting. In that in that episode? All the families all get together. His his mother is played by. clarks Leach men. But there's a group of neighbors that all get because of course anthony. Street is the only street left in the world, apparently according to everybody else so because he's wished everybody away. So. They get together. For somebody's birthday party and the guy whose birthday it is, he just starts yelling like. Why are we putting up with this somebody? Pick up a table or chair and hit him in the end it and then Anthony wishes him into being a Jack in the box. Yeah! Jeanne Bates plays the wife of the Jack in the box. So, she's. Just wanted to shout out to the twilight zone episode. That's cool. That's cool all right. Now obviously, we talked about. This is GonNa be really hard to break this movie down, so here's our attempt. Okay so. Break this into like five topics maybe six depending on how we do. In how goes topic number one? Let's talk about Betty. So Betty Elms in Rita. In what we might as well call reality number one. Reality Number One. I was originally going to call the dream, but Zan corrected me wisely and so. How do you know what's the dream on the re the real world? So that's the thing. This is David Lynch I. Don't know what's the dream and what isn't because it does. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but it does feel like something happens, and then we wake up into a more gritty reality. And I think that you know because especially right now in this time of just living through horrible nece all the time. That I feel like we are conditioned to think that the grittier the reality of the more real it might be. Right. But. What is with Irene and Irene's husband, being those little people that come out of the box who come? Who are who are running around Diane's apartment like that to me, makes this all bets are off? That's why I don't know what to dream in. What's real so you like you said reality reality to or what I was saying pre solent CEO and post. And that's and that's another great way to put. It is because. because it almost with clubs, and unless he has seen we're going to. We're obviously devoted segment to that, but. It almost like that's kind of like a transition between these town realities now they do tend to kind of crossover. these two realities back and forth a little bit right we've got. We've got glimpses of the second year in the first reality. We've got some similar names you've got. The waitress who starts out as Diane, but then she's betty later on right. And the Real Diane shows up in in the betty reality as the dead body that Betty and Rita come across in. Yes, the apartment right so. So. Yeah, there's there's a lot of criss cross a little bit here, so that's. These these these two realms, these two realities kind of Blur into each other at times. That's obviously going to make this a little challenging to talk about so bear with us as we try to break this down. Watching David Lynch. You know how to keep up exactly exactly. This isn't your first Rodeo I'm sure now, so so should we just try to run through this as? know the film goes, or how do you WanNa do this? I think I think the only linear way we can do. This is chronological now so all right so the movie opens. After a little bit of a jitterbug sequence. Right which doesn't really come doesn't really make sense until you see the Sylvia. North Story Right. And even that we don't get a whole lot of what's going on with that why I think it also that we don't get until we see. Naomi Watts Diane where we find out that she wanted jitterbug contest and came from Canada. She wanted Jitterbug. Contest came from Canada, and it starts out. You're thinking okay here's this these nice. Sixties. clean-cut kids, yes, and then cut to betty getting off the plane. This clean cut kid. Yeah, so maybe you're thinking that, and then you see the Sylvian North Story and you're wondering is this. Does this something to do with that? She's going addition to that. And then you find out what the jitterbug contest you're like. Oh, it's. It's all just sort of tangentially just sort of right. It's the I just thought of this, and I probably said it before, but I just thought of it again with this particular movie that David Lynch plot is like Sam Beckett's theory of time. It's. Here's the beginning of your life. Here's the end of your life, and it's not just a big string. You crumple it up and all the pieces touch each other right. And that's what's going on. It's there's all these tangential things that are touching each other that don't necessarily relate to one another in an that's something that's very common with Lynch obviously that. These little tidbits that. They're not directly related to one another, but they like you, said tangentially you. Touch one another a little bit. Yes, exactly all right so so. We see. This Limo this Cadillac as we're told. Going along Holland drive above Los Angeles. and. Then somebody is frigging tailgating, right? and. What have we learned from David Lynch movies about tailgating? Don't tailgate. How many currently? Keep your ticked to stop at a safe right to see if we stop otherwise Robert, Louisiana is gonNA. Lay into! Yeah, you know how how many currently so you need to stop safely when you're going fifty five miles and her six six, frigging curling's okay. I want you to get a manual. I want you to read that mother effort. Exactly now, wish you tell me you're not gonNA tailgate. We really need to discuss that. That's so need to discuss that. So this is where we're. We see Laura Harring as. At this point, we do Brunette getting the limo. The driver stops gets her out of the car at gunpoint or tells me get out of the car gunpoint, but before she gets out of the car. The. Wacky teens that apparently drag racing or something. plow into the Limo Yep. So the drivers were told her killed, but. the woman. Brunette gets out of the CAR. She's kind of obviously affected by the accident. Starts walking down the hill. Toward! Like like you know it's. It's kind of like on. The road is kind of like alongside this kind of Cliff, mobile and drivers in the Hollywood hills. Yeah, exactly so she goes down the hill. Yes, yet toward toward the city. Braved the distance because and then she ends up going to this -partment complex. And then she sneaks it to one of the departments that belongs to Ruth Elms. Ray Betty's aunt Ruth Betty Betty's aunt, Ruth. We find out later. WHO's leaving by this point? And because her her niece, betty is going to be coming to stay, so she ends up. Hiding in. The apartment passes out. and Later she's been. She has a head injury. Yes, exactly. So so essentially, maybe a little concussion do who knows. And then, of course we've got some police detective that kind of later, come across the accident and and one of them. You know probably I think it's rob foresters. McKnight. Kind of. He kind of like gets the feeling that Oh. Hey, she must have walked off into the woods that way. Down the hill. Seeing a David Lynch movie who would walk off into the woods? What's exactly then never? That never happens characters going. Right that's you. Have you have a? Midnight Dom Guard which are not exactly the most. On it always officers right exactly. It's not exactly the shield is. Let's put it that way. New or the wires yeah. So Betty. We're introduced. Betty, who shows up? You know rise from Los Angeles from Deep River Ontario. In she's exactly like your ideal actress from fifty s Hollywood. Why and just so happy why? Got She's got the the tight pink sweater. Looking very much like you know, just someone just stepped right out of that era. She kind of reminds me of like what have what would. You must have been like for lifebeat beater down exactly before before she hooked up with Dougie, I hooked up with that whoring gambler shown exactly. Yeah. Maybe maybe that's another reality. Where like you know, she ends up. Becoming Gene Jones in that. One day. I just blew your mind and I. Yeah, there's one more waitress it. winky's named Janey and Her to Or maybe the DELARE, ooh, ooh, see, that's the thing I mean. David Lynch movies are nothing but diners and awesome furniture. Why can't live in that reality? Show right well. Part of me wants to, but then part of me thinks about all the horrible stuff that goes on there, so maybe I will onto. I just want to be somebody innocuous like like. You know yeah. I just wanted like. I. Just want to be one of the customers at the diner. A double our that's. Yeah or Heidi Heidi. Yeah, there you go, you know he all the time hey GEICO. German I could do that there. You go there, you go. You know that's a good life goal I think. so she's She's apparently I think she must've spent the flight with these this elderly couple this older couple. Yeah and yeah, and Irene and Rearend, husband and She's talking about how like you know. She's hopes to make it big as an actress and her aunt. Ruth is allowing her to stay at her place. And, so they kinda part. Betty goes off in a taxi cab or something, and then we see the couple. Going off their taxi. And they had and they have the creepiest. Ask Big grins on their face. Something is up with them, and I just wonder if play. unnaturally distorted into these large smiles. That kind of this very black hole sun smile. Video. Yeah yeah that. that. Video where if you haven't seen the video, I would highly recommend it because it soundgarden. It's very good, but right because he's really exaggerated. Smiles that are that scared the crap out of me. When I first saw that video again got turn. Turn the channel so I wonder. So, what do you think they were smiling? I have a theory. I think they're the key to all of this I think they are to. The supernatural force that's behind all this day they are the firemen, and the and the Daito this. The senator died Daito Yeah. Yeah, and the reason I think that and again I'm not trying to get ahead of myself, but this is David Lynch. It's not linear thing no. When? We later. See that blue box. Yeah, you know. When we first opened the blue box and we just go right into it and it goes it goes. Right sexist didn't now starting to become gotten different reality, but then we see later, and they come out as these little tiny people that are just laughing hysterically like under the door. You know because they're so small. Kinda like cackling maniacally, go he. They're I think they're the key to everything. That is what that's. What starts this? Yeah, so so maybe this was just poor. Betty or you know in this in this reality at least runs afoul of these people. And they decide to like. Oh. Hey, let's just mess with your life. Yeah, it's just you know if if. It's a bad encounter. Let's put it that way. Just like Bob you know all it takes is one camping trip when you're fourteen and your life is ruined. He just kept flicking matches at me. Yeah seriously. So yeah, you know all it takes is one bug to go and your throat and run guide work. You're screwed. Pretty much so all right so she. Yeah so betty shows up at the apartment building her aunt, Ruth. How apartment she meets Coco. Played by Miller who's like I love Miller she's a great. You know like really friendly landlady type. She's really friendly. She's very caring and. She says you know. If they weren't any good, they wouldn't be living here because I'm a good judge of people. and. This is. I don't mean this in any offensive sort of a way, but. She is very classic old Hollywood right. And so you get the feeling that COCO is. You know who? She is in real life. That, she's classic Hollywood that she was in the movies, and now she owns this property and takes care of people here. The. Go ahead. Go sorry, go ahead and the reason I say that is because, and this is something that I have seen in older old Hollywood people. There's just way too much makeup because Hollywood is so dysfunctional, especially for women right in the sense that you can't look old, and you can't look fat in. You can't look short, and you can't look and other still Cetera et, Cetera, et, Cetera et, Cetera et Cetera, and you. You have to look like whoever it is at the time, and whoever it is at the time can can change. So. So the fact that Koko. Has That jet black dyed hair and way to Jamaica up? Just reminds me of just obviously not looking like her natural self would write just reminds me of classic classic Hollywood. These are women who just were used to getting dolled up all the time. And the ring too much to look younger, and they're dying their hair to look younger too much hairspray too much everything and I'm thinking if somebody like A. And again I don't mean to be an insult. I think it's I. Think it's the systematic Hollywood machine that makes people feel like they need to do this in this, and they are known no less beautiful, because are amazing women, but I'm thinking if somebody like. A Debbie Reynolds Aurelien Mary weather. And I hate to say it, but the last time I saw her a gates McFadden. Way Too much makeup. Shame, but that was, but I think that's the thing I mean that's that's the thing you have. Hollywood, everybody's got an expiration date. Until you are like Betty White. and. You're like this this. Quirky thing. Especially women have a real expiration date in Hollywood and I feel like she I feel like the way. She looked really told a lot of a story about her past that that David did necessarily give us yeah, but I think she had been. She had been betty at one point she had come to Hollywood. Well, there's some stuff. That's one of the things you know now that you bring it up. That's something that I kind of noticed vibe that I got. What I think would lynch was going for. With Betty, being the like aspiring actress that new like Wannabe New Hollywood. So essentially what you had in coca kind of looks out for for betty she really so essentially. It's like old Hollywood. That has been through some things they seen. Some things seen some things. They've already been placed. They've already been places and so so coco was kind of like only Hollywood. Looking out for new Hollywood a little bit. Yeah. So that's the kind of vibe. I got from that. I think so too yeah. so. She kotex Betty to her aunt's apartment. Betty goes inside fines Oh. Hey, there's like naked Brunette in the shower. Which I think is I think it's interesting because. Naturally assumes like Oh. Are you like a friend of my aunts or something? That's weird to me. I mean I. Right I feel like somebody. Would have told me that I feel like my aunt would have said. Oh by the way. Read is GonNa. Be there to like I would have been like pretty sure. What mentioned that? Yeah, yeah, but I think because. First of all the Rita character was naked so obviously very vulnerable and not a threat at the time. And! Maybe better being. To a little bit that is naive, and but also read it being injured and beautiful right? She seems a little. She seems a little less threatening. You know, so she's and. Again Benny probably thinks you know. Oh, cocoa knows everything that's going on in here. This is probably level. There's probably a lot of things going on with that, but yeah. That I'd be like the hell. Yes that that would have free freaks me out if that happened yeah! Now obviously you know, I might have a different reaction, but you know. Hey, you know finding naked Laura Harring in the in the shower, but you know I think you finding naked, Laura. Hearing the shower is going to be a little less terrifying than me finding could. Probably I think I'd come to it with a much more practical from a practical standpoint, yeah! Maybe terrifying. If you're like my wife, Lori was there and they can Laura. Harring was in the shower, but It'd be like yeah yeah. We should call the cops. This isn't this isn't right, is it? Yeah exactly you'd be? You'd be like. Should. Do something about this you'd be. You'd be like Seth Rogan in. A forty year old, virgin right there in the bathroom with Elizabeth banks as we should go from here. Michigan far away from here. We should get out here and he's like getting undressed is saying. We should. We should get out of here. so they talk a little bit. Of. Door hearing comes out and after seeing a Gilda movie poster. Starring of course Rita Hayworth. Nineteen forty six film. which was hanging up the bathroom? She calls herself Rita. She introduces herself as read it, but then later admits I. Don't remember who I really am. I don't know my name I have. So, we'll come back to the seventies I have Amnesia exactly. Yeah, same nausea was not a plot point that we'd seen. While no, but it's obviously something that comes up a lot in like. Soap Opera Troupe. It's a soap opera tope I feel like it was like a three's company type of. Like I feel like in the seventies. It was it was nothing but. In quicksand. Quicksands Echo in this going. Yeah it's. Yeah, if you've watched any episodes of Charlie's angels from the seventies, you knew the angels Scooby Doo. Like quicksand was everywhere, and I still didn't even know we're. Well the yeah. Yeah Amnesia for sure was it was a big one. So. Betty. Trying to help you that it's like okay. We need to figure this shit out. And so. They try to open a like looking at purse like okay. Maybe you've got some info. Identification and somebody can figure this out. One hundred twenty five thousand dollars exactly Oh, in a bizarre blue key, a blue key. That doesn't really look like a key. Yeah. So. Apparently the this is important to something. So what we do, we decide. We're GONNA. Listen to put in a hatbox in stored in the cloud. We're GONNA. WE'RE GONNA hide it in the closet. We don't know who's might be coming after this. Yeah, I'm sorry if you make one hundred twenty five thousand dollars in cash, and you don't know who you are. You can probably expect that somebody bad is looking for you, yeah! So so but meanwhile. They One of focus tenants Louise Bonner played by Lee. Grant shows up. Tries to warn betty that. Hey, there's trouble in there, so someone's in trouble. which has ever get signed a David Lynch film? When when a woman dressed up like stevie nicks with like a black veil over her head. Yeah, I'm so your apartment and tells you that there's trouble something's wrong. Yeah, yeah. This is like a Mega Goth Cenex. Secrecy, that's possible. Stevie Nicks. The and the and the psychic grandmother from A. PHANTASM. Up into one character here. Yes! Like stevie nicks went to hot topic, but basically. Yeah basically burn down hot topic well, that's a whole different thing. Sorry, that's the whole, yeah. so cocoa basically apologizes say look. Louise's clairvoyant in her warnings are often correct. Yeah, so you careful I don't know what's going on but I am going to trust you to take care of it exactly so this is apparently the you know. The big warning signs. Something's up here. Now her Betty's eight ruth range for an audition for Betty And so re runs lines with Betty. and which they think is Kinda funny because of that dialogue. It's not a good ice. Makes, it nearly watched us. Such a good performance actually makes it a little bit better than I think it really. Well Yeah, you know so so basically Betty shows up at the audition. And then we talked about Chad Everett, so his character is there. And She's supposed. Betty supposed to act against him in the scene. De Really GonNa chat ever total Chad Everett in this scene. He is so perfect for this because he's got really do believe. Chad ever is probably the kind of guy that would have sex with his best friend's daughter. And Chat ever it in the scene is rocking the Donald Trump. ORANGE, skin! If? He's like weighed ten and he's like fake tans way, too. Touchy feely with her before they even get touchy feely. Yeah, exactly! Yeah, it's he's. He's just kind of so because she does a really really good job because the scene is basically. What are you doing here? My parents are upstairs. Why are you still here and We should not. We should never have done this year. My Dad's best friend. This is terrible I hate you. I hate us both and just. Kill you and I love that where she it starts to get really passionate. It gets very erotic. It's erotic where she's. Like. She's like I. Hate you hate us. Both and she's. She's breathing really heavily, and it's a phenomenal acting performance. It's fantastic, and then it's like. To get out, or what right are Kellyanne? Yeah so good, right? Just memorizing of obviously the everybody else in the room thinks so as well. Everybody else is dairy by this air balloon away with andover with an erection. because. It's a really erotic radically done seen, but they're grabbing their scripts going like I'll just kind of. Script in front. In my lap here for a while. Anyway notebook as I walked to class. So. So. But, but apparently betty does so well that One of the agents there. Decides to take her to go see Adam casher. Who is casting for the Sylvian north story exactly so they go over there and. You know. UNBEKNOWNST to Betty. The part has been earmarked for Miller roads. Earmarked by Mr Rock and all the other exist. Mobsters. There's something really yeah, we'll talk. Separately but yeah. But essentially sort of like like Johnny Fontaine deal. With. Exactly exactly exactly. Now interestingly, Betty, Adam kind of make eye contact for a little bit as she walks and. Adams kind of looking at her like well that should be the girl, but I can't cast the garage. Yeah, because otherwise you know the cowboy will like. Destroy? Cowboys Toby which do in somebody who's frozen, my assets and stay in a crappy hotel exactly and I can't go back to my house because the pool guys there with its pool. Guys there and frankly, there's just pick paint everywhere. It's a mess and I don't want to clean it up. It's damned if I ended up. So, but betty panics a little bit. She's like. Something you know after that look. She panics and she's like well. I need to go back because hey. I need to keep this date with Rita that we were gonNA. Go check out Diane Selwyn place I had. I promised a friend. I'd help her I have to go I'm sorry I have to go. Yeah, so so she ends up back and they go. Betty Rita go to the park number twelve. which weird about that though is, it's almost it's almost like betty can sometimes smell a bad scene. But not enough. No, no, you know. She should be able to. I I feel like she should have been able to smell her way out of Danielle apartment. Cheryl yeah, exactly because you know. Hey, there's a corpse in there and sure it didn't smell very good. You think you. Would have been noticeable before they went inside and even just the whole when they get there and there's. Two guys case in joint and yeah, exactly yeah I think she's just caught up in the mystery of Rita I mean. Rita is serious very. You know very sweet and very beautiful, but very mysterious, and there is an air of danger around her that I. Think Intrigues, Betty. It's kind of like what happens with Comic Lachlan's character Jeffrey Beaumont and Blue Velvet. Exactly what happens? This dangerous, but this woman is mysterious. She needs my help. She's beautiful. I've got I've got to figure this out I. figure out what the Hell is going on here. Yeah, you're right. I didn't think about that. That is exactly the same kind of thing, yeah? So. So, he ended up apparently. Of Women Answers, but it's not Diane Selwyn. It's a neighbor. Who tells them women all? Hey! I, switched apartments with Diane. She's number seventeen. And I want to tell her that he still has some of my stuff. My plates maybe. Like I want my records back, okay? so they go to number seventeen. Knock on the door. Nobody Answers surprised because. Hey, there's a dead woman side so they betty breaks in so like a whole breaking and entering thing going on. And then it's all dark of course and disturbing, and because hey, it's David Lynch right so they go in there and they find Diane Sell One's body laying face down on the bed. Yeah, it's not a good scene. Yeah, and yes and this. Apparently has been awhile because their chorus is pretty emaciated. It's kind of blue and starting to dig. Yeah, it's. It's a little bit. It's pretty nasty yeah. So, apparently, some time has passed. and. Actually they? They kind of freak out a little bit. Go back to their place. To. To the Betty's apartment. And restarts like going into the bathroom and trying to cut her hair. And Let's see so. Betty's like that. He tells her known. Don't cut your hair. Just wear this blonde wig for some rea- now. What? She's worried that whoever is looking for her is who killed Diane Selwyn. Okay, so it's so. It's more like you know the guys that might be after that money. Right! Disguise you you're gonNA. Wear this blonde wig right because those guys were at Diane someone's apartment complex, and then they find Diane so when dead so I think she's afraid. And she started. Her. If she, starting to remember the bad things were going on that you don't. You don't usually wind up one hundred thousand dollars in cash after eight night of being a level. So I think she scared and she just wants to, she wants to. She wants to put on a disguise and hide herself as much as she can. So at this point, this is where it. Kinda turns into a letter from penthouse forum. This kind of thing has never happened to me before. Actually you know what I'm talking. But I was in bed when my. In she was sleeping on the couch is she's on complete like she takes off all her clothes and Clinton the bed with me. She comes in with a towel and I tell her she shouldn't sleep on the couch anymore, so then she takes the towel off. and. We totally do. Exactly, so so read. It gets into bed. They make love. And Betty Tells Rita. She's in love with her. Okay, so at their. Go ahead. It's easy to fall in love with the mystery I think right. Yeah. I mean you know she's very like you said mysterious enigmatic, and let's face it rather attractive woman. She's very beautiful and she. Thinks she was. Laura Harring was a former Miss USA or something right something like that. Yeah, and learn hearings character. This version of Laura herrings character. Is Very honest and is not using her at all. She's very grateful for that. She's helping her. She's to have a front end. They're very sweet with each other, and so I think there's no. No apparent ulterior motive going on no. I think it's very easy to fall in love with with mystery like that. Yeah, so. So at two o'clock that night. and. Here's where we kind of. Do our little transition. Suckle your seatbelts the one eighty digression exactly. Exactly yeah. So Betty. Arena wakes up speaking Spanish. And even though it's like two o'clock in the frigate morning. She's like. Hey, we need to go to this club. You need to come some place with me. It's two in the morning. You need to come someplace with me and the Club is club Salena Zito Since you, which of courses. Espanol for silence. A. So. So redesign her blonde wig. Looks a little bit more like Betty at this point. Looks a little bit more betty, but it's funny now that you mention it. That dress Kinda reminds me. Of Isabella Rossellini stress when of her cocktail, yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's not it's not blue, but it's. It's the sort of black one with with the high neck, open openshaw. Exactly. So. They go to this club. and. Real. Yes. Isn't the itchiness is really bad right now so there you go. Come back all right good. Okay, so so they go to this club and I lost I lost. I lost you I. Don't know what I don't know what happened, but it is windy we in. It's supposed to rain all this week's. Who exactly and then you know. We're getting close, but. So. As they after walking down the aisle and walking right past Laura Palmer. Like tossing, which is awesome they sit down and also. There's this performance going on stage where this MC comes out. Talking different languages about everything being an allusion. Which? which is essentially Lynch talking to the audience? Right at this point? don't get attached to anything exactly it's. Like, you know it's like it's basically like the Beatles saying nothing is real. In strawberry fields for so. Rebecca re del Rio comes out. Liftings a Spanish version of Roy orbison crying. He's one of the greatest things you've ever heard in your life ever ever. which is something that you didn't know you want it in two? You heard it. And then once you heard it. You didn't just want it. You need it. To be joyful, pray much because it's so powerful in Rebecca del Rio's. We talked about on this. You know has a three reactive range. So she kills it literally. It's one of the greatest covers the history of cover songs pretty much pretty much. It's fantastic. I never knew I wanted that, but it's not like. Orbison is some slouch when it comes to vocals either. Is a tough one to sing. Yeah, so just kills. It feels it so. She's obviously in that ballpark. And but then she s, she's seeing. She collapses in an but the audio still playing, basically revealing Oh. Hey, it's a recording. It's illusion. It's allusion you can't trust anything. He can't trust anything and Betty Rita or in the stand in the in the audience. Watching this and they start understandably crying because very powerful performance. It's IT'S I. I wouldn't be surprised if that. was a real reaction to them hearing that's on. Yeah, so so That, he reaches into purse finds a blue box. So. We have a blue key now and a blue box. So hey we got to get these two crazy objects together right. I think that would be extraordinarily bad. defined bad. Fuzzy on the adapting. Exactly yeah exactly. That sounds like a text message exchange. Like. They. Did they find the box and Diane Selwyn apartment? Well later you know what you mean when everything they disappear. I can't yeah. I can't remember no. Okay. They don't even find the box. Yeah because it shows up in the. Aunt The, aunt shows up and. It's like she hears the Thud because when the box drops. She walks in. She doesn't look like she sees the box. There's air it's like. It's like aunt. Ruth never left. Yeah, exactly. So, yeah, so but yeah, so so essentially this is. They go back to. Base apartment take out the key the hatbox. that. He suddenly disappears at this point. From this point on, it may all be different exactly. Exactly. Yeah, talking about you know. We've talked about this with the return here the episode Mardi Eighteen When? Cooper in Diane how to cross that threshold? So. So very similar theme there exactly. Gird up surveying, there. The box. They put the key. In. Of course, the box seems to swallow. The bedroom drops to the floor. We talked about that now. It's dark now. It's dark. And then Diane someone's apartment we cut to that in the cowboy shows up telling you. It's time to wake up. so presumably. It's hard telling, but presumably this was a dream. Diane Sell Dream. Well that's. Because of him telling her to wake up, but the question is well. Maybe it's a dream within a dream. See. That's the thing I because. Did we switch realities and she just happens to be asleep in this new reality when we get there. was she having the linear dream of? Of Rita and or Or was it from this point on, it could all be different is is that what happened now? It's different in. This is just what we're seeing. Yeah, no! That's the thing I don't know and I. Don't because I feel like. I feel like her waking up. into reality. Is Too, facile David Lynch. Yeah like I think there's there's more it's too straightforward. Just straightforward to linear I think there's more going on here who? Yeah. Yeah, there's more going on. Than just. PRISCILA NCIA was a dream and postal NCO's, real. Even though there are so many parallels. It's almost like. You know because what we find what we find out is. Rita is now canola. And so she is the girl. And that audition went badly not well and. All that, so it's almost like. A good version of what her life could have been a not so. Easy version of the way her life could have been so it could be that again like I said you've got. Irene showing up tiny and now I! Know All bets are off so I have no idea no idea. Yeah, it's. It's almost like you have to put everything on a big spinning wheel and like okay. This is the answer for this as you spin the wheel, and whatever comes up comes up because I. Don't think there is a clear cut answer here it. It's almost kind of like you know this this. Really Complex tapestry that fold on itself. Like a pretzel. And And It's nothing clear-cut here obviously so. so, what happens at this point now that? We've shifted. We're shifting from one reality to another reality. because. We wake Diane Selwyn wakes up presumably. Right Diane Selwyn. is now played by Dami Watts, so betty is now, Dianne. Right for the and so this is where it gets a little tricky kids. So. In in this reality, Betty is era. Excuse me Diane's. Confuse. Diane is a young Canadian woman who wanted to Jessica. Contest came to Hollywood looking for that fame and fortune. and. In? She hears the sound of someone pounding on her door. So now, Dianne. Does it. Look nearly as clean cut as betty. She is looking a little CDC like she had like a really bad night. In a bar, three M or a Meth, habit or a meth, habit or something, yeah. And, looking really rough at this point basically She shovels to the door. It's seem neighbor that Betty and Rita met. Still looking like wants the rest of her stuff from Diane's apartment. It's been a long enough, Diane. Where am I plates? Exactly so she gives it up. neighbor, Keser gather upper things like it's there on the floor in the box and then leaves, but she also mentioned. Hey, those two detectives came by looking. Yeah, so again. This is where the movie criss crosses realities. Because the cops there. Presumably we thought were in a dream. are also in this reality. Right so it's like a wizard of Oz kind of thing. We're seeing people just in different roles. Right exactly yeah. Okay you were there. And you and you were there when you were there, yeah. So at that moment. Diane notices the normal the Dorky colored blue on her coffee table. Blue Keys again blue keys a different key because the other one was kind of like stick like. That the one of the box, but this one is just a regular kind of standard Dorky. In it's under coffee table She then sees that Camilla Rhodes. Who is now played by Laura Harring. Melissa George. is in the kitchen. Overjoyed and so she's like overjoyed to see her. Then realize Oh, it's a hallucination. And then, from that point, we kind of we start to get the story. That apparently Diet and Camilla met on the send again very similar story, yes. Yes so. Yeah, we find out that apparently. They Diana met on the set of a film. They both auditioned for the lead role in the Soviet nor story. but the role went to Camilla. They end up became coming lovers. And in this reality, Camilla manage to like get some small roles for Diane, but then she got kind of bored. With their relationship. Broke off right. And the director didn't like our in that kind of. So. Diane obviously didn't take this well, and it didn't make any matters easier because Camilla's like opening like. Has this open flirtation with Adam? Director on the set right in front of her. Yeah! There's a scene where like sitting in the car and. Adams trying to show the lead actor how to kiss. Camilla You know like. She her head. Just kind of falls into you know your shoulders or whatever you know. It's yeah here and you. And Diane can stay and has to watch this. Enraged about it seems likely so. So that obviously bothered her understandably, and then she gets. Camilla invites Diane to a dinner party at Adams House on Mulholland drive. And see all of this is just so. It's it's. Pretty EFT up really. It's cruel. Could. Be Upset but. Yeah, it's like yeah. We used to be lovers, and I'm more successful than you, so please come to my boyfriend's house for a party. It means a lot to me that you see me doing better than you I. Mean I think it's been cruel. Yeah, and then once once she's there after being led up this like secret pathway to the house. Kisses another woman. WHO's. Played by Melissa George the one that played the original Camilla. Yeah and then she announces her engagement to Adam in front of Adam's mother who cocoa? COCOA AND COCOA STILL? Is Very caring she's. You know when when they're doing that weird thing where they can't even get out the fact that getting married, they're just giggling. and. Cocos Holding Diane's cocoa knows that like my son is kind of Shit yeah, basically. But. But Essentially Camilla in atom. Has Zero ass as far as Diane's concern at this point for sure. Yeah, they're just they're just. They're just being nasty. You know they're just kind of amused by the whole thing by dance suffering about the. Yep. So Diane who's understand pissed at this point. Goes to winky's. And hires a hitman named Joe eats up with Joe. Joe That we had seen earlier in the film. We haven't talked about Joe but. Is was really bad at being hitman. Yeah his his gun just goes off. Yes basically this comedy of errors that we see, but apparently she hired him to kill Camilla. Yes, and this actor has a history of being a bad henchman. He's the big Lebowski. He's one of the rug pictures. Big? Hey isn't this guy supposed to be a millionaire? Is that actor yeah? So so while she's there in the booth at winky's, and this is the same booth that we had seen. Dan In. The other guy I forget his name. Herb Earlier in the Dannon talking about this dream and see that's another thing like. What's the because Dan starts us on the dream part of it, so yeah, this is weird. This dream even start. Things get really circular at this point. Obviously yeah. So and it makes to make matters worse. She served by a waitress named Betty. Right. It's the same actress playing the waitress, but instead of having the name Diane. She has an embedding exactly so they basically swapped identities at this rate, right, yeah, and So. Let's see in the Joe Tells Diane that he can. Once he completes the job. You leave a blue key in her apartment. Next is so that's is apparently the same key that she finds in her coffee table right so apparently the job was done Camilla was killed. Right it's or so we think. So. Diane, you know. Starts to become wracked with guilt over this. She starts kind of like imagining. Camilla desert. There's a very unexpected masturbation scene. That takes. And it's because she she loves her, but she hates her for being right. As cruel as she is, she's she. You know she. She hates it. She's so cruel, but she can't help but love her, so it's like she. She's trying desperately to be with her even though she's not really being with her at this rate. Yeah, exactly so she's a imagining herself. She's got champagne fantasizing. Yeah, she's got that sort of. Love One can kind of a thing going on exactly so. While so. This she starts getting being the guilt I. Think kind of our Zor. She knows that the police are kind of closing in. So. She ends up going in committing suicide. In the head, and then collapsing dead on the bed. Just lays down. The corpse that Betty and Rita found in the, but in reality number one, and she starts going crazy, and that's when she sees the little tiny people, the little tiny Irena everybody got that. Every getting this far CH- just checking. Yeah, so if you're lost, that's understandable, but welcome. Welcome back. Welcome to the club right? Welcome to the party how. Committed the coast. WE'LL WATCH MAHINDRA WE'LL. Have Left. Exactly so So. That's three topics right there that we went through. And and we still have like even more to talk about. So the question is so the question is. Do we want to like? Cut It here and follow this up in part to. Or, do we want to keep going? Well the movies almost over, so let's finish the and we'll talk. Okay worry. We'll try and hurry this. We'll talk a special features next time all right so So probably the next thing we should talk about at this point is adamant. The cowboy. Yeah. Having the Cowboy Cowie, so we've always seen what Adams kind of up to In the way we're kind of introduced him is like He. He has this meeting downtown. Back in reality number one. Ray with his. Like a couple of producers, and then the the Castellini brothers played by Angelo, bet debt battle, the mentally and Dan Daya. Right and. The brothers Kinda show Catcher the hitch of the actress named Camilla Rhodes. WHO's played? This is the girl. Yeah, they basically say this is who you're going to cast for your film and was like no, no I don't think he's. F You and then they. Freeze his assets, and you know just basically make his life very difficult. Yeah, this is after he gets pissed and goes out and smashes up their limo. Before driving off in his. Yeah right exactly so. They're so sort of Johnny Fontaine deal. That's happened and that's. And that's what he goes home and finds Lorraine with gene. Pool Guy. Gene Pool Guy. We talked about that. And then like some goons show set by the casting the anti show up, beat up. His wife and Jean. The Pride of I love her jumping on the guy get of here. Yeah it really. Is kind of like picks her up because he's so huge and she's so. This guy is like as tall as why. He's not short, so he's just kind of like like it's like he's one of his kids off of his shoulders. going. Get off me and we're not punches her her off. That's right. Because this kind of like backwards punch. Face And, they're just like matter of fact. Just throws her the wall in the floor. She she doesn't have enough of a healthy sense of what's actually the right thing to do. Well to be fair. She kinda had upcoming probably but in. She's well. She's a terrible person, so she can't figure out. Like. Don't jump on a mobster. Maybe especially higher. Higher Dunes higher good yeah. Do I, tell you how to do your job. Scenic, that's how you do Simpson's reference. There you go. That's how it works. That's that's how it's done my friend. All right. So adamant lies low in this like CD. Low Rent Motel. And we're still in the first reality with right, yeah. So you we find it and finds out that basically he's broke. And his he calls his assistant. and. She tells him that. Who Secretly in love with him. Yeah, exactly so basically like you can come over and stay at my place. My place and an atom is like that's really not a good idea. Well, what I think is interesting about. Staying at that really seat you motel. Right, he's been there. He's been there before. Oh, I'm sure. Yeah, because he knows guy the guy. Yeah know his his his wife cheating leading with Billy Ray. Cyrus is not the first infidelity that has happened in this marriage. No I'm sure he's like he knows this place pretty well. It seems like yeah, so any feels must have felt safe to go there, so yeah, he. He's been there before he feels at home. He knows he can lay low yeah. So, Adams Assistance Cynthia tells him okay. This guy named the cowboy wants you to meet with him at a corral at the top of Beechwood Canyon. so Adam is is like okay. The cowboy, what's up this a corral? And tells me. Yeah, just just be there. I'll make sure the meeting happens if you. Go, so he goes. There meets with the cowboy. And the cowboy is very like Mrs tremont kind of character. Very epigrammatic. Cryptic and very. Here's what you need to do. And once he talks to the cowboy. He does what he's supposed to do. And then everything's kind of okay with him. He cast the right girl in the story. And, because from they tell you threatens them says like. If you're told in, you know you're only see me once, but if you don't do what you're told, you'll see me twice two more times. To more times. Yes, yeah, so which obviously a very veiled threat. You were going to be visited by three gifts. Because a little little gets a little Dickensian. They're a little bit. Just a bit. So so basically. We find out that you know later in the film. when when Betty shows up. That's when he tells like he does what he's told. He's like I. Guess I guess I want my stuff and my money back so okay. The girl, this is the girl in, so he gives Camilla the part. and. and. That's you know that's basically what we find out a part. You know we don't see any more from Adam. Until about avenue field with like we talked about his story is the same. In both realities. The only thing that's different. Is the Camilla. Yes. So so apparently, he's consistent. So that's again why I'm like okay, which one's real yeah, and is is any of it. Even real is all of it still just Dan's dream well in the second reality kind of fills in some gaps of information about the first reality. Yeah, as far as Annan's concern, right in. So! So There's that we need to talk about the bomb behind winky's. We gotta talk about the behind Leakey's. Yes, the behind Wiki is terrifying if you'd asked me. As we started out with Dan because big big like. It's a it's a real real. Jump scare yeah, and So Dan. Is, in Winky's, and he's talking to her as I had a dream and you were in it and we were in this booth. We were in this diner and this happens, and then we go up and he's like it will show me what happens in the dream. So you see them walking to behind a dumpster and then this? Filthy looking bump comes out. This monster kind of looking character is pretty superhuman character, sub-human, looking character, and and it freaks out Dan so bad that he has a heart attack. And then. When everything is done at the end of this movie when we think Camilla's may be dead and Diane Shot Herself. We see it's nighttime this time. Yes, so we go back around to the dumpster. winky's and we see a very similar looking character, yeah! So in in at this point. Creature for lack of a better word. because. It doesn't really look human. Funding a blue box. That's the blue box. So essentially like you know if you're wondering where that would happen at the box, apparently, the pump gets it and so is it the bums dream? or Maybe. This is the third reality. Where Betty disappeared and began. Does she. Maybe Betty becomes the bomb. I don't know that's that's the that's the thing about. This is the key. Yeah, and not literally that is the key to this whole story the box. Yeah, is it? Is it Dan? Is Betty the bum? What you don't know? There's so many different elements you see like maybe like red herrings. Possibly? The first time I saw this movie I saw that bump handling. That box I just thought to myself. I have such sights to show you. What the Hell is going on. With this box and get no, that's that's a rule. Apparently, the bum is a center bite, but the bone I think is a Senate bite. I and I think the bum is a prototype for a woodsmen from the return from twin peaks their return, just with the Y-, just the dirty. Filthy face yeah, all of it is is like that so I just this. That's a great great observation. Because Yeah I. Mean I can totally see Lynch being fired or just. Saying. That's the kind of character. I want yeah right, but just let this be a lesson to you kids if we learned anything from the movies yeah. Mysterious boxes don't touch them yeah. Don't touch him well. There's two things we learn. Don't go behind back in behind a restaurant in the alleyway behind the restaurant. You know what's what's behind the dumpster behind diner, the grease trap. Yeah, okay, it stinks back there. You don't want to go well especially as I grew up in a restaurant. Okay, a family restaurant. But. especially if you're having a dream. that. There's something horrible back there. There's GONNA BE! There's GonNa be so. The grease dumpster. It's GonNa. Be raccoons something bad? Don't go exactly so you know like if you have a dream about it in your frayed about it. Don't go looking for it. Just leave it alone. You know move on with. A mysterious box. That's not yours. Yeah, don't touch. It is going to change your if you're gonNA. Change a reality for the worst or at the Senate bite right. Okay, and nobody wants that. Yeah, no, it's not a good look. No so. So, yeah, you either end up as Diane Selwyn or your. Bone behind the dumpster or Or something or your Doug Bradley! Doug Bradley exactly. With puzzle boxes, yeah, exactly. Yeah, no stay the hell away. But. It's got pins on your head. Go Fix. Or Your Catherine Martell and your brother is Danaher real he. Tried to figure out if it's your birthday or ECK, hearts, birthday, or whatever and you and you know what it is. It's a key to a bomb all right. Stay away from mystery boxes pretty much. Yeah, yeah, gives you nothing but trouble so nope. Important safety tip thinks in. Art That's bad. We should try from. Talk a little bit about Joe the Hitman. Because Joe, the Hitman has a very funny sequence in the first reality. Yeah shoots. Think is going to be his partner. And then accidentally shoots the woman the next office. Yeah, 'cause! He's talking with this guy in any supposed to like. We find out that he was looking for this black address book. so he shoots that guy. But because of his competence he has to like. He shoots. Through the wall into the next in the office next door or whatever it hits this like. Heavy set lady. She's it's. It's one of those like rent an office type. Expect like Sam Spade to have an office in this building and she's just. Like something bit me. Something bit me bad. And he could have just left it at that, but he wants up shooting her winds up shooting the janitor shooting the vacuum clean right right because it keeps making noise so like and you know, and as he shoots the vacuum cleaner that sets off the fire alarm Oh my God. It's so it's like something. If essentially like right now. The naked gun so bad he's he's very much. The lebowski henchman this. You just can't do anything right so that's part and part of me wonders. Did He Kill Camilla? He's not good at his job. So I don't know. Will. Maybe in the second reality, he's better at his job that he was the first one. And again in. Reality than. I guess I guess Diane has to know him some way. Right to hook up with him to hire him to kill Camilla. But. It's like I wonder I mean that just seems like an interesting side note for a dream for her to be dreaming about Joe Right. So. I, don't. Just. It's all just very very strange. It is, it is and. And we have another set of cops who were never going to solve the crime. Because yeah, completely. We have no idea what happened to. To To McKnight and his partner. That terminate terminent Backley. It's okay. We're just call Frank Franken MAC. But You know. There's no resolution to that storyline at all. And it's like even if they weren't looking well. Presumably you know the the they've zeroed in on the Real Diane. Right, but yeah, she kills herself and so they. Don't really. Yeah exactly so now have another corpse in their hands and more mystery I guess. So so. I know is confusing to hear this breakdown. Confused as we went through it, but. I. Hope I hope we at least addressed things we needed to address. And he knew this was going to be dill difficult, but Hopefully we helped a little I don't know what do you think? Well I think we certainly give people something to think about when they're watching this, yeah! Maybe, yeah, maybe we did, but hopefully we had some theories. We had some Trivia I. Think we did OK okay all right so. There was a deleted scene, but I think we can save that for when we talk about the special features I would agree. That's a special feature all right, so Do you ever rating for this movie? Yeah I do I love. This movie Yes. I think it's great, and I'm going to give this. Nine out of ten Hollywood sign font. That? Yes, if you notice the credits of this movie, you're done in the Hollywood sign fund. So that was good. This is I. I was talking about this with Chris, when I was watching it and I think it might be my third favorite David Lynch movie after Blue Velvet Inland Empire interesting yeah. Yeah I put the second. After Blue Velvet. It's number one. Yeah. Okay, so we're at least. Probably next wild at heart loses a few points because I have to watch hillbillies. Fan of that either. I Love I love wild at heart. They are some some shit. That's characters. But but yeah, it might be might be too for me. We'll. I also giving us nine out of ten. Give it nine out of ten jump. Scare bums behind winky's. That's a good one. Yeah, yeah. Interesting, though the the bummer supposed be male, but as played by a female actress. Right so the bone I feel. I feel like the BUM is sort of gender fluid. We'll see that's why I kind of wondered. If the bum is actually what happens to Diane. Who knows is. Or is that? You don't know you just yeah. Yeah, we'll see but anyway. Now normally I was mentioned that. Hey, we've actually have some mail. Hey Rock on. Yeah, we got two letters. Believe it or not awesome. But the question is. We're kind of running really long here. So shall we say those for next time? Yeah, let's see if this next time because I. don't want people who were letters to feel like. We're rushing through their letters right so I wanNA give apologies to Matthew Curtis. who was kind enough to write in? Got Your email got the g mail. And also a certain DJ Nick. Who wrote in a review of his review of Mahala drive? Teaching that sounds familiar. I'm so right. We want to give Dj Nixon time. Reside have heard yet heard something about it so. so we don't have to rush through those when we say this 'cause we're gonNA. Talk more beholden drive next time, and since you know doing letters next week brightest one exactly since we'll have some more time if you want to be like Matt Matthew Curtis in Dj Neck. Please do write to us. It goes to a podcast Ghost with podcast at we'll reach out to us on twitter at goes cast on twitter. Or facebook goes with twin peaks podcast. In working at work, can they reach you? Facebook, as an sprouse, or the twitter's in the instances Odin axe nineteen right. and. If you more. Movie Trivia especially about classic Hollywood right now. You can hear me with Dj Nick and Rachel Friend on the gold standard podcast and every talk about grape Oscar winning movies. Yeah. Big Fan of that podcast I listen loyally. Thank the really enjoy it. You guys are awesome on that. And Zana's obviously this big fountain of Knowledge in has the perfect. To to deliver, said knowledge everybody so I. Think Rachel both like doing the research and getting little nuggets trivia and learning about learning about honestly learning about classic Hollywood because. You're not something. You're more familiar with a she is I think. I I am a big fan of classic Hollywood. I am a big fan of silent films and. Rachel is sort of coming into that she's. She's learning I think she's a fan. She's A. She's almost like your protege a little bit. I Yeah I grew up in a house classic Hollywood. Are, old movie, buffs and stuff like that so I a lot of these actors I. Have seen in. So just sort of learning about. you know what's going on in the studio system at the time and things like it's been. It's been fun. FACTOID 's and. So obviously if he's toys in here, you need to be checking out gold standard. So just you know, or or if you enjoy talking about movies, but David Lynch is a little beyond you. Well. For one thing of David Lynch's in. In your wheelhouse. Why are you listening to this podcast? Just kind of my mom does not listen to this podcast. She's big because she's like. I cannot get a frame of reference. I have no idea what the hell you're. So, but she she does like a gold standard for that reason because she can get it yet. Get a grip on things. What about you Charles where you think your mom and my wife Lori are pretty much in the same boat. My mom in your mind. Your wife should get together and go bowling pretty pretty much. because. It was pretty interesting while I'm. Doing this Mahal and Dr Rewatch. Laurie Laurie watched it along with me. She did other things she looked up and yeah, I would tend to have a catcher looking at things. You know every so often. As, I was going through the movie. The movie was over. She didn't say a single word about it. Like nothing and I and I said. Should I even bother asking you what you thought of this movie and she said nothing. So so. So. I left it right. There didn't even follow up on that I. Guess. My guess is her thought is I am so glad that Zana's there? These midnight movies with him. Because this'll be torture right pretty much pretty much. Zanan Mike to do. Exactly. But as for me, of course, actual skaggs on twitter. At Shell skaggs on Instagram Goo skin. FACEBOOK trump skaggs in Hilliard Ohio on facebook in my blog, geeky things. Debut coffee and hats. We're talking about all this stuff we talk about here. And also like news, my other podcasts they did for southgate media including next up everywhere. The doctor who podcast which. Was On recently, talking survival from. Semester McCoy era, and then the female podcasts that do Jesse Jackson we're right now. We're talking star girl that's on. In the CW and that just got picked season to. Really, that's great. Yeah, so it's a fun little show and. So! It looks like we'll probably be talking more star girl eventually if they ever like restart Hollywood production again. And then. Of course, Titan Talk Titans podcast. Currently hosting with DJ Nick. Maybe you've heard of him. As we're talking to patrol season two, which has been last because he is, his enthusiasm really comes through as you probably know so. Oh, yes, Oh, yes, so! Yeah, we have a ball. Talk in that so. If you enjoy that. Please check out my podcast. PODCASTS definitely appreciate it. In the meantime next time I would. Episode Eighty. Can you believe really? Eighty, these letters and special features y'all exactly so essentially. This is going to be the. Criterion episode. As we go through the special features on the criterion release. And Booklet I'm sure we'll talk about. We're going to talk about the booklet. and whatever random thoughts we forgot to talk about in this episode here so we'll have rent. We will have random thoughts and I'll hopefully like. Zan mentioned that hopefully, some other people right in about maybe their theories on Mahal drive for sure so Please do please. Explain it to us. Yes, yeah, exactly theories because David Lynch isn't going to tell us. We have no idea you just listen to our pockets. You know we have no idea what's going on so. What explained to us, please. We really appreciate it all right so Thank you guys for listening. Zantac is always because you're fabulous to talk to you. Thank you. You're awesome to talk to you as well I really have fun and I love doing stuff like this with you. Everybody thinks you get and come back time. Criterion as we talked a special features right here, ghost with twin peaks podcast. good-bye everybody. into. Her On

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