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Hi my name's kerry murphy. David segal in for toby christie and coming up on the final lap. Weekly kerry chats with martinsville affinity series winner. Josh berry yeah i do. Davey brings his own brand of nascar flavor to the show plus rowdy dragon has your fantasy nascar. Flava picks for richmond this weekend. It's all coming up on the final weekly. Thank you so much to patriots. Subscriber david letchworth for chip it in some funds for this particular show as always. Let's let's get that. Mr announcer man going great name. This is the final weekly club featuring the latest car racing driver interviews race preview opinions discussion rumors and more. Now here's karen murphy toby crispy just a couple of guys talking rates w is on. You have found the place where we talk about all things nascar. My name's kerry murphy mo longtime nascar media meme syndicated radio host of all things. The final lap co for the show is normally toby christie of toby christie dot com fame. But today we have a guest host. David seagull from the victory lane. Podcast and sirius. Xm radio Welcome to the show again. thank you. it's been a long time comment. I know there's been a couple times where i may have needed to fill in for toby but finally you let me take the reins this week. So i for that. Hopefully he'll be back next week in his in his glory. Yeah he's down for the count this week not feeling so well so i figured you know what we'll just put davey and there no problem. We got josh berry as a guest on the program. So i think recovered he can. He can go do his thing. I'm like a super sub. I'm like the regan smith of podcasting. Just fill me forever. And i'll do a good job absolutely. I absolutely glad to have you here because You know your stuff absol- hand you're you're a fill in for toby. In fact i mean someday you might take his job so well. I have nothing to live up to because he set the bar so low so hopefully i can just get absent. And that's the beauty of of having you on your not afraid to mix it up so that's very cool. Yeah of course so. Subscribe to our podcast wherever you You download your podcast is search for the final weekly We're on spotify podcasts. Google i mean basically. We are everywhere. So whatever like to fire up on your phone Just go ahead and do so and hit that subscribe button if the service allows it go ahead and do a five star review or review. And make sure it's good because we don't want any negative stuff around here We don't need that in our lives. We were dissipating all the negative energy. Somebody can have that. And also if you're going to give the final ap weekly a five star review. Give my podcasts. A five star review. But i don't want that negative energy. Either throw it somewhere else. Please get it out of the nascar podcasting space. Give it to like the dodgers podcast. No no win. I think we have a difference of opinion on something. Now that's fine that's healthy. I am a rabid dodgers fan has listeners know and you of course nets fan so while we're both world series champion so we can agree on that that's true that's true Finally find s. So how's it been how you been. I mean we haven't talked since the start of the season What's going on in your world. My world is pretty solid just same old. Same old enjoying the wonderful Gloomy skies of the d. c. area today. But everything's going well victory lane podcast gonna. We actually recently. I say we it's literally just. There's nobody else on the show Make it sound rated. Yeah celebrated my one hundred episode. Which i'm about like one of the way to you guys. So i'm on my mom had jeff gluck. Who's a guest of your guys this show as well to to be on episode one hundred talk for like two hours. It was great. Wow told some really really fun. Stories is so. Check that if you haven't already but it was super fun adam on doing stuff victory lane. Same thing with siriusxm nascar radio doing some behind the scenes work. They're working on a show that airs on the weekends loose sands and some some other stuff during the week as well. So all is good in the world of davy. Hope hopefully carries good as well. I know dodgers are making them happy. Absolutely dodgers are good gloomy here in los angeles as well. So that's kind of weird interesting. And congratulations on the one hundredth episode. I know how hard it is to achieve any milestone in podcasting because most people give up so one hundred is huge trust me. I've given up like multiple times along the way and this is like a second iteration of victory length because the first one i did in college then i graduated. They deleted the feed. So i started in one so i guess this is kind of like a moment said episode two hundred but episode one hundred for the two point. Oh addition so it's fun. It's a labor of love but it is fun. That's why i keep doing it. We have been. We're at sixty eight right now and we've never had a break ever not a single week. It's insane to me literally that's stretch. What how many years has it been. I think it's twelve now. It's ridiculous twelve straight years. You want to know it's crazy. So twelve years ago i was well i like. I guess i would have liked chess. Had my bar mitzvah. My gosh thanks for making me feel old so listeners. Don't know this but that was on vacation last week. So that's i mean we keep the show going. Yeah the magic of editing and timing release and all that other stuff that nobody knows the show must go on exactly absolutely. Must go on so yeah. It's it's funny how we Work all that out. So yeah Well why don't we talk about martinsville. That's kind of why you're here so It then maybe. Yeah yeah short-track action. It seems like a long stretch of short tracks. All of a sudden started under the lights on saturday and ended kind of sort of under the lights on sunday heavy rains halting the action yet again. It seems to be the norm here. They really need to get the tested it. They need to get those rain tires. On their or marcus. Smith could just like build. A roof for a retractable situation. We can we give that to some tracks to be i. It's just so frustrating like even from a selfish perspective. And i know you're the same way lot of fans listening to. I clear my schedule for the cup race without fail every single week. All my calendar. I clear my schedule. I'm sitting down for four or five hours for pre race the race post race press conferences the whole night and then of course you see the forecast throughout the week. And you're like oh god here we go again. And then i gotta say to and i tweeted this. You know once. They postponed it to sunday. Nascar is a lose lose situation here because people are gonna say all the didn't have a window to get it and why did they even try. And then if they don't try they're going to say all they're not even trying to get it in they don't care about the fans like give them a break. They can't control the weather. They can look at it. They can try to give the fans a little bit of what they paid for that night which they did and it was fine. You know like you can't control the weather. It just sucks that it keeps interfering and as people. Sony said sometimes weather is going to affect outdoor sports. Stockcar racing is one of them. You deal with it you move on. Yeah yeah and we can empathize with fans to i mean. Sometimes you have to get an extra night hotel room. I mean it's it's an added expense next day at work Whatever we get that But yeah nascar can't control the weather. They do the best that they can and they got as much of the race in as they could at the beginning. So i think They did the best they could. Yeah they did at the end of the day. Like i said it's a really tough situation for them to be an so the fact that they were able to get any racing at all in on saturday now. I think i was not alone in being very surprised by that. Yeah and the people that were saying all like of donna. They only they say they start a race if they only have the intention of going full distance. That's in the rule book. I guess we cannot. Bob pockets about that but i was a fan and i paid a ticket or paid money to have a ticket to watch racing on saturday night and there was a window for them to run forty laps. And they didn't do it. I'd be kinda pissed off so they ran those forty laps. So you know nascar lose situation. Everybody's gonna hate him for one reason or another but they did the best they could. I think bob is the only media member that Nascar allow them to embed the nascar rulebook book on a chip in his neck because he just knows it. It's not even that far fetched either. That's probably literally just like has recall is like a rain okay. Let me just compute this. Yup here it is and type it out in a tweet bob. It's pretty awesome all right. Let's run things down tend to one. We like to do things backwards because we in case you didn't watch the race we wanna make the big reveal at the end. So yes know. They don't they don't have internet or you know we're in a cave live on iraq. Yeah yeah so. Kyle busch somehow got a top ten. Even though his eighteen car was fg miserable crossing the start finish line. I think yeah he had he was involved in two spins. I think and one of the big pile up on the backstretch and he got door slam right in the driver's side door so the fact that is able to rebound for a top ten. That's pretty impressive at a profanity laced radio coming from that second one. I think well that's normal. That's nothing yeah. Yeah then you got kevin harvick and tyler rettig. Who seems to be running you know. Pretty decently lately. Yeah i think tyler radic my may be wrong in this. But i think i saw his first week of back to back top ten finishes if not ever in a long long while. That's good for him. And kevin harvick too. I mean his struggles. This year and stewart houses have been documented pretty. Well but here's what a lap down in stage one. Yeah they have been documented here for sure you almost wanna lab down in stage one. And he was able to rebound for a top ten. No that's not what they want but especially given their performance last fall at martinsville where they missed the championship. Four top ten. I mean baby steps. Maybe but they still are looking for some more than a couple of guys down the got christopher bell. Who's a winner this year joey. Logano is a winter this year. Kyle larson is a winter this year. William byron is a winner this year. I mean that's That's a pretty stacked List right there. You're a winner. Euro-winter carry murphy. More like oprah winfrey. Yeah no he almost went a lap down to at some point in the race but rebounded for almost a top five finish pretty impressive frame as well and he's obviously gotten to win at martinsville before so no surprise there. I'm a little bit surprised at larson though. 'cause he historically hasn't been too good at martinsville neither his christopher bell because usually dirt guys at martinsville. It's kind of like everything that they were taught not to do. Like your slain it into the corner. Stay in the gas and martinsville your hard on the brakes trying to get the card or rotate real slow through the center of the corner. But the see. Bill and larson both getting a top ten finish. I think speaks to a their talent be their equipment but also their experience and this next guy doesn't have a win but he sits atop the point standings. You led more than half the race. Two hundred seventy to seventy six laps denny hamlin. That's gotta be heartbreaking Being from virginia and all that stuff yeah one of his many home tracks just like martin but he lead over half the race and he's only finish outside the top five once this season. It was eleventh at homestead miami. Speedway i believe and he put a stat on his instagram story. That said through the first seven or eight races of the year. He's up there with the likes of rusty wallace. I think maybe david pearson richard petty for most points scored. So it's pretty rarified. Air if you ask me and especially going to richmond this upcoming weekend another one of his home tracks and other track where he's won multiple times a win is very very soon coming for denny hamlin. I would hope so. And i would think so. He keeps putting himself in position This guy is the defending cup series. Champion chase elliott. No win one spot short of the win this time. Is he ever gonna win this year. Yes he is because we have what Six seven more road course races so he's probably more a good run for chase elliott though and the post race press conference. He said that it was a smooth on eventful but quote hard fought race and it was a step in the right direction for that too and especially looking at where this race sits right. I mean it's the second to last race of the season. He won it last year to get into the championship for finished second this year as well. So it bodes well for the nine team later on of the year. Absolutely all right. Let's head to victory lane martin. Rex junior becomes the season's first multi-race winter. We finally have won twenty nine. Th career wins third career martinsville win three of the last four races at the track and now with three grandfather clock trophies in his house which are ugliest. How i don't know how he's going to get any sleep things. You've really going off all the time i do. I just can't stand the. But i'm not a driver so that's fair. Yeah i can understand how they covet those things because there's a long standing history and that's just what you get and you gotta lug that thing home and find a place for it and the thing goes off every hour. It's actually funny. Because i asked as crew chief james small afterwards on the poster has press conference because now he has to martinsville win so i asked him if he was going to try to get a clock and his australian accent. Which i'll try to try to try to imitate here. But butcher very badly he basically said. I don't want to fly back just trial and i wouldn't fit mind marshmallow apartment in charlotte anyway so i thought that was kind of funny actually. That's a pretty decent accent. I got to admit thank. I'm actually pretty good at accents. My british so maybe stay tuned for that. Who knows good stuff all right. Let's hear from a guy who doesn't have an australian accent The driver there martin tricks junior and his thoughts on winning at martinsville interesting. How all playing out there thought throughout the day we were you know. Third to fifth place car in there and point middle race for got off a little bit in west. I six or seven months car so it's kind of a weird day but you're just proud of the guys are working hard on it. You know we did a great job in You know that last bit that were able to get lead and couldn't quake off the eleven on that restart. He was really fast. Firing often Just try to stay with them and take care of my car. Neither enough laps left that You tire wear in the long run gonna come to play in. He started getting tight. My car was getting better and better. You're able to take advantage of it so really happy in a year. For whatever reason are really turned on the lights went down and so he's good when a plane comes together and it works out the way you hoped it only led twenty laps. But i guess it doesn't matter because all you need to do is lead that final lap. That's right great name for this show the final lap weekly right. See how i worked at in. Yes zero professional. It's almost like you've been doing this for six hundred and sixty eight or whatever episodes That's exactly right now. it's true. I mean any like you said danny lead over half the race ryan blaney which we're gonna talk about in a second ran up front as well handful laps too but they were not the best when the time counted and the chips on the table martin trucks junior in the nineteen were and they got another win at martinsville ryan blaney mentioned the both of the stages led a tunnel apps one hundred and fifty seven only to get busted for leaving the pit box with equipment air hose and gone. That's that's a no no. You're not allowed to do that. No you're not. It's a safety hazard for good reason. So he was sent to the back but he ran up. He ran pretty much through the middle of the field in the last fifteen twenty laps that he came back to maybe eleventh place after restarting in twentieth. So it just shows the spotty had a crazy amount of cautions in this thing But the massive talladega like big one was was caught. Everybody's is it was all over the the main sports Recaps kyle busch chris. Bush banged fenders didn't work out so well for them. They took out while his brother. Kurt busch brackets. Lousy kyle also involved obviously cole custer alex bowman daniels warez many others and i guess that all went down lap. A three eighty six whole track was just blocked and two cars are on fire. Ryan prices on fire. Daniel swore on fire. And he threw water at william byron instead of trying to put out his fire and then he started other fire on twitter and got into with. I racing uses this whole thing. that was crazy though. You know what. I actually was watching that wreck and i was like wow. This is the big one literally one might say. It was a bonanza. You never see that type of wreck at martinsville though like bristol. Maybe you've seen it at dover before talladega daytona. You don't see arkansas. Like that at martinsville hardly ever now i mean dover like you mentioned is that self cleaning action where all the cars go down to the bottom. Because it's the banking is crazy. They're so joe. Gibbs racing led three hundred laps in this race amongst their drivers. This crazy yeah. I don't really think i'm surprised by that. Though to be honest because this year hendrick r. And penske they have been the top of the field this year at one point out of the top twelve drivers. Eleven of them were made up of hendrik. Joe gibbs racing and penske cars and the other one was a richard childress racing car. So carmen wasn't even up there at that point. So when you look at the top of the field like jj those four cars penske trio and then henrik is well running the best that they have in a few years at this point. I'm not really surprised that they're all running up front with regularity especially j. g. r. i mean true has multiple wins at this track ham on multiple wins at this track. Kyle busch multiple wins at this track. Christopher bell we'll probably before his career is don have multiple wins at the track. So yes no surprise for me to see. Jj are running up front. Not at all all right next to the cup series yet. Another short-track richmond raceway. Sunday three pm eastern on fox marten tricks juniors one two of the last three at this track so keep an eye out for that nineteen car yet again. Up next on this program josh berry. He won the xfinity series race. And i'm going to chat with them next on. T.f l w a berry good conversation like us. Facebook dot com slash the final lap. This is the final land. Weekly all final with us for the very first time is very first time. Xfinity series winner from martinsville josh berry. Welcome to the program. Thank you for happening before do it. Okay so that's a nice ring to it does it. Not expended series winner for the first time. Netflix is Really to be honest. It's bill kind of thinking in order to accomplish You know when. I got this opportunity. i was. I was pretty optimistic. About what we would be able to do. And have the beginning of the year. It's been pretty tough. We've had some. We've had some bad luck and different things happen but You know we made up for it on on sunday. La and getting a win. Yeah absolutely now. This is not you know a big mistake or anything. You're you're kinda short-track ace and especially at martinsville. So i mean Those that are shocked. I guess shouldn't be. Yeah i think. I think so And like i said going there. That was obviously a race that i had Circled near early in the season as a great opportunity for me But still man. It's a it's a totally different caller and You know totally different style racing if different competitors and it's just makes series is really tough and We were we. We've kind of had up and down search the year and We had to start twenty ninth. I think that was kind of forgotten. And all this. And somehow my crew chief taylor did a great job calling the race and get us track position. Once we got up. Got up there we we could hold onto it. I'd say at the very least it's You know put your name out there and probably open some eyes. i guess yeah so You know like. I said it was you know for for me to to step out of a late model stock car at hickory speedway and All these other great short tracks around here to step right into the series is in a huge joan to do that alone as tough and yet in with having no practice and seeing all these places for the first time you know. It's been tough. I think maybe i underestimated how tough the that part of it would be but you go into a place like martinsville up one at and and have experienced that it made it made me feel at home now tell us obviously. You can't recreate the emotions that you had that day. We saw videos. And how thrilled and excited you were. What was it like in those closing laps. I mean you. You must've had butterflies. You must have been nervous but at the same time. You're like just hit your marks. You gotta hit your marks here Yeah you always wonder hal How you'll be in those moments right like you dream of getting opportunity as a race car driver any dream of getting that i get that opportunity and get that first win and we always wonder how you'll be and you know i i feel like i was. I was prepared for it. You know i really wasn't. I didn't get overly nervous or ancient or anything you know i don't like we were in a great spot. I knew the the the car was really really good. I was just tried This management traffic and and You know keep a keep a little gap on second in case something crazy happened and really was just the only thing i was really just a question or something coming out because you see that all the time. But in this instance eight green and it was our day absolutely absolutely so obviously. There's some kobe protocols in place. What was your celebration in. Victory lane was different than normal. I think we You know a little bit Quieter i guess he had the team's kinda they're kinda spread out for a for a pitcher whenever but really it's kinda dismay up there which you know it's just part of the times we're dealing with right now and you know hopefully Before too long things will get a little bit more back to normal but still it was awesome experience and You know just really thankful for for that opportunity. Yeah now your boss man dale junior. I mean we've we've heard that he was really emotional. Couldn't even watch the the closing laps. How's he been since. I think he's come around a little bit you know. I think he's you know me you know obviously a great relationship together. He's done a lot of things for me. And you know the success that we had in the short-track ranks of bottom program and everything. I think You know every every tom. We accomplished something graded grading that it. It seems to always really He's always so excited for that. And i think he was You know when. I got this opportunity you know that was him. I mean it was him pushing for me to have this opportunity and for us to make it work it at jerry m and now i think he he was This may be nervous. I don't know if they're nervous. The right way to put it but just this nervous for me. How would go. And i think for him to see me in that moment fixing to win that race that is now really meant a lot to him and and you know that's what he said and the like i said a really thankful for everything he's done for me and what you meant to for sure for sure. I'm sure most of the year. You've been probably leaning on your junior motorsports teammates to get some clues and tips on particular tracks but leading up to martinsville. I'm sure they are all coming to you right. I don't know necessarily that. Yeah i've been. I've been a long game like i said. Just just talking about things because he's scorers are different and You know really. This weekend was unique in the fact of the would the rain delay that we had and in the delay It was almost in a way kind of like having practice. So we you know. We ran eighty eighty seven laps in that race the economy and it rained and we had a break in and It gave us the opportunity. You know gave me an opportunity to speak a little bit more with my team as well as Dale and and You know a couple of others to to talk about Things that are at the beginning race. And that's definitely. I think that that helped That helped me get that. Come back sunday idea of what to expect must be better. I think if your practice time these days is hard to come by. So i can see how you would view it that way. We're on with martinsville. Xfinity series winner josh berry. And so you're sharing this ride in the eight car what What what's your schedule. Look like for the rest of the the year. Yes i've i've six more races In a car Starting with talladega a couple of weeks and then we're going to. We still have our late model program. It's still it's still going and won't be able to run a good amount with them in the summer and throughout the fall and sub dramatically changes for me You know we're still trying to figure out what exactly You know an expanding series win means for me and and my program and how in what what But is out there for for that but You right now. we're just gonna kinda keep enjoying it and see what happens so what. What is your what's going through your mind. You win at martinsville and your next one on the schedule is just the chaotic talladega superspeedway. Yeah it'll be a challenge. was Iran daytona the opening the opening race at daytona and got a good bit of experience in the draft and dealing with those different situation. So you feel more prepared for talladega than i did they tone. At least i've experienced that and kind of had an idea of what to expect and you know obviously A good bit more comfortable with the car Ever since then so you know. I'm looking forward opportunity. It's It's a unique part of the nascar schedule at least for us to from the smaller strapped to the biggest track but You know it'll it'll be fortunate and the fact that there's an off weekend that means you are the the most recent winner for a longer period so you get celebrate longer. Yeah definitely it's I'm happy to have a have an off weekend in here. We can kinda enjoy this a little extra and and Appreciate the appreciate what we've accomplished. And then like i said come this time next week. We'll be getting ready. Ready to go to talladega. Absolutely what do you got any plans to to relax during the off week. No not too much Actually that series had to off week in a row Before ville and we went in we went and raced late model car both this weekend. So so really. I haven't had awfully in awhile. Summit i'm gonna take it little little easy This weekend and spend some time with my family. I got i got a one one year old. That is growing fast Looking forward to spending some time with her yeah they definitely grow fast. So enjoy every moment Fans always loved to know okay. They so they're big time. Fancy pants Race car drivers. What are they drive. as their streetcar I have a silver pickup truck and and My wife drives a honda s. Nothing nothing crazy there. How often do you get speeding tickets. 'cause i mean your racecar driver well thankfully Unless you gains me it's been a long time I would say league seven or seven or eight years so into pretty good about that. That's a good solid on all right. Hopefully we didn't drink too much there so all right His name josh berry First time xfinity series winner back at martinsville appreciate the time here on the final app and best of luck Throughout the rest of your run in the car and hopefully beyond get begging appreciate on a josh berry driver of the junior motorsports number eight. And you're listening to the final lap with kerry murphy at facebook dot com slash. The final lap weekly back. Here's your host carry murphy and toby christie. Just a couple of guys talking reysen. Welcome back to the final act. Weekly murphy longtime nascar media member and syndicated radio host of all things. The final arcos for this show. Is david segal. From the victory lane. Podcasts and sirius. Xm nascar radio in for toby christie. Who is under the weather this week. Welcome back to the program thank you. I hope that i have cleared the very low bar that toby has set for this show so far. We'll go yeah. Who knows what could happen. I mean we just don't know anything can happen at any time so We've got was in the wake. The music toby christie dot com is where. We're getting stuff so he's still involved in the show in some way some form. Of course he has also. I don't know if you know this. Carry but i actually do the same thing. Do on my podcast elsa the week which is news. I do the music like that. I'll do it as well as imitation. Sincerest form of flattery. You know right. I've got trophies on. How well i q music around here so i doubt there in the closet. I get them right. See right behind you. what are you talking about right. exactly So we got austin syndrich back in the thirty three car for team penske this weekend. Doing some short-track racing martinsville so That's good right. Yeah yeah Probably gonna run a few more races this year for team. Penske not probably definitely. We just don't know where they're going to be. One would assume that he would maybe race on some road courses but he actually said earlier on in the year that he wants to raise attracts that he's not too familiar with to try to get acclimated quicker to these cup cars seeing that he's gonna be twenty one next year for the wood brothers so good to see awesome senator behind the wheel and he's going to be Not pulling double duty because expended his off this weekend. I believe yeah i mean. He owns that series. He owned it last year. Zoning it this year at it only makes sense to you. Know get his feet wet in a cup car and get ready for next year. Yeah so i like. I like a strategy to because like you said he's a pretty good road racer. I don't think he needs to really you know. Figure that part out. It's all these other tracks that may not be on the xfinity schedule. Yeah and that's actually similar. To what santino ritchie said preseason. He's running for sam hunt racing in a limited schedule and xfinity as well. You guys may know that name from indycar. But he's coming over and try the nascar thing and he said that instead of running the road course in xfinity. He wants to do primarily all ovals to try to get his feet wet and die way into the deep end and nascar stuff because if you were be thrown on road courses that stuff that he already knows pretty well but he wants to go stuff and try different disciplines that he doesn't know as well so good on good on richie and on syndrich for trying to do some new things. Speaking of indy cars. At this weekend. I think it is. It is barbara motorsports park baby. Yeah but no jimmy right now jimmy rosie o. All right so. I don't even wanna watch nascar this weekend. Just gonna watch this. I think they actually i. I don't think they're going to overlap. Let me pull my calendar and see All yet you got the truck series race on saturday and then sunday that do overlap there at three o'clock eastern time each one so i guess you're going to have to do a picture in picture functioning. Just go full jimmy. Yeah well and it depends on my dodgers so i might need like multiple ipads and phones in front of me just just a wall of video. Yeah yeah for sure. All right what's going on with gray golding and mr graefe. They're feuding after the xfinity race on the track off the track and on twitter. And i mean they don't like each other i guess. Now they don't and i was interested because greg all they had a scathing interview with claire. Be laying on siriusxm nascar. Radio i mean like right. Scathing attack this character attack this talent attack the team which he used to drive four and then he walked back The other night and basically on twitter was like yeah. We all say things in the heat of the moment and part of me wants to believe gray and take him at his word and stuff. Nice kid but part of me. Like i understand people say some stuff in the heat of the moment but us you went beyond my friend. I mean that was. That was pretty interesting. The fight itself. I don't think that cameras got a good angle of the totality of the fight. So i don't know if. I can give a winner to one person or another. I will say though right. Good ole mike. Harmon is just chilling. There watching it all unfold being like males go to applebees offer this come on. It was so funny to watch my karma just sitting there but now gray guarding and joe graph junior. Do not like each other. One bit They've had some twitter wars every now and then on the past couple of days. So who knows if that's going to carry over gray said on twitter that it's not going to but i believe when i see it. Yeah well we got some feud and then we got some rivalries. it's I think nascar needs a little bit of that these days so lutely. I love xfinity to just the racing itself in that series and i think rivalries being born in that series whether it's at the front of the field with grass and hamrick or towards the middle in the back of the with and junior seriously right love all of it or gregson and everybody else. That's the thing to yes so dale junior. We got a lot of stuff from dale junior. This week. he was emotional about the explicity win. But this is interesting possible cup series year. I don't know about next year. But i think that he left the door open to the potential of going cup racing which is no worthy because in prior times. He's basically shut the door right away and said nope not happening. Were staying xfinity cops to too big hurdle the climb but think he pointed to you know the next gen car coming in the costs associated with that the way the sport is going in terms of financial model will also a competition standpoint. He left the door open to a potential expansion. Two cop and that is obviously not worthy because if dell junior lifts his right pinky it is noteworthy so right. Yeah but it is interesting to look at too because you see a lot of expenditure teams potentially looking at expansion two cup call. Gracing has done in a limited capacity so far this year running super speedways and road courses and mccollum. The owner over. There has made no secret about saying that their goal is to be a full-time cup team as soon as next year when the next gen car rolls around so nascar needs new young owners getting that with denny hamlin michael jordan justin marks pit bull matt colleague as well because god bless your penske jack. Row rick hendrick spring chickens. You know what. I mean so yeah to get younger. Owners involved in the sport on the top premier series level. That is huge for nascar. And i'm sure that they are happy to see more people becoming involved and there's gonna be new owners that come in next year and beyond that we haven't heard of yet. I mean there's definitely going to be more interest being attracted to new people because of this new next gen car on the model that comes along with dale. Jr. would be a big huge name to come into the sport and obviously getting help from hendrick and stuff like that too but that would be big. Yeah and who's to say who's to say if you know. They did go cup racing. You would assume they would have a hendrick affiliation because that's just what all signs point to but you never really know and and like you said you know for him to be involved in the premier series. It'd be a huge huge deal for people like us that have been in the scorn people listening. You know they say well. June has been a team owner nascar for over a decade. He's been doing this for a long time. But for people that may be tuning in new like the people that are watching because they know michael jordan's involved or they know the pit bulls involved or they saw what happened last year at talladega and said you know what going to give nascar shot. Now they don't know the dell juniors in the series they don't know what the expenditure series is. They might still think dell juniors anything. You know what i mean. So having at the forefront in an ownership capacity that would be a big big deal all right. Let's run down the cup series. Point standings after martinsville heading into richmond this weekend ten to one. Christopher bell has w brad kozlowski does he ever. W i forget all know does not. That's why there's no w there kevin harvick chase. Elliott william byron does have w ryan blaney. W kyle larson. W joey on w martin junior to ws but the guy who leaves them all know w for you anyhow one. It's crazy too. Because you see that he's up seventy six points one of my compiler frown stretch dot com. Michael massey. did the math. And it's not that hard math to do. Any hamill could start and park this weekend at richmond and still be the points leader leaving no matter. What bucks junior does. He's up over a full max points race on second place and we're only eight races in. That's ridiculous he is totally whooping on him so far all right. Welcome youtube viewers to the Channel we're we're doing new stuff here at the final app and we're doing some segments of the show it on video on youtube so We appreciate you coming along and and dealing with our growing pains. Because i am very very new to video. Oh by the way. The person you're seeing is not toby. That's david segal filling in for toby. Yes we could actually do video stuff now so this is cool stuff. Yes it is. I'm keeping you young with his video stuff carry. We've already aged you a couple of years during our recording. So i gotta keep young somehow absolutely absolutely Everybody's telling you gotta get on youtube. You've got to get on youtube. You're you're doing great content. You know video and put it up there and see what happens and so. That's what we're doing. But i am a really good audio editing. I am so green when it comes to video editing. So it's kind of fun. I'm kinda of the same way and by personal laptop. I don't have great editing software. So i'm just bawling on a budget out here but still i'm not that good at it too so we're learning together all right richmond. Raceway preview is what we're gonna be talking about here place ninety eight thousand rabid screaming foaming at the mouth nascar fans but not this year. Unfortunately not yeah. I'll be there though. So i'll be able to report ice hands. That are there all right so All right he's going to be there and the places Point seven miles or three quarters of a mile oval. Yeah and if you look at it from above it looks like a superspeedway but it's not just a very small super speed right absolutely banking not too much at fourteen degrees eight degrees on the front to back. front stretches. Twelve hundred ninety feedback stretch eight sixty stage one ends at eighty laps. Stage two to thirty five and then the balance of the race which is four hundred laps or three hundred miles. Sound good sounds good to me. I'm excited to get to the race. Track the beyond. As last time i was there was daytona earlier this year. Yep and it feels like forever even though it's only been a couple of months anytime he gets erasing. A person makes me a happy camper. I actually went to the richmond race last year to brackets hausky dominated that thing. I think almost half the race one hundred ninety two of the four hundred laps. Yeah maybe we'll do it again. I don't know but this one is going to be during the day weather permitting. Of course so we'll see if that changes the handling and the balance of different cars. How's it been at the racetrack. I haven't been since last year. And that's due to the fact that you know. I do one on one interviews and i don't think they're really doing too much of that. It's mainly media center not even in daytona. They opened the media center up. But i think that was because it was the daytona five hundred and there was more demand for mostly. They're just having all media members. Stay in the press box you get there at your designated time you go through health screening you get your credential masked up at all times you a straight to the press box you stay there. They give you a box launch. You do all your coverage from there you do the seriously you do your zooms in the press box just like everybody from home world in the country right and you go home. It's it's bizarre. Because i'm used to get into the race track as you know you do it too early in the morning you do your surgical strikes. That's right because you have no contact with literally anybody in sport besides your media compadres in the press box and the pr people that you talked to over the phone to try to get interviewed the driver. Maybe yeah so it is. It is weird weird vibes but hopefully garage is going to be opening up soon to some vip's in and people that are going to be guests of teams later on this year. So hopefully there is hope on the horizon for potentially later this year but definitely hopefully next year for fans to get back inside the garage and have the unprecedented access that we don't law. That's bizarre that really is. I mean we're doing okay with the the phone interviews and the pr is open to that. And we're doing okay with that but it's still nothing like being their face to face one on one and and doing the interviews that way so all right like you mentioned last year's when it was branka slough the previous two winners martyr junior both in two thousand nine hundred and there was only one richmond race last year. Actually there's an interesting conundrum. That i wanna bring okay because the year before true x. Swept busch swept right then. The year after true x. Swept and last year even though there wasn't two races brackets ask you won the lone race right. So is that considered a sweep and if it is. Is there ever been a time where. There's been three sweeps in a row at richmond. I know it's kind of like an because one race. Not really a sweep. Yeah yeah you know what i mean. That's pretty interesting. Yeah and good. Use of the word conundrum like that. Thank you thank you. I'm smart sometimes. Sometimes yeah absolutely all right so check check out. All the martin tricks junior action from richmond. Sunday three pm eastern on fox. I mean he's one of the last three so got to keep an eye on the nineteen car. Even though it's not martinsville you true. Still one of his one of his many home tracks so. I'm sure that he will have a lot of support. You could get richer at richmond. all right let's get into the The segment here where You know the drivers and stats. And toby just absolutely loves putting this together. But i had to put together. It's just a lot of drivers and stats drivers raging at richmond. Yeah i got that from my eleven year old. Who gets angry at video games. I'm just raging. Dad ragion okay just a video game so i'm not the only one keeping you young then. No no i mean. He's teaching me all my video tricks. Are you kidding i. I'm walking around. I go walking around the house with The the the the latest video. I have to them. Like how do you do this. How do you do that. And i actually switched to ipad to do the video editing because he has no idea how it works on the mac. He's like. I don't know where anything is so i'm like okay. Arcus murphy. mary. I better switch to the ipad and do this just so i have a mentor. Yeah Eleven year old mentor. That's what we get in twenty four around the ipad with with i- movie just flying around. I'm like i'm sure he's a wizard. How did you do that. Can you go back like ten steps. Please dad he's like dad. Come on exactly just have all right. Drivers raging richmond. Kyle larson tops. The list he's got to win two top fives. Five top ten's average finish of eleven point seven. Forgot the kyle. Larson has a win. Richmond. that's interesting he's got to win. Six top fives twelve top. Ten average. Finish of twelve point. Two again his most recent wind coming last year and his teammate. Joey logano has a couple of wins. Ten top fives thirteen top. Tens average finish of ten point eight. Martinsville's going to be raging at richmond. Martin shrek two wins six top. Fives twelve top. Tens in an average finish of seventeen point three but that doesn't tell the full story because as of late he has been lights out there. Yeah i mean. There was a time when martin george junior hadn't won at a short-track and now he's like oh for. Yeah and now he's five of the last twelve he's figured it. Out percentage totally. Kevin harvick was a master at richmond in the committee series. And i think it was the bush series back then. But he's got three cup. Wins fifteen top. Fives twenty six top. Ten's average finish. That's pretty good. Nine point seven better as kyle busch. Sorry yes kept. You can't have that one so denny hamlin. He's a little bit better though. three wins. Thirteen top five seventeen top tens in an average finish of nine point two plus this being one of his home tracks to. We'll see if you can get a victory. Their first one of the season. He's got a bunch of them. Kyle busch he leaves them. All six wins he i guess is the official master at richmond. Eighteen top fives twenty. Three top tens and his average finish is just. I mean. it's better than everybody. Six point eight is solid. He needs a good run to so this would be good track to get it. Yeah that doesn't have a win this year just like Defending champion chase elliott. That's amazing only as one win in the last like almost two full years. It's crazy to think about. Yeah all right. I think that does it for our youtube segment here Thank you david. Segal for filling in for toby christie If you're watching us on youtube we truly thank you Please a you know. Put up with our growing pains. We're gonna get better. I promise and i think you have to do like subscribe and mash that bell right. That's yeah that's like comment subscribe. And he got a point below which. I'm not sure what i'm gonna put down there. But i just do something down below or there. Yeah yeah all right. I think we got the youtube stuff out of the way up next. We've got fantasy racing with rowdy dragon. So if you're watching on youtube now you gotta go the podcast and get your fantasy. Picks see now you gotta do everything with us all right. This is t f l w final lap. Weekly is on weekly getting you ready for this weekend's race folks how y'all doing today rowdy dragon joining you once again. The final fantasy update. We're going to just jump right on into martinsville. Speedway was a great race over the weekend. Let's take a peek here and see who dominated martinsville in the league. The first stage goes to j team the second stage. We have a tie between martin mayhem and bourbon capital. Good job folks and the winner for the weekend at martinsville speedway is j. rey from the bay. All right folks. i'm gonna to jump into the top ten standings right now taking a look from the tenth spot up to the i bought. Actually i want to take a look at the eleventh spot before we jump into the tenth and move on up. The eleven spot is currently owned by none other toby christie. Another great start to season good job. Toby sitting in the eleventh spot over there so tenth we have a tie with Yank and bank and big pitcher racing in eighth place. We have country club six six. He's been over there every now and then stealing cup dollars off of me at draft kings in the seven spot tyler. Two one one and number six goes to get her. None in the fifth spot lethal lee. Seventy four sitting in the fourth position. We have bourbon capital in the third spot. Worst to first and in the second spot we kansas winds and finally running out the top ten in the i bought one for the money. We got a good tough crowd this year. Keep up the good work folks all right. Let's take a quick look here. Where rowdy toby and kerry stand in the standings myself rowdy dragon mired way back in the one hundred sixteenth place. I have a strategy play. I'm not worried. I will be carbon my way up through the field here shortly. Toby you are now sitting in the eleventh spot overall as we mentioned before excellent job. And where is jimmy kerry murphy. You are currently sitting in the thirty ninth position. I do believe that. Is the highest ever seen carry murphy sitting in the fantasy leagues. So right on kerry keep up the good work. Okay folks. let's take a look at some good picks for richmond raceway this denny hamlin's home track so let's start with the Toyota picks for the week. And no i'm not picking denny hamlin we're going with the nineteen carved martin true ex junior. Today he's going for a short track hat trick. He won bristol. He won at martinsville. I believe it can also take the checker here at richmond and get that hat trick in the fall last year he had bonus points in both stages and twenty nineteen he had back to back wins he also had a second place finish last fall and with martin to exchange for taking out denny hamlin on his best track. My vote goes for the nineteen car. Martin twigs junior all right moving onto the ford pick of the week. The number two car brad keselowski. He won last fall with a dominating performance leading one hundred ninety two laps while collecting bonus points in both stages in the last five races at richmond. Bread has finished in the top ten five times leading to an average finish of five point eight. I give the two car the advantage over the ford camp this weekend and other chevy pick of the week. I'm looking at number five car. Kyle arson. he has one win at richmond. While racing for chip ganassi back in the fall twenty seventeen. He's been working as low. Line means really looking to down there and as we all know he can run the high line so wherever the rubber lays down on the track will really give qassem options to work with and with his average. Finish position of eleven point seven. I'm giving kyle the nod for team chevy this week all right folks. I hope that gives you a little food for thought for this week. Thanks for sticking around and listening to the final act weekly fantasy segment of the show. I am rowdy dragon. We'll check you out next time all right there. You have rowdy dragons. Fantasy nascar picks for richmond. This weekend. Thank you so much to a abc for filling in for toby christie of toby christie dot com fame. That's good stuff. I think we're good. I think i think we got everything done. See i've joked a couple times at the bar so low that i hope yet but it's all jokes. We know we love toby on this show. He's great at what he does. So pleasure filling in for him for a week. Keeping the seat warm. But i i look forward to listening to him next week. We gotta be careful because he's gonna own the sport pretty soon. I mean he's sponsoring race cars. And i mean he is mr toby christie dot com. I'm brian oil over here. I'll take some sponsorship. All right checkered flags flying out of this show. This has been the final weekly. Catch us next week. Right here when we will recap the racing from richmond and preview. I think it's right right. Talladega superspeedway blah blah. You get to do at talladega superspeedway. That's literally a dream of mine. Wile there you go. we didn't even realize and all the stories in between davey We will chat sometime in the future. Not next week. Yes we will. Thanks for having me on. Carry another final app. Weekly is in the books. The final ap weekly is hosted by kerry murphy along with toby christie proudly syndicated by united stations. Radio networks in new york city city executive producer kerry murphy kerry murphy sound design by russell. Nash audio director dot audio. I'm tom mode. Some tombo dot com. Thanks listening time now for our giant list of patriotic paying people. If you'd like to join in on the giving fun we truly and humbly appreciate that patriot dot com slash the final lap. Toby does the list that kerry we have an amazing list of folks that really show. We never know what you're going to do that. It's always so surprising. I guess that's part of the lure of it Right now we've got some great people that have been contributing to the show for longtime we really appreciate them at david letchworth as we mentioned at the top the show. I think actually mentioned that. This week kerry. I did bouncer of the show. So thank you david. He's also in this list here through the patriots page justin nielsen. Simon green troy. Clark are australian. Buddy there Josh meyers my erasing pal. He's been kind of inviting me to on their thinks he's going to what my but because i haven't played in a while so we'll see how that goes on peter jon hansen abe schmidt. David read james maples. The second james thanks for being on here. Still buddy jeff grumbrowski. He's been on here for a long long time. Morgan slagelse well. Joe bike dave lightfoot. Our friend from across the pond news. Huge martin church junior fan sure he was pumped by that truck series race. I don't think anybody expected tricks. That of dirt expert back at bristol myers hamilton. Nick read john. Kirby scottclark and justin kapuscinski. He's the man and he's larson fan. Charles k miller as well. You guys are awesome. We appreciate you. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.

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