E266: Kelly Dodd & Princess Beatrice?


Lindsey I got so many Pierrot singles in the mail. I'm going to have clean hands for the rest of my life. I mean, it's honestly the perfect gift for you this holiday season. I know I'm always worried about getting sick, especially this year. So as everyone, obviously, it's the gift that kind of keeps on giving, you know because like you use it. And then you give the gift of of cleanliness to other people. I know and you're always going around as holiday parties left and right. You're going to be with family. You're going to be with all these kids. Everyone's dirty. It's cold and flu season. You don't want to get sick. Because you've got other parties to go to. So that's why I always keep lately, plenty of bureau products nearby. Honestly through someone every you know, have a billion totes through a handful and every single I love it. You're going to be like reaching into toads like ten years from now. 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And then the CDC not me the holidays are the best time of the year. And they'll be over for you know, it so stock up on Burell singles hand sanitizer packets on Amazon. Nobody wants to get sick during the holidays so stay well with America's number one hand sanitizer. Brand welcome to the podcast of your learn everything Juno. But the seventies. You don't I'm Lindsey Weber on Bobby finger, and this is the first week that Rita ORA has an album out in the United States. Her second Rex. It feels different in this world. I think it's the first it's the first American release. I'm so proud of her, and it's kind of surreal to have her have an album and to have people like responding to it actively across my feeds and today's her birthday. But I mean yesterday was to you listeners but birthday week does she like twenty eight twenty. I mean, she's still much younger than me. But it's fine. It's fine. I mean, it's fine significantly younger than me. She's accomplished so much. To our young United States. One of them one. I haven't even had one album release in the United States. Did she make it on the Forbes thirty under thirty this year? She has to one more year, maybe the thirty thirty so silly there so many there's like hundreds of them when you mean of people under thirty. We'll know it's like it's like third. It's like different categories should really only be thirty. But you know, the thirty people thirty media thirty under thirty art. I mean, first of all literal sponsored content but sending all it's hard to mix. I'm more Sadan brick the ultimate thirty people under thirty. I bet. Thirty percent of those would be who's just be thirty random people who are under thirty years old thirty influential people under thirty and read over would definitely be among them. She would definitely not be among them would be like Malala three to read. I don't know who else. Idea. My uncle it'd be like Billy eyelash like. And be like Jacob satori is. Like, whatever his name is Luke from vine who's lewd, not not Millie, Bobby Brown. Not. She would definitely be on there. She is literally has magical powers the dance moms girl. She'd be on their Josie would probably why are everyone's like thirty under thirty. But also may be under twenty also. You should be twenties to be under thirty actually I well, it's unfair. If you're a teenager twenty thirty between twenty and thirty between twenty and thirty between twenty and thirty that's might list. Okay. Great an incredible list. What what time what an opening redes- album exists? The world is different. We'll get to it a little bit later in this episode because we are we can't really talk about Rita in two segments. Or will really lose our listeners you put up with enough in terms of talking about her once. Okay. Let alone yet. But one time you do have to talk about is camping. Did you watch? It. I didn't watch. It. You must it again stood again. There's only one episode left. I was reading that. Lena Dunham profile that came out today near magazine, very good, by the way. And the first thing I thought was I wonder if Bobby watch camping last night. Yeah. I didn't you did it. I did it. Well, anything. I mean waiting for me. Just feels like enough people are now. Reminding you that you should really just watch it. I I mean, you don't tell me that I need to watch camping. It's been on the top of my bullet journal for like week divulge general you stop using weeks ago. But I started using it again. Yeah. Sure. Did. I mean, I like you put can't listen you stopped using the journal. I put camping bulletin on the same category of things like things I aspire to to use an experience, but that I have a hard time fall camping and to us. Well, it seems like a bad thing for bullet journaling, the honest and camping's ratings. They wanna know. Can live. So why do people keep signal? Emily read a cow skis wearing because she's a model. Oh, you're not asking me. No, I'm quoting her. I'm quitting. Are. Speaking of people who'd be thirty under thirty. Why do people focus on what I'm wearing literally girl euro model? I understand what she's saying. I understand like she's talking about the protests. The an opera does what she went to which is great. She wasn't wearing a bra and people are like she wasn't wearing a bra. And that's like that's like. Yeah. That is kind of bullshit to point that out like the point was not that she wasn't wearing a bra. But also like you weren't wearing a bra like what do you like what do you want? And also like maybe the poll, quote shouldn't be why do people focus on what I'm wearing. If you're literally model who wears clothes for a living. You know? I mean, I guess she's also an actress, but let's not even get into it. That's splitting hairs my favorite thing about. This interview. Is that she says is that she says, and I was there making a political point. Why would people focus on what I was wearing? And the engineer just goes on a happier note, you got married in February two actor producer, Sebastian bear McClair. My favorite thing about Emily, Radic hausky. I gotta say which is really crept up on me in the past few weeks is her bikini line. I don't know if you've seen photos of the bikinis from her bikini line like she's the only one who can wear their for not bodies. Like, I understand like I understand a few keys in your bikini line are like four specifically your body, and maybe like real women, and I don't mean real women like size women like any woman like anybody. That's not. It's definitely like this is a Big Mac on the photo has a Big Mac when I buy it's is it couldn't be any further. And I went to the bikinis Instagram, and I was looking like are there other women wearing the bikini and there's a few. But like it's mostly just her wearing these bikinis. And the idea is what I'm trying to say to you is like these are Keyser like not made for other like you would never. Yeah. Like this bikini is so small and insane that like it's only buddies body. It's only made for her body a-. It's only made for radicals these body like I'm not even like body shaming her. She has this amazing almost alien insanely good body of. And that's kind of. Her things. Sorry. And so I don't understand why she has a big I can't wear it like, no one can wear these. It's like me molding, a sneaker to my foot that I run in specific to my thing. And then being like, I'm selling it. It's like, yeah. Nobody wants like the Lindsay sneaker. That's like molded for my foot. What's her bikini line called like Murata or something? It's time. No murata. No. It's like, it's an Eire's. I'm not promoting her bikinis. Like, I just refuse to promote them. I if you're interested in promoting your bikini line on our podcast. Please Email us at what's up to edgy mill com. Okay. Let's move on. What is next on this? Oh god. This have you read about this at all? I don't know how how did this not? How did this not come out before the wedding? Like how much of these people paid off to not blab before the wedding. I mean, I feel like oh before what reading oh. This is Beatrice not Eugenie. Yeah. Janie got married and this was single. And now it's coming out that Beatrice has a new lover. And and he is like like left his wife for her as his the mother of his child for her yet. His name is. Eduardo Ma belly Mosey and how good mazing Italian whatever that was. And he is developer. Don't know what that means. And he quote, coldly ditched his mother and their child's after he aware Beatrice who stole his heart. Big drama. They were engaged according to a source who talked to radar for three and a half years. And then he met Beatrice like gotta go this. This is the life. I want there's drama and Beatrice is kind of like Beatrice and Eugenie are like kinda the drama there little drama there drama. Well, they they lash out because they weren't under the scrutiny of a real Royal? They're like team, Royal? So they have they have the luxury of being able to be a little more a little more isn't their mother literally for like they can just like the representation of that where she's like, I'm Royal? But then she's like, I'm not Royal like, she's both. You know? I know. Yeah. Anyways rate our loves this shit. Of course, they do what else is happening this week. There is brace. Speaking of important relationship, news, Brayson Cyrus is engaged you about that. Who's Brayson Brayson is her younger, brother? He's twenty four mile lease twenty-six. She just turned twenty six races. We name these Cyrus people once a year. I can't remember Trish like Tisch. Who's the other one trace, Leslie, there's trace there's Tisch there's Bryson there's no there's Miley. And there's I feel like I'm missing one of the who's the one of the women. There's like a woman. There's well. There's there's trace. Who's the one of the case? What trace brandy breads, Christopher Brodie whose Christopher Brody. No. That's he's not. Are you short Christopher Brody? I've never heard secret. He's a secret. He secret. He's Billy Ray Cyrus is son. But not what's fishes on heat. That's from his I assumed from. He's a half sibling. Okay. Well, a lot of them are have siblings. This is a really funny. Sorry. This is a really funny graphic because it's like it's like no trace brandy brazen. Christopher Cody like, he's like he's like the freak. Whereas there is it's like, it's really good. So he's the older one. Yeah. It's like, what's what's that? Kristen that Kristen wig as else get which is like, and I. Jeez. I'm holly. Like, he's the genie's of the family. He's the other Hemsworth. God the point is he got engaged. He's twenty four. She's twenty two her name is Stella McBride. There's not much to say about her other than the fact that she is a visual designer. I think visual merchandiser. She's also this you notice like pace it into the professional coffee attic, she's a union yet or whatever can you get a health insurance? No, it's just union. So you guys just like get together and talk about coffee or you just put professional coffee Atta we get being screeners. We get delivered. Do you go to like meetings, like AA meetings, or whatever notify developed my own special roast can copyright it through the professional coffee addict guild of America east. Well, I'm so glad that you guys have unionized anyway. So this woman, they're they're engaged. They weren't at my lease birthday party though, because they were busy getting engaged and Miley headed twenty-six birthday party. And every story about Miley Cyrus twenty six birthday party could not be less interested, it Miley, Cyrus twenty-six birthday, everything just turns into like their house burned down two weeks ago. They josh. The house burning down is the house breakdown is like number one conversation for these. I that I like Miley spin very purposefully out of spotlight. So like, she probably was like annoyed that she had to like actually celebrate the also the fact that she turned twenty six offensive like she's only twenty old, but they gave five hundred thousand dollars to the relief fund. She and Liam which is nice, which is good. Yeah. Let's good. Good of them. Yeah. So Miley turn twenty six and brace in non engaged. Awesome. Do we have any updates about any of the other children Cyrus member? When one of them in the mom had a Redick decorating show on Bravo. Yeah. What canceled are now. I have no idea. And remember Sylviane went trace dated Brenda song. I do. And then they broke up, and then they got back together again because she's now dating she's with Makoko Malone. Yeah. I gotta the he's aiding some other one because there's a woman in that photo that I sent you tag yourself as a woman in that photo who I cannot identify. Defy think she taggers off. And I wrote brace I'm brazen. But like Brayson wasn't there. I didn't get it. And I didn't know anything. No. Bottles Sierra, Nevada bottles there, and then there's their grandmother there. That's cute. Did that story about how I went to a friend's house? And I didn't know I was invited over to their house. Josh. And I and I didn't know that they lived with their grandmother lived with them. Very sweet. It was really. But I didn't I didn't. I didn't know that going into the experience that we were gonna be at this apartment and the Graham got out front grandma's there. You got out front totally sweet had the best time. Are you having to put that up front? We were sitting at their dining table and play playing board games. And it was the four of us. And then every once in a while like, we're drinking beer, and every once in a while nanna would I mean manna was one hundred eighty every once in a while like nanna would walk by and go got an empties. Wants. And then she'd grab the empty beer bottles and put them in there. She was like your waitress chose your waitress shoes. Very sweet when if it wasn't Anna just a ghost. Are you? Sure, it was a real no it was a real nanna. They country radio personality took to Instagram after taking home the mirror ball throw fee with pro partner Sharon Burgess during Monday's season twenty seven finale during which the how I met your mother after tweeted dancing with the stars just confirmed. Why I don't watch dancing with the stars about his win. I just knew Patrick Harissa such a little asshole. What is what does it matter? Also, how humiliating to tweet about dancing with the stars. Like the reason I don't like dancing with the stars. Because like the best win. Are you hunting about linked to get mad about dancing with the stars? Then tweet it and like that's what you're mad about. And then like the news is like military's has beef with like some random person who did you read? Did you read the guy? We have to explain the so Bobby bones one dancing with the stars. Who is he again, he's a radio radio DJ in Nashville. But I think he's like very popular. He's like national he's national, but he's a highly syndicated radio DJ. He's very very popular. He won dancing with the stars people. Some people were upset because he frequently came in like with lower scores than the other celebrity contestants. But the winner is chosen on this chosen by the public. Like don't get. It's literally Tanaka was the like second episode. It's a popularity contest not modular. It's also the producers decide it has nothing to do with talented. Never has. Okay. It's fine to be clear. So he wins. There's a there's a category person who's watches dancing dancing with his upset with this upset by this. So they like share their frustrations on line. One of those people is Neil, Patrick, Harris. And he said what did he say dancing with the stars just confirmed by I don't watch. Dancing with the stars. Okay. We want you or about it. The worst tweet. Also like it just confirmed. Why you don't want it? Like, you do watch it. If you knew what first of all, there's no way to know what's happening on unless you watch it. I can confirm that because that's somebody who doesn't watch it. When I catch up on what's happening. It's like impossible. You have to watch out. It's there's nowhere to find out. What's going on at dance? You're either watching it or you're not you're not dealing with it because like consume so much content to be looking for this. So Neal was looking for this watching. And so now, he's like only reason I don't want you ending with ours. Because I don't watch star. It's like that is make any sense. Like, literally that doesn't make any sense Bobby bones in response each and response to both backlash and the rest of these angry dancing with the stars fans backlash he releases video and Instagram. That's very like, a heartfelt. Thank you to everyone who voted for him. He was like I talked to every other dancer after I won. And I was like you were better than me. And like this is just so humbling, blah, blah, blah, and. So if you did you read the judge Jared comments on this story. Oh, all of them were like, that's why Bobby one. That's why fans love him. He's the greatest I did not realize he had such a devoted fan base. But people must love him. Yeah. Good. I know very little about him. I don't know how he was perceived. He's gotta be well liked the Neil, Patrick Harris. It doesn't take much people all like him. And they got a similar look. And let me tell you something. I am will. I look my guy. Got a similar. Bobby arounds bones? I'm Bobby bones fan. I as you know, I have to have to be a fan of people of adult males who go by Bobbie professionally. That's why begrudgingly like body Burke. I got like, Bobby bones. Now, just inspiring to me. Also, Neil, Patrick Harris. He's bashing me on Twitter about such a big fan of no, Patrick Harris. I don't even care knowledge. I existed that's bringing you see what buddy. Okay. Did you see this spells have thanksgiving dinner spouse thanksgiving dinner bells? What did they eat? I don't know like just hairy air. What does this baseball joke? They just like there's air in the cans. I made it just looks like the worst. I guess my problem is not that. They're naked just looks like a bad meal. Like, here's my take. If this headline is poly-amorous pair. Nico Tortorella and partner. Pose noon, part aches and partner posed nude at thanksgiving dinner, quote, spouse and spouse, not food. What is that? It's it's like a Turkey. But that's it. So they're like this is the ultimate doing it for the Graham. Like, this is the opposite. You know, thanksgiving people post pictures of their place, and they're like full of food it looks kinda gross. But you're like you did. Wow. So basic and. And there's looks like the opposite of that. What I'm saying? They had corn thing with green beans. And so so there's like them they're naked. They're holding up forks and spoons looking right at the camera. It's sort of like who took this. But of course, they had their camera on its they are never who took this. It's like, I always believe that there's someone there to take it. You know, so says our first so they have lots of lovers. There's over who. Nico Tortorella and Bethany Myers are they are two spouses, always naked and they love Instagram, and they are poly-amorous, and it's always naked on younger. We've talked about them under. Under she's Magori man Magori like Shrek like like decide to take a break when he met. Nico Tortorella memory was is is currently shaking is always shaking for as long as you. She's looking. Tell exists or not. Anyway, they both look like like hot white belly dancers. That's kind of it like a fitness person. Anyway. So they both posted the same photo thanksgiving, dinner and. It's it's. I don't know. They're like at a house and somewhere in a cold air looks like the opposite of a traditional thanksgiving photo. It's like it's like family friends like a plateful of disgusting beige food. This is like Sheikh there's a Turkey that looks like it's not even ready to be eaten the Turkey. There's like Antlers. There naked. It's like it looks like the most uncomfortable thanksgiving I've ever seen in my life and also. What I don't know. Like, what is that print? What is that tablecloth print? What is now you're really going in. I'm just saying that there's something weird about all of this. The point is lens if they had so many lovers are poly-amorous. They've so many partners. There'd be such a good thing giving think of all the people there. Oh my God. Poly-amorous people probably have the best. Thanksgiving's. Oh my God. Number one. This one Lizzy. That's our next hallmark movie remake election day. Potluck. Oh, you forgot about let it snow or whatever. That wouldn't let us know. Let us know let it's no bad name. Yeah. Let it snow. Okay. Poly-amorous potluck. It's coming guess who's coming to dinner? It's like who's is like multiple yet. Guess who guess who all is coming to dinner question? Mark poly-amorous potluck would be so good. And it'd be drama. But at the end, they'd all be fine and happy about it like there'd be like one bad person who gets kicked out of the relationship. But that everyone was like fine point is Lindsay. What's the point? Both of them posted this Instagram this photo, but Bevan's caption is the one I'd like to focus on right now because I did a little research, and I have something to say slash reveal. Sherzer sure. So there's Bethany holding four can spin in front of the Turkey cranberry sauce, something gross and a bowl that looks like corn like a serving bowl that looks like corn. It says our first thing sitting spouse spouse, I love you endless. At Nico Tortorella that corn bowl was made by my grandmother. And it held creamed corn every family dinner. Please don't tell her used it for green beans. Okay. How do you interpret that? When foreign bowl was made by my grandmother. She does pottery. Okay. Okay. Now, let's Lindsey open up your text messages because. What is it say like made in China? Oh, no. Oh, no. You didn't find it? I using. She bought it on saying if you search vintage ceramic corn rude, he found all over at CNN EBay you own version of mine. They're identical. If grandma at anything grandma painted it. Graham allied to. No, I'm saying that Bethany is trying to give her followers some sort of revisionist history to make her grandmother more interesting than she is. That's so she's adding like fake details or grandma lied. Maybe. Maybe Bethany maybe grandma maybe Bethany grandmothers filthy liar. Please don't call her grandmother, filthy liar on this podcast. I do not need. Anything Bethany is exaggerating just dragged her to hell into ceramic serving bowl with you can buy that designed based on corn. Okay. The other thing that happened was that Nico went on, Wendy, and it was a mess on both ends. I gotta say both. Both ends were messy Wendy was messy. Nico was extra. It was like a true like coming together of something. It was willed. I don't want to ever hear Wendy Williams, really discuss anyone sexuality and ever. Now. That's a problem. No. They also don't want to hear Nico Tortorella discuss anything. So having those two people talk to each other is true, misery. It's I do love watching Wendy and grasp the concept. She can't grasp like she will like like, I like Wendy is Wendy was so many things wrong with Wendy's reaction to this. And like, obviously, she wasn't prepped properly. Like, I don't understand like, but Wendy being genuinely confused or Wendy being fake confused for the performance of reactional versions are bad. But also so funny so funny because she's just as confused by Nico as she is by like news about fifty cent. You know, like, she's she's always confused. Class. If you've heard of poly-amorous like literally like her reactions to being confused, which is constantly are some favorite, Wendy work. You know, like, clap if you understand the binary. And take me through this. We're gonna listen to you, very carefully. Yes. Miko is not in traditional relationship. There's nothing traditional about what's going on here pretty much besides what I look like. Okay. Okay. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Thus. I mean, she came so close to doing that. I'm shocked. She didn't like that is a joke. But she definitely would have done it. If he wasn't there. Anyway, are you going to play a clip here? Yes. Oh god. It's a nightmare. But it's a type of relationship that's existed. Since the beginning of time pre bible cute ears. It's truly nightmare. So moving on from this corn bowl and Wendy Williams. Let's talk about this to no one surprise Paris Hilton and her fiance. Chris Elka have split up. I mean. To get married. I then split up. When I was gonna say, yeah. I thought they would get married. I thought they'd have a weird extravagant wedding Paris will be relevant for minute. And then they break up. But this didn't even make it down the aisle didn't even make it to the wedding. At least throw a party. I'm kind it's kind of against Paris to at least throw the party. You know? That's exactly what suppresses me about a two. But the best part about this is that he wants the ring bag. No, there's so many best parts. Okay. So one is that Paris broke up with him a gay that Yanks. She broke up with him. She's busy working and realize he wasn't the guy for her question. Did he did she break up with him or does? She just have better page six connections. Think about that for a second. Right. I would say she broke up with him because he wants the ring back. Okay. So he wants the ring back. But as I think the pope page six also says that was the post page six says he didn't pay for it. We do that. We knew that. But that makes a better Chris's like going all in. I love it. It's great. So he's like I want the ring back and everyone's like we remember from like previous articles that you didn't pay for it. But then you see the bottom of this piece ends with his people snip snipping back. A rep for the actor tells us that quote, our info on the ring is wrong. And that quote, Chris has his own money. Dear homework. Honey, I don't got here with Honey. Honey, I don't think the leftovers like gave you as that much money to pay for a two million dollar ring. Just casually. Do what you do your homework, although how refreshing to have a sassy rep we never get good reps anymore. Well, that's why honeyed her back because I was like I was writing off this energy. You know, Honey, I had the Honey. I did my homework, and I'm sure Carrie Coon couldn't afford a ring that expense just in thorough even got paid for that last season. Honey. Okay. Sorry. That was also a Turkey Mattel impression. Okay. Honey. I mean, they were so out of money on that show that they paid live type they paid live Tyler in cigarettes. Or as real everyone else's fake. She was like giving our ads cigarettes are expensive in New York City. Okay. But anyway, the best best best part? We really this is the best part. No. This is the best part is that TMZ came in with their fucking. This is the like we had like page six post. We're like, oh, we're at the the upper echelon of garbage. Now. We're like TMD's like, Nope. I got it. This headline Paris Hilton's ex not even a name now that I'm old dot dot dot, it's back to acting an entire articles. But how Chris toll TMZ that his act he loud his acting career take a back seat to Paris while he was dating her. We're told cristin film anything during. Especially after he popped the question on this year with a ring valued at two million bucks. Fact is Chris only priority during this time with Paris was Paris. He was all in supporting her global ambitions. Yikes. That's not linked even if she wants literally forgot about him. Oh, yeah. With the car is not linked. Well, I want know what her global ambition is. But we digress. Katie really funny as he was the only movie he's made the only thing he's he shot since leftovers was that that Zowie Dolan film that like no one's going to see. They'll death and life of John Donovan. Yeah. The one that had like kit Harrington star, but also Natalie Portman Senate, but also just could chassis and Kathy Bates, Susan Sarandon. And he's an Chris Ilkka it like it like flopped at all the film festival. So like, I don't think it really got distribution. So it's sitting around do I believe that a relationship with Paris Hilton is like take time consuming a hundred percent. I believe this. I a cover to cover up his tattoo, or is that a leave it? Well, let's remember what the tattoo is for those of us. Don't written in the Disney fawn. So normally wouldn't like I think with Pete Narayan. We were like who cares about like tattoos people get tattoos this tattoo. I do actually want to judge a little bit for because it is huge. And it is Paris written Disney. It's half a forearm. It's not something. It's not a heart. It's not a name could explain away the bunny ears the bunny ears tiny the bunny ears are used to cover up the bunny user, easy to lights, not subtle. It's on an inside joke. It's not like, it's literally a name in Disney. Font is ni font. It's like it's like I got Josh. And comic sans on my neck. No. It's like I mean, it's like you worse than that though. Honestly. The Disney font is that. I mean, the Disney stuff is weird. The Disney the Disney funding is we're why is that? Why? That's why I'm saying it's like it's beyond comic sans. Comic sans is almost like so silly that it's almost ironic that people might think that's ironic like I don't know you could get away with that. This is like so the design unsettling, it's unsettling. I sure I sure there's a lion there. There's a lion like attacking the Paris just instantly. He will definitely get this covered up. I mean, he he'll use the money. He skits from ponding that ring or whatever to get the I hope he gets. So what's up with Nikki helped Hilton Rothschild don't even go on strike? Let I love when celebrities get sued by parties for using the Popper out these photos like we've been talking on text recently. It's. Who I know? 'cause they don't think they think it's like, it's me. It's my photo. But so many celebrities have gotten sued for this. They should know by now. I know I love it. I just love that pop. Radzi are coming back. Also, this kind of just means that like the industry pop Radzi industry is like floundering if they're like wasting their time like suing NICKY Hilton for like promoting her clothing line with photos of her swimming one hundred fifty thousand dollars. It's funny. There was just keeping up with the crashing episode. Which by the way has gotten really bad where Kim goes to Tokyo to wear easy close and get her photos taken by paparazzi like on purpose, and they use the 'paparazzi photos for the for the whatever the line or set alone. And I don't know if they pay for them. I mean, I assume they do like the idea being there probably probably cheaper or the same price of doing an actual photo. Shoot. Right. I mean, it just. Yeah. It was just whoever idea as much as as detest them. That's a clever idea. Are you prepared for all the winter, weather and all the winter events, you have to go to honestly, I'm not really prepared. I I haven't unpacked all my winter. Clothes. I haven't put away all my summer. Clothes like thing. When you get old like you want to like, switch seasons and your wardrobe. That's like a thing that people do I don't do that. Everything's mixed up. Everything's mixed up. But once I decide to get organized what I really want to do is get rid of a lot of stuff and just ease rent the runway. Because honestly, all I need to do is just rent this stuff. Why don't you own? All this all you need is like a bunch of warm sweaters. I can like cycle in cycle out, you know. And that's a lot of people feel also we all have a ton of holiday parties to go to nothing to wear to them. So that's why rent the runway a great option, and you wanna stand out rent. The runways monthly unlimited plan is the best you pay one flat fee to rent four items at a time, and you can swap new Adams in augument like CD's not anymore. Really? No one uses. I do know. Okay. My friend jellies is pregnant and she loves rent the runway because. 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My aunts were not warm because the gloves. I bought were like total crap. So that's on me. But the rest of my body was wildly warm because I was wearing my ever lane renew long parka. I've never felt here. He never had a good winter coat. And now I have like the best winter coat. Yeah. It's like people are always in your life. Yeah. They're like where to get that coat, and you're like, honestly, it's ever lane. And they're like again, no at this point. I guess when they say ever lane, and I'm like damn, right? I got it over land. And so comfortable, I can't even deal with it. I love that. I love my bag. I cared my Evelyn back because I was carry my ever lane bag and what else I'm wearing. I I still wear my linen. I just layer it with state sweaters. That's okay. Right. That's fine. Anyway, ever lane, as you know, by now, they only make premium essentials these the finest materials without traditional markups. They tell you their real costs. You know, you're never overpaying. 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The separately. Okay. So if I read you this headline, what would you think this is a headline on a peach? Don't ever by Kelly Dodd chocolate covered cherries. This is how I interpreted it sort of Lindsey don't ever by Kelly Dodd brand chocolate covered. Jerry. No, that's not. That's my eyes light up. I'm like Kelly Dodd has a brand of chocolate covered cherries. I'm like click. Click click. I click it, and it turns out. It's just that Kelly Dodd doesn't like chocolate covered cherries hates chocolate covered cherries. And she wants she wants dumped someone forgiving her chocolate covered cherries, see the shop. It's her with chocolate covered cherries like floating beside her head and the caption is Kelly dot and the offending chocolate. She's housewives of something something Orange County, Orange County. All right. Don, don't ever buy. See I was bummed because I was thinking it says don't ever by Kelly Dodd chocolate covered cherries. I'm like does. She have a brand they find a bug in. What by? Yeah. It's like what I got. No, just boring we go listen to this. She told page six at the worst of have received a box of the treat from Walgreens saying, quote, a boyfriend college bought me the candles after Christmas, and I broke up shortly after Dodd forty-three would rather receive a gift on the jury. With the best ship give she's ever received. Being her Cartier diamond watch from her ex husband, Michael he got a big bonus surprise me with it. She told us up the bling so don't buy her chocolate covered cherries by her a Cartier diamond wad. Also, don't buy her line of Jerry's because it doesn't exist. Okay. My mom loves chocolate covered cherries and she buys them over the holidays. She like one bucks a year. None of us. We're allowed to eat them. They were like mom's treat and she kept them in the fridge. She likes them cold. Okay. So congenial a little bit. But she likes them cold. And I never have to tell you. It was like an adult because I was like I'm not allowed to eat the chocolate covered cherries. You know? It's funny color while we here. But they're always like the best ones are the shitty ones. Like, you can't like there's not like a gourmet version of like like it's like how some of the best chocolate is gonna be like shitty milk chocolate. But I'm just saying like 'cause the cherries they use are like marriage. She know and like if you just wrapped a real cherry like in chocolate. It would be bad. Like, it wouldn't be right. It has to be like American cherry, which is like so far from being a cherry. Yeah. It's like how I prefer cranberry sauce that comes in a can with the ridges to Graham, berries, which are disgusting. Okay. They're disgusting. But I do agree that the gel the texture of a of a of thanksgiving the texture of an cranberry cannot be very sauce, which is not even barely real cranberry is more satisfying to me than the texture of homemade fresh cranberry sauce, that's like very shy. Yeah. It's it's more of a chutney. It's a chat more, calm pro. It's more of a fan of the compote texture. Okay. That's what is this photo of we cut we cut. Leo. Didn't we kind of cut it? I don't need to think about Leo. I do however need to think about Chris Pratt and captain Schwarzenegger who will quote, be engaged soon. I hate this. I hate this. They get together last month. I just hate be engaged soon. Like either they're engaged or they're getting or or they're married. I don't need engage soon. This is terrible source is like I hated where do they have their first date at some park an eight sandwiches and chips member forty five thousand photos of them eating sandwich. So they are still being seem together, which is truly shocking did not expect this to last Michael Jackson voice. Just think nobody thought this would last and just think nobody thought this would last this would last are you kidding set up by like fucking millionaire matchmaker? I mean, I knew it was fake as hell, but I didn't. To actually go all the way. And now that I think about it the probably just gonna go ahead and get married. You kidding? Yes. They're going to go all the way. I don't mean fake like they're fake. I mean like it was a fake like they were put together in a very inauthentic way. They didn't meet at a bar. I guess I don't know who's he gonna meet at a bar anybody's going to be engaged soon. According to an insider, also who the hell is leaking shit Maria Shriver Maria Shriver. I will give you one hundred dollars if you can name one of they referred to her as author Katherine Schwarzenegger, if you can name one of her books right now, you think I can name one of her books. I could never read her. She's written three. Is one called like. I don't remember this her jokes even know her personality. No, one does Chris dozen. Are you kidding? No one does. Here or her three books. Rock what you've got secrets to loving your inner and outer beauty from someone who's been there and back cheese self help author yet. And then there's I just graduated ellipse. Now, what honest answers from those who have been there. Okay. And then there's maverick in me, which is children's book doggy. I knew that one. Because I think that was only one that. I know that you didn't know that maybe the question on his what I kind of suspect about this, which I might be so off, but it feels real is that there might be some Dr some Chris darkness that they're trying to outrun by doing this, do you? That's what I that's what I've been thinking this entire time. I just feel like this is over wrought for something that usually is saved for somebody with a bad reputation, and Chris pride doesn't have one. So my question is like what are they hiding or maybe there? There's almost certainly Chris Pratt darkness. There's Willett is probably going to come out. I think yes, it just feels like there. This is something that is trying to cover up something that we don't know yet. Because to all to my knowledge, he hasn't done anything wrong in and under that it's that he's done anything wrong, just darkness. I think there's just like general darkness. And I don't think like, I don't think criminal darkness. That's not what I'm that's not what I'm trying to by any means. I just think that he is not like he seems to me like he's not the most upstanding guy. I guess I just I don't know what it is. But whatever this is so overwrought that it feels like it's it's. It's protecting something that means this even though we don't know what it is. Because like they're rushing to get married. It's like the way that she is like, I don't know. Can you tell me what the deal with the salad dressing is? Because I can't tell Brooke wants people to eat it or not. Okay. So this articles incredible. Where was this in this was pledge page fix fire? Brooke Shields is gifting rare salad dressing for Christmas. I'm like, wait. Did she make it did? She find it. She's giving it. I don't really understand what the concept is you click on it. It's even more confusing than I have. Basically she like got the salad dressing somewhere. It's made by this French man who fought in the war. He came back after being stationed in France and couldn't get a good French dressing. So he created his own shields. Fifty three recently told page six dial it's been my step mom's refrigerator and my refrigerator for maybe thirty or forty years that sounds disgusting. But then she says it's the best house gift and the best to just keep on hand. Because everyone loves it. So you so it's like many bottles of old salad and she gives to friendly. Is she selling does to sell dressing. Go bad is it like liquor or did she get the recipe like she giving homemade French Salle addressing, no I? He's made me recipe know, the recipe, I think he's just been in my friends refrigerator for maybe thirty or forty years now, maybe she's the most. Saves and Bennis staple in my. Okay. Yeah. That's that's what she should have said. Because the way this is written is so confusing issue getting rancid salad dressing. I don't know you're so right. Like, it's like one word makes all the difference hasn't been in the fridge as like because. Crazy. So if like, I wouldn't be surprised if she was like, yeah. I gave people thirty year old friend sell dressing. It doesn't go bad. It doesn't make sense that she's had the same dressing for forty years. And she gives it out also because that would be how much salad dressing would. You just have to have. On your fridge to give out to family and friends like no. And everyone's like, oh, don't invite broke to your house warming. She's gonna bring that disgusting salad dressing. And also, even if it is just a recipe, and then she makes it frequently. She's been making for thirty or forty years who is this French, man. Where richmond. It's made by this Frenchman who fought in the war. I don't know. It's I'm so confused also. Yeah. Like how does that make him? But yeah, what does what does this do? What if you know more about this salad dressing? You have to give us a call six nine them. It is confounding. Yeah. I agree. One of the best bonds of the past century. No, just kidding. It's probably the best bond since of the year of since the pork board or four. This is a us weekly. Article a headline is Alton Brown on what makes a perfectly brewed Cup of coffee. Starbucks and daring move in Italy. So this gives no hint as to what's to come. It's like coffee God. I love coffee slash like this. I'm caused playing Bobby. I love coffee. I'm clicking. Here. We go. As a self-described coffee addict. What I'm here album Brown has more than a few thoughts when it comes to the caffeinated beverage can't say coffee, again gotta say caffeinated beverage for starters, the cutthroat kitchen houses regularly regularly changes is regularly chain Kat. It's like there's there's already a type. Regularly changes up his coffee at our quote. I don't I don't know that there's a perfect Cup of brew coffee for anyone. He tells us we simply I mix it up constantly. So I did I did cut one. Paragraph that I didn't have space to put in. So he talks about Starbucks. I think like, oh, he's just casually mentioning Starbucks. Maybe this is maybe it isn't. Who cares? It wasn't terrible. But then he goes and since Brown is mentally a quote free Cup a day person. Quote. He can enjoy his daily job a multiple ways. Quote, I used to do even more than that. But I got to where my is kind of vibrate. It's cutback lot. He explains okay. We're still talking about coffee, Connie, here's where we get the sharp shift. Okay. You're like is this a Starbucks at this is a deadman's coffee. This is like we just flew off the cliff and how he does this pivot is so masterfully think he got a degree in marketing. Here we go. Given Brown's coffee habit. The newlywed fifty six also had to find a toothpaste keeps his teeth, shiny and wine. He settled on. Colgate optic white, which he currently has a partnership with quote when you get into the real signs of this. Most people don't even realize what teeth teeth are porous. He knows the crystal that makes it the of the tooth forms these little tubes. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah to break apart. We need to use something that's an oxidizing hydrogen, peroxide, which can go in there and peel the electrons away from these, blah, blah, blah, blah, which is how optical white works overtime is mentioning electrons. I mean it imagining being coming up. Imagine us weekly person coming up with us weekly branded Mike, and you talk so long that you mentioned electrons. I just can't believe what I love is that not only is he talking about this. But uh quickly the cynical bitches. They are like put it in. There not cutting this down. Honey, was maybe Honey again up with you. Oh my God. They're not in this down. Any money? So so weedy. Part of the deal. Right. Like, this is how that works. So it's like, yes, I will talk to you. But I have two metre. Colgate optic whiteness. We like for sure what wild mention this is not to. Oh, I would love to my teeth with Colgate white. This is like here's how toothpastes works. Yeah. We'll it's sort of like it reminds me of of the way full disclosure of the way, we get our ads. Right. So it's like a an avatars will say here the copy points that you need to mention. But do it naturally. Do it do a conversation between Bobby Lindsey, like do it the way you would do it. Alton Brown, just read the copy points. You know, Alton Brown didn't add his own Dettori Leising here. He said a lot drought had a sheet of paper printed out and was like well when you get into the real science of this most people don't even realize that either. I mean, I just impressed that the whole partnership just really came together. We didn't even get a hint of it in the headline. We got fooled into thinking. He was talking about coffee, which was offi we think Elton Brown's fine. Alton Brown we click, and then it's a it's a fucking toothpaste ad. What was the? A really good response. God, I guess I can't find it. Just hooligan responded in about like what a great. It's like the person was dentist, and it was like, I truly love his description of teeth or something. Description of a animal. I mean, they're porous. You didn't know I didn't read the whole thing because I didn't want to give them free spun. I felt like weird about that. Also, I tell you every time you go to the dentist. We have our own toothbrush advertiser. Oh, no God. Mike whip. What's next Tom holiday, pumpkin for the very first time? This was wild because it was more than one place. Just you're at and I love when it's liberty. I do love when us liberty. It's a very common food. But the very first time this was great because it's based off a video made for the AP, which is unexpected like the press data video about making pumpkin with Holland did. No one else when cover Tom Holland's, the AP the only one or is Tom hall, like only giving access to whatever I don't care. All that interesting notion ports. The twenty two year old Spider-Man star. He so boring who had never eaten pumpkin before who met up with chef Jessica largely and filmmaker and filmmaker Joe Russo to partake in a cooking lesson on Wednesday at the Simone restaurant, Los Angeles quote. I'm starting with the best, pumpkin. I'll have a hand. Now, very disappointing and his reaction, quote that was delicious. So all come back tomorrow. I'll come back tomorrow. Then there's like an entire video of him out. Probably put his Glickman here of trying and eating pumpkin for the AP. I just really enjoyed this just kind of peek into the life of Tom. Oh, did you see the viral tweet about Tom Holland's face? How he always looks like he's hiding a frog in his mouth, and he can't put his mouth at the Trump out. It's like jumping it's jumping around in his mouth, and he's like trying to there's not a frog in his mouth. My god. See that viral tweet about Tom Holland. That's probably the most press he's gotten like in the past year. Let's take to Rita. She wary. Where was she seen? She posted. Why on? She's a who clean ten. To. The. What's Rita ORA up to who is this woman? We are inter was Rita. So we really need to get into it. Right. First of all ready to perform Thanksgiving Day parade. Did you watch it? Right. You were there. I was there. I saw her up close and personal crazy. It was wild. Her in my direction. Do you think that she knew who you have no idea? What was it was weird to see her up close because I don't think you have before. No, I've never I've never seen her in person little in that close. I mean, I was six feet away from her and in such a specific place to she was on the she was on the crazy glue flow to which really funny. She also lip sank or she saying, which by the way, they all lip sync. I mean, she was very unfairly maligned for this. Of course, do you know cold it was on thanksgiving? Well, that's what I'm saying. Is the coldest thing giving in history. Everyone knows that they know won't right? And everyone knows that they don't sing. Because the way the floats are rigged, you can't sing live because think about it hath like go to the TV. It's not just like four the crowd around. You. You can't just amplify your voice. It has like do all thing. All the way live. We going gonna say people did sing live the people who sang live were stationary if you notice like Clarkson was like performing was oughta cloak. She was on the. Yeah. Anyway, you're on the float for like, forty blocks forty blocks ball subzero temperatures, essentially subzero temperatures veering on subzero temperatures push. You're not gonna sing after going down, forty blocks of of cold weather, right? No. It just. The whole thing was silly. But it did I mean was very Rita to like mess up the sink like come on like there's nothing more Rita than messing up the sink. I'm glad she was there. She was followed by Ashley Tisdale. It was like a treat to come down in the morning and see her on that fuck and flow. And then think about you like freezing your ass off. And not to be rude. Not just anecdotally. I was there. This happened to me actually, just got a much bigger applause than by linked like like by. Exponential. It was huge the audience response to Ashley Tisdale was like shrieking and Rita. Got gall Lapper really got really close to nothing. It was. But anyway, let's move onto the album the out. So what we're going to do over the next few weeks is review two tracks at a time. Just straight down the list take us too long time because of the album's very long such a Long Island. We buy songs. I know. I don't understand. We'll get into this don't understand why every song she's like touched in the past two years is not have to be on this album Rita. Is it does? Yes. It does. She has lots of catch up on just it's like, why is the fifty shades song on here Rita? It came out in January. Okay. Let's start with. Let's start with tracks wanted to which are anywhere. And let you love me. Both have been released anywhere was released earlier this year that you love me was released more. Most recently, I feel like anywhere was the first song that kind of a yours. Your song. Your says the first song that made me feel like, oh, maybe she could like have a good song. Yes. Then anywhere came out and people loved it because the course has like gibberish, but like in a fun way. It's just pure mashed up gibberish was one is that it's written by like a lotta sleeves. So guy who wrote good time by Alison Jepson classic and also worked from home. That's good. So we've got some Plitt songwriters on here. Rita not polluted and econo- CORUS. Also, her her ex question Mark boyfriend this. I don't know. I don't know the I don't know that we have anything official there. Yeah. I don't know what's going on there. So so we love anywhere. We love you love me. I think love let you love me. I love and we more what you love me is a little bit grading for me. There's something about the forest the way that she sings it and also the key that it's in it hurts my year. I like the the melody of we love me more than I the song. Really dum dum that too. But I don't like the, right? So I I like the verses. I don't like the chorus. Okay. I I agree with you. It's great. It's a. More that. It's it's it's like I hate like I hate that. That's too. It's too high for Rita. I think not that. I it's so generic, and I usually get for her which can but she can't she did your song. She did anywhere. She has done better. Shush. Fully of there's some good songs on here. We'll get to them. We just wanted to go track by track. So these two you've already heard about from us. I think we already kind of talked about them next week. We'll we'll give you two more. Both did. Well, though, I will say chart wise, which is interesting both like pretty much, charted everywhere. But. No, I think they charge a little bit in the United States title of anywhere was anywhere. But the United States. Don't take me anywhere, but the United States where I don't chart rita's. But was crazy is at like the lead up to this release has been insane for rita's press cycle. But it's only gonna keep it's gonna stay bad. Don't you think like until she goes on tour, which I don't even know if that's been announced yet. She's just going to keep on putting in the time. You know, she puts in the work. We were mentioned in telegraph article about her which was fun. That was amazing in the lead. And kind of like respectfully for us like wasn't like like, we join the many voices of the Rita ORA. Who is she movement? We're not we're not out here to be cruel. Even if you might sometimes think so the I appreciate that. The telegraph fully got the context of what you're going for here in this. We were characterized. Well, I appreciate that. Thank you. Telegraph shut it out on pop culture. Happy are which I loved oh what a drill. Nice a true fantasy. And I think that we're done. So definitely long episodes. A lot of this'll be cut and put in our trail episode. I'm sure check out the hats Qiliang. Also, a little bit of love and get a little bit of love and return extra episodes newsletter letter reviews on up podcast, false on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and call six nine who them if you have any questions or comments or anything, you just wanna talk? Also, don't forget to go to who weekly dot us to buy tickets to our live shows we're going on tour in the winter and the spring of next year. It's going to be great. We're probably coming to a city near you. Probably probably not. We'll come to your city. We just need to get their. Yes. Six nine who them? Thanks for listening by. They wanna know. Can they fame?

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