Part Five: The Hidden Civil War


Ooh alexa good morning. Good morning and allow me to welcome writer actor and comedian chelsea handler alexa. I'm just checking in with your morning. Meditation meditation tried this one. I am a channel for loving peaceful energy. Okay i am a channel for loving peaceful energy. I want to hear more of what chelsea handler and alexa accelerate to just ask him. Just say alexa good morning and don't forget to check out chelsea handler's podcast life will be the death of me on iheartradio thwarting sophie. I'm robert evans hosted behind the bastards and during the break we took kept between this chapter in the last one i still back the case of perria and i'm going to throw it at some point so if he's standing next to be right now trying to get it back but she's not she's not gon on everybody's nervous. I need a drink in my open the to get a drink to what my throat then when i throw it it's just going to do more damage one out and you're going to throw that one well now. I'm not <hes> there's some visual things go. What i love about. Visual things is that they're the ideal thing to do on a podcast famed visual medium. We're doing great chapter chapter. Five a hidden civil war cool one of the issues with discussing the history of secret organizations azazel formed to overthrow the government is that for obvious reasons an awful lot is left in shadow. We do not know the precise date or the hour that the order was founded. We do not know its exact act composition or to what precise extent men like louis beam and william pierce. We're involved in it officially. The order was born alive not certainly not officially the order was founded in september nineteen eighty-three by robert matthews during a convention he attended for pierce's national alliance in arlington while biman pierced tended to approach the issue of sparking sparking a fascist revolution rather differently matthews had deep ties to both men he was profoundly influenced by beams ideas and writings and also an obsessive fan of the turner diaries he essentially essentially acted as a bridge between the two sides of the vanguard is movement tying beams clansman and christian identity nuts together with pierce neo-nazis. Liam peers called the order. The aryan resistance movement robert miles called the british wagon or silent brotherhood but to bob matthews and most of the members was known simply as the order in direct imitation tation of the group responsible for organizing the fictional white nationalist insurgency in the turner diaries. There were originally nine men three from the national alliance for from the area nation spend one a former klansman so that's cool now matthews device six step strategy for his new terror organization he would start by recruiting a base of soldiers around the nation in and train them at sundry fascist compounds around the country wants. Matthews had a trained core of soldiers. They would begin committing robberies in counterfeiting money this would fund the purchase of an arsenal which would allow them them to commit more ambitious robberies raise millions of dollars which they would then dispense to different fascist groups around the nation in essence bob matthews had looked at all the white supremacist compounds around the country places like yellow him city the aryan nations nehemiah township and various posse comitatus communities. He decided these groups had potential. They were connected and funded more effectively. The order was way to do that and carrying out this plan matthews both working to fulfill his dream of a big tent fascist organization and actively funding beams plan to connect these different groups via the early internet okay cool. It's cool buddies hanging out but you have in coup friends. The orders into goal was a white ethnos state in the pacific northwest here to matthews was following in the footsteps of other fascist thinkers. The northwest imperative is now known. I propped up in the nineteen seventies and it was initially really cheered on by christian identity pastor and area nations leader richard butler including the order matthews had since synthesized decades of all right thinking with his love of the turner diaries into a serious various plan for revolution on paper. It looked kind of silly. Jerry back based on speculative science fiction but matthews quickly turned his plans plans into action on october twenty eighth nineteen ninety-three bob and several has been held up an adult bookstore in spokane washington netting three hundred dollars. It was an seems silly right seems silly seems not worth. It seems not worth it but this small-scale crime was just the start of many matthews and his crew kept on bobbing two months later. They stole so twenty five thousand dollars from a seattle bank. Okay thirty six hundred dollars from spokane bank. They robbed a courier after picking the daily cash receipts from a shoney's restaurant and made out with eight thousand dollars the order professionalize quickly and within a matter of months. They'd also started counterfeiting fifty dollar bills okay yeah. I need to do this deal on the money they they really didn't need to do that would turn out to have been a bad idea yeah yeah yeah but the idea was that like by counterfeiting money they could both damage the state by like brings. Nanteuil clams labs make money by spring nineteen eighty-four robert matthews it proved himself to be a competent and dangerous guerrilla leader in his order was quickly becoming the biggest new thing in american fascism dozens of young militants flocked to join and do their part to further the cause they flooded in from other far-right groups with names like the covenant the sword and the arm of the lord sundry sundry posse comitatus in assorted k._k._k. Chapter she had their all their fucking. Nerds always grosses me out yeah. The proud boys boys are just one variation on a theme of terrible names for right wing terrorist groups in order to build camaraderie and loyalty. Matthews developed rituals for his warrior elite. I'm going to quote quote now for bringing the war home. They took their induction oath on matthews farm. They stood in a circle around a white female infant who symbolized the race. They sought to protect. They raised their arms. In a hitler salute i as a free man they recited hereby swear an unrelenting oath upon the green graves of our sires upon the children in the wombs of our wives. They swear that they had no fear europe death photo but had a sacred duty to do whatever is necessary to deliver our people from the ju- bring total victory to the area race. They pledged secrecy about all activities to follow this war to rescue any of their number taken. Prisoner shouldn't enemy agent hurt you. They promise they're silent. Brothers i will chase him to the ends of the earth and remove his head from his body their oath oth recognize them as racial warriors but also transformed them into weapons. My brothers let us beef god's battleaxe and weapons of war let us go forth by ones and twos by scores and legions and says true aryan men they vowed we are in a state of war and will not lay down our weapons until we have driven the enemy into the sea in reclaim the land which was promised to our fathers of old and through our blood in his will becomes the land of our children to be. I cannot leave. These nerds look so disgusted to that entire thing. This is like oh. I hate it so so much some sexist racist awful white supremacist bullshit but it's also there so embarrassing is also what it is. It's like they're so evil and there are so lame. This is pinal way. I think that like making stuff like dungeons and dragons and learn more socially acceptable might reduce the number of young than htay aasiya outlet yeah. Just give us an excuse to talk about axes and pretender instead of hating people accept gamers. You know yeah that really kind of proves me incorrect on that because they just did both they do both yeah in march nineteen eighty four the order carried out their first robbery armored car. They netted forty three thousand dollars. They robbed the same armored car again in april and got their biggest score yet. Two hundred and thirty thousand dollars dollars later that month or two members also bombed a synagogue in boise idaho. Okay as the summer of nineteen eighty-four rolled along matthews and other members of his inner circle began to worry that one of their men walter west might talk to of bob's men shot and buried him in the woods on june first a little more than two weeks later on june seventeenth mathewson in three of his men shot and killed alan burke a jewish radio host and anti-fascist who regularly attack neo nazis on the air. The burger officially raced the orders profile guaranteed. He'd major law enforcement attention. The group's danger was reinforced a month later when they used to bring truck in yucaipa california and made off with a staggering three point six million dollars. Oh wow us wonder where all that money went. Let's read the next paragraph now. Flush with enough cash to rage wage revolution solution. Matthews in his order began buying guns like they were going out of style. They also purchased a three hundred acre plot of land in missouri in one hundred and ten acres idaho. Each each participant in the robbery got forty thousand dollars but the bulk of the money went to other fascists around the country different organization received grants one hundred thousand dollar increments matthews also ties. You're here's your cannot see. God do not see research nazi stuff. Matthews also titled ten percent of his stolen roland money to the aryan nations so that's good yeah you know. Just give them out. Give it back. They're really hurting for cash certain for cash oof. That's a bad ed transition sophie talking about like you know who else wants. Your cash who end is better than nazis yeah. They advertise for that. Show this show yeah. That's good that you're hope yeah yeah. I am not doing great today. I do have checkoffs case. I just i i feel like i have to really build it up because my heart is definitely going to be the last thing i get to throw in. This room locked in so be giving me a look anyway products. I'm robert evans hosted behind the bastards and if you're like me you worry a lot about the safety of your home burglaries or of course always something to be scared about a recent gallup poll shows more americans fear that terrorism but you know maybe you're an outspoken internet personality or maybe you're an activist. You make enemies and you just worried about the safety of your home. That's why i'm here to talk to you today. 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I._d.'s matthews even had silver medallions crafted to act as proof of membership. Oh it's about to get cooler katie because they had nicknames nicknames like wound wolf marshall cindy sam review. These are bad yet you simi's sam's that's like one member was nicknamed mr closet for his love of assaulting game amen god no it makes it sound like he's in the plaza. Louis beam was code named jolly and lonestar pierce was code named brigham after mormon leader. Brigham young been dalian's the only good nickname their jolly first of all. It's it's super lame to pick your own nickname. No they all picked their own nicknames and maybe mr closet. I feel like somebody gave yeah but they're so bad. They're so lame there so lame okay and bats. They're silly all lone wolf. The law enforcement field officer no field marshall marshall some cops that are nazis and not filmar listen a cop law enforcement. No no field marshals like a general level rank but it was like the germans had a lot of not only germans military military military or not but the same idea yeah and then you got you seventy sam which is silly. You got all that they are <hes> yeah yeah. It's silly exactly who they are. In nine months bob matthews had turned his dreams in the theories of biman pierce into a real revolutionary movement. He'd made the turner diaries. Real new recruits to the order were reportedly handed copies of the book and for awhile law enforcement seemed powerless to do anything to stop them. According to bring the war home quote given a federal agents and a few journalists were aware of the white power movement. The mainstream public continued to see most white power violence. The work of errant madman the phrase lone wolf previously used used to describe criminals acting alone was employed increasingly in the nineteen eighties nineties to describe whiten our activists this played into the movement's aim to prevent anyone from putting together a cohesive account of the group's. It's actions checks out. Doesn't it silly so i take them seriously. We don't call white terrorists but you know who we should call terrorists antifa. Kill anybody zero people. Yes suggesting that they're not. I'm just saying like a of the groups i'm willing to consider terrorists al qaeda the death toll thousands right yeah <hes> antifa death toll zero k._k._k. Death toll thousands. They're not actually terrorist group in the u._s. That's that's what's what nationals terrorism just doesn't seem to be treated seriously so that's because they're a bunch. The lone wolves in a pack together fight lone wolves but they're they're packed but they're alone. They're they're a pack. A lone wolves which you can't can't defend against okay good times so <hes> the orders undoing came from a member of the group and a former national alliance schoon named tom martinez matthews had brought martinez in to help pass counterfeit bills around his home in philadelphia. He was caught by the f._b._i. And he turned informant to avoid prison the f._b._i. I use this information to track matthews to portland oregon where they engaged him. In a short gunbattle bob was wounded but managed to flee would be island in washington with several of his most loyal soldiers soldiers the f._b._i. Surrounded the house and eventually all of matthews's men surrendered but robert. Matthews refused to give up alone. He fought the f._b._i. Offer an astonishing forty hours oh the bureau eventually burned the cabin down around matthews killing him on december eighth nineteen eighty-four yeah yeah he's a bit of a hero to these guys to this day mattias mattias yeah with their leader dead the order of intially crumbled proving by the way that louis beam have been right to emphasize leaderless resistance after five months of arrests around the country more than fifty. He members of the order had been arrested the f. b. I. recovered a great deal of cash but millions remained unaccounted for they found what some of that money had bought though when they raided the heavily armed ozarks compound of the covenant the sword and the arm of the lord law anti-tank rockets and machine guns were found hidden on the property the we're not the only group would bought rocket launchers with the orders ogaden and gains however and not all of those weapons were recovered. This is part of why <hes> it became a legal for u._s. Servicemen to be members of extremist groups because all these fucking doc in weapons kept getting only reason. That's used to be really easy to get military grade weapons. They did some reforms that have made that harder apparently so bully for them kudos the military actually of all the government organizations that the only one with any kind of effective long-term response to any of this okay yeah so yeah now the first trial associated with the order took place in seattle and included several members of the they plead guilty on weapons charges and were convicted of racketeering next the u._s. Attorney brought a ninety three page indictment against twenty three members of the order robert miles louis beam and william peers were not indicted in the months is leading up to the trial members of the order rollover on their comrades with unusual regularity by the time the trial rolled around in september nineteen eighty-five only ten of them actually face trial this hard core or of loyal racists included david lane. The man who would years later coined the fourteen words neo nazis still used today as a calling card yep during the case prosecutors specifically noted the turner diaries had acted as a blueprint for bob matthews according to blood and politics in an opening statement. The defense attorney acknowledged that his client was a clan member in an avowed white supremacist or white separatist. Now i say white separatist he continued because there is a significant difference in an individual who professes to be a white supremacist as opposed to a white separates sure what was that difference. The white separatist is nothing different than a black nationalist to advocates. A separation of races wants to live only with those members of his race. He advocates the fact that when races are mixed together they cannot survive because of their division in their cultural backgrounds that upbringing in their history the jury did not buy this distinction between white supremacist mrk five anymore than the supreme court was willing to endorse separate but equal doctrine in nineteen fifty four neither did the jury believe defense efforts to impugn the credibility of areas to became prosecution witnesses nor jurors except contentions that the defendants beliefs were unrelated to the enumerated crimes after four months of trial all were found guilty. Okay that's good yeah yeah yeah now. In-depth bob matthewson has ordered became a symbol for fascist around the country in raleigh north carolina hundreds of nazis rallying under banners that said we love the order in idaho group called order to set off several bombs and quarter lean. The date of matthew's death december eighth became martyrs data mini neo-nazis. Some of them started carrying bring out memorial camping trips near where he had been killed on whidbey island but still the order had failed in its goals and that failure had come at a substantial cost will be luis appears had not been indicted or charges result of matthew's activities but they now found themselves at the center of much more f._b._i. Attention in an operation named clean sweep the bureau began seating white white supremacist organizations around the country with undercover operatives later in nineteen eighty five. They stopped aryan nations plot to kill a government informant and other terrorist associated with the group was stopped after are bombing a federal building several businesses directory and quarter lean in nineteen eighty-six. The feds busted william potter gail founder of the posse comitatus in nevada gaylon. Several rallies were convicted of planning to bomb the i._r._s. Kind of sounds like a insurgency does sound like insurgency plans yet near the end of nineteen eighty eighty six the f._b._i. Busted eight members of a new group the arizona patriots before they could carry out their goal of following in bob. Matthews is footsteps. The group had planned to rob banks to finance a domestic insurgency all around the u._s. White supremacists continued to plot and launch attacks. One of these men was glenn miller. Formerly the leader of a group called the white patriot party he'd received at least seventy five thousand dollars dollars in order money from bob matthews as the f._b._i. Busted more and more of these guys they found more and more evidence of the orders influence and money and gradually they piece together the story of what had really really happened and came to realize that matthew's group had sought nothing less than the complete overthrow of the federal government in mid nineteen eighty six louis beam richard butler robert miles and several other ideological leaders of the fascist movement were finally indicted for their role in the order so that's cool yeah and we're going to hear about what happened next just after i know i'm just incapable of doing a good ed transition those great thank you but it's ally <music> by wait a minute. I'm not gonna throw it yet. I'm just i'm building tension time. You bring it up. This is how you screenwriting one on one katie chekhov's chekhov's case of my heart stops the idea but i'm cooling laid back so whatever you're gonna do you know. The reality of the situation is as soon soon as i started really getting a sense for the heft of this case i started regretting the fact that i've talked so much but now we're taking one. Oh no that actually might make get more dangerous like a scatter bomb open it. It's still taped pillows all around it. I don't think we can do that. I think i have to throw it. You can subvert the narrative and not throw it but the best thing we do with narratives is not to sievert them. I sure given given gentle. We tell stories the way we do but you could redefine what throwing is make it like a gentle toss. I mean i'm not gonna go one hundred ten percents because they don't feel like that's necessary given the extremity of what this case of perrier represents but i am going to throw it in the canned correct yeah that's somethin' and yet it's several pounds ten slim cans as the package statements. Are we doing sylvie. It's not even twelve products in the montgomery county maryland courthouse. There are thousands of pages of documents detailing the horrific murders. First of three innocent people to things from the early days of the investigation are clear no one knew for sure who committed the murders but some had had a theory about who engineered them soon as i heard the details. I knew my dad was involved right away. We know it was lawrence. I mean i knew who else instantly i. I saw lawrence. Everybody knew that lawrence horn was responsible. Nobody even better but at the time of the murders lawrence horn was clear across the country tree watching tv in his los angeles home and he could prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm jasmine morris from iheartradio and hit home media. This is hitman. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts and we're back up okay. We hadn't come back get started talking about perrier so <hes> yeah <hes> robert miles richard butler beam and several other fascist ideologues fox had gotten indicted for their role in the order. Getting all of these guys together was quite a task and at one point louis beams wipe shot of federal agent who who came for them but eventually they got yeah they wound up under trial so the justice department charged these men with number of crimes including seditious conspiracy to quote overthrow put down and destroy by force the government of the united states and former new aryan nation. Oddly enough in pierce was not invited seditious conspiracy. It was a crime numerous communist and puerto rican nationalists had already been successfully convicted of committing but no nazis your white supremacist ever been convicted of the crime despite the orders shocking violence silence and well-documented goals this fact did not change the trial convened in february of nineteen eighty eight and the fascist defense attorney's managed to exclude any black people from the jury. The trial was almost instantly a shit show and served more to allow louis beam to preachers views to the nation than to guarantee justice in his opening statement. He told the jury. The only reason i'm here is because i said ed wood. I think if the constitution is still alive. I'm innocent beam admitted that he had set up computer bulletin boards for different fascist groups around the country but denied that these boards were used for any illicit elicit communication. He told the jury had been changing his daughters diaper. When the purported meeting that created the order had occurred so he dubbed the government's case the baby diaper conspiracy the whole meaning outrageous diaper like take her to the doctor man doesn't hold all that you doing more to pick this story apart than anyone in the court of law did beam ended one speech in his defence with almost word for word recitation of something he'd written essays as of a clansman protesters he'd supposedly encountered after returning home from vietnam quote from beam as i sat there watching the flag disintegrate rage bitterness bitterness began to engulf me the flames consuming the flag changed the flames and developing an armored personnel carrier in the hobo woods north of saigon. The cheers of the demonstrators became the screams of nineteen in your old soldier over his radios. He burned to death trapped inside. It was fast becoming his coffin. The clapping of hands as the flag fell to the ground became the deafening roar of my m sixty machine gun as i literally early melted the barrel in an attempt to pin down the enemy long enough for the dying soldiers friends to reach him finally at last came the laughter of those demonstrators as they spit on the ashes at their feet blending in my i mind with the sobs of grown men as i remembered the armored personnel carrier disappearing in a ball of orange flame the prosecution just let them say this shit yeah yeah the judge. Just let's say this shit yeah upsetting after seven weeks of trial louis beam fellow defendants were all found not guilty of seditious conspiracy. Here's your they were released. Presumably free to return to their lives in the movement of doing nothing. Though do is there live harmless lives of being harmless. The justice department had taken a shot at the intellectual center of the white supremacist movement. They had failed and ultimately their failure came not from law enforcement unwillingness to prosecute nazis but from ordinary white americans and the sympathy they held from unlike beam who billed themselves as warriors against communism and patriots beams racism is designed to overthrow the government simply weren't seen as that bad right by a jury of his peers. The leaders of the white supremacist movement had gotten off more or less scott free but the court battle and the months many of them had spent on the lam for being arrested had aged them all richard butler's influence would gradually fade after he returned home to idaho louis beam continued to be influential mind within the movement but he would be more careful and much quieter later from now on the heat brought on by the crackdown forced him to retire his beloved inter-clan newsletter in survival alert. The last issue contained an essay by an unknown author probably beam mm-hmm in it he wrote the second american revolution will be revolution of individuals a revolution without exact precedent in recorded history because individuals can accomplish complex acts of resistance since without peril of betrayal or even detection with the most advanced snooping devices missions formerly assigned to groups may be undertaken by individuals equipped to fight alone it it would not be long before a young man named him at mcveigh would prove these words prophetic individualistic its collective but they're lone wolves on wall. Just individual crazy people like the guy who shot up the gilroy garlic festival right not connected into a larger manifesto or the book that was by by a guy named ragnar red beard and it's one of a number of books that appears regularly in full in writing in the eighteen nineties <hes> about like white nationalism and kind of eko fascism kind of really early eko fashions actions tax what a fucking pieces dumped yeah and it's one of a number of books that circulates a lot on eight chant actually the center on p._d._f.'s for this stuff like stuff that people wouldn't have been able to get before the internet which is why louis beam was a hundred percent right to start. Doing this tops talk about that later. I think i'm going to wait until next episode orange this but that's what we call <hes> foreshadowing or stating your intentions. I guess kind of like the nazis did and like the nazis. I expect to not get in trouble. No matter what happens yeah i would say that that's actually actually foreshadowing that. You won't throw the perry like you're talking yourself up about it. You're bringing it up. You're reinforcing it in a really obvious way so that might be foreshadowing to us that you're not you're gonna change your mind. I've got to throw until i said yeah. We've talked about it too much. Well you guys want to plug your plug holes. Yeah you know what we do. We have a show called some more news after youtube show and a podcast called even more news three in a patriot john ritter and a t public public in we're on twitter you can buy t. shirts t. public. You can find us on the internet somewhere yay yea can. I'm gonna throw these cans in the next episode. Oh no good in a way. I know i love making you flinch. Just just listen to the sound. That's that's foreshadowing longinus. No under no circumstance episode over in the montgomery county maryland courthouse. There are thousands thousands of pages of documents detailing the horrific murders of three innocent people soon as i heard the details i knew my dad was involved right away. Instantly assumes lawrence but at the time of the murders lawrence horn was clear across the country. I'm jasmine morris from iheartradio and hit home media. This is hitman. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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