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The Dan Le Batard Woodstock. Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes, Capital, One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member? FDIC happy, fifty third birthday to rock and Roll Hall of Famer Janet Jackson, happy birthday to her. I don't care. Good luck. I want to update some polls because we have a lot of them today, we will do so in a second, but first, I want to get to this Roger Daltry stories the front man for the who and there's a video gone viral that he is complaining the front row, quote, all the one smoking grass down in the front there. I'm totally allergic to it. And then when the people started to laugh thinking he was being sarcastic. He says, I'm not kidding, whoever it is down. There you bleeped my night. And you made me really I'm allergic to that bleep and my voice just goes. It sucks up. So bleep you so Roger Daltry was telling his, and it's not the first time he's done that two thousand fifteen and I'm curious what your thoughts are there? Billy was busy. Telling me that's a thing. Well thing you know, I'm certain thing you can't be Roger Daltry of the who a band that originated of believe in the sixties, all right around the time of Woodstock, okay? You can't like and you have people out to a concert, what do people do when they go to a concert, especially a rock concert? They smoke pot. That's your audience paying customers. What do you want them to do? Don't blame them. I don't think that's allowed to do it in Madison Square Garden, and if it affects his singing voice, that's the that's sort of a variable. If it actually first of all Billy, how do you know what to thing? Well, because I had a cousin and she went, and she did one of those like allergy tests, where they put a bunch of shots and you and you find out what you're allergic to, and her mother told her that it came back that she was allergic to cannabis, and I gotta be honest with you saying it now. Starting to think that her mother was lying to her and was concerned that maybe she was going to start doing drugs, so she told her you're allergic to it, so you can never do it. So it may not be it may not thing. Thank you. Only reason I brought it up is because you said it was a thing. Good to see you retract your position to mid segment at lebatardshow on Instagram and Twitter, Stu gods. Only reason I talked about it because I thought you had something. Give the people some poll questions because we've got too many of them. All right. The Twitter poll again at lebatardshow is brought to you by Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club delivers the products. You used a look feel it spell your best right to your door. Plus with their handsome discount. The more you buy, the more you save dollarshaveclub dot com slash Dan. For a special offer again at lebatardshow on Twitter, is it possible that Roger Daltry is allergic to pot? Fifty six percent of the audience said, no. Said, oh, it's a thing Bill. Did you know that sonic, the hedgehog real name is Olga v? Ninety five percent of the audience said no. Can you not bobbly off ESPN's journalism perch with the shop family? All right. Well, who's got what has yet who's got fana- ru who's got been and all in this game pathetic journalistic poker. If I have a single Bob Lee in my beating a couple of shops, a pair of shop seventy percent of the audience said, no. So I'm not knocking them off the purge. I'm not knocking knocking on the purchase. You're not doing it now. Even with the ships that means we can't knock them off the perk. If the shops can't do it. No one can do the hell's gonna do it. You faint. What about Rinaldi? Oh, why? But he's not a journalist journalist, how busy once he comes and a storyteller isn't Rinaldi a storyteller. How best is what he is of all time. I don't think of what Rinaldi does is journalism. I think of it, as storytelling, I might be wrong about this put it on the poll there. Alison Tom Rinaldi journalist or storyteller. Are you saying journalists don't tell stories it would always cite? You saying what he's seeing is fake. I know what a journalist is. At lebatardshow on Instagram and Twitter. Was maturity that said, Dr Phil not no close enough. How do you say Chitty, where daddy trae, our great movie? Fifty five percent of the audience said, no. It's an outrage Rinaldo Rinaldi is listed as a reporter for ESPN. So who won that one? Did you now a group appendages called an embarrassment? Ninety one percent of the audience said no is the log diminishing returns three bounces. Kevin arnovitz said because Billy asked the follow up question of how much more amazing, would it have been if in about five time and arnovitz said, law of diminishing returns, anything after three seventy eight percent of the audience said, yes. Did you know that JJ Radic's vertical is better than Kawais? No one knew that ninety two percent of the audience said. No. So is that a percent? Do you miss the time of Stroh mile swift doesn't? I'll tell you. He doesn't fifty two percent of the audience, are you surprised that Daltry, Mick Jagger and Springsteen or still doing it in their seventies? It's fairly amazing people still paying for it, though. That's why I understand. It's just it is. I mean versus released it album. Those things are not. Like those tours are not easy on the body, like I imagined my father trying even fly to New York for this trip Roger Daltry is my father's. Eight. Father. I can't get him on an airplane. Is it gonna? Is not. So he's not so we have no reason to be concerned about poppy. Be fun. Can you dream of buying a kayak at fresh market? Did you answer the question? Did you give us percentages on surprised on Daltry sixty four percent of the audience said yes that they are surprised? I don't know why I mean, I guess the thing I guess you're right. Can you dream of buying a kayak fresh market, seventy one percent of the audience said now, does this audience have any idea, what shoots ladders is seventy three percent of the audience said, yes, it's early here. Dan, Tom Rinaldi journalist, or storyteller eighty three percent of the audience said storyteller. Look at Billy looking to celebrate his journalists what early though right there. He's a journalist, did he go to journalism school. I'm sure he did. I know. I don't I don't did he come from newspapers? Does that matter should we call and ask them? Are you a your? Let's ask him. We'll ask him in the interim. I want to just drop this story on Stu. His lap and then stare at him afterward. Just for all of his thoughts on this story. Are you ready? Eight men pulled up to the Indianapolis whole home of colts assistant, coach parks Frazier, and fired more than eighty shots into his house on Sunday. According to police police told our TV six that they are searching for eight young male suspects, who arrived in three cars and left the street littered with shell-casing from at least five rifles and handguns. The incident happened around six PM police say the suspects kicked in the back door of the home and fired shots from there as well. That, that, that circle back on that one. But. Would you rather be Bugs Bunny or Kermit the frog? Game over. Wow. Why bug so quickly? Are you doing there? Most against any situation possible. Kermit's useless isn't ain't no, no, no, no Kermit deserves all the respect. I feel like Bugs Bunny people. Don't take him seriously. Kermit. He's the wise, man. Nobody listens to what do you suppose? He supposed supposedly leader. But you're talking about ROY here. Here. Odeon surpri. Donlevatar Tange ridiculous idiot. I know is a terrible Barclay, and presented her before it was just nominee still God's really guys wanted to try all your Barclays terrible idea. That's pretty good. That's better anyone else want to get in on the bidding early there. Little bit toys an idiot, too. But again, I don't want to go after that. Kidding kidding. Doors. Midi. Thank you. Well. You fed daddy, I hate him. Perry. Chris once again, is the prize live at our show with this to God's own ESPN radio. Bobin is gonna join us in about fifteen minutes to talk about the John wick movies. He's in it. Scotts rank them your favorite action, movies of all time while I'm amazed that were already onto the third John wick. I mean well like yesterday. The first one came at how about we do it as action franchises instead of action movies, because wick has gotten popular counter, Reeves and unlikely action star point break action. I don't know break is action. I consider it to be action matrix. The matrix is action and Canada Reeves is now reinvented himself. The, the, the biggest the, the weirdest story in the history of action films has to be Liam Niessen, right. Liam Niessen in his sixties, or whatever, suddenly becoming an action star where he makes the same movie everywhere. You've -ducted something I care about let me chase you through the cold. I think that's what it's called Taylor set of skills. I'm gonna hunt you down. I had to find you gonna kill you back then leave. Please get that Liam Neeson's sound and that interview that Liam Niessen did. Did with the reporter about equality and equal pay. We'll get the time Rinaldi in a second. He's calling in to defend his dignity and honor as we argue about whether he's a journalist or a storyteller, but before we do that, just play that Liam Neeson's sound. It's perfect. We believe it to be among the best sound that has ever been produced around this show, even though we did nothing other than listen to it. We didn't do anything with this aound other than roar with laughter at how it felt like a Saturday night. Live skit Liam Niessen talking about pay equality in two thousand eighteen two thousand nineteen there's a lot of discussion about it on a low of healthy. I'm necessary discussion about it. Because the disparity sometimes is. Disgraceful. How'd you think we can cost we're starting? We're starting as they start, you know on. It's, it's starting with these extraordinary actresses brave ladies. We as man of got to be part of it. You know we started it, so we have to be part of the solution. So would you take pay cuts kind of eat causing sound? Oh. No. There has to be party just has to be. We'll never not be fun. That's the Kurdish courtesy of the AP, Tom Rinaldi is with us. Now stugatz loves his voice has been talking trying to talk golf old show today during the break the PGA. I mean this is very exciting. Is there right now? Bethpage black. I used to cut school and go play rounds there that so Tom Rinaldi is with us now and we were trying to discuss, whether or not you're a journalist or storyteller. You're allowed to be both. But what do you consider yourself? Well, I guess, I would ask you are you a host or you an entertainer? I mean I'm just a gas bag. I'm in a different I'm gonna different categories you because you're reporter. So I'm just a flatulent bag of air. That's true. All right. Let's get him on a better phone line here at lebatardshow on Instagram and Twitter. Let's go back to the John wick franchise to got your your excited about this third. John wick, moving, I'm excited about it. John wick was excellent. The first one I still haven't seen the second one yet. I haven't seen it. You cannot possibly be excited about the third if you haven't seen the second. Well, listen. The first one was so good. No get out of here. Got you can't call it one of the great action franchises. When you haven't even bothered to watch one of them, I watched the first one, the originals one of the best action was good enough for you. To watch your second one. I haven't gotten to the second one. When I watched Raila hasn't been years, it's been very, very quick. When I watched rocky, I knew that if there was a sequel, everything else is going to be good because rocky was so great either same feeling with first blood. I knew when I blood came out anything that was going to be fantastic, because I blood was so good. I haven't that. So I watched John wick, I just watch the C web at time, John, wink to came out in two thousand seventeen it's been years. Okay. I haven't had time. I've been busy thousand seventeen. What are you gonna get to three just out of curiosity? Get there. When I get there, Alison put on the police, very excited about it, even though he didn't watch part to just put it on the poll, Ken, you state that an action movie franchise is among the best of all time. If you haven't watched one of the two movies produced by that franchise was there a speed to. Yeah, it was terrible. But we're talking about franchises. We're not talking about a single movie. What's the point? You're making your defense is of franchise is good by saying a movie as good in the franchise. You could just say you like John wick. Well, hold on a second. Kenneth franchise be good. If there is one great movie within that franchise. But the rest of the movies, they could be an but you're not allowed to call them if you haven't seen one of them, but that's what I do. Bobin next donlevatar tweet. Stugatz played no, no BCC live at our show with this Stu gods. On ESPN radio. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance, Bobin gonna join us just a second year. These star of John wick. The newest John wick. Plays a villain. He's part of the one of the villains of the movie. It's very exciting. Can we talk to him? He'll join us here on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sportscenter update. The first jet friends action following the firing of general manager, Mike maccagnan is the trade of linebacker Darrin lead to the chiefs for six round pick. It's the worst picky made is just EM the new GM Adam gays traded him immediately. Didn't he pick? Hackenberg in the second round was bad to Yankee third baseman McGill, Landa are as chosen have season ending surgery to repair torn labor of in his right shoulder. And finally the electric chair was invented by dentist. With vivid seats apetit to defined awesome teeth any game go to the app store or Google play and download the app and at the promo code champs at checkout to get ten percent off your first order. Don't buy just any see get a vivid seat for all the latest headlines information. Tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. Bobin is running a little bit behind. Chris would you do me a favor, please of just looking up the career numbers of Christian hackenberg because there's something about that name by itself. That is a funny way to use it as an indictment against anyone you're trying to smear and I'm trying to figure out why that is, is it because hackenberg is just a funny name because I don't remember him being great or terrible, but not like Nathan Peterman. I just remember that he was a guy who ran around among the many anonymous guys who ran around back there for the jets incompetent. Look, if the NFL stats because he never played in a game never played a single game didn't do anything just was drafted in the second round and just vanish. Yep. And is it just a funny name Christian hackenberg that I could use his indictment against all things jets? Yes. All right. Never never throw pass and the NFL. Nope. Okay. That explains why I don't remember his career. So not that, that would be the reason, by the way because I could just easily forgotten given where it is that I am in life at the moment for getting things right left. If you're a second round pick, and they never let you on the field. You must be pretty bad is he Peterman bed like what is the standard for, if I just say to you worst quarterback, ever, I say to you, I mean, technically we don't know with hackenberg. You never gonna chance. I know. But if I ask you, if we're sitting here having a conversation about who's the worst ever do it because what I one of the things I think of is Orlovsky running through the back of the end zone without knowing now, he's not the worst, but I think of him running through the back of the end zone with where he doesn't know the length of the field as the worst play I've ever seen a quarterback mate. I mean the way they treat them you would think that Colin capping was worth quarterback. Content has been shifted New York. So we just have a pencil holder filled with content. What is your favorite smell? Your favorites smell at is a great one. I love the smell of a good shoe store. Yeah. You walk in like. On the rack room weird it smells so good. All the sense in the world. That is the weirdest and walk into a shoe store. I just go there all new shoes in there. You're right. I like the new car smell, I'm not that, that's a cliche. Not a surprise Allison. What, why are you objecting Jewish shoe store being the best known the world tried ride? I want everyone this weekend. Everyone to a mall walk into a shoe store and like this. Go into PayLess smelly store. Weirdest thing what would you choose anything? But that I mean vanilla vanilla. I like any citrus. I mean, this is like a terrible answer. How about you dad? I'm just laughing at Billy because you said anything and his contribution wasn't incredulous farts jerk. Jerk. Everyone a jerk Chris wrong, and I'm Ron look in the mirror time turns around and said, that's a weird answer. So how is this me and type of me hardware store? You're laughing immature, it was villi. I was having because it was funny a hardware store. Oh you smell the. Yeah. Yeah. That's a great one. Yeah. Sorry, should I picked roses? I mean jeez. I'm trying to get crazy and wacky because you're doing the content you're doing it. You are giving this the respect it deserves as the pencil holder filled with content not lake shoes or I love it. I'm going to because he'll the smell of with or without raisins. What are you rolling your eyes, who you rolling your eyes? Raise into not the smell of thanksgiving on food has all of it the collection Ismael now, Chris Christmas smells way better than thanksgiving. Jerry's gravy. No doubt gravy Turkey pumpkin pie all that going to get it. No wrong Arbor day. Oh Arbor day. How about Hanukkah? Festival of lights want to smell of pine in my house. I get that. I hear hold on. I wanted just examine what Chris Cody did there where Stu gods said Hanukkah, everyone, just stared at each other. And Chris, Cody just limped in with drizzle, which doesn't smell like any. Cadillac of what you came up with was drill. And you never say no spell. You like the smell of a Bush, basically. Hey, don't insult Hannukah like that. Just a Bush, general questions. What did he's asking minora the candles are lead? I merely Radel. I mean how can put it on the poll? We'll what smells better Christmas, or thanksgiving or, and put this in there to please dribble. Also, you should put up there. Do you love the smell of a good shoe store? Off. Love the smell of a good shoe store. Allison is eating with Tom Rinaldi via text, by the way because Rinaldi won't answer the question about whether he's a journalist or whether he's a storyteller. So he just she just got off the phone with him texting back and forth. And his answer was paid witness. We can't get a purse around here to answer question today. And the pretty benign, I mean. Greatest NBA of all time. All right. Alison go ahead. And give me Bo band. I know the segment is almost over. But let me just ask him which smells, better Christmas, or thanksgiving. Still trying to get him. He's going to get on the line. But I do feel like this should be the final answer. Right. Let's go to break, and we'll see a Bo ban is next donlevatar. Is it fair to say that Stu gods? Isn't trying very hard stugatz. The these things live at our show with two guys on ESPN radio. So this guy's a fan favorite everywhere. He plays the people love him. And he's a bad guy is a hitman and John wick chapter three the tallest, he's got to be the tallest hitman in the history of movie hitman. He is seven foot three Bo band with us on ESPN radio. His character's name is Ernest Ernest. Okay. And earn thank you. Ernest joins us now on ESPN radio. How many of your lines do you remember Ernest and thank you for joining us? So what, what was your best line? My best line my best urban. Big down the line. He was really impressive. I must say really slow second at all. Like I must say the people understand me because like mine, who you may not good. And, and this, this myself. This baseline, but everything best best of this lines because I talk with Seattle. You talk with Kano, but I it's how much how much do you do in the movie? And how did you get the role? You how I get all of they just did us gone, like person from agency and this happen. I don't know. But I always get that. And. Amazing. This will be go be part to be that big deal. And one of the racist, one of the movie like everytime, and like every could be of these big deal and let win. When on a right during the booth ourselves and all these people are me. I was like, well, it's really impressive. Also looking forward to that, more of that's what I'm talking about. Bob Eban trying to tell Dan, this is one of the great action franchises of all time. Maybe the great. You like the first two Bo. Ben. Yeah, I love it. I a lot of before third on because like I really like really love it. You know, like I think the breath famously my teammates, he was like his favorite movie. He don't believe everyone in person, do I need to watch the second one to get the third one. Yes. Because they could go to. Play games like these same. Same thing it wasn't all what? It's not a game seven on it is it is this a real photo as a real photo? Ben Simmons took a picture of you. And he said that you were using an ipad as a phone, the way the rest of us would be using a phone. Is that a real thing or was he faking it? No. Making more. But, you know, like I think it's I read it in far from that phone, too. What was your lifelike Oban? What was your lifelike growing up? What if you were trying to explain it to a stranger in America, the way that you grew up? How would you do so, you know, like, really? Hypnotize key. They're still can't. Like wise in my size and everything about like my can't bigger. I'm getting good to know. Everything goes like, you know, everything was different, but their time I was thinking, like college. Your mindset you grew up like that. My mindset, I'm right? Where a person and I join join my life, and I enjoyed them when I was kid, and I can't be debt stuff. The touch me. The light can be that I might now bobbin one name. All right. Who's a better shooter who's a better shooter? Bo. Ban, or Ben Simmons? The no, the best wear, you know, like, you know, his his history young and he's still shot fat, but he doesn't need coughing glittering game. And, you know, these these this time, I think Bobin. Thank you for being with us. We appreciate it, sir. And you guys guys have immediately. Thank you, John. Wick chapter three. So. The elephant in the room, we didn't get to the follow up who's a better shooter Ernest. They're John Wayne. How about this though? Stu gods? Didn't listen to anything that he said about his difficult upbringing and just went straight for the Ben Simmons question, like didn't didn't say anything. It's not like a natural follow up. All right. The elephant in the room. Alison, how are you feeling right now? I'm looking forward. Twelve fifty five. How about the rest of the room, anyone want to attack the elephant in the room today was a good show. Man, I feel good about today. What? Yeah. The show was good. But that was difficult to understand what. Ben simmons. I heard that you're that as Chris several times during that interview. I just asked him. Can you guys understand him? And then ROY chimed in I'm still waiting for an answer for from Chris, within and out in and out. I couldn't get past the facts when I found out that his character's name was Ernest just imagining Bobin as Ernest from the earnest franchise, and how different that franchise would be if it was Bobin playing Ernest the whole time that was a good movie franchise Ernest. He whenever camp Christmas everywhere. It was more out than in for me. Yeah. That part was difficult. And I'm I'm just curious because I am not mocking him. And he's coming on here in surgery Baca, for example when he. When he's talking to his teammates. He goes from French to Spanish to English show show off, but I saw Bo ban is doing something brave there by doing the interview rounds. I've told you before when baseball players from another country, you don't feel like they have much education. They get in front of the microphones and television, they get a little bit scared because they might say the wrong thing in the wrong language. And next thing you know they're getting shamed for something. And they don't want to appear dumb in front of the microphone, so I'm not mocking him in any way. I just didn't understand much of what he was saying. It wasn't his accent. Or is it was the phone when I spoke to him on the phone? He's, I said, how are you? He said, I'm good. If you're good, I'm great. I'm going to hurt him clear as day. The phone line was like a muffled. It was weird. I don't know if he was moving it. That's what I couldn't. But I did hear Ben Simmons so that the picture was fake talking an ipad. I mean, that's what up army whenever he was in the slam dunk contest. That's amazing six time when he was fourteen years old, horrible man. He was so nice on the front end. He was so gracious on the back end. I loved him. I thought you did. I know you did too. I didn't understand him. Well, that's, that's not great for radio. We can all agree on that. It's important important. Sure, no one understands me. So as a movie franchise, what he did say. One of the things that I did pick up is that he, he said that, basically they just the agency just called that how did you get the role the agency just called? And it makes me wonder that call is being made just because it's freak show. Right. Because Bo band is from a different place. He seven foot three. He could dunk without jumping up. He could just dunk. I like to call a tall. Yeah. But I don't think it's just tall. I think it's, you know it's, it's definitely tall. Let's real that I'm asking time when he was fourteen it must be because of how well he reads the line in American public. That must be the reason they needed a guy. Yes. Tall. It is physical. No god. It'd be part of a group. This is perfect role for Bobin. It really is. Like a stock. Probably not even coming up to your belly button, stalked him as the bad guy and say things in a foreign tongue that are scary. He did say to you do need to see the second one in order to appreciate the third that I heard. I heard that clear as day last my little game seven final minute joke very heard of. Clear. It was good. But it's kind of like jaws. James BOND is that what you're saying? Well jaws. How tall was the jaws character in the JAMES BOND movies, because that was the original when, when you're talking about movie villain freak shows that was the original was in JAMES BOND shark short. That would be a movie. Then in the middle of it. Somebody one of the friends would be murdered Jackson. You. Jaws was seven two. Oh, wow. Was he yes? I did not know that. So, basically John wick is just ripping off the JAMES BOND franchise going and getting the tallest guy they called Bo Bantu agency. And you said, do you have someone taller than John? Chris, you really have no idea who jaws is from the double o seven movies. I do not. Kranji war. S-k-y. Okay.

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