09-04-19 NASCAR America


Ask the second joint whenever i need it. I wish i could put it in words. Today's been my entire life. Only five time winner jar four hundred yeah uh-huh. Can you believe it one race left in the regular season and us the brickyard four hundred welcome motormouth marder here with kyle petty and hall of famer dale jarrett the seasons fall by and here we are the one race left at the brickyard and the race for this final spot is incredible kyle. I mean we've got to todd for the final spot in the playoffs. You know what they call it a quarter pounder with cheese in france. No they call it a royale with cheese. We have a battle royale going to have a battle royale there. That's all we have two guys who i'm very fond of each other that sermon daniel source but it sets up for a fun weekend d._j. Yeah it really does and certainly one of those. Four is a driver that we had no idea would be battling for a spot into the playoffs because he's never missed it in jimmy johnson so can he pull that rabbit out of the hat and somehow found his way into the top sixteen and talking a lot of coochie. Expect this brickyard to be a lot different. They expect this package to this race very well so it's going to be an interesting weekend. Let's get to today's starting grid played the nascar stock market today through here. You're buying and selling as restart kick off the two thousand nineteen in the playoffs. Would you take the four j. g._r. Cars or for the rest of the field d._j. Look at those odds four versus twelve at interesting as it is and of course you want to hear from you guys at eight four four nascar n._b._c. or on social media hashtag. Let me say this jam packed show today guys and ready to play the nascar stock market. I'll give you a name another driver qiao you tell me if you're buying or selling this week will start obviously with the bubble guys credit nudity owns appropriate accreditation. Thank you can buy sell you want in the stock so and and really what we want to hear the bubble guys. Do you think they're gonna make the playoffs or do you did. They won't make the playoffs sound fair. Okay buying would mean you think they will okay by telling me how about now. I got this by the way hall of famers always always have had let them have d._j. Clinton boyer. What do you think you buying or selling boyer. This week in the playoff allow finally got to train back on the tracks yeah. I was gonna say sunday night monday. Morning does monument whenever they did get the finish. I really believe boyer finds a way to do this. I think that he's going to stay focused on this and understand what he's racing against. This isn't about going out and having to win at the brickyard just outrun ah especially suarez and then ryan newman so i think he gets it done. 'thrombin plant board today so <hes> boyer's by for d._j. What do you think it'd be for boyer. It is also for all those same reasons and they've got speed man india. You have to have speed so. I'm sorry so i'd say okay so into d._j.'s point. All you know they've had that speed as you mentioned all. They felt like they needed to do was cleanup breath and they've done that in a couple of yeses. They're better they're better. They're getting if you've got a little speed at indy and you're still sloppy. Maybe okay against their racing against. I'm sorry okay ryan newman right jimmy john and that's a good point and it's a strategy that we'll get jimmy johnson in a minute and so there's a chance to buy some sage point this weekend to so <hes> how about daniel swarovski whereas if you're buying i'm buying anything that has essay charleston okay now. You don't apologize so that means. I'm not buying the other. I have to ask me. I'm not buying. We'll talk about that. In a minute i why you're not buying a win on suarez and so quickly the same because they have cleaned up their act. Ah lately they have speed they have speed and i've said it before and we've had swore his own times if that desire that passion if that love of the sport if that if he if he can funnel all that in one direction for one race makes the playoffs now i'm not i'm not sure how far either one of these guys are going to go in and play us. I think we're just talking about getting them into the playoffs right now. I just think that these guys have speed and when you go into you have to have speed. You have to have that as much more than anything else okay you would you say about daniel's says do have hedge fund. I'm going to hold the race to hager it out now. I'm gonna say <hes> <hes>. I really believe daniel. Suarez is gonna make it and it's you know what's under the hood from doug yates and daniel with that positive attitude that he always always has a that goes a long way and i believe you understand this situation even though he's never been a part of this i think he understands how big this is so i think he's gonna find a way. He's he's basically has outrun ryan newman and this should be it should be day that his team and his car car should be better than ryan. Newman's got the experience to get it done but i believe that again. That's a great point when you think about the head to head matchup really you're looking at stewart haas versus rows fenway yeah which team is better at indianapolis. You probably would have to go stewart. Oh sorry so you're both selling <hes> ryan newman and jimmy johnson so we'll start with ryan newman why why why no belief the ryan can and get it done this weekend. I think even though this package this rules package is going to bring on different racing just as it did at darlington this past weekend. I still still think that it is going to favor the teams that have have shown to be better this year and and newman is the reason it's not as cars and again again not putting anything all phone what they've done. They've made a huge improvement at ross fenway but i'm not sure that that they can play in of strategy to get newman in the right spot but if that opportunity comes and they can put that man out there on to tires or no tires the best at that and i think i think the lack of speed hinders is is interstate points. He doesn't have the opportunity to gamble at an end of a stage to make sage points. He gambles at the end of the day and he gets it's great points but if you look at how he's got to res it its own race finishes not on stage points. You saw jimmy johnson last week. Have some tremendous stage point runs and be able to put some stuff together but he gave it up at the end of the race so there's that counterbalance there but these guys just haven't had speed i if you talk to stenhouse if you watch what they do is just that straight line speed and i'm sorry but those two incredibly long straightaways hey are. You've got to make something happen happen to say. This must go away from newman. We sold that he's willing and ready to move somebody for one spot that he needed in phoenix. They get their so he's behind daniel suarez. It doesn't even matter who it is. The one year ago yeah he died. Just need one point what happened and maybe it is for is is that he's doing yeah. I think that would be the easiest choice in his mind. After what happened sunday night is her for weeks. You've been saying you're out on jimmy johns south. They don't sunday night and he said well. Maybe not the rain well so now you're out again. I'm out. I'm out again back to the same thing at just. I've not seen that straight line speed from these chevys. I just have not all year long no matter where we've been yes they've run up front. Yes they've been able to contend at certain places but india's just another level for me and i'm just. I don't think there's a switch for this. Yeah and i think the biggest thing is they just they are running better but they can't put the full race de the it's been some that they brought on themselves and they've had some bad racing using luck and when you get that that's when you have bad racing luck. It's hard to get that off your back so jimmy's been preparing fans for a few weeks. We miss it. It's not the end the world in the post with me on monday morning. I guess it was so i wanna hear from you guys. Are the bubble drivers this weekend who you buying and who are you selling and of of course carl from akron leads off as always carl how you doing. I'm doing great. How about you guys. Were doing well man. I'm assuming it's a newman van. You're buying newman you. You better believe it marty. You did the interview with him. After that race was pretty short and sweet. He knows what the deal is. He knows what he has to do. Yes to speed is not there but i go with the state's. He's has won the brickyard before and i just feel fe- he will move. There's somebody out of the way and i do the speed but the interview mardi that is just a man in a setting their determined knows what he has to do and i think he gets it done and into the playoffs. I tell you the one thing guys. That nunez told me he's constantly said i've been in this position for you. I know the drill. I'm not worried what about sunday. I'll just do the best i can. He certainly does know this routine of being on the bubble or trying to advance to the next round. He's familiar with that. I don't know that it helps amounts familiar with that but then you instead he had they had no chance to play any strategies at dolly because everybody had to put tires on all the time that's going to present something different my opened up the opportunity to leave right new as i said but man out there no tires just they'll get it done. Racecar becomes about how else do agree with that pammy times. Have we seen like i said on our call. If you think cars wide right now eighteen wheeler running sideways down tracking finance straightaway won't be able to get around. Let's go to kevin in alabama kevin. How you doing today man you doing good. How about you remind <music>. I'm buying daniel suarez to make the playoffs and building. We'll see some from strategy duke elite team. Yeah i think d._j. Mentioned it this is a race that open opens the window for some strategy to be played because usually the the guys who are going for the race win. Don't go for stage points yeah yeah and so that's going to open up things and i'm sure they're already looking looking at this and seeing exactly where that opportunity might come along and what they're hoping is. They have a fast enough car to go and just run there but it might take that strategy strategy. If you have a fast car it gives you options and i would think that that's what they're hoping for going to t._j. In california who you buy and who you selling t._j. I'm brian boyer. Let me tell you that because i think if he gets into the playoffs i think he's got potential to make a decent playoff run nineteen. I don't think he's going to be the final four but i think you'll make ah renovate if he gets in and that does to your going kyle t._j. Makes a great point because they do have that speed and just data lead to execute racism. What is what they've midst and and that's what they missed all year long though and i think that's why even though even though we talk about buying them i'm buying their speed is what i'm i'm not buying everything that either he or daniel or doing because they were twenty six or twenty five races in the year they've not put together a collective group of racist that show me that they can move to deep into this into into the playoffs they can make it through this first round. They can make it through the second round but when we get to those eight they they cut down to four. I'm not sure we'll see on them more. You'd be the most dangerous one if he makes it s air group. I believe to move on pets. Does it get weird with teammates this weekend. I mean for us and boyer basically battling knows he has a. I think that's the way i think that's the way they both look at it. Honestly yeah that's good point <hes> marvin. How're you doing marvin. Who are you buying and selling to make the playoffs this weekend and <hes> dale. I'm going to be buying on on <hes> my buddy ryan newman <hes> i think ryan said a good shot at making the round of sixteen and <hes> he's not take to win and i want to give my buddy <hes> nascar house from so if anybody wants to make shot in it's gotta be <hes> ryan rocket man. He's got a good car this weekend. It's for newman kyle. These are emotional. Mosul buys people some facts. Tell me hard. Oh you're making me cry there. Marvin mega me cry well. I mean you know hey. He's giving some love to carl. I appreciate that more. We'll revisit the stock market later on and we'll talk about drivers. I already locked into the well. That should be fun but coming up next. What's the hottest nascar rivalry going jobs racing versus the field or j. g. r. versus itself talk about that next this thursday. I guess that's tomorrow the hundred season of the n._f._l. Kicks it's off on n._b._c. with the league's storied rivalry packers and bears and then the defending super bowl champion patriots steelers on the premiere of sunday night football only on n._b._c. I can't football seasons one day away. I can't believe buyer day to the game and every one of those one hundred even quite oy math went off a little bit of course that's the most storied rivalry in all of football and we have this debate this morning. What's a good rivalry in nascar right now. L. joe gibbs racing versus the field d._j. Or joe gibbs racing within the own their own four walls. What do you think well i. If we're gonna talk yeah. Is everybody against joe gibbs racing right now but in my mind i think the biggest rivalry if we wanna talk driver versus driver comes out of joe gibbs racing itself. I think that the the cowboy she's feeling a heat that he hasn't felt over there in a while. Because the success martin true ex junior and hammond have an outstanding year and now eric jones is bound his way to victory lane at maybe the toughest racetrack and we've been seeing this coming with jones for a couple of months actually running really really well so i think that it might be might be right there. There might be a little west. Information shared just just false. It's not as much you know. The information is going to be their own on their laptops. They get all of that but from drivers throwing out what they think could be a little different guessing disclosing kyle drive. Maybe a little differently right now. I i think he's gonna be okay but i do want to talk about a robbery. I i just believe that you know him. It might not be with just one. I think he probably looks at dinner and and martin that that are two drivers that could hinder his chances at that second. I think he's he's obviously martin's thornton aside for the last couple of years you look at that and now i think denny's stepped up so it's coming at him. You know he's he's used to the three way kind of having the look to his left and having a look to his right but now he's looking to his left and his right from monday all the way until he gets to the racetrack because his teammates there at the same shot so i do think that but at the same time it's funny to me and i will say that only a few times as we go through the year. Have they really run one two or three or one in into and stuff. It's like there's good engine who gets to the shop i and gets it. Eighteen gets it. You wins races tonight. I'm just saying okay. I'm i'm saying it's not every week. It's not we're not talking about him going head to head every week. I mean we go places in the hottest car. There and the nineteen doesn't even know we're at that racetrack. Do you know and we've seen that just miss it and we've seen countless at a couple of times and we've seen any miss it so when when you look at it it's a funny phenomenon that they're we're all back to dale's whether they're sharing or not or they know what everybody's doing where they just going off experimenting and now they're gonna lineup and we're going to see a formation flying around the racetrack to the way they were before because it's just an interesting as you go back and look at it. They've not really battled each other door nose to tail. The first i mean point saturday night and sunday night was but i mean don't get me wrong but not consistently. I think this weekend for them. In particular the toyotas <hes> portions only one other with matt de benedetto database but those four they haven't had you talked about straight line speed earlier in the first segment they that's not something they've been outstanding that because they haven't qualified oiling good but you know there cars handle great in the racist so that enough of different he's to really long straightaways they. They hadn't good enough that that that's not gonna make up the difference there or put them behind sports. You're going to handle down the street. I know they just clarify asa. Ah real quick if i gave you a choice joe gibbs racing the field going in the playoffs. Who would you guys take great thing. Joe gibbs racing. I taking details car a lot about betting but i'm going to take <hes>. I'm gonna take twelve against four. I think i i. I don't know if you got you got his house-key in every week on the predictor app. That's i don to hear from you guys. If you had your choice. Would you take jay g._r. Or the field in the playoffs. We're going to michigan where we hear from bruce bruce. How're you doing good. How are you fellas. Good job raising the field. Oh it's gotta be joe gibbs racing with a thirteen wins but i don't throw a little bit of a spin on it. <hes> what do you think about toyota purchasing another one of the teams to expand plan for either medi or bring bill. We just talked about that a moment ago and commercial break in and we don't know the situation that's going to happen but why why toyota non expand and have more teams argument against that argument is they've won thirteen times. Why would why would you mess up. What you have you mean. I i mean it's a twenty-six race regular season. They've won half the racists. You can't argue that you know so sometimes when you throw that extra car and you throw that extra three engine building you throw that extra little bit in you get out of that rhythm a little bit while others successful. I wouldn't change much yeah four outstanding driver christopher bill not that may it is not really good driver but you bring on the hottest young driver to to that stable that toyota camp also. They've been very successful. Your point is don't mess with what's going right right right <hes> so we're taking your calls on junkins racing or the field while also taking your calls on who you buying or selling to make the playoffs this weekend of the four bubble drivers. Let's go oh bob and pennsylvania who has some thoughts on that bob. How are you. How are you doing how you doing tonight. Guys don't what you know i was. I was thinking about me. I'm actually actually shooting for ryan newman <hes> to make up sixteen. I was a big fan for a long time. I love how he races. I i mean sometimes he can claim but other days when doing guest to get it done he does and i think newman. We'll get it done next weekend. Next to another emotion jammed pointed out here that he gets donald sunday he does. He has and we've talked about it. You you're watching the race. In writing twenty-first ryan's twenty-second ryan gets a lap down and you look at the final rundown howdy front run ninth. How'd you end up night but he just gets it done and he has carried that car numerous times this year own his back and made stuff happen my point. I'm going to india's. I don't believe you can carry a card indy. I just think it's a different kind of racer. This is the worst thing that could have happened to a team like ron. Newman's is having this as it cut off race if we were talking richmond if if we were talking oh school man i'm buying and selling different people. I'm going to say that but because of indianapolis this is. I just don't believe that okay. Let's go to trey in virginia. Virginia trae ever thought on joe gibbs racing versus the field. I think it can be <hes> <hes> against joe gibbs due to the southern us from happening <hes> because of last year you gotta think llegado pulled through throughout the whole night play bradford gonna who's going to be joe gibbs yeah and that's a good point and that's my argument of saying i would take the field d._j. Because you've got some drivers in that mix joya gano kevin harvick who are almost better when the playoffs get around the pressure ramps up. I don't think there's any doubt is what is not going to be a cakewalk and but when you look at what they don't think the joe gibbs racing has pulled out everything they've got drivers are going to have the very best of of what they have to offer also but i mean i just you know it's a fun thing looking to even think the possibility is there that one owner is going to have all four spots. We the homestead. I mean but it is a very real. It's the real product yeah yeah it's going to be. It's going to be a battle boy. That would be crazy if that could happen and you speak of everybody kind of bringing out their stuff for the playoffs was funny. How the act kind of happens this weekend indianapolis big arrow test. Everybody big race. It's a big race race. It's one of the crown jewels right wants to win at the brickyard. It's funny how all those this playoff cars kinda come out this weekend. Let's go to jeanne in kentucky. Who are you buying or selling to make the playoffs this weekend. Gene along the okay weekdays okay so you're thinking surprise winner this weekend but boy is the one who gets in so cal to your point boyer very good on speed cleaning up races their big thing i remember they almost wanna stage at indianapolis last year. So i think to your point. They will be very good. Yeah look and we've talked. We've talked that they'll talk to pre-race post race. You talk it all the time g._s. Gimme a solid race. Just give me one solid race if he goes up there of boyer royer just goes up there and has a boy or race has a stewart haas racing runs in the top ten all day long has solid pitstops. I don't care about these eleven second pissed. Just give me some good twelve and a half thirteen second whatever they are just slap them out there. Give me back out on the race track. Let me keep it out of the wall then they're in the playoffs. That's how simple it is for them. I think you buy somebody a surprise winter. What at that surprise winners outside of in house or benedetto the data or or that's what he was talking about. How does how to over happen. Wouldn't it yeah that'd be crazy racist weekend. No doubt about it coming up. We've been talking about the joe gibbs racing drivers. We're going to visit the home state for one of the drivers in our fifty states in fifty days tours <music> the throwback weekend. What's it finding this. It's my childhood memories you. <hes> you know watching you drive that car yesterday degree card so they want to try yet yes but i ask you as a fund that you said yeah i said. Would it be fun every week you you said no. We're very fortunate dance for successful in this business but what careers they had tried to live up to everything that our dads almost impossible but it afforded us the opportunity to get in here sure that break careers of our own today. It's set the march pretty i love did the petty and the jared and the earnhardt in the booth. That was a lot of fun. A you guys did a fantastic job <hes> you did. Y'all and you sound great. How much fun was it just being out there and calling the fun free race impose racy but to get in the booth with bill junior and then it's like we didn't know anybody else. It was a lot of fun. It was a great time of course they put provided some really good racing down. Oh oh yeah this tennessee junior kind of take that the lien you. Everything was kind of fun here in just a second year. You mentioned the racing. I mean the last five laps were insane our busy up in the booth these look we were busy. These guys were busy. Seven tom. Tom on the inside and these guys are racing points. You see the forty two it was it was just it when the pitcher is good photo that you're looking at good did you could you it makes it magic. Also that was the eventual winner day went around there outside point good point when racing was fantastic in stage two this this weekend so hey it's time for our fifty states in fifty days tour and today we are visiting new jersey kyle boardwalks yes <hes> pity as his rights and the new egypt speedway as well new egypt season continue saturday with the genre motto memorial honoring the late sportsman driver ever to of new jersey's best also competed their young martin junior featured on the bottom right and go and ray abraham's on the left in his modified side and then the signature race pissed big blocks versus small block modified its bill passed junior wanted this year by the way of course he's the son of northeast bert modified legend billy senior but he's established his own tradition success at new egypt however as new egypt now i. I never really junior's son billy. I liked that one ground roots racing action including new egyptair philly junior by the way <hes> champion steve van horn. They split the modified wins this past weekend at montgomery motor speedway in alabama late model sportsman went gave his bitter eight-man gun gun gun later relationship with david has a new nickname. Did you know that i did not know that it's called dave darth vader guys actually terminate <hes> terminator mater yes yes right so that got us thinking about the greatest short-track nicknames of all time with dave darth vader. I hear some others of course carl bugsy stephen stephen you gotta remember mike magic shoes mclaughlin yup also raced against him and the empire executioner occasional kyle fuller dirt track racer from new york there you go you guys have any <hes> nicknamed drivers raced against collor not the king ah the intimidated rallied rubber head smoke here jackie yeah yeah exactly that's the that's the one that was good. Hey terrible terrible tommy tommy john really white use. He's john travis. I'm <hes> so we've talked about the bubble drivers in nascar stock market but when we come back who focus on some in big names already in the playoffs who you're buying and selling next on nascar america now you inflict. Did you really leave kurt in in kentucky. We asked him if he had a ride instead he did home. I didn't leave him stranded motormouth deal. Did he ever make it to chase elliott. The dow was invited by turn that down the damn. It was a mullet at six us born. It is beautiful. You can have begging for like a local grocery store when i did retire motor mounts and talk about racing adventure as as your buddies crush on this show. Who do we have next week k._p. Madina matadi is going to be on the show next week. You can see all the guests coming up. <hes> this attorney sunday i buy that. <hes> boy always fun. Kyle busch has been fantastic on this. Yes yes <hes>. What are you looking for tasking medea a d next week anything special questions. I'm going to have to work on some questions because he i mean he's got good answers. He's yeah he's fun so we we need to lead him down that fun road i. I can't wait for old seven time either so a lot of good guests coming up their mouths. Let's jump back into the stock market thing. You got get cash leftover. You mess up right now. <hes> let's talk about drivers locked into the playoffs and we're joined the gano nice bread and not an awful sorry. We're all. I'm sorry the nickname that's that's so i'm sorry i thought we were still before the show. Anybody reagan would nicknames as i go. I got nothing for you. Okay so <hes> <hes> anyway. It's not been a good summer for gonna be honest they. They're kind of limping into the playoffs boy. They just can't put a race together so are you. Are you buying or selling joey logano. Oh i'm blind. I am ben. I'm i'm buying and i think i'm buying. This is emotional bath. I'm bind nine because it's joy llegado. It's brad. Keselowski is the pinski organization. I'm buying n._s. Ford and ford and so i definitely by both these these guys and joy in particular coming off the last year coming off of that the championship year it's tough to repeat you wanna championship. You know it's tough to come back can perform that next year. It's just a different kind of year point but at the same time they have fallen on some hard times but they still just grinding it out man. They're they're making can decisions making good calls and making the best of the day they have yeah yeah. I'm gonna buy there too yeah. I i'd say two names roger penske doug gates. I'll l. helped get where you want to just say i would say in the story is that lugano gets better in the playoffs pressures on that young man. He seems to deliver so i would buy hi joe gano as well. How about chase elliott boy in the spring d._j. He was incredible. They reel off all those top fives in a row and but other than watkins glen in the summer. I mean where's the nineteen been yeah yeah. It has been a little bit of a mystery because i thought this might be the year that we saw chase jump up and win. I know he's won a couple of times but when eh more regular basis challenge to win a little bit more but gosh i haven't this is another young man that steps up in the play offs and i just have at the believe that when it gets time for the playoffs come around. They're going to be better than what we've seen the last couple of months so i'm buying okay you can hold as well kyle. That's an option if you want. This is the first i want to buy but i don't really have any shoes on so he's a site only anti how to so bad because i want him to be there and he does step up in the playoffs and that's the only reason i have to hold hold on him a little bit because i i just can't i can't pull the trigger on a right now. I'm going to have to think about the wait and see round to make a better judgment that point kyle. Larson's is an interesting one showing a lot more speed running much better now but they've had their problems this year too. So what do you think about kyle larson the playoffs yeah i'm selling. I'm so yeah. I'd adjust this package with the places that we go. I just don't see a lineup for him the way i had hoped they would i would. I would buy his teammate k. by zairean bush by kurt busch but i'm not buying callers d._j. I think it's going to be i man like this young man so mud driver and once said he got out of that low bad habit of tearing up cars in practice and putting his crew to work a lot more right. They say the b. performance at much higher level. I think it's going to be tough ornedo. I think still nothing against chevrolets but i think it's still tell order for them and when i look at that and i'm gonna wisconsin i i'm going to take you offer up kurt busch. I'm gonna be interested in money to buy her bush bush on kyle larson so let's go to keegan in florida keegan. You're buying kyle larson as i understand. Is that correct yeah cool. Why why do you have so much faith. In kyle larson in the playoffs appears a lot of <hes> top ten finishes and i thinking actually get a win in the round of eight cool or good you call kagan and bathing megan backing up with staff. Yes the about that right well. That's all backs. It up man backs it up what he believes that didn't tell. Why didn't we talk we did that. We should have said okay exactly okay. Let's go to ryan blaney now and that's a hard one to figure out d._j. I i can't put my finger on blaney you buying or selling blaney in the playoffs i i want to buy because i just think that he's so talented but i think that goes around. I think it gets tough so <hes> if we're buying through all the way through i can't do that right at this done yeah. I'm not on for the whole for the whole rod came in the ancient. Take me for the first quarter of caserta with him on an okay. I'm gonna catch a ride for a little while but no i can't buy him all the way through even though like i said before joey logano and brad i'm in on that. I'm with those rights but not with this part of the of the i._t. Talking and ryan they are honestly worried about the first round yeah and he he told me flat out. If we we can just get through the first round we'll be okay but that realm terrifies him because richmond's best racetracks the roll we'll even though you wanna last year not one of the best racetrack so i i agree agree with the guys that we're talking about making it to the final two that making it don't. They're not worried about any round okay. You're not worried about any round and there's the difference when you have drivers already saying i'm worried about this or i'm worried about that. That's that's your achilles heel. That's a little bit of a weakness when you have guys that you know when they show up everywhere they show up right. They're going to be contenders. That's the guy's gotta worry about to me kyle. This one's interesting era town merola we saw them make a deep run last year and and be in contention even towards the the end almost make the championship for but <hes> what do you think on our moral i just i haven't seen much of anything from them. This summer they did make a deep run because i had him out in the first first round out the next off the whole time and yeah and it bit me when we were when we were setting our stuff it it did by me but this yes year a gist. I want to go. That's with and go back to last. That's when kevin was kicking butt weakened weak out right yeah and and so that team and that team leader was doing something totally different than what they're doing right now. I'm almost putting him back in that stage where a ball in the store to make the playoffs when we went go back to to boyer into us but i said then. I don't think they're gonna go very far and i don't think that this one wheel. I'm not buying right yeah. No i'm not i'm not going to i just think that they have struggled as an organization <hes> somewhat and he struggled even more with the rooms package to find exactly what he's looking for. It's gonna franken. Arizona frankie thought on stewart haas you buying or selling in the playoffs. I'm buying which stewart is yes. I i agree with kyle stewart haase's pretty gate with with the vehicles and that pretty much but some of them are still having their bones but wait kevin came up last season three the play offs now. That was pretty good. Yeah no doubt about that and there's no doubt to this point kyle that fourteen and kevin harvick almost better calling we've mentioned enjoy lugano almost better in the playoffs and we look they'll never worked together a number of years here and i say it all the time when i talk about deal jared and my dad calls him that he's a big race player big event player. That's still jared daytona in the he'd step up championship step up the caliber of drivers that we're talking talking about with a kevin harvick and where they cow bush and with dini and these guys there that type of players joy out there that type of players they go to a different place they leave you back here and they go to a different place in play a different game so kevin zap that kinda gotta go agree with that d._j. Dr ashamed that but you gotta kevin harvick is that and i think if stewart haas is going on in the playoffs is going to be kevin harvey coming up. We're going to check in on twitter land to see what folks have been saying. They ryan joins us next. Yes let me say this also. Let me say this. I'm i'm gonna say this. Let me say this. Let me say this. Let me say this. Let me say this around. Let's say this let me say. Hey kyle what somebody else talk for. One donnie eighty something you laugh everytime title loop with the lady owner mitch. I word to say this. We say grieving star fred nate ryan who is here. Let me say this today. Hi nate halloo hashtag. Let me say this lots of questions about the stock market discussions yeah one from mary lee nineteen who wants lots question <hes> talk about gibbs. She wants know. How far in the playoffs will it be before a joe gibbs. Racing driver falls out of contention obviously hamlin ex bush all have four wednesday figure. They're good at least one or two rounds or jones short up his chances a little bit of darlington to all four of them get through the first two rounds first three rounds. They'll make the final four man they can. I'm gonna tell you this win. Big for eric jones jones yeah. It's a big morale-booster. It is it's until we run a couple of race and we're not going to know how big this because this can carry him a long long way so <hes>. I think it'll be a while before they fall. I think therefore the so all right yeah philipon snow hashtag. Let me say this. Do you think there will be retaliation from newman to swore whereas after the contacted durant holly possible but you don't want to put yourself in a bad position creating contacted contacted you find yourself in a mess and not finishing either that's right when contacted indy can put you in the middle of the guy that you get into and this. This is an arrow track to aero aero aero aero an horsepower down these straightaways so i think when you look at it you're not gonna be getting the net close to somebody at this kind of place if you do it's not it's cool down lap. Yeah nicole down lab. Ringler wants to know so <hes> for former cup drivers to them here on set the throwback weekend at darlington. Could they do a race with former cub drivers as part of the throwback weekend whether it be late models go-carts. Would you guys interested in getting involved in the throwback late model race you in no this is probably younger than us would probably be and it didn't they do that over here at charlotte and they all one race it hasn't it hasn't always been on paper. Just this not reality obvious race. That'd be fun. Oh now talk. Alexander wants to know who who outside the playoffs upset winner and bumped somebody from the playoffs. I suppose he means. I mean paul. Menard guys got anybody else on. You're listening. Mattie gives gives you a car. That's a good point. They might it might help out this week. I am house junior. You never know what it'd be us. Yeah rush parkway high and finally bubba j taking issue with kyle petty. Actually let me say this sliced sliced bread a._o. Celso j. a. when you get your own t._v. Show now just listen to me but life this kid. He took up by the gone. Thank you nate afterwards <hes> you don't wanna miss that on the other side of the break more calls and look ahead to tomorrow's nascar america. Which were the hottest drivers tomorrow the voter four towers backward to special guests and sustained cameron drives for team penske and indycars santino for rucci parker gets into the simulator and tries to drive the brickyard. Check it out tomorrow. You're five eastern. Santita was a cool dude kyle. You would love angie. It was e._j. About a menu so i was up for was he in days of thunder. I must follow to go. I'm sorry he's about five and his hair looks like yours if if you if you wouldn't like his and he's a cool dude fun to hang around so so let's squeeze in a few more calls halls here and we haven't gotten a lot of jimmy johnson love. Let's see if diane i'm not sure. Diane is buying jimmy johnson either. What do you think diane and fell on jimmy johnson. I i think there's too many excellent young drivers coming up and that that makes the top competition a little bit tougher than it was is back when jimmy won his championship. These guys are on the way up. I worry great point <hes>. Let's see if terry in indiana. We'll give us some jimmy johnson terry how you doing oh do great guys. Hey it's like this. <hes> android got three drivers in look for johnson or maker and this weekend because you know he's gonna throw everything but the cajun's say get it. I jerry finally come through jimmy johnson when throw the kitchen sink think. It's something we're in trouble but i'm would. I call you see a path pointwise through for jimmy this weekend. Maybe not no. I don't see that they would take two outstanding. Stay just to begin with. I'm talking run in the top three in both of them the other guys outside the top tin and then finish that off with an excellent afternoon and they just haven't been able to finish off. I want to say make it. He's jimmy johnson vance at. I don't get i will have to disagree with diana. One thing it's not the young guys jimmy johnson still get it done when they get everything figured out. Trust me yeah. He's still seven times yeah. Let's one more from hunter her in virginia hundred what's on your mind. I'm a big chase elliott fan so i wanna know how guys thank you make it in the playoffs cool obviously he's he's buying on chase elliott help how far you'll make about halfway through a plate of wings as about how i'd say he's gonna make it for the first. A couple of segments admit that's about as a couple of stages. That's where he's going to go yeah. I'll get into in the eight. I think they're i really believe he. Does that meal. You don't see the championship four for chase. Elliott knocked out your now if he does then he's done. Some magnificent isn't dragged third around. I think he's made the third round the last two years so third-round third straight year but i don't think he makes the championship. It's been fun playing the nascar stock market with you guys. Thanks for watching motormouth. We're not done here yet head over to the motor sports on n._b._c. youtube channel if it were there debris there air myself a nate. They're going to be a lot of fun. We'll take all the calls of you're on hold hold on. We'll see you tomorrow for nascar america five. I thank you so much for watching nascar. America have a good day yeah.

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