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EP 15: The #Sparked Life: Shifted By Divine Storm


Hey Prep delivering against that. Clever your sister and her best and sedate purpose peaks wants to welcome walking to US sparked by the place where are really museum keeps comes together on unruffled sparked suited walked and Mark Levin Perfect skeets. That's actually feel this arthri. Renate REAL RESULTS. That so perfect question. Are you ready? Let's talk a purpose. Peeves is so with you again wile so we got together last time we were talking about an aspect of Divine. Were happens when your spark we talked about how Grace release steps and operates. And you get clues. We with clues that we are not alone that Our prayers have been heard that We are being About in cared about and we are spoken into the hearts of others. That do amazing things that happened at the perfect. I'm just lets us know that? We are truly truly unloved cared for away. That is uniquely recognizable by US and so I want it is time to be Continuance of that but just kind of also honors. What's been going on for these first couple weeks? Twenty twenty and they have been a doozy for me but they've been a really juicy learning ground as well so I don't have the lessons all wrapped up in tied up in a bow. And you know all of that but I just want to share. What's up and I want to call this time last time wise. We're happens when the spark goes down. I WanNa talk about some Unlikely ways that are spark is stoked are spark strengthened through life so First weeks I thought that I had a breakthrough after Kind of talking through and going through and still going through the grieving process with the love of remarkable. I'm person who transitioned In the last year. And just you know what in what came up and what I found is that was a pattern that was happening on moving into twenty twenty. That was happening in my life. It was that weren't as challenges that were happening as a value that were happening. And like on top of each other like Weren't being fair. They weren't passing the time from one into another. They were like piling on right. Like if you were ever like kids playing with your siblings and your cousins or whatever you do all on tackle or if you're playing football and you are in the in the tease on and everybody starts coming for you and they can pile up on you like you are not going to get back. Oh you're not going to get that touchdown that's kind of like what it was happening. But if felt like it was intensified was exponential because they were all things were reminiscent of print challenges. I experience in the past that were really difficult to get through to. You know what that looks looks like for you purpose. You have an The unlock years success. And turn them into results courses. Or you've done on through the exercises in the workbook Exactly what I'm talking about those those life experiences that when someone says okay. What are your hop. You know three four five life experiences that really shaped your life right. He may have one or two things that were like. You know really maybe like a positive things but then you get those stinkers. You've got those winds Gillette man. I'm so glad I came through that when I came through that. This is what that I locked for me right. So if you're like me once you gain the clarity you're like you know Oprah says you learned a lesson and move on right and then when those challenges come back in high wait a minute wait a minute that sector do we on through the Topsy for this life experience in Cambridge with all the is that we can like why is coming back around. And why is he coming back around in entity and with some friends like what's going on okay? So if you've experienced that I want you to know you're not alone. I'm experiencing that right now and I just wanted to Share with you on the experience just some of the things that are coming through. This is not the talk of after it. Here's the at. It's in a nice neat ball and I'm going to put it in a book and I'm GonNa put it in the program. No this is like Make Ground Zero. I'm on the ground With this is what's up and where I'm at right now. The ready for that okay. So the continuance of like different life challenges started hitting me in my ways in my Soft spots the one of the soft spots. That life likes to like calm in like you know. There's some stuff at like the worst time it's like Mike Mike it and That will like you know Where did minute reach Let me deal with this. Because we're talking about my kids okay. We're talking about my heart heart spot. We're talking about myself spot where this time. It wasn't my child correctly. It was my grandson. Then it was not only. My grandson was my daughter. It was me and it was our family that had experienced something like this before was still a soft spot for us with our baby won the ABC family so that was pretty challenging which really challenging to go through some health staff. And when I go to help staff I go. It's like I'm several specialists at one time. Trying to figure out like what the clues are that. My Body is giving and I had a couple of really challenging experiences with like really being stilling heard and you know all that kind of stuff and just like knowing. Hey wait a minute. My Body is still stay. Sane stuff like does not resolve turning into this thing though I kinda felt like a Asia Vu with that Mike. We'll wait a minute. I'm not the same person that I was when this kind of stuff. I study happening like you know. My party is different. You know after the stroke. My body is different activities. Different things like just Kinda felt mounting like you know Enough fear anxiety combination. All of the above you know something like that So which is like these. Hal on top of things that were happening that was like You know when I would try to do something it was something else would happen. It would be a pilot. Kinda felt like You know like being thrown in the deep end of the pull and then trying to like you know swimming your way up to the top and every time you swing me away up to the top like somebody jumped in jumping in right on your head and your Danny like wheat. Let me just catch my breath. Whatever and then you pop up and then something else is happening you pop back down in kind of like type of serious alike. You non the moment at Something happened in the midst of all of this stuff. So in Georgia. We've been going through these Storms our weather has been nuts and on his one morning. I left like Odom currently in the morning. Take my daughter to the express bus to go into the city and I remember leaving out is like you know in the morning and I remember all my Gosh. I'm so glad that begin to the best depot and twos about to take off so I pull up like right beside it as close as I can get sibling to the driver. Hey hold up. You know my daughter's trying to get on and in the time it took her to open the front door. Step out of the car heavy raindrops came on a cop car time. She opened them for it to get her belonging. It's more rain but at times. She walked around in front of the car to get onto US sheets of rain. Just start coming from nowhere like it was like. This was just incredible to see how that happened and I remembered that we were driving. The bus depot my daughter and I were talking about why. That's the sky. Looks really strange right now. I wonder it means. Well we know that that cloud formation means and By the time I was leaving. Parking lot is now sheets of rain in their dislike And they have some wind with going to the right so it's like she terrain and then to the right down there. What should right? By the time I got onto the main street another win kick in so you got the rain coming down going to the right and then this other win formation this kind of going to the left and so what that feels like like you're in the middle of a trade winds with those like is like get ready to elevate. I remember thinking like Oh my gosh. Mla To is getting ready to take me is this and I Trying to drive. I was trying to get to this For this store over to the right and right before I got to that part in the road to raise started coming down even harder and wins became even more violent and you just could not see there was no visibility so I couldn't see unlike the road opens like pull into this parking lot like you Clinton see anything. It was just literally. She couldn't even tell you know what time of day was it could wasn't it wasn't like all you saw was water and so. I began to panic and then I said You know okay you know. Let me on a You know like plover NC to pull over trying to figure that out some like Lord what do I do in that moment I it rained? Let up enough and I miss a shoulder. I complain too when I pulled into the shoulder and I remember just taking this graph light. Where do I do and in that moment? The rain had stopped nap win his slow down enough where I could echo on the road and I could get home. It's like wait it for like sixty seconds just to make sure there wasn't like a short reprieve and that could you know it was really safe for me to concern you. May Now I could see where other cars were pulled over and you can do their hazards for you. Couldn't see anything and I couldn't get a signal to try to see if we had a weather alert which is crazy and so I get home minute drive where. I am a little rattle. I'm sitting there and I was reflecting on what had just happened and I realized that that That what happened in the storm was what was happening internally from me through the storm that was experiencing with all these life events matches the life events but like the connection to the Was In my framer. Who are friends like what I had experienced on or and when I realized that I wasn't present. Who was happening now where the events game was. These are now events that were real. They were happening. I was attached to what happened in the past S. We got this event. What happened in the past? I wasn't present to what was happening right now in front of me. Then what I can bring as a human beast has a human being with all the ways that I'm at discovering. I'm grace for all things that have happened. Since those major life events I was not present. Any of that was totally in the rear view mirror. I was totally being about the past and so concerned about well. I got through those things but I got through those things. As part of feerick three and Lisa Nichols as a great job of fulfilling stories around that and really making this present. Suet those times where there's three you overcame some by air. Knuckle do you know way through? And it was just a victor Almost took you out and so that's what I was concerned about and I was. I was only thinking about all the ways that I was physically different from when these things happened in the past. So they were before the stroke These different you know health happen it were I was Different Age in which it was. Just like I was just thinking of all the Mrs Or deficiencies that I would bring to time around like and I'm in the rain. I got into the ring when I was in my twenties thirties and different and Wasn't in out all the different. I wasn't thinking about my keys to success. I wasn't about like all the pieces of wisdom were garnered along the way and I was just like sitting there like. Oh My Gosh. This is really wild and it just started an inquiry like well. What happens if I don't see my only two options. Which which were the options that I was pulling from and another part of my life winches pile through or do I No steel and I tried to put my current life in what was happening in my current life with Acts with those two options was not working and I found myself stuck in that only step having this inner term oil because I was like these are the only two options they weren't is absolutely are in my arsenal of options. But then present to our is I also have where we talk about a lot. Sparks in edges also have connections Time resources I also have a connection to divine timing. I also have a connection to say a more understanding about how life is really working for me and that working against me and that scared my kind of went back. Some of those All settings right so what was happening. Is that if I am present to what is just in that moment? I'm not talking about in stuck or crippled or anything like I'm talking about just like okay. This is what's happening. Let me check into all the different ways of being all the different things that I've learned than those major life events happened on the first or the second time. Now we're getting into some juicy territory now can realize that. Hey wait a minute shift. Happening shift is happening for me to be present to this shit. I've got a leg of some of my crutches and even though I'm passionate about About transforming I'm survival and existing lifestyles or patterns to are thriving. Life of purpose is major. Life of this will show you the things that you think are guy but you're still leaning on crutches while you're also moving and reaching trying to reach four purpose possibilities so these challenges were kinda bring that stuff up right anthem really will allow you to see. We have to be present. Who are is to be able to see what's really happening right now. And the truth of the matter is even though these situations feel familiar. Even though these situations feel like a day John Loop. I am that same person I was when I experienced those things in the past and that the same person none of us are and it just makes me about that beautiful finishing up becoming that I shared so much in the group and so much in my current bodies of work which is that when you perpet- peeps at all times. We are somewhere between our lowest level of possibility our highest level actuality so yet when when life comes it seems like are are really small right. I'm talking about what we bring our responses to life events we have on a different level possibility because we're a different version of ourselves and so At kind of allows us to have a like breathing space. It really be able to see Sparks in nudges are divine guidance. As coming our way to challenging situation if we are focused on the past we're focused on A frame of Reference. From the last time we had to deal with these giants of life were our bodies are wired to produce cortisol which is a stress hormone which works rise and a lot of ways. So Cortisol is not. The enemy is a matter of fact. Survival strategies in existing strategies are not the enemy. A work said of working for us in a temporary situation. Start working against us. We started laying on them as lifelong crutches and we start onto may become part of a lifestyle versus a short term strategy. A short term thing. Guess through right and so in my driveway. After having that experience in the storm I had like a moment of clarity in that moment of already. A part of the show of the week we explored in my group was will know what happens if we are present to. Is You know when we have challenging experiences. You know what? I'm alumina fate right and so I'm like you know. Well wait a minute will what happens to on my faith. What happens to my Belief in my hope for a different civility or a different Asian. Like you know how those things talk to each other and so can oppose that in the big question of the week and what came forward. Is that We can see we can be present. Who is out losing sight of our purpose possibility or I can. I can do this because I am present to what is my aunt is based on where I'm going. My response is based on Yes. I'm presently what's happening right now but my destination my vision is still what it is and so the action that I'm taking after are taking stock and being present who what is still going to the same. That's the nation when I Experienced that time in my car I knew that I wanted to get in my house. The only question was how was going to navigate what was happening. That storm were how was going to get home and when it was appropriate for me to make moves to myself home you know. Have no footing and I'm about to be taken away with. Experience is just not true. It's not true it's a big deal but it's not true and I'm just so even in that experience I was able to see might just be able to see a defining moment where my daughter where my daughter stood up and took a stand for herself as a mom or her or herself For my grandson as his mother and I got to see that it just makes me. It makes me WANNA Thinking about that right now at was A defining moment in our relationship where I got to relate to her differently and see her differently. And so you know all of these things that are happening. you see. It's like a pattern of shifts. That are happening. But if I was stayed in that place of like stuck nece and just kind of be like Thinking that With a truth was alive though. The lie was the same person. What what Face these things when they happen before next simply not true simply not true. I am a different person. I have a arsenal different. I'm sparks in just to support Right now I have access to higher wisdom and a higher understanding out. What's what's happening right here. But I've got and that's what I wasn't trying to do purpose. I wasn't trying to face it like one on one. If these things were happening individually I think we'd be having a different conversation. Can you relate to that but when they when it was the Powell on I allow myself to for minute. I'm just so thankful for the grace of that experience to be able to see something else and seeing something else in seeing a different policy was wasn't either or which kind of allow me to say. L. No wait a minute. All of this is what's facing Right in front me right now. I still see different possibility. Even through These different challenges. What's coming up? The shift for this season is the shift. is really kind of locking like in real time experiences. So there's more to come with that in that breathing space. I was actually able to hear my grandfather and I was able to hear his wisdom and share with me at the beginning of Divine Spark He talked about how When he was a boy scout leader he taught his troops You know to build fire and then to go around the campsite and found all this John. How it's all the junk in life that you out on the fire that really sustains spark so these different things that are happening In our my life in that perhaps could be happening in your life and they feel like tacking on attachments do some challenging period from your past Pry To experience them through this vantage point eight author. John Fly the things that we started that. We've put away. We have lock someplace else. That are separate Are actually the things that are going to sustain and make our spark stronger? Make our spark life A more sustainable and it's like an oxymoron and I didn't see it until that day and sitting in the Sitting in my car sitting in the driveway tonight. See that I'm like wow. This is amazing. I was just so thankful at my grandfather on imported those powerful powerful words and they continue to surprise me. A usual places of show up in our lives in that something like that Piece of wisdom has really Shared everything he came share and then it comes back around. It just surprises us with something else. And so I find myself name. You know really really Grateful for that and it just makes me think about Pattern that I had Like emerging where it's like my My word of the year is integration so bringing all the parts of myself. I'm home and you know. Having that wholeness that comes from all the parts of myself to be president and what happens when When well let me speak for myself what has happened for me? Living in compartmentalized life is that unconsciously was doing staying where it was like I Would Suan separating the Steph from the stuff of my life differently I would separating the spark life from other stuff. It's not so shining and you know me in life or like this lives mosaic. I heard one of my relatives memorialize. Another relative talking about mosaic. Apply in when we are creating this mosaic of life. We have these contrast we have light. We have the art. We have the Print things they provide Shape IN CONTACT. You know to our lives mosaic. And it hasn't. When I made that commitment bring parts myself home. I had to go back and a half to brain part of myself as scared at very scared person who felt alone and understand what was happening. Who WAS CONFUSED ABOUT? What was happening. Move shut down in some places because she loves so hard and intern. Greenie so hard you know like all those parts and those of the Parsi like informing you know like my work now. So I'm creating degraded. Work am inviting purpose peeps to like Have a different experience with some life experiences where it's not like we are signs him something than they are but we are embracing big rain to our purpose clarity kind understanding our assignments for this part of our lives in the things that are really like calling in pulling it as well. You know the more that we have of ourselves that are kind of available do You know answer these polls and respond to these polls More that we can live is integrate life of purpose and You know I just did not see Ease experiences as learning more tonight at the Rally of having these experiences while I'm creating am birthing these. Stay this old ex. The ex the energy coming and those are the me the legacy of my family that I love so much like in stamp on these different things that create right now and you know that's really beautiful but the process with something else and so I invite you in our affirmation until we meet next time is. We're having this journey together. In What's interesting properties. I just thought about this is that we really had some strong breakthroughs when we started that project of at Matt how we just kept adding layers and layers onto it last year and that was so juicy and inform you know so much for our community so much From me as a purpose and for the things that I was creating and so it's like now it's like map of like looking back and just like scene is with different is like now. We're hike creating something like in the moment and so I can't wait to come back to you and share with you. What's next chapter is though for now? Purpose peeves Light invite you to Embrace the affirmation of junk of life Life are fueling my spark dunk of life. Things of life are fueling my spark so sit with an at play play with that. Have some intentional practice with that or what? We Call Him Community. Now intentional fractions. Which is intentional on practice. Bring some lightness into our lives that we really need that Especially if we're dealing with no real Tricky spots in our lives. You know we can still bring you know a lightness to it. I'm so I just invite you just have some experiences with that Until we meet again until we meet again so I would love to know what your first couple of months in two thousand twenty have been like. I would love to know about your experiences when you are getting Apple before the goal line in outside of experiences especially when you are doing making major shifts and you are birthing things In your my experience those tackle lawns I love to hear about that. And kind of Grow in a reservoir wisdom for our community. So I'm really excited about twenty twenty. I'm really excited about this time. You know Even in Challenges still seeing the vision and I still see how Even these things are really informing. It I don't have all the answers and with that because I have a lot of evidence. I have a lot of things that are happening. That are really actually strengthening my faith and they're strengthening my resolve and they're showing me Different things that I might be in the process. I'm in the process of grace for so I am looking forward to sharing with you. More about the experience in this journey Until next time a purpose beep. I just want to remember the finish in a deaf beautiful definition of becoming any of us all of its purpose weeks. We're somewhere between our lowest level possibility. Our highest level of actuality our lowest level of abilities. Changing through these wonderful lessons that were having these different life experiences. They're allowing us to brain for aspects of ourselves home and they're allowing us to bring different aspects of ourselves to our being in are doing and it's a wonderful time to be alive and be purpose so until next time admiral good.

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