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Episode 193 (2019) Key Highlights From The Social Enterprise World Forum 2019 In Addis Ababa


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What happens when twelve hundred social from sixty seven countries come together to advance the global social enterprise movement during the social enterprise world form as proud media partners impact view forty people to hear their key insights takeaways in an effort to advance the conversation beyond that forum and its eleventh year the Social Enterprise vote for didn't disappoint? It's important to note the huge. You Jeff the British Council team the entire s he w would as well as team members Joe. NC Grave and Helen Hobby in making it a success the week produced the hive of exciting activity with urban-rural tours an academic and Education Symposium Policy Forum Youth Week and Fun Cultural Evenings. It was an exciting time for Ethiopia with Prime Minister. Abby Amit Alley being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize just a week before the forum commenced so some of the key things thanks to emerge from the interviews and conversations during the form included. The strength of Medina was synergy amongst global social enterprise practitioners when meeting the scale deform shows. What's possible when people come together to clap right? But there's work to be done to strengthen the global movement. It's paramount that we continue continue to support one another and combine if it's globally and his clique carpenter point sound business and personal development does take time and whilst we need to create a spice as for that we also need to act with agency the importance of continuing to build and strengthen the global network which needs to happen in parallel with strong luckily the movements and networks providing a solid foundation to tackle inequality we have a need to listen to communities as dino best so much can be learned it from indigenous knowledge and wise of being. There's an urgency to bring others with us on this journey amongst the movement of movements seeking to address deep social cultural social and environmental issues. We need to break down the silos and understand that to do this. At meaningful scale when it collective impact strong storytelling finding common language in creating a stronger brand for social enterprise and awareness movement at critical reminding mindful of the environmental impact when gathering hiring is the scale as well as working to Skyla benched like they used to much lodge audiences with digital tools providing strong opportunities moving forward purcell Selena. Audrey Gripe Energy from the amazing collection of people leading the global movement and have returned to Australia recharged. With fresh knowledge. There is a sense of urgency to. We're doing it impacts burn and we're grateful to be part of a supportive global community. This is formed. Drew to a close with an energetic handover and celebration with great news being that the former will be hosted in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada in two thousand twenty. So we'll certainly look forward to seeing you there so here are the highlights. It's from the interviews. We took on the ground. We hope you enjoy them and would like to thank everyone who contributed to this podcast. My name is peak. DASAN CO creative digital storytellers for me. The number one takeaway from Social Enterprise World Forum twenty nine teen in Addis Ababa. Pia is how single word can become a story with the pounded how to energize an entire nation prime minister abby amid alley managed to unite Ethiopia after decades separatism war and genocide using a single word. Good Medina which means synergy and Emmerick this concept encompasses values such as tolerance forgiveness and instills a sense of civic pride across across the entire majority of the population. Now I know why IBM had won the Nobel Peace Prize in Algebra inspiration from his commitment to peaceful democratic process in the if Isis seriously entrenched opposition. Although is remember that a single word can become a powerful story for positive change. Hi I'm amber from the Department of jobs precincts in regions with the state. Government of Victoria Besides the unparalleled Ethiopian hospitality. The key highlight of the social enterprise. World Forum Twenty nineteen for me was simply being part of the incredible Australian delegation. How although represented a and contributed to the form makes me really proud? We're already doing so many amazing things and the connections made at the forum and sharing those experiences or any amplify that both at high end l.. Across the globe my Caitlyn saw it from the forum is use that were part of a global movements. We're not change makers acting English Potter something much bigger Disney competition their borders with all oh striving for most sustainable inclusive society and a new economy to enable and support that vision and only together. Does that idea truly become impossible. Where sharing way connecting the collaborating with challenging and above all with acting? And that's GonNa last. We'll be on the way in view my name is AJ shake. I'm from South Africa. I work for the University of Pittsburgh I mean Acadamy and I love social entrepreneurship in your ship. Tried to keep that incidents in the university and what I take away from the confidence yet also learning but you all excited and I think and if we combine if it's we will be able to shift something in terms of social challenges social skills and I I bet this is beautiful because we like minded people slightly. We'll see Dan crazy but lovely people and I've made people from across continents and it really brings us to see the purpose to do good and do well. My name is fifth. Ashrat down from collect kitchen it's the biggest takeaway from the Social Enterprise World Forum to Twenty Nine Hundred Ninety S. We have to support each another question. Decision into free. Enterprise are not many and we're striving striving to stay in business and do and do all those suchet left. EVT's so we have to stay together support each other and make the best of everything we have. My name is Gladys Roxanna from. I'M GONNA. I'm so happy to be because I got to midway got selena. Lost Room solution enterprises than love everybody on builds a good funny exciting you folks mistrial making it happen more than the content of the forum. It's the connection with the people that come to the form and that's been the most special. Hi My name is Kali daily and I am from got skills my biggest takeaway from the social enterprise world for them. This year is is that it was coming together for me of people all around the world that are trying to make social change and it was really really special to have us all there in one space and it's those those chats those talks those dances in-between the conference. All those little things that go towards creating this this energy and this momentum that basically says that we are on the right path to creating a better world for everyone so yeah I guess the takeaway is that it's not where you are. Although it's amazing it's who you with and the people were amazing My name is Elon somewhat from Journalism backs we make Notebooks from recycled paper leatherbacks. While I liked best of all the social enterprise bottom is how we got to network end. Siato far are like meet other people. Try to push the conversation just a bit farther from here from starts from good for me. The highlight was just meeting social entrepreneurs from all around the world and in particular from Africa. I think social entrepreneurs from Africa have particularly inspirational. I think approach to overcoming some really profound challenge in their communities and in particular. I'm thinking of a couple of social experts from Rwanda that I spent time with. You have a life story. Sorry that's just beyond anything I've ever heard before often by the genocide cycling through different foster families and yet they're so proud of their country country so positive switched on so optimistic and so hard working to create a better future for their community and it was the same with the entrepreneurs I met from Somalia. Yeah from Ethiopia from other parts of the continent and that was a that was a new experience for me and a profound experience to learn about these stories and of course puts my own challenges inches in real perspective so she wants to punish is really hard but it also reminded me that I have incredible privileges being here in Australia. And that despite tight the fact that I might periodically criticize government philanthropy and and others for the lack of support for the sector and where I think they could be doing more or better. We're very unfortunate and the support that we have and the growing movement that we're building here locally and the support that we receive and I think not just from institutional associational players but particularly from each other and I think that's one of the highlights of the Shuttle Prize both forum was that sense of community and that sends a peer support that social entrepreneurs from all around the world always have when they get together. And that's what I'll treasure that's what I remember. And that's why I'm determined to future social enterprise world firms. My name is Jen Boone and I am at the of solutions for the planet where a UK based station. Enterprise running a sustainability focused enterprise program in high schools. It's across the UK in the conference as but networking with other small social enterprises working in education with young people internationally and finding ways of US connecting directly directly sharing our knowledge experiences. There's a lot of shared challenges that we all experience and having this opportunity everyone to come together network chat tweet other and is the informal sessions as much as the formal sessions that we can get so much value out tough. Say It's been a fantastic opportunity came from taste of like minded social entrepreneurs because we always feel lonely sometimes and having people from all around having the same mindset. It really encourages us. and and tell telling ourselves that what we're doing is probably on the right track. Rhone showed zoo for connectivities. The connections that are being made here. The conversations is that are being had the passion is evident everywhere in everything. You know everything everyone is saying is just fantastic to see and you know the globe coming together with one thing in mind social purpose. Social impact is fantastic so clear up from the Melting Pot Edinburgh and my biggest takeaway from this forum other than it's wonderful to reconnect with good. The people are really love. The people that you meet here and find other people very values orientated making stuff happen. It's always lovely. You build up that network year after the year and it cements my perspective that business development as well as personal development takes time relationships. Take Time and you come back year after year and you strengthen those relationships and other people are oh actually I could have. We could do something together or I need somebody. I want to introduce you to and we're building a web like it like the brain. We're building a web of connections and some of those neuro pathways between people get strengthens and some new ones That are formed just on the connection. You connections that are made and together Where yeah creating that worldwide web of social impacts and that's really exciting and just nice people so good and his lovely Josh lovely defense? The weather's perfect more more. Nice warm places in November October. Hello my nine nine. SBN Costa Wolski and armed from word of holistic wellness so to me the highlight of the social enterprise world form warm. This year was saying the diversity of social enterprise not only across Australia but also globally. There are so so many amazing passionate people creating real change in the world it was very inspiring and my canes thought that a Simple chance meeting or Yon- over Kappa has the very real potential to change people's experiences on a local National National and global scale compassionate people not only create positive change but almost draw of that energy and I was Offered to be amongst that creative space. Hi this is Belinda Maurici from the English Family Foundation and for me the highlights of the social enterprise will forum. I just too many to listen minute. One of the key highlights was around the fact that the forum was held in emerging country like Ethiopia that that of its self was an amazing experience and being among seventy other countries and the delegates and learning and listening and talking was phenomenal. The collegiality among ceus trading delegates was second to none and I know that deep deep partnerships have been established which is so inspirational and I think the three key takeouts for me was the sense of urgency that we own running out of time. We need to get onto this now the sense of synergy and collaboration that we it can't do this alone. We need to do it together. And the power of storytelling. These three components together really stayed with me long. After the firm Warm Spinach Susannah Bevaqua. He of moral fay grim. This is the first time attended the social enterprise will forum and the highlight for me. Was the confirmation Shen. The collaboration is key in succeeding as a social enterprise. No matter where you want a wild and what you do yet it is the hardest thing to do as it involves also leading go very go and the concept of ownership it requires for us to change a mindset but how we MUSICI- this we need to change from a competitive model old to a collaborative model of doing business. The other highland was the opportunity to feel part of a global movement the collectively changing lives building communities and growing prosperity. Because take away from the forum for me. Probably the energy that being brought to the forum contribution of delegates networking has been absolutely outstanding. Obviously we we look at a true as an organiser. We've allowed lenses them. This forum technical mccullum everything always the delegates experience and at this stage half day to go. Our perspective is delicate. Experience has been outstanding because it's the the largest number of countries represented there for the conversations are the most diverse conversations that we've ever had my name is she knew. I am the CO founder and managing director. The waste of crit- hub. Basically what we do eat and environmentally innovation space educates people when creative ways that could transform waste into new products and services The program entirely has been very inspiring very motivating so much information insight. I feel like we have more of this where people can share information freely. We got tiny keen about. Oh who's going to do this. Do that feels like a whole a whole open source center. People are very like Oh what did you need. How can I support you? And that's what we need to drive enterprise in not just Africa when the rest of the world. Hi Tom it's mccague heave from cusak and food connect personally for me. The highlights from the Social Enterprise World Forum was being able to pitch alongside yourself and Luke Terry to be able to make the the full board and and argue out case was a great experience and of course being able to present on the stage at a full plenary on food systems. Which is my number one big passion Russian and my other high lot of course is just being able to hang with all that? My Ozzy friends being able to form deeper relationships with our interstate estate brothers and sisters just amazing experience And I guess the big insight that I got from the forum was that networks can mm be Connection taking global so really looking forward to having that conversation with you know fill social entrepreneurs in Ethiopia archea Africa and beyond to really ramp up grassroots organizing in this nice. Hey there it's Mike digital storytellers based in New South Wales in Sydney Sydney for me the highlight of social enterprise world forum was learning about the importance of networks. The World Forum is the biggest baddest network that we social entrepreneurs owners have and can be a part of and for few precious days after the form itself. I got to meet some of the foreign leaders who have been working for over a decade or in some cases individually decades to build the network and collaborations that exist in social enterprise sector with these networks. We we can collaborate more strongly. We can advocate for what we need. We can have a better and stronger. Social Enterprise Brand name in the world and together. We're stronger and more possible and creating change so it's great to be a part of that forum and no doubt. I would recommend that anybody who's looking to grow or learn arlene into social enterprise Sharon from community capacity builders and wicked lab a social enterprise will form highlight for me came from the members of the connecting education to communities panel during the academic and education symposium. The panel members discussed the need for social entrepreneurship programs grams to take a systems approach community capacity. Builders has recently redesigned its program to take a systems approach so that was very reassuring to hear the panel a keen sight for me kind during the social enterprise network. Station that Cinnamon Evans. The chair of symbolic cheered. There were three participants Aspen on the panel that was supporting. It works Ethiopia Kenya and Sri Lanka. I asked the question. What opportunity is there to establish a global network of social enterprise networks during that session? The panel members were very keen to extend establish a global network once we had strengthened the social enterprise networks on countries Ellen Minar from the I can. FM Dacian in New Zealand and chair of the Social Enterprise World from board. So am I is that we really have to make sure that we listen to the communities. Because it's not a question of free inventing the way we work together and we do business. It's really about understanding what wellbeing looks like to then because they they know best I'm Mahal from the UNDP in Somalia and the biggest biggest takeaway from this particular. WF conference was how important it is to consider traditional ways of living and being when we're looking to the future and how we can actually create such more beautiful future together Gwen. We marry our technologies with indigenous ways of being. My name is captain from remain Australia. And my Kay highlighted inside it from the Social Enterprise Weld for him was around. Entrepreneurial marial income generation solutions of refugees and migrants the entrepreneurial refugee network in UK. said that seventy million people are forcibly displaced globally but host societies are failing to include these people and so these displaced migrants are solving the problems by themselves Twenty percent of this community starting their own businesses and the ones that become viable able they employ up to six people and yet only one percent of government investment is going towards supporting these businesses. And I think that is a K.. Opportunity not just for the European and African countries but for Australia as well so investing in migrants and refugees to create employment opportunities. I came from Manga dish. My name is Sheldon. Jim are uninsured. Name is Russian for women's development in Bangladesh. Actually we do some social service sort now for the last forty years we had being social enterpreneurship. As will we thought rural agriculture based women. Six hundred remains and with us. But here I came with a cushion that you've shown them to three nurse. Will you be a profit making organization like corporate house. How that grassroot we men they can come out from the party circle saw? Aw I like to offer to dull so I offered to social investment worse that is it was to make our system. Jim Profit from social entrepreneurship. Will you be distributed do that grassroots women by those we at working for social interpreting our seat like a four part of society one has shedding about social enterprise which they have bank account after one night. Count the profit and loss them some. We'd go to also. They are so they can they can scale from the social entrepreneurs will be our fall all sing like thank you system. You'll be out simple false thing like a corporate house on the personal profit making not not for the poor people especially for women so from my this is my arse to all of you. Please do something for the food we meant. Those stay in the name of social entrepreneurship. Don't exploit the tank. You so much My name is I'm from Sadaqa Johannesburg and the funder of director of Detrimental Foundation which choose a organization that work with young women and girls to help them build resilience. I love the culture here. I love the differences and the sharing of information and skills and how we can move forward in getting businesses up and together and most especially for us on the customer. The idea of our pull ourselves up and try and have a creative business mind instead of thinking of our service charities. So I'm really excited sainted. It has been very very and look forward to next year. My Name's Steven Johnson I'm from the UK and the British Council from this year. I think that's a real L. Movement especially in this region of the world for a Social Enterprise Sector an associate academy and I'm really seeing the next ten years my co-founder by Social Canada China which is Social Enterprise certifier in Canada. My biggest takeaway is that Despite the tremendous sense of doom and despair that we often feel will in the in the world today social enterprise presents a tremendous tremendous model for optimism and hope for a better world and for the kind of change that we actually. I WANNA see so. I really strongly believe that. Despite nationalism and inequality we have a model that can change that and change rapidly. Hello my name. Is Kalina sheely. I'm from the inclusive Business Action Network and the best thing about this year's social enterprise world for that people are so open I mean and we had so inspiring discussions at our stand at the exhibition. And Yeah I think just just great to exchange what people about their business US models how Barra's certain things and then also to see how we are fitting into their needs and also it is great if you can direct them to to resource us and two other organizations that provide some Arches Social Enterprises Mighty Mitch Kubota Berber. I'm the founder of the forest. Private ambulance services are we see so many. They're paying them. The president of social enterprise champion. I am in pundits one of the elite like socially deprived in planning so one of the question that was raised named of the day. What do you think that incorporating about social enterprise? So I haven't even thought of this and living in this planet where the wearing complex or an ordinary citizen. We need to really criticality that we are living in this plan. You don't have to care from that. which category protecting these planets would be supposed to be for on all of us so it may be of competition or you know if the price get stronger? Corporate may lose the market. This should be balanced. I don't want anybody to lose his market and at the same time I would put the planet so there masterpiece a room in which we can talk about it like I try to tell you my my panelists that I was working the hospital. That most of my colle- were not in position to WHO Cedar costs whenever they're doing something something for the Fisher so not considering the cost considering the environment would cost us. And everybody's trying to defend does that Okay we are dealing with human life. We are very cautious about what they are doing. So who care about the post so we invest our necessarily to the patient that is just taking the treatment so we are keen on other thousands of patients by investing part. We don't have to list or what you don't have to really abuse so when I was in the patient whether the government bring some eight Land Stadium Sheet beat theater and that asking us to stop the. GOP is having a half it training. Then we consider that This is Costas Liking. Nobody pay for this. We need to shoot somebody people and we need to to be Very cautious about what is going on in this education should be in the medical education make very important parameter for for the fifty show. Can you know what is because this was nothing has been changed so this is. This is the way in which you know we. We need to be very articulate whenever rethink about social enterprises what the government think about us. What the corporate level think what the politicians coupled all that so? This is the way we need to be brain not only particularly solving that the shelter. Pray that I'm working with running pilot ambulance system behind. It doesn't mean that you know I'm really focused. There whenever I think about enterprise I've probably be there breath. Whatever effective efficient major these are letting otherwise the entire ecosystem working to the same agenda taking the planet giving officiant service for people in we need to collectively though this type of thought should be in my opinion opinionated? You may take away. My name is from Social Enterprise Jokiel. I've been in spite of and challenge amp to rethink mattresses and two three. Think or like find me Chilean were just between maybe corporates and the furniture and the MED lovely people. I'm so e I come from Hong Kong and my startup is probably cultural therapists offices. Yes we serving the elderlies as for me. I'm quite impressed full yesterday today. The SEMINA- they talking about partnership with different pickup right. Because for me. I'm and I'm really looking for the collaboration Gratien with cooperation and just working on it. So it's a really radical experience sharing by the speaker so I can learn something from them. I'm I'm just saying in Scotland it's my biggest takeaway from forum. This year is how we're still having the same conversations but realizing that the solutions we we've thought were right may be right and we have to start evolving. What they are? There's a lot of conversations are going around about the new face of this the new face it that or what in the new context and I think being in Ethiopia gives us a completely different perspective. But I think we're now left with more questions and answers from this year. which is might be a getting high? Tom Don McLean. Hit from the Post Growth Institute Thanks so much for the opportunity to share some thoughts with your podcast. My highlight from social enterprise world forum was learning about Duma clocks not for profit Ethiopian Shoe company the puncture resistant shoes. They developing with the soul of Africa. That employs one hundred workers. Plus I think eighty more in the supply chain With those work is being employed four times the average national industry wage and that they were looking to have manufactured ninety five thousand shoes this year using locally sourced materials with prophets having already supported the exorcist education for nearly eighteen thousand children. That just blew me away and the The takeaways wealth from it feels like there's still a lot of conversation that needs to happened around the importance in my mind that the distinction between not for profit and for profit social enterprise. Lots of suctions built into the conversations. Sion's that need unpacking. Thanks so much okay. It's a hierarchy from Ethiopia Phallic multiple. Co-founder we just started so we're so inspired to do more We wanted to because we only been around for four years so for us. We're baby so that's what I took away from his. W WANNA do more excited buzz. Yeah thank you say. The governor from whiskies workshop diversity. My name is German Welsh and and I work for impact. I particularly enjoyed the youth week at the Social Enterprise World Forum. I learned that young people from all over the world have a passion for social change. That access to finance is a really common concern and that we need to be talking more about sustainability ability of social enterprise business models all in all it was a fantastic experience and I'm so glad to have been there holbrook from social enterprise surprise you came on the Board of the world forum. I think we have too much much more further about how we can share the messages and the content much much wider audience than the twelve hundred fifteen hundred people that are here and actually how we really really address. The the Weiss at this conference generates be that through carbon through plastic bottles. Also be that through food waste. We are getting better but for me just to see the amount of plastic wastes that we're generating doesn't sit well and I just think that's an agenda agenda I really want to take away. And Dry forwards beyond Ethiopia. But it's been an amazing amazing opportunity to meet some of the most outstanding Social Entrepreneurs David Brooks social traders apart from my role at central Direct on the essay. WF Board and it. Just this had on that. I give my perspective on se WF. Today's nineteen the key for me was strong vindication and affirmation mission of the Board's decision taken a couple of years ago as oppose to hold the forum in Ethiopia with over twelve hundred people coming together from sixty seven countries around the world at the very impressive Economic Commission of Africa. There is no doubt in mind that se w to nineteen has already and will continue to provide a positive legacy for the development and growth a session on a pros laws. In the city of Abba the country of Ethiopia on the African continent. I do feel very privileged to be closely involved. INNOC- WF over the last ten years in contributing to a primary objective of building began stronger and more visible session of movement. And we certainly took a further destroyed in this direction over the non days of intense social into productivity including Education Symposium Policy Forum Conference and Exhibitions and studied to us. I was particularly impressed. Chryst by the policy form discussions covering social pause ecosystem building market development and creating enabling environments having a sixty striving colleagues at Sei WF to an on taking the largest delegation behind Ideo Pia via K.. Was a lot for me. Many of whom had key speaking incision facilitation roles. Top was he talent making the MIC on the international stage on the other side of the world. Oil So acknowledge the leadership role. The Tom Alum Nimble well in democracy are playing in supporting the strategy session prosector and their initiative with the strident essay. WF This refund that that special China's was placed to support. And can I finally give a big hats off Tamaki lunatic and the team at a digital storytellers for the wonderful capture essay W to bring on. WFAN twenty twenty in Halifax Canada title. Lawrence Sears Hello Fax Nova Scotia Canada while that we have a big job to do to make sure that he was good. A job as Ethiopia did was twenty or twenty nineteen. It's it's it's really important but I really think the biggest thing I took away from this forum that reinforce what I learned last year is that we might be worlds apart but we really all share the same sentiment and have the same challenges and we're all open sharing with each other so that's really exciting. What's what I'm taking it home with me? KOMO names Bradley Day from Canada and this social enterprise world for him and he has been incredible. I've met a ton of awesome people. People my favorite part of of the whole thing was the debate about whether we should stay small and social enterprise whether we scale up it was very powerful will. The moderator was incredible very passionate. Lots of great points made and I'm going to continue to scale so I guess I sided with that side of the debate. Yeah no it's been great meeting people and we're excited about Canada for next year. I'm Joseph it could hire from Joe Haven living in Halifax Nova Scotia in Canada. We'll be hosting these social forum. Twenty Twenty September number twenty third to the twenty fifth. Come and join US and have a lot of fun on east coast of Canada. Thanks for listening to impacts. Burn you'll find links to the initiatives people in raisers as mentioned in the podcast on IMP wound up. 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