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And this is the daily Tech News for Tuesday October. Twenty Second Twenty nineteen in Los Angeles. I'm Tom Merritt and consider the line. I'm Sarah Lane and and from the dark forests of Finland. I'm Patrick and I'm Roger Chang. The show's producer. We were just talking about some of those dark forests and we were talking right about the passage of time and Christmas traditions and all kinds of good things on good day Internet Become a member and get the expanded show at Patriotair Dot com slash DT NS. Let's start with a few things. You should know sources tell. CNBC that Softbank advanced talks to take control of workspace company. We work which which would value. We work between seven point. Five and eight billion dollars and give Softbank up to seventy percent or even more control of the company last month we were cancelled its plans wants to go public after its IPO prospectus in August revealed nine hundred million dollar loss in the first six months of two thousand nineteen. The company was reportedly going to lay off two thousand dozen people about thirteen percent of staff as of last week The European data protection supervisor or EDPS has found around quote serious concerns over the compliance of the relevant contractual terms with data protection rules and the role Microsoft and the role of Microsoft. Christoph as a processor for you institutions using its products and services Microsoft said it quote will soon announce contractual changes changes that will address concerns such as those raised by EDPS. Remember last month when we saw that leaked paper on NASA server briefly from Google that it If if it were you know a final paper would have indicated that the company had achieved quantum supremacy conham supremacy being The idea that a quantum computer could perform some kind of calculation in this particular case a technique for determining random numbers in an amount of time. That was reasonable. Compared to a classical computer `puter taking an unreasonable or impractical amount of time however IBM researchers have proposed a method in which a classical computer could achieve the calculation Asian described in Google's paper in a practical amount of time. IBM's method would require using hard drive space so kind of like a Ram disk in addition to Ram and other optimizations to perform the calculation in two and a half days rather than the ten thousand years Google's method would have required. Google still hasn't published that paper and IBM hasn't tried their methods of. This is all theoretical doc. Just so you know. We don't have clear. Quantum supremacy achieved yet not determined yet. All right dammit. Let's talk a little bit about facebook Patrick and must we. I guess we must New York State Attorney General Latisha James announced that thirty one more. US attorneys generals have joined her investigation into facebook. Bringing the total to forty seven including James. The investigation seeks is to determine whether facebook's actions may have endangered consumer data reduced the quality of consumers choices or increase the price of Advertising Yeah so you've got forty five states onboard now As well as the District of Columbia and Guam. Actually I say that Puerto Rico might be in here too. I can't remember but That's pretty overwhelming significantly. California's Attorney General Not on board for this investigation to facebook. I guess that's probably not super surprising but also not surprising that all these attorneys general thought it might be good for their reelection campaigns to be seen as going to facebook also so I of course there needs to be an investigation to to make the determination but at least the first barth have they endangered consumer data I think I know what the answer to that one is going to be. Well yes and no I mean has there has consumer data from facebook been endangered. Oh yes there's no debate about that was it facebook's fault were they negligent. That's the kind of thing that's investigation has to determine. I think you could make an argument. facebook certainly has made the argument that yeah stand by my answer. That's you know. Mark Zuckerberg this whole like this is the Fifth Romer. Whatever his State? Yeah the latest thing. It's kind of like well. Well this is. This is the thing that we did wrong. But it's new. We're still figuring it out. Everybody which is actually true. It is true. Yeah I I think there are a lot of the fifth. Estate argument makes sense in a lot of ways the question of whether or not facebook endangered consumer data. I think is separate from that and it's it's one of the elements of the investigation. But I think it's different. You know many companies may or may not endanger consumer data. Maybe I'm wrong. Sure it would be the easier one to prove right. Yeah exactly well. Speaking of another company as sometimes people think of as you know having trust trust issues but not in the sense Google announced that his Ai Chat Bot Google Duplex will launch in New Zealand as part of a limited test to confirm holiday hours for a handful of local businesses. Making this the first that duplex has expanded even in a test outside of the US. Google says that businesses participating in the test will receive an automated call all from Google asking to confirm their hours for the upcoming Labor Day Public Holiday. Which is on October twenty eighth? Those times will then be automatically updated on maps and search coach. Well I learned two things. Here one Labor Day is October twenty eight th New Zealand. That's interesting but also that Google wants to be seen as reliable liable for these holiday hours because man when I see holiday hours on the Internet right now I don't trust it. I assume that it's old or mistaken because it's so often is so so if they're going to do this if they're going to test Google plex which I think this is a great test automated calls got a limited scope helps them find the algorithm. That's all great but at the end end they need to be telling me like we just called and confirm these hours or I'm not gonNA Trust it It's 'cause there's so often wrong Ori Roy they get this into the system on a consistent basis and you just get used to having reliable holiday hours over you know maybe L. Today. How do we get to the point where we know that they are reliable right? That's my question because they're always reliable. If you're using Google trust them then I'll never know whether they're reliable. So that's sort of like you know. Check Marker Star or whatever you know. Google duplex has verified this. And do we get to the point where it's like more and more it's like okay. That's that's great. That's you know that was a vetting process that we all believe in then that would be helpful fall. Yes but if they do it well enough. They don't even need the check to say. No sure you know the others are not super reliable but this one is is and over time. You just don't even need the tech mark. You just think that Google data is reliable. I would like to live candy. Land World you're describing but I'm not sure how which well in a couple of years if duplex and other methods are used consistently and efficiently at Lea- we might. We might Tom be future. Patrick I want to complain about right now. Okay very now man. MOZILLA launched fire Fox. Seventy for windows Mac Lennox android and IOS across the board. You're getting new social tracking protection which blocks cross site tracking cookies from sites like facebook book. Twitter in Lincoln Fire Fox has been doing a lot of tracking protection natively within the browser. So you didn't even have to use a privacy badger and no script or anything like that. But now they're expanding handing it to include social networks a privacy protections report will now let you see how many trackers both the normal trackers in the social trackers fingerprints in Crypto. Minors that fire foxes blocked for you. So you can track the trackers. Basically thorughout pointed out that means fire Foxes Password Management Service. Lock Weiser's is. It now has a password generator and we'll feed some data into the fire. Fox Monitor to alert you. If one of your accounts may have been involved in a breach. It'll say like oh there's been a breach at this account. Would you like to check and see if your account was was part of that The Green Lock icon in the address bar is now grey to sort of deemphasize. Go to say like hey a secure site should be normal so gray. Right and now an insecure HD FTP connection will show a Red Cross out logo logo to say like you shouldn't be trusting this connection Five bucks seventy also strips the path information from the http refers sent to trackers that if you do get tracked act will give them less information to go on and on the performance side on windows web render is rolling out running on integrated until graphics and composite or updates on Mac os should speed things up and reduced power consumption. There you know interesting you ax to to have gone from that sort of green checkmark to the gray. They might go. Well we agree means goes not good but that is it's a it's a subtle but important distinction right because everything is supposed to be secure. If for some reason it isn't that's when you get a flag and I think that that's smart on whoever's behind the design team on fire Fox but all all in all these features are there rock-solid I I talked on the show yesterday about browsers being one of those things that I dragged my feet on the very very most just because they're such a big part of my daily existence in my work and everything that I fear change but But I used to use fire Fox Fox and this might be. What's taking me back? Yeah my my reaction to this is. Is there a reason not to use fire Fox and I say this as someone who doesn't use fire Fire Fox as my primary dries browser but there's no reason not to use I mean unless there's a site you use that doesn't work well and Fire Fox right which there there are examples of that and that's true a lot of browsers like I'd use it but it doesn't work in chrome for whatever reason that's the only thing I can think of. It is zippy fast on Mac. Os Now. That is a technical term that I use usually. I only use that term with brand new browsers like when Vivaldi I came out or edge for chromium first came out because browsers that are brand. New are always fast because they haven't had time to build up things in the code right when they're built from scratch fire Fox feels like it was built from scratch right now so yeah I have switched. I am using fire Fox seventy right now as we speak. Well if only I didn't have so many darn croom tabs that are really Nice over cross platform devices that I use Firefox Fire Fox sink and get your tabs cross platform vine I'll rights. That's true I I don't I don't know why I don't use it but for some I'm reading. The I guess it is a an example of the importance of getting that market share on browsers because is people if I don't switch as a tech a enthusiast than normal multiple certainly won't well. It's one of those things. Where when I when I decided to move on my tabs over to fire Fox I was like Oh this is going to be a pain? It wasn't you you logged into Google for my Google drive and then g mail and everything else was fine. That's it it's a mental barrier more than an actual. Yeah no absolutely well talking about Google. Google fi connects to three lt providers. Sprint t mobile and US cellular depending depending on which one it thinks is the fastest up until now it had to disconnect briefly to switch starting with the Pixel four in new feature recalled. Dual connect will let Google Fi. Make the switch without the disconnect claiming you could watch video during the switch and Nazia Blip. Google Uses Dual Sim Dual Standby Aka D. SDS to have two connections happen at once. Both do Google Fai. So you'll you'll need a physical along with a the sem in your pixel for the feature will allow pixels floors over the next few weeks and eventually come to other FI compatible phones. This is a little bit Geeky For sure and it's not as cool as dual SIM dual active. which would actually bind find the bandwidth together and give you a faster connection which probably the carriers are not too happy with Google? Doing which is probably why they haven't used. DSCA PADEAS is a great way to make. That seamless now granted. If I'm watching a video there's all kinds of things that could make it screw up so I'm sure if someone's going to be doing this and go. Hey made my video screw up but you know theoretically it should be able to do seamless connections like that which is which is really good And and something that will make fi even more attractive. I've always been Something of a fan of Google Fi- Just because of the fact that it has a pretty straightforward billings situation and has international roaming and also the ability to go on multiple networks at once like that. Well this is the sort of thing where you know. You've explained what Google is doing to make Something like watching a video more seamless but for somebody who doesn't really understand what's going on under the hood you would just say and Google fires like mostly fine but there's these like weird blips on I dunno and so that is this is. This is just one more reason that someone would say. Oh yeah no this is like like a legitimate a solid connection option. I used to have these weird blips but I guess they don't happen anymore. Yeah this'LL BE I. I wonder why Google has not expanded beyond. I guess it's only the US right but they do have roaming international. I'm I wonder if it's just the the complexity complexity of becoming an MVP no and other countries that they just don't want to have to deal with I. It's good question from gas. Could it could one. I guess there's a limit to what you can roam internationally. Yes GonNA ask it with everybody. Yeah no sorry I meant could one could a European get Google Fi- Account amount trend and use them in Europe. But it's a lot of trouble because then you have to. You have to make sure that Google will give you the account you know so they have to think. You're having the American distasteful some. I have no idea well speaking of connectivity verizon. We'll give all new and existing verizon wireless customers also new files customers and new five G. Home Internet customers of raisins a year of Disney plus for free when the service launches on November Twelfth Disney plus is six dollars and ninety nine cents per month on its own with TV shows and movies from Disney Marvel Pixar Star Wars and others. We've talked about Disney plus quite a bit on the show but Yeah if you've rising customer get it for free. I'm a rising customer on looking forward to it because I'm not sure I would have paid for it otherwise not because I don't think it's a great service just because you know I kind of have that service fatigue Mike. We'll pay for other things I I don't know if I need this but but getting me in for a year if it's a good enough service if the planet then it for seven dollars in a year from now I'll be like. Yeah no I need two things first of all I would pay multiples of the seven bucks to get access to the service which I guess is coming to Europe at some point Right now they got the early. Yeah but that's the test and it's just an I'm just got it first. Patrick I guess what what I'm hearing is that I could move to the level and and I will consider it. No I think it on November twelfth. I I don't know if it's in Finland per se but there are plenty of European countries getting it November toll right. No no no no. No I don't think so I th- I'm pretty sure maybe it's the UK we can check that but I think it's very few the European countries. If maybe you can that's it But I would pay more and Sarah within a year. It might be more for expensive because there's no way that the service slice right right. I think I think it's you know it's smart and we're seeing more and more of these as you know this carrier has decided to give you some sort of either you know free or a or discounted option of this platform because the two companies had made a deal ahead of time in order to get customers to me like we. Yeah we we. We are dependent on on these platforms for certain content. And maybe it will be the case. Maybe it won't I mean there's so much competition right now now but I do think it's smart of you know Verizon's Kinda like hey you know we'll take one for the team here at T.. Mobile has done a T.. Mobile Tuesday thing were they gave away and they'll be dot TV access the past two years. I haven't paid for. MLB DOT TV. The past two years ago on the T. mobile subscriber you mentioned the qube thing with T. mobile so these platforms. What's interesting is instead of zero rating? They're going for like just giving you things for free as much ice you onto your platform Yeah I agree. I think that's a much better way to go. And it's not unlike when I my service. Now which is going to change. Because I'm about to move but I use a comcast is my provider right now and I was on a one year really great internet speed plan knowing that after the year it was all going to go up. But you know that's that this is a very common industry practice that people use all the time whether or not they stays. You know that's up to them but it it gets you Dependent on you know some sort of a business for something that you use in your everyday life and then you end up saying I'll have to pay you now. Oh after pay more now. Okay now. It's a good for Disney plus for sure a patrick the the most important part of the story is that both of us get to say we're right. It is is launching in Europe only in the Netherlands on November twelfth. Because they already have it. As part of the freeview comes Australia New Zealand on November nineteenth and then in western Europe gets it in twenty one the first half of twenty twenty eastern Europe first half of two thousand twenty one Latin America first half of twenty twenty one Asian Pacific throughout two thousand twenty in two thousand twenty one so yeah not not launching everywhere November twelfth but it is eventually coming to most of the world. Yeah there yeah. I'm not GonNa say what it was going to say folks. Have you want to get all the headlines. Each day in about five minutes be sure to subscribe to daily tech headlines Dot Com ed bought at Ziti net has an article up called how to replace each Google Service with a more privacy friendly alternative. Ed bought of course a great great tech reporter and and Pundit For many many years and I thought we would be thought. It'd be fun to just look over Ed suggestions and maybe make a few of our own here now. We'll start with mobile. Os where he says. Well you have apple. That's your choice. If you don't want an iphone then you're stuck on android and and that's not a hundred percent true. There are a few other very small operating systems out there and you can find those and dig them up but they don't have wide support they don't have wide development for the APPS so he's he's sort of mostly right if like well if you want the complete range of you've of services and APPS available you probably stuck between android and IOS right. Yeah I I like his approach. He's essentially talking to regular people who want to get actual Viable alternatives not the privacy obsessed Geek maybe in our circles Who wants the somebody who's willing to live with just web versions of things because they're like I wanna live on sailfish that's all all I wanNA do? Yeah and I think it's a good thing to point out that it's easy we have to read these headlines and we might even in say this ourselves you know well. IOS says it's more secure or private but look at this that happened Haha. You don't really realize that if you use facebook or whatever service than apple doesn't protect you from that so is it really more secure. Well yes it's more private and on the OS level. Of course. Yes you can always screw things up on top of it but overall the Apple is respectful of your privacy then android and it's almost it's also more pricey. There are trade offs. But you could just send those emails straight to Patrick for that but I will back you up to it buds. I mean Apple Apple Android can be just as private as apple. You have to work harder to. That's that's kind of my take on. It makes it easier for average people like you said to do that. Browser wise he recommends edge the chromium Beta UH. He says it's pretty stable even though it's Beta he's like don't use the edge. That's on windows right. Now get the new one that is built on the chromium engine and he loves the simple tracking tracking protection. Now I'm a big fan of the Firefox tracking protection but it's kind of the same thing as android which is I am. I want that extra control in that extra data. That Fire Fox gives me now. Firefighters makes it really simple but Microsoft makes it Microsoft interface on edge might be even more attractive to people who otherwise might not worry about author privacy. Yeah it it sounds like to me from what I understand he is recommending edge for is firefox firefighters. Seventy it's kind of neck and neck idea definitely definitely what about search he points out that bing is really your you're only major competitor to Google but duck go uses the being result as well as results from other search engines. It an amalgamation of them so you get the best of being plus and Dr Go. It's not perfect. People have shown where it's like. They don't protect privacy in this way. They don't protect privacy in that way but boy do they protect acted more than your google search. It would be easy for me to say please. I'm not gonNA use Google Search. I mean it is. It is now a verb that is part of the vernacular Giller of the entire world. However we have enough people in our audience certainly who used to go and swear by it that I know that it is not like some crappy search engine that you're using just because you don't wanNA use Google? It's actually a very good one. Yeah I use it every day. It's default search engine on my phone. There you go. I've been using a quant which is actually a French search engine And it's it's fine. You know I still default back to not default but I still go back to Google every once in a while but I've using quant as yeah like. Sometimes I think Google might be a a little bit more complete but for if even if you use your default search engine most of the time and then if so you really want something specific you go to Google then It's your better protecting your privacy. Of course I do all of this in chrome so it's kind kind of boots but it's not even completion. It's almost like a flavor of search. There's a certain flavor of search that I know Google is better at it usually has to do with immediacy like. Oh Oh they're going to have great. Example is a rise of skywalker trailer breakdown. I used Google for that search because I knew they were on it faster than duct go would be but I always go into duck. Oh use the Bang g command which then sends my search to Google without any identifying information on it. So I'm using Google but I'm protecting my information anyway. Ed Thoughts got great recommendations over their line to as as an alternative to google voice. OUTLOOK DOT com. He argues is better than G. Mail points out you know office. Three sixty five dropbox box etc as alternatives to Google drive. It doesn't really have a good alternative for Google photos or youtube but let's finish with his maps recommendation. Where he says? Hey folks get over it. Apple maps is good. Good now one of the apple maps has been eight a punching bag of maps apps for some time with good reason when it first launched. It was lackluster compared to alternatives Google maps. Being of course kind of front runner because I have been using carplay so much with my car right now that that that does support. It's When I'm I can I can use Google maps or ways I could use whatever maps up? The car plays is is compatible with if I want but if I'm using Siri that's what is going to launch and so just because I'm not always thinking about it as a default I do end up using it. It quite a bit and I'll tell you it hasn't really led me astray the way that it used to. It does seem like a pretty solid product at this point at least in the US. At least in my neighborhood You know where I'm done. That's what I was going to say. I'm not sure how much better it is than it was before out side of the. US teams fine but on something that is congential Opening hours we were talking about a good day Internet I just had a bad experience a week ago because I was was using apple maps but on the math side I think it's on par. The actual navigation Sidhu well. Thanks everybody who participates in our sub reddit. Sometimes we talk about navigation there. Sometimes we talk about other things you can submit stories and vote others at daily Tech News. Show DOT READY DOT com. We're also on FACEBOOK FACEBOOK DOT com slash groups oops slash daily Tech News. Show our let's check in with Chris. Christensen our amateur travel air. WHO's back with a handy APP to help you find your next scooter rental? This is Chris Chris Christianson from amateur traveller. If you like using scooters to get around town things like bird lift Lima spin jump etc.. But one thing is you don't like is that you have to use a number of different apps to find scooters then. There is an APP for you in that APP is scooter map dot com. That that apple will help you find scooters and put him on a map for a number of different companies that do rental scooters so if if you like scooters get scooter map dot com. I'm Chris Christensen from amature traveler. But we'll help you find scooter lane colder for hard to say well well are using apple maps. No all right. We got time for one quick email. Let's check out the MAC doc. Goodman Patriot actually was a responding regarding Tom's recent differential privacy special episode that we ran on the October oxygen over doctor. Yes my Go-to Mahn said. My girlfriend is in Grad school and was telling me about class where they learn about k anonymity and because I listened to this episode I was able to engage in a meaningful conversation and come off looking impressive. So thanks for what you do. Yeah I think as the epsilon the ups on stuff that I talked about on differential privacy came in handy that I love. I love that that is what we WANNA do. We want to make you feel like hey wait a minute. I know this when you're in a conversation about technology so very very glad to hear that and folks if you missed that differential privacy episode like we said October Fifteenth. It's their daily Tech News. Show DOT com. Shout out to our patrons turns the master and Grandmaster Levels Including Jeff wilks Sonia vining and Kevin Hayes. Thanks everybody also. Thanks Patrick Beige for being with us. Today Patrick what what is new in your world. I guess Everything all the time but in particular go check out the latest episode of pixels which which was recorded just a few days ago if you want to learn more about what's been happening with Blizzard and China and gaming in general we do because significant discussion about all of this go into the different aspects and I think you will come out understanding a little bit more about it than you did before. That show is cold cooled pixels and you can find it anywhere you find podcasts and also. I'm not Patrick on twitter folks. I'm so excited that we're just over a week from the new patriots rewards being delivered. I I can't wait to sit down on November first and figure out like okay. Here's what what I do. 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