This is the president of the United States. WHO's this? Long. How did you get through? All the time receiving every day. There is nothing by. You get this number. please. You. Sterile monsters and the oval, Office. A. Bigger spoke up and said. moved. Inge! Tau. EMBIID. He's Ground Zero. Numbers called it at eight, seven, seven, seven, thousand, three, one, zero, one, eight, seven, seven, seven zero. So I don't know where you are in the country listening. Some of you were having. Warm temperatures because of course is June. Two weeks away from. Summer first summer. We here in Oregon or not getting good weather it all. We're very cold where Actually. fifty-seven, maybe sixty at tops, getting down to about I don't know fifty-three at night forty forty five at night maybe. Those are temperatures usually reserved for September October. In, PORTLAND? And there are many people that are experiencing extended cold. We talked about project. Dark winter and we said the extension of winter duty, Geo Engineering and using all kinds of things to manipulate the weather. But there are other factors involved here. I. Mean when you hear of weather manipulation. You of chem trails you hear of. Harp. And we talked about Serie. We've talked about several other different. Magnetic Ray. Areas throughout the country throughout the world that Russia and China using this type of manipulation electro-magnetic manipulation in the skies. To take with the weather, make it warmer, so they can use is break irs to open up a a waterway of north. And with all of the talk of global warming and climate change. You know we no longer talk about that. Because of covid nineteen and we're no longer talking about Kobe nineteen, because of black lives matter. So we know if the focus is going to be brought back. To global warming, but is brought back to global warming. We have to for those of us that think it now, climate, change or climate. Monitoring takes at least one hundred years to figure out a trend. Fifty to a hundred years figure out a trend. We can always point to this time of the year. Where we're two weeks away from. The first day of summer and we're cold. Now I know that many of you who listen to this program and you know. I hear about some of the pair political paranormal things we talk about and the. And the remarkable strangeness Anomalous Nature. Of what the planet is going through right now. There are many people world today. The see what is happening is part of the. Asian called the fulfillment of prophecy whether it be apocalyptic prophecy book revelation that sort of thing. dispensationalist thinking is not all out of the ordinary right now when we are experiencing. Experiencing today is just. Abnormal okay, it's apocalyptic and a lot of ways, and we've talked about that with people like pastor, Paul and others. Who've since that the Times are here at a guy who levelled at the he thought this was one of the weirdest things he said. I have a confession to make Clyde, and says what's that he said. I have a feeling that the rapture is what's that? Is this cove nineteen? He says many people are dying. Just going away and the others are being left behind to see all this other stuff with so many different theories going around about what's going on here. Cooler, the normal temperatures is just the tip of the iceberg because. Violent thunderstorms tornadoes. and to Derek shows which are rare. have been plaguing the United States. It was interesting because the other day. I went shopping was Sunday shopping for my wife. We had some things for the bathroom we had to only get some tiles laid down on the Tub because I slipped and I fell in the TUB day. And it hurt so I should. We gotta go get some shopping done. So. We went and got. Some of those tiles can put on the TUB. While I was inside the store. Everybody was running in screaming and yelling. Saying is a terrible storm outside every pummeling rain. You know, take covered scary. And it was the dark clouds. The dark clouds were almost like they're coming down out of the sky. And while sounds like a tornado. And sounds like a tornado going on it, and I'm not going to go outside the store. There's Tornado I'm just GonNa stay, and even though I've always wanted to see one, you know but I. I've seen on TV, but never I. I thought I'm not going to go outside and take a look at this to stay indoors. Well. What's happened is that I went home. Watching the news because I want to keep up to date on all the. On the protests stuff and said that I two five and Powell I live on Powell street. That's a big straighten Oregon. I two. Oh, five, the freeway and Powell there was a tornado. It was a funnel cloud. They call it a cold funnel it almost touchdown and so i. think that's what they were seeing. When I was in the store because they they saw this, it was also a funnel cloud actually on that front of light, it was actually a real waterspout that touchdown outside of Tillamook. which is. West of me near the beach. And that's the summer solstice, people. It's two weeks away. And yet parts of the northern rockies. Here's this the northern rockies Salt Lake City big. Little Cottonwood Canyon Butte Montana. Snow Snow Advisories. The National Weather Service Weather Prediction Center said heavy snow developed across parts of Montana Idaho, and Utah in Utah. The department transportation plows are dispatched to both big little cottonwood canyons were several inches of snow have fallen causing some pretty big rocks to come down. Now Snow is not out of question. You know when you're going into those canyons, but in June. You know I was very surprised, and that's a lot of snow to be seen those canyons. I mean I'm from that area and You know we know that sometimes the the ski resorts can be open well into spring. But. This is two weeks before summer. Winter. Weather advisories being issued in June. Now I talked about the today show now. Adrift Show is is a a a rare anomaly. It's it's like a a huge. Well I would call it a wall Tornado I, it's like a wall tornado. It's it's not a real tornado. It's kind of like a wall and it's kind of spitting, not It's not up and down, but it's like flat and spinning around, and so it's squall. Really that has this intense widespread fast-moving windstorms like a shelf. Coming through and sometimes he centers the center storms up. That move across great distances and they just it's like a tornado. Just levels everything up. The National Weather Service recorded more than one hundred and eighty five damaging wind reports while more than five hundred twenty, five thousand customers were without power in Pennsylvania new, jersey, last Thursday morning. More than three hundred fifty thousand customers were still in the dark storms race across Pennsylvania, New Jersey move eastward over eighty miles per hour times. Three people were killed. In this Rachel Storm countered. It was counterclockwise moving cyclonic vortex. They form in various places in the squall, so they're kind of like. I guess you'd the bomb. Genesis are Kinda like those cyclone cyclonic bombs where the air pressure drop so quickly there was another great show that wreaked havoc in Wyoming and Colorado. Over the weekend the the storm. Didn't turn. Deadly didn't kill anybody, but a tree fell during a Colorado Drake show event and impaled a man in his daughter. and. Then we had a barrage of lightning strikes numbering in the tens of thousands pummeling Washington state, multiple waves of thunderstorms are moving through that area. Recently, I was noticing on the map that they were showing here in the Northwest Pacific northwest there were eighty, six, thousand, seven, hundred and fourteen lightning strikes detected by the national lightning detection at about sixty two percent. Of the state's annual lightning, averaging more than the entire lightning, the state received in two thousand and six. Lightning storms as far as. where I live in Portland Metro area. We have nice soft rains. We have misty rains. We have drops of rain lately. We've been having violent thunderstorms. You see on the prairie seeing lightning everywhere in thunder, so whatever rap exists from the air? Meteorologists are at a loss as to why this is happening again. We are two weeks away. Two weeks away from the official kickoff for summer and most of the countries, not having warm spring. They didn't have a warm spring. They like. I said. We are in the situation where this quick cooling is happening, and no one can explain this. It's quick cooling. We have quick warmth. Quick Cooling Quick Warmth Quick Cooling and that to me indicates. That we're. Watching. Geo engineered type of affairs here. Now how do it well? We know that they they do the chem trail thing. Are they manipulating it from places like heart Geico in Alaska, or or or several other places where they can create these huge electromagnetic cooking the ionosphere. You know that's all crazy conspiracy theory a lot people, but take a look around you and take a look at what in a websites are saying and what they're speculating about. Of course, the sons in activity and weakening magnetic field also can contribute to the anomalous activities in this guy. Also quakes lot of earthquakes in various places, places that are not prone to earthquakes are having your quakes now because of the electromagnetic frequencies going through the planted the p waves s waves, and these are the things that. Are Happening and of course the news talking about other things, but right now the planted seems to be going off on some strange. Rat. Full attack! What else to call? Eight, seven, seven, seven, three three. One zero one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one. I'm Clyde Lewis. You're resting Ground Zero. were. Clyde Lewis. You're listening to ground zero check. mcallister were two weeks away from summer. At least that's what the calendar says. The weather has been exceptionally cool in many places across the country farther north ago, the warmer gets, but still. We're looking at some very cold temperatures. Bad lightning strikes severe weather conditions all over. I. Don't know what wrath exists in the air, but meteorologist at a loss. As to why? This is happening again two weeks away from official kickoff of summer, and there are many websites speculating that it's the sun. Some are talking about of course harp others are talking about chem trails of course. And I don't know how cam trails, though would contribute to the various earthquakes hearing about two in the volcanic eruptions. So the only thing I can think of. Is it. We're certainly in a situation where we're feeling the effects of the magnetic field dying. Now we know. The magnetic field is weakening. Talked about it before. But everything that's happening now could indicate that we are also being affected mentally by a magnetic field that shifting or changing see natural and human disasters. Global Acts of political and economic upheaval pandemics. Domestic violence all these things. These riots rumors of war. Not only triggering post traumatic stress in people, but it's producing some para psychological effects on the populace. Virtually no research has been done in parapsychology, especially in the area of the effects of traumatic experiences on people's lives, and how it affects perception, of perhaps what's what's coming religiously your religious faith how it makes you think of what is coming whether it'd be the apocalypse pre cognitive dreams of the apocalypse, mental manifestation geological effects on the planet there had been many people who have expressed concerns about the earth, and whether or not it can sustain us in the near future. There are also concerns about magnetic shifts in how there are external contributing factors that may be affecting. The athletic field on the planet. Something that may explain why many people are having paranormal experiences or having feelings of impending doom, see that I never changes could be affecting the weather, and it could be affecting. Your brain can be affecting your body. and there are plenty of other abnormal events that are happening that appear to be related to magnetic changes events of course sound very paranormal. When you talk about the magnetic field because I mean I mean they may or may not indicate the democratic weakening. In the south, Atlantic may be creating some of these things. The idea that the polls have been shifting. Plummeting further south is if the polls are shifting. Full Paul Shift I'm sure, but we've talked about the South Atlantic magnetic field how it's weakening and how it's split. And we were talking to you tonight about how the split happened from the southernmost part of Africa over South America. Start seeing a situation where the split of this weakening is happening over places like Brazil and Argentina and Chile. And we've been talking about the you know when we get more information. I think the information now has been completely silenced about what happened in Brazil. But. We know that you know the unit that we did monitor talk about the Brazilian ufo crash. We had video that we submitted. We had You know commentators from all over the planet talking about this from Germany to. Brazil to other places talking about this situation in Brazil ufo situation happening in Argentina then, we did the report. About the situation Antarctica where they have they've seen his reverse neutrinos. Where they have speculated that this could mean that. There's a parallel universe or the we're witnessing the opening of some sort of You know intricate window where intricate conduit to what we call the Anti. Universe which literally if you call somebody, Anti. Just opening the gates of hell or Hoping hop the the abyss because you, and of course when we made that report a few days a few weeks ago on the show NASA, of course step four, and said well you better tone back that situation did talk to US specifically, but they were saying general. You better tone back that notion you created a parallel universes. We don't want people to have active imaginations. What's really going on? But what? What's interesting is? That you can't. Ignore. Some of the strangest anomalies have been happening in the past few days for example. Stories are now popping up. That eerily describe strange events happening in South Atlantic and also in the Pacific Ocean now. I was reading yesterday. That goes ships. Appear to be moving a large circles off the coast of San Francisco, giving on GPS, signals without the boats, actually being anywhere near the area there allegedly supposed bait. See Phenomenon this this idea to go. Ships are sending signals to the coast. there was a guy by the name of Bjorn Bergman who works for the environmental watchdog group sky. Truth and global fishing, watch. And they were tracking the movements of these commercial ships across the world's ocean, and Bergman identified signals from nine ships. All would seem to be moving in circular tracks, the waters up point race Let's just north of San Francisco Point Radio. And some tracks even showed ships crossing into dry land, which would be impossible. So, they've been monitoring these. They've been monitoring these These ships is unknown ships off the coast. And they said at first. What are these blips? We don't understand what these blips are. We've never seen before. And silver coming on land. Have you all you have? Oh, you have! Oh, you have! Oh No, it's much stranger than that I mean. Yeah, a UFO. Story would be really cool to share with you. There's more to it than this. These signals were coming from way across the other side of the planet. And, even then it's questionable or talk about what's happening with. The magnetic field was happy with the planet, and what happened in San in the waters off San Francisco keep it right here on ground, zero, eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one. We'll be back. Clyde and I'm excited. Tell you about young Javadi a supplement company that I've been associated with since two thousand sixteen after one year I lost one hundred forty pounds and felt so much more energetic. Nineteen, ninety-seven Young Jeffery has had one objective to enhance the lives of people through lively health and Wealth Dr Joe Walsh and Young Jeffery a pioneer, the mineral supplement market spring, the ninety for life message throughout the world over the years continued development innovation is establishing jeopardy is one of the most successful companies in the health supplement market. If you'd like to feel healthier, look better. You can go to our special web site. WWW DOT ground zero for life dot Com as www dot ground, zero for life, Dot Com or talk to one of our health specialists by calling eight seven seven. Seven Eight, seven, seven, four, two, zero, two. That's Eight, seven, seven, eight, seven, seven, four, two, zero two. So you love Talk Radio then you'll love talk. Stream live dot, com talk, stream live is always on twenty, four seven with the best dreaming talk shows find your favorite talkers discover some new ones. It's free readily available online, or on mobile with any SMARTPHONE or tablet finding. Your favorite talk shows all in one place has gotten a whole lot easier. Just go to talk stream live dot com be sure to download the free APPs from Google play or the I tunes APP store. For Sunrise able to go out kids school. Sunday see a strange light rising. Behind the mountain. Site suddenly, a black hole in the middle swamped higher. Operation! Herbal things that people that ever see. We've obviously had thunderstorms still rolling. Walked the. Actually bring severe thunderstorm going one fourteen, one four. From. About bars and unexpected site in the night sky visible. The western United States thousands of people seeing Ed. Call wanting to know what was happening. And now with this. Breaking news we go live to San. Francisco where Leal Jacks has the story. He Contol. I. He says the Sunday. Talking. Says in Sankt. Clearing member. The A comic. Timing has the countryside as have can. A new. Yourself. On a complaint, phenomenon is hidden. Small Cluster? Predicted to enter down atmosphere. is going to try. Wonder. something. Negative. Ever! skated. Common on out. Other read write. Comedy in tonight moving very rapidly. I've cash dot com on check on comedy that anybody. Else. Got Something Star side Internet's. Clyde Lewis. You're listening to Ground Zero. Strange events happening on planet earth. Strange events that seem apocalyptic strange. Out of the ordinary strange blips, appearing to be moving large circles off the coast of San, Francisco giving GPS signals without the boats or whatever they are. Being anywhere near the area. Mysterious phenomenon I noticed by a guy named Urine Bergman. He was tracking the movements of commercial ships across the world's oceans. He identified signals from nine ships off the coast. They also need to be moving in. Circular tracks, and of course, this is just north of San Francisco and some of the track. Even show the ships going inland. The eight said these ships were over the land. Okay they weren't it. None of the ships. Admitting signals from the area were anywhere close. To California coastline, according to recent data. So. What was they were monitoring? What were they? What were they monitoring? Their well did some research and first of all I know. A lot of people are thinking well. Maybe it was a UFO situation. Maybe was a USO situation perhaps but. I found a comparible article in Newsweek. That was talking about strange signals off the coast San Francisco. And they claim now this is what is I mean I mean ufo's USO's are weird, but listen to how weird this is. So. The story says that Yes, there were these strange anomalous. Whatever they may be out there off the coast. But they were sending signals. There are actually repeating signals or sitting signals. Are I I'm not necessarily sure. But. The boats apparently were in Norway Malaysia Nigeria the Sea of Azov between Russia Ukraine in the Suez. Canal. So, how is it that boats? That are in Norway Malaysia Nigeria to see it as of near the Suez Canal. You know. How how can these boats be clear over there and and having signals sitting in the Pacific? Okay. So. We're getting these signals from various locations around the world. These dummies signals these these weird signals down. There was an oil tanker. It's not just it's not just what's going on. In the ocean, okay, there was an oil tanker called the willowy. And it was on its course. The next destination was supposed to be going May thirty-first of senior officer aboard was called to the bridge turns out there ship along with four other ships in the vicinity. Had all started to sail in circles. And they're about to converge on each other. The were unable to steer and were sailing in the South Atlantic Ocean west of Cape Town South Africa. Now according to the report, the officers on board, the willowy initially believed that the causative strange sailing was due to strong currents that were pushing. The ship around. However. There were no currents that could do that at the time. The next probable answer was that it might have been caused by a systemic GPS manipulation which was created to undermine the tracking systems of each commercial vessel that may have been in under international law. Well, the technology that does this is called the Automated Identification System It broadcast a unique identifier for each ship to another ship nearby, including their GPS location their speed, and what the and where they were going the signals. are also collected via satellites are used to track down suspicious behavior see. They ran checks diagnostics. No GPS interference was causing this. So once again you have strange anomalous activity going on off the coast of San Francisco. This is a true story. Okay, I'm not a not pulling your leg. Weird advance going on, opt to San Francisco. They're saying they're ghost ships, so they're looking at these things going in circles radical going in radical circles all over the place all over the Pacific Ocean. Some of them wind up on land, or above the land okay. Now, we don't have any boats that fly dewey. No, but that's what they're seeing. Their seeing. These boats lifting off or the radar lifting off in a singles are going overland instead of on the ocean. There's a Newsweek article that claims that there was a an anomalous event took place off the coast. But. It was reported that the boats were setting the signals. Were tracked in Norway. Malaysia Nigeria to see of Azoff the Suez Canal. And then there was another boat, the Willowy it was. It was an oil tanker. It to was going in circles thinking that it was GPS, problem they. They ran diagnostics. It wasn't so. The European Space Agency then gets involved. And they're saying that they believe it's attributed weakening the magnetic field over the south. Atlantic never south Atlantic. Anomaly It's been around for fifty years. However we're looking at what might be the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle going on, but it's it's in space case not like off the coast of you know Miami or or Bermuda or Puerto Rico. It's it's in space and it's. Splitting over the Atlantic of the the South Atlantic. And it's causing problems. Okay, so with the strange weakening of the magnetic field. Comes a strange events, and if a company, the stories strange weather go ships in the water or strange magnetic. on the screen moving onto land, okay? Now you can decide what you think is happening here because I I just. Having a hard time believing. They were getting these singles from ships or clear over on the other side of the planet. Okay. Now. The European Space Agency is trying to tie this to. The South Atlantic. Anomaly and it could be a magnetic stuff going crazy. Another reason to try and figure out if it is a south. Atlantic Anomaly. On May twenty first. Off The ivory, coast of Africa. Observers recorded an awesome anomaly. There were five suns in the sky, glowing over the district of Dang Lay, which is encoded of your. I'm not kidding. Five Suns in the sky. It appeared that there were five suns in the sky now. It was crazy. There's video of it all there's there's pictures of it all the scientific explanation, pretty simple scientific explanation. However, there's a variable here. So the scientists say that the five sons in the sky over Africa was an optical illusion that was actually created it a sun dog now. Many people have seen some dogs. They've seen the the the ring around the Sun. Will apparently these other balls of light? That appeared in the sky or because of his son dog. The thing that's most interesting, though about the idea of having a sun dog creating this this atmospheric type of thing. Is that in order for that to happen. The temperature of the air above Africa has to be minus four degrees. Formula Zero Gay it has to be four below zero. From this dog to be had so many people were worried. At first when they were looking up, they thought that they were huge spaceships in the sky, moving around the sun. Now I've seen these Internet. Viral videos of what looked like these balls of light, going around in a circle in the sun, but here we had this weird skype phenomenon. Peering may twenty six, twenty twenty. Five five of these bright balls of light in the sky over Africa in the same area of the this anomaly, supposedly creating magnetic strange effects, but remember may twenty, six, twenty. Twenty is the exact same day. The protests the rioting and the looting began in Minneapolis after George Floyd debt, so whether or not you believe in a rare weather phenomenon ray extraterrestrials signaling. We have to admit. These occurrences are pretty bizarre. I mean think about it from an are pretty damn, bizarre? As go to Dave in Washington Hi. Dave, you're on ground, zero. Thanks thanks for taking my call boy. Taking us off into another area. Can we talk about chem trails for? Sure. What. Trails so I'm just thinking of. See Her Loses airplanes are flying around? There's dumping us up into the atmosphere. They've been doing this for years. There's crew people on the airplane. Pilots are flying the airplane. There's people that are load the stuff up into the airplane. And some people to the military or maybe CIA or something five industry Halley, these people these people after a while they retire. Maybe they get discharged from the service or something and nobody's talking. It's private insourcing. Area Fifty one thing where you sign. Away for? Life. It's private industries doing. Okay. It's not the military. It's private industry. They're hiring people who tried to stop. Because there are companies our weather contractors. You can look up on the Internet. They have patents. Right that's right and Evergreen air used to do it. Several other air groups used to do it. They don't know exactly who's behind a lot of it, but it's being done. And there are also groups like the Kaethe group and other groups that are missing with the stratospheric aerial injections or th. They're using them to experiment with dimming the sunlight. which would be bad because if they are you know which they are, we see it. They're giving the sunlight with the CAM trails creates cold. I think this is why you know. The experimentation has been going on, plus the fact that with the with the volcanic eruptions, and with you know the the lack of US using our cars, or whatever we're cooling the planet at a rapid rate, and if they go where they start tinkering with the sun, we're going to have a super cold winter. And, it's already a cool summer I. Mean I'm sure that you know it's GonNa. Get warm, eventually there, oh you know. It's two weeks before summer, and we are having record cold temperatures, and we're having very bad. Weather storms all over the. So, okay, let me ask you a question. If this is done by private industry, I'm trying to. Catch up here. Why Okay I'm just GONNA ask facility question and knows no question. Why would they be doing this? Because they wanted them to the sun because of global warming. Why! I mean they're they're. Ojectives has already witnessed Geo Engineering. It's it's cloud seeding. Geo Engineering is controlling of the weather. Exactly what they WANNA do, but we can't throughout the element of electromagnetic manipulation. Seven, seven, seven, three, one, zero, one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero one back from ground, zero don't go away. Connie Alabama. Hi Connie. You're on Ground Zero. Hello Plov. I just like to thank you for what you do I have learned so much. It's very important. I just like to say. What about what did the Russians and the Chinese are into this messing up the GPS signals, so they could plan a surprise attack possibly well. That's a good thought, but from what I understand. And I tried to find as much information as I could They were actually wondering if that was the case, but apparently no, there was no evidence of GPS interference. Saying, there's there's no interference of it. It's it's actually very rare doubt anybody do that, but the thing that's most interesting, though is how they were first reported, saying that there were these unknowns there on the ocean and a and they were sending signals advance. Some of them moved. Out of ocean onto the land. Okay, so they lifted off, the ocean went into the land areas. Lamb! You know that the planets are lining up happens every five hundred years from June the twentieth July the fifth right. Maybe that has something to do with good I mean this is the thing, and then they said like I said I found a Newsweek article that after they were wondering so what kind of ships take off the ocean and fly over land? They went and they said that the signals that they were receiving were from Norway Malaysia Nigeria. between Russia and Ukraine and the Suez Canal. A, good good way for them to attack US hey I'm a first time caller by the way thank you. I really appreciate what you do, but I just want to throw that in there. You know what they're going. Come up with. Thank you I. Appreciate that, because Yes, I mean it could. Probably as she's right, it could probably go back to the idea that you know this is something that would be highly explainable by again. We have to understand I. Remember back when. The Phoenix Lights happen. They were tracking huge ships off the coast, going from this other tip of Baja, so most of about how they were going all the way to Alaska, and then to have the the Phoenix lights or the ships. The ship appear over Phoenix is what happened after? They had they had to alert the president, and there was so many crazy things going on at the time that you know people were what is going on now. How? Oppose. Not Out of the question here but still I mean like I said I found a logical explanation. But there was no logical explanation for the oil tanker willow. We'd to have all the other ships surrounding it going in circles, and and converging upon it. And there was no way. They. They said it had nothing to do with GPS. Something was going on. Something was interfering. With the ships. And the only thing I can think of as a South Atlantic Anomaly and we've talked about it before the unstable anomaly of electromagnetic energy over southern Africa announced we'll begin to South America, and we just had the report. Of the crash in Brazil and a whole lot of other words, so we got more It's not just the strange. Boats are go ships or whatever they were off the coast. Of other things to think about that are happening right now that certainly will have you wondering if perhaps we magnetic field is creating all kinds of havoc on the planet from bad weather earthquakes to strain ships off the coast. More to come eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, one, zero, one one. We'll be back. 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Be sure to your low cost two weeks supply of food with a miraculous twenty five year shelf life by going to prepare with Brown zero dot com. Journey getting lost. Destination for the past. and. Future Same time. Pass. Your Mary. The first things that we actually. Swim? So Dr Screens we saw. And listen gays. Camera. says. Either off. How? Quite Lewis and Viz. Rows you! Remember call tonight, eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one there in stews outside the riots and the other stuff. And political stuff that's going on. I believe I've talked to death. WanNa move on something I. Think is very interesting, very It's reminiscent of something that I was dealing with back in two thousand nine. We were. You know ashleigh syndicated. Wait until twenty twelve. Dollars was interesting that you know just before twenty twelve just before that December. Twenty First Twenty twelve thing in the world is supposed to come to an end. We were on the air that summer. And we were reminded people. The world wasn't gonNA. Come to an end at that time that the whole mine thing was whatever was nonsense. But in two thousand nine. It was something that we were talking about and I can't remember if I was. Doing local radio at the time or if I was. Doing just podcast alone, but I don't know if everybody remembers the Norwegian spiral. Does that ring a bell? Huge anomaly that happened in Norway in two thousand nine. It was just after President Obama was. Inaugurated. And, he was supposed to be a Norway to get a piece. Price I guess of some kind. And It's unclear as to what caused this. What happened was this thing goes up in the sky. This brilliant white. Light, let's actor comic. And then it started spiraling, and then a huge black hole opened up. And this was. Seen in December, two thousand nine. They called the Norway Doomsday spiral. And it was. Allegedly fear is that the European incoherent scatter facility. Which is a? Near a place called It's South Tromsoe Norway. Apparently, they were using I answer a cheater. Similar to, Bihar Project. At, a frigging covers about forty eight megahertz in contrast. Harper's got about two point eight to ten megahertz. So here we have Scandinavian version of heart. creating plasma turbulence in the area and at the spiral over Norway was a quantum transfer of it was going on heater blasts wave in the sky, craziest this catastrophic puncturing. They were trying to rip through. The thermal sphere. which would create a thermal inversion? In the troposphere opening up the XS fear it's. It was just a weird combination of experiments that we're going on at the time. And you think that puncturing. That area would cost some very interesting events to happen. Well the spiral created this black hole, looking type thing. And it created a in some respects. Something called the jerk. Fact was this resonant. Strangeness if he were feeling the severe cold temperatures, we gotta severely a severe cold. Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. And and the temperatures dropped. A, cold temperatures dropped as far south Gulf of Mexico. Japan. South Korea England China. They were hit by record snowfall. Because of the experiments were going on at that time. I got to thinking about this. Norwegian, experiment and looking at what's going on right now with our weather. I know that it's summer for a lot of people south of here. Of, course I mean in farther south. You go the the warm. It's going to be but most of us here in the mid to upper. Areas of the United States are. We are suffering from cold weather. I mean strange cold weather. I mean. We're two weeks out from the first summer. And our temperatures here are typical of September October not of June. What has been peculiar. It was In Utah snowplows were dispatched little of canyons. A Snowfall Air Bubon. Tana's Idaho snowfall. I. Guess is not unheard of to have June snow, but this late in June. Is is something to think about especially when we're to out from summer, there was a rare to rate show. tore through eastern Pennsylvania new, jersey, putting people without power. Generators this huge tornado. It's a wall tornado. It has a lot of widespread thunderstorms moving through at a lot of thunder, a lot of lightning a lot of wind. Even had one in Colorado and Wyoming a ratio as well. These things are rare by the way, and now we're having them like one three days apart. There were one hundred eighty five damaging wind reports the national weather. Service filed last week and this weekend. Five, hundred twenty, five thousand customers were without power in Pennsylvania and new, Jersey, last Thursday morning more than three hundred fifty thousand customers were in the dark. So he storms race across Pennsylvania New Jersey. There are all sorts of counter clockwise. Cyclonic looking storms moving through. In Wyoming Colorado and Saturday. That didn't kill anybody that the one. An eastern areas killed people killed. Three people then kill anybody in Wyoming Colorado in Washington state. They had eighty six thousand seven hundred fourteen lightning strikes last weekend. Because of severe weather where I'm at a severe storm moves through Oregon, a tornado or funnel cloud was ready to touchdown. Within two miles of my home. It was too old, five and I to five and Powell was another waterspout touchdown in the Pacific Ocean out near Tillamook Oregon as well I mean a lot of people are saying that this cold air is cold. Weather we're having is because the the sun. And they were predicting, that was going to be a coup of normal summer, and that we were going to have an extension of winter's GonNa feel like you know we weren't getting. We'll get above you know. What eighty degrees in some areas probably still remaining in the seventies in some areas I highly doubt that, but if it happens it I wouldn't surprise me because this is where we are now just two weeks away from summer summer. SOLSTICE And there have been a lot of earthquakes in various places where earthquakes are not supposed to happen. people are not prone to this areas, not prone to them. And so you have to say to yourself. You know what's causing this well. Of course, the son has a part in it heals a climate change. No, no, this. This is something. That climate change has always been about warming the planet. This is something where we're warning you. Planet would be cooled. And it could be done through engineering and using magnetic pulses and chem trails and all that other stuff. But, of course, the magnetic shifts need to be taken into consideration as well. There's a lot of external contributing factors that may be affecting the night namic field on the planet. Something that. Could explain why many people are having paranormal experiences to or having feelings of impending doom magnetic field changes us on a physiological level, so we have all these events going on around us that seed paranormal we have all these people raging and getting angry I. We got riots got rumors of war. We've got post traumatic stress. Para psychological problems crop up whatever this goes down. But See. It's not just paranormal here. It's a lot more than just paranormal. I was reading a story. That now you know. I'm getting now. A lot of people sending me emails and stories that Dif- depends on where you read that this gps spoofing, but apparently There were go ships. That were moving in large circles off the coast, San Francisco. And they were giving up. GPS signals without boats, actually being there okay, so they were watching these these radar signals from boats or coming from something, and then all the sudden. Some of those votes who are going circles lifted off. From the ocean lifted off from the water and moved inland. Of course. I didn't see anything like that right they didn't. They don't want to report. They saw these strange ships leaving the ocean, and they were tracking them inland, okay. Go ships. They call them where these large circles off the coast of San Francisco. Was I noticed by guiding Jordan, Bergman he wrote the story for Sky Truth and then global fishing watch saying that you know these signals were from nine ships. All of which seemed to be moving in circular tracks in the waters off point radius, which is just north of San Francisco. And of course, some of the tracks showed the ships lifting off and going. Going above ground going towards the ground, none of the ships, omitting the signals from the area where anywhere close to the California coastline, according to the data, and if you pair that now, I read an independent article stated that it was GPS spoofing, but if you go to the Newsweek article, they're saying that something bizarre was going on because the signals that they. They were tracking were coming from boats that had recently been tracked. Norway Malaysia Nigeria this area between Russia and Ukraine called the Sea of Azov. Raise off, and of course the Suez Canal now all various locations around the world, all different signals, and there was also an incident with an oil tanker called willowy where it was near an area Near Cape Capetown South Africa I believe and what happened is that the officers on board the Willowy this this oil-tanker debut believed that they started they started noticing all the other ships in the area were converging on them, and they thought the strong currents were pushing all the ships around, but. No currents were detected and then of course GPS again, but there was no gps manipulation in this story, and so no one understood why all of a sudden these boats were going in circles, so we have the nine boats going in circles or the nine singles going in circles off San Francisco. We have two of them at least lift up and go across land which they say didn't happen. The European Space Agency then but it in and said hey guys. Something's going on the weakening of the magnetic field in the South Atlantic South gladdock anomalies acting up splitting into, and that was the very thing that we reported around the same time as the Brazilian ufo incident. So what is going on with the magnetic field towards the south of? And why are we seeing? He's anonymous activities going on. While we'll. We're GONNA give you coming up on ground. Zero stay tuned eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero one. Eight seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one I'm Clyde Lewis. You're listening to Ground Zero and we'll be back. Own. I'm quite Lewis. You're listening to Ground Zero. Brings up a question and I know. WHOA that's out of left field, but not really. Einstein said that there's evidence that we can have eddies or wormholes, or when they call a Rosen bridge. The Rosen bridges can happen anywhere on the planet. Okay, so they're like wormald our vortices. and. We are looking at how the magnetic field over South America and South Africa splitting. Triangle. It's forming and space, and the weakening of the magnetic field brings with it some strange events and accompanying stories strange weather go ships in the water. Strange earthquakes. I called the Jericho effect. Because what happens, you get this residents? That you, you know, you can't necessarily feel, but it's a residence that you know creates strange anomalies like. The Ivory Coast of Africa is this place called Then gaily Kotei the new Lavar. Off five sons they. There's video and there are pictures. Of what appear to be five suns in the sky. And somebody were saying they thought they were bright spaceship, circling the sun, and they were wondering Whoa. This is an invasion. And it happened on May Twenty six. It was the day that the protests and rioting started. Minneapolis after George Floyd's death or whether or not you believe in you know. UFO's strange anomalies or whatever? You. Know He's occurrence, really odd okay. They're really odd because here. We have earth which is a complex machine that can break down and rebuild itself in the process. There's something we should plan on during this transition, and that is chaos chaos theory studies. The behavior of dynamic, systems. That are highly sensitive to initial conditions affect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. So whatever's going? In one part of the of the the world could cause strange differences or changes in other parts. So you look these you look at these glitches in the initial conditions. Usually yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, running long term prediction impossible general, so you can't predict what's coming next with a magnetic field. It's erratic. You know you look at these systems. You're saying well okay. The systems are deterministic meaning that their future behaviors fully determined by their initial conditions with no random elements involved so in other words. The. Deterministic nature of these systems doesn't make them predictable, so this behavior is. Chaos really a deterministic chaos chaos, so nettie fields the acting chaotic. Appears that there seems to be this butterfly effect happening. No one knows where it started. No one knows where it ends, but. We and I was talking about Twenty, twelve, twenty twelve is kind of a strange year. We talked about The possibility that maybe we went through some dimensional vortex during two thousand twelve. We did that. Show a while back if you remember. But here's something that. I forgot about it I decided to dig up and tell you about it back in twenty twelve. wikileaks! Published, something called the global intelligence files at over five million emails. From the Global Intelligence Company Strat for their in Texas and the emails data between July of two thousand four. And December two thousand eleven, twenty seven, and and and what they showed and they revealed. was the inner workings of accompany strapped for? That fronts, intelligence publisher, and they provide confidential intelligence services to large corporations such as Paul's Dow Chemical Company Lockheed Martin. Northrop Grumman Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland, security the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency and the Department of Energy. The emails show Strat for his web of informers. They have a payoff structure payment, laundering, techniques and psychological methods to. Make things happen so one particular email dope strapped for had reported. that it mysterious vortex was forming over the Gulf of Aden. The Gulf of Aden is one of the most vital waterways in the world located in the Arabian Sea between Yemen. And the south coast and Arabian Peninsula and Somalia. Horn of Africa this season. We're about twenty one thousand ships sailing through swatters each year, so according to the report that was issued by wikileaks. US scientists began noticing. The formation of four tech's in late two thousand after which. The Americans established a base of operations on the Horn of Africa Djibouti, and of course there they are the Republican Judy setting up operations, but after the nine eleven attacks on America Judy. He came to home of the Combined Joint Task Force on the Horn of Africa. So after this? Whatever it was, this wormhole became stable since the discovery of November of two thousand. Remember, they fired the allegedly found the higgs boats some time in July twenty twelve. But they had this wormhole that was discovered in two thousand. For the worm hole suddenly expanded the BORTEX expanded. After we started seeing the experiments sern. Right I mean that's that's like. Don't mess with things because you know. We have the Norwegian spiral in two thousand nine. We had certain I firing happening. You know the one where they found the higgs. Both in first firings happen. Two, thousand, nine, two, thousand, eight, they found the Higgs boasted in two thousand twelve. So something happened between. Then and then and the Gulf of Aden board techs began expanding, and now it's dividing. And dividing over parts of Brazil and Chile and Argentina, eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one, one, eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one will be back with more ground zero. Don't go away. On the phone with me as Roddy from get the tea dot, com man, I'm taking allison I. Think it's really helping my immune system. Do you think people should be taking it because of this Kobe nineteen? 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Literally Dad is not doing anything. Creating the cold. Places around the country, or extreme. Super Winter storms two weeks before summer. Two weeks before summer business, not global warming people. This is something else. This is Geo Engineering or Something where you're having the magnetic fields, something's going on to the magnetic field. There's no doubt we knew that things are going on. We were talking about the residents and we're talking about a number of things, but when he talked about the south black. Black Anomaly, saying that it's splitting, and now we're having phantom ships off the coast of what San Francisco and then of course there, beaming messages from ships that are on the other side of the planet. Thousands of miles away. It just gets bizarre. It's like somebody's spoofing asser. Something's happening, but it just reminds me of what happened with the white call the Jericho fact when we were talking about the Norwegian spiral back in two thousand nine. And then of course, the Gulf of Aden Vortex of series of expansions happening. For a while where there's time differences and most most of these incidences where the ships have been going in circles are happening in that very area, because when you look at east passionate vortex and coincides reports of Sal South Atlantic Anomaly magnetic pressures separating landmasses in Africa. Scientists are now warning they up stronger evidence. There's something unusual about the core mantle. Boundary it's under the African continent that could be having an important impact on the global magnetic field and many alternative sites have speculated the Gulf of Aden. Tech's may very well be a stargate opening up a new our world from dimension and or world. We know nothing about now before you laugh and say Oh, come on, Clyde. This is crazy. Well, you take a look at what they were reporting. New Scientists reported on April eight, talking about the anomalous results from neutrino detection experiments in Antarctica and what this could mean for speculative cosmological models that basically say that there's an anti matter universe extending backwards from the Big Bang. Story went viral that perhaps scientists have discovered a parallel universe going backward or upside down. NASA later reported the parallel universe. Discovery was an exaggeration. However, let's think wantonly here. What's going on in Antarctica explained as anomalous event that demonstrates an anti universe dominated by anti-matter, stretching back in time from the Big Bang. And with spatial properties verge those at our own universe now thinking about that from that's big way of saying what they've opened up is a reverse universe. An inverse universe. Converted Universe. So! What's the opposite of our? Way If we have a universal both positive and and Ford thinking and forward going, and you have another university going in reverse. That's the that's the mirror of the universe what they've opened up as the abyss. The abyss is opening receiving the neutrinos going back in time. So, I mean. Would it be wrong crazy to say that this would? If you're talking about the Anti Universe, you're talking about hell. You're talking about the fictional hell. You're talking about the real honest to goodness hell, because it is the reverse of our universe right so is it the existence the reverse of our existence, meaning the reverse or the the backward or the the? What I'm trying to say here. I was reading this thing. Okay now. Let me read this again. An anonymous event that demonstrates an anti universe dominated by anti-matter, stretching back in time from the Big Bang. With spatial properties inverted of those in our own universe. Down it's it's not this existence, but it's an upside down existence. I. It's it's going back in time. Going back in time so I mean nasty doesn't want you to think they've created a found a universal or A. Created a parallel universe, but it's like one of those wormholes certainly have opened up and you can travel to and from. Your going backwards, but you can travel to and from. Maybe it's some sort of time anomaly or a doorway. And see that's the thing is not going to tell you. They've discovered doorway, but it sure sounds like they discovered doorway right? I think so. Eight, seven, seven, seven, three, one, zero, one one. Eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one. Out to Mike in Maine, Hi Mike Ground Zero. I quite I was watching a show a year ago in China, which projecting a whole city up in the sky. It was actually Phantom Organic. Is What it was. Yeah, well. What if they're trying to do? Something like that? Off The coast, well Phantom organic natural. It's a natural effect. It's not some Chinese. was was actually projecting and something that that reflects and reflects back. It's kind of an optical illusion if you will. I saw those, but that one. What kind are real? Though wild I mean there was a there was a phantom organic. That happened off the coast of San Francisco The Sun's going down and he looked like a scene from Brazil. It had the CRISTA statue from Brazil standing on a on a mountain, and you were seeing Rio de Janeiro so. Yeah, it's they're projecting it. It's just it's an anomaly that happens very rarely. And, Fatima organic and it's an illusion. It's an elaborate illusion that can happen from time to time. Can't trust them anyway so Chinese. Yeah, yes, not. That's true. You can't trust. I'd take care of. Let's go to Jim in Oregon. Hi Jim. You're on ground. Zero Quite I was wondering if that phenomenon author San Francisco if that could have been Sort of a microwave radar equivalent of what we have in visible light sort of a mirage or an echo of something. Something in in that area I would say that's what I called it I called. You know the Echo. The situation that's named the show. I need to show after that that that phenomenon, but the thing is the reason why call it. That was because of the fact that I. that's why I thought it was I thought of. Exchange, echo the exchange echo, and then he thought well. It could be time anomalous I. Call it the Time Exchange Echo, but you. You know they were allocated said it depends on where you read. I was reading any independent. Did they thought it was gps spoofing I read a news wasn't gps spoofing and the the oil tanker off the southern African coast. They had no idea what was going on they they wanted what was happening. Someone strangers have they were losing control their boats. What is GPS spoofing I'm not familiar with related they can. They can make it look like you're somewhere when you're not, it's. It's like they can do phone spoiling their fooling them. See that's the thing is. They were looking into the idea GPS spoofing where they couldn't prove it to. The Independent says that GPS spoofing happening off the coast of San Francisco, because there was a spoofing incident that took place I. Think in China, but it was only they. They were the Chinese were doing it against themselves so again you know we wonder the Chinese are up to something. But they said it was odd because the the way these boats, or whatever they were performed, they were like lifting off and going on land they were showing them lifting often going on land when they weren't, and there were no boats in the area, but he said that they tracked him to other boats, thousands of miles away. Wall kind of mind boggling. It's a strange story and it's and I I was reading it because it just freaks me all the areas where this is happening are in the same areas. We've had that division of the magnetic field under the the mantle of Africa. Recently is this. Happened, would you mean? How, long ago was that San, Francisco Bay or the Office San Francisco Phenomenon? Is that within the last couple of weeks we last couple of days. I believe yeah. Oh Wow. You're not going to get the story on the news, but yeah, it's happened. It was bizarre. So I mean, and you can find a story in Newsweek. You can find independent. You can find it all over the place. talking about this, even a map showing how they were circling what they were doing, and it's like all over the place. The votes were going everywhere, and it showed the one was it a red circle, and then there was another red circle, and then two of the boats lifted off the ground and went across the other part of the land. Base! postlewait yeah. Oh I going to say physically I. I don't think that could happen I can. I can see where an image with move, but I can't see. The physical object moving liked well. No one else can. That's the whole point. So what? What was it? Was it spoofing? Were they tracking UFO's? Where tracking something want to cover up I mean that's the thing That's you know it makes you wonder what they really were tracking. They're now. They're saying that you know. The official story is at first. They didn't know what was going on. And like I said Newsweek did a story saying the signals were coming from boats in Norway Malaysia Nigeria the Suez Canal those areas, so thousands of miles away from where they originally tracked. And not explaining why they lifted off, the ground went inland. Physicist is listening. You know maybe maybe help us out tonight. Maybe maybe it's just a crazy story. A Jim thank you call I i. don't know what to say it is. It is a pretty amazing story Gary. Oregon Gary! You're on Ground Zero. Hey! Nathan. First Time caller I found it. Only get old you. Directly thanks for calling in I I gray show that I sure I. WanNa tell you about my meeting with Neil. Armstrong David my church? Living in Hawaii back in the nineties, my access bothering all minister and He little skills of the Church and then afterwards we got them and not only about twenty people. There are really got some one on one contact with them. And he basically saying and how I could use my divinity and holidays, divine sphere, my horror, and how people take towards me, and and told me that everything that I've ever seen on TV like Star Trek or star wars or Try and travel and being me up Scotty. Type of thing is all done and. It's just how how we go about trying to replicate bad, because some of this stuff is lost and a lot of and so ideal, Armstrong. Tell you this to Neil Armstrong were warm holes. He told me that. Everything that we've. Thought up and can endured basically true, and it was really it was just mind blowing because I. I really hadn't really thought about any of that. The past I I of course it was for you. If you go back in time, and what would you change? What would you do? If I were to go back in time, what would I change and what would I do? Here in time today. What would you do I would? I would have more confidence because I realized where I'm heading. If I were to know the future, I would say I could add more confidence. They did when I was a kid. I had a little bit of competence, but I was still. The shy guy was very shy. Did know by potential that know what I could do it myself. And then it wasn't until I went to high school junior high school. I realized that I had the potential. Do whatever I wanted to do. Okay, so that being said. You are back in time, so that's what you need to do now. To create your. Future. Have more confidence. because. That's to do to change your future, okay? That's why I got a radio show probably because I want to. Show off my confidence. Bright, Maybe he's right. Maybe that's what I'm doing. Maybe I'm. Trying to patch up some childhood wound. You're my favorite. Be Old you. Anyway Eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero one Lewis. You're listening to Ground Zero. We'll be back. Going to bother Massachusetts you, Bob. You're on Ground Zero. Eight by eight. Hey I'm still sheltering in my shed. Okay Good, talk. I got a couple of things here for you all right a couple of months ago. We were talking about the North Pole shifting. So actually it was shifting into northern Russia with that through the access. The southern Atlantic. Well not quite No, the this South Atlantic Anomaly. He's been around for about fifty years. It hasn't expanded or at least it hasn't caused any trouble for anybody until after twenty twelve. started seeing some changes around two, thousand, eight, two, thousand nine. We started seeing things like the you know agents spiral. We started seeing other anomalies happen then, of course, there's the Gulf of Aden Vortex. Where anybody is there. In fact did a show about it a long time ago where a guy called and said that he was there in that area. And he said some of the divers would go down, and each one would come up with different times on their watches, so he said that the time was Kinda screwed up there that it's also hard to navigate in those areas. Those were all the pirates are so it's hard to navigate areas. What's out? At this was like a sign of a pole shift or something well, it could be I mean that's the thing is that it's gotta be a place. I mean if the shifting. The actual so old shifting, but like a split off from it well, the thing is is that we well the North Pole believing that yeah I would say that there's gotta be talking about the butterfly effect earlier. There's gotta be causing effect here so it. This is the effect. If you're seeing the split in the magnetic stream over south, America in South Africa that it could be because the the shifting of the polls. Polls as you're seeing. The North Pole plummet, plummet actually down into lower latitudes, and so yes, we're saying a pole shift, but it's a slow moving in the process. The other part of the magnetic field is beginning to it's dividing over these areas creating these anomalies. They're called Eddie's. It was a a group of scientists that talk about these eddies along time ago, saying that they attributed to be a lot like black holes. All right, so another idea that I got here, yeah! I gotta go to. Parents Ike ISM and the guy. where it says. Signs of a major change being brought about by our actual. Well, it could be the planet responding to US mentally I mean you well that it is. Ready to like scratch the itch all over a lot of people have thought that, but the thing is that that's the question back to the Perez. Psychological aspects of what we're talking about earlier. Does the mental state of the planet? Somehow change the environment of the planet. meaning that if we're all worked up or is the planet making us all worked up? We're eventually going to basically annihilated. Joe, now lead ourselves. See. That's called the filter the great filter. Filter is why a lot of you believe. WE'RE NOT CONTACTING ALIENS ALIENS AREN'T contacting us because they get to a certain point of their civilization where they white themselves out, or they died in a plague, or they have their own last days or their own apocalypse. So that's the thing, is it? Is this a sign? Perhaps we're going down in that tailspin of an apocalypse. We're seeing a magnetic changes, and that's why we're seeing what could be these biblical anomalies leader going down five sons in the sky strange like that I mean you know ghost ships lifting off over the land? You know hallucinations, maybe but still it people see them. They're very real to them. Eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one, one, eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero one Lewis, we'll be. On the phone with is Roddy from get the tea dot com. I was reading the other day. That I guess anxiety medications have spiked. You have an answer for that, don't you? I do you don't have to go to the pharmaceuticals? You can go to ancient life world, dot com and get yourself. Some CBD CBD's actually been prove to help with anxiety and help us. Stress and stress is a lot of bad things releases a lot of bad chemicals, so if you can Kinda, get handle on. 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Numbers Call Eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, one, zero, one one. Win shows like mine. Get billed on the network. They see things like we'll play the conspiracy theorist I'm really not I'm not a conspiracy theorist I like reading about conspiracy theory. I bring up. Conspiracy Theory. I I like paranormal topics that I bring those from to time. Spending on the pair political, which of course, people don't understand that needs politics above means strange politics. It doesn't mean that I'm politically leaning one way or the other. You see in our society the way it is right now. We somehow think that. We are. Immune I guess from being misled by. Powerful people who complacently believe have our best interests at heart. We've taken for granted that certain things are true because we've not been taught differently, nor have we begun to. You know. We don't necessarily hear other stories that we can ponder. While I, have a lot of people in my program I. Know that still there are a lot of things that I. Say are a lot of things that I produce. Because I only have a limited amount of people listening limit amount of affiliates. In some people have more affiliates than I do to get their message out a lot better than I do. But for those who support program I do this for you? We have been taught. That everything is black and white, right or wrong, good and evil. And if you think otherwise, you're not helping, you're probably having a psychotic break or something. We have science. We religion we politics all telling us different things and the political philosophies are now turning into coercion. Because it just seems that everywhere you go even the George Floyd funeral today you could escape politics all. So, we have this coercion going on where elected officials or whomever empower. You know are telling us how to think how to live what to say, and we give them to its power that regard. They're overreaching their power. and. Those in power use whatever tools necessary to convince you. Their way of thinking is the way think and that's. Why would I say things on my show? Will say well. I don't necessarily agree with you. Clyde, by love your show. Don't understand what you don't agree with. Because a lot of the things that I talk about I. Don't really want your agreement I just want you to listen to me. Understand what I'm saying. The pair political stuff people can disagree if they want to. They can talk about it, but again it all goes down to how you formulate your arguments in what you say and how you say them. So we can have A. You know a decent conversation once he gets about. And so for me, the political stuff is all noise anymore. It's drowning out the most important stories that deal with our survival, and it's obvious it's all by design. We're all being distracted by covid nineteen. We're being distracted by by George, Floyd. And it's because there are things going on with the planet. They don't want you to know about. Things that. You know people sense, but they don't WanNa talk about because they're afraid to open up and talk about it. The idea that most places in the United States right now. are very cold for the month of June especially two weeks away from the first day of summer. Snowfalls and Idaho Snowfalls in Utah Montana. And you'll. There is snow in June, but usually not this close to summer, okay? Just seems to me that you know having this happened is bizarre. The jury chose were hearing about the strange weather strange tornadoes. We had a tornado like I said that almost touchdown here in Oregon near my place my house. But. You know I've been watching an grant I. Watch it all the time and a lot of my ideas come from the science fiction I've read in my lifetime. The Be Horror Films I've watched in my lifetime music I listened to. Comic Books You name it and you know I don't know what. I just recalling a story once of there's. There's a civilization in this one story I was either reading or watching probably watching. And, there were scientists that new to the planet. WHO's doomed. And so they decided to have a code of silence. They didn't want to tell the civilization the planet. The planet would react or how they would try to get out of their problem that a lot of the time it was the idea of the thought processes in the biases creating this tension. That, you know many people don't understand. Human beings are connected. They're connecting a lot of ways. We're transmitting a lot of ways. I think it does kind of like Monster from the Ed, if you remember that story, The science fiction story, but one scientist is talking to another scientists. And say so, you think the planet is having problems. And the other scientists don't you think it's obvious of the plants having promised think it's obvious that we are heading were headlong into baby, an apocalypse, order or or destruction. And he said take a look around. You've got a radically radic weather patterns, wildlife migration problems, the pattern of the life cycle, and the planet is. A you know one year birth. It's and the next year it's death. The next year is birth death. Repeat Birth Death Repeat Disease Pandemics all these things. And he said we don't want to say anything. That's going to cause panic. We don't want anybody to hear this because they will cause panic. They do is they leave it up to people like me and I'm not trying to cause panic. I'm trying to inform you, so it'd be prepared. See One of the things I've been getting a lot of. Thank you mail for people. When I told him to go to prepare with ground, zero dot, com and I said you know you guys go there and get an accused. You have the food ready to go because he's riots aren't going away. They're going anywhere and there's more to come. I'm sure. So you! Look at what this is. You'd say the One scientist said of the other side. Is He? Said you know just because you know something. Should be compelled to broadcast and information is not have to exist, because if if you if you unleash, something could have consequences well. Yeah, it's core intelligence always somehow linked. To Be the the the doomsday blueprint. The Intelligence Corps I've talked about this before. Intelligent corps or corps intelligence information. Is Basically fear to let you know how close we come. To an isolation. You know like in the men in black movie. The guy says you don't know how many times earth's come so close to a galactic, some sort of active man. I mean popular comic books, movies, TV shows, or whatever but alternative theory. Gains. Momentum in the critical mass. When you listen to shows like mine because there's always someone. That has an or thought that can easily be analyzed we. We can expose that agenda. We try to do our best. We race. Some of the I guess you could call them dangling. You know I guess you'd call them dangling ideas that a conspiracy theory. Because when you're dealing with core intelligence, you're dealing with national intelligence. You get you get what you get unless you you study. And so when you look at the speed of the Earth, and you look at the seismic activity happening on the planet. You look at the polls shifts. You, look at all of this. You have to understand that this is because something is happening. Underground something be low us is is ready to erupt, and so you get fishers invents opening up. Give all casinos and lava emissions. You get geothermal situations happily oceans. These are things that certainly get our attention. So Activity is happening. Is. Apparently entering into this. I guess you could call this period. Of slowdown winding down, and while we feel everything winding down, people are going crazy. They're they're jumping up and down there screaming. They're yelling. And the plan is dynamic at the moment is vital and alive, and is trying to breathe if you WANNA coined that phrase throwing around. We have a living planet with violent tendencies, the slowing the planet who start seeing with the slowing of the planet, all kinds of different things. That certainly have us go. Whoa, and that's what I'm trying to talk about tonight. Where talked about the anomalies happening up the coast to San Francisco the situation happening at the southern part of the planet where the European Space Agency is talking about. Be South Atlantic. Anomaly And how it is causing problems for the planet, and it may be causing problems for ships. It created a five at illusion of five sons. Off the Ivory Coast of Africa. And you know you got understand it. There's something creating this or causing this. We've been documenting this for some time. Now is the expansion of this vortex has happens time gortex. All alternative new sites they don't talk about the Eddie's. But When you look at Switzerland University of Miami and Switzerland's. There's Zurich. Researchers in Zurich researchers in Miami. And they were talking about how these massive Eddie's exists in the southern Atlantic Ocean. They're like. Rosen bridges. And they claim this is their their their deduction. They say that an eddy current various of the main current industry of liquid or gas, especially when having a rotary or winding motion, literally a Maelstrom literally a twister, literally a Tornado, a tornado see dangling over the freeway. New Your House. No, this is electromagnetic vortex that forms like a wormhole over the ocean over several places all over the world and is creating. All kinds of anomalous activity including. We're talking about the neutrino detection experiments in Arca where we're seeing. The neutrinos go in reverse assets. Say Well. This isn't a parallel universe. How do you figure that we're seeing a reversal of the effects of neutrinos going out to the Big Bang rather coming at us from the Big Bang Bizet Inverse Universe this is opening the abyss like. Literally Opening Hell if you WANNA put it there. Eight seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one. I'm Clyde Lewis. You're listening to Ground Zero. Seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero one one. That's Eight, seven, seven, seven, three three. One, zero, one one good a Mark Collier from Oregon Tonight Marker on Ground Zero. Hey Ryan. How're you doing good? Just wanted to talk about a few of the things you started this show with. You were talking about the magneto steer out that magnetic anomalies and Southern Pacific and I wanted to talk about this. Youtube, channel called Mavericks Star reloaded. US A private guy and I think he's based out of England. And he's totally funded by user contributions, and so it's called. Mavericks Star reloaded. Okay, go ahead. Yeah, sensors and people all over the world where he's sensing, he has sensors placed, so can measure the coal shift and the magnetosphere, which is our You know when you have a big magnet you get. A deer is like a giant magnet with US Wurley Byron Core Right. He just fears, but protects us from all the solar radiation right well when the call Shit S. that's changing the angle of attack of the solar radiation. And so he has it all mapped out on on a world map and There is a huge in mally. I guess it's anomaly, but it's a split. That's centered right over. America and South Africa. That's called the south. It's called the South Pacific. sorry the South Atlantic Anomaly sorry. Yep and the center of that among these right over South America and then extends out into the civic to the West and also to the east. So I could see where in that area there would be problems with. things that are being, too. You know the magnetic compass and things like that right, but that doesn't explain the ghost blips that were happening. Off The coast of San Francisco now once again. I I gave the logical explanations from Newsweek and several other magazines could be GPS. Spoofing. Some say can't be GPS spoofing. They said that maybe there was a gps spoofing on China, but it's just funny to these boats that allegedly were being tracked with thousands of miles from the area. Where there's supposed to be at so there was nothing in the water, but then were seeing on the radar. They're saying these these ships whatever they are are leaving the water and coming on land, and that was the bizarre. That's when they realized that they were tracking something different. What I what I wanted to talk about though related to the fear in the poll shift was at the very beginning of your show you mentioned is affecting human behavior. Yeah, and and I'm wondering if it is because when you have the Schuman residents of the earth increasing. We're seeing that we're seeing a shift in the magnetosphere. Because the is shifting, and so the way you know everything, the in our bodies electric to write all ourselves or electric on. Bring Mazer Creek. We run on a very low voltage system. And I'm just wondering I'm seeing a lot of crazy behavior in the world. Of course, that's nothing new, but this seems to be increasing. And, it seems like more and more people are having trouble. Thinking more and more people seem to be confused. I was just wondering what your thoughts about that. What's your feeling? I think it does contribute to it. You look at the moon affects us. The Moon full moon affects people in certain ways. You know that when there are Activity people to have heart attacks on days with high some activity they tend to have. More problems with hypertension on those days the the idea that the plants the sun and the moon don't affect you. I think is. Is Not signing. Does I think there there? There's an intricate very fragile ecosystem that consists of not only the environment that we're in that. We sense whether it'd be you know the earth. The Sky the air. They re breathed water. We drink by. It goes beyond that I think if we go into space, we go into the magnetic situation where we have something the size of Mars. Underneath, our planet is supposed to be giving us our magnetic. Magnetic field and something's going on with it. Something's wrong with the molten core. It means that the chorus slowing down, and the magnetic field is weakening, so that means the heart that's pumping the blood into this planet is having a hard time pumping the blood of this planet. I think that's why you're starting to see more vents up because you know the. The hardest pushing so hard that stuff popping through the crust as what we're having earthquakes, weird weather I mean I. I talked about dark winter like what a week or two ago, saying the dark winter ideas to extend the winter so that we can have a guaranteed crop of sick people well here. We are two weeks away from two weeks away from. Summer, what are they doing? They're extending the winner. which gives them an excuse? Extend the lockdown to extend all of it. Now I know that other places are opening up i. know that these things are happening, but you gotta understand it. Either you believe it's all random, or you see the coincidences you start pointing them out icy. The coincidences that I'm pointing them out. Now, you can see them. You could refuse to see big I'm. Up in the night, and I am open the night. Right here with you on Ground Zero. Eight seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one that's eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one one. We more ground zero. Don't go away. A. Web. Five. Louis. Have you ever wondered how I come up with a lot of ideas? Some of the research I do and where I get my materials. Well, I'M GONNA. Give you an opportunity to have all those materials some past ground, zero shows and other things that we've explored. We have a little library called Ground Zero aftermath at his exclusive online library, and Resource Center consisting of research material from the vault of Ground Zero this. This includes rare pdf's of books, videos and audio recordings, links, articles and commentary used by me in preparation for each show I do webinars will also be included with your subscription. In addition you'll gain access to our comprehensive and ever expanding news outlet new suffer, so go to aftermath dot media. That's aftermath dot media members receive a protected password by email along with weekly updates again it's aftermath dot media just aftermath dot media. My team and I would do here. Would Change Our understanding of physics will bring about advancements power. Advancements in medicine. Trust me that future will be here fast to. I master, the pulse should system along. Asked spacecraft. Attorney that. To NASA trustful. Minutes Vander. We are good for pre site. By. Her initial trust. Floyd, we are go for. Acne. I Anna. was here. I. Make itself. Bells, Dr We had a successful. Aren't quite Lewis. You're listening to Ground Zero. All the team green opening wormholes sern all add affects the diagnostic deal to. They'll tell you. Does it really does? Have something that has the power of A. All SAR exploding underneath Geneva. Causing any problems for the molten core about the size of Mars under the planet, I tend to think big magnets like that would definitely change some direction of magma, probably even create earthquakes, or perhaps weather anomalies of some kind or seeing all kinds of strangeness, happening now and a lot of people are going you know. Isn't it obvious that the world going through some really big changes? And why are they going through these changes? Are we causing them, or are we reacting to them? That's the big question. Go Francisco in Texas I Francisco Ground Zero. Say Baby. How we doing good. All righty. Hey something how how you? Mentioned two thousand nine with all these things happening. With mine I'll call you a showman on your shop and i. told you and your guest about this third in lawyering, this guy that I happen to see that that same year of two thousand and nine right. How interesting anyway what I see is a cross between heart. And the movie the Miss Project Arrow. How that was mentioned in their project Darryl was actually a collider project like sern. Yeah and glitch in our own dot matrix are reality Matrix. If you heard the show where we had Guy on the program. You you said that believed that when they found the higgs boasts in in On, the Higgs Particle God particle in at at certain. This is where we went wrong because what it did. Is it through us into a new dimension of time, and the earth is down trying to catch up with that. We didn't. We didn't sense it. Because the time so quickly that we had no idea that we were flashing with different universe into a different You know I, guess you could call a a another university similar to ours, but with all the problems. We're having now so. He noticed that things have declined since two thousand twelve. It was funny, because even my eastep suddenly told me. He was like watching some of the stuff that was going on, and he looked at me, and he said did the world end in two thousand twelve and I looked at is what women chefs that he says well. This is funny, says after twenty twelve everything started falling apart. and is true. You Look Back, look at twenty twelve until now things have really gone downhill since two thousand twelve. No Yeah Hey you know I've seen three inches. Myself would like blow people's mind. I was a time when I look up at the time. You know nine forty five. On let me check again. You know just to be sure it isn't main forty. Five turned out to be like seven forty, five. Oh what the heck was that okay? There was another part were what time where I was? Painting and the team are more inspiring, and she's walking close by no, that's Anna, but she's not wanting to female painters. Here so that's supposed to be white but I. don't have to be someone else. Yes. or on or you saw super positioning were super positioning. person can be in two places at once. Oh man, or the time where I went to. My Buddy, says hey, can the from your man him and I? We looked at yeah. Yeah, that was. As, we turn around and go to the that it was like gone. Like what the heck we're looking all around and he's like maybe near. Your assistant it off to another part of the building and. was working. We turn back around to where he that one. It's right there. It's right there in front of like what the heck eighteen! Yeah I mean. We did a show once about glitches. Nitric of anybody signing glitches the nature and they got pretty weird. of course a lot of people were noticing some things that were just bizarre and they were relating that. That, you know. They think that something is amiss. Something is glitch. There's something has thrown us into a parallel universe one that's similar to ours and There are some subtle changes, but we're picking up on them now, and we're noticing all be uproar in the upheaval, because the humans cannot handle the change. Go to don in Oregon Hi, Donna you're on ground, zero? Thanks for taking my call that all got a couple of quick questions. The news bitter. Way Big. Only late. Is that. Could that be appalled them with? With. Have, a strawberry moon going on in some I was looking at I was looking at a a video the other day and there's this guy. I can't remember his name, but he was putting out a video that he believes that the moon is not the same position it used to be and it's. It's up north that it's moved and that would indicate that. Maybe we have some actual progression going on or actual actual changes that have happened that we really don't understand they don't tell us about the axial changes that are happening with the planet so the mood. Different position. What's going on now? Yeah, yeah, of course. I mean why would why are we all like uptight where we all having these problems there's. A lot of Involved you know and and it could be? It could be. Like I said it all affects us on a psychological physiological level. And we're seeing all these other things going to scientists. Do you think the world's ending? But what do you think we're not going to tell anybody? Next question yeah. Anything else about what happened with the crash in. Oil. Now we did. We did three shows and They shut down the radical. Shut down everything and Due to corona virus. They're not giving any information anymore, so he probably we probably gave you all of the information. You can get on that but always. Always remember that that's where. Where that happened where the split happens with this anomaly. We're talking. The magnetic anomaly has split, and that split went to South America and this is where we started hearing about the UFO cases Argentina. Colombia you know. Hear about him in Brazil. As we were talking about go to sunny in Virginia Hi Sunny. You're on Ground Zero. I I get thirty. Sold Out I'm a first off. The skies are still white Virginia. That made anything. More than they're. They're spraying out there. They're. They're like just like when you rich, but. When I was in Richmond skies were I couldn't believe how disguise were, and it was it was Kinda like what they see in France they've been. They've been experimenting with Chem trails for the longest time. The skies are white. They're not even blue anymore. So, the skies are still raven, if the skies are still white rich because I was one of the things I noticed, they said wow, where's the blue sky and I'm sure they have blue skies in Richmond. They just seem like the skies were heavily clouded with with white white smoke. Cloud I live on the Chesapeake Bay two miles from the end of Langley runway. And Wallop silence about ten miles away from me. Shoot off all the rockets, so I get to see about a stuff here, but she touched so many things. And you were talking about the panic the. Corona by and all of that and Pandemic if you've never noticed it starts with P. A. M. at ends with icee. So you got panic, can there? You gotta damn and their DM. which is definition out of Webster says demonstrative? D. M. O. N. ask the first words. Tonight were outside first ladder, and I was like Oh an interesting. Panic Yeah, fantastic. But one I called about on my home about I. Don't know four or five nights ago. And I was getting here? The House, a couple of miles from the house, and all of the beautiful moon I mean just. Four month. And all the sudden one of the cloud of that's the way they do they. Just I'LL I. I mean they don't they're not. Kim Trails Chambal. Go by and three minutes later. Hard just appears but anyway. The clouds was right below, mom. And all of a sudden it started getting back, and I said what in the world and Santa never seen anything like that before I kinda slow down watch. Started to swirl. and. Alan swirled. Started disappearing this huge by just came out of it. And just I mean. It took off like a shot was like Oh my God what in the world that never seen it before? And I was just like I was saying some weird stuff, but that one. Movie that sounds that. Sounds like something out of Independence Day. It was it was interesting. I've never seen anything like it told you. What did you think you think you saw Warhol Open? Would you think he saw? Or what did you see really back? It looked like the whole something out of a and by the way we have a miniature sern. Right here in this area. About three miles four miles from that. which is interesting at andt. Collider's all over This it the Hadron Collider. Large, Hadron collider is a very powerful, and in fact, China's building is going to be more powerful than the large. Hadron collider earning a in Geneva, so it's GONNA be. It's going to be doing a lot more than just what we're doing and what? What the scientists are doing. It. Right in the middle of a city. Banerjee. You don't know the energy. They're pushing out underneath the planet, but they're putting out a lot of energy underneath the planet. It's like it's like they're exploding stars under the planet. How else are they going to be able to create the Big Bang after slam those particles together they create fusion big fusion explosion. You're right. You're right. Yeah, I mean. I don't think anybody realizes just how powerful that is. Sonny. Thanks for the call. I don't think people understand that you know when they're doing those experiments what they're doing. It's a core cannon. They're firing quirks. It's it's it's hard to fathom, but that's the science that we're playing with. That's the fire. Prevention fire the we're playing with. Daniel in Ohio Daniel. You're on, Ground Zero. Hey do and I just wanted to bring up the fact that with all the chaos in the world I'm just waiting for Godzilla to pop up. Anything that you can imagine. A little bit of fun. That's what's next That's what's next normal. Yeah, that's what snacks Godzilla. Andy Alien so be ready for monster zero to I'd I'd love to see monster zero. Show up and I love the lightning bolts. It's seven heads, or I ask three ads, but I'm just saying Oh. Jet Jaguar to see jet Jaguar fight when you I love jet, Jaguar absolutely. Yeah, my wife. My wife is Godzilla She's got Godzillas all over. The House I know that can make your smile by buyer. Godzilla stuffed animal God's villa. T shirt. So it's easy I'm about Villafane to Villafane. Going on. We should for the kids. Is it the it the CGI Zeller demanding suit Godzilla. I'm fine with either one of them. The cornish sorry yeah, I well. I love the. Well See. That's the thing man in suit. That's the only zillow that works is the man in suit God Zillah can't have CGI again and suit, and the thing is the new Godzilla they managed to bring it both together the charm of the manning suit of the G I. Know How to make guns. They'll look terrifying and cooler against Daniel, yeah. I can do a whole show on Godzilla. Godzilla, we could talk monster zero top Kanye Dora we could talk. We talk about whatever you WanNa talk about even camera. If you really WANNA bore yourself to tears, eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one. Come on. He's a turtle, eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero one. True Eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three, one, zero, one what he can't keep up with God Zillah, eight, seven, seven, seven, three, three one zero in what I'm Clyde Lewis. You're listening Ground Zero and we'll be back. Jared again, Massachusetts, say and Ground Zero. Show thank you Bob. Last caller like forced me to call in okay. Do you remember your dealer show. You had over the summer when the last movie came out. Yes, So like in that movie they call the these monsters. They call them the titans and I think that's exactly what's happening. What's like that's? That's the big endgame that's like. If you were to track every time, I've called your show. This is like the through line between all of them. It's that so they also just announced a live action Hercules, and if you were to like based on a bit like based on the Disney movie. If you were to go to that movie and Watch, you're caller. Way earlier talked about the the astronomical alignments that are happening on the planet. in that alignment that's happening is depicted in the movie. As Haiti's is trying to unlocked, Tartars unlock, the abyss, unlocked the gates of Hell to release these monsters, these like these titans literally and they they're depicted as natural disasters like tornadoes and volcanoes etcetera. so when when they released so then the caller before that Godzilla caller said that like the framework of reality, and that's what I think it's happening. Digital is the nickname field, but but more metaphysical like if it's like the energy that binds the cosmos together. That's like that Leyland. Puerto great that I always talk about, but that ended up. itself is what imprisons the titans. You love crafting monsters from the other side. Of Me Gorgan. Geordie rose, but he said exactly. What the D. Wave computer or the kindred computer. We're going to be able to use quantum physics to bring these creatures through a portal. Crappy in a monster's. So things that are happening are all rituals. This with killed when the when this moon cycle went into, the twins went to Gemini the twins in the twin cities. He's being called. Steven Jackson twin like The Washington monument just got struck by lightning. There's people getting struck leading and Bangladesh dying all these things are rituals, like for instance in Nova, Scotia, there was a terrorist attack like a month ago month and a half ago the following day. Of Birds Washed up on shore. They died fell out of the back because like. Before before technology, the waiting indigenous did these things or any kind of culture and history they ritual blood blood sacrifices, rain dances asked first weather modification we had, and then these Eddie Eddie's exists all over the planet same way we like if you were picture, acupuncture or not needle points those exist as both so below on the earth body, and those are the portals that Leyland Grid, and all these like they're. They're minor than always huge ones, but and that's where all these Raytheon's, and all these ads department of energy places are and the political centers that are having all these protests happening right now. They're all being pushed. Out to these places, it's obviously happening. Everything Clyde you're on the money. You're on your own. Five unbelievable show, thank you, thank you. Derek Yeah I mean you know? Isn't it obvious or maybe not at the you're kind of. George Floyd or you and Covid nineteen, but there are other things going on to you know talk about many things as we can on this program. Remember! Keep in touch with us, and we do do videos on facebook right after the show, so go to facebook dot com and we'll. Chat a bit before we go home. I don't know if it's quiet outside, but it seems like it is, but we'll find out for sure. In meantime we'll be back.

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