MadTrio Podcast - Episode 066


Welcome to the Matt Trio podcast. This week we have the California Pariah Jonathan Charney and Ryan breast this week. We don't have James and figured Ryan deserve some sort of funny middle name because of any. I'm an adequate standard mediocre bet. That's that's funny. Choice of words standing. So here's a piece of news so I'm going to fry and we're GONNA try not to be another dour show and talk about the corona virus or Cove Ad Nineteen By the way hopefully you all have your line. That'll protect you so from Newsweek. Dot Com medical fetish site donates entire stock of scrubs after being contacted by desperate health officials a medical fetish community and the UK has donated its entire disposable. Scrubs the hospital after being contacted by Desperate House officials med fat. Uk said it has been contacted by the chess represented from across the county who are trying to produce procure basic protective equipment. The company didn't identify the hospital. Where the fewer set. You imagine that you're a hospital and the only thing that you could actually get is from people who are into Dr Talking for fetishes. Yeah which which you know would it's It's right up there with I. Think porn hub If I'm not mistaken just gave some ridiculous amount of money. I WANNA say like some millions of dollars that they that they gave is part of like a relief fund and they're donating like shit kind of like the personal protective equipment to you know hospital the nurses and things like that It's it's really interesting you know. It's it's one of those like Hey. Look we're not asking you to do to join. We're asking recognize that. We're we're a business like anybody else so out for respecting David. But that's let's be honest porn hub. Donating is is hilarious. I mean for a couple of facts. The fact that they're saying hey savior. We're saving lives and getting people off at the same time. Yeah what other company didn't say they've done Halford and I I do think it's kind of I'll be completely honest. I do think it's kind of odd. That people have a doctor fetish now. I'm kind of wondering do people have mortician fetishes. Oh sure yeah. I don't know if you're aware rule. I think it's twenty six of the Internet isn't it forty-seven if it exists part of it. Yeah and I think rule twenty seven Or the warned immediately following whatever rule that it is if it doesn't exist it will. Yeah that's just so gross to me. I don't know how else to say it. It's just gross. Well I've got a co-worker worker who I tried to explain this rule to be in his early fifties and a little unfamiliar with Rick. How depraved Internet is you know? Use It for very specific things over the years and and is unaware of what it's true capabilities so in very much trying to explain to him and just different people who are mostly be the role number twenty six Maybe once a week he'll come in and they'll just say random words like like ice cream and I'll be like I don't know Or sometimes I like all automatically no record so time out so well. They see ice cream porn. Are we talk about someone who makes a really delicious looking pile of ice cream bowl? Are we talking about like you know an ice cream with boob showing off too? I mean I. I've kind of the idea of ice cream. Porn is really weird because now getting mental image of. I'm getting a mental image of getting through graphic. Voth I I'm getting a mental image of a ice cream bar. What was it what would you do for a Klondike Bar? That's kind of my mental images now and and I'm kind of disturbed by that thank you. Yeah Yeah I get to to graphic detail both What one might fall under the category? You know the ally like this because it's just sorta satisfied to look at all. The ports both fall into that category too. Did the weirdest thing is everybody. Uses porn to describe something that doesn't involve nudity like abandoned porn or gun porn. Or it's like wait. Hold on hold on you. Porn should be used to describe somebody AN STATE OF UNDRESS. Not Not an ice cream sandwich. Yeah I I agree. I get where people are going with it. But it doesn't apply like like like you said gun port. I'm just thinking people trying to pain gotten by the way. That's a good double entendre. Yeah I was I was. I was trying to sequoia Uh FOR FOR. Read it for example gun. Porn is is not somebody to have. Who's having coitus with a firearm? Basically it's a fancy firearm and people make a neat looking photo we're or or h basically. It's a photo of really high resolution photo of a firearm which is usually right yet. But yeah I mean it's I in if you want porn and guns. It's always a naked person. Usually a lady holding a firearm. I've never seen anybody using a firearm. A tool and to be completely honest. I hope I never do that. I have Absolutely and actually the funny thing is is is where I saw. This wasn't or anybody technically considered high art. So the question the whole right but my my question was male or female because my first thought was depending on the gender and the location of where said firearm was placed. Hope they cleaned it. Because that's GonNa Cause Rust but that's just that's the geeky young. There's there's some issues there if something's not done Yeah what one would imagine there with them. Cleaning involve afterwards female model mail artists. This is what I get for having a decent idea of human and anatomy is overly graphic imagination. Which doesn't do anybody screw it made for a lot of entertaining evening for me a unborn though. I actually I wanted to. I could a Texan James. This out it'll be about a week ago or so I don't know be even jive but My girlfriend pointed out to me that the art institute of Chicago had recently posted like big basically their entire collection like four K. pictures of their entire collection Which includes amazing art like they have been banned. Goes self portrait? The original self-portrait bear gorgeous fourcade photographs of all of these. They have one of the craziest arms and armor sections collections. I've ever seen was personal clown if you it the art institute of Chicago so it's an incredibly large museum so you can go onto their website and they have all of these pictures. They're great high quality photos a lot of old school armor from twelve hundred. No good old school nights in shining armor days piece. No armored you know from all over the world The weapons in the saying some of these things blew my mind. Dude check this out one of them and the first one that she showed me. I think what got her I It is a cane slash sword slash hammer flash like amherst slash history. Wow Yeah yeah. It's out of all the weird weapons. I saw that thing that seemed to be the most practical. Because you know I can imagine the scenario. You're just walking along your cane and you know from Ruffians. Come out of the of the alleys and you can shoot that one. And in that puff of smoke pull your sword and go to town. You know it would cause enough of a distraction even though you only got one shot freaked everybody blinking. You know you're already holding yourself interesting now. I saw one that. Were you know an act is still An axe dagger sword pistol. I mean crazy weird thing soon. I started getting into the multiple barrel. Lebanon's elected pepper box type of thing. Not even I would not even close to that. Elegant design were a try barrel pistol. I. It's so hard to explain this but imagine just ball at the end instead of a grip coming back. It's just a ball and it's three pistols. One you're looking down. The barrel love sank. I imagined looking down the barrel of Old Flint. Lock and imagine that. There's two barrels perpendicular ninety degrees on either side of that barrel. So when you're finished firing the first one you turn it ninety degrees and there's the second barrel and then you turn it another actually. It's probably more like like one hundred degrees hundred ED degrees. I bet more than a triangle shape. I bet more than likely shooting. It shot all barrels of the same time. No it didn't. There's three different triggers with any kind of comfortable grit like you look at the senior. Like how the Hell do you get your hands around this opole those traits so it's into saw so it's each barrel has its own trigger not three Wheelock pistols and weld them together at the base? In a triangle. That's essentially how the thing was designed. The seems like a very uncomfortable. It's incredibly impractical. The one that I did saw they would maze me was a try barrel Flew Lock Musket. The only the barrel and the clock portion the prison and and the The the actual mechanism for it but the actual flint lock mechanism That in the barrel is the only thing that rotates hammer actually is is connected to the Trigger Assembly and the and then you fire and then you turn the barrel and then lock it again and then fire and repeat interesting. So what would you get that thing? Wait if you had if you had to get a three barrel lock musket call it four and a half feet high six and a half pounds. Wow Are you fucking kidding me? Why was I was? I guess that though on the note shit it's ridiculous. I thought six and a half pounds and I thought it was a Hypo. I'm like how the Hell do you get that in six and a half well so's actually dead on everyone. Grand is eleven pounds. Yeah no you were dead on damn because I I was just like pulling that out of my hat off. That explains like Whoa but yeah if anybody get an opportunity or on the Internet later go go to the art institute of Chicago's website. Look at all of their stuff but go to the arms armory collections. The pages and pages of stuff. Like why the hell did they make this That's awesome So I don't know if you've been so we're going to talk a little bit about Cova but instead of talking about how depressing it is. I'm just going to call it the beer virus just because it makes me laugh and hopefully if somebody's listening if I hope you're out there It makes you laugh. So the coolest thing about the beer virus is something is we need ventilators. This has what this is all these different companies who don't make ventilators have been making them. Tesla's making him forward is making them and they're using parts from their cars I don't know if any of you drive a newer vehicle. Some higher end cars have the ability to have a heated and cooled seats. Yeah so they're using that there's another one. Mit Mit this office. Side Tech Daily Dot Com. Mit will post free plans online for an emergency ventilator that can be built for a hundred dollars and that's why tech daily Dot Com. Take a look It's from is there a date? March twenty eighth so basically they're talking about how you can manufacture one super easily and fairly cheaply to to save lives. I this is. This is the one of the reasons I think. Western civilization in particular is pretty bad. Ass is the fact that we have not only. Do we have people who are ingenious? But the fact that the human mind can come up with weird ways to make shit work. It's it's like Scotty from fucking Star Trek. Yeah well you know. It's one of my favorite things about like like NASA watching the Apollo. Thirteen the other day You know the time Tom Hanks for I love that movie and Me Too and it's the same kind of thing that you see like the Martian the the Madina mood it's you you have this this thing in space and they have the exact same thing on the ground as replica and in this these guys in a room trying to solve a problem for people that are a couple hundred thousand miles away and you have the same materials in front of you in the same tools that they wouldn't space and it's just like how do we solve this problem using what we have here in front of. You know that sort of ingenuity where it's like. Hey look give me some scientists and engineers and we're GONNA fucking figure this out one way or another. Some of the most amazing shift in the world has been come up with like that. I do my favorite part of that whole movies. What happens when you have multiple companies making parts for the same basic thing when you have a square filter in one in and around filtered the other I remember. I watched that recently and I was thinking. That's that's kind of America and a key nobody's thinking. Hey what happe here that I think. That's funny I love that movie. Oh I recently listened to the Audio Book of the Martian. If anybody out there wants to listen to a really good book It's really well done. surprised novelization of the movie or was it based on a novel it was based on. The book is based on the book. I'm pretty sure I could be wrong but I'm almost positive it was. It was actually based on a book. Okay there's one woman could have been meaning to read it's It's called packing for Mars. I can't remember what her name is. But it's supposed to be fantastic. It's just as lady who basically laid out you know like this. If you WANNA go to mark this is what it would take. You know Like legitimately logistically speaking. Oh seems very interesting to me so the Martian is a two thousand one science fiction novel written by Andy Weir W. E. I R. O. Nice okay all right so damn good. Yeah I really loved it I wanNa Watch I. I saw it in the theaters. I think we did it for our F- Our I haven't seen it since I've been jonesing forever To to watch it again today you what I bought it like a couple of years back. That movie is in such fucking the heavy rotation for my girlfriend roll their eyes every time to watch it and it's easy watch and really I. You know it's a truly fantastic movie. Ever since we stopped doing our afar. I've been kind of burned out on movies. I recently watched Who Shot Liberty? Vance in my Internet's. Been so fucking slow. I hadn't been able to watch the rest of it like I'm towards the end of the movie. I caught the rest on Youtube. But I haven't actually been able to finish the whole thing Is I've been Jonesing for good movies. This is one reasons. I WANNA watch again. But I've been watching more anime which is weird but it's probably because I get to watch it thirty seconds short embiid's instead of because pausing movies you know you're right. I don't know. Do you do that because I hate. I've know multiple people to do this. They'll watch forty-five minutes there. Posit and then come back a day later and watch it like I like watching movies. Yeah no I can't do that. I do that all the time I mean I try to. I like having my my times like all. Go Out of my way to wake up early on like a Saturday morning. There's a movie I wanted to watch. You know that I haven't seen and all and I'll sit down with my coffee or something before my girlfriend gets up and then just chill out and watch whatever movie. It is usually. She didn't WanNa Watch. I'm assuming that almost generally every night I'll go in and also on a movie usually most likely one that I've seen before And I'll watch half an hour of it and then plan on watching like another half an hour over the next night and you know just something to kind of make my my Dr. Getting have you can't do. Is everybody else like they fall asleep watching TV. I can't do it. I have to turn it off and then physically. Yeah I can't I. I know people who do it like you know. They'll watch your phone and fall asleep from me. I have to put it down or also. Just keep watching it and I hate. I kinda hate having the TV. On when I'm sleeping because they don't like that extra light however I have a my wife bought me one of those Amazon Alexa Slash government. Spying devices I have next my bedside table and it does Sleeping sounds so every night. I go to bed the sound of thunder which I like. I like listening to music. I used to listen to a something blue something like that. It was one of the Miles Davis albums. They used to listen to all the time. Oh some kind of blue yeah Kinda blue I think that's it. Let's see yeah I I like that I used to listen to ambient sounds but I just can't watch TV and go to bed. It's just for. I used to be able to do it as a kid but now I'm just not it's not comfortable let me tell you how bucking a it is that you said that you go to sleep. Seem like sweet sounds so like three weeks ago. Maybe about to go down It was raining a while around here in California. Had a good week or rain and I you know. I'm going to work in the morning and I'm telling Michael we're going. Oh Man I sleep. Great during the round fucking great. I love it when it rains. I go to release. It was fourth night in a road. I said that where I'm like. Wait a minute if I go to sleep that he would rain. They make like those little rain machine sounds and whatnot so I go on the APP and whatnot and of course I find one. And there's a park and download one I to sleep to the sounds of crashing rain in fucking thunder every night speaker thing it'll do was. I felt embarrassed. How pickerel set the alarm or the timer for like thirty minutes. If it would be off of the time she came in the door calling the puck in the House of the whale I mean the the the benefit of having one of the Alexa things is my wife can say. Hey Insert name here turn off in. It'll turn off because like five. Forget to set a timer. There was this APP and I wish you remember what it was because it was the greatest APP it had a metric ton of audio files. It came with a sets a bunch on on the APP. But you could download a bunch and people could record a bunch. There was a a sound of an old boat rocking back and forth and getting here at Creek. It was my favorite one. That sounds off from do I I. I love stuff like that. I used to go to bed too. And this is kind of my geek flag flying and partially pathetic. I used to have the sounds of the original Enterprise of the bridge noises. It used to fall asleep to that because it was just a bunch of random machine noises. Shirt yeah right. Apparently the hassle but one that I didn't like They have those warning was not wave crashing but it was almost like waves lapping on the beach. Which the gurgling sound bug the shit out for Matt went off just like a good old wave crashing against like Like the rocks or something a love that sound so my one of my favorite ones. I the APP on my phone. I made one where I combine a tent and fire and it just makes me laugh because if you actually think about it it's affect your intent and there's a fire in the tent. It wouldn't really be holding water. It wouldn't be keeping the water out but it's such such a relaxing. I wonder if anybody here's actually interested. In the fact we're talking about going to bed to sleeping sounds well. It's one of those things. I was surprised that I got into. I just saw like okay. I WANNA I WANNA keep hearing the rain so let me get this thing going and then like after a week. I'm like cooking longest thing. I saw surprised by. Yeah I always I always liked. That always always been into that. So this is a pitcher pitch that I found. And it's pretty funny so I'll have to its Alpha Amazon. Do you know what a Lewis bag is? Ryan Lewis bag now. So Lewis bag is used in bartending. What it is. It's basically a big bag. You put ice in there and usually there comes with a muddle or or mallet. You just beat the shit out of the ice and it makes crushed ice. I don't you I've seen like home. People use it. I don't know how many bars use it. I'm assuming it's for more fancy upscale bars and the next image is a stainless steel metal ice cube trade the old school ones. And right below it or you can pull out the fuck and things. Yeah it's one of the old old school metal ice cube trays with the easy. Release one of those in like a TV. Show one day where they pulled up the lever and they yanked out the thing and all the cube separated. I got fucking physically angry. Like how the hell did that? Technology fall by the wayside. So fuck man. I didn't know they existed until like couple couple years after I was married. And like what the fuck? I've been struggling all this time breaking a couple of them. And so this is what lays the weird moved at work like half the time and then like my wife bought me a neoprene one like it makes ball so for like I'm drinking. Yeah I use them in my my alcohol mixed drinks and right below it. This is my buddy one of those. This is what makes me laugh right in the below. It is gross on five. Gallon eight bag herbal ice bubble hash bag on what the fuck? That's what made me laugh. It's A. It's two things that make ice in one thing to make hash like Amazon. There's a whole sub bread it to it by the way Amazon. Has this really weird the of the associating things so apparently wanted Eyeso- I WANNA make a. I want to drink and old fashioned make hash the same time. Yeah apparently I thought it was hilarious. It just made me laugh man. Ask You a question. Do what type do you have to work in the standard operation of your of your career So there's what's called universal precautions which is basically you know gloves. And that's about it. You know cover up anything that you are reasonably going to get soil So you know the standard kind of stuff would be Like plastic gown. That goes over the front. Just figure like like a like an April Abram but a really thin plastic and very very disposable All all keep shoe covers. Because you never know when you're going to need to walk through some shit you don't. WanNa walk through and if I'm wearing loafers I'm not trying to get wreck But aside from gloves and whatnot. There's not much my job. I can't do in a full-blown three piece suit. You know mostly just based on the technique though what I'm doing is a lot different than what like nurses nobody. There's not a position that that person's going to be that I'm around that I didn't put them you know so I don't have to worry about somebody. Readjusting and getting closer hit me up in the pace with their harm topping on me. You know doing all of those things I would say Ryan. I really glad to hear that. Because you know if you were having to put a tapping somebody SEAN. So it was. It was going to say. Hey you need a different career. That's creepy yeah. Yeah Yeah there's a lot of thing that people like think that I that I do or is involved in my job where I'd be like no I would. I wouldn't fuck and do this. I was doing that like people. Ask me all the time. If I'm if I'm superstitious or or if I get scared I'm like what would I do this job? I was scared of it. So what's GonNa Happen is GonNa be terrified all day long? So what's the what's the strangest question you've been asked? That made you question the person who asked you if I ever fought the dead body. I bet that's you that question you're like. Do the puck away from me Bro. So so the question was was the person asking was like. Hey have you ever or Hey. Have you ever like like a? Have you ever like Melissa? Fuck you fuck away. From me was he was a friend of yours. No just some guy that I met to make. Arrangements for his bed loved one. Cause I'll be honest that that's a question James and I would totally ask you if we were hanging out together. Just a bust your balls but the fact that somebody asked you in the middle of setting stuff up is probably you just popped me on that. That's yeah record. Jane One of the First Questions. He did ask me. 'cause that's James when I got this job whatever all fucking thirteen fourteen years ago Asked me you done a coal pat and I had no idea the puck you talk about. He was a reference to sons of anarchy. Here's by the way there's something you don't want on your Google search history. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah a lot more mad. I want my google but Yeah Lisa which is what the cold bag because it was usual but it's it's it's grabbing a a a a debt burden is what a call has anybody wondered. I actually didn't all add that to a cold patting all that right next to knowing that a dirty Sanchez's that was another one. I didn't need to know so. Thanks for that Ryan. Oh Rusty trombone that I didn't need or couching those by the way if you're listening to this with your child a actually questioned your parenting and long before now. If your abilities are delicate it reminds me of when when my wife and I went to see dead pool and I. I was really excited. I think my wife was excited and all of a sudden I hear this high pitch. Hey Dad what's this movie about type of thing? I don't remember exactly what he said and I'm like I talked to my wife's like I turn around. It's a fucking kid. He can't be under eight. And then there's I know we talked about this before. And there's a scene. I don't remember it could be two minutes could be five minutes for basically it's Ryan Reynolds and I can't remember the late chicks and they're basically having sex for like Barabbas car gaffer an entire season. I'm thinking that alone was gonna make the little kid asking. Why Ryan Reynolds was on top of the lady so I wanted to I so why. The lady was behind Ryan Reynolds Cheese. There's a whole lot more questions. Yeah yeah yeah the Cana work. Hey Hey dad is she like ace Ventura. The bad guy Now let me ask you this like like you. Me and James Have always been pretty similar in. It'd be Mount Movies and watch and then media that we'd consumed for our lives You had to have started watching you know the the classic of you know kids. Watch the rated R movies when he was done. What as to that? Start What what is what did your parents not give a shit anymore. See Violence was never really a big thing for my parents. The only thing they were questionable was the nudity are particular. I remember this vampire movie and this chick was getting on and I remember my parents hiding my eyes but I think the move right they just reached over and cover your eyes when there's when there's a part like and they were like mom probably was pretty quick on the draw it right it on sometimes really depend on depend on the movie Sometimes they would see it and they go. We need to watch it. I I remember seeing like the movie. Red Scorpion. I probably somebody ever kick you out halfway through like they just like. Oh No never mind. I think my parents at that point would have to stop the movie. They would have never kicked out. I was probably watching. Pg Thirteen rated are probably somewhere in eighty six. I was probably a little kid. Depending I'd say late eighty s to mid eighties is when I was probably watching rated R movies right. I mean what age not US hold on like. This is gonNA sound ridiculous but I gotta get calculator. Really bad it. I'm fried. It's been a long day hold on. Yeah 'cause I figure I was about. Maybe maybe ten eleven years old. When my parents there was a little bit of veiled like okay? We know he's watching. But we're not gonNA say anything but then all of a sudden we're watching movies together. I was probably ten eleven and cover my eyes nudity. Sometimes they would. Have you know thought a movie with something and then have we do like okay? Nevermind matter of fact the one. I absolutely remember them with that was From Dusk 'til Dawn Is I'm sure you remember. There's one half that movie just one thing. I haven't seen that movie in a long time. I was probably SI- anywhere between six and eight. I'd probably say seven thousand nine hundred eight probably seven. Plus or minus. I was fairly young when I was watching movies. Like that I I I remember certain points in certain movies where they kicked me out you know and I had to go like speaking walk layer of mud. I don't I don't remember my parents ever kicking me out. My parents would usually if I remember correctly knowing them they probably just turn it off and say and I'd like come on. It's like you know we're done. You know you need to watch this or they would never kick me out that wasn't really their modus operandi My Dad's credit movie. My Dad's always been really big in the movies One of the things. I'm looking forward to taking my son when I feel. He can sit still long enough in a theatre is taking him see movies. I don't know just because the way movies are two day. I don't know if he'll be seeing radar movies the same age. I did Just because I think the violence is a little bit more in your face depending on the movie versus even Eighties Action Movies depending on which one weren't really as bad as someone out. Say just graphic wise. Yeah like for example. What diehard is Ajar Wick? Oh yeah you know like there? There's some incredible differences. They're relatively kind of the same style of move. Unity mean this guy. And he's killing people and there's blind there's things and there's there's curse word then you know adult content as they say yes needs a far different movie John Wick. That's in your face but you know there's a certain age where a certain rated R. movie would be would be fine. You know so I was thinking I can imagine the type of parrot that I'd be fine with them bringing their kids devil You know but it is a type of parent that has a type of kid you know not every kid is going to be receptive to that. Not Every parent is going to be equipped to handle that sort of conversation with their kids. I think I'll be honest. I think I would say personally. See that movie. You definitely have to be over ten years old because there's just too much content that I don't even think I don't know now I think about it. I think you if you if you skip the sex scene and a few other things. It's really not that violent of a movie. It's more of like the scenes with his hands. It's the sex scene besides that it's actually a fairly clean movie. Now that I think about it the languages which would have done about again very deadpool. The for example I was thinking. Oh Yeah Yeah No. Yeah 'cause he's a very light artists family kind of movie but Tom. Green me out of the way to not be that that Tom. Green movie has more iffy scenes in it. I think Deadpool does Tom Green movie is something you never tell your mom. I saw like I remember seeing. I saw Indiana Jones and the last crusade in the theater so I definitely saw that. Were if not if that however that movie's pretty good. I'm not on thinking about it like so you think about moving. This is what I'm thinking. I'm thinking Louis Movies today. Like you're saying with John Wick show more blood and guts versus. Even though they were shooting guns and people died. It was almost a throwback to the the white hat and black hat cowboy movies. It was a lot of the time it was suggested more than than done like die hard. He Fell Nowadays. He probably would have had his head blown off and then his corpse would fall. You know if they're making it if anything. I just want my kid to hide the gun handling skills. You know what I mean. And nothing that he's gonNA walk out dual wielding forty five and fucking you know. Blow everybody off their feet. You got to be realistic about these things. Yeah I know a great way to solve that. Take the kid paint balling depending on what age he is. That'll that'll that'll solve it or I would love my son to get into. Oh God what are they? Air Soft Air Soft looks fun. It doesn't hurt as much as a paintball is from what little I've played and yeah no they don't. They don't hurt that they can but you know. Hey whatever. It's an older version earth. I think I would. I think it'd be. I think there's a great video. Fuck man remind me later did off. I'll I'll find there's a there's a This Japanese kid who does air soft right like competitive they have like all these these courses same thing anybody can think of what paintball you can do the hyper realistic version of air saw. Anybody who doesn't know it's it's Basically replica of real firearms did hold a lot more. Db's than than would you know nine mill but Still Load in a magazine and you charge the magazine itself. Usually with like a propeller he's in you can have these extra magazines that you just dump and then you load a new one very similar. We're real firearm. And the mechanics are the same still has the slide Still has the same safety action trigger pulls obviously a bit light but whatever you fucking thirteen year old doing a show There's this kid anyway. Who has never fired a real gun in his wife and has done competitive offer a while they brought this kid out to Texas. You know one of these shootings channels Brought him out to Texas to shoot a gun for the first time in at the training. School this kid fucking mocked or discourse dude. I mean is fucking reloaded skilled alone were something to behold any shooter on the planet would be like. Okay no fucking kills well. Because it's an how quickly he picked up how to manage recoil in and Change Carter. Positions was fucking effortless because it was something amazing watch. This kid was reasonably as long as you're not getting the K. Mart special. They're fairly realistic. I was doing so I had a friend who had one of the dance some weight to a man. Like there's something to it. You don't have the weight when load the magazine. That's the different parts you know. It doesn't add all that extra but heavyweight too. I remember I went somewhere. Gyms might have been a halloween thing. I don't remember this kid. Had A I think it was a Galil is an Israeli firearm. And he kept bragging about. This is just like the rate of the wheel. One this is just like the rear one and you just real one and kept bragging about that and I had to tell him that case so What's a shoe arts else? Air Soft? Yeah I don't care if it weighs the same it's not the same. It was one of those things that you had the the down. I know he probably spend two grand on it. But this is like you need to lower. Your expectations of reality was amazing. James's brother when I had my first house came to my door having air soft and he was shooting at me and I literally. I took one of air. Soft gun kept hitting the finger every time I hit him. He's like oh how. How and like two and a half years later we still finding those red fucking pellets. All over my house. You know what I mean. Here's the thing is is A lot of people talk shit about like dry fire. You know like if you just WanNa Kinda get mechanic down on something. You know the standard conventional wisdom's you go and you you fucking rounds downright. You know. We'll dry dry fires only bad if you have like twenty two because it's a rim fire. It's not particularly good for it. You can get. I actually have one for one of my firearms little caps. You actually load them into your magazine. Sure not carry right. Yeah it allows you allows you to chamber the round and dry fire. But generally they don't recommend especially in rim fire to to dry fire because it's not particularly good for the firearm But yeah but here's here's what I was GONNA say is is. You could basically get an ever talked. Pistol the ways the same. Roughly you know what I mean and and actually get the blow back sort of action. It's not gonNA be the same sort of recoil you're managing but if you're trying to get the mechanics of something like a reload out or or you know discipline you know things like that. It's a great Puckett work around for not being able to go to a rain garden. The problem is air soft people quote unquote get fucking weird about it. The thing the thing I don't understand with soft people and and I'll be completely honest just being a gun guy is i. Don't get dressing up like they'll spend thousands of dollars and by the way. I'm not making fun of you to pack the cool button. Dan Guy that just like like okay. That's cool you know maybe with the holder and I'm not making fun of you. I'm not making any of you guys. If it's your thing it's your thing I i WanNa make sure you guys know that. There's plenty of stuff you can make fun of me about but I just don't understand fucking the the the CAMMO. The vast the hats I don't get it. Yeah real hardcore with it. I mean like full-blown Gilly suit dude. Damn you know and to be fair good and it is a fun looking fucking kind of thing. It just really seems like lurking to me. I can't get around it and then it's just meet. Maybe it's my prejudice. Feels like phone swords. And and let's go out and so an editor with with Michael honestly if I was geared if I was bent towards that particular predilection. It wouldn't bother me either. 'cause lopping kind looks fun because it's basically it's a live action. Rpg. I'm not really big to dressing up but honestly if I could see if I was the person into air soft I could see being in the in the cost play. And 'cause it's so you know look into certain corn. I can get a certain bit of it like okay. You go out air soft in one day and you got one got like artists come by guys with Full Auto. Let me go. Get One of those okay. I only got two pockets back pockets. I've been working with our. It'll be a little belt Mack. Okay my fucking finger getting shot. Let me get some gloves. Like I can see a natural workup. Let me get some kneepads of crawling. Around these stupid Bush's I can. I can get the sort of progression of indeed. The instincts grew to a little accessory crazy. Yeah it's it's like the guy it's like the doctor who buys a Harley he's like well let me get a pair boots okay let me get chaps and it's the same thing so there's this website I found called it's ev. K. E. DOT com. No idea how to pronounce it. So here's an store in my home town of it with a one year year. So here's an air soft. It looks like an M. for a are it's nine hundred seventy three dollars. It's five points factor will go by a real one for that. It's five point five pounds actual heft to it but yeah I was Gonna say for for nearly a thousand dollars you can get the real one and because Jeff because air prices have dropped so low you can get a pretty decent one. Well you can't in California anymore but a couple of years ago you might have I. I don't know realistically I'M FOR ANYBODY. Getting outdoors in having fun at this point. I don't really care what you do who you are who you do it with a respectful. Don't give a shit Yeah well one of the things. I'm so pissed off about it The fucking whole Kobe. Thing is I can't go to the GODDAMN RENAISSANCE. Fair was fucking Shit. Do my wife and I hit old timey drunk. My wife and I have always wanted to go to that one and every time we look for one that's in a local area. It's like Oh yeah go to the renaissance. Far It's behind the the the the safe way and it's like. Oh yeah this is like oh I know where that is or or or you look at the Google maps. I'm going why is it that Safeway in that location and I'm GonNa have to carry a real sword if I don't WanNa get mugged in that area Yeah the one they do down here they would do it for probably thirty forty years and it it's It's Fuck I've I've always one of the. I've got a bucket list for it to stop. I WANNA go to like I get made fun of. I think James makes fun of me. I always wanted to see the ballet so I took my wife one year to see the nutcracker because it's literally something I have always wanted to see. I want to go a couple of more time because I don't get it. I understand where it's cool I. I'd do the same thing for opera. I think I think I would give that a shot. Just just to say that. I was like cultured or whatever I do totally like. I don't get the methodist storytelling on on on it. 'cause I I was watching it was on. The Nutcracker is trying to pick it apart. I don't get it. I don't understand this but it was real fun I want to see. What is it? The something masks the Phantom or fuck what the hell my mind's going right now. I want to see family opera. That's that's one of the ones on my on my list of things to see Renaissance Fair like stuff. That just looks fun. I mean I've been to like one of the world's largest airshows that's I want to go back at some point. Yeah do have always wanted to go to an air. Show never done this yet. Oh so yes you get a chance to go rent pairs fucking fun even if you just walk around with like your kids and and you know by a wooden sword fucking shit too. It's fucking good time. I get even if you just like Beja raking. It's great fuck dude as just as a SMART ASS. I WanNa going address. That'd be awesome in a corporate. If you ever get a chance and I don't know why you would ever be here because it's on the opposite end of the country check out the OSHKOSH air show. It is effing amazing. It's one. It was the time I went. It's an Oshkosh Wisconsin. Ever heard of oshkosh b`Gosh the clothing line. Yeah it's or it's in Oshkosh Wisconsin. I think they were. I think we were issued that shit when we were kids in the suburbs. So the Oshkosh Airshow I. It's it's fucking amazing. You gotTa love airshows. I love old planes If you've ever been to Dc Checkout Aerospace Museum. It's the only one I've been to I love fucking planes right my hometown over here. San Gabriel. Actually think it's Rosemead tech technically but anyway There is a museum that I pass for fucking thirty years. You know as long as I've I've lived here And in is this little museum. It's the most overgrown rust bucket. He fucking. You know museum ever all outdoor but it's all old school artillery. That's bad like they have like. Og Hours Thurs from you know. Probably like a Korean War and and whatnot an old Armored personnel carriers and tanks. And they're just all like again it kind of sitting out there sort of roughing with the weeds growing up around her treads and whatnot. But we're going to go there one day. I'm sure they got some gems place. I wonder if they're all D- milled. That would be a shame. But it's probably requirement Gary Hart because if I remember the loss correctly you could have a standard cannon. That's not a breech loader so a breech loader being you know you do something in the back into the Canon is removed. You can't have a breech loader. Yeah you can have a standard cannon do that a lot of these things have been there. Long enough to be grandfathered into whatever new things there. Are you know probably just cement? Down the barrels. Oh that hurts even more. I'd rather have it D- milled because at least you can fix the de Mille. Oh what he just broke my nose. The you know the guy that does Dell ranch Yeltsin ranch yeah He has a video recently. Where you take a high point pistol you know about these shots. Yeah fiber myself but but I know this story is being forced made A high took a picture. Highpoint pour cement down the barrels puerto budget shutdown mantra payrolls and see that. They are seeing that. They were clear and cycle Even the cement concrete barrel weird in cycles out of a high point. That's funny I just something tells me that that I could get a shell into the back of that of breach. I get that Barra clear. Hopefully you're next to when you try fire you have some sort of remote string right to say that that has potential for you to show up on a Darwin award stand behind them like prep bars or something with a string and if you talk James in two of those extra points to it being pocket wanted to pull the streets man refrigerator that'll be good like Another one of the bucket list items. That was for me as I got to see the Louvre in Paris. This a bunch of little stuff I WANNA see in. It's it's funny that the older I get now is just like Shit. I want to do with my son like a bunch of movies. I WANNA watch with my son. I'm really hurting. I can get him into anime because my wife rolls her eyes and and I don't blame her. I mean realistically. Most people aren't insanely anime. Craze animation nuts. Like I am. I've never seen a style of animation that I dislike. As if you've watched us you you you watch a couple episodes of real flex reviews you'll find out Yeah you know just the idea that you that you have this sort of sort of You know captive audience for lack of a better term. We'll get there like curate. Those things for like. Oh I'm going to give them a sort of a best of of what I've seen throughout my life. You know part of it for me is a voice somewhat. Been a loner to some degree I mean I think if you knew James Brian I would not be a big surprise at all. Three of us are very similar in some ways. We all need our own time But I love. I love the medium of animation. One of the limitations to me of live action is. You can't do certain things I it's when you do live action well at the very least. Yeah well I mean like if you do if you do live action you have to make seem real. It's like wrestling. There's a difference between having a tight punch and wrestling or the Dude Mrs. By the guy by a mile and the guy reachs right With with cartoons and animation. You can do all sorts of things and because it's the guy that boundary breaking when it gets to the things and yeah. It's whatever you walk. Wherever you can imagine your mind you could make it was because you're not expecting reality in a cartoon. I can name a handful of cartoons. I can't wait to show home. It's the lensman. Secret lands was one of the first anime I ever saw the first anime ever sobbing. Vampire Hunter d back when they used to do japan-american Sundays on the SCIFI CHANNEL. Akira There's a couple of the ones I want to show him. But just because the nature of the cartoon. I can't until you know well because if you watch any age animation for anybody out there who's never seen it eighties. Animation is at least the ones that came over in America were semi questionable. There's a lot of a lot of naked cartoon boobs at a lot of cussing and I doubt they were in the Japanese version but for some reason they're in the American version cyber CD. Oh by the way is Another one of my favorites. I love the cyberpunk the cyber the cyberpunk kind of visuals if you take a look at like eighty police that has that man machine eighty. Cyborg vibe going on which is fricking cool. I don't know if you've seen in these animism naming off I mean and you know dad or let's see another one of my all time. Favorites is record of the loss war. On if you there's a little bit of a continuation alleging Dalia record. Lotus war is hard the hard edge fantasy. It's basic it's actually based off a game. The rider had So it's slow but it's just this amazing build up in It's amazing aura. Bubblegum Crisis Twenty. Forty eight one. But there's women shopping than lingerie and it's not something I want to explain to a young kid to be honest even eight years old. I don't particularly have a feel like having any explanation of what boobs are because it it eight. You have an idea. Well actually now. They might know considering that faster to has the cell phone. Did EIGHT YEARS. Old is showing all this kid's nudie pictures by the way fuck you if you're one of those parents. Give their kid iphone for some reason at eight years old. You need to cut that crap out. No Kid deserves that. Yeah no kid deserves an curated internet an unfiltered Internet before a certain age. The scares the not like it's not like it. They don't deserve that. I'd outfitted every kid for a little bit longer. Yeah that was my conversation with somebody and I don't remember who it was but they're saying I was more or less kind of Fuddy duddy. It's like it looked. Their kid. Wants wants the bloom is off the rose. It never goes back. I don't care you don't become an adult. You're twenty five if you actually look at the material of human shit lead. Yeah Man I I got this fantasy. That like like my kids would have like Like this goonies style group of friends. You know what I mean that they just roll off on their bicycles with you know go have like little adventures until like high school and then they you know whatever high school still do and then figure out you know what I mean. Yeah I'm sure if future fucking version of kids that's going to bug the crap Outta me. I'll dude I've I I still as an adult wish. I had those band of brothers type of thing. It gets worse being an adult with everybody. Working in you know nobody calling even people. I'm close to. I never fucking talked to at this point in time. I think jams is one of the closest friends I have and the reason I see him or talked to him. Weekly is because the fucking podcast and that's literally it. We're so we're so busy that I don't remember the last time James and I hung out outside of doing the podcast and Ryan lives in. No Way am I say in the middle of nowhere because I live in the middle of nowhere and I feel better about it if I say it. You're yeah gotta be feeling pretty good right now. You know with With all the DIP I. I'm not expecting their your your tiny Fucking ovulation forty eight pounds empires in my county. There's fifteen cases. I actually drive an hour. Two words fuck out here. No on this fifteen cases no deaths. Two of the cases the people actually never went into Into the county. I do however work in our from my house and there's been like six deaths in that area so I'm a little worried about getting it because a dour. I don't particularly want to die from this but if it's just me I at least can live to some degree knowing that it was just me versus if I merck my life. I'm going to be pissed right or your parents or anybody that you WANNA come in contact with any of those things might my little boy. I say I'm not a violent person but the older I get and when my son's involved or my children's involved I have a hard time controlling it. But like for some reason some look if some jackass coughed and my son's face. There's a good chance I'm just GONNA walk up like you know what's funny is. I've been waiting to start. Hearing those stories like led the panic set in with people in this weird and start hearing those stories of course attack for coughing. Here's the thing though is I did of hearing those stories about forty minutes before you called. I'm seeing stories of of people being arrested or purposely going into stores and coughing on the produce Some kid got arrested in some place for putting on I think on facebook whatever but when you where he lived all the fucking like the ones displayed there in the in. The grocery store just ran a strong across like thirty fucking deodorant and my in my the only person that hopes he get some sort of disease. That's not you know that like somehow he gets a titus or or GONNA react attempted murder and and I want to do any five to life. I saw somewhere. I think it was the. Us officials were considering charging people with terrorism. That did stuff like that. And I'm one hundred percent met sent him the Gitmo right next seriously. You deserve to be working waterboarded if you fucking. Shit fucking funny and this was on the last week the last week. It's a couple of weeks ago. The last podcast. We did Ryan James and I were talking about this and one of the things I brought up is. I'm hoping that this kind of unites the country the example I gave us right after nine. Eleven you know you had people you know of different parties sitting together banging on drums. You know smoking weed and Sing Kumbaya on nowadays for some reason because trump that trump derangement syndrome. That dude has an amazing ability to piss everybody off fucking sycophantic and psychopathic. And I'm hoping that this brings the world a little bit what I'd I I'd seen more of the other side and more of the and not as I'm not going to be one of those people that says like Oh despite trump we've all come together and whatnot. I look at him. Almost as a non issue like is Is a zero sum game like you? He's GonNa do stuff and you gotTa do other stuff. But it's everybody else's sort of acting as if he's not around. You know which I should happen by the way. I'm sorry you said the thing is I've seen everybody. Kinda come together and sort of you know. Rally a little bit in in slowly was like in my own neighborhood You know the people that were just like shitting real. He has slowly come around to all of a sudden at all the the places. I have to stop throughout the day. Or whatever there's tape on the ground like a like the gas stations and you know six feet you know where people staying away from each other. And they're trying to mitigate it as much as possible all the companies like we were talking about earlier porn hub and these benesch in groups saying no no. No we got this stuff. We're here to help you know I think it is coming together in that. Same SORT OF POST. Nine Eleven got away. I really hope that after this is over and realistically nobody knows what the United States the world's going to look at look like I mean we could be in the second great depression or we could be after World War Two But I'm hoping because this world downgrade the first Great Depression and we call this now the first Great Depression and we call that when the Bitch Slap Great Depression. It'll be the Great Depression. Redux react like we were wrong. Kale was wrong when we call that the Great Depression. This is the Great Depression that was a mediocre the price and it'll be like apocalypse now read. It has forty five minutes of extra footage. Nobody can get through I. I really hope so I know in my life. I have people who like politically are I. Jokingly say the left Pol Pot I mean. They're they're so politically different from me. That it's almost amusing like how far politics are and it and I my wife thinks they're and other people I know like James can't stand one of them and I'm like you know I love them because a they're different than me. They have different politics. I I I couldn't be married to him That would be polygamy But I love him because the fact that they're generally nice and sweet people and they have different viewpoints. I may not agree on anything they say but I love the argument of the conversation. And I'm really hoping that you this kind of reunites the two sides I will say though if you're listening to this. Thank you for listening By the way stop listening to ABC NBC Fox News. Stop listening to all the alphabet channels. Because most of the time they're full of shit the left leaning ones are trying to stoke the flames of of how bad trump is still the few conservative ones doing the opposite. Stop fucking listening to him. You make your life a whole lot better if you realize. They're just full of shit pretty much. However I saw the Washington Post praise was appraised. Trump was praised conservative one of the Conservatives or something the Conservatives doing and Republicans and it's a blew my mind it's like I never thought I'd see the Washington the WAC poed to pray. Something trump did I was like I was like even if it was horse. Shit I never understood how people don't get that tactic of. Hey Man I'm gonNA call out every single good thing that you do. Because when I call out of baton people are going to believe. Hey this guy is always on the side of this person. So they're saying shitty things about this person. It must be fuck in you. Know he's got no reason that the lies calling all the good thing one of the reasons it's like when Fox News talk show about trump. They're like like Oh man they really fucked up. I I so hate the way news has to be. I mean maybe it was always the same way with Walter Cronkite But I hate the fact if you really want a new that. No the new store. You gotta be like my cousin. You gotTa Watch Fox News. Cnn Al Jazeera BBC News for you gotta read six other articles half of them in another language to find out what the truth is. It's like I don't have time. I barely have time to hang out with my son who I love. I don't care about the fucking news right. Let's see who should I do? Should hang out with my wife and talk about by day or read the most depressing fucking thing ever see him. Hey honey you know I just fucking crazy. The Shit nowadays is nuts and it's gotten worse since the beer viruses is everybody. You're either seeing Kumo or hyperbolic but it's gotten everybody. Forget about politics for ten bucks a minute which you know. Hey Cool I am so. I am so looking forward to like politics. Not being an issue anymore if that ever happens because it's amazing when I was a kid. I know right when I was a kid to a teenager to when I got out of college. I don't remember anybody ever saying. Hey Are you Republican Democrat. Which has come up in conversations in the last five about before anything. They're they're asking your your political spectrum or if for some reason a conversation comes up with politics and like I'm not a big trump fan but I maintain of everybody. You know solve all. I'll say I don't you know. The Tangerine Chattering Tornado did this and they get like a fan like you stab their mother. It's it's ridiculous. They'll Meta praise trump or Barack Obama or biden. You're probably as some people just WANNA wave a flag man. You know what if you'RE GONNA wave a flag choose a different fucking flag. I mean instead of politics how `bout LGBT. I know they have. They need tremendous now. Whether you agree with what the fuck they're doing. That community needs help. How `bout wave that flag health. I just read. Something with the transgendered has the transgender community has Incredibly high unemployment rate versus the Standard Society or gun rights or animal rights. There's something other than motherfucking politics. Please because if WANNA know the truth the politicians don't believe the shit you're actually spouting. They may set it but they don't believe it. Yeah get a Hobby. Fuck make pictures of cartoon porn it. It's got to be more productive than waving the flag eight. How much better contribute to society? Fuck Dude it's it's it's just it's just nuts like how bad it got like this stupid and we're actually way over time but the single trump was just ridiculous and it was it was ridiculous. Did trump do if he shit? Of course all politicians do iffy shit. But let me tell you guys something if I really hope and this is my opinion. I want all politicians all presents from now on to be watched is much as trump. Does I wanted I? I tell you what I want. I want the police body Cam version like in Congress. Oh Fuck you you know. Here's that'd be great. Let me just body cams for politicians. Here's my idea I want. I want to know how many squares of toilet paper the politicians if it comes out of the pocket of the of the People. I want to know how many square toilet paper. How many soaps they use if there's little machine selling tampons and the the Congress congressional women's Room I want to know how many tampons are being. I want everything I want. Their lives stoops. So fucking annoying with how much information is generated by their personal lives. They realized their answerable to somebody. You're right yeah. That's the whole idea of American politics. You know become popularity contest and other thing even distractions in all of that which we did that. We don't have time to go with you as a person who's never been particularly popular. I don't particularly understand politics that way. Like the like the whole trump being so popular. It's like am I. The only person who's conservative. Who can see the mets sightings guy? The only people that are that are fucking like like like boating is. Is the the the the die hard weird one? This is play like sports. You know like like the rest of us can't be bothered you know and and actually then we got shocked. Did News turned into entertainment? You know when we couldn't be bothered to watch the Walter Cronkite. The fucking world of giving real news will turn into you know ninety eight percent op. Ed I you know. Nobody watches the seven o'clock news. They watch DON LEMON OR TUCKER. Carlson is they. Don't fuck real new look like anymore. I like some of the stuff tucker. Carlson plane were to blame for needing to be funding entertained. All go dancing. I realized that this was fucked when people were watching the daily show for real news. And I'm like I know quite a number. I mean. Look if that I got no problem with those years. The reason they didn't have that gives you the colonel to WanNa look into. Hey I wonder if that's a thing going on that thing that he just made a joke about. Oh is that really your thing that's happening and look into it a little bit more. If that gives you some sort of a starting off point cool you know a lot of people? Don't have time to look into every little bit and so it's you know it's curated version but obviously for comedy but there is that subset of people that like like no everything that he says is true even the jokes and they were spouted off as if it's not a joke and different so I'm rambling. No no I mean 'cause we gotta go but before we go. I want to say something that I've noticed this. Anybody else seemed like the cove. Add Corona Beer Virus. Seeing kind of seems like a movie because it reminds me a lot of the the yeah. The plot of twelve monkeys If anybody sees Bruce Bruce Willis. I kind of liked the twelve monkeys. Sing minus the whole post apocalyptic nightmare thing after the fact Right yeah I actually changed my facebook logo to The pitcher actually the twelve monkeys logo. Yeah well last week I figured is winning when it was supposed to cut to three years later and then like the whole city is empty. And nobody's left their house so yeah well no just like there's nobody left alive like everyone's dad and there's like one guy bill trying to solve now that's a way to end a podcast lace. Leave you on a dour. Note a make sure you check out the Art Institute of Chicago Ryan was saying for those Hi Rez amazing images. All I can recommend y'all is is be safe This totally sucks your fucking hands and say the fuck away from me yet but yeah stay six feet away from people. Wash your hands. Wash your hands constantly coughing your elbow and if you cough into somebody's face. Expect to wake up with a machine beeping right next to you. Because that's what's going to happen. You're going to wake up in the next patient. So Ladies and gentlemen for the killing those who produce shelby hanged by the neck until dead. I'm okay with that I'm totally okay You know the old school to quote the bad guy from the the bad guy from Robin Hood in the nineties. Use a spoon. You're more lazy. Jennifer the California Pariahs. Jonathan Charney and Ryan Preston as always. Thank you for listening.

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