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Local Hour: David Samson


We've got something to celebrate. We've got something to celebrate its Roy's birthday. Birthday froze birthdays on seven eleven. We have the mics birthday my birthday was Christmas birthdays birthday. Oh, I need to stop doing that. What I do by the way, no matter what the first word you say is I'm always in the background like. No bring that energy, constantly because I feel like I just do it no matter what it'd be like, we have a show today. I dig it. Listen like if he were to say, like, oh my God. I wasn't gonna use my example, because it's too soon. But if you were to say something bad. I think he just wants to bring the energy and I appreciate you for doing that we have to celebrate that the Marlins or five and five and their last. Moreover, they've won five in a row. Five in a row baseball over is not true. I heard that in the sports flash before us. They are not the hottest team in big. It's not all in baseball. It's all of sports. Yes. Bolts, our national and ra-rationale the National League except the warriors, and the Boston Bruins now what do you mean semantics? You mean semantics, right? Right. That's playoffs. How many rose seven? Yeah. But that doesn't count because they have like extended breaks between games. So that's not a. Yeah. And the warriors honestly that's about to expire also. Yeah, you can't take four days off and considered a win streak. You don't count Liverpool. No. What football who will about football would six football? Yeah. That's very last season. That's very sketchy. Right now. Everyone's win streak is at zero because the recess. That's right. All right. Hit streak team in the world. Okay. What about the Oakland Athletics that doesn't count because there's a suspended game in the middle of that. Yeah. And everybody knows there's a suspended game win streak ends. Yeah. Everyone knows that. Yeah, that's Oakland if you remember in the mid two, thousands, they had that, like thirty game winning exact. So what like what are they really great good point? Fine. Hottest team in the War, I was winning streak back in those days. Remember that Oakland as twenty MC. L hotta. Hotta was only twenty two. Thirty. The marlins. They're the closest team to doing that except for the Oakland A's, but they already did have one one more because of the suspended game. Yeah, I keep hearing you and I don't understand how that. National League national, he's we can set on that hottest team in the National League Lissette, where you go to see like if you go to MLB dot com. Let's see what they say because I saw the woman so have this same issue, where he was tweeting that out yesterday. The day before when they had four games ago, its longest win streak. And then someone corrected him with the as and he's like, well, no, I checked the MLB app. And that's it said two games. So I think we have to that speaking of woman, I saw he tweeted yesterday. This is the Marlins longest winning streak since two thousand sixteen. Yeah. That's I mean, we're pretty. We're pretty good in two thousand sixteen right? Yeah. See look be dot com has the as winced, you get sixteen. Did they finished with a winning record or? No, no. They finished with a losing record. But they were in you caught wildcard fever there for a little bit in August, right? Yeah. Fell apart. Well, so all those season had something that happened it. Yeah. Sixty the quote unquote best outfield in baseball. They never won five in a row with that team. Yeah. But the season hang on areas probably is suspended game in there somewhere. The season was already lost by the time the Jose thing happened, right? Really? I mean, sort of but that definitely Labor Day Labor Day weekend. Get happy. And it happened before the Browns were in. I was into that. Dolphin. I want to at Sunday, Brown softened. It was the saddest tailgate. I know like I'm not saying that it's a joke, it was legitimately. We were all sitting around like wanting to tailgate. And then we're all just like, you know, you'd be lost a local sports, who who is insane. Remember that your eyes are tearing up that day was like legitimately like waking up to text. I remember I was Andy Slater. All that tweet. And I was just like way, too, like it was that was crazy, man. So the Marlins have a third of their wins for the season in the last five games. That's pretty good. It's pretty excellent. They've played how many games total Dave played forty six games. Let's call it forty okay. So the last. Fifty fifty. Yeah, we're running down. We're going around down, call at forty. Order of their season there five hundred go there a five hundred team for a quarter of the season, lean a quarter of the season, it would be ten games the last ten, they're five and five. Run me through that math again. I wasn't paying attention. He's rounding down to forty forty games realized by rounding down. You're removing a five one record. Yes. No. Yeah. We didn't say which five games removing which Forty-six they've played forty six game. They're six there. We're not gonna count the weight. They've. The. And you're, you're okay. Find civically cutting off the one we'll find. We'll round up they've played fifty games. And they've won twenty of them if we're rounding twenty percent of their games. They're a five hundred team boom. That's a fact. To what do we owe this turnaround pitching? Yep. Pitch even Goodman, simple mad bats. They've started giving their pitchers run support macho Marlins man macho Marlins fan is man, I have a state for my man. Smith loves it. I saw Caleb Smith on riposted. I have a story for much more orlands, man that I can't tell on the air and he's not even aware of but I was I was cooking something up for macho Marlins man. And it didn't end up panning out, but it would have been great. Now. I can't I really can't say it. I love macho Marlins early. It's great around. But actually, honestly, I was thinking last night that we should have to celebrate this winning streak Adam onto that. Yeah. If macho Marlins they went today don't have the talk back on because we have all the microphones. But macho Marlins man is within the sound of my voice, it would love to talk Cheltenham, calebs visit embraced up, but he hasn't embraced. Dr k. Who? Somebody see they wanted to talk a little loans. Bee's. The hottest team in major league baseball boys year getting up rooms out, what's the kid? Picking on these thirties. Go sweep 'em on today. Get the old silver fucks driven. Richard resume resume got gray hair at twenty four years old and living out there today. Year this rotation coming into the Billy Gillam rate, you oh my God. I can't believe he knows my name sandy me we get the same. We get the Texas rattlesnake Galeb with the south bull year. Don't forget arena. Sometimes he's good. Sometimes it's all right. You need that veteran presence day. Given forget about my favorite. Bob blue. No further questions being, gene. Oh, thank you macho Marlins much knows. My name is it true? Celebrities become a big deal. Rallying cry. See last season. I think Billy Gill was the face of the Marlins fan but much Marlins man has set this fan base ablaze when's he going to throw a first pitch or something? When is much all my God. They need to have them there on wrestling night, don't they have arresting night every year. Macho Marlins man needs to make that appearance much Marlins man is honestly the face that I associate most with Marlins baseball right now. It's not even close. Keep doing what you're doing much Marlins. Man fighting the good fight. Hey, congratulations, Sichuan Howard. I feel like the nasty boys are more Orleans wrestling night every year, right? Yeah. The nasty boys. Did you watch wrestling with the nasty boys? We're like doing their thing. Chris, I think so which one were they, they were. They were the nasty boy, knobs and Skaggs. Yeah. Or is it sag? Yeah. I remember that Skaggs. They did a thing where like they'd rub. The person's like facing. Yes. Finishers them in public enemy. Remember public enemy. Yeah. Knobs and sags I met knobs not too long ago. Really? Yeah. Here's Rick regular birthday. He's friends with HOGAN right, like, yeah, pretty close with him. Job. You had a topic you had a topic which was like famous celebrity encounters. You wanted to get off the ground if we're going to be honest. That's what I was going to say. When, when I was giving example of things that he would say that, you just like, yeah. Like all excited. I was going to be like, if my came on it was like RIC flair died. You'd just be like. Oh, yeah. And then I realized it's too soon because Rick flair good. He's home. You. Thanks, everybody for the prayers. He's all good any Texan. Woo. With five os. So that's how I know. That's a standard. The five dollars, right? He has that just on paste. Not. Marty smith. I think said this RIC flair is indeed very particular about how lose represent what they are because when they were down here, the first time when he was visiting the studio, his handler, guy was like when you tag or whatever make it five. Yeah. Five os. And he's big on the emojis. He's big on like the the by biceps flex emoji by flex by flex. That's I did a Chris Cody thing. It's catching on is it like Heinz is doing a whole campaign now or the combining ranch in mayo. It's like at a radio right? Like, I don't know. There's a bunch of them. Like I saw there's, there's ranch and mayo bigger fan of it might not be that exact combination but they're doing a bunch of mayo chip. Yeah. Mayo chup. Yeah. But that's not what you do, Chris. Right. You just ridiculous letter from a word that goes before the second one of you replace. A first letter in the second copied him, it's not at all the same Kranj sauce, ketchup, braille must. And may and must do and mayo and barbecue. That's not what you do. It's in the same room. Well, it says it in the name Kranj sauce. That's Chris thing that, that actually falls in line with what Chris does. Dave Matthews band shirt. Yeah. Are you a proud of that? And I know I honestly I was going to put a jacket on for national, but thank you for bringing it up, right? That's right. No. You like Dave Matthews man. Or you I've been a Dave Matthews concert. I like a few of his songs. I am not like a huge day Matthews fan. They've Matthews fans. They bother me is that like the what's the band that everyone makes fun of there. Are they the Nickelback? Oh, they've Matthews van like they have a following just their fans are just like the worst. What are they explain their fans to me? They're just hold you know, drunk cargo shorts and flip. Flops hard go short might fit in with them cargo shorts flip. These are my modern-day shorts and a short sleeve button down, just the worst get get out of other like gator fans like gator fans, that's precisely what gate. And they only the only difference is gator fans were visors, but I imagine a gator fans when they go to the Dave Matthews band concert. They just take off their visors. And I, I used to I used to be advisory. I to I had a I had a rough you had like this month that I that I'm stylish now because I'm not saying because I was gonna say you're talking like you've come out of it. I have I had a phase, though where. Cargo shorts definitely worth thing visors when I would play golf, I'd be playing golf in cargo shorts is what you do like the gel, spiky hair out of the top of the bunk. Yeah. Yeah. As you do as you do. Okay. So you're not a Dave Matthews band fan. Now, ROY, you like cargo bands. I don't know. Oh, I empire. An so sleighs. I like empire ants. It's a good track. I know what that is. You know do. That's a song. Yeah. You're naming empire. The what? You don't even know I'm Dave Matthews guy. It's called ants marching. Oh, I'm sorry, empire and is as Rila song. So it's marching is one of the songs, it'd be like, nude had a banging man. Sorry hang on. Here. It is. There. Fiddler is good. I don't think he's still with us. Will there is a fiddler still with us. Roy. Why? Why not? Yeah. They had a member of their band die. Well, he was great per tire per per Ma. Great on the podcast, top hop. Pop aren't word association with Dave Matthews van is just bus. Poop, that's two words you never heard the story. Okay. So they were in Chicago as saxophonists is dead. Okay. So sorry, I got that one wrong fiddler still alive and kickin. So the, the story is that they're tore bus was over. What's that bridge? What's that river in Chicago, the Chicago river? There we go. Shiver. So the isn't it Scheibner should be shy? Okay. So river. I've noticed that I'd say back off and that purple tick. All right. So the Dave Matthews band. Bus was over the Chicago river. You know, the river in Chicago, and they were it was that part of the bridge that opens up, but it was sort of in the middle, and they released like all the p in all the poop while they were sitting over that bridge because they'll just go into the river blow. The bridge was a boat passing and all the p and all the Dave Matthews band. Poop fell on everybody that was riding on that boat on the Shabbir. That's my Dave Matthews van word association, more tidbits like that coming up and also David Samson David Samson is a really good topic today. He has top-five Mark Wahlberg movies, you were going to say, wow, no matter what I said, Ted, Ted to daddy's home, daddy's home two, and then what's the what's the last he's home to you? He's home to your daddy's home, two the cop movie with will Ferrell that was legitimately. Oh, yeah. The other guys that was really fun. I like the big hit which is a terrible movie. But it had an awesome shootout scene in which I think Mark Wahlberg was break dancing wildfire in off his weapon if she wants to do his worst movies to there. I think there's very, there's a lot of similarity the happening probably is the worst one. He's, I think he's locate not really low key because I think a lot of people have this take it overrated actor over. It was he thought of is a great actor. Does Mark Wahlberg? Well, like in the departed he was playing Mark Wahlberg, and that's probably his best roll like, I'm a tough guy from Boston what? Yeah. Tough guy from Boston before we go to break. We're gonna take line to Billy says I have to win it this Dave Matthews fake. Dave matthews. You are on the air. It it off. It gone to from. I did it I pulled a poach on better. Learn. Her. Outta here. Like fake Adam Sandler, not bad, though, gods here, Memorial Day might be the unofficial start to summer. 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So, in our personal record book the Miami Marlins are the hottest team in all of sports both professional and recreational or in the fact that there's a team playing in the Champions League final that is one loss all season. But that doesn't count because America's number one, they probably had to draw somewhere recently. Maybe. So things they Derek Jeter's fixed the Marlins. We're totally good there. The plan is finally coming to prove the worst human baseball anymore, either the worse, and we're only a game behind the nationals in the loss column so well, the nationals fell off at that. They've played a lot more games in the Marlins. Apparently house Bryce Harper doing in Philly. Philly's Aaron I. So I guess it worked. I don't think he's he's not hitting for a high average. He's being Bryce Harper. Yeah. But last year he didn't either. That's my point is he's, he's hitting. He's dropping bombs, but not hitting for an outlet. He'll have like one month or he's like, right. One of the best players in the world. We'll get his average from, like two thirty two to sixty eight and it's annoying. He's going to start in the all star game. Like he always does when he really shouldn't be playing in the all star game if he's hitting like to forty. He shouldn't plan. The braves. Good. Jane two-set. He's hitting thirty five. Wow. Nine home runs. Yeah, not a good year for brace. I got nothing on dolphins. OTA's congrats Alison. By the way, you have ten no thirteen more years of Bryce heading to thirty five. I do have something on the Miami Heat. So let's do the Miami Heat before David Samson joins us in the next segment. Five reason sports. They nailed it gotta go. Gotta go out. I let me say five reasons sports. Got it right. Congratulated say that I feel like you have like a feud with them. No, no. It's just they're a little knowing about credit. So I like fun at that fact. They, they mentioned they reported Juwan Howard was going to be taken the job and officially we found out late yesterday afternoon. A full day, an eternity really in the sports world after five reasons had it, I want Howard is leaving the Miami Heat coaching staff to take the job at his almo- mater, Michigan alleged water how so he was a member of the fab five well. We're looking into this because we're doing some facts finding right now 'cause they had a lot of games vacated. So if the games were vacated, they didn't count, so he may have actually never played there. I'm looking into it to see exactly how many games he played in Michigan. Officially, you may be onto something because Chris Weber's always pointed to the best player. That's not in the Basketball Hall of fame and Basketball Hall of fame takes into account, not only your professional achievements, but also your international and college achievements. And the I guess the balance of the people that fill out the ballots are like he never played in college. Which is actually not a terrible thing for Chris Webber. Because then that time out mistake that he had that never happened. You know what I'd like to make a motion. I don't know why I'm doing this is if we were in a court, but if they wanted the winds and they vacated the games and that didn't happen. Then you can't show the highlight anymore. All right. So if if the game doesn't count, and then then you can't embarrassed Chris. Ever with that. Because the game never happened, if we're gonna pretend it ever happen, you have to burn the video known cover showed again. I'm I'm with this. I don't know why I don't have the authority to actually motion accepted. I second that granted. Yeah. Motion granted, right. So it has written so shall it? Be done. Miami Heat interested in Mike Conley junior. There are some reports there, I know that the franchise has long coveted, Mike Conley junior. I read that, but I've also heard some things I'm not a reporter to the extent that five reasons is. But I've heard they I heard there were rumblings that they were trying to acquire them deadline a couple of seasons. You had that I actually I did. I had that one. I the conman, also I heard something that Brian scallop brainy out of all people reported yesterday, white Mamba. Thank you, face through God's the Miami Heat, according to Brian scallop. Greenie the Miami Heat had a deal in place for John wall. But it's weird how scale Abry and he said it was going to happen. They had a deal in place for the deadline, but they didn't just do the. Deal then, and then Walter is achilles like a month before the deadline thus blowing up any trade. Nobody has heard to give details on what the deal was going to be like, what players who's going back, I, I have heard for a couple of seasons walls, name the way that I heard Conley's name before the wall was a contract that was one of those borderline bad contracts just because he's not in the same sort of physical shape that he was in. But this was one of those players at the Miami Heat sort of coveted because he's got the talent and they're reputed, as an organization to help players progress and improve and all these famous reclamation projects that they've had, so they coveted them when you when you say that you kept hearing, these guys names that somebody in the heat, specifically tell you that, that you're not going to say, because that's your source or are you walking through the heat arena, and you just like heard a faint. Yeah. These are sources but. Early on wall. Whoa. What's going on? Are they gonna play here some day and honestly organizations talk about a bunch of players? I'm sure the Miami heater taught painting about right now. Hey, what can we put together for LeBron James is there. They've talked about Kevin Durant. But when I say that there were more seriously interested in John wall and Mike Conley junior. What does this mean for Gowran targets who can opt out? I'm not sure why he would, but Gordon Shraga each has the potential that opt out this off season. I know that they're trying every way possible to further alienate, he who shall not be named to maybe possibly hope hope against hope that he would opt out too, but he would be a certified idiot, if he opted out never you never know never a good sign when every contract, he signed people to you're just hoping that they opt out of. Yeah. Although Goren, it's not the worst thing you yourself when he came back from injury part of what happened in the heat season last year was Gordon deroga- choose injury. And when Goren Dragic came back, he was indeed the. Player on the team. Once it got fully healthy that game against the Mavericks. He just totally put you on his shoulders. He's still very good player, and that contract still has a lot of value. He could probably get the same in an open market right now at this stage in his career. The elevators is going to be closer again. Not again, he's going to be closer this year. Yeah, that's not pretty operating in a post, Wayne, Wayne world. This is just this. We have a little experience with this, because we operated in that world briefly, where I don't. I'm not really sure what happened between. Wait wasn't on the team first season. But we struck strike that from the record books and the owners had a really good season season that he parlayed into this contract, a contract that we are saddled with, and hoping that we can get away from the thirty and eleven season. Right. The worst season and he'd history. Yeah. Yeah. I it wasn't a good thing in retrospect, it was a very bad thing that happened to this franchise. But that's which one Howard learn how to coach and that's which one Howard, who is rumored to be in the mix for the Lakers job, really raise his profile. John beeline goes to the Cavs opens up a spot at his alleged alma mater. We're still looking into. Yeah. So now we have to replace Juwan Howard, who's the next guy coming up. I was on Dale, you tandis. This is this is a perfect role for you. Donna's like the change for for for you from what you were saying about you Donna's last year wasn't playing. No. This is exactly this is precisely what I was saying. Now, he could do Juwan Howard was sort of doing the donnas thing before he fully transitioned into coaching. But you've got it hasn't retired. I know what if Dwayne Wade started coaching. What did you see that clip a Pat Riley, saying, you're not the team president yet, he was doing that with hoods? He was talking to on sports guy in USA. Talking about how twain Wade was texting him drafted vice, and Pat Riley said, you're not the team president yet. Yeah. You know what I would do if I was like, shame baddie or even SPO would be like, all right? I'm out of here have fun with twain, wait traitor. Judas shouldn't Batty as could it be? You know, the numbers guy, he's now the Ellsberg, Pat Riley now here, you're saying the work twenty years from now. What right now we see Riley and Ellsberg it's going to be weighed in a. Yeah. That's kind of cool. That's a hope. And I'm hoping donnas can just take the Juwan Howard rule. So we can, you know, give that roster spot to somebody who do Joe's, I think, so is going to do this job forever. What is those job? Exactly. He is a liaison between the front office and the players player development guy. He's present me, and he's like a middle man. He's a face of the franchise. It goes out. I know he spoke to me as a season ticket holder one. I was telling me to, you know, just stay the course keep holding onto the rope is. Izzo, the most dramatic sounding person. Yes. And no Ray Lewis just like every sentence, like when you say Hello. How you doing? He has it going. It was very intense. He's very intense Ray Lewis, I think is world champion undefeated never lost. I feel like I was in the room. You know what Zell I feel exhausted could be macadear playing crossword, puzzles on the bench or is that would that be a step down? Mcadoo hasn't been on the bench and while I'm just saying like that's a role. I could see maybe someday or not. I feel like Zoe's a fairly all it like role. We just don't really know what it is other than just guy that does a lot of these draft guys have an idea. What if now this vacated coaching job goes to the coach and Tony Fiorentino gets back in the mix. I must admit I have my regrets is two point ruining that man's career ruined ending here pointing out some of his verbal. Tics, and, and well, we don't need to get into it, but. I do have my regrets because I didn't miss Tony Fiorentino last season because he was great fodder. I do love his lovable nece. I don't really feel lovable this. I just love his. No. Not enough ability. Same thing. I just love, you know, you get used to a guy. Yeah, baby, you get used to a guy and now I'm just trying to get used to tweet cry late for that. We also try we're not taking it wasn't because of us. We was wasn't Bill, your usually one that, like we're usually thinking, we have more control than we do. And you Billy blames me, you blames me personally? Well, I mean, you know, you let this go on, then you allow this to happen with great power comes great responsibility. Dan, and you let the inmates run the asylum and get that, man fired. I, I don't think we brought to the organization's attention that maybe there could be somebody better in that role. I don't think I I don't think I can take credit for that. Now I think I can take credit for the fact that it was funny. That some of the things that he was. But I'm I'm with Billy a little bit on. You don't realize sometimes how you can shape public opinion by being fun, popular thing. And giving voice to the sports fan. I believe that can be underestimated. We are taste makers in the market leader doubt. We regret it though. I miss him I do. I miss him. It wasn't the same sort of fun. John Crotty is very good. Very prepared holiday are very polished. He was all the things that I think not necessarily he's better in a lot of those boxes. But he's not better at being twenty Fiorentino. Right. He's not as good. It's tone. If you're in Tino, is being Tony Fiorentino. And I didn't realize how much I miss just his presence. Dan? Do you agree that you want Howard never played at the university of Michigan? We're looking into it. Why would I agree with because a lot of the winds were rejected. So the games didn't count. So he may have never played there. Yeah. Also we had a motion where the crew. Sweater. Timeout place. It's that game was not on the record books. It was vacated that you can't hear that clip anymore. Motion was granted a game never happened. So we can't hear the clip to embarrass him. It's kind of like the tree falling in the woods thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. If everyone's everyone's look up, if you can't look up the stats, right? As the game exist, by the way, Kleber tour is not related to anything. I've just seeing highlights of him. He owns the Orioles. His ten of twelve home runs against your you. And he has four multi Homer trans issues this game this season already. It's insane doing just talking about what it is. You saw on television this second, we're talking about something of the Yankees. Yeah. Yeah, I saw him play. Okay. So I saw the Yankees at Yankee Stadium Dan, and I didn't recognize a single name. And this was a New York Yankees the baseball Yankees, but they have this guy. Luke Voight and dude is a brick house. Have you your relationship with baseball makes me profoundly sad? They have killed any love that you had for that sport. And you used to have so much love that we'll see was pitching. I remember him well in Mike's defense every Enke's hurt right now. But that speaks to demo the guys with the Marla. Now because look at all like, they're they're completely injured. They still have guys coming up. You've never heard of and they're still playing well those, but they're all triple eight players, but they're still there all the Marlins. Aaa players aren't doing anything. Good like wrong again. Daniel were hottest team in sports, five straight. We not gonna hottest team in the second worst team in baseball now. Thank you very much your own game behind the nationals in the loss column. Put some respect on their name. Hot dogs dogs. Like why is your guy selling hot dogs in here? I'll get tickets at a game. I want to see is a hassle, but I missed that stadium atmosphere, so I brought the stadium atmosphere to work. Michael vivid seats, make buying tickets. Quick and easy. Find the seat you want and just a few clicks, nice. I just got tickets to tonight's game ice-cream get your ice cream here. You guys can all go home. Now we're good here. Donlevatar. Oh. Can you see guts? Now, these are show with the stugatz on the ticket. Pre highly anticipated David Samson segment. Come and ride. We got a teaser of what's in store for today. It is top five Mark Walberg movies. We have presently put together our list, but we bring in David Samson now, the former Marlins team president who has a little crow because Derrick jeeter heads clearly fixed this organization. I'm not eating crow. I'm loving five in a row. I actually chose it as my underdog pick of the day last night. Of course, they're gonna win five in a row. At some point in the season. Not gonna lose up forty. Who's the underdog pick of the day today? David. I actually didn't have to make one today. But if you turn onto your competitor, the H CBS sports HQ, I do make picks ESPN doesn't have any competitors competitor. Excuse. Excuse me. What are you talking about? Editors. What, what, what, what are those? It's true. You guys are number one by a mile in every way, including studio locations underdog pick of the day. What is it explained the segment to me? It now it's just part of what I do if there's a baseball game where there's a team that's the underdog. Meaning they're not favored to win. I will say, hey, go ahead and bet that game when were you confused by understand? That's what it was the underdog pick of the day is picking an upset you think there was a dog underground or something, you know, sportscenter every day, the noon, one has something called longshot. We're carry champion and David Lloyd, pick someone they think is gonna hit a home run. That day, everyday longshots saved. You have a long shot today. I think the fact is that gambling take over, and that stations are falling all over themselves to open up studios in Vegas and to have gambling, his part in fantasy as part of their shows because that's where the money is. And as we talked about on this show where the money goes the networks do follow. Let me ask you about that, because there is nobody in your sport of integrity that has more of a black Mark on. Them than Pete Rose, and shoeless, Joe Jackson because of gambling related things. Do you find it amusing that one hundred years later, and Pete Rose's case like thirty years later? Baseball's like yeah. Gimme all this gambling money. Yes. Slathered all over my nipples. I'm okay with it. I'm good with gambling making its way into every crevice of our every orifice gap any team slammed in the nipples and the way that they are fusing it is that Pete Rose was a manager who bet on baseball. So the rules are very clear if you're in the game, which I'm no longer, and I don't bet by the way, just talk about that. But if you're in the game you cannot bet on baseball, but baseball recognizes they need money they want money and they want your much, and if you're not gonna come to the ballpark, and spend it, they're going to find other ways. So they're doing deals with gambling stablishment. So what's the movie reviewing for this week? And when are we going around the room on Mark Wahlberg movies, five top-five Mark Wahlberg, maybe so ready to go on my top already radio thirty seconds on infant family? And that's what got me to, I watched instant family, and I was crushed it. Not one part made me laugh. I was looking at Mark Wahlberg. Wondering what's happened to him? So I decided by the way, rose Byrne is fine. The movie is not even a plane movie. So forget about it. Then I said, what are the top five I come up with a top five, and is it possible that he's more than just an underwear model or if he just Marky, Mark, who's just gotten a few breaks because he works out at four AM and has amazing tax. And I realize he's got a legitimate top five list. So here we go. And then we can debate it number five, obviously, rockstar, Jennifer Aniston Mark Wahlberg, obviously detaining, wait a minute. I'll done I disagree already. Hold on. Okay, here. Let those obvious ones on the list your. Allowed to love it. Your stop you from loving. You said obviously. Yeah. You can't go AVI. Put it on the poll game at lebatardshow is rockstar, obviously, and Mark Wahlberg top-five, go ahead. What's obviously number four. Number four, is called three kings movie with George Clooney. It was a very, very good movie. Number three is the departed, I put it at number three, 'cause it's more of an on samba cats, but he just was really good in. It's too low. You think he's got to better than the department of your less, but we disagree, I had the part in at number one, and it was because most of the other people carried him was very good at playing Mark Wahlberg and yeah. That's I mean that's all he's good. Anytime. He stretches outside of that, then it gets into trouble. But we can't say that because met very many actors are really good at plane themselves, and we're okay with that. And we actually support that. So I'm not going to give him a domestic for that number to the movie that I just watched recently again. And it survived and made me laugh as much head every time. It's funny and that makes it number two the second one was the second one any good. No, I did not like the second one, I it was better than Fletch lives. But it was just I, I was very disappointed. How could you beat ped- you cannot, and they try because of money? So I don't begrudge the mess, but then the number one, and if we argue about the number one, it's going to be very no. It's gotta be boogie nights. It's booking nights. It's the number one Mark Wahlberg movie by far all time, it wasn't even close to through five. We're nowhere near number one. I'd be willing to give you that go ahead and put it on the poll at lebatardshow better movie boogie nights or the departed. I have other guys in my I have a lot of the ones he had the only one that he didn't name the other guys will fail. That was funny invisible. Of course. That's the ones to God's game. The pay the game that was here. Right. That really painting gain. Why turns out that WalMart has quite a career of movies now? He's made his share of crap. There are some emotional movies, like invincible. He really has a full movie career I was surprised by that as I started going through in my head. What was going on? I have my top five. Let me know what you think of this, number five is we own the night walking Phoenix is excellent in that movie number four is the perfect storm. Number three is fear. One of his first roles and the crazy wait a minute that, that really you guys are putting them in the top five. Here's a I thought he was excellent. And it's like one of those popcorn movies that was like, no, we might need that it was actually really good movie. This is something that happened to me, the Netflix show, what the gut really popular the cold you with the creepy boyfriend is called you. It's got normally, popular people wanna watch it and reminded me of that movie, and I don't understand the appeal of watching something that feels a little bit amateur because fear felt a little. An amateur to me with a cliche storyline and Mark Wahlberg, like apple into something I don't understand cliche storyline. It was a low budget, but you see the people in that movie is actually pretty good cast and the movie was affected. I liked fear and I thought he was good at it. And I don't think that with many Mark Wahlberg movies number two for me is booking nights, which also is one of the best soundtracks of all time, it more of an ensemble. He was probably one of the weaker parts of that film, but great movie and deported number one easy. Boogie nights has more memorable moments scenes that you remember than the departed. No, I'm wrong about that. Just sort of echoing across the decades remembered, am I wrong about that in terms of which one of those two movies has more to singular moments? What are you doing, Billie? What happened? Abner theun. We left out the Italian job. It was just outside, my top gray movie. I. Oh man. At the big six. But it was actually fairly smart for a blockbuster. What about the fighter? Billy ray. You've never seen the departed. Billy now it is that one? We're talking about boogie nights. Neither why works that one about. Oh. This is unbelievable. Yours Neely your movie Q is is stranger than your eating habits. Okay. I mean we want to do things because everybody else a peer pressure. To see the part of though. It's one of the great films, and one of the more rewatch -able movies ever. I was okay with boogie nights. But when you said departed good, God, we need a new segment. We need a new segment, where just Billy comes in having review reviewed movies that people saw ten years ago that hollers had thirty one minutes. Good luck with getting me to watch that. I never we told you to watch die hard. You had never seen. It fell in love with that. So now we're telling you watch these the department because it's that good is better than die hard. It's better than actually. Best to think is the departed better that not, not really the departed better than die hard? Inside, even obviously that actually, maybe the dumbest question that's not even worth. And, and my, the reason why you have a fear. Let me ask you what's the name of, of Mark Wahlberg character fear? And it's been a while to that's unfair. There you go. Whites David boogie nights, Dirk digger. There you go enough that what happens in this departed is it about ghost, like sell me on this movie Jack Nicholson plays a mob boss in an amazing role by him. It's got Martin sheen Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mark Wahlberg and addition to Matt Damon, and VERA farm ago. And when we review this movie on your very show, we call the departed, one of the few movies that has three or more superstars that is still a great movie. It's very hard to pull off. He's on samba movies with big name actors are often too, cluttered and crappy. The departed was perfect. It was a score Sese delight. And you say two hours thirty one minutes, you will not eat popcorn you will not get up from your seat. You will not move you on that. Get antsy. And it's from a person who can't sit still for ninety seconds is the department is a better than ocean's eleven. Now you're just trying to be funny and it's, it's embarrassing to me. So when you watch a really good movie, you won't eat popcorn. No. Because chewing gets in the way of me here in the dialogue, top five movies of all time that allow David Samson to not eat kernel of popcorn. It's any Schindler's List would be that you cannot eat during Schindler's List, you can't eat during non. That's why the call pop from. We skyscraper is a popcorn movie. It doesn't matter what you hear. You're just looking. Cord movies is that why they're called popcorn movies. What do you? What do you? Right. It's scraper the duct tape line. If you're not if you can't do it with duct tape, you're not using duct tape. Popcorn over that miss that line, you miss the movie. I mean. Thirties. You guys are the reason why there's so many crappy movies made. You guys look listen to me, if people in our audience, whereas right now, who knows more about movies, and has better movie taste, yours would run to obscure for the common. Man, you like things that the common man doesn't normally like your movie reviews, are as polarizing as you are. No, but you realize when people actually watch the movies that they've never seen that we review. They say, wow. That was a movie worth watching. Get for have you seen those lists or which I did at your request on the last plane ride. I took. And all I said is, is there any chance this plane is going to go down faster than it's supposed to have you seen Schindler's List, Guillermo? Yeah. Red dress. I remember that I'd be curious how many movies on David's top one hundred that Billy seen, like we don't do this on air. Yes. You just called Schindler's List, the readdress movie. You don't remember that powerful thing, little girl? Yeah. Of course. I remember that. But that's not the way to thrive. Schindler's list. Boy. Basic instincts, about -tective. David. What are you doing? Movie about the holocaust. I mean jeeze something better than the readdress, powerful moment. This guy's for those of you. Spoiler alert list. The whole movies in black and white. And then there's one scene where there's a girl that's wearing red and its powerful. If it sticks out to Oscar Schindler. And Oscar the award ceremony. Yeah. I mean, I what am I supposed to do with this? Oh, you got it. Right. But, but what I love is that you put the example on such the far fringes of the extreme that the best Sampson could do and paled and this doesn't happen to Sampson, very often is Basic Instinct is a movie about a detective. No, he did better than you there. David on that one. Red dress about the holocaust, you're not going to be that as a description for shin now tied away. You can I was merely trying to bring it back to a level where we didn't have to talk about the whole cost on the radio because we know how you feel about that, what? Oh boy, hard to talk about that. It's not Fun Radio. Curious by the way, speaking. Did you guys watch on the family last Night Live? I read about it. I saw of it sound like may nor Norman Lear is ninety six years old. One of the most prolific TV producers, if not the best of all time, and they recreated and did all in the family and the jeffersons back to back actual actual episode with Woody Hera. Elson plane. Archie bunker, and Jamie Foxx playing George Jefferson Omay. Then sure, didn't didn't you think till may soil, just stole the whole Potomac? Yeah. Yeah. Meriva eat it. Amazing and Jamie FOX made a mistake, and he broke character because it was live. But what struck me is that these are shows are extremely polarizing extremely racist shows from the seventies. And they took a big chance, ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel who was sort of spearheaded, this didn't necessarily embrace the fact that what they were doing was trying to show that some of the issues now still exist from then exist. Now it was a very fine line. They walked. And I think they did it. Well what stood out for you because it was a bold chance. I'm glad they give him the opportunity to do it. They tapped into something. I'm sure the ratings were great because they tapped into something there from a lot of people's childhood. What did you like best? What, what I like best was actually seen Marla Gibbs who played the original made come back, I actually didn't know she was alive and she came back to play the maid, again, in the jeffersons episode Meriva Tomey was fantastic will Ferrell it was. Great to see him. What I like the least, unfortunately was Woody Harrelson, and it proves to me that you can't be ten your Carroll, O'Connor and people are no Carroll O'Connor from the night. Just makes me crazy. Archie bunker, one of the most bigoted, most upsetting TV characters in history, and Woody Harrelson tried to play it off. And it just did not work. Unfortunately. Where did he fail beyond beyond the difficulty the degree of difficulty, because I thought so degree of difficulty was strong, too, and she managed it. Yeah. I mean, but he's like trying to do the double Lundy when you're trying to be Carroll O'Connor in this day and age and trying to get his accent, and trying to be part of it was his, his, his nature like it was Carroll O'Connor. I was worried that, that maybe was who Carroll O'Connor was like in real life. And I know what he Harrelson, so I never was able to lose the fact that it was Woody Harrelson trying to play Archie bunker. And that's when performance can fall flat Sampson. We'll talk to you next week. Hey, thank you. Take care. You guys wanna do Joaquin Phoenix. Top-five not in a minute. So I wanted to talk to me more time on that one. More time on that I wanted to talk to maybe we can talk to him about it next week. Did you see what wouldn't turn Tino ran into a con-? He got a dismissive question from a journalist asking, why didn't give Margot Robbie more lines of dialog and his upcoming once upon a time in Hollywood. He said he wasn't entertain it. Anyway, he says, I, he dismissed the ipod uscis. And it was a little I love that. That's what you chose to do with the last minute instead of locking Phoenix movies. Yeah. Well, it's, it's a little fair because he's got such great roles for women. Right in his movies. Jackie Jackie Brown. The bride and kill Bill Emma in Pulp Fiction. I think he was just sort of fallen victim to perhaps his reputation because he kinda got away from that whole, like need to thing when there were things about him that were sort of on the line, and he's very close with Harvey Weinstein. And I think media relations person and publicist needs to get a hold of Quintin quick before he started is the one in most likely to have the. Kind of eagle as an artist that he will trample some lines with his arrogance because he thinks that's intelligent, the I saw the Simpsons be guilty of this recently with the way graining reacted to the Apu character that those smart, dudes can't figure out in two years, how to get that character to speak, because they're so frayed of the subject matter. I think he's going to step into it, and they'd be wise to keep them away from publicity tour. Walk the line.

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