How to Create Money Flow For Your Business Now


So, you can choose to say I'm discouraged and it means bopha button all these negative things you're spending. Or. You can say, well, I'm here because. I don't have breakthrough and receive a really incredible gift. From. My Higher? Self. From my soul. From God. From the divine from the sacred is with unleash. In my life inside of me the most. Sacred, deepest wisdom inside of me, and that is why. That is why I'm going through the experience of feeling discouraged right now. Ungrateful. Some. Great. So the question is how can retract the wealth new you deserve. Aby No this on a soul level. Intuitively. And, you WanNa create a massive impact in the world. How do you do this and serve your clients to the highest level? How do you break through and overcome your current situation in start manifesting the well that you know you deserve. Pillow. My name is Karina Stewart. I'm so wealth coach seven-figure entrepreneur running my spirit's conscious business, and I have dedicated my life to pack debating wealth and purpose. For spiritually conscious entrepreneurs. And on the activate your wealth show, I'll be your guide to show you exactly how to activate your well. Step into your purpose in a powerful way and make a profound difference in the world while doing it. Thanks for joining me. Morning you guys. Wow. So. Glad you're here and I'm really excited because there is so much fluid energy today. You know it's available for you. So you're not feeling we WANNA get you in. So, today's talk about how to create money low. Now, right now, I would like to have this right now. Of course you do. All right. So here's some things I want to by the end of this year. GonNa. Know How to do which is first of all had a shift yourself into the wealth frequency that you're wanting because it's really all about shifting. The first step is always going to be about shifting. So many times entrepreneurs and you know really anyone we'll say like I want to, you know thinking about, maybe I'll go do this list build or maybe I'll. You know do a five day challenge or create a facebook group or you know tactic strategies? All of these things aren't the hair just wanted to flow to. Okay. But it's not about a strategy, a tactic of business tool. That will come later, but the first step is shift shift shift shift. Right now. Think about the amount of money flow. You would like to be experiencing in your business in your life right now and. The fact that is not here means you haven't shifted yet to receive it. So I want you to take that in. Just I'm enrolling you in knowing that. This is the step that you need right now, which is shift. I. So you get to get yourself into the shift that's required. Breeder receive whatever the money flow than it is you're wanting. Now, the first thing you want to do is you wanNA raise your vibration. As. You WanNa get clear right now. Very likely. There's some sort of limited belief that's operating within you. Eliminate believe this operating within you around that goal that intention you have. They. So maybe it's you know if you want to create ten thousand dollars. By Friday. and. There is a story that you're making up about that. That is putting you in a believe, which is vibrational. Consciousness, right. Feeling, right. But it's a vibe ration-? There's a chart that I share typically rigid shows you the different levels of racial. Let's just talk about it. Let's say discouraged. Maybe you build discourage tired overwhelmed, right? All of these feelings carry a charge to it. In an order for you to manifest the money flow that you're winning right now, you WANNA shift. Feeling, state by Brations, what you're doing into new vibration into feeling. That in itself. Right. Believe me when I say this that in itself is the most powerful thing that you can do right now in this moment. To activate money flow. So now, you want to recognize what is the state of being the feeling that you want to get into. One of the things that I teach is money is gratitude. Money gratitude. And so getting yourself into the feeling of gratitude, the frequency of gratitude is going to. By far, the most powerful emotion you can be shifting into your right now is actually what I call it the top of the pyramid. In wealth consciousness for you to shift into gratitude. So you mean. While I'm really grateful. I. Feel discouraged right now. I'm really grateful that I haven't created the goal because that means I'm figuring it out. That means I'm opening the doorways to greater wisdom integrator knowing this is good news. So, there's a reframe right you wanNA create a new. Story, a new thread what people call a through line new through line about why you're experiencing what you're experiencing. There's at least two perspectives that you can look at it from a look at it from the perspective of. So you can choose to say, Oh, I'm scurry and it means both of about all these negative things in your spending. Or, you can say, well, I'm here because. Through and receive a really incredible gift. From My Higher Self. From my soul. From God. From the divine from the sacred would unleash. In my life inside of me the most. Sacred deepest wisdom inside of me, and that is why. That is why I'm going through the experience of feeling discouraged. Now, I'm grateful. I'm grateful. or it's a one of the things you can do is you know if it works for you to just start reading out while you're grateful to be where you are grateful about the opportunities that you need to step into. So. Writing out can help having a conversation with someone can help. I usually go into my heart's. We do this together right now and I shifted right there. Let's do. Let's go redo the ship. So close your eyes. And just drop into your heart reading in announcer your heart, and we're gonNA come into something that really started to speak to me yesterday, which was being an expanded heart consciousness and grounding into my expanded heart. As you breathe. Now, I want you to experience that there's a lungs inside your heart. Your heart is actually lung and as you breathe in and out your inflating those lungs out. And they come back in, it's agreed how and your ebbing and flowing. But each time you're actually stretching and expanding your heart energy. Until, you're sitting inside a very beautiful unified heart energy. This is the consciousness of love. It's the conscience harder, and this is where you can tap into gratitude. And as you get inside that space I, want you to feel what is like A. Juicy feeling of how you have saw much abundance already, how you're filled up with joy gratitude. It's all in there. If you just let yourself experience and receive it. and. Now when you seek them out the money flow that you WANNA create. Use, whatever example it is for you. Five, thousand, ten, thousand, whatever it is for you. What is the feeling that comes up? What is the emotion that comes forward? What does a story that you make up about APP? And now you get to make a decision, you get to choose a higher. Feeling a higher by bracing allstate. A new story. You're having the experience you're having, and that in itself is amazing. Right? Because it's means you're empowered. To, choose and shift and changer. Reality Right now you get to do nothing outside of you has control. Over your reality nothing. Just. The gratitude, and then you get to choose shift. How empowering is that I mean that just lifted me right up I. Choose I do. Gratitude less. Abundant. Now. Just like milk and Matt, swimming that, Nourish yourself in it breathing in and out I have this vision of milk. Today honey now milk. So it's like milk and honey, which is the Montana. The Mina. It's inside the hurry the honey in the heart, and that is your abundance. That is your soul dripping. Abundance into your being into your life into your business, opening the floodgates of flow. Just let that happen. As you breathe in and out nourishing feeling of gratitude. You're not focused on the goal. We're just focused on this. Feeling this shifter having just let yourself ride that. As you're floating on waves surfing the waves, maybe you're going down a gentle rafter along a river. Maybe that's your style whatever it is. Feel yourself in flow. Soaking in the Sun. Allowing yourself to receive. Now you're in a state of receiving and being receptive do. To the feeling. Ultimately. Transforms into the knowing. The knowing that it is already done the knowing of already having it. Then when you? Open your eyes. And here's what happens. Next after you've shifted, right. You go on with your day to go on with maybe you had things already on your agenda for the day and do those things. Now you. Open and receptive to these intuitive nudges new solutions that you didn't see before because they will drop it. They'll come in, maybe it'll just show up a new connection and opportunity someone books a call you and you get to make the offering feelings day that they wanna be around, you feel it to be with you. They know that that is what you are who they need in their life to get them to where they want to go. So following the flow now is the key and is the importance of the next step, but don't try too hard. Don't get into that space because then you'll get outta flow. All, right. Just be. We're in the being a beautiful place to be. Are you guys? Let me know how this goes for you. Let me know shift. You experienced what was the shift that happened for you. When we did that meditation, what was for you the experience of getting into money flow now? And what for you is the activation I'd love to know that what is the emotion that's coming through? That's shifting you out of where you were. Are you guys little? Rock it out? Let's crush this week. Let's go. You know close out. Strong. By experiencing the jury, a shifting, shifting shifting so that you can activate the wealth and then manifest into your life and it's your. You, guys. I'll see you on the next episode. Hey. Thank you again for spending your valuable time with me today. The next best step for you to take after listening to this episode is to get around other like minded individuals in a close knit community by joining I five day challenge, activate your wealth. You'll find it by heading over to my facebook group. Just go onto facebook and search for the new code under grew. Wants. You join the group. Say Hello and search inside the group for the activate your wealth type day challenge. I'll see you on the next episode of the activate your wealth show.

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