Survivor 40 | Why __ Lost Predictions with David Bloomberg & Jessica Lewis


If you want a server in your feeling down. TV Jessica Round. They'll break down the rule sandwich sandwich. Show Zane yourself and gap bullying owns. This is why blank long basis this is Bob Line. Welcome to our special full preseason edition of why blank loss. I'm your host David Bloomberg and at this point every every time I close my eyes I see images of survivor winners floating through my brain. Sometimes I don't even have to close my eyes. I think they call hallucinations. But anyway right there with me is my co host Jessica Lewis. Who has spent more time studying for this podcast than she did for the Lsat on my word let me tell you? There are so many images going through my head right now. I think they're all gonna be like messed up in jumble than if I say the wrong season for the wrong person I apologize but I will say there is so much out there on all of these contestants obviously because they're all winners they're all returnees from previous media seasons and so there's so much material out there that yeah it's a lot it's a lot lot yes so yes all right for newcomers to this podcast. Welcome if you heard US talking to rob out. Why the winners loss? Thanks for following US over for the full preview here on reality L. D. TV ups and welcome back all those who've listened before once the season begins of course. We'll be here every week. Discuss what each voted out player did right and wrong in terms of rules I originally wrote back after the very first survivor season and have been updating ever since discussing each player used to appear in in my columns on Rayleigh News Online website which I created in ran for a long time but which I have to close down several years ago the column was then reborn as a podcast cast with rob a few years ago and then we switch things up to bring Jessica on board yes. There was a very exciting moment for me me getting to join you. Because as I've said Multiple Times listening to your podcasts about my season and the entire time I just kept going. He's so right and I know that you love to hear that of course but so it was really incredibly a just an honor to hear from both you and rob that you wanted me to join you the brainiacs of survivor the Encyclopedias of survivor so I really appreciate your willingness to keep doing this with me me too me too so now well now today. We're going to be doing something different. Of course we're going to talk about The the players and make some predictions as you know. Of course you should expect for a preview show this is going to be a bit different from our normal preseason podcast because everyone listening probably knows most or all of these players. I and there's probably a few who don't but you know you're going to know most or all of them so it's not like we're going to go through and introduce them Mike. Hi this is Michelle. She's a twenty something travel consultant. You know there's no point in doing that because the reason these people are. Here's their winners and normally we also predict what rules a player going to violate but as indicated in the previous podcast with rob. Don't don't be too much of a threat. is going to be a major reason for getting out in voted out over and over again so we would just have to predict that time now now. Ironically some of the players who aren't seen as much of a threat might be seen as more of a threat for the reason is in that they aren't a big threat and those players tend to win all star seasons. You so you could you know be too much of a threat by not being enough of a threat by being too much of a threat but anyway brains around that one. That's right so we're going to break the format a little bit and just talk about our earth thoughts on each player who they might align with in how we think they're going to do as I mentioned I've been covering survivors in season one. And for much of that time I was writing y blank lost or one columns and doing exit interviews so parts of our discussions today will involve things that I've rediscovered in looking back to those articles when the relevant unfortunately for me I don't have that what's called experience and that's true so maybe a little bit of color a little bit of personal experience but also I do have incredible respect for these players and it was really nice getting to revisit so much. Uh of incredible aims that they've played youtube is a wonderful thing. And you can totally sucked in and there's so much stuff there but it was. It was really kind of the Celtic till they sit there and watch it and remember where I was when it actually happened because I've been watching since season. One and of never missed is the season. So it's nice to revisit these things. Yeah yeah now I mentioned normally we go through the rules each week but to be honest with all this studying. I'm not modifying them for the season yet. If anyone is interested you can find. The latest version from last season at ROB has a website dot com slash blog slash survivor rules or four. Of course you can get the shorter and much more colorful version of the rules in poster form at tiny url dot com slash. David rules poster. Yes and you should definitely definitely order. We have an incredible opportunity for anyone who hasn't yet just one. They're only twenty dollars. Air Eleven by seventeen youthful design nine by air breaking back as many who appeared on the The the preseason special of course because you know heaven even forbids survivor pass up a chance to show his moment immunity necklace like everyone should probably remember him because it gets brought up all the time and in addition to that he also draws really incredible cartoons so the poster is twenty dollars. I said it's rate looks wonderful on frame so please order. We'll get that out to you and if you are outside of the United States you can. Dm Me and I will definitely make arrangements to get that to you regardless. Awesome where you are and so you know listeners. From last season may remember. We talked about how we were running out and indeed we did so we talked about it. We went ahead and in order to second printing and it's the same url tiny dot com slash. David rules poster. It'll take you to Ebay and also you know we may have a few things coming coming soon in another location besides posters. Like maybe shirts so we. They're not ready yet. But we'll let you know when exciting. Yeah that's right now before we get to the players there are few things I want to discuss. And the first is the pace of the game or what we expect expected to be. We keep hearing about this from players and commentators like us but to a large extent I feel like the pace of the game is dependent upon the players. If a bunch of older school players want things to move more slowly than it will a few newer players may try to push things along and jump out front but they may just get too far ahead of themselves and you know. Producers can add twists and swaps but if players choose to take things slow and stay loyal. Oil there isn't much anyone can do about it and I think that's exactly what some of the players want to do. Yeah I think in going. Through a lot of the interviews I noticed that term loyalty coming up aligned especially with the older school players loyalty is something that is kind of ingrained in them. And that's something that regardless of the new pace of the game and how the game is played currently. I don't think the loyalty is going to get checked at the door. I think that's something that they will revisit and I think that's going to slow down the pace of the game. Absolutely if they get if if the old school players get away. I think that's what's yeah now. At least two who have played in previous return e seasons mentioned that it is faster right away in those seasons. So maybe it's just the nature feature of everybody feeling comfortable but I guess we'll see it'll be interesting to you know when we see it happen on our screens. Yes and I do think it's really going to be dependent on who kind of takes the reins and leads the charge because that really will I think kind kind of set the pace and if you have someone like a Boston Rob. WHO's able to get his footing? I think his haste is is a slower one because it's more What's the word like? It's he's very consistent and he knows how he wants things end up so he moves at a pace. That's going to allow him to get there but it's so regimented. And how he how he does it and I think that someone like rob if he gets his footing and starts the game in that way. That's what's going to end up kind of carrying row so I'm excited. But I I can't imagine any one of the newer players hitting that foothold before someone like Rob Right Right and speaking of Rob. Another thing we'll see about is whether the big threats will be immediately targeted or you're going to stick together when we were talking with our rob on the earlier. podcast he said he thinks the big targets will actually last because they'll become Mita shields uh-huh and during that podcast. I pooh-poohed that idea the more research I've done and the more interviews I've read a maybe it's just turning turning my brain damage but I'm starting to wonder if he's right. I think he is thinks I starting to wonder by just can't convince myself it'll happen happen that way. I still think it will be asking too much for all of them to work together. I there's too many egos they're there's too many targets and it's kind. Mandalay reminds me of your couple of seasons ago when all the big threats got together yet. War Dog oh Kelly Dave all of them together and they were like well if we stick together and don't knock each other Out then we're good but if we start shooting at each other then we're all in trouble right what happened. We all started shooting at each other. Well s you know. They're going to know the edge of extinction before they start the game or are they going to be told. We have any idea about that. We I don't I feel like I feel like they're going to be told because some of them were speculating about it. And Jeff probst made that ridiculous claim in one of his interviews where he said. Well I feel like some of the players players want to come back if it weren't for edge of extinction which is utter nonsense and I was so happy with the winners who came out and said the edge of extinction sucks. Because anyone who's listened US already does our opinion on that and by the way I find it funny somehow you have escaped the The the tarring and feathering here because when when when rob was talking to us he kept talking about how I had gone off on it. People people listening to this podcast. You ranted just as much as I did and I did rant. I totally own that I did and I also got to rant. Recently Martin homes got in touch with me and said hey what are your thoughts on edge of extinction and that was just flat on twitter today so if you wanna read how I feel about it in this it was. I was pretty honest in my feelings about ends of extinction as I think a lot of people have been. It's something that across the board word seems to really ring about an emotional response from people and I'm one of those people that does not like it but thinks if you include it fine you can include it but it needs to end at the merge like that's it done at the merge that makes a lot more sports but if you want more of my take on it you can certainly check that All right now I did not know that I have been kind of put her absent lately. So yeah yeah me too. Because we've been doing this a little crazy. Yes yes yeah so inside little inside baseball here yesterday listeners. I called Jessica in the evening because we you know we've been doing so much research and I I was just trying to get a handle on things and she answers her phone. Why are you calling during the survivor? preseason Michelle I had no clue. I didn't know what day it was. I didn't know what time it was. Yeah so so. Anyway I was doing. I was is watching that while I was sitting in front of my computer trying to read interviews and wanted the same time and I was like this is too much but this is this is the world you have sucked me into so all right good all right. Well since we're in that world unless you have anything else we can start right in with the red tribe I I think we can. I just do want to say they'll going back to the pace of the game and the edge of extinction. I do think depending upon whether or not players are told about the extinction before the first vote is going to really affect how people are holding out. I think it could. I don't know if it will greatly affect it. I think it could affect it but in all honesty it shouldn't because only one person at least at the merge urge and then probably one later to come back and so if you're gonNA vote out big threats well then keep voting out big threats and only only one of them is going to get the combat exactly so the only way that I could. No no I was Gonna say I could see it affecting it a certain certain way but more I thought about it. It doesn't make sense. I'm not even going to say it but I just I. It could affect people's thinking but I hope it won't we want either but I I stand you're actually mentioned that that would certainly affect how the votes are going to be cast and and I think if they know that the edge of extinction exists that the idea of we're going to keep the old school players together and we're GONNA use a lot of meat shields might turn into let's send all the meat shields to extinction so only one of them has the possibility of coming back as opposed to keeping them around much longer. I just feel like that's that's certainly going to come into play my opinion that would be that. That would be so ironic if jeff created this so that the the big strong target type players to come back and instead it causes them all to get voted out early. Ah I would that would that would just be funny. Yeah one one place that edge of extinction knowledge of it will come. Came into effect is the first person that we're going to talk about on the red tribe and that's amber because if and this is not anything new what I'm about to say rob has talked about this too but if amber and rob are on you know they're sitting there on their separate tribes and if rob is voted out first and there's no edge of extinction people worry a lot less about amber with edge of extinction. They know that rob can come back. And in fact the whole fire token thing also makes me think that they will all know about extinction. Because whatever's going on with fire fire tokens involves edge of extinction. Right which is another reason. I don't like you because now they're actually making it part of the game and right and so that you know getting back to amber is a reason that even if rob is voted out she's still potential trouble double and so we talked about embers first game in our why the winters loss podcast and a lot about her win in all stars is already very well known but I want to return to something. I pointed out in that podcast. which is that? Her strategy in all-stars seemed to ah be somewhat similar to the one she used in Australia. She partnered up with a more obnoxious person. Who could drive the bus and take the heat and the first time she did it? Jerry was too obnoxious and got voted off taking away amber shield but she obviously struck gold the second time with rob and that that meant she could ride into the final rounds and then into the sunset with her husband. Now she's back for a sequel and we have to wonder if she's going to try the same something again while she indicated a lot that she cannot play the same way that she planned previously. She seemed very aware of that particular issue even though if she wants to be old school because that's what she knows I think she's also mindful of the fact that she was the the second in a duo and ended up winning because she had less blood on our hands and I'll maybe she wants to make more of a name for herself as opposed to being the second to her husband Rob I think that's ultimately ultimately what happened in all stars. He got blamed for the itchiness that was created with that duo and she didn't get blamed for it as much and maybe she wants to the show that she can play more cutthroat than she did before but she's also amber ceases so sweet and looking at her tribe options if she's really going to go back down that path and want to align with someone who's more obnoxious. I mean really. What are her options? Maybe maybe Tyson Tyson. Maybe Tony but I don't know if she tyson. I think she's got a relationship with outside of the game so I don't know who she would necessarily choose to be that other half. Yeah and yeah the FIG is if by some chance the other players let Andrew and rob get together via swap or the merge somehow then we know official partner of course. The question is whether she'll do it before then and if she'll have another plan when rob is voted out even even if she does I don't think amber can win again this way. I just don't think the winners will reward somebody who uses that strategy in less. She's up against to Austin robs in the final three who have somehow managed to piss off everybody in the jury. Yeah no I agree with you. I think this group of layers is is going to be mindful of the fact that whoever wins represents the winners and they're going to want whoever that winner is to be a true winner winner and someone who really kind of drove the bus. If you will and made the decisions and made things happen and I don't know if they would reward someone who didn't do it so much and was more likable about it. You know I think they would reward. Blind your hands for sheriff. Yeah now looking back at my column on Y Ember Number One. I concluded at the time that basically she made one very good move hooking up with rob besides that she was lucky that lex abandoned his strategy. She instead of friendship rule. When he should've voted her off she was lucky that so many people missed so many chances to break up her partnership with rob and send her packing or him when she even admitted in her interview with me that they should have done that she she did a good job of staying under the radar while allowing rob create and take the heat and she was probably a sounding board who also contributed somewhat to the strategic discussions? But in my opinion it was mostly rob. I don't think that's that's a real hot there but now that she's older and wiser she'll almost certainly be able to stand more on her own. Two feet I just don't think it'll be enough. Yeah it's going to be hard for her. I think that rob is almost an Achilles heel for her because everyone knows about him and everyone knows that he's going to be there air so it's one thing if you're just the other half of Boston rob but now you're the other half of Boston and Boston. Rob Is playing again and you saw. I don't know if you saw or people saw the first few minutes but it's noticed very quickly like Oh your wife is here so I mean every year so it's certainly certainly not going to be missed and I think everyone is going to be thinking that's too. They're definitely going to stay together. And I know that in the interviews that I've been listening listening to people are trying to determine okay. Do I want to utilize them to have two votes. Because then I know I'm just going to be a third and I know I'm I'm not ever going to break that at two. So it's this idea of. I know I can have two votes if I work with both of them but I also know that I am definitely third man out so it's A. It's a very very precarious situation for anybody to sign up to to play with and take that chance because you know they are not going to cut each other. Yeah now in our podcast. Our Rob joke that maybe living with Boston rob all this time has rubbed off a ton of survivor strategy on amber but she said in her entertainment weekly interview. There's a couple out there who I really know. Nothing about. Besides just their name. That can be a scary thing. Because I don't know anything thing about them she later added. I guess probably my biggest weakness but could also be seeing the other way would be to have never played with any of these people before and not really know. Oh them at all so you know and she was saying that. Even I played before this I played before that she claims she played before blindsides. I think rob sister after Nino might disagree with that characterization but The the the point is yeah. It was a long time ago and I'm I'm sure she has kept up with the game but not to the degree that her husband has or most of these other players totally agree with that. I think that to her benefit she she is going to be with some other strong women who have I think Rhone through the game and also grown since the game and I think that's going to be beneficial to her. She was very young when she played the first time. And I think we've seen that with other people who are on her tribe that they were they were young before they played the game and now they are married they have children so they've matured and I think that she can find some great connections with people very similar to her on her tribe. But I do think that it's it's going to be hard for her to really get her footing aside timing good connections. I don't know if she's going to necessarily have the strategic chop says says she's GonNa need to play with these people. Yeah so my prediction. I think she's an early target especially as we discussed with edge of extinction implying. I agree all right. We can move onto Kim who is a an interesting situation because she's only played once but she did. It's such a good job that I think she's still considered a fairly big threat out there. It doesn't help podcasts. Have talked about how good she was. And so even if it even if some of the players might not have realized if they listen well and you know they heard that She told entertainment weekly. She thought there were other players. WHO'd be bigger threats but then we heard from some of those other players will yet they did indeed worry about her and it's interesting too because there's there's almost like a little asterix next to her window go where so many people have been commenting on the fact that her cast wasn't a very strong cast? And if you go back and watch her season uh she really did I mean she completely dominated and it. It's almost mind-blowing that the people she was playing with didn't see her coming didn't didn't see this happening and they put so much in Cam. I mean so much so they were going to trust their lives to Kim. I mean she was very very much just kind of almost worshipped worshipped by the people. Choose playing the game with and I think she that works so well for her because nobody nobody saw coming. Nobody really knew her. Obviously this was a new you season. It was new players and so she was able to be that way without being necessarily notice. Now it's on everybody's radar that she just completely dominated and granted. She dominated a cast of players that were not cast of winners. So it'll be interesting to see the house. She lays with people at a much higher level than I think she played with. Before who else dominated a cast of Not So great players Players Boston Rob Exactly. So he hasn't asked. Yeah Yeah. That's a lot of asterisks but now one interesting point from Kim is that she said she thinks this season might end up being a little more old school so she's one of those people we were talking about earlier a I'm not sure if she meant from a production side or player side like maybe she was thinking. There would be fewer idols twists. If so you're totally wrong But you know as I mentioned earlier in the podcast. It's possible that the older school players will try to slow things down and if enough of them do it can work but they also don't Wanna come off as telling the other players do and if there are bunch of swaps and twists. He they just might not have choice in the matter but I also think that if enough of them can come together that even with the swap some twists they still might be able to bring it back to an old place is that they enjoy and that they can maybe maybe ingratiates olds will mentality into this world of twists in idols that we find ourselves playing. Let's hope I feel like Kim is probably GonNa make the merge I don't think she'll get real near the end because because I think people are going to worry about. I think that Kim's biggest potential issue is just her likeability factor. She really is a likable person since she's nice and I think when she talks to people they really feel like there's a genuine connection and everyone saw her do that on her season and if she tries to do that again. I think these players will be more mindful of that and will question her motives more so I do think that she's going to have a difficult time getting to the end but I do think that she will make inactions. I know that she wants to work with amber. So that'll be an interesting relationship to see if it actually happens as if they do connect and are able to play together. But I think she's going to do well because physically also she still looks like she's in the shape she was when she replay previous Lynch did great in the physical challenges before so she'll definitely be a benefit to her tribe and I think that could also keep her around longer so I I fear for her towards the end though because of ability yep same thing all right we can move on to move from all school to the newest school. Who'll and that's nick? Your winner now. Yes my winner you know. I had picnic to win. David versus Goliath. And I was of course right and I did discuss nick somewhat in the There were five roundtable. PODCASTS that rob did and Where you know each one had a number of people talking about some of the players? I was in the one with the the newer players and so IOS. I did discuss nick there and anyone who heard me there knows that well. I'm picking an almost opposite result for I. I think he'll be one of the first five out and they're just might not be much you can do about it. He will be the new guy with a bunch of people who know each other one way or another another and well let me put it this way in his pre-game getting to know you video from David Versus Goliath. He said you build up relationships over a long period. You don't win on day three. And that's what he ended up doing. But this time there will be people with alliances since years before day one and he's not among them so I I know he's hoping that he has an advantage because he knows the pace of the game or what he thinks. The pace of the game will be played in Fiji. It can be a free agent but his disadvantages are that the other saw him play they saw. He's a smart guy. I and he's a lawyer rather than you know the persona he had created. They saw that. He made multiple alliances with different people. He's just yeah. I agree completely with the assessment. I also am concerned with his pre-game approach. I'm going to go on a little bit of soapbox here if you don't mind I understand. Yeah I have to understand. There's this idea of pre-game alliances. And whether or not he will should have them in. Do they have them in. Do they not have them and someone who has been on the show before I mean this is something you hear a lot about whether or not people have three game alliances and I know that. CBS doesn't doesn't like it when people have them. Because it can have a negative effect on the actual game itself. But I do appreciate the fact that when in an interview. Someone's asking about pre-game alliances. They'd just say no. I wouldn't do that. Why would i? I'M NOT GONNA hurt my own game to do that like even if you have them. It's better to just I think. Shy Away from the idea that you'd actually created any and nick was right out there. Are you suggesting the players should lie by suggesting that they shouldn't survivor. They shouldn't even if it's an interview. I just don't think it's a smart idea to throw out there to anybody that you had a pre game alliance with you will and Michelle. which is exactly what he did he was? I mean he couldn't wait to say it like it was a very interesting response because I just feel like he's so excited to play this game again. which is awesome great for him? And I don't blame for being excited but to you be willing to admit that so quickly and so openly and not even just like well. I'm GonNa talk to some players. He was either pre-game lines with you'll Michelle and that was it you know and I worry for him because I feel like he's going to be overly anxious to play instead of trying to just let the game happen and I so that makes me very nervous for him that there's there's too much of a desire to jump into quick too soon too fast. which is why he's so excited? Writing About having a three-game Lance yeah. I also don't think that's GONNA work. I think he is has the likelihood of relying on on that and we've seen similar attempts on other seasons and it it rarely works. He also thought he connect with window Dole because Davies friends with him. Maybe that'll work. But the friend of a friend thing people aren't usually going to change their games because of that and you know you'll in particular he's GonNa do what's best for him. When he gets to Fiji he's not going to you know? Join up with Nick just because they exchanged some tax write. And you're yeah like I said we've seen it before now. Sometimes it does work. I think on game changers. There were rumors of several people who had a pregame alliance and stuck to it. There were other rumors of people who have pre game alliances and voted each other. Or the hell out so you know. I don't think it's going to work and it's interesting. What you said about him being excited to play again because the other thing was that he seemingly trying to get in good with Tyson because he said that Tyson hasten is his favourite but then Tyson mentioned in an interview that when he turned his baseball cap around yes and I I think that was nick's way of trying to communicate wordlessly with him that hey I want to work with you? Look I'm trying to be like you or just. It's an interesting way to communicate that I and I do think that in other situations it might work but this is heison gray. And I'm not sure Tyson sought that way you don't think patients out of his way to align with now. I think that's very like Oh my goodness I wanNA speak ill of nick. I do think he seems like a really okay. Great Guy but that's that's very elementary like like elementary school. Like ooh that's the guy I wanNA emulate so I'm GONNA turn my hat around because that's the way he wears his hat to try like. Yeah I want to do it. The cool kids are doing and like try to send a message. I think it really just comes across as being desperate and I think Tyson was was probably seen in it that way that this is a little too anxious to desirous supply. Like you can't show your hand. I think in a season like this so so quickly because someone lied. Tyson's going to use that his advantage. He's GonNa know that Nick is anxious to play with them and he is totally going to take advantage of neck four and then he's is probably going to decimate neck because of it so you cannot show your card to someone like Tyson so quick before the game even starts. Yeah like I said it may be a new player season like if you see someone you want to work with. That would be a a a a way of quietly signaling here but not the I know I'm not now with this group of people you are coming across way too anxious and I feel like nick is presenting himself even in his interviews that we've seen gene that anxious energy is really kind of seeping off of him and it's probably something that they saw Ponderosa so i. I have very very very big concerns for Nick as well. Not only because of that but also he doesn't have the connections with people because he is one of the newer your players and so I feel like people will kind of look at making A. He's he's he's disposable really because we don't have a connection with him. We don't have anything really that we can relate to him. He's he's a new school player. Lets you know he can go. And I think that that's going to happen with it. Yeah I mean his best hope. Is that the big guns targeted early and even then though I think he's next on the list which is why I've been saying he's out in the first but but now I did WanNa bring something up in case you didn't notice this. Did you see how he responded to Gordon. Homes as standard question of everyone. Everyone about how they'd explain survivor aliens. Yes is it was he the one that said the drill. He yes used your rock out. He didn't describe it that way but he wants to use your worst survivor moment to describe survivor like hey. Let's let's teach everyone how great survivor is. Here's this this crazy rock-dropping Jessica crying just to show how. How much will we'll put on the line? Oh my God yeah I read that and it was like let's an interesting choice. Well well those yes. Those are rough moment. I think alien saw that ailing saw any of this. It'd be like what is wrong with these people. Yes but that that was an interesting choice for sure. Yeah so thanks for thinking of of that moment as your alien moment I appreciate that is. He's probably stopped listening at this point about him. So listen again. Listen I think nick obviously rock this season but I feel for him in this season because I do think that there's something to be said about the people who've been around for a long time and been exposed to this survivor family and survivor ever existence. And and he's new to it and it it's trust me I'm still I go to these functions and I meet people in your your fan girling and I. I want to take pictures with everybody and I have to try to keep it in check because I also don't want to be annoying because that's how it can come across. It can come across as being annoying and not that nick is trying to be that way. He's a huge fan of the game and he's getting to play with these people. I can't even imagine how that would be processing in my brain so I get it but I'm so I'm concerned for him. Yeah all right. Now we can move onto Sandra. And what do we say about Sandra. That hasn't been said mom. Where's you won twice? She originated or perfected. The anybody but me strategy. She knows quite well how to imply. She knows how to keep her emotions separate from the game. She knows how to win over a jury and she knows she's a huge which target who should be voted out I even when she came back in game changers with all of that she managed to get an alliance together and stick around are longer than most people until she got swapped with people who were not going to play that game. So what more can we say. I love that so many people have said they WANNA work. I think that's awesome because I think they're crazy. I do think they're crazy. Because Sandra even said it whenever interviews his vote me out I and because she is the type of person who because she's not a physical threat she's not going to be a challenge Beast she's someone who's very if she likes to you know if she doesn't like you know it. So there's nothing hiding Sandra and I feel like some people are approaching that as you know what you're going to get with Sandra but Sandra will take every little bit of information that she has and she'll be able to spin it and turn it against against you or make things happen and she does it in a very very quiet way and then all of a sudden it just happened. She's she pays attention and she's someone who if she gets her flooding is going to be incredibly dangerous. And so I find it so fascinating that so how many people are like I want Sandra. She's GonNa be my shield standard might be might be the death of you know. She's she might just cause your demise so so it was fascinating to see so many people wanting to work. Yeah especially since I feel like Sandra has a target at least as big as the big giant head statue. The other clear players got the seat you know. She's she's also the type of player that well like. You said some may WANNA keep around in part because as you can always get rid of her later. Normally I'd say if that happens with someone who has the skill Sandra has. It could be dangerous but in her case. I just can't imagine anyone letting her get anywhere near the end because if she gets there I'm just GonNa say this right now. If she gets to the end and she wins doesn't even have to say anything to the jury. She walks out and says I was the only two time winner and you Bozos let me get here. Yeah who deserves this and I think that hurt. The way that she played in game changers was such a good representation of what we could see. I know that you've already talked about this. There's a little bit but everyone assumed I think pre-game with game changers at Sandra going to be like I went out but she really was able to find all all those little cracks in that tribe and use them and she. She really did a phenomenal job. Lasting much longer than I think we all expected and that was with returnees with people that knew how to play the game and she's in the same type of environment with people that know how to play the game and I just I really l. like there could if she gets the end. Yeah that's unbelievably. It'll be a shock that anyone let it happen by. She's taken it to the final three so I think she'll either go within the first couple episodes or right around the merge but no later than that. Yeah so all right. Well now we can talk about. Sarah who beat Sandra in in Changers and Sarah was extremely extremely high on her in her. Et candidate interview going out going on about her game. How she's the best because she beat San? I'd like to think she was kidding. But she didn't seem to be so if she was she had a very dry sense of humor there. Now don't get me wrong. I think she she played a good game. But this isn't game changers anymore. And she is a big hill to climb because the way Sarah played at that point got her the win but it also ensured that she would be targeted if she ever came back again and here she is. She played a social game. That allowed her it to get to know people on a personal level and still double crossed them and we heard from a number jurors about how much that hurt. You can bet the other winners heard uh and sought to and the response seems to be that many of them want her gone. I if the entertainment weekly hypothetical I vote is any indicator. Yeah Yeah I was shocked to see that that so many people are so threatened by her but I do think that she has come into this environment very very exposed. She's one of the more recent layers. She's the most recent female winner and she someone that he'll saw changed her game dramatically. Okay from first time. She played to the second time and so if she's able to improve upon it so much in order to pull off a win the second time because it really was so so different than the first time. She played that she someone who they should rightfully be afraid of his ABC's so good at fixing things that were wrong with her game from the first time the second time it only imagine what she's got store for the third time and I was playing with her. I WOULD WANNA necessarily find that out especially if you remember her final three tribal council when she was talking about how good her game wasn't where stems comes from and she was talking about this undercover work. She did and how she has to be other people because she's a police officer. That makes it even more scary because I mean you really can put on different and hats if you will and play different people and they saw her do that and they saw her do it very very well and which means she can do it again right and you'll going back to our why winners I las podcast. You know speaking of how she could change her game. We discussed how Sarah made the classic mistake of leading swing vote power. Go your head in Kardashian. But she corrected that in her win and she told Rob in her game changers red carpet interview Arab of course that she learned and she had to be more adaptable and not put her foot down. She also said that if someone else wants to take the lead she'd let them because she was still in on the decision and not standing out the head of the alliance. That was a great lesson in theory. It could help her here again but in practice. I don't think anybody is going going to let her get to that. Point by aligning themselves with her. He the only hopes you might have is a Sandra. Sandra might look at someone like Sarah Sarah as a benefit to her because if so many people are targeting Sarah I think Sandra might want to kind of keep that Interact pocket if she can Dan and the longer you keep Sarah around. Maybe the less attention is on Sandra. But I don't know if that's going to cause standard problems. I know it's A. It's a possibility it would be interesting to see if Sanderson which that spin on it. Al Bring Sarah Long World It's almost like Van Halen here. You know Sandra's violence if she wants the next larger villain and may be interesting to see if those two end up coming together honor to Antoni. All of whom are on the same tribe did speak in the previous what we now. So if they stay true to their word it could save all three of them. Now you know she did tell Gordon homes that she recognizes. How people are looking at her and she has to behave for a little bit and overcome overcome the hurdle of people not wanting to trust her? So she's going to have to work with maybe those two and some other people to demonstrate trots. That's the only chance she has. Yeah yeah no I agree. She's definitely going to need to find someone in find some quickly in order to not be targeted and those two seem like probably heard her best back. Yeah now when Sarah won her season Sophie who is our next discussion person to discuss here. Breath was subbing for rob. I know it alls while he was out on the red carpet interviewing her and said Sarah was lucky enough to come into that season as one of the few you people who were not viewed as a threat before the game even began and that was a good point by Sofi and one. We've seen time and time again in returning players seasons and it's also why. I Made Sophie my winter. You know I know. There are other winners who are viewed as less of a threat. But as I mentioned earlier in the podcast Hawk cast those people who are less of a threat may actually be targeted because these winners are sparred enough to know that coming in as a lesser threat makes you a viable winter and I feel like Sophie is kind of on the border. She's not too much of a threat but she's also not a complete non threat who would attract that kind of ironic roenick attention. Yeah I think so fees a very interesting character because she's been so separated. I think from the survivor world even though she is included and she still friends with people. We don't see that much of Sophie. We don't hear that much from her. She does occasional podcasts. Here and there but she's one of those those winners. That was on what I think. She called kind of dark season and she played with people. Cocker I mean. You can't forget that you know. She played against cocker and she. She ended up beating Auburn beat coach and when she beat some very well known players that we've seen go on and play again and someone Cochran who won so. I do think that you have to have incredible respect for the game that she managed play while she was out there when she took an alliance all the way to the end which is something very old school and I don't know if we'll see something like that again but I do think she's one of those sleepers that the way that she presents herself she's always kind of in the mix but she's not the one that's at the forefront she's not the one you necessarily seen and thinking of all the time and I think that will definitely unwell for her in this players. Yeah now one thing that could work against her she told et Canada. She's an introvert and doesn't make acquaintances. Easier She says it's hard to give a lot of herself but she knows it's needed. I think she can overcome a an interesting point. She made was saying that she thinks the fluidity witty of alliances is higher on return season which may be true. Especially if there's a lot of swapping but I also think that maybe one reason people will want to find loyal allies allies to stick with like you mentioned earlier and she can fill that role. Yeah I agree. I think that she is the type of person that if she says she's GonNa stick with you you that's GonNa mean something if they go back and remember how she wasn't her season and that's if they even remember I mean i. I do think that the loyalty card is going to to matter in this particular group of people because we do have so many layers who were played when that did really actually mean something. I The news foil not so much but the loyalty card I think will matter and it will definitely make a difference. Okay well you save a new school not so much but wait till we talk about your season. The I listen. I know because I was one of those people that I was. I went to racks because I was being so loyal so but I'm also I'm older. I'm not a millennial. They have a different mindset on that too but yes for sure I played. I played with loyalty very. Yeah that was important to me. Yes now after Sophie played her first time in one I interviewed her and she talked about how she felt like. She knew what was going on all the time and nothing ever happened that she didn't want to happen so oh she was pretty well. Controlling the game made tight allies. Who wouldn't flip? There's that loyalty thing and work to keep her alliance together while staying at the center of it and then she outplayed at her opponents at the final tribal council giving the jury the truth about her backstabbing which was all they wanted to hear. I think this jury will be similar. I I don't think they're gonNA WANNA be face people who are full of Baloney now. I think Sophie needs to make solid alliance or two and then walk the tightrope between being a threat and not being. Yeah and I think. She's Rona last sensors. Lucy like twenty one on when she played the first time or something very young and she was still able to hold her own with the people that she played with. I love that. She acquainted coach to like her female counterpart on on our season. So she's very mindful of having that second person who she can utilize to her benefit and if she finds that second person on this group or within this group. I think she's going to be integrate place and I think some of the people she's interested in plain with like poverty will be the very strong second if she's if she's able to actually get with her because obviously they're starting on different tribes but it also seems like Sophie is someone that multiple People have mentioned that they wanna work with which is also a good sign for her so if people want to work with her then they're not gonNA voter out right away because maybe they wanna try to form on right so all right well. There's there's my official winning again through all right now we move on to Tony and his his arc and the game is going to depend in large part if he holds true to what he's been telling the media about how he's GonNa play things as I mentioned worthy winners loss. PODCAST question is if he can tone it down. I think he'll be able to for a little while. But you can't keep Tony in about you. Know if if he has a solid alliance by that point he might be okay. But I think what's going to bring out the crazy is he'll find himself in a situation. Shen that either is really bad for him or he interprets as being bad for him so he goes full Tony try to extricate himself but he'll just end up the digging deeper yeah. I hope we don't see what we saw last time we talked about this. Tony Lost Sandra. Andrew wanted to work with him and that was such a great opportunity for him in Game Changers and he blew it he completely blew. It and Sandra was very aware that he was a loose cannon and quickly cut ties with him and he ended up getting voted out. So he's someone who does need to try to maintain some semblance of calm but if he does that I think it might also create some suspicions in people. Because that's not the Tony. They know the Tony that these people have seen seen play the game. Is that phrase Tony. WHO's running through the woods who hiding in bunkers and behind bushes and is is really taking taking the game to another level? That people hadn't really seen before Tony One and so if he doesn't do that I don't know if that's going to instill some concern or ear and people because it's it's not what they're used to seeing from Tony. Yeah Yeah exactly now. I think another thing that could cause a problem. Is that on the one hand. He said he doesn't WANNA come in with grand plans but on the other he told entertainment weekly that he wants to align himself with two different groups or groups that are close outside the game and a a group of stragglers and then he'll tell both groups he's with them which is a recipe for disaster because it assumes nobody in those groups will be talking to each other and they will be will. This is especially true because he seems to think atom will be straggler. Who doesn't really do the politics outside the Game mm-hmm which tells me he doesn't know damn thing about it? Yeah and that's I think it'd be hard of Tony's issue as well as he's one of those survivor layers who hasn't ingratiated himself into the survivor world. After the game like he hasn't he doesn't go to the fundraisers and he doesn't go to the get togethers which is fine. Nobody has to but he's very separate from that and it's clear what the atom comment that he doesn't know the type of politicking is probably doing has been doing because Adam is involved in all of that and so by keeping himself separated from that. Ah He's going to be missing some of those potential relationships that he could have had because people would actually maybe no the real townie and so it's a real. Tony is more more laid back. Calm like we saw in the interviews. Then if someone's out there playing a game with him NASA Tony they see well. That's the Tony. I know outside of the game so that Tony is that. There's nothing to worry about that Tony but nobody knows at that Tony exists. It could be problem now before we move on from Tony. I do have to mention that. I love Tony or this exchange with Gordon homes. Where Gordon mentioned Chris Underwood's win and Tony? Tony said that was horrible. Man That was gross and then later he added. I can't believe they did that. That just ruined the whole. Oh my God what happened to the concept of have when you're torches snuff. You're dead and of course we've already covered our own thoughts on edge of extinction so tony. Thank you for speaking being from our home state that yes moving onto Tyson as we discussed the earlier. podcast Tyson has probably evolved as a player more than just about anybody else as it stands today. I think he has a great deal of insight into the game and how to play. He certainly hit a speed bump or two along the way especially in hairs versus felons But he's learned from his mistakes as he showed in blood versus water however I think I think he may be underestimating. What other people think of him because he said in one pre game interview? I'm hoping other people see me as a more carefree laid-back Laissez Faire goofball and I think I played that role pretty well I mean. I've got long hair. I kind of don't give a bleep but at the same time. I'm hoping that masks this brain never stops thinking about how to play the game and then he said in another interview I feel like I understand the game better than every player out here and I don't I think people realize that I don't think they know that I'm as good as I am at this game and so I feel like I need to prove that now. Tyson is joking half the time but I don't think he was was in this case. Maybe maybe he was. I don't think he works and the thing is if he really thinks that he was going to hide behind it while Heison is very closely associated associated with Rha. Anyone who has ever listened to him talk about the game will not be fooled by long hair. I know how much he knows about at the game and how good he is and I feel like others do as well and that could really work against I agree. I think that Heison is hoping that he can hide behind hind the that image of that player. But he's that image of that player is long gone for him. I mean that was his first season where you saw the guy goofy long hair. It was run around Naked Tyson that we first met the taste that we now see is someone who is very well studied on a game is clearly clearly very intelligent and that's come across on the television screens but we've all watched him on in so I think that Tyson's approach the they're not gonna see Liam coming never totally going to see him coming but the one thing that Tyson's really got going for him though is again they'd set like ability factor. He's funny and he's he is goofy Any someone that I think people would want to hang out with someone that they would WanNa talk to but I found incredibly interesting the amount of players that were Mike. Tyson's gotta go so. The people are very suspect of him already. And I think they're suspect of him because they've seen both sides of him they've seen this goofball carefree person who is also incredibly strategic in cutthroat and also very good at challenges. So he's he's really got the entire package and he knows how to talk to people and he knows how to be entertaining and if he gets into a final three. He's a great talker so I think that he's his threat. Level is at a different replace than a lot of these players because he is so likable but he's also so strategic and that combination can be very very scary. Yeah I mean and I expect him to be a target now. Maybe he can get together with like Kim and amber tried to make something happen or the other option is he can just point joint at Tony and Sandra and be like really. You're coming after me. Have you seen those one of them has a big giant head right opening up but but he needs to do something fast and he was one of the players who said the game moves faster right from the get over in the returnees season. Meaning you have to hit the ground running in lock up. Your people quickly hit the ground running running. I think it's hysterical that you use that term because he actually was playing the game before the game even started coming up when we mentioned this. That are in our our podcast that we did with rob but just the the rumors that he's spreading about people getting paid two hundred thousand dollars to be on season thirty nine and that other people weren't we're going to be on unless they could also be paid two hundred thousand dollars through like some weird telephone call from a friend to this person. Incredible like I've got to give him props for war coming up with ways to play the game by utilizing information that didn't happen in a game and this is the type of stuff that Tyson is really really good at which is is why he's very very scary. Yeah and by the way if there was any doubt about Tyson knowing what he's talking about when it comes to survivor. We just need to look at this quote from one of his interviews when he said. That's why Ozzy can't win. He doesn't learn from his past mistakes. He doesn't change his game. Which of course is something that I have said many? You're right David you're right and Tyson clearly did changes game and we saw what he saw him just improve immensely Ensley and by the time he played the third time it was. It was an incredible feat. I mean he did such a great job and really laid the game very very incredibly. Meanwhile on all just across the board and so I do think that he someone that is not going to be coming in undetected. He's got a very very big target on his back but again if the big meat shields all come together mealy he'll be safer while maybe but speaking speaking of people who could be in trouble next up is Wendell. If the bigger older school names are not the primary target well then Wendell easily could be and even if you find a good lines to get him through that he's GonNa have to play a very different game. I don't think he's GonNa find another dominic and he's certainly certainly not going to find people. He can control as easily as the two of them controlled players go style. I agree entirely. I think is going to be in a difficult spot. He's not in the same type of spot as nick because he's a new player but I think he is in a difficult spot being a new player and being the player that we saw I mean he was. It's just that all calm and collected guy who managed to make things happen without people really knowing that he was making those things happen and it was just such a smooth smooth way to play the game and win the game that I think everyone is going to be very suspicious of Wendell. Because that's how he wins. The game is by being that smooth calm and Ooh I guy I think he's. He's going to be in trouble with this people. Yeah now one thing that he does have going for him is he never backstabbed his true partner. Art now part of that is because it was really never opportunity now maybe he can use that to his advantage because we talked about the whole loyalty the thing and then another just overall personality you know you and I both met him a couple times and I think we can both have tested. Just how cares. Man He is. He's so likeable. Such a nice guy and really comes across his incredibly genuine but again I think for Wendell if people saw him on screen. They're not going. We know that that is how they'll just isn't real life. Unless they've met Wendell in real life that really is who he is but when you put him in game mode to play with people like like this it might make them suspicious again because that's how he is charismatic. He's likable. He's Nice. They might think he's playing unless they know they'll outside right so the question is will what's going to happen with him and Ralph a very good question I'm going to say he makes it to the merge and maybe a little little after that but I don't think it'll be much more than that. Yeah I mean I think he has the ability to hang in there longer than next for shore. Excuse me in trouble. But I think that part of his ability to last is going to be his charm and if he's more willing mm to let the old school players kind of take the reins and do what they wanna do and kind of follow along with them that could certainly benefit him because he's not going to then come across as necessarily controlling the game and maybe he could pull off another Wendell type move where he makes things happen without making it look like is making things happen. I think he in one of his interviews talked about kind of almost like bowing down to rob like. Oh Yes Boston rob your incredible. I WANNA listen to all do whatever you say in Attempt to then back Sabra later. So he might just abusing people's Egos to benefit himself. which would be great if it wasn't of course these are all we don't know we're guessing but it's a all right and now we come to the last member of this tribe and that would be you'll and there's another one where I was GONNA say it'll be interesting to see how he does because he seems to have very few connections Sion's with the other players but then we have the whole nick and Michelle thing that we talked about already which seem rather odd combination as I mentioned earlier? We don't really know what that means. Did they talk a lot. They exchange if you messages and agree to work with each other. Nothing like that has ever binding. I have no doubt you'll will abandon those to if he needs to do think that it's interesting. He did mention nick as being one of the people that he wanted to play with so he didn't go into the hall. I have freedom alliance with him but he mentioned him as one of the people that he would align with he also is interested in aligning with Sandra. which I think is fascinating because they're much different dynamics in the way that they approached the game I think with? You'll what I what I find. I'm so interesting. I don't even know if I probably already said that three times. But he's such a nice guy and when he played his season he really did dominate. But he it was very respectful in in just really likeable. And he's interested in playing with Wendell and Jeremy Easson it. Could you imagine that four just for these. It's like the Nice Guy Alliance all of these people that are just really likeable. Really Nice people but then you will sat in his interviews. That he's it's no-holds-barred. Oh hold bar this time. And and he's GonNa play completely different than you did before because he doesn't feel like he has constraints like he did with his season which was a season based on ultra and and divided by race. And so he was. He was feeling constrained because he needed to represent his race and here. He doesn't feel that he needs to do that. So I'm curious is to see if he's really going to be able to kind of break away from that and show us a you'll that we haven't seen before even though he seems to be gravitating towards the likes of Wendell and Jeremy Ethan but then also throwing Sandra poverty ourselves it who knows it'll be it'll be interesting to watch. Yeah I I mean. You're looking back at his game and win. Obviously I remember how he controlled the game without appearing to do so. He denied being the puppet master but he was pulling a lot of the strings even even when decisions were apparently made by consensus. He took advantage to push that decision. So for example when Penner Flip you will saw that ozzy was forming forming a budding alliance with nate. So he convinced penner to make voting out nate a condition of his flip and then as he had to go along with it later it was a group group decision by the four. Vote Out Penner. But you'll use that to make a deal with Adam. Adam Adams jury vote you know. While while he held held onto his alliance the hallway he was also ensuring everyone within that lines was comfortable and like you said it was a nice guy. He made them feel like he was they they. We're part of the process. He subtly manipulated situation so nobody wanted to jump ship. Even though it might have been a better option for some now can you. Can you do that with a bunch of winners or do you need to be more aggressive like he said. I think it's probably the last I agree. I think that you will definitely going to have to come out of his shell. All in present a sign of him that no one has seen before which could could work to his benefit. Because if they're all expecting this other you'll and then maybe maybe that's what he presents but then he's actually playing a different game behind the scenes so if he can kind of in an underhanded fashion that they don't necessarily realizes this is happening he could do very well if he's able to manipulate people the same way that he did in his previous season. But he's going to be much more hot throat about it and it's going to be a little more aggressive so I I'm fascinated to see the type of you will that we get this season. I'm very very intrigued. Now as a flip side kind of a counterpoint to that I will say that in his season he kinda let himself fade into the woodwork behind some of the bigger our personalities so when there was a discussion about getting rid of someone before the finals for example his name didn't even and so you it does he. Maybe he does want to replicate that instead of trying to be more aggressive because it he'll come into the game as a legend of sorts. But he's also with Sandra Seri. Sarah Tony Enticing. In the early goings of his tribe. So maybe fading back in the beginning isn't such a bad idea now and if he is able to make connections blend all the two of them can nice guy everybody to death on your drive. It'll be fun to watch. Yeah now I want to say you know much like with Tyson if there were any doubt about whether I still like you'll. He made a comment very similar similar. Saying in some cases I think people really evolved their game ozzy not so much the guy has one way of playing. He plays it very well. But it's not a winning strategy a there you go again another another another guy after my own heart fun all all right well before we go onto the blue tribe. Let's take a quick break to hear from our sponsors if there are any in your area if not we'll be back even quicker we're back so let's let's go on to the blue tribe and start with some guy named I know some guy named Adam. Yeah I mean I almost don't want to say anything about at him even though I met him a few times. I've played blackjack with them. I've had discussions with them. That pales in comparison to the amount of time you spent with him so I kinda just want. aww Here's the thing. Adam is one of those winners that nobody saw coming. I think everyone who was out there playing that season with him with me. It didn't expect Adam to do as incredibly well as he did. He's very smooth in the way that he plays the game and he's also oh not so much in your face but he has a complete understanding of how the game is played what people are doing and what moves will benefit himself but also help those people feel like they're benefiting themselves at the same time. He's he's very aware of all of those things that are happy. The name was very impressive to watch because he knew what decisions to make regardless of the outcome that it had. If it means somebody else feel like they're game was improving and it was still beneficial to him freight cool. Let's do that without necessarily making it. Seem like he was the one making all the decisions. I'm very impressed with Adam I I loved playing with him. I'm sad that they never showed us actually play together and the one thing I will say about Adam that he was someone who I immediately knew I wanted it to play the game with like once he and I were on the same tribe together. I knew I'm like Adams going to be my guy because he just has this thing about him. He's a very very conversational is easy to talk to easy to connect with but also has such a great understanding of the Comes across in the way that he speaks concern. I Have Adam is everyone knows. He's a superfan on millennials versus Gen X.. Nobody knew he was a superfan in. He hid that that even though you could listen to him speak and you knew the understanding of the game. Nobody knew he was such a Super Fan. All of these people now Adams achiever fan and they know that he studied this game and that could potentially be a problem for him. Yeah now I mentioned Shen on the that roundtable podcast. I was on that and I also brought it up earlier. That one thing that could help him is that your season may have been known kind of by most viewers at for trust clusters and the pendulum strategy and it was really loyalty that won the day for him and that it might be a key this season another key could be that he knew in your season when into let the threats duke it out and went to actively take aim at them and so you know if he can do that now step back when the the big big guns are firing at each other. I think that's the best way to play this but I have the very same concern but you do. Because he's he's he's a superfan and we saw the way Boston rob treated the superfan on all stars. Boom see okay so I guess some of the others might try to pull him in just so they can use promo way but honestly I have a good feeling. I think he'll be able to make it past the merger pretty deep into the game and I hope he does. I would love to watch Adam go deep in this game. I don't think he's going to have the same potential issues as nick is going to have this kind of being starstruck. I think he'll be able to control that component of himself. While but I do I do just worry that there is this perception that he will be someone who is so. Well studied that some of the old. What's will players might be intimidated by that? They might think of. This kid knows more about me than I know kind of thing. He's also one of the youngest players out here here. Which by he's twenty nine for God's Sakes? I love the fact that this that all of these players are older individuals. I think is great but there I know. He's got relationships with people who had played the game before and that might work to his BENEFA- only one person said that they really wanted to work with Adam. And that was Ethan. Then because he's kind of relying on need someone of news full era to help me get through this game so he could use that to his benefit with someone like Ethan so I I do really hope that. It doesn't hurt him it. Because he's such a fan of this he really does have a great understanding of it and I don't think when he gets enough credit for the game that he laid inland versus gen-x because he really knew exactly who needed to get to the end with and how to get there and he did it in a in a manner that was kind of unexpected and no one saw it coming and then all of a sudden he was there and it was Adam. I'm sitting with Hannah and Ken. Everyone was like well out of wins so I have a lot of respect for him and I do hope that he can fulfil his dream art. His dream was plane. Survivor and part of his dream was getting to come back and play on all winter season so clearly. That's happening. That dream also included him winning. We'll see if it does but I don't know if if he would be able to make it all the way to the end but I do hope that he goes all right well. Next up is a Another newer winner. And that of course would be ben again when I was on the That roundtable podcast. We discussed a bit about how I think. A lot of people forget certain things about Ben. They remember the idol fines. The Ben Bombs the stuff of that nature but all that happened at the end when he needed needed them before then he made alliances. He brought two of those alliances together. He put himself in a good position until his alliance realized. It was too good at position and they turned on him which is why he needed all those idols. Yeah I think Ben's tential hurdle is going going to be the recency of his game just as we talked about all of the other more recent players but I also think that something that Ben brings to the table able is loyalty. Even though all of that stuff happened at the end she was being taken out by his own alliance and so that caused him to have to shift his game game and how he approached his game and he really wants to change that facet of himself in this season he wants to show that I can make it to the end with somebody. I don't have to be fighting alone in the end and I think that's going to bode well for him in a group of more old school players. Who have who might be taking that same approach approach that we're going to form a bond you and I the two of us the three of us? WE'RE GONNA try to run this game. That could really that could go. Places for manatees able to find minds that other half or that other third in order to do that with and he did say interviews that he wants like a Wendell and dominic relationship nation ship and to rely more on her social game who to prove that he belongs there. I just don't know that he's going to get this season. As a matter of fact I expect the producers to throw all sorts of things at them to keep them out of the comfort zone not in a comfort zone like he wants but you know he he did tell Gordon homes because he thinks others will see him as a threat he wants to keep around the other threats like rob. Tony Jeremy and Wendell I so. So we're we're back to this whole meet shield idea and I guess that plan could work early. If the idea of Brett's banding together manages to get off the ground but I just think it's doomed to disaster later when the others eventually poss- him aside because while he's not one success and that's where I think it's going to hurt him. The most is that it's kind of like you're you're better off. What is the devil that you know versatile that you don't and if if if there's players out there who I understand that layer better because that player came from an era? When I played survivor they might be more comfortable going with that? Layer as opposed is the Ben. Ben showed how great he is at finding idols. And how great he is laying them and also there's a whole fire making thing uh-huh so so I do think that there are parts of Ben that could come across as being very scary and very threatening because he also has a presence about him. That is a little more in your face and might come across as little more aggressive. Just because that's been and it if it's misconstrued as being someone who is is potentially trying to take things over or trying to take control then it might not bode well with someone like rob who was on the tribe with him and rob. It didn't seem to be interested in working with the likes of Bin. But you've got Jeremy who wants to work with them so it all depends. I think on who comes together. In in what types types of characteristics are presented early on and and then I think Ben could potentially sneak in there but he's he's gotTa have some issues with being so recent and having those van bombs be part of what he's known for all right. Well now we can move on to Danny and I have to say. Dan's bit of mystery. I get much out of her entertainment weekly interview. I didn't get much out of my old interview with her. From after she won she played so close to the vest that there just wasn't much to talk about it seems and because of that fix she's going to be in a position Shen where either people will ignore her first or if they're thinking in reverse as we discussed they could target her early I think the latter I think research that will be targeted early. I've got great concerns for her because she is someone that is such an unknown and her season was kind of an Odd One Justin. How was how was played and how she ended up fighting her way to the end even though she was always kind of on the else so I just just a feel like she was so under the radar in her season and still is under the radar because she hasn't ingratiated herself into the survivor world? Either her that she's someone that I think this group will look at it and say I just don't know where she's coming from. I don't know where she's at. I'm not sure what kind of game she's actually going to play. So I don't feel safe. Aligning myself with her working with her. And I think she's going to be an early out. Yeah I mean don't get me wrong. I don't want anyone to misconstrue she. She did a great job of scheming on. It's just that she did it in such a way that they think the other players will be hard pressed to remember her too much of what you did. And now if that is the case then they may not bother with her first and and if she can align herself with a few other early like the niece and Michelle and maybe ethan an atom she could stick around for a while but if you yeah I don't know if she will if she does she could become dangerous but like you said. I don't think that it's it's again. It's that unknown factor. It goes back to the thing. I just said the devil that you know versus devil that you don't in this is going to be a group of people that are are trying to figure out what type type of player you're going to be this season but they're also going to be remembering things that you did in previous seasons in kind of making that assessment and make next termination and yet danny. She clearly did a phenomenal job in her season. Because she she clawed her way up from the bottom I mean she really did. She had to fight to win but she even acknowledges the fact back. She kept her game so secretive. Even production didn't even know what she was doing half the time that's scary. That's definitely scary. And if anybody knows that that she's able to hide her game from production than yes she can hide her game from everyone. She's playing with so. I think I think if people are cognizant that and remember that that's Danny did she's going to. It's going to be very difficult for Danny. Yeah Yeah I agree and and then we move on to another person who is not in a very dissimilar situation. That would be denise you know we just discussed how Danny would a probably do best to align with the knees but denise told. Et Canada that talking about herself saying she's a crappy liar. Sucks being being sneaky which you know not usually something you hear from a survivor you know. She wants to pair up with someone. Who is Sarah or Sandra? Neither of whom are on her starting tribe. So does she consider Danny to be sneaky enough to pair up with. I mean I guess we'll see but much like any. She has a quiet quiet way about her and might be able to fade into the background. She told Gordon homes that nobody thinks she's a big strategic player so she wants to lean into that. AH playing more strategically without people knowing the problem with that is will I how you do it you know. How are you more strategic without people knowing and second? How did you get votes at the end if you do succeed in fooling everyone because as the rule says? Don't keep your scheming to secret right. And here's here's the thing that denise has going for her not only does she want to line of people you mentioned she also talked about our body as well and interestingly early enough harvey also wants to align herself with Denise Adam wants to align himself with Denise Anne did mention Denise Michelle mentioned denise. His niece's name seem to be coming up quite a bit in Who people want to align with and? I think I could be wrong about this. Obviously we're guessing gene hall of this but I think the biggest component that denise has working for her is the loyalty factor. I mean she and Malcolm were such a tie I do well and she really was able to play such an incredible social game that every tribal council she went to even if she was on the bottom autumn. She was the only person from her tribe. After a swab on a new tribe and she didn't get voted out she was able to create on's form connections and played a social game. That allowed her to stay all the way to the end and allowed people to flip on each other in order to keep her in the in the final three and take Malcolm how come out four all of that. It was based on her social abilities in the game. Which I think in this group of people is going to be key in staying in the game and lasting in the game and pulling off those more underhanded moves that people don't necessarily see coming and everyone seems to really WanNa work with to me so if if people wanNA work with are they're not going to be voting out or voting for her I? Obviously they're gonNA WANNA keep her around. I think nieces going to kill it out there. I really really do. She's my winner pick. I'm very impressed with yes. I'm very impressed with denise disabilities here because she is not one of the main gene targets that everybody's looking at but she someone that everybody wants to work with and I like that. Yeah and if an alliance among those people works she could be around for a while. If the big targets band together she could be toast early. I mean it's it's this is a hit or miss kind of thing. I mean you look at this tribe. You've got one two three four five six only ever played the game once and other the other four have played more than more than once a week wisit Not yet the other four played more than once so it all depends on who comes together and she's one of those one time players but she's clearly someone at poverty was so desirous of getting to work with the Nissan wanting to be denise Denise Herreid did I I love that I love the denise poverty is writer. I think that's great all right. Well are you gonNA Apologize. Denise Denise for nursing her you know backwards. I'm so sorry denise when you lose this it was totally my fault. It's the butterfly effect. We've established I'm terrible at predictions and everybody that I picked to win except J. T.. which was years and years and years ago on his first season he was my winter pick? And that's the only time I've ever been right so I'm sorry. Please prove me wrong. Please there you go all right. Well next up we have Ethan and if I were picking my winner based on pure emotion instead of attempted opted logic. He brings nostalgia but also just the fact that he's alive and well and playing survivor again is sure I mean he was never the biggest schemer and plotter. You Know He. He schemed about as much as was necessary. Nothing more and normally boy. Those are the people that I aim for but still really like Oh. He's he's so likable and he is such a great presence about him in you watch him in his interviews. This is someone that I think is going to make others feel comfortable in talking to them. I think there's going to be more of an interest in even because he is so old all as one of the very early seasons and I think that's going to cause people to want to talk to him and want to form form bonds with him just because there is that factor about him but I am hoping that he's able to understand the game that is now being dean played and he seems very cognizant of the fact that he's that's not the game he ever played. He didn't play with twists and with idols. And all of these these nuances that are being introduced. So that's why he was gravitated towards someone like an atom so Adam could help him understand and I think that would be a great dynamic. You'll if those two together that would be really incredible. Oh Yeah I mean. I think that the other players will probably leave him alone for a little while if only due to the S. Taljaare and his prior illness but the threat radars gonNA come up if he gets too close and Ethan told entertainment weekly I don't I think it's fair to weaponize my cancer and use it against me. Well I got news for you. Even you may not agree but all's fair and and I can definitely she people talking about that. If he gets back story is something that people are very aware of. I mean you look at someone like Adam. We didn't know Adams back story until he. I was sitting there in the final three and he told us the story about his mom which was horrific and sad an awful but it wasn't something that caused us to swear one way or the other. We were all on the atom train at that point. But someone like Ethan is walking in with a story that everybody knows uh-huh everyone is very aware of and you hear it all the time when people are determining who they want to sit in the final three with they got a hell of a story you know. They've got a great story story and he's he's gotten incredible story he's survived. I mean he literally survive so I think letting him get too close as is going to be problematic visit. He's he's sitting there in the end he he's GonNa win. Yeah and so I mean he he wants to bring it back to trust and loyalty and we've already talked about that. That might be a good idea. I just don't think there's any way he can make it to the end but if he finds a way to pull it off I'll I'll stand up and Absolutely so all right well moving on. We have Jeremy Jeremy and as we discussed earlier projects. Jeremy was another player who improved greatly between his first and second time I he went from targeting the big threats to walking and using the threats and he told. Et Canada plans to play the same as he did in his winning season to him. That means keeping people like Rob Tyson Tony around as meat shields. Plus Ethan's a loyal person and he will have Robin Ethan around but he's going to have to go hunting if he wants to find someone else like maybe poverty would fit the bill in the early going. And then depending on what the rest of the tribe wants to do he could he could end up finding himself in the swing vote role deciding whether they target get the big names or work with the bigness. He's he's such a tough read because he's one of those players that you really. I did see a completely different person when he played the second time. He learned a lot about what he needed to improve upon and was more relaxed and laid back the second time he played and had a better understanding of the dynamics of the relationships he someone who is very likable someone that I think anyone has a conversation with him. He comes across as being very genuine and someone that is fully listening to you when you're talking to him I mean I've met at the guy and he's just he has this thing about him in and you can't get past that that could be dangerous. Obviously because if he's if he's so likable then our people necessarily going to let him get to the end. I don't know if they will but if there is this shield idea what he's the perfect issue. Yeah Ah he's also another player. Who says things move fast in an all star season now? He thinks that he can handle it. But maybe the one time players won't now AH we've already talked about that. We think it may they may slow it down but no matter what happens. I don't know where he's is GONNA end up. It's very difficult. I agree it. It all depends on whether his plan works. I feel like his plan won't work but I have have a hard time seeing him. Getting the BOOT early. I think it would only happen. If he gathers all the meat shields and then they just decided they don't need him but even there would probably be closer to the merge so I guess that's I guess that's world put him somewhere around the merge he's one of those people that I'm curious about now with the edge of extinction if they know that the edge of extinction is there if they don't know it's there because everyone is very aware that in order to get back into the game there's going to be some type of challenge and he's someone who could perform very well in the challenge. So do you staff back and put a bunch of people who are really good at challenges onto the edge of extinction because only got one shot to get back in or maybe two on how they do it. I I don't know but he's someone that I could see being a concern concern that if he does end up on the extinction he could potentially come back because of his ability to do well and challenges. So that's I think going to effect where he ends up and nothing all this. Yeah Yeah we'll see. I guess I know it's a tough one on for him. All right so next up is Michelle and when I again when I was on that roundtable podcast outcast. One thing we all said about Michelle was that we thought she wanted to prove that she deserved it and then I think it was the very next day that entertainment weekly's interview with her came out titled Tale Fitzgerald wants to prove she deserved. So Yeah So good prediction on in the interview. She said I like to think. I think they underestimate me. If you're looking at everybody's resume I'm probably one of the lesser threats which is great such a great advantage for me because I'm a very different person than I. It was twenty four year old beauty tribe. Michelle and I'm ready to play a much different kid so if they're underestimating underestimating me. That gives me flexibility to play more boldly without looking like I'm playing to bolt. I can fly a little bit under the radar and make moves without all their alarm bells going off right at the gate. I'm hoping that unperceived a little less threat. which could cause it to be a huge that exactly? Yeah I mean the thing that she is so good at obviously as social game. She is very good at forming relationships in bonds and disconnecting with people. There are some of the bear name older players that mentioned they were interested in working with the likes of Michelle but it was always in kind of a she can be my little sister kind of relationship so I think that she's being viewed as someone that can be taken along like. Oh she's someone that I can. I can mold and I can work with and make you do the things that I want. And if that's not what she ends up doing if she presents herself south differently to them then I think she's going to find yourself in a tough spot. Yeah and and then it comes back to what you already mentioned. And we've been talking about is if you're less threatening are more. Because she even said in her interview these are super fans out here too and they have their finger on the pulse of what's happening in these returning seasons which by trend seemed to be taken over by under the radar players if that's their mindset going in then my ship ship might be sunk before I even leave and so she recognized. She's whether she saw herself. She's listening to podcast cast. Whatever she's doing she recognized the same thing and so the real thing is though? Are there more threatening less threatening people interesting. Some of the less threatening people are there some more threatening ones so I I think there are so she might not even be targeted right away among and that's true I mean I think between g and Danny I think Danny is going to be in name much more difficult situation. I do think that the fact that people wanna work with Michelle will allow her to stay along or be around for a a little bit longer as long as she lays that same role which she doesn't WanNa play. We saw her play it already in the season that she was on where she was being gene. That little sister and I need your help and show me what to do. And she doesn't WanNa play that game but maybe she'll recognize that so she has to do at least before she can really kind of take. Things is over our footing so she can form the relationship she needs to make. I hope she recognizes that and I hope that that's what we ended up seeing Michelle because it would would be nice for someone like Michelle fail to come out of this and go see. I really did deserve to in my see. I told you that I deserved when my season and look what I did here but yes I do see her as as thinning. That mold of someone who you don't expect to win a season like this and they end up winning and everyone's like where A.. And she sees that yeah and now she did say she plans to go and playing completely flexible. Which I think is good and she is in a position where I think she can put herself out there as a pawn in the early goings? If that's what she wants to do. She also recognizes something and that has been discussed on Rha P by a number of people which is my biggest weakness is that is that because I one. I'm not necessarily be aware of when the tide shift and in particular when they might switch on me so because I've never experienced that active being blindsided and voted out myself. I feel like it's a huge weakness for me to not know exactly when that could be happening for me. People who have been voted out before they've seen what it's like and they know the feeling ruling and they can pick up on. I do think that's what will eventually happen to her. I think she'll she'll let herself used as a pawn for a while but at some some point people are going to decide. She's outlived her usefulness and toss her aside I think that point is probably after the merge but before it's too deep in the game so I'm I'm looking at eight thirty. I do agree with that assessment. Because you do. Because that's the way she's already being discussed by people who WanNa work with our they're describing it and just that fashion like I will essentially use her for as long as I need to and then you know she's no one's rider di. She's no one's ride is. She is a vote than I can utilize because I think and I can. I can mold her and get her to do what I want her to do. All right next up we have natalie and I don't really you have much to say about Natalie because to me. She may be the biggest unknown coming into the season in terms of strategy. Not just for myself but for the other players I mean. She's physically strong. But and we know she was smart enough to outwit the others on San Juan del Sur. But let's face it. After Jeremy was voted out by Arizona allies. Most of them were not exactly strategic geniuses. After I recently watched parts of the season I was reminded. Just how bad people like Keith. Wes Alec and others were at playing the game when I love about her though is how in your face. She was in that season. It was to really convince the other tribe to vote someone out. Because you're shouting shouting at them and telling them why you should vote John out because he's an all of the things. She was screaming about him and then they voted him out. I really have to give her props props for that. Because that's a ballsy. Move to tell the other tribe who they need to vote out and why is insist something. You don't see happen on survivor. The fact that she did that and I think the reason why Natalie played the game the way that she did was because of her sister she her sister was gone so it was kind of like. That's it I'm the angry and I need to. I need to do this for my sister. I have to fight for my sister and it lit a fire under her and it made her do things that were a little bit out of the norm. And things you don't see a lot of survivor players do but yes you are correct in your assessment of people. She was playing with not necessarily strategic geniuses but she he does deserve props for her ability to use them to her advantage. And get worse you needed to go. I mean Jeremy said it she owned you. She owned everything she she stepped out but she did it and she brought it and she really did so. I think that the concern I have for Natalie is if she is too in your face with this group of people. Is that something that they wanNA keep around. Because it's a shield or is that something that they just don't WanNa be bothered with I. I'm not sure like I don't know. Oh how this group is going to perceive someone that might be a little overly aggressive but then again she might walk into the game not be the same way because she is playing this on her own without being another half of you know with her sister right now the thing is she. I don't think she's connected to anybody body else except but she is lucky. Lucky enough to be on the same as which may keep her safe. Initially I feel like as soon as she swapped away from him. She's an easy target to get picked off so I don't think she's GonNa make the murder. I think that's interesting and I could see that being the case. Yes I I. I do. Think that her if she is too aggressive then you have a I see her. Having difficulty forming those really early relationships thinks she needs to create in order to keep herself around past the merge. Yeah all right well someone who we we have a little bit more to say to talk about is next up. And that's poverty. And she is seen by many as one of the top players which puts her in the upper echelon parts also but she's also in the upper echelon of people who can charm the hell honor people. There has been described by number of her fellow players. Over the years in her second and third seasons she also showed some excellent strategic moment such as double idle play and here's versus villains to save her ally and knocked out a hero and and since she she's been in to return e season's already she knows how they go oh and how to properly play them for example after her win she told me in an interview. I was separating friendship and strategy and not making any decisions based on emotions. I was making them rationally and methodically and planned out everything and stuck to it. I definitely was able to separate the game from my friendship and then she did the same thing in heroes vs villains never letting her emotions interfere in game decision to vote somebody out. It didn't matter if she knew them well. Outside the game had been potential allies ally of theirs at hung out with Emma loved ones reward. If they were in her way they were gone and that kind of game play is going to be necessary here. And she's he's more well equipped to do it than some of the offer shore and can I just say how excited I am to see her and Boston. Rob Play together. Think this'll be This'll be fun to you. Watch because they're going to be together right from the start and I am. I'm excited because they both seem to really want to play with each other in kind of a weird way because I think they both understand how big the target is on their back and I think they're both of the same mindset that I need to keep the bigger target around to try to people keep people's eyes off of me but her ability to really get people to connect with her. She's is very charismatic. And someone who a Michelle I think would fall for. I really do think she would. And this was that relationship outside about with Michelle. I mean that's it's the type of relationship Wants to have with Michelle and she wants to work with Denise which I think is also great for denise because she wants to have that relationship with her and I she's the one survivor player that seems to have an uncanny ability to form bonds with people. That aren't really unexpected and and get people to do things that you would. You're just kind of shocked. I mean the things that she in Russell Hansen ended up when they were working together and he was handing her idols and doing things for her. And obviously it was to benefit his game but she formed a relationship with one person. Nobody wanted nobody you know. Nobody trusts it. Nobody wanted to have a relationship with and that was the guy that she went to like. That's the guy I'm gonNA. He's he's going to be the other half so it's it's a it's a scary way to to play the game but she's very good at it and so I think that that ability to form those relationships or her will help her last in this season despite the fact that she's he's played such a great game multiple times. I still think she's going to offer our while. Yeah I mean like you said. She sided to align with Russell. Nobody else knew and it makes me wonder if she'll try something similar this time going with players that are lesser known in her tribe. Like maybe Abyan Natalie and Ben you know she. She did mention that people may not know. She has a relationship with Sophie outside the game but since they aren't on the same tribe she's going to need to make it through at least swap if not the merge for that matter the question comes up once again as to whether people will be going after the big targets or trying to join up with them to use as meat shields even if they are targeting them. I think poverty conduct the first bullet. Because she's on a tribe with and if she couldn't didn't if she could avoid being voted out I that could give her the time she needs to gain a phone right and I think that if she catches wind that the the larger players are being targeted. I I bet you anything. She's GonNa do everything in our power that target directly over on raw not. That rob wouldn't do the same having to amber but I am saying to poverty but I do think that she would have the ability to pull that off better than he was. Yep I agree so speaking of Rob. He's next up and I believe he is last on this tribe. So as I said about Sandra earlier well what is there more to say about him. I mean I don't think there's a chance in hell. He can win. I don't don't think he'll make the merge unless it's through edge of extinction but if he can convince the other big threats to stick together and they pull in a few newer players that could be legitimate. God Not enough to win because those players aren't GonNa be as dumb as the ones in all stars who let Robin Amber Forget the end but it could still be fun if you if by some miracle he does get to the end then they have much like Sam. I think that rob is as a person that has really he really has turned survivor into a career. This is the sixth time being out there. And he's someone who I mean literally wrote a book Labor so so I do think that he's someone that everyone is very aware of and if he can get get his flooding I think he's GonNa hang in there for a bit but yes. I think this group of people understands the closer we let Boston rob gets to the end. The more scary the prospect of his winning becomes. Because that's the type of player that lost is he. He manages to bowl things off into make things happen has a great understanding of the game and his surroundings and the people were part of those surroundings. Just listening cleaned him in interviews was fascinating because like Gordon homes would ask him a question and he would throw Gordon homes often two seconds. I don't know if you notice that like Gordon Holmes. Asking asking me very direct question and he'd be like only been married you know and like just completely wrong legally flip the the topic to try to get away from the question if he and I think there's something he doesn't the game he he gets people's focus on something else instead of on him. Let's focus on a different topic. Let's talk about something about you in order and keep the target off of him. Unfortunately the targets already on him because all of these people know him so if he's able to pull it off would be. It'd be mind blowing but I I think edge of extinction is the thing that throws all of this into a whirlwind because if he ends of unagitated sanction his chances of winning comeback in increase ace. And let's say he's the Chris Underwood of this season and comes back at the very end. I don't know how you don't give it to him. If he comes. In fact the very end he wasn't playing the game the same reason they shouldn't be given crocheting agree with that. I totally agree with that. I hope that this cast feels the same way but edge of extinction doesn't say you're the winner because you're Boston robbing managed to get back in there. You are in the final three but who knows Knows yeah now one thing I have to mention and this is just kind of side cake but because I find it incredibly funny is when I was looking back at interviews in the light and a Tailwind Woodruff interviewed rob for me after his heroes vs villains. Dylan's loss and she was he. I don't remember why she did the interview for me. Maybe maybe we had to split up the interviews at that point because I usually did the interviews even for the finale but for whatever reason she did it for me and he was lamenting to her. How the game had changed? He said before if you were helpful around camp or a physical asset to your team that used to be valued it seems instead a lot of the new school players are simply about strategy and keeping their alliance strong so yeah that's right. He was complaining about quote unquote new school survivor players. Ten years. Oh okay then on top OPPA that he was actually listed in my what survivor heroes and villains should have learned article as one of the first people to do exactly exactly what he is saying is quote unquote new school within that article. I I had noted an earlier example was hunter and Marquess. He was a hard working and likable guy. Hi and tribe full of ladies. That meant he had to go. So that of course was referencing. Rob Acting against hunter and then later expanded more on the point saying. Let's see if I can still pronounce try. Mara MOU definitely went against the advice to keep the strong and the weak with the vote against hunter. Why why because rob figured it was better to have people who would listen to him and quote? Fear him rather than strong people in the tribe so Russell was was just following the example that rob himself set and of course this plays into what we see. Almost every season with some player going on lamenting how much survivor survivor has most recently. We heard it from Nora talking about how everyone just cares about strategy now instead of working and but even when rob was complaining about it ten years ago he was still wrong. Because that's the way it's really and this just puts a fine point on it so I had to bring that up because I find it. So this is the great thing about having your computer and your ability to go back and look at all your notes from previous seasons Alumna. Yeah so yeah so there we have You know robs thoughts on that. Well I do think that the rob and Amber Combo is what makes rob and amber the most interesting two out of I think everyone. WHO's on the season because they're married for God's sakes and so I just to me I? I don't know if that's going to be a benefit for the two of them or just an automatic attic issue right away. One of them's got to go immediately. And it's kind of frustrating. I think if I were you know rob or amber. I'd be frustrated with the fact that my spouse is here because my spouse is here. It's going to hurt my game so that'll be interesting. There was a choice they made. That was a decision made and there are there are pluses and minuses. You know it it it comes up anytime you have a a reality show where two people are close with. You know it can work both ways in this case. I think it's definitely well. Let me put this way if rob had come by himself. He still been a huge target. If Ambrose had come by herself she would not have been as big so more more than anything. Rob Being there hurts ambitious now amber being there certainly doesn't help prop yeah. I think that I think it's true. Doing is being there is definitely detrimental to hammer. Yeah so all right so there are twenty winners. One of whom will join Sandra's being two-time winner and I say that because as I mentioned I can't see any possibility they let Sandra do it again before we go. And before we wrap start wrapping things up on the why the winners loss. podcast rob asked you who you would write down for a while as the first person to vote off and you said Nope gotta wait for this podcast so here. We are two hours into this podcast. Any I would. You're right. You're right yes I would. I would vote out. I is Dany because I the the thing with she such a sleeper. And this is an. I know that denise is a similar in a similar boat but I think the difference between Denise is there there are some structure to have denise played the game and not that there isn't with. Danny I think Danny is someone who is such an unknown and you really don't know where she's coming from and how she's going to approach the game because her because she kept it so under the radar but still managed to pull out a win. That is very very scary. When you're dealing with such an unknown and I mean the other people you've seen their games you see how they play? Get an understanding of what's important to them. I don't know what's important to Danny can at least look at all of these other players and there's one key thing that I can say okay. This is what they're good at. I know that's what they're good at. And with with Danny. It's it's really such an unknown. I really feel like she's she could be super duper scary. Okay all right well. We talked earlier about how how busy we have been. And at least for me. That will continue because I will be heading out to Los Angeles for the big arch. AP anniversary slash survivor premiere from your party. That's on Wednesday. I hope to see a lot of listeners. There and I may be modeling. The new survivor rules shirt that we hope to have available Yes also I will be the guest on the RHA. BNB for their preseason preseason show in just a few days so we'll be doing that before I head out to La and then of course everybody remember you can get the second printing of the poster at tiny oral dot com slash. David rules both should definitely order. I'm so sad that I don't get to join you in La. I'm so jealous. LSI Don't get to join you in La. It sounds like it's going to be such. An incredible time is going to be so many survivors there so many fans so many people who listened to the podcast cast so. I hope you'll have a great time and it's such an incredible season that I think watching it in a group of people who are huge fans and survivors survivors. Oh it's going to be amazing. You're gonNa such a good time. Yeah I've seen the list of some of the survivors and I'm thinking I really hope they don't remember what I said about. They do they do They probably don't but anyway as we as we wrap up I do want to encourage people to check out the patron program at ROB has website dot com slash patron. Rob has been talking about how. There's no better time to sign up and right now and and I agree you starting brand new patriot. Only show the hour before each episode of survivor starting with episode to you already does at least five patron the only call in shows a month and the most recent patron cast was five hours so and of course patrons trend get first access to live show tickets such as the four that are going on this season at least one of which sold sold out fully to patrons only And you know even for the non-sellouts you get a discount. He also has the facebook groups where you'll find a great community of people you can talk about survivor big brother etc so again. That's ROB has website dot com slash patron and once you get to the facebook groups make sure to say these do and where else can they say hello to us the music a little drink there. You should follow us both on twitter. I'm Jessica Lewis. Eighty Nine and David is at David Bloomberg. You should follow both of us. Snatch one of US follows both than you get conversation on both sides. We both live tweet during the episode's can't wait. Start Live tweeting during this season. It's GONNA be incredible. Got To get my gifts ready. You know come strong but yes again. Is Jessica Lewis Eighty nine and at Bloomberg so follow us both and get involved in the conversation because we have incredible discussions on twitter about the season both during the show after the show and also like I said if you want to order a poster and you are outside of the United States you can. Dm Me and I can make arrangements with youth through twitter. All right you have any ideas for or a Hashtag. Oh my goodness yeah I you know I I really don't all right Let's see here. We we we talked about the the more threatening lesser threats. If you want to make it a a really big Hashtag Geog Hashtag more threatening. I can't even follow that I would be a lot. Yes definitely. We'll see if anyone does that. Well what's the meat shields that seems to be something. Everyone was talking about two. They all want keep shields around. Yeah that's all right. We'll go with the more threatening less threatening threatening more threatening has yes there you go all right. Everyone should make sure you're subscribed to all the R. J. Piece Survivor. PODCAST as the season begins. That's IT ROB has a podcast dot com slash survivor. Or of course just on your favorite podcast we are also on the reality. TV Rahat pups feed need in both places you can find great content like know it alls the return of the wiggle room this weekend survivor the BNB. which again I'll be on shortly and much more and we also need to say thanks Scott saint-pierre who does all of the editing on wide loss and also thanks to welcome America or the incredible thieves on and thanks Hugh David for going through all of this with me and making me do way too much work for the past like week or so? I hope it was enjoyable fraud listeners. We've gone for like two hours at this point and but it was another great podcast and hope you love listening and I can't wait to watch the first episode of winners at war. You're coming this Wednesday. Yeah and thanks to you Jessica. For All the work you put in preparing for this show and preparing for the season and everything everything and will be will be different ends of the continent watching but the We'll we'll Ola. See how it goes and I. I'm sure it will be at least exciting first episode and then we'll see what happens because as we've talked about it could go go a couple of different ways and somehow they'll probably find a third way that we have in sure. Sure and listen. I expect to see quite a few south of you on twitter while you're out in La better make it happen. You can expect him all over twitter okay and on that note. We'll we will talk to everyone in well little bit more than a week after the after I get back from. La Back in our normal time slot. So we'll see you. Then you're feeling Jessica Observer neater around. They'll break down the rule sandwich. Show you playing yourself and gap Bonita This is blank kicks

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