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Episode 279: OLA Toronto food drive challenge is LIVE!


Hi I'm stubbins. I missed celebrity assistance. Certified lifestyle manager and time management expert. You can find me at take. It easy conscientious dot com and thanks for listening to the Rockstar real estate real estate. Podcast show dot com good morning. Toronto Paul Griego go here. Toronto real estate unfiltered his this series hosted at real estate podcast show DOT COM. My media channel. This episode is going to be about lifting those who really need a little bit more of our halpern now. So what I want to introduce today and what I want to say to. You is a word. I hope you'll recognize and remember Ola. Now it's it's obviously spelled H. O. La but I'm doing it as oh L. A. Has the letters to symbolize one level about. That's what I've decided is my twenty twenty theme for the decade not just for the year because It's fair to say for all of us that this is certainly a year of challenges and difficulties and for those who generally need a little bit more. Help I. It's a lot harder for many of them so what I'm announcing. Today is the a Ola Toronto Food Bank drive challenge so I wanna do something really big this year and I've been doing a version of this and I was able to last year when I started the idea. I was able to provide five hundred meals for the daily bread food bank and it was phenomenal. It really My goal was to sort of say. Thank you to the clients that I've helped over the years and I thought why not buy a bunch of people dinner And of course people who You know maybe needed it. A bit more would Benefit and I think that worked out and everybody that helped me make that possible was fantastic about the response so just like I do in every other way of my business when I'm trying to help you stand above the crowd and look as good as possible. Make sure your story is the best story it can be when you're marketing your property. That's what I'm doing about this next challenge. So I'm taking the challenge up from five hundred what I did last year to five hundred per purchase or sale that I'm involved with exclusively so that means as long as I'm the one that you've met with and it doesn't matter to me by the way if I'm the first person you speak to on the last one if we've never met before I ask that I'd be the last one simply because I'll be able to tell you not just what I do but I'll also be able to tell you how the others that you've spoken to. We'll be able to benefit you in a much bigger way than normally you're told about because very often you might meet with a few people and their interests might not include. You know what's best for you in my case even the people who you've met with the other realtors for example they'll be also part of this movement on helping. Tell your story as long as the stories right then the more people telling it the better but as long as the stories right is the is the key. And that's why so many over the last twenty years have chosen me and I appreciate every single one of you that has and and ones that are listening. Thank you many of you are of the thousands who have listened almost thirty thousand now okay. It's not the Joe Rogan level yet. But for me I do see myself following in a lot of the ways of being that voice so I do hope and And focused on being the voice of real estate for for you for Toronto but even for the world in terms of the podcast because a lot of things I'm doing here And talking about are universal their relationship based which is the way my whole system works. And that's why when you go to if you want to actually see my live presentation on right now Exactly the way you'll hear it so there's no surprises. You can go right over to Toronto Dot. The BEST LISTING DOT COM. I've decided to make it open and transparent so you don't have to even think twice about what it is. You're going to you know deal with when you're meeting with me simply because I've heard from some from some of the over the years saying how much stress it gives you or a stress it causes to think about having realtors to talk to especially now with of course you know you don't want any strangers in your property so I've made a transparent clear to the point to understand the value that you're going to be getting from me is easily twice Twice the value or or or worth at least twice of what you're going to be paying me but the good news is you're not paying me twice my feet. You're not paying ten percent. You're paying less but you're getting that when you're working with me so I wanNA make sure that this message is clear every single time. Let's just say let's use the number one hundred which is for me very common target for the year so I hope to help hundred people move fifty buyers fifty sellers seventy sellers thirty buyers whatever. I'm more than happy to do that. Including helping you was rentals which are not part of this target. But they do they count in the sense that they count as introductions And a great way to build relationships that Sometimes Lita other things so I'm happy to do those two so let's just say one hundred people that I help each of those hundred people. I then donate five hundred meals. That would be my supreme target and and I'm talking about reach for the stars so if I only helped ten of you that's five thousand. Okay so you see where I'm going with this. That's five thousand meals if I help. Twenty view that's ten thousand meals on and on and on so what I'm saying is if you guys again this is only up to you because I don't have final. Say you're the signing the documents with me? I can't be the one to do anything but again show you what I do. Direct YOU OVER TO TORONTO. Dot The best listing DOT com. So you can get again an introduction to me before we talk sometimes again and I'm and I'm more than willing to do what I call my ten foot tours and ten foot presentations. Meaning that as long as you've got ten feet of space in your house I will happily sit in the kitchen while you sit in the living room or I will happily stand on the front porch while you were in the house. If th if that's what you need to make sure you feel comfortable to talk and that's what I've done for a bunch of people in the last couple of weeks just to make them feel better about the process and make sure that you know again. Your interests are being taken care of. And that you understand the importance the the sheer Essential nature of the collaboration. That happens when someone truly cares about your outcomes and it doesn't matter again. How many people are involved? So the fact is once. I'm in the ability to again. Create your story once I sit down with you and say okay. Once upon a time and start putting together the story laying it out working on the pre listing launch which is very important. Do not do not just show up on the market. There's a lot of you have done that. And it's a failure huge failure. You do not you don't. There's no build up. There's no story being told. Imagine a blockbuster movie doing that so please don't do that. Skip that part. If someone's not giving you any sort of a pre-listing build up My whole pre-listing. Marketing is based on seven essential steps many of which also include the precautions that you're going to need to know about with this particular market and with the challenges that are going on with financing and buyer qualification. There's a bunch of stuff that you cannot just risk. Just take a guess on hope that you can figure it out later. That is also going to bring you down because you can't leave all the checklists off the off the You know you can't forget all the checklist markers simply because of the fact that if you do your then in a position where you're trying to catch up to a situation that is probably gone too far so just like any good pilots. And that's what I kind of consider myself as your real estate pilot. I've got over sixty thousand hours of flight time over my twenty years. So I've been through some pretty bad situations and come through those situations with safe landings and made sure my clients were in the best position possible because when I'm in the position to protect your property when you're selling it I can defend your value if I'm not in that position and I'm on the other side then. I'm going to be questioning that value and I think more than more often than not when you're selling you want me on that side when you're buying you want me on the other side and the thing about me is for many years when buying and selling. I don't cross that line I don't do both so you always have my one hundred percent and obviously even better than that full power on the your purchase or your sale but I never handle both sides. The only time I that is simply because of with rentals because of the fact that I do deal with a lot of variety of rentals including shared accommodations where the landlord wants to make sure that the fit works. And in some cases there certain properties where it just has to be where. I'm the one making sure on. Screening the tenants to ensure that nothing gets missed. So it's just part of how that works but again that is separate from this where there's a full you know exchange of money and and ownership. That's a whole different conversation. So hopefully that make sense to you but more importantly again. This is all about leading to this phenomenal goal. That I have so again if I'm able to go from five hundred meals last year to five thousand this year again. I'm I'm simply happy with the fact that any of you help me with the challenge and again that to me is a huge step forward. I was just with some amazing clients. Yesterday we saw over five million dollars of real estate to me. That is the That is the reward for me. That is the challenge is showing you those places or again making sure that you are prepared for the day which I'm doing this week is a new launch of my latest listing in toabacco. That's coming up this week Just launched one recently in Ajax and again all the details for that or on my main site real-estate podcast show dot com. You can get all there but again one last time. I want to make sure that you guys understand that this is about lifting those who need it right now. The truth is this is. This is a fact I read today. Which again made me WanNa start this today. Instead of tomorrow to the food banks in some cases the demand is up to fifty percent in some areas. So that's in the North York Food Bank. I read about that. Just I mean just really really hits me because I know people in even my own community. That need that extra bit help. Some will ask some won't so I want to be where there's just there's enough there for those who need it and of course I wanNA make sure that there's enough security and protection for those of you. Who are in a position where you have to sell right now to either free up your money created security fund that kind of thing that I love being part of because what I want for you for what I want for myself is what I want for you. I want all of you to have that that buffer and the bigger the buffer. Believe me the better during times like this when you maybe weren't ready for turbulent run by starting over by picking a new place by letting me obviously you know we have to go over the numbers and see what's possible but in a recent case I was able to help client free up. You know hundreds of thousands of dollars for the for their retirements just by helping them sell the property at the right time. Of course they bought it at a really good time. So all of those things factored in but of course those those funds that you'll get on closing when it's your principal residence. Those are tax free. Many of us will ever come close to the lottery. That's about as close as all of us will get For the most part so I hope this message is clear. And this is about the Oh. La Toronto Food Bank drive challenge. WanNa make sure that we are in a position together to do a lot of good and help a lot of people and by simply moving with me. You've set that wheel in motion and even just connecting with me in person. You'll understand how important it is for me. Not just put my energy into this but the even get the people that are also That have met with you to make sure that I'm connecting with them. Setting up a good relationship with them to ensure that they are also working on your side in the end and making sure that they're looking after your best interest as long as the right stories being told the more the Merrier if the wrong stories being told and by that I also mean the wrong marketing being done then. It can be disastrous. I mean the whole thing can spin out of control again if there's no proper build up there's no mention of a pre-listing kit anything like that if there's no plan and don't let anybody come up with the plan while they're standing on your front porch safely speaking to you or sitting in your living room while you're in your kitchen. Don't let that happen either. Huge mistake I know. People have tried to bluff their way through and then once they got the listing. That's it ball dropped signs and lawn and absolutely no build up done. I just don't want that for you because I don't want for myself. It's very simple. Anybody thinks different way is again thinking about them. And putting that money that your spending on them into their next giants glamour shot featuring billboard on a major roadway which again does nothing for your property versus me featuring you on my podcast. Which does everything for your property and really puts you out there in a really good way and your stories even told go ahead. Now go to my podcast. And you'll hear right on my main page real estate podcast show DOT com. You'll hear the story from the sellers directly from their own voices. There's nothing better than that same goes for you. Thanks for tuning in as always have a great day.

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