S1E176: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 07/24/20


The. A. People. Talk? The. Pope is of Philby Friday this Friday July twenty, four twenty twenty fifty minutes after the hour. Welcome to shaw wanted show featured Sidney J co host Bob Cologne rear. Morning started right only place on Earth where you get your morning. Star right only place. We won't get this morning. Love chat rooms, open or police call it five, seven, zero, nine, two, six nine. Zero cast a live right here on iheartradio radio. Dot Com Shaw wanted show dot, com comedy network, all podcast platforms, and right here on Almighty things. Like, shish wanted show on earth reach. A city Jane on to the. In why camper not sooner Jay go more on the Friday in. How will you? Good morning shine. Everyone left. I'm feeling great. We have show for you today. feel-good Friday. We're GONNA get started with. What's going on in Hollywood entertainment news, so make sure you. Morning Barclays. Minus any on everyone here in Bethlehem, and we work has lives you right now is. Seventy three degrees. It's going to a high of eighty today partly cloudy right now because it's GonNa Rain Y'all so make sure you get your. Is Strasbourg seventy two degrees, eighty of high, cloudy and rain, also spending five in Newark New Jersey. A high of eighty two today cloudy is GonNa Bring on and off throughout the day, but it's going to increase the thunderstorms around two PM today in a New York City seventy five degrees, eighty, two for the high cloudy with showers in increasing around to be also. In Atlanta it is ninety degrees. I'm sorry it will be ninety degrees for the high right now seventy three. It's going to be fair. In Chicago Sixty eight degrees, setting the high partly cloudy, but the sun will be around going to be able to be a beautiful day in Miami at seventy nine degrees eighty six tonight cloudy. On and off scattered showers, but it's going to be thunderstorm around drive time five PM. In in Los Angeles sixty three degrees, the high will be seventy, seven mostly cloudy right now, but and eleven the end come out the rest of the day. We'll be beautiful. That's what I have for you. I wasn't looking like where you are out. You lie from the WANNA show featuring. You? Get Than Great Zach Party call wave to moment started. We have the morning buzz and I guarantee. You guys this morning on the field. The Friday Yo head will be buzzes, so please stay to CJ with. Will. What's going on locally and nationally? So stay tuned for that. Yes, we will have harvey split jobs they to. Go No way. You know it is when we come back. We've seen that AmCham. Where's the heart set in the Chat Goo? We must show your some love, and then after we do that. Guess what is the riding? We're going to without a chat room number of the we. Don't know where. Shall Not Role Chat Room number? We'll redo right now. Go back to the morning drive DJ here. Double A. Dj Beer. Joe. Kill the body if you if you don't mind. You, too. Ladies had a very exciting day yesterday. Bobby. Absolutely beautiful which your here. With that skin popping. Jay went out. That we'll talk about that. Party Sola. Shabby shows I say keep it as good radio you'll sell. Building good you. Started by. Inflammation with nobody else do. World no own place when you get your morning. Thanks guys like my hair. Thank you. Can't. Be. Sucked up more top of mind. Is Your. Con- go. As. I! Get morning. Hours, so you know. DUMBEST! Like that. We've barely have. Our. Our. Our this show. Now o'clock, saying give. Nine twelve. Hour. Might be some hours for me all year round, Barco. And I like. Your little bit sitting. Over overlord. Ask the. Guys you without going in a chat room sharing the show. Look at Sharon. You, don't WANNA share. going. Letdown. Leading. Into, you need a difference I think. A will. Exit laws. Now. Then shirt is like an extra. I. I. You medium. Shirts or You. Try. Any maybe as trialogue as it might be too big want to. pull off. Later today let me know aries I can meet Guthrie. AC-, I can meet you yeah! I This I mean if I have to keep an eye, just cutting shows off of you know. They. Make you work there you go. Anywhere! I know you will make it work. So we have that? Feel Good Friday Friday. July twenty four. Twenty twenty fifty nine minutes out the back. Shaw born show featuring of team that CJ of clone week each one start right Chapman's please call in by seven, zero, ninety, two, six, zero, probably just quick local weather. We US show them some love GONNA. Get into this show in the. Guys can't. Bethlehem right now is seventy three degrees going to eighty two today partly cloudy with a chance of rain sometime at an afternoon, seventy-two Strasbourg eighty four will be the high, cloudy and rain. Also, that's where the happy you all wasn't looking like where you are Barbagallo, coming to you live also having one show beach mistakenly Jay. We get your start right exactly where you get to the morning starting. Starting right, thank you so much go. You know we don't do what we must shout out to go right into this right now. I need to see all the hearts in the Chapman right now I'm not gonNA. Start This Day. Even all see some of the people in the chat on. I WANNA see some hearts right now in the chat room, but before we do that. I'm GONNA show go. To thousands of in that listen enjoy the show pledge Schlaug. Every? See You. All a hater sue thank you so much for participating in some hours go. Hey, would you have to be on some of our hat? We? We got know it's always fascinating to how we continue doing the show every. Continue to. The, beloved Shat will all the All star billing. People come through each and every day. We want show your. Love Right now. In the Chat Room Cj. Keep those hearts coming on, Friday. I know I. Feel Good is honest. With part that. Chef wound. The heart. The heart. In route hateful with. A with a heart sensitive he let's go turn down for what they with arts with the heart set a with turned out. Art Arts with. A with hearts. Turn out to look. With Arts. Heart sent a with heart surge outlook. For what. What he's. Hey. Hey we'll do that one more time. Heart sat in the womb with heart set in the chat room with a heart sacked. Maitland heart set in chat. With heart set in room with a heart. Heart set city. Let's go down. With. A with a heart a with a heart surgeon. With heart set the march. Concerned Jail? With art set a widow Zach a win the hearts curves. For. Her! What. Way turned down. We haven't turned down. With again. Above. Everybody. Putting up a one shot will bobby hairdos looking. Beautiful, asiago bobby everybody's show bargains for more love with the head had looking like you look like a backup singers for Diana Ross. Give me a Mike! Let me go via good. Too Little. Like Tina Turner before the fights. Also every. Also I wanNA give up before. We, I want to give a special out to our beloved CJ, though I love like adored on twenty one years old or twenty two years older than this young lady. Sitting out, there are proud, but she went out there and the Kobe touch yesterday, let's. An. Hour Job Sean Aren't. You. Has Thrown whatever sitting. Your experience which go we tested? Yes, sure I will sean. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and platform to share my. was going to. Let me! Go to the hot water lincoln cleaning like. I'm. So I called. Medical Now valley, health, network or whatever. I called they had I spoke covert nurse. And, she asked me questions about. You know how I was. And I was I feel. By. I'm like okay. I've been traveling. And then like I had a park just to like. Throw something in their. Erotic because I felt like she was like. She was just like. Do the questions like? Tell me like now? Let me just throw something in there, but I was travelling. I went to Virginia and I've been to North Carolina, and then she asked me if I went to the beaches there and I was like yeah. What I suppose some shoes. So, you can't believe it so then. She was like you can't. Wait for she said it within thirty. So then I went over to Barton's, which is like fifteen minutes away from me to a clinic there to there. Another one of their. Care Clinic and. They actually had. Another side of the of the Waiting Area. Quarantine station right. There was nobody there, but their wives. That came in. and. He said if he can. He asked the receptionist if he could get a covert. And she was like well. Why do you want one? And he was like while I was in contact with somebody who tested positive for. She was like okay. We'll. And she was like how long ago was that and he was like two days ago and she was like well. It's only a couple of days. She was like all this Hoven. And she feels that you need to in. then. She'll schedule your an acquaintance and it won't be at no cost to you. You how she doesn't feel. I thought people can. You Great. Body that having. Go. They called me and I was waiting for like five minutes. and. The Lane was really nice. Guy Start on the Yoshi. She explained to me what she was going to be doing. Hatching kind. So many things about the. Painful But I'm. Just. WOM. Down it's feels like it's like touching the back of your throat or or something. And when they do the attorney. Twice. Starting at. About. One scrape something. All right wasn't that bad. You Can See they go and. And you have. The nose disqualified to take over. The rest of US look of my nose city. I got like us at. You've got those bobby. To nostrils. You can stick anything there because. Jay, congratulations. My now. or You. Wearing A and I get the results back. You're supposed. You're supposed to be nervous I. Mean I kinda quarantined. Back from containing. I haven't really done. I. Well you'll be. You'll be fine now. Everyone A, we'll wait. To do. We go with. Day I might go. Well what? What if I have? The you gotta stay in the House with number two to. Three weeks and then you're done with it. So that's all and only take any medicine damn. You. Get sick nothing, but if you eighth demand, then you find. Your immune system going to work as manager you'd be. and. It anyway so? Well to. Fade out fade. Into existing. Might have fallen. We was talking to talk a lot the other day and about result test, so you give it the Jesus at this point, coal, Audrey, eight Johnson and have a press session, and you'll be five now far. Junior, take the test if my shot out the role until you take. Thing Gillis. Van. Every Johnson in the chat room. Calling for thirty seconds and was sending these a quick prayer. Seven days a week for this thing. If. She's any surveys. Fix, Shell. Kamal what happened to? Cut City. We make that that. I mean. It's. It is s kings kings. These of the viruses you'll be. Thank your. House also. You've been talking a lot you'd be. Going to. She has nothing to say now for seven days. And as soon as those results, come back to be back on the militant Black Panther movement. or You're going to be great. You'RE GONNA five. I do. I do have called. Now. I got it because we're not staying home because nobody's. GonNa rampage I have. No, you, You get over 'cause. You gotta stay out here. No, No. He's horrible. They're touch. Do. Walk alone. CYNIC continues the glitch or one thing that she also does. A master at blaming of people in for for our situation. Of. City your master at blaming uppers all. Barbagallo. What's going to happen with? Cindy should be negative and then she'll go back on a run when she's a negative and everybody will I think it was disturbing that she went on facebook. Live with all of this but God blessed. Princen he t took his blood tests and contacted for the antibiotic. He got the anybody so pretty haven't. and. That's another thing. That's another thing. A lot of a lot of. And I think even cooling myself A. Lot Of. Speaking for myself, and even then you just sit up, occurrences the honorable. that the cocoa bars taps do a lot of work and we didn't even know. Out Symptoms a little this little that little here a little bit. A little bit isn't and a little bit. Add a little cold little. Not Tasting. That little headache so. Sometimes that cocoa went through us in the. We didn't even know so there's. Also got the antibody. Your back. Just kept pushing maybe had little diarrhea that day as Prentice has antibody. Where'd you get? Take the blood. Oh. Blood test you have to. Just no just going. Donate some blood out testing for. You got you got? You got six more. You'll be five. Whatever how long did your state trying to find out? To three days. Because you know what they said, if you don't find out within five days, you don't get the results back within five days and they have to another tax. Rates? You a call or their contact you which? They were going to me. But after the like this, like next Friday called them next Thursday. Call Them. You'll be fine. No you bobbing and weaving that cocoa everybody else now now that took the test. And when you come back negative I will be more comfortable around you. Instead of Balk Bobby who hasn't taken Take it down show ID easy. Go live to just. Take the test. Yeah girl. She has her. She has time sitting J to cook her here together. But she won't go down. Last night, so don't even go. Data's no excuses the cocoa. Big Time. Data Jay Barton Cologne is running around here with her hair. Done cocoa all over the world. Here you know I. Walk. Well what I'm going to tested for. Stay. Apple. Detested Hair Barbie call you by test here. Chinese. CA! Quick break. We'll be right back this. An. Just south. About, let's let's up. The bathroom, insensitive. GotTa cold it's. Yongin. Exited that building, money. Never Roma Vogel Johnson is here. Hey, girl, good, morning! He's. Singing Hey. This is she barbies fading away. Interest. I Have Licey on that thing but I. don't have all that I'm saying. You thought you might wake up. Because like I, think it's. Semi? Performance. What's? She said young. To you. I'm going to say Verno Mathis. Shot out to Nova Roma Johnson Hainault Roman. Wing shots of Balleri Thomas a little. Shoutout to let Sean Jones Hailsham. Are you back from Virginia the girl. Sat Out. Tunnel in. A. Are you. there. I'm here Guzman bag continually. She's going to get. The deal. Oh Hey. Hey. What's going on girl? It's a see good morning. Shoutout to Jennifer psghetti Hey Jennifer doing. shutout Audrey Johnson Hey beautiful audrey. How are you can warning shot out to jam? Miller hate him. A. shout-out to Jessica well. 'cause the chat remember under week. Hey, could you chat room member of the week? Jam On shot onto you Jessica. Even though this is your last thing, you've done it beautifully. Shout out to. Cheryl Off. Good Morning Show born. Jerry? were boy. These is a friend of mine. Almost family member. We grew up in the same building that my mother, still living today I I. Wonder for forty brought this years Cheryl God bus. We would Rutley we should a little older than decision, but we were running around like this show is good to see God. Bless you show. Cheryl, we are still alive. Thank you. Shoutout to divert. SHOUTOUT TO A. Haiti, are you, are you? There is no Locking, people. Bounty hunting. Shout to. Tiffany, Thomson. Hey tiffany good morning. Not Out to Nanna Mathis, can. You. Do. Shots have been that. The forty. Shots Darren Jackson hate the era. shutouts Eric Farmer. What Up Erin? Shout out to Brian Jeez sites hey brian shots. You got the Vitesse yesterday when you do Ryan once a week. Brian's at truckers, so you need you need that checkout Bro. J., Cologne truck drivers of Nasty. This. Weeping is big stupid truck. Plays an important part in our comments in Brian, his essential worker. But the snow does. He is still growers are. They neck. cavs CJ in the bag. Out The by China. Zach Lowe, Hang Jacqueline. How are you good morning I know listen. That's my home girl. She was in the Caribbean of the US last year. The cabin that's that's my homegirl new listening to God bless. How. Hey Shadow to you. Shut out the Deborah, as hey, Deborah, it's me. How you doing. Out To the godfather of Solar Tracy Ray. Hey, the godfather was going one morning. Shutout to Shonda Long Hey Sean. What's going on girl, shout out to Queen. Diane, everybody say. To the Queen? SHINE OUT TO SAMANTHA SINGLE DAIRY! Hey, girl, morning coming in here. Are You shoutout to? Kim. I. We have almost everybody shout out to. Say Jennifer Kitty Hey. Jennifer shot up to Diane Hall. Diane. Apprentice. All, go! No, no, no, no, no go! Why? Shots Apprentice on Oh. No, no! No. No, no, thank you for your service. Sit in. Over. which pitches? No, Sir Mercer joined these days of quarantine and. No the bobbies Barbie backs. Love. Containing whereas. The barbies back and we'll leave. We'll leave the. Honorable Talks of. Coal Hair is how're you girl morning? Can. You show beloved some love Kusaeni. Jay's horrible added A. Give. Princess Hey baby, are you? CAN MORE MR Rogers. Morning. UV cracking me up. Of the should garlic elephant just pop in. The very bad. Guy Site. You know Andrew's bill. Sessions here. Hey La and say how I robin is Robin. Robert Robert isn't huge news here. We truly appreciate. All of you guys listening here every morning. We want to make sure that you stay connected with us. especially our new listener, so please make sure you will like and follow the Sean. Harvey. Morning show featuring the up team. The page that were broadcasting off at now make sure that you like and follow. Because then you'll be notified every time we go live on. We also have a group page on facebook for Sean. Every morning show featuring wake up team. Page is popping. Make sure you guys at yourself and invite fifty friends. We also are on Instagram Sean. Harvey morning shows please make sure to follow us on there and we are on the iheartradio APP, so please make sure that you download that. If you haven't, it's free or go. Just taken the site and follow under God cats. We appreciate it. Thank you a shell up to. One of the Comedians in the game in our very own JP justice who helps us behind the scenes? Jp Just said to me, you know. Back away from the camera a little bit. No Me, meet me. These about be at the shaw back from the cow. Look back on. Your face the free. Throw. Is a great thing to be in fray. That We. got a face to bring JP. John out to a pretty Jenkins. Of of Fred X. Dating. What is that about ninety Jenkins. Of Frederick's I I like that I still. So. PRETTY WORKS At the I think that's what he's saying I back in the day. Megan innate. Of, Freddie essential workers wellbeing deliver those package man God. Bless you, brother. We appreciate now. National level of the Weekday is next, Thursday, Thursday stop hosted. Pitcher Paul polls. Kohl's in the group will polls. You pitches in your shirt and you win dollars off Friday a foot massage talks about job. Look at. As we talk about. Snatch up that boas argued. Get your shirt on. Thursdays, doing the show at the show on day Thursday. Friday, one Bobby Cologne CJ myself will pick the winner you. Know say. You'RE GONNA. Get some get your coins. I need to get in on. Jersey coup aims. So I think about. Tom, doing some hours. We're GONNA leave out of here early today, but we'll go back to the. US and it would come back with city, says now got the Malacca. VIP. Good Morning. Also special shot out to was A. Cemetery Chapel I don't know. Here. Samantha secretary rocks with US longtime listener former childhood memory. It's so birthday today a city. She's opposed every six minutes about A. Will. Today is birth think? She says she's fifty. Samantha cushy Post that to think she sessions fifty. Five fifty to fifty. With, age. Baffled shoe and I I love the fact that she on up there and put a aid so our very old semester. Show some love, even though she works hard, he's. Seen. Stays birthday so we'll be right back. Off Square. Michael Weiss nervous wreck. Gosh you guys! A. Own. On the beeps looking at this. Point. God. I feel so bad. Over here. GonNa, post, this in the group room for anybody that wants to watch. Wail. Those earn. Back in the water. Shots These, They're rolling the with a bulldozer. La. Waterway. Yang style. Ono. Show you? going. You know that's my. Own. A bunch of people like push. Rebel bands. With? The wonders coming to? I'M GONNA post this group. On seeing. Things that just pop up on maintain nine. beat. Put. We're going to put in the group part. Morning everybody. I just posted a group. Guys. That is amazing. While at least there are people there to help. Hose into. He thinks day because it was bleeding like crazy. Oh my God! Video I. It says It's a live video. Maybe. I don't know why. But I don't know how it got there, but. Get it back in I didn't say that my new. Every back. To the most splendid Barbie. Yes? And we have to win. Early today, right? No I can stay all day. So Listen. I was a member of the week and then. With the commercial and then come back to. Do Commercials and we'll take a double leagues. Is A Good Friday Friday, the twenty, ninth, a Friday of July twenty, four, twenty, eight twenty nine minutes after the hour. We that saw Ramona show featuring legal team know that is CJ barbeque lonely place on earth. Kitchen one-star right number. One wanted show right here in the streets in Portland the area we have out an all over the world swab emphasizing we had. A lot going on with this show GonNa. Go back into the office. They don't shed Pennsylvania down his whole different look than we have before a some folks who's been involved in his show, and just been watching of virtually since March. will be going inside. It's it takes a whole different element Entertaining, so you'll see a whole different side of us. Bought because on Sydney jail when the state is going to be multiple cameras in Near. You know they'll be coming in there looking crazy every day. Like we got an I got to be right by. I'll. There's going to be lighting in the. Be a backdrop. Going on so just. Real office setting is going to be really nice so a, and they got to listen because a lot of the money that you guys have purchased T. shirts of his went back into the show. We appreciate got you. Now this. Is What we're GONNA do. Cologne you could give the. Announce the chat room number of the we. Glad who will be. A WHO's the current chat of the Week Chest will. Jessica will will cut you on done. Same. RATE WE'RE GONNA. We're GONNA. Put you up their mouth chat more with the rest. Outlets you did a tremendous job and also when we moved. There's only going to be. We're not gonNA. have any guests to the cocoa calms down so the only people that are be in the room we go live again is GonNa. Be a colo sent me Jay myself. And from time to time shall be Lawson in that's it. No more running up and down there. Those days a debt into this thing comes out and with on regular schedule. We have the luxury of going this zone. Be Live our platform. We can continue. To you to get down to. JV announced Chapel Number Week and I'm super excited. Own. Rests. In the. MAFE's. Room. Way. Hey Hey! Do the member of the? We hate you through. Chat who? Pays due to check through the. What we. Go. To. whom. The. Burn. Of! Jetblue of we. We, we. Regulate. ME. is please. Call Elaine congratulations. Cat will member of the week on This isn't on. We appreciate your service and your dedication to the show. I see that the chat moon s ability. It's not the beloved in phone. Re appreciate you so much for being chapel memory. Now you. You gotta go. All in and WanNa show you so love everybody clap for her d'Ivoire Mathis. Shot out to do. Michael. Selection. Chat, room it. Everybody's can regulate the A. Have A. Having frankly. Limit. Maybe can get it. And then my friends over the. You'll be our barometer for if we should. You don't have the we know. What? Off. Stop It. Can. Get to. Filthy animal. Don't be. Resolved. May, have Agreed. To output. Jamaica the club. By the end of the year just! Good, look! Burn that this may congratulate. Gray show the show hold on Friday. We used to show to the listeners. Amy Way go. Bring it down a little bit and got Shahrukh Mobile Week. We have perfect. Song. We had a great week this week. Divine Mathis and never mathis. Are you guys related? Because I know related so not accident. Divert! None of that. Now Nina and his mother and daughter. Is Not. Your. Mother! Your Mother Abilene. As about to say. That doesn't make. Shot onto. Where was she when I can't down there? Or when you came. So heavy morning. Show city, Bobby. To take your the chat room. sneaking. Of the week as you grew other week. Hey, because you, the chat room of the week. Jam On everybody. The map is is on the line. Spins young ladies needs to know this. We appreciate to. Listening to. Take the the time now because you can do anything throughout the day in. Five minutes or an hour or whatever time you spend on this show, I want to say speaking for the ladies that I truly appreciate you and thank you now. You up there and I said all the time with all mighty honorable. Jackie Robinson Self Stanley Earl the poor chat room number two weeks of black heart member. Put this Cox. No, you understand this is that this is a huge responsibility. Chat will member of the wheat. You Represent All right city. That's right. This whole group this today, this whole entire weekend and next week. So. You have to be on your best behavior if you don't mind okay. Now. We're going to give you the WE'RE GONNA. Get the floor to her listless. To save can change how the going. To. This. Definitely Amazing FM surprising to me are. All. or The. Chance. To be the best. Cry. Cry Thank you so low she's. She's she's crying. She's She's also going to live and she's basically you know saying. She's going through a lot in her life right now in this announcement of being chapel number two weeks come me her day at the moment and and and that's what we always say like. We go hard every day with the show 'cause we don't know who's going through. You don't know what people are going through and even with. US As as a unit. That's why we're a family in right here for you. Even in the moments of turmoil in your life of please reach out to anyone of us, reach out to folks in the chat room, and then one person that goes a mind all the time to measly nets Delano. A! Just a similar her name, but this everyone is loving folks. And we love you for being. Involved in this show. And whatever you going to throw. This too shall pass and have the faith. With No, Dad, we here for you. To. Listen to you back. Online. Classes. Thank. I'm. Arraigned Emotional to our star crying, don't. Look for? This. This is. What I don't. Show. But. If you need. The clock and happy tears. We hit for you and even if some. As we know what we can crawl together you want. We see every morning and you're always so happy and good morning. Candy. Right, you're such a nice person. We appreciate you listen. If you call right now, call automatically tears and start piloting. Do is think about the judgment that the court laid on. My exploit the. Child. Really, Go back to that date and I'll start tearing up so. Cry Together right now. Just let me know how about that day and we can all cry. Will you welcome in Gusted Will family all of US each and every one of us everyone in a chat room, everyone I want to reach out to the roaring of Mathis during the day and during the week. She's going through a lighted in She's the Chapman member of the week. And we appreciate you and we're here for you. Right girl. Right so. I think you guys the fame. Right? No one that says right. Booth! Saying girl. I. So, sitting disrespectful and that might be one. That might be one of the issues that she's going through right now. Emotionally pronounced the rice. I! Right. Could go wait Wabi Columbus you just tired of people the name but. We. We got your name right by the grace of Baba We. that. There are so many good folks in that chat. Chat with them every day, but if you please don't hesitate. To reach out to any of us or anyone in that Chapman Jesus such loving folks in securing folks and we all give for you, so you got a whole team behind. Sure before we get up before you go back in, show you sure you don't Wanna cry together real quick. Fix Me a moment to think about the day with my ex wife. I'm telling you. Basic. Crops that's in the van. Now! You can see crash on. Work together and I'll. I'll start crying at some point doing the show today. Doing the news. List! Congratulations go go go back in that chat room with a whole different swag. Okay Right. ARGO! The kiss your. ASS Won't. Right that's. That's A. You're absolutely right. The kids. Right. Oh. Does because on a field, then Friday it'll make you. Joe. This one of saying no, no. Never a Diverg give. In God, bless you. Show. You know what Sydney's right going to chat room and tell Brian these. Gang! They'll get into his. Ryan doesn't give you cry out here. Come back after this leads. Talk. Show hobby blended show, cine bobby. Keep. Grateful hold on on hold on hold on everybody. Turn. Everybody knew. Please everybody. That's new to this role in cleese's. Show. Samantha love all the veterans know who she is. Samantha's played a big part in show throughout the years and we are glad that that you call them in that. We're knowledge in it because they have nothing but love you. Know. We have a sites throughout the years and and now we've made up, and and it was all love, and we laughed about it and I want to say that have nothing but love and respect for you some to sink Terry. And you and that. You create you neck crazy husband y'all is A godless Samatha on your birthday. Everybody's shows some Matheson. Terrorists love for her birthday up. Your. Don't mind some after. What's on your mind right now for your birthday? I don't want to talk about it. Out. Striping, anger. Walsum APP wants you to the drinking birthday wine and And once you to everybody's GonNa show. You love on facebook our show, we all will no question about it and you know have sex in the backyard which a husband on the which which with that? Of. Yes! Well, let's do. That the we, we appreciate you. We and we follow your Johnny. This woman post about five or ten times a day. Since, she pulls spotted, said today, and I didn't even do Samantha Single already all up and down. My time lineup facebook were. Legendary. The countdown so back the holiday you again unopposed, but I forgot. Actor on John's birthday. into. Making. Would we. Go. The status birthday this. Post seventy five pitches post this week and now in a birthday. She's not going to pose no yeah. occlusive myself. It's on I really do. You know what? Of. The! Cement! I want you. We'll be back in the studio next month Samantha I want to I. Want You to maintain for your birthday Foli. Away you in that husband of yours a half sex and I want you to put the phone, nor so we can hear. You doing. A what a what listen is hug workday. Until we. Don't want them. At the this. Only been in make love in put the former speaker, so we are here, okay. We're going to get. Okay? Okay, bye! She was my birthday and my birthday is coming up Y'ALL OCT twenty. Nine is girl. Part of your Eh December were. Off. I'm in I'm officially in a cabin. Berkeley's at the year. Grandma that at least. Until she said. Really is coming. That's girl we're GONNA. Countdown well we give can. Celebrate the whole month sale list city. Here studio. We can have to like you know those things we were off the. Say. Hold on guys. Okay Shawki more than show a semi Baden Zinnias, bobby. On the on pointers. Apart Bobby Rahal who moved to the Dominican Republic. How long line hey bob. What what's the weather like over there? A bobby well. Starting, hold on hold on Bobby Ron in. Say, I need you to save a say. Good morning to all the ladies in the chat room that's listening to this show and in Spanish but in a hurry. In a very Romantic kind of way, my friend I want you to say Good Morning I. Want you to save all the ladies beautiful in the chapel. A city of about Bobby Rahal of black man, but he speaks fluent Spanish. Bobby could you please say good morning to say something really nice too sexy to all my ladies in Chapman. You don't mind my friend. S. Saw! We can. Turn Belfield long-lasting. God me a little Yup. That was. Started business. Anyway. Hogan. Bobby! Wait a minute. You interests of the ladies now I? Need you to to do it again with more passion to bring it home, my friends. I adore with more I need. I need a poppy Anita Miami. Above, Burell anymore. Only. Go have one more time. Lowest Land. Bless, the. Walks. Trump. What about what about cities? Show City the love. You don't like. A Big Smile. I'm saying. Years. I can think. Like the way that sounds grow. Gut. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. RUSTENI EJ GOTTA. BE A cousin. ABSO-. To me like that? BOBBIES chocolate drop is cities cousin. As A. Trump. Now into a you, you ain't doing. I'm watching. You Ain't doing. Nothing was smoking a cigar. You. On. He's sitting A. Signal to listen. I want you to direct the city. I want you to show city Jane. City Jimmy Love Right now. Off. Off. What is that? How are you? Can Go. Sing take your pennzoil. Above Wells. It. Saw, Yeah know always down till. I was very close, but boggling well. You're not gonNA believe this I looked at my schedule this morning and I was supposed to be in the Dominican Republic this weekend. I mean everything got canceled, but I was supposed to be. Within the wanted Okamoto's but then happened, so it was weird. I looked at it this morning. Got CANTU launch. I'm coming down. Coming down. Got Extra. Spell like to. Talk. Jay in Barbie Cologne a bobby here is a single man of his retirement. He has a whole lot of money and he's down there smashing. His down there smashing. Syndey. He's smashing. Many. I mean Dominican women. Are you running through day, my friend? Allies. Listen we gotta go. Take a break. I want you to go back to. Glass. Imports! Essential. But. Yeah but That's usual. We. Bobby I got relegated clip. No wait dose as One of. Those semi noble. Pitches Listen I. Just. doughty pictures great right. Have nothing bobby. Tanya. You're listen. I. Know South. Kuala wait a minute I look. I know it sounds strange at a man, a like myself who got engaged to be married like yourself down in the Dominican Republic with all the Dominican women, but you can't send no more pitches. About role I am engaged. There'd be no more dose semi. No pictures of beautiful, Dominican women on an island please if you don't mind. Bobby. I mean I I've enjoyed on your pitchers, no doubt about it. A new man and all that but she. Decided to stick with? Sudan! She's. She's a little bit of that too, but. This of Please me cracking from sending me pitches. Negative Dominican women move aboard my friend. Also. Going be up to your power. Lee. Our group chats you guys. Will. Out You A man man. NEW Porn shots born shots. Right now. Yes thank you. Thank. You I love you to death net and you. Know No, no, no, no, no I best in the republic. That is not going to happen. Don't. Okay. And I Made a decision to stick with one giant of the rest of my life like yourself, my friend. So, Live? You live your best life of bobby role. A. So, so what else? I would like for you to do my friend and listen I'm no bobby role of one of the biggest Commie Moses, New York City's have a New Jersey Staten Island on smash. Put me on. Stage has new Jackson. But I got love got love for this in known this man for years, but listen at, you'll notice. You want to know a now. No more noble pitches at the beautiful Dominican ladies, my friends, no more videos nothing nothing. You could you could sit. Yeah Yeah. You could send all the beautiful. You. Goose Do! Yet elect see Sydney would love to see some. Of the Dominican Women bobbies not into that, but go send know. Send. Me Some pitches. Lessons! I mean I have I can't. Shot. Listen. I'll be. Right now for you this distance, please you communicate with me. Let's talk about flies, please. Those those sexy Dominican pitches. You want. Those we. Do please. Made a decision to stay with one China. That's it. Got God. My friends. LISTEN TO ME MY MY A. List sitting? We get him off the poll because I got plenty. Of. Dominican women when I said don't do it. He's GonNa Stack. This we gotta go back to. My! Grave. Ex McLaughlin. Monday. I'm serious losses. Pitches of no beautiful voluptuous Dominican women. Don't do it. Otherwise off the Paul Modem. He's got specifically with this. The LETO on crazy. His! Other words that's Bronco. You're. Always say. As a big. Problem. Here Week. Worried. No air conditioning. Not Only. Sweating because my. Knees because he's. He doesn't care. You. Know. Can't even. Give. Off. Could you? Hurry. Cake I can. The ring. Grains. Because let me tell when I get engaged. A whole ring. With. Fixing, Different. mean he is. Like signing. Are Ringing. I'm going to have all green. Is that what was that you sign? A? I'm a whole foods. Were you, said you sit. Chat will now. Congratulate. The whole thing in the stage a city when she was doing actually tiny was doing been doing that for me for the whole week. That's being. Exposed to. Ringing, a noted look like. You. But I. I am very happy and we're very happy, so it's all good. Now. And I. I keep saying broadview grill now. I said. To him, I said to him. Don't me no pitches, right. Those sitting no pigeons. Some different. We're good saints letters. That's too I mean. Those ain't. Great. Hate is right now, but. I'm just saying. We come with. Let's let's blitz. Man Rails Bobby Bell. In the Dominican Republic. He's retired and he's just doing his thing so godless. Coppola's. Everybody my. Fiance's Chaz Loma. Your show some love. So. We are best. Trying like that. Like is. I look at her different night. You know what I mean. Look at her as like a girl. Like a dislike she walks by me and I'm like. Wow, this is not a girlfriend. That's. That's. Folklore. We're back. Remember National Chat. Remember the Weekday July. Thirtieth and. Then we have practice on the thirty first, so we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Get into city, says some hours. We have a lot of sports and then. Do some patients got here I. Would you have authored city said yes Hagen morning, everybody. I'm going to give you some Hollywood and entertainment news right now I'm just going to. Follow up with the. Kind Ya drama. It's every day more stuff is unfolding. Kim Card Dashing. Shannon has put out a tweet recently, also put out an Instagram Post just asking for privacy at this time in telling everybody to that dealing with somebody that has a mental illness. It shows up all different forms and different facets of lying had basically that people can. Come in and out the room now now a Barbie. If you can identify. It, you can. Talk about all phases because she continued what you continue to start talking about all phases of mental illness. And my whole thing with Daddy. If there's any of were kind gain. West is saying on a podium identifiable to any one of us know that you also have a Dabbagh crazy yourself. So she just asks for people to have compassion at this time she dealing with. Kind as reportedly. He's staying in Wyoming at this ranch. Thing that he's that they've bought I. Guess There's a bunker in there. He's not taking calls from Canada. Hasn't seen his kids. Supposedly. tweets. He said he's been trying to divorce can since she's met with meek mill, she met went meek mill apparently last year, you know. You. She's studying to be a lawyer and she'll be doing a lot with. Jail reform letting people out? Meeting with Mike Mel Regarding that. In his tweets insinuated that something. But there have been pictures reports. From people that were there that said that nothing inappropriate did happen. It was just a meeting. Connie didn't come meek mill. Anyway. Anyway, that's my like that's my dog. You Know He. He loves them and right now campfire data. She has not letting the cameras film this part of their life because they are actually. They went back to filming, but she does not want her. Children found or kind filmed right now while they're going through this because she says she wants to shelter the kids from it. I don't know how they're going to be shielded for something like this. Job. You showing Oh your cookie by all over the world. What you showed them for this guy us fit you go ahead. Damon Dash has come out saying that he doesn't think that kind as crazy. Also Black China has cut on defense kind of thing that they also what he's doing is. They feel like what he's doing is fine. Hold on one. With the dog door in China, catch the lives in your. Dog Try to kill listen. First of all. A because of. The dog tied to catch the the two or three loose dragonflies is your. I'm sorry about. What. K. got some strong lungs overdue. I know. My Mom stop by my house, so he on barks when somebody comes to the source I had to get. A So. Yes, was Damon Dash has come out to save Adam. As crazy he's at least he's being productive. He said people think he's crazy. Just because he cried at a rally or says so crazy things, he's like fan. He went. And got on his jet to his forty thousand dollar acre. Cows. He said I'd like to be crazy like that so. So I mean we'll see I mean. I don't know he's crazy, but he's doing a lot of things at this time. He has his hands. Things like I, said but Kim. Obviously, this is taking tall on their family. Isolating himself now. So the man as well. Like I, said it if you cannot get anything that's missing that everyone has a part of being crazy as well. The first thing is fascinating. How? A black man is living in a Wyoming In the middle of nowhere? In the Port City. At that. Thousand eight years, thousand acres is like a neighborhood. Like like seriously like that's like each. Like. Forty, thousand, acres. What is he doing? He's probably making love to himself. Because that's probably what I would be doing now dame's your reportedly visited him to earlier in the week. 'til check on. WHATSAPP. Is Why right now he's now. That's the second thing that's crazy, but is it crazy is the hot equipment? Is that crazy about maybe? Maybe! That's not maybe you. Kim trying to use this as a plot twist, get more money into the sediments this. He said he'd try and the boss maybe trying to happened behind the competent well maybe. We'll maybe. Out Maybe We should've took a page from what is it the whole thing? The whole thing is the man is having a mental breakdown. Right in front of office in this. Entertaining. Now now, and this is the Kim dashing fiction. And had it both ways. You. Don't want your kids, but they see that the press conference. He was losing his mind. He was just he was talking about. Just, a Lotta stuff waters. I don't know why she's speaking like that, but. I would I want? Konya went back on the campaign trail. Skin I want him. I want him out there speaking his truth. I want to see this man mentally breakdown and coming out with album. Probably we'll go platinum at the same time. As album's coming out day. It's called Donda after his mother with child. So I I, don't I don't I? Don't advocate for him running for president, but this is very entertaining. Go wipe is totally embarrassed right now. She. She doesn't need this. She is totally how embarrassing this before. Kim Kardashian a public figure herself, but this is part of the game. You can't be in the public like this and your husband is tripping out like this, so you can't have it both ways. Here my friend identify you because I have mental issues, and I'm okay with that and I can admit that those people in this Chapman right now. That's not a crazy in the craziest hell. Kind me I'm which you. You have to admit that you're crazy before you get better I have mental issues Kinda. You have mental issues issues with you are. Kinda go out in these streets in your splendor and read your message truth. I want you to cry on the podium. Mind grew it ever unique. For. Of voted for you, but please entertain us. As Kim cart the. Suggest because of the Kardashians. They don't Budi the white man. They love the black man. Kim As time to this time to move on with some new fresh urban peanuts. Of your choice because she can have any man on earth. Email. You can have A. She can have Tanya end myself. So I say this. Kim Kardashian move on. Is. That miss, the West do what he do best be crazy. And accord him for his craziness because he's not holding it back and he's not denying respect this man. He's his mind, and we all know it blessed. He's his enright omen on according now Acre ranch. In isolation the billionaire. How? Would you, would you? Would just math Connie West? Who Fifty Thousand Dollars Right now? Even crates. That, means you. Particle Quick Smash of fifty out the more. Know he'll fly you out to that ranch that forty thousand of forty Acre ranch smashing. Send you right back here to eastern right to the lien anymore saying they. Would you take fifty thousand dollars a barbeque all? I'm interested. Well once again we do know the facts that barbeque Cologne of. Thirty, thousand and fifty thousand dollars. Genuine? Jinan okay. Allen. Priceless anyway she think. That's right. This would be great to go out to Wyoming right now. What's. The Anti Out Unfortunately remember the actress that she died. Due to. Do, due to suspected drowning. Her four year old. It was a day. Almost a week long search for her body. The autopsy is complete. An officials confirmed she did by. Die By drowning. Course. What they say. The findings are. Drowning and the condition of the body is consistent with the time that she was submerged. There is no indication from their investigation that there was drugs or alcohol data role. Finish toxicology. They're still waiting on. Unfortunately. It's an accidental groundhog's by. Admission they can get from him. What they're saying is that because her vote was not angry down. They believe that when they were in the water swimming. Maybe the current. Like it usually does. Day in the late and that. was drifting away from. that. It's more like a heroic effort because she swam. She must swam enough to get him on the ball, but then the current must've taken her under because asked him. Because The boat. was that ink or anything like that? The body was discovered in the northeast portion of the late near the surface of the water, also said that be strong precisions like I said with the sign. That's why they. She must have got and then got pulled down. So they are going to. Be doing the funeral. And Then, the family condolences they are I believe there is are go as wild marketing. For her on stuff like that also. The three Johnny that as some shut off tonight, Rivera. And I will can. Family and it's a tragic accident. That happened here and is no more to say about that is young lost in? A. Thank God her family's there for her to raise our son and in woods, type of accidents happen every summer, and just please be careful out there swimming. Put on a life vest. And our condolences now sitting before we take a break and then when we come back to two commercials if you don't mind. Vessel says you guys was brought to us by on the general contractor. I actually called in the other day. Him Let me just. Holding out for you, guys want to contact him. For All of your contracting needs. We have K.. W. Contracting and I have a number where you guys can contact on one second. Km W ABC contractors L L C J. Roofing, remodeling, binding and. Painting framing flooring answered. I'M A. Free estimate and they are licensed and on his excellent would. You want to have our contacted doing work in your home. You guys can. Eight zero. Three nine. Seven nine eight. You can ask for David read you can also. Come, out on, facebook Kate. And Contractors All your also on Instagram K N W being out. Say Barbie. If you don't mind what we formulate all this next week ago can get into the. New. Yes I'm you guys is located here at eight thirty? One South Delaware drive. They are an American restaurant with. American cuisine in a twist on cocktails. This week is actually restaurant restaurant week down at the I real they have. If especially going on, you can order. Through the. To Go. For, a curbside pickup, and also they have the offer delivery through Dr Dash and Grub hub. They have live music on Friday and Saturday evenings. You guys once again I'm. You is located at eight thirty, one South Delaware Dr here in eastern Pennsylvania when you go, tell Sean Hervey morning show since you. Autographs grades sending. We'll take a quick break exercise question of Would you purchase? Kindly was our own A. Should I answer that question i. I haven't purchased an album and I don't know how long. would. You purchase it now? Barbie, would you purchase? Algal. Now. And my answer would be no as well because he said. In for me, my decision political. He loves that. And everybody setting at a Oval Office and he. Had Great American make America. Great again. Hat on. I'm done so. One could a number one in a chat room. If you supporting Connie was album, put him number two in a chat room. If you about a new purchase the news, we'll be right back. Our strain that album because life of Pablo is out. Know How with them I. don't even I, don't I? Don't see ran. You know it's not my cup of tea. Is Kinda. It's like he's glands. These different styles of music. Makes our soul will. How is crazy? I I might list. Do it through somebody else like. Ciller. Would? Number one if you would purchase the. Album put number two if you don't need to. Put another one if you purchase Connie album putting up with two. If you don't you don't WanNa Person So. And Myself we put number two up there. We're not supporting right. Back I would put maximum no. that. To be committed or put on medication. I think it would be good for him if he got like a mentor. Somebody that really tries to show him how he wants to do what he does without medication like I, just think he needs some type of. All this going on. Nobody to really like. Just, not a friend, but just like on an core. Sending the left the dock already. Out. Now is. He He. In Our Bank. Right now sitting now, but also creating album. Naming it after his mom, and probably did trigger some things in him. I can imagine that, but it may it may have sending. What do they say Barbara? Chat, room! To. hold onto lease capital wine. So so Scott the only person that will purchase how? He have apple music, so he won't be paying for whether he lives in a well. I. Why just so kind of. Whatever that's what happens when you're adult with all these apple, absolutely that that's just what you get. Down on my. ANNUAL BELLY FAM- cancel it like I. don't even use them. Jackson Listen to. You listen to. The. Jackson grown as She can listen to con- you. Know. Mom was bumping to the after. Two different do that's different. To classic. Lease, so we're. Now So. So so far become if you have this apple at. The. Apple Music. This. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah, so it's ten dollars a month, so you automatically get all the songs is out comes through that, APP. How we're. Using what I. Like I said I. Don't use my. So. I don't even know how I have downloaded album eighty. Dollars a month. You basically get all the music that that the. All artists make has. But you know what it's. Probably it might be on Amazon music. You have a prime membership, right? It might get him. On use again. Also purchase. The Conde was out. Really know. Jeff Bezos did that to you. All! My and I had prom so I'll probably damn I got it twice. Say! The nine you pay for three. Alexa. She can play Donda for me. Gouda. I'm GonNa talk to Alexa about is she? Let me know what I can't play. What can't play what I need to pay for? I cannot that you have to pay ninety nine. Gives you. The Nets want Alexa right right. It bit scared next. Come on Harvey World. If you want to play this dream. Pay Nine, ninety nine dollars I'm willing. They. Play Youtube. The only other role, women are looking at how. Anna Lopez to why now? What? I saw I think. will go to some sports. With. Our. Let's UH. Let's shut out the room now. Shut up. That's fine. I just shot out around. Once any year, but we don't sell them in the show. We're not GONNA listen. We'll shot up. We're still you got some love in the chat room, and then we go with Harvey's houses. and. Break, after we shut out the okay, we'll do that so. Let's let's see the hearts in the chapel. Law a pause put a no-ball no parts. You can't identify with Vasundhara in the last recent months article. First of all you. Kind of my neck, my okay. Chat in the chat room. Hey, little hearts adverts in the chat room. The heart. In. The heart set. Chat. Arts S in. Let's go turned out. With art set a with. A with a heart out to look heat with a heart sets with a heart set a with heart, turned down for look. Hey, with heart, set with a heart, Zach or where the author down for what? Homeboys for what? For what. What ks what hey? Hey I. Dame. By. Young building. Good morning, you're. Never boat vote said Hey, girl, good morning to you. Kishan Williams is in the building. Hey. Jennifer shedding is here. Good morning the bird. As you are the. Check back. Burning Shannon Logan Good Morning John. Andrews Hey Beautiful D.. Jones Good morning to you? Shareo Bordon's get Moreni Brian decides troublemaker is. Causing havoc in the room as always good morning Brian Tonya Lynette. Is here. Good Morning. Tom Audrey Jackson, hey girl. Dear ever Jackson Hey. Good Morning Girl when you. Need a tail here. Valerie time may hey bay. But not a George Henry is in the building. Principal Khakis Hey, baby, good morning Robinson. In Building Good Morning Natalie Denise Carol homes just pop in good morning from East Rosberg. Expect you for tuning in. Now, she has showgirl hey. Nanna Mathis is here good, morning Eric. Farmer is in the building. See. Is here Hey Charles. Kevin Durant in the building a good morning Kevin of ood. Kevin Durant. That's the promoter that I work with. in the US Virgin, Kevin One of the top promoters in New York City my brother I. Truly appreciate you. Thanks for the work. We did it up. We gotta wait a few more days to see. Somebody got sick my brother. Was Short none of us dead, but we've days Kevin Durant God. Bless you do it up and we're GONNA do it again next year. Let's. Fabulous savvy just how? Shall be lost. Just popped ahead shells. The beautiful widened said IAGO shepherd is here with more on the Nile without but man for Wolf Nation Hey Richard. Standard Cologne is here. Hey, Girl Lose Sean Hayes Jones is in the building out to you shut too. Jessica Wilcox Jim Joel Miller is here. Good Morning. The a highly favor Miller is end up building. Robert Andrews Hey beautiful. How are you today? Simply Thomson would upset when they grow. Good Morning. Jamais Achil- do is here. Net Net nets of Rondo is in the building good morning, Beautiful Kevin Simon is here Good Morning Kevin. Read it. The thunder stem net is in the building. What's something? MARK IS MR ONE EMOJI? Johnson, is here hello. Mike gives Diane Hallways had Diane. Hall is the Bills Fan Hanes. The Godfather of Soul Tracy Ray is here. Hey, tracy, good morning to you you. I say hello to the Queen, because she in the building. Hey, die yet league. Jacqueline People's his hair good on Jacqueline. Hey, girl! Freddie Jenkins in the Building Co. Harris Hannah Cold Medicine Terry Aka, Joe say it's in the building and happy birthday once again girl Latisha. Garland Allenton is here. Hey, cousin than. The savage herself is in the ill the him kimball. Hey, we love you. In, a J. P. Justice Johnny WAPO. Is he good morning Johnny. Nathan Jones in the building. Hey, Nathan you Joe. BURDA good in. Kids Yada, Brown is here. Good morning can Yada. How are you today Bobby Brown? Hello all Bobby Comas. Hey. at least, Scott the terrible is in the building good morning. Kareem Lewis in the building might see college just popping. Good morning my. Yet. Tyler Than Net of Mike seek holidays of was the DJ one of the DJ's that work with us over the weekend. I'm definitely going to reach out to these young men. were all this cocoa finish at half him to some parties? Inaugural pod source and all that this Guy Rock. The the ones and twos might see Mrs. Met I appreciate, both the all is well disguised. Chart up would weaken, and we had a great time and this welcome into the chapel man from Brooklyn. Dj See the incredible. So sorry time you'll ipod. I'm. Marie you're. All Oh. Yeah. They will. Say. Hey Tiger Tiger is the building congratulations. nigger on the woman Janette mobry women. That will marry. Goblet, whatever senior whatever OECD you rolling as? Mary have any, goblets. City. That we gotta hear about this all engagement. Gert now. Demands every day, so we get used to. Write! US. Eleven. Me! That you would. Appreciate you. Thank. Janette mobry Hey Good Morning. Thank you for watching guys. Kim Roper is here. Good Morning Kim. Reggie highly hey reggie, good morning. Natalie turned in the Good Morning. Natalie as C. L.. Clay is here. Good morning, the Oliver said are they are invited to the wedding none of cocoa. Dan, play! Along do what facial. AIRBAG Johnson. City would. Oppose. Privately because I wanted to put this whole, get together which I was GonNa bite you as well, but it was too many people. It was up the fifth people already, so that was done we planned on, and then I don't even know what they're gonNa shut down Pennsylvania restaurant. One of the deposit out that could get a body. They. A deposit as sample like non we go. We going to city hall anyway, so we. Don't go to the city. We're going to get married then we're GONNA. Turn out with a party that day that day. Body on the tools that. Oh. I won't be working on Tommy there. who was we have we have? A. Brown, Oliver Inability. Hey, best people good morning, girl! Julius dillashaw is here. Hey, leave the shore. Be Acres in the building. What's up showing paint? Grow you treasure hager. Yeah unique tractor. Where have you been? And Lopez two point note is in the building Morning Rail, Mr. Sensational Halla is here Hey Braille. Shayna haw and the bill. Good Morning Shalem winning the. Rabbit Me Paul is here get more. In last, but not least. Shampoo is in the building monitor shells. How are you? Those are all the things that I see? Did this come on any name shot of that time, okay? Word, HEY everybody. We really appreciate you. Definitely want to make sure that you stay connected with us on social media the Sean. Harvey Morning Show featuring the WAKEUP team. Make sure that you guys. Look that up and make sure that you like and follow us so that you know. So that. You'll be notified everytime we live. Where also have a group page on facebook Sean heavy morning show featuring a team grew. The is popping. Want to make sure you yourself in on there and invite fifty friends were also on the iheartradio platform, so please download that APP if you don't. It's free. Go onto podcast Sean every morning show and you can get all the shows from us. Truly appreciate it. And the shallots are brought to you by km, W, roofing and contractors LLC. Make sure you contact them for all of your. General Contracting Needs Contact David read at eight, zero, four, three nine. One seven nine eight. They give free estimate, and they are licensed and bonded ready to go for you. And he travels, and he travels y'all. No job too big or too small. Give them a car. Shows and also shot out to make comedians big on. A. Multilateral meetings. Corporate! From amid fig, but it's brain. What is brain? I. Told you you down. Cocoa. Over there, you're loving. or Go. Straight. Comedian big various of welcome to the show, shelby. Moore got run over there to see social before minute and and and the Shaun Brown Alba say thank you. She reached out yesterday. Congratulating me on the phone on another call we text, and I want to say to the Sean John Oliver Thank. You so much of the love and appreciation, so listen what we'll do. We'll take a quick break national chat room. Remember Weekday next week next Thursday the. Thirtieth puts. You puts his into chat room. You win one hundred dollars more, or would massage all sponsored by Joba it's payment, so that's what we're doing. We'll be back in thirty seconds. Friday of back. Feel good city. I feel really great today. Thanks, Journey of the look at. The chance to look at your video electric video I'm looking at it today after the show which John. Saying come towel took. Four minutes. Goes, the show is over watch, everybody at who had video. Watch it with me at channel, five. CJ screening party. Kobe test at ten. Nobody watching at ten. I'm let us thaw watching. Let's together and let's comment. We're GONNA. Do Sing J. screening a- Koga tests yesterday. At the hospital. Have Started Watch party then and. Then win over become almost. Courage, to. Go down there algorithm then we're. The will also follow about Cologne journey. Isn't the issue time. Right I can't. Hear you girl city. Busy. How long did it take to put you here on? Is. About. Three hours maybe. Three hours three hours. Sure. Last night at my pounds, okay together. It was. Never Walk Widow thank you, you know it's very weird. Because other people had to take the test David. Throat. Or. They said that they have to. Go in their nostrils. So how do we know Wisconsin's best task? City. City. The mumble of nephew said I can't wait to see. He said he was looking at very nervous on his video on. My Mom said she said you look like you're really scared. I. I was because everybody always say. Bennett hurts and. I was I was apprehensive. And Mike. Do I had flu test back in February when I saw? Because I was. But they flew. Away and it was fun. It was I mean my my is war. means. It was done, but yeah, yeah. See I didn't even know that they did that for the flu. Test I never. Bags bigger way of this. You say you're going to feel like I'm. Thinking touched my brain. Won't away. This ain't you feel it? Is Anyway. Era of you know what I said. When I took it the first time they pulled that swab out, they got the also pulled out some cocaine from nineteen eighty. Your. Look for that goes. But the late I wish I would have gotten her name shouts. The nurse shooters real. She explained issue had a steady hand. Don? Radical I probably. Come back February. Man It was a mess, but whenever I'm GonNa tell you one thing like I, said the beginning of the show. call on I think that cocoa pass through a lot of buses made a pit, stop and kept pushing. A. With back. The Friday hope everyone building, good and everybody especially shout out to our chat room. Member of the we currently do burn Mathis Chapel. And she's going. She's going through a lot. which is a net she's going. Thing, so reach out to her to welcome weekend as much love. You and we hear for yourself this. Get into some Harvey's houses sports barbeque. Scott for barbies here. It looks really good and Bobby. Thank you for not taking. US suggestion about putting olive oil on your face. I don't WanNa. Clarify forest now. Skin cities over there still peeling the disturbingly. You are still shining. My friend of you know. You WanNa Face I. Don't you ever use oil faith burn? Maybe you might want to take. A look Oh my God and love. Girl get the aloe if you still feeling aloe pure. Cut The legal. Because it's not killing, it's just lighter. Being colouration might make of Michael Jackson's dotty. City what's going on? Now not. It's a different color. Senior God. Going on, hold on this late I don't know if you can see. You will UK back from. Virginia. Came back from North Carolina. City. Him backwards. Lighter. Right here! Look! Look! Look look. I'm fifty five look. We're good albeit. No. Kein is better than yours twenty two years older. Bobby. down. Down down. Do showing don't do that. Sitting cine, Barbie. Would you agree have the best game of the? Other right. Let's. Skin everybody put the Sydney. Put that head back real quick. Head. That bring that face over here. Skin national what? Have A wrinkle face none of that bobby. Bobby? Embalming fluid in your base. Good morning honey. Avenue also you haven't had a piece of Pena's six months to that might play. If I. Guess baby is going to be. Sitting Cine Bobby. One. Automated. Phone like? He's kicking off. Show. Hostile work environment girl. Might grow racing. Up. You you might love you, Sean. What do you have other issues? You're stopping ex-boyfriend with. Our want you to focus on your issues along? With the big booty girlfriend over. Pick. He said that it was all allowed that it was dealing with the big moody chick. That is the line at dealing with each other. So wait a minute. You seen him with the. Seventy Oh. Delighted? Also Shusha and Live? Other so are you guys talking? So, so you're the guy. Are you guys talking again? But I'LL! Tell, you live in is very pleased. Off. Do about. With with this, she said you don't have a car. Either shot has a car. Okay listen listen. She's in Amara New York. Want you to go on that? I need you to go back into the Chat Chapman late. I is. This is a very. This is A. New Yorkers to. It's two hundred yards away from Canada senior. This! This. This is Harriet. Tubman had a second home. Listen listen. Listen to me this. I want you to stop the nonsense. Jason his door. The mine so I love her to death, so it's all of. Secondly you, you stop stalking your ex boyfriend. That's moved on okay. Let's his. AAC. You'RE GONNA. You'RE GONNA. Jog Mouth. Jane. Signs us so sweet. Have you been listening to. Was Press conferences. LISTEN WE GOT A. Government. Thank you for sticking army again. Things would be in the show. We couldn't do the show at out through your very entertaining, very. Very because you know, why 'cause you're very honest and I really appreciate that from you. I, I do sympathize that you have to live in Saint Complex ex-boyfriend with a big booty girl. But but it's GONNA be okay. He's out with the. Sydney the question is any of men in Elmont New York. There's a shortage of men everywhere. Then! Were goblins. Lean World maybe. Move move girl. You gotTA, move hangars. or Maybe you might want to change of standards a little bit. Rabbit. Governor. Lack. Pause is actually rice Friday, if still free to donate a dollar, five dollars ten dollars, please donate to the show. You know Friday. We look for those donations outlets you. All right so. Go to some. Quick Sports. Radio which worry! Gigs y'all. They still haven't decided to a name yet. My is by die. Hold on a second. So They just going to be called. The Washington Football Team for the twenty twenty season. Way What. They have not chosen a name. They. Go have they don't know what they want to be named, so they're going to put a pause on right now and but they going to still keep the same colors burgundy, Goldie did now stat. But they won't have a team, a name or new logo until the twenty twenty. Year! Twenty twenty one. To Twenty, twenty one yeah, yeah. We've. Had Three. The warriors, the Ranch Hale and what was the other one? I like. The renegades. Renting, Today! Is Very actually. So. They got caught the Washington football team. Football team. That's it you. Know what. But you know what? Is. Soccer which is the number one sport in the world right right Teamed commonly named. Like the Washington team, the boss alone of football club like they don't have made. So maybe that might be. Don't name. Just The Washington football club. Yeah they don't deserve this. Oh My. GRANDMA! Come on this. They really. Just want to keep the redskins name, but he can't do it, so he's pissed. Aw! Man So he. Let me. Keep my damn racists as name. Guess what we ain't GonNa have no name. That's fine who cares about them anyway? And cares y'all know baseball I mean. Yeah Baseball had the first game last night. Betraying I'm the first two games. The New York Yankees. Played The Washington nationals and the Yankees wine four to one San Francisco giants play the Los Angeles dodgers the dodgers. Hold on. Because long back to that game is talking about with the Yankees in the Washington. Senators of Sidney J that. The Washington. Nationals was Nassim. Susani Cindy Dr Thou-. Cheap who out the first? Disturbing. One. Out there. Of? Celebrities of people interest out the first baseball for the year or somebody. That's legendary on a team it's. It's something that they always do. Rank right the doctor throw out the baseball. was being horrid. He's. He had to come out for a few minutes first pitch. Bob Lives in Washington city. In that area, so it made sense, and he's a big national fan, though the team Gab. goes out the door out. The first pitch is sixty feet from the pictures mouth to the point home plate. Sydney Jiang. He takes the baseball. I think he was left handed. We winds up throws to the catcher waiting for the ball contour right. He throws the ball actually though it to the Person Bay, it never made it the whole clave. At and well what to say, I receive not the board never made the whole with the first base. Remain? is a true hero because even. Though a baseball to home plate, he's still practice so sued. This is in through that ball sixty yards away from on. What is? He's. And a so he probably, can't we. Could the video of later today will Larry Guy Apartments are. I was just trying to put it up. It for. The baseball game. Seattle has named a new hockey team. Guys is they are called the crank in Seattle cranking. Cranking really. Right right. Gate. Story come up. I was. It just is just came across my my phone. My as I was about to give the baseball stories. Announced yesterday if my phone will come on a load up anyway, that is a very odd nate. WHO! What? What is it? What sport has a out here as? The national. Hockey League. SEATTLE INEXPENSIVE FRANCHISE? Their new hockey team Franken. Be Cranking I'm sorry to crank in. And this may have been the. We heard about it yesterday when they made a press conference. I don't know why the hell they will name. Who came under that name, but you ought to have no other options. I feel like a very odd name. See. Them. Crazy Spooky Christmas counts. MIGHT BE BABBLE! Hero might be finch I. Don't know what it is, but it's very weird, but it's nothing more with than. Dr Not throwing that baseball. See Auro. Getting another team won. Virginia has not nine yeah. That with joy. Isn't that my? Team. For Me What are you talking about Washington saying? No I said Seattle getting a hockey team. And Virginia has known teams. Why is that because Virginia? Go Support Be Washington team. The redskins capitals the basketball team. So small, you know they don't have. Enough. Money to pretty much have a team. The I guess that's what it is I guess but that stupid. Hockey team. Right. Should I mean. But shot out Saddam. That way, I don't like added. And that is all thank you. WanNa say any criminal. Yeah, well, basically corona virus. We are up to four million cases in the United States. Expected Death to be over our one, hundred, seventy, five thousand. It is. Intent is going on to be one of the biggest. I guess they had a list for the nine Elliott, things killing people in Twenty Twenty and cove in nineteen is. A result of. That More than one hundred fifty prominent us, medical experts and scientists teachers are nurses and others have signed a letter urging politicians to take steps to another nationwide shutdown. That's the only way that this thing is going to stop it. Slowdown surprisingly are also saying that everybody's talking about Arizona. Florida and California when the real hot spots that are causing a growing number of concern is Nevada. Idaho Mississippi and Indiana. Wow that yeahs, basically those states have a large amount of growing numbers and hospitalization with. No sign of slowing down. So the ain't you know I know and that's like right in the middle range of the countries, so that's. And especially I know they say that they've quadrupled their numbers and they have a very high. So. You know I don't know and now all of the. and. That's what's scary. A little bit is out now. All this information from hospitals is going to the administrator of the white. House administration instead of going through the CDC. With trump, he's backpedaled on the mask thing. He said that wearing glasses of Warren. However, he was also photographed another day where he wasn't wearing a mask, so it's like he's sending a mixed message and. Data going to the White House, they're gonNA. Inflating numbers saying that it's going down. It's really now. You know we're all coming up on the fall, so everybody just those they joints due-diligence. None of our numbers are going down. Also in Portland Oregon. They are still there are still me. Away well. We'll. City I do agree with you. They shut the country down I. Mean it's just stupid. They direction breath. I think that the country should be shut down. I don't think did that's the school. I'm up in air which I think they should shut school down his well. I think that they should continue. This tomorrow and the next as the deadline for the stimulus checks the unemployment key. Aspect for another six months because no one's all, but the government could enough. They politicized issue now. The Raptors Coco's went in rapid. Of of the King Forty Yard too late. Mark Friend do backpedal. You're absolutely right sending. We don't believe you. You can't be a leader now. The cocoa has defeated juice so much that you have to go up on the podium. Tell everybody wear masks. You've been doing that five months ago. You're done. Shut this country now. I mean the whole country at one time. And closed. A noble, four months. It's going to take four months Clara again so. I agree with you sitting close the country. Keep the checks come in no school. Months continuous yeah As far as like the economic stimulus package, they are looking to follow the same footsteps of the cares act, which means everybody getting that twelve hundred dollars while they're looking to go into the Senate today. I believe to to talk about that. But a lot of it's still split because Republicans do not want to extend the six hundred dollars. Every every week. They don't WanNa. Extend that because they say it incentivizes people. Hold on hold on. We'll be talking about Anna Lopez two point Oh God. BLESS YOU PHONE CHAPEL NUMBER WEEK! Yeah because short the country now. They got these programs to pay your mortgage and you rent. I don't know when you talk about, but this is not our responsibility to government. Shut everything down, and then radical, which trump always talk about which really ought to Republicans refuse to wear the mass. Nobody, ain't trying to die the painel mortgage and no rent. And we have a quick BIS now nobody charm back to work with this. New People who have the Kobe because they want to open up why? Why do you think that they're going back to Congress to extend to all of this? Had to working. And and listen if you want to go out there, you got a job and God bless you. Pay Your Mortgage God. Bless their thirty to fifty million people that don't have that luxury. People always easy to say go to work. How can you let us know? Leadership politicized the cocoa bowers. And now the whole country screwed up even in Pennsylvania New York. New Jersey the newest going up. So. Let. Me Have the money the money. Extend okay. Maybe not six hundred dollars give people over two dollars every time they get paid. You? Talk about. How you may your rent and you pay your mortgage sending says it all the time. There's different programs that will help you through this. But the country the government needs to step up in cleanness. Mess up, so then three. Almost down the road, then we can open up the economy again, so you don't sit man. It's all about paying more than half of the country's not wearing a mess. It doesn't make sense to me shutting down big on, write a check again. The whole economic justice system as oppressive. Anyway, nobody should be funneling any money into this economy as far as I'm concerned mills, world. Seventy. Dollars. To, pick up rocks on the moon, and they have an on on on more money. But the band is easily. Let's say you go back to work how you pick more you. Know you get this government funding for all of this, and that's why you picked the extent. They are going to extend this because they know that there are fifty million people that are not working. And that's going to be even worse so if they. Programs at bosses, everybody back to work with job. They don't have and guess what that bowers the. CEO Right out there waiting for us. This sitting there waiting for us, thousands of people are dying every day in the state of Florida. Yeah now this stop stop stop with all this. WHO's how you're GONNA pay things. Better A. Government funding this out there. mcelwain, please. Come home of. Way Money, but don't sit there and say. We gotta get out there and go back to work how you GONNA. Pay This how you GonNa pay that no. Not Essentially. You figure it out this government money you. Reinvent Yourself. I kind of business. Right 'cause I'm not I'm not. I'm not going the mortgage interest. Happy, get paid, forget about. Note to the crack is. If the data, they get paid anything. What's? Going to happen everybody in your family going grandma look affected the baby. Bring the cocoa virus home. School, now at least shut it down until January you lease. Ignore virtual. You'll go to shut down in January. Dan Come back. The Department of Justice is looking into Bon. It's going to investigate the use of force by federal law enforcement officers. saw. Listen I, we know. Of worked you guys can find. Sidney J exactly that on Facebook City J.. The is three or instagram and cynical Jacobs on. I'm sorry Cindy. J. E. S. three on snapchat jenks on instagram. Sinica Jacobs Rice Graham Weaving. You guys catch me on facebook where we Cologne instagram long designs and very close silence. Oh, I got a new snapchat job. The design, a babe three eight. Check me out Shaw on facebook comedian Shaw the Hawk lawyer. Listen, I'm going to sit here and about two more days although check out sitting Jay's video. With having a Coronas a yesterday I'm GonNa. Sit Down and enjoy it all went. Enjoy with me. I'm going to sit here and watch them and show shoulder stretched out to to Clean Diane. A also. Diana and show you some love of God bless you and I appreciate you. REC- guys Monday I think we all on Tuesday and we're going to do it that way. Come away, come on. Everybody. The be safe out there.

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