Songwriter Peter Hollens | Working with Violinist Lindsey Sterling | How One Hit-Writing Songwriter is Navigating the Coronavirus Economy


On today's show. We interviewed a Song writer Peter Hollins Peter Hollands is a singer songwriter who shares what it's like to write songs with David Archie let Bryant Wilson from the Beach Boys Chasing Morass. And Windy stirling he explains today show why is a song writer? You need to own your masters to get paid he explains how he's navigating the Kuroda virus economy and what gear you need to succeed in this digital marketing and music universe. WanNa know what gear you need to succeed listen in on today's show interview with Peter Home for a quick sample of what Peter Hollands brings to the table was to this track called Sky Rim featuring Lindsay stir. Everything, you here on this track was created by one voice one Violin Lindsey stirling. Peter Halt Get ready to enter the drive time show. Talk. Battle. Now, on the top systems to give what we got. The books Hopperton the books sees tickets wisdom. At the father of. That's why I'm a dive. So if you see my kids, please tell them. See. Your Now to what? Only, put down your Bryant Year. Our guest is your today's guest elaborate on on. The huge name born in Winston Jason. mraz gladys. Knight. Lindsey stirling and he's never done an interview where he's been interviewed by a man using riot gear and a megaphone. Welcome. To The Show, how are you sir? Oh Man. Where are you located? Bro. Where are you at right now? I am hiding out in the cold or sack, and Eugene, Oregon Sir beautiful and when you're not hiding out in a in a cul de sac and Eugene Oregon, what are you doing? How do you pay your bills? What? What's your job? my job is to run a digital media company, but my product is music that I distribute across the The World Wide Web was videos. So how does a man like you get impacted by a shutdown of our American economy because really what we're doing again not this is not a political statement. This is just a fact. For the first time, Paul in American history and I can recall. All Americans have one boss or one person that writes them a check. The government, the federal government, and so every personnel regardless of whether you're Republican or Democrat, we are all this is our one week. Experiment. With communism. At this is their theme song by the way this is. So, whether you believe the coronavirus is really bad. Or Not really bad I mean whether you've realized that the. Doctor. Deborah burks has just came out and said that the projections and the predictions were off. And that two point two million? Americans. Are Not at risk of dying but. Eighty, eight thousand. And five hundred thousand Brits are not at risk, but now twenty thousand are whether you like it or not whether you agree with it or not. It is the economy that we're all navigating and so peter how does this impact you to be? How does this coronavirus economy shutdown impact you? Right, well, I. Am you know and falling all the the regulations that the state of Oregon put forward. So all my staff are working remotely I thankfully and working in a second house that is just now occupied by just myself right now I was looking up to have a another house in town. So I moved all my studio stuff there that I'm not working. By myself but everyone's working remotely Thankfully, I've built a business that's built upon residual revenue. So I've been able to keep paying off my own employees full-time during this, and we're just working on slack and working through platforms like free, which is Great. video editing one and just sending files back and forth. So we're we're able to stay on top of things and. Make videos like The one I came out with earlier about focusing on hygiene and such during this This this fun reality that were currently in right now for a week or or whatever you just mentioned. but yeah, I think thankfully, not too bad not too bad it'll be more obvious in a few months all music is trails quarterly because all of our revenue comes from platforms The predominant amount of my revenue so I don't get to really see what's going on at the exact moment it's happening until later and. Because people are home, they are streaming and listening to music more. So it could theoretically be a be a positive but right now you know it's difficult from a productivity point and a communication standpoint should not be working directly with you know my editors and my executive producer but you know we're learning. So just trying to navigate what does that video editing tool that you mentioned again Yeah frame I o it. It is a phenomenal on tool that we have been actually using since they were in Beta it allows us to I guess you could say it's kind of like a dropbox mixed with like a visual to over you to draw on it and and do things in real time frame by frame. It's really great. It's definitely worth trying out we've been using it for I think. God, maybe three years now. but allows collaboration I've worked with artists even from like Turkey. That I've never even been in the same room with but then we'll release content where it looks like we are because you know thanks to blue screen green meeting create stuff. Now you have worked on. Projects with some of my favorites, I mean Jason Mraz that right there Paul you know how tough I really win this occurred of Economy I. Don't want to print out or give out too many make. To dilute deluded if you give out too many mega points, he's had two so far. So you work with Jason Mraz, that's. Always say you get a make a point if you work with Jason Mraz and I, always tell us if you've ever worked with Gladys Knight in Lindsey Stirling and Brian. Wilson you get an additional three point. So I, know you're excited about this Peter because these are redeemable in. To the bank. We into the bank in the afterlife upstairs, there's new new new. But Lindsey Stirling. What did you do with Lindsey Stirling? Well, what would project? Did you work on with with Lindsay? Oh. Gosh Lindsey stirling I think might be the most The most powerful story in my in my crater history she she is the first critter that I truly collaborated with that turn my entire mind around from looking at my peers as competitors to looking at my peers as collaborators and peers. She she treated me as an equal she wanted to see me succeed She taught me so much We worked on a song originally, that was the theme song for the most popular videogame about a decade ago called sky, Rim and since then that video on both of our houses somewhere north of like eighty or ninety million. What does? Oh, it's it's it's the sky rim main theme. It's like in a made up language. It's like Goba King Dove. Aquino. Look what do I need to type into Google to find or youtube, but I need to find a to define it? Yeah. You could type in Sky Rim S. K.. Y. R. I M. Skyer in seen and. Cool, little coast play show up and I'm the. Can you. Can. You explain what what she does because some people out there and go I think I've heard the name I, mean I don't want to attempt to describe what she does because it's so phenomenal that the words coming out of my mouth or not GonNa, do it justice explain what Lindsey Stirling does? Yeah Yeah Lindsey stirling by herself created her own genre she basically. took classical pedagogy on on on her instrument, the Violin, and then she mix it with you electric music and she basically was able to create her own niche of music and she mixes it live with phenomenal dancing and and very powerful uplifting positive you know life lesson it blows my mind. It did. It's music that almost like makes you. Cry. Because, you're so moved no matter what mood you're in. Yes amen to that. It is crazy. I would agree. And it's only matched by by her as a human she she I mean I i. I could very like very easily say that I wouldn't be making a living do managing now if it wasn't for Lindsey now that's that's for sure you've worked with Brian Wilson and for people who are not from with Brian Wilson t cheer with us to educate our listeners who is Brian Wilson and why star listeners care. Oh my gosh. I think you could say Brian. Wilson. Was The godfather of of. Pop. Music to some extent he he's just a musical genius. Brian Wilson is the beach boys to me personally grew up listening to the beach with my father He was definitely somebody that I looked up to as Know. Gosh. I mean, just one of those guys that are untouchable and then We were able to collaborate on an original song and and and release that both on my album and on on on his last one that he released in. That was really really really cool. Really really cool. I. Don't know how you can adequately describe Brian Wilson he wilson he's he's more unique than any other human. I've ever met personally he the movie about his life. Have you seen the movie about Brian? Wilson's life I have I have I he went a personal hell. I mean that guy. Unbelievable Songwriter went through a personal hell that movie it's. A phenomenal movie encourage everybody to check out that movie because it'll. It'll change the way that you think how how has he impacted you like how was the time with him how that impacted you the way you produce music now? I mean I would say that his his laundry list of music has taught me a lot about harmony in general I I I am in no way shape or form even remotely on. Even the same planet as him as a songwriter, I mean a I mean he's he's more to me as somebody that I just admire as as just like a a a talented musician savant I don't know how you describe him meeting him in person was like surreal and and strange, and like the movie can kind of get you ready for it but he's just very. I don't know he's just Brian Man I was. Yeah, it was interesting we got to. We got to shoot a music video together. Unfortunately, I couldn't get released for whatever whatever reasons but it was a it was an amazing day that I got to spend with him in La when we thought that it to Youtube. Youtube Space But yeah, it was phenomenal when you are riding with an artist somebody like Jason Mraz. Somebody like Lindsey stirling like a Brian Wilson what are you doing like? What does the process look like the new show Song Land is produced by a man that I know very well, Ryan header went to college with Ryan. Ryan's saying at. Our wedding. I've known him very well. So what what's the process like of songwriting? Sure? Yeah. So I'm GonNa Throw Your Curve Ball. I can't song right worth a darn for real cannot. Being in the room with people who are phenomenal and let's do that. One mega point. But you get another makeup point for being honest, which is a rare thing in America today. So you get back. There you go. yes. So when I get to collaborate with people, my workflow is very unique in that I create these extraordinarily lush acapella arrangement. So what I will usually do is take the the song of the IP. Or the the base basic concept idea of my collaborators, and then I will then take that and then put my own acapella spin on it. Where I get to introduce you know hundreds of vocal layers So like when I was working with Lindsey, I would have her record specific lines that I would then mix into the just the just the opposite voice and then rearranged with with my team I mean. Quite. Honestly, I am nowhere near Yeah I'm just not a songwriter have great ideas and I like to create things. But I would say, I'm much more of like an entrepreneur that went to school and got an opera degree that can sing well but I create conflict because I like Dorky cappella music and it's just my niece I. I I think I have some years to go before I can. Open up my my heart myself to the world to to really write original music that I have and they're sitting on my computer but I haven't really seen yet. 'cause I I think I. Need to grow a little bit more before I can get there. What do you? What do you call yourself? If you're not if you're not a song writer, what do you call yourself? you know what I think. I think I'm a I'm musician AN ENTREPRENEUR I. I I I advise Silicon Valley startups I I advise my my peers I have a second education company that I'm trying to help promote. Best Practices for my fellow creators because I feel like I've learned and failed so much during the last ten years of doing this job both in. Being silly enough to sign a record deal and learning what comes with that, and what that really really really means to just basic practices of how to reverse engineer what's out there to be able to find your own voice in create your own career by utilizing the Internet for really what it is, which is just A. You know basically a free. Worldwide Marketing Device So. Yeah. I mean I. I'm a musician I went to school take all those classes but I, I'm not a I'm not a legitimate quote unquote. Like a normal. What assume how do we interviewed Ross goal and on the show we've interviewed Ross Golan we viewed. A Lot. We've actually had a fairly decent amount of of songwriters on the show. In every time we interview you guys. People always think that Emily Warren. Who's the song writer for the chain smokers they always think that she's just making bank because the song let me down by the chain smokers is playing all day every day. So they assume man she's making bank. Now please explain to me when somebody streams on spotify right? So I hit play cure I stream the song I played a song. It was a great song boom. How do you get paid? Okay, I'm going to do this to the best my building. Ability I'm not a lawyer but here it goes if you are the owner of. The, the piece of music itself right the Ip for the composition You get a fraction of the money that you would. If you were the artists one hundred percent owner of the song itself So so when I when I I built my entire career basically creating music off of other people's compositions. So I'm cover artist. Ninety percent of the time you know I've done lots of original domains. My, my revenue that comes through. Let's say you're exact example spotify for instance, actually really quite good because I own my masters I don't I don't I don't have a contract any longer with Sony. I owned my masters now. So the revenue that I get every month on spotify is not only very nice but it also is growing month over month that at a double percentage point clip I think the Lord. But there's there's been multiple multiple years where spotify has been and many other Amazon itunes everybody has been thrown through the ringer because. Artists who don't own their don't own their own masters because they are dealing with a label or they're dealing with a publisher owns their own copyright. They are not seeing what's going on because they have I would say gosh how do I say this without really getting in trouble? So it's like you took money from the mafia, but then the Mafia. Doesn't allow you to. Go. you have no sense of how much money's coming in and you have no sense of how much money you're paying back as they are the the accountants as well. So. So in essence I feel very bad for older artists who've came from time period where there was so much money because CDs purchased for twenty dollars a pop you had to buy everything all together just to get the ones that you loved and you had all these. Songs that didn't do very well decide but there was a lot of money to go around and now there's less so although it is growing and we are going to get back to where we were. The golden era of music is still coming I really truly believe that. But if you don't own your masters, you are in trouble and as a songwriter I still think right now that to. Be, a a a song writer as a profession and have nothing else almost almost impossible. Just due to the fact of how the economy is set up. 'cause most songwriters signed with publishers right and they get these huge huge I personally don't know I'm not GonNa say that day but they they get You know they're like, here's a hundred, thousand dollar or seventy, five, thousand or fifty thousand. was called when you get your advance allowance your advanced right but then they just don't get back. But the problem is the problem is they don't. They don't get to do their own accounting it's not like you're paying right? You're not. You're not paying Sony your or Universal Warner Back Yourself. So you don't know that there's no transparency. It's Kinda like. You. Can build a back end. You can build a back end in like three months with two engineers. That's beautiful to everyone be able to see what's going on. But the Blackbox Syndrome is real and they don't show the transparency be because well, it makes the most sense because that's how they make. I mean I don't I don't. It's Kinda like indentured servant hood back in the day after slavery ended a lot of African Americans were freed and they said you can you can leave. In fact, you could rent the land from us. You can do your own thing and these people who been farmers their whole life. They said, you know what? I? Think we're GONNA hang out and just rent land from you said cool. But since you guys don't know how to do math. We're GONNA help you with that and no matter how hard they worked. They never actually got ahead and that's the a little bit of the craziness out there. So it's it's interesting interesting. Now Paul we have time for three rapid fire questions for Peter here. But can I call you a song writer what I need to call you? What's the official title? I you know what you can just call me. A A. Digital, digital. Musician. I don't tell. Me Whatever you want definitely written songs out the best why I am going to okay. So I have I. Have Two questions Paul beat him up with one here question number one coming in hot your song out there this song about epic hand washing song. What is this song epic hand Washing Song how can people find it? What are they need to search for on Youtube defined it Yeah, you go onto youtube you type in epic hand washing parody type in epic hand washing. Song it will come up and it will teach you how to adequately Wash your hands while you laugh. And honestly all the proceeds go to a charitable organization. So that's a that's a plus. Are you in this video? I am all over this video I am there to make you laugh that is my goal and and teach you proper hand washing techniques. Of course, oh. Beautiful. I I'm going to click it right now. Oh well that right? That's just a folks that's just a little teaser of the snack pack of epic hand washing their Paul. What is your question you'd have here for Peter Hall and Jerry you're an accountant Paul Hood CPA's has done very well you grew up with nothing you built it into something. What question do you have Peter? The question I have Peter is, is you seem like a very unique person you know most people fit into a category of left brain right brain creative versus business, and you've seen to harnessed both sides, the creative side but yet you've you've been very successful. And what do you think you know how did you bridge that gap that so many people struggle with? I I grew up falling in love with computers. I. I also have this weird thing inside me when when when, when, when something is wrong when you get treated wrong that I need to make it right or I need to fix it and so when I followed the trajectory of an artist and I did all the things that I was supposed to in regards to like signing with a company that said they were GonNa pay me and I got. And I ran into barriers the barriers that have always existing music industry I was like this is not right. I'm going to fix this, I'm gonNA. Do it myself and? I started slowly teaching myself. I taught myself engineering video editing I taught myself how to run a business and now I have you know eight full time employees and two different companies that we're trying to. I had to I had to, I, I love computers I love technology. Love Music and I had this thing like the thing I'm like that's wrong. I have to fix this and so that's one of the reasons why I'm so outspoken whether or not pisses people off or whether or not my own peers like me giving them advice I just do it anyway because I made mistakes I want them not to make the mistake and I want to help people and so Yeah I don't know use weird. You sound a lot like Ross Golan you sound a lot like Roscoe. Ross has really been fighting hard to make sure songwriters get paid. You sound like him a little bit. I mean I you know what? I I I'm looking him up because I hadn't ever oh to. The bubble but now I know He's your guy he's your guy. You know, Ross, we were actually exactly the same age or one month apart yeah. In the stuff that Ross is doing I mean Ross. Just for listeners out there that are not aware of this. He works to pass the Music Modernization Act, which is basically the leading voice. It's ideas for songwriters is to make sure that you guys get paid for your music and also making sure that songwriters can now win album of the year at the grammys because before you can write a great out win the awards. So I know that you`re What what you're saying right now sounds you should reach out to Ross. You guys have become fast friends. Now my final question, my final question for you. A lot of listeners right now who are marooned in their parents basement in their own basement in their shed and they're tiny home and they're going I want to know what gear I need to get going. You know some talented people. So I'm GonNa ask you I'm going to start with the computer. Tell me what kind of computer our listeners need right now to get what kind of Mac do we need just to get in the game? Just to get in the game, I think Nice refurbish Mac from the last seven years can. Pretty much run bro the essential. I i. mean honestly I, I think even just macbooks books would be would be fine I like I i. think here the Austin is we have like twelve computers and all of them are refurbished except for one and I only had to buy the new because. The new ridiculous computer you have to buy not refurbished but I I I really trust refurbish Max you get him for for twenty thirty, forty percent off I love the fact that they come with Become with garage band, which is a very, very adequate audio Yup workstation, and if you're able to figure out a garage band, you'll be able to figure out logic, which is the recommendation I have. If you start now I'm stuck in pro tools personally. So you're saying you're starting now logic is the program or garage band start with garage band than use logic. Get a Mac book. What kind condenser microphone what kind of microphone do we need sound good. When you did your son what kind of Mount Mike did you use for your vocals? So originally on on my first album that I recorded of other people. I had I had just road nc one as which is a very inexpensive Australian Mike and road makes very nice. Pro Consumer Products They're very quiet. So the signal chain is very low do really really good job on male and female vocals and I'm a vocalist and that's what I love. The also do really good job on Acoustic Guitar If you are in the if you do have money I recommend tell US Dunkin microphones. They are my favorite I have two that I've used. Last eight years I'm in love with them television fifty one are you making stuff? Hunkin telephone can? What's your? Telephone him. I, think in my opinion are the best to like phone manufacturers on the planet but telephone is a really nice German company. They've made great Mike's for a very long time. One microphone by the way, it's about two hundred and twenty nine dollars. How much is the? Microphone. Oh yes. The the microphones I am using our what I would call my tax write offs. So they are seven, eight, nine, thousand dollars, but hey. I have to buy them for tax purposes at the end of the year time. So I I do splurge on on Mike what kind of headphones but I do have. What are they I'm sorry. Your good. My favorite my favorite under hundred dollar headphones are the what are those Ak Geez I'll come on. Run over hit kind of what kind of headphones are the most hyped up over expensive they're not actually great microphones are you going? Don't don't shell all that money out for that thing that thing just no come on. You know what? Those those are the those monsters, What Are Those Aka we always have like the six Ak we. Catering Forty K. to forty, two, forty got it got the K. K. to forties and those are under a hundred bucks. Yeah, you can get them for seventy nine dollars usually at least once or twice a year. Again I really recommend buying a used gear because you can get into very cheap when you're starting out. You don't need to have the newest anything when you're first starting, you just need to start creating and failing. So you can find your sound and find what you like, what kind of wins windscreen who need to buy. For the microphone. Your Mom's pantyhose just kidding. Just kidding Kinda. Just, call you have. To make just because they're so. They're so So, durable I have to blue I don't even know what these are called. You know what? If I was prepared. Okay. How much are these things I mean we're talking about hundreds of dollars or is there a certain brand windscreen? No nineteen twenty nine dollars you can get him on Amazon okay. Okay. Is there a certain brand you prefer? I really like the blue microphones here. I look. You know or or particular brand of pantyhose either way I mean it's IT'S A. Similar. Our listeners we're going to be. Microphones pop universal windscreen has gotten way more expensive than when I bought mine. So they must be doing well if they can do that. On The branch called blue microphone. Good microphones, pop universal windscreen, pop, universal windows we win but it also it's also it's also basically lasted for seven years of me torturing two of them. So at least something that's beautiful. Any other here we need just basic gear anybody out there to encourage anybody out to these digital artists that maybe just will know what gear they need. Honestly. I think in order to become a crater they need to start creating even if that means that they're they're just borrowing somebody else's phone because I mean Gosh, our our phones now can create such phenomenal. Audio and video screens. I. Even have a tiny little mike the. Apogee sent me that I just plug into my iphone and I've even recorded a song off of it. Like this tiny little apogee when it's just GonNa Hey, what? What's the use at the frame dot IO is a software you're using right now to communicate with your team digitally. Is there any other songs? Because an online platform, it's it's Yeah. If you type in www dot frame dot I o. actually if you just type it in framed, i. Oh, got it. It's phenomenal. It's saved her but so much and it's it's up to our productivity immensely especially for collaboration Everything about it I've been just enthralled with and they've been really really really good to work with on the support side wouldn't have a problem. I know that they've already literally updated their platforms like for a few little things for things sent them and annoyed them about. So just a great company really easy to work with Yeah. It's anything that saves time I mean that is just the best. Peter you are an inspiration and a guy who? Is I've heard now always good for good conversations I'd love to have you on the show again, but our listeners out there very actionable. They want to check out they want to learn more about you. What's the best place to learn more about you? Absolutely I recommend people going to my youtube channel. That's where all my content is stored. You can't see everything from video game stuff to Lord of the Rings to Hymns to Christmas music, and even some silly parodies trying to get you to wash your hands. So Peter, Hollins on Youtube and if you for whatever reason you like it, all my other things go off from there. So and hey, real quick if you get a chance to eat a lot of stuff on your schedule, but you can tell. Lindsey stirling good freaking job. I. Just my mind is blown by her I. don't even understand I. I watch her perform. I don't even understand what's going on I. Get it. I have to like draw Diagram Watch it twice make myself a Haiku listened to it backwards and forward it's just great. I mean you just just an unbelievable artist and I think it's awesome youtube team up that's great. Oh, yeah we've done four songs actually just Texas is price and and instead you wouldn't stop singing her praises so. She's a great America. It's a one of my. One of my life goals is to interview that woman. So if you could make that happen I will give you a holy cow. God and that goes well, and because people are stuck at home right now, we've always had about half million listeners but now that number's way going up. So if we can interfere in the in the future we'd love to. I will let Edina her manager. No for Hey will you take care of my friend? Thank you so much for being on today's show and thrive nation checkout Peter Hollands on Youtube. If you care about your family fight through the carpal tunnel fight through the arthritic thumbs and use your smart device to go to Peter Hollands on you tube. Peter Hollins have a great day. You take care of my friend I. Appreciate You. Thanks and now without further ADO. What. All. Right. Let's just say that you're out there listening today and you have a website for your business. The question I would have for you is, are you getting the most number of leads possible? Are you raking high? Touching the canvas through my face or are you ranking? And the Google search engine results. Again I ask are you ranking high? Ranking low on the Google. Search engine search result take a moment today in do a Google search the keywords that you wanna come up top four and see where you are ranking We have a Josh spurlock a CPA from Canada and we have doctor Timothy Johnson here from Tuscaloosa Alabama Josh spurlock how in the heck are you doing pretty good clay yourself I'm doing well doing well here. We're not broadcasting from the man cave studios as normal. So we got a little bit of background noise there to contend with, but we're here and I wanted to see if you could share with the thrive nation approximately how long I've been working together and how that's impacted the number of inbound leads that you're generating as a result of your Google search engine ranking an internet marketing. Well, we've been working together clay now for almost a year a year ago I came out to my first conference, and then we started with the coaching program shortly after that. And you know our our our Google leads have gone from you know something that we would generate. you know maybe one or two or three leads a year to. Talking about three to nine leads every single week. And now we have doctor Timothy Johnson in the box from Alabama Tuscaloosa. Yes. I'm at southern consultants. It's in Tuscaloosa Alabama. We heard about you on the podcast and I had a lot of trepidation at first about. Getting involved just making sure it was legit but all my expectations have been exceeded what concerns did you have about our legitimacy or lack thereof I was just concerned about. Back end up selling. What I was getting into. And that's what I've found my entire career I had you guys been to? Dr Timothy, you've been to other workshops or had other industry coaching before because I had hired a lot of them frankly and I just found I'd spent. I would be lying if I said hundreds of thousands, it's been more than Oh we we hired somebody to do our website right before we found you. Yeah, and it was. Three or four months of your coaching service and they we still haven't launched website yet. Beautiful. Beautiful. So if somebody out, there's thinking about filling out the form and someone's thinking about emailing us to info at thrive time show dot com info at thrive time show dot com. And they have a little bit of hesitation. I don't know just a little bit. What what advice would you have for? Dr Tim. First of all come to one of the conferences, you'll see that he may dress like bill belichick. He. My Wife. PATS fans. That was a real selling point. Nice. She thought you were a Hobo but I said now he's just bill belichick she goes. Okay you can go. But it's also a month a month. So try it and if you don't like it canceled that deserves a mega point. So. Again, what what is? Has. Your sales gone up. Have you increased your sales I mean where's your financial as? The hard number here but as a percentage, how much are you up since since you started with the program what four months ago versus now ourselves up twenty percent we're looking to scale southern consultants and. Are just the number of patients who come in because they found us on. Google has gone up a lot I text you once a week. You paid for yourself just in somebody walking out so. Good it's so God again, if you're out there today and you feel stuck, just email us info at thrive time show dot com info at thrive time show dot com. Let us begin to do a deep dive analysis on your website. We'll. We'll tell you what's wrong with a thirty seven point audit of your website. Art Member of our team will call you. They'll go over with you. They'll break it down. You'll understand what you need to do to improve I'll give you the final word guy. So start with you a captain's Pearl Josh Pearl CPI. As Captain Canada and as a man who has been to two workshops. Now we got audience picture a half million people listening here. What would what is the advice that you would tell them I think got come out to they got to come up to a workshop that you know it's the best one that that I've ever seen. You know I find that most of the workshops I've been to you're sitting around all day for one idea and you're getting a good idea every single hour, these workshops, Dr, Tim, what is the word of encouragement maybe discouragment maybe the motivation maybe the verbal Taes Ring What Advice, would you give for the listeners out there today? I'd say the worst idea you can do not starting now just call and start now and you'll be better off for it. You heard him right there thrive nation go to info at thrive time show dot com email info at thrive time show dot com allow us to do a free thirty seven point analysis of your website will tell you what's wrong. We'll tell you how to fix it. If you're not ranking high enough those Google search engine results it will literally cost your company millions and millions and millions of dollars, but don't take my word for it. Go to thrive time show dot com and click on the testimonials button and as of the time of this recording, we have over one thousand video reviews from my clients I've had from two thousand eight up until now for conference attendees. You're just you're just an email away from a game changing. Becoming a game changing success story emails today Info at thrive time show dot com, and like to end every show every shameless testimonial session where the boom. So now without further ado, three to one.

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