Food Neighbourhoods 248: Recipe edition, Zuza Zak


Hello and welcome to food neighborhood. Saw a monocle twenty four. I am marcus hippie. We continue this series with more recipes from some of the world's best shifts and bartenders this week's recipes from the baltic creature. My name is zach. And i'm the author of amber nra which is all about baltic food. My recipe is. Greta grants potatoes with catherine some vegetables. Because it's perfect for this time of year and everyone who loves it makes it again and again and this is my mission with this book is trying to get people to cook more food from eastern europe so what we need is some new potatoes some dill some rapeseed oil tomato spring onions cucumbers radishes cafe and salt and that is it. I use new potatoes for this. I cook them in boiling water until they are soft but not falling apart. And then i call them. I have them. And then i take off the dill and i fry them in the rapeseed oil and at the half the deal to that and then i leave them that on the frying pan while i put together the summer vegetables so just roughly chop all ingredients the tomato spring onions cucumbers and radishes all go into a bowl with the rest of the dill loads of salt and some kefir and i mixed that altogether and then the cafe with the some vegetables goes over the potatoes. And that's it. And the sources at the bottom of the dish are absolutely wonderful to mop up with. Some bread is well if i could just quickly mention where recipe came from. This is from my lithuanian friend. Greta and she used to have this kind of dish when she was staying her. Grand dacha on the lithuanian coast. Which assadi she can't find any more they got bought and now they can't find this but she has this wonderful memory of staying there and her room overlook the vegetable patch and she would take the vegetables from the vegetable patch. And make this dish to the zoo zach. She's just released. Her latest book amber and roy baltic food journey for more from the hospitals dissect to stay tuned for the menu. Our food and drink show that premieres. Every friday at twenty hundred london time you can also subscribe to our magazine and sign up to our email newsletter the monocle minutes it's to monaco dot com for more info. I am marcus hip. Thanks for listening and by four now.

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