#992 Praying for Those Contemplating Suicide (Psalm 118:5)


Pre The word with David Platt is sourced from radical dot net som- chapter one hundred and eighteen verse five out of my distress. I called on the Lord. The Lord answered me and set me free as we are praying through different prayer requests. That people are sending in through radical dot net slash prayer request during this pandemic. Encourage you to continue to send those in just ways. Recoup ran for you your family your church your community during these days just praying the words specifically for specific requests each day. I just WanNa read from this. One requests were basically. Someone says an won't use their name but shared how they or wondering if they wanted to continue living how they've just really been down during these days and don't really want to go on and I read this and then I think about news. I got today about a friend's family member who had potentially just taken their life. They're still investigating all the details. But I immediately but my heart just sunk as I thought about a variety of people who are ready struggle with whether it's depression or anxiety or just desire to live and how the circumstances were walking through right now have made that even harder and I just want us to pray right now psalm. One eighteen verse five for anyone who is in that kind of circumstance who for anyone who is in that kind of circumstance anyone who is wrestling with those thoughts psalm. One eighteen verse five out of my distress. I called on the Lord the Lord answered me and set me free so God we pray that right now together over this one particular person who sent the sin and numerous people right now who may be wrestling with thoughts about whether or not to continue living. God We pray we pray they would know your love for them in this moment your hope for them. In this moment they would know that you the author of life. Love them desire them to experience life in you which is not always easy. GotTa a don't want anyway gloss over just hurt pain wrestling thoughts. That people are walking through. God We pray we pray over them spirit of trust in you a spirit of faith in you a spirit of hope in you reprieve joy over them gods that supersedes circumstances that supersedes particularly the lies of the adversary that would say life is not worth living re. Pray that you would replace those lives with truth with truth from your word and in their distrust that they might look to you and know that you are the Lord and you answer them in you set them free your steadfast love it says over and over and over here in Psalm. One eighteen your steadfast love endures forever. God May they know your steadfast love. May they know your steadfast love? We paret may they trust in your love even when their desires or thoughts. Tell them differently. May they trust in your word in your desires for them and your desires for their life. God We pray we pray that you would protect men women who are wrestling with desire to even live that you would protect them from the lies of the adversary and all that he would want to do to steal their life away. The comes to steal and destroy. Jesus you said but you have come that we might have. Life inhabit to the full. Had We just pray that over people right now we pray song one eighteen verse five in distress. May Gall to you and may you answer them and set them free that they might live the life to the full that you have created for them they went experienced your love in new and profound ways particularly in these days we pray this in Jesus name Amen.

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