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From the rail to your radio this is the horse racing radio network by unfurling laid at six. Think outside second portable still regard plumbing. Please don't duck either way. Victory Cal Buddies Kobe. Real quiet give leg-weary victory of real ways to one hundred twenty the Kentucky Derby Welcome to the equine forum presented by foreign paint dot com for outside of run. Jack About Giacomo. Surging ALEX CLOSING ARGUMENT. All those finals dog to win. Derby won thirty-one traffic final time Terry. Now here's Mike. Hello everyone a very pleasant good morning and once again. Welcome to the show. That launched a network. This is the forum presented all month long farm paint DOT com here on the Horse Racing Radio Network. Mike Baron of the backstretch happy to have all of you tuning in across North America on Sirius to nineteen. Xm To a one on our affiliates in Lexington Louisville and across the country and all of you listening digitally. You're doing that on our website at horse racing radio DOT net. Will you know there's certainly no shortage of headlines in thoroughbred racing this past week the big one of course involving the Belmont stakes which for the first time in history will be contested as the first leg of the triple crown and will be run at eight significantly shorter distance of a mile and an eighth as opposed to the mile? And a half that we're used to seeing. I'll talk more about that in just a minute. In other news racing secretary Ben Huffman and his team at Churchill downs have put together just an unbelievably tremendous eleven race card this afternoon if features five stakes races including the grade. Three Matt Win where we're GONNA see undefeated grade one winner. Max `field make his highly anticipated three year. Old debut in the colors of Godolphin it. I'll visit with Jimmy Bell the president of Godolphin. Us operations coming up in just a little bit at eight fifteen eastern. We'll talk to him about Max `field and about all GMS who is going to take on sharing returns in the one hundred thousand dollar Tappin. Stakes sharing the winner of the breeders. Cup Juvenile fillies turf will be making her three year old debut later today to and that should be a lot of fun to watch Graham motion. Her trainer will be with me at nine o'clock eastern that card by the way at Churchill also offers a five hundred thousand dollar guaranteed all stakes pick five races seven through eleven so something for horse players to look forward to speaking pick FIS by the way and speaking of news of the Week. Charlestown announced this week that they will now be offering horse players. A fifty cent pick five on the last five races of the card with a ridiculously low twelve percent takeout. A Horse Players Delight. If you're a pick five player and if nobody selects all five winners seventy. Five percent of the pool is carried over to the next racing program so kudos to West Virginia to Charlestown for putting that together Our friends at Keeneland here in the bluegrass made some headlines This Week. Applying to run for a short five day summer meet. This is pretty cool. July eighth to the twelfth here in Lexington. That's going to allow them to schedule. Ten graded stakes which are traditionally run. During the April meet which of course had to be cancelled due to all of the concerns would covid nineteen the great to Bluegrass in the grade. One Ashland would be part of a unbelievable card on July eleventh and the Breeders Cup by the way still on schedule to be contested at keeneland November sixth and seventh in the first Breeders Cup challenge race in the US. Going to be held at Santa Anita coming up on Monday Memorial Day eleven horses have been entered into the grade. One shoemaker mile a win and you're in for the Breeders Cup Mile I'll be joined by Breeders Cup Executive Vice President of racing nomination store at Delgado at nine forty eastern time this morning toward the end of the program. She'll give you an update on where things stand with that challenge series now would tracks like. Belmont starting to at least announce their stake schedules. We've got a little bit of an idea of what we're looking at those racist she'll give you an update coming up. Nine forty eastern Ruidoso. Downs kicked off their meat yesterday and they run through Labor Day which is when they will host the most famous quarter horse race that you see in the sport the three million dollar grade one all American futurity and I'll be joined eight thirty five eastern time by General Manager. Jeff through to look ahead to what you can expect it. That rude Ruidoso downs meet Promises to be a blockbuster meet as always and this. Of course it's Memorial Day weekend a time to remember all of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and service to our country and who better to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day than West Point graduate and founder of West Point thoroughbreds. Terry Finley I'll talk to him nine twenty eastern time so busy two hours coming up Jimmy Bell from Godolphin Eight fifteen eastern Jeff true from Ruidoso. Downs eight thirty five eastern time. Graham Ocean at Nine o'clock Terry Finley nine twenty two and Dora Delgado to wrap up program at nine forty. Of course our industry star of the week presented by Morris in between all of that so We're GONNA cover a lot of ground for you here this morning. That to the triple crown for a minute and the announcement from Belmont Park that the Belmont will be run June twentieth. Am I the only one disappointed that our sport couldn't come together to create a fall triple crown poker? Would that have been of course? It would required all three tracks working together. Which doesn't often happen in our sport and sadly it didn't happen here either. Churchill downs announced in March. They were the first ones they announced. In March that the Kentucky Derby would be Labor Day weekend Saturday September fifth the stronach group announced last Saturday that the preakness would be rescheduled for October. Third a month after the Kentucky Derby and then this past week naira the final domino to fall announce that their decision to run the Belmont stakes on Saturday June twentieth. And they would cut the distance mile and a half two mile an eighth in order to do that. So for the first time in history the will be run as the first race in the series of the triple crown. You know that doesn't bother me. And the reduced distance doesn't bother me as it did so many people who reacted out social media after the news came out this week. But if you're GONNA run the race four weeks from today then yet you have to cut the distance from a mile and a half because you you. You can't get a horse ready on short notice like this to go a mile and a half and do it safely and the Belmont by the way hasn't always been running a mile and a half. It was running a mile and an eighth in eighteen ninety three and eighteen ninety four. Now I know we're going back a ways that was at Morris Park. It was initially run in Eighteen. Sixty seven at a mile and five eight so the distance doesn't concern me and I think that the move to shorten the race considering it soon be run June twentieth. The right the right decision my issue with this whole thing is with the timing of the triple crown races and again. The only one disappointed that our sport couldn't come together to create a fall triple crown with a more traditional scheduling of the three races. The Belmont on June twentieth leaves US eleven weeks for the second of the triple crown the Derby on September eleven weeks and another four weeks to the last leg the preakness. I'm sorry but that is not a triple crown and if a horse. We've all three races this year. I don't see any way that you consider that horse a true triple crown winner and it's not because that the races are being run out of order but it's because of the timing of the three races and keep in mind the triple crown hasn't always been Derby preakness. Belmont thousand nine hundred thirty gallant Fox won the preakness eight days later. He took the Derby as the second leg and completed the triple crown three weeks after that in the Belmont stakes but he won the three races in about a one month span. Not Fifteen weeks like we're talking about here in two thousand twenty. That's ridiculous that is not a triple crown and you know looking at a fall triple crown and what might have been if all three entities have chosen to work together. Take a look at it now. You gotTA understand. Nbc dictates a lot of this because of their scheduling and when they can fit things in and they have been a wonderful partner for horseracing their TV schedule in the fall is largely revolving around their contract with Notre Dame football if you take a look at what that would look like in in best case scenario if you were to do it as a traditional fall triple crown traditional scheduling of the races. The Derby on September fifth is not an issue. There is no notre dame football. Obviously that's already locked in two weeks later September. Nineteen if you were to schedule. The preakness there as it normally would be two weeks after the Derby. Notre Dame plays Western Michigan. That's at two thirty eastern time so it does there might be a little finagling on the part of NBC. Wake this work but it does work you can still if the Derby the preakness doesn't run until almost seven o'clock at night that you give you plenty of time to get that out there on NBC and to make that work three weeks after that you run the Belmont stakes on October tenth. That's a no brainer. That's easy Notre Dame play Stanford at seven thirty now. This is all the swimming. There's even going to be college football this year but you have to go into it with the assumption that those games are going to happen when you schedule this and if you run the Belmont as the third and final leg a mile and a half on October tenth and you have a fall triple crown five weeks in between all three races. It leaves you one month between the end of the triple crown and the Breeders Cup at Keeneland November sixth and seventh. What's wrong with that Nella? I wasn't privy to those conversations that went on behind the scenes when Belmont and Nyra were talking about. Rescheduling the Belmont or win the stronach group was talking about rescheduling preakness but they moved it to the fall. So it certainly looks to me like Pimlico. Stronach group are willing to play ball. Doesn't look like Myra was. They were hell bent. I keeping that race in June for whatever reason doesn't look like they were team players here doesn't I don't know if you consider. Churchill a team player and again not being privy to those conversations how much churchill try to work with the stronach group and naira before they made their announcement of September fifth. Maybe a lot maybe not enough. Maybe not all just some to think about again. Disappointing to me. That somehow our sport and these three major entities couldn't come together for the good of sport to put together. What would have been an awesome thing? A fall triple crown and because of that fifteen weeks in between the three races come on. That's not a triple crown. And the Horse that wins. All three is not going to be considered a triple crown winner. And that's my poll question. Do you agree. Do you disagree with that? I want to hear from you you can go to. Hr on twitter horse racing radio network on facebook to let me know if a horse sweeps all three races in the triple crown this year. Is he a triple crown winner? Do you consider him a triple crown winner. That's probably a better way to say. Do you consider him a triple crown winner and you have to choices absolutely and no way. Let me know your thoughts. I say no way not even close not even now ridiculous. Very disappointing All right again very very busy program. We're going to cover a lot of ground We may touch on that subject again later in the program with one of our gas but when I come back I'm going to be joined by Jimmy Bell President of Godolphin's US operations. He'll talk about the talented Max deal making his three. They've you can't. 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But in the meantime we need to stay safe although the staff at Nicholson insurance working from home phone calls into the office or forwarded so that service remains intact customer service professionals continued to be ready willing and able to help you with your insurance needs whether it'd be equine farm home auto business or life. Several of Nicholson insurance agencies. Companies are returning portions of auto premiums because of reduced travel during the isolation period. Which I think is the right thing to do. Please call eight five nine. Two two four seven zero eight zero. Nicholson Insurance Agency. Thank you this is Florida. Who and you are listening to each and Hubner Morris now moving up on the outside from fourth to third the second by a head. And now alongside the leader Gouverneur Morris enforceable and Max field vote moving behind battling at the quarter. Paul Hoover Morris has taken the lead from American Butterfly. Here's Max be old moving up on the outside to challenge Guvener Morris off the bar turn and Max field strides forward and takes the lead by a length and a half to lake. Look Final Furlong Guvener. Moore's second enforceable third. The rest are far back Max. Field Rep taking rod at the top of the stretch Hicks clear by six Max field to win the flavor and readers feature at a four Jose Ortiz. Welcome back to the equine form presented all month long by FAR PAINT DOT COM. Mike Penner with you from my home studio my producer. Lee Dela Pena is in our primary studio in the heart of the Bluegrass Lexington Kentucky and happy to have you back with me as Kurt. Becker brought him home with the call of the breeders futurity at Keeneland last October. And Max `field remaining perfect to for two and breathtaking was the word that Kurt used in the call and I think that's appropriate because this son of Darley Stallion Street sense has been nothing short of remarkable and everybody has been anxiously awaiting the return of maccesfield since he had to scratch prior to the Breeders Cup at Santa Anita this past fall. I know nobody anticipating this return more than Jimmy Bell. The president of Godolphin's US operations and he is with me now. Here on the Horse. Racing Radio Network Jimmy. Good morning my friend more and Mike. How're you doing? I'm doing well excited to see McAfee back in action later today value. I think quite a few others and I almost wanted to replay. That stretch called the of the flavoring beers dirty. Again that that It was breathtaking. And sort of. Get your juices flowing again anticipation. And that's certainly what we've been doing for quite a while but Days here we couldn't be more excited as I was listening to. Kurt's call coming out of the break I could. I could envision that move that Max `field made in that race and just sweeping by horses like they were tied to oppose Jimmy But impressed you most about field that day at keeneland well you know again In both the first two starts you know. He's a little tardy leaving the gate. And you Kinda your heart rate drops a little bit when you see him leave the gate. They go boy. You know in this grade one race like that. It's a little hard to make up all that kind of distance as you. Well know it's a short run to the finish line of Sixteenth poll. So a lot of times when you come out of that turned. You better better paid your spots. And the movie made beginning from the three eighths pole to the to the Top of the stretch and straightened away really was breathtaking. You don't see many horses that can truly circle field like that and just you know switch leads and draw the way did so Yeah it makes you makes you dream a little bit and and that was a legitimate grade. One performance yet. A Horse that Godolphin Brad. Obviously as I mentioned by street sense who stands at Darley here in in Lexington out of Bernardini mayor of Velvety. Tell me a little bit about the pedigree and the way this meeting came together from Max Field. Well as you know it really goes a little deeper than that it's you know. Velvety Miracle. Caress cat was a fantastic foundation. Mayor of the great harborview breeding and racing operation and You know as as you just mentioned Bernardini's got to be an unbelievable broodmare sire. And here you see at once again. You know his his Probably one of the youngest SARS that have soured as many grade. One winner says he's done so phenomenal breeding obviously on the bottom side and and straight senses certainly made his own noise as as a Siren. And we really really hopeful. That Max build is a type of horseshoe dream out that you always loved to see A young son of one of your stallions not only do well but nowhere. He's GonNa end up to yeah. We were all disappointed. We didn't get to see him strut his stuff in the Breeders Cup at Santa. Anita I told Brennan Walsh's trainer after the race that maybe that was a bit of a blessing in disguise. I in some respects because he could look forward to the first Saturday in May of course. Now it'll be the first Saturday in September but tell me about what these past few months have been like for Max `field sense scratching from Santa Anita Breeders Cup. Well you know you're exactly right. My you know you remember talking about it out the Breeders Cup and you know you always like to think. Perhaps there's there's there's the silver lining to this pretty dark cloud at the moment. And that's that sounds good philosophically speaking but Obviously a great disappointment At the time but it was never even a question mark as to what we're going to do and and Giving that time off and you know had that little ship removed it's given brandon all the time in the world to bring a horse along that that needed time you know. We always said he would does a two year old. Be a bonus because just he's a very much Is Our big tall or the likey immature looking but very balanced two year old? But you would envision what he might look like when he really hit that growing spurt until now is a three year old and and this time off You know to his advantage to the first four five months of the year. He's developed so much in filled out especially through his hand and got so much stronger and You know he's always had a phenomenal. Mental approach mental attitude. He's he's that's probably one of the greatest attribute mental toughness but the ability in time to really develop physically probably been the biggest key to where he is today and We really are. I don't know if you seem seeing on video. That was in the T and but he's certainly filled out the way we had hoped and He's a proper looking three-year-old. Obviously Jimmy you WANNA see him win today and you WanNa see him remain undefeated but I know. There's bigger goals up the road. So what are you going to be looking for when Max deal goes to the post later today? Well let's You know while while we're grateful to have all this time to sort of develop and catch up now. What he's done in the morning has been so pleasing every time. He's very willing very generous in the morning shuts off just like that when he comes off the track all the signs you WanNa see. He displays But let's be honest. He has run since Breeder Futurity at Cayman last October and He's stepping against very battle-tested horses that have all had at least three races this year. So that that's a question mark but you know. I think he's that type. Of course that doesn't need a lot of practice runs. Obviously you could tell his two year old career Surprisingly in his first race that he was able to get the job done there so I think that he's got the added benefit of a very good mind and I think that's probably going to be as big a factor as you come back and sort of not always stick your toe in the water. But you know you're probably get right to do some swimming here so I think he's physically ready. I think he's always had the mental capacity. And you know you just hope that The time off. There isn't too much rust. They're men and I just I. I have a feeling that he's ready to perform so again. You know it's rare that you're going to sit here and say you have no excuses but today we have. No excuses might have something later this afternoon but we're just very fortunate to be in a position where are both physically and mentally talking with Jimmy. Bell here on the Horse Racing Radio Network President of Godolphin's US operations. Jimmy let me go out on a limb here and say that if Max field doesn't win the grade three met wind today. You'd be okay with number one mystic. Get getting the victory the other one racing in royal blue. Well that's an interesting conversation. Actually Misty God missed a got. Is You know his his Got A lot of attention and breaking his maiden. I don't know if you're sheep follow or not but You know both have very very similar. Sheep numbers in their first starts. Their second starts In breaking his maintenance the second start going to turns misty guy got got an eight. I believe eight on the sheets and And and when Mexico won the breeders thirty guys seven three quarter. So you know they`re. They're both shown phenomenal ability. But what we really didn't WANNA do Is have to run each other run against each other again so early in the year as well. So the entry of Mr Guide into this race was an was a last resort Mike stem is a very conservative guy by nature not wanted to really just want to break your maintenance jump into deep in but you know we all had to. Kinda shuffle a deck here and and with racing on hold and so many places. They're just this was really the only opportunity to run at that time since then. Belmont came out with their book. There's a nice allowance race on June fourth going and sixteen amount eighth. I believe. And that's really what we prefer to do. Some misty guide now the race to point towards. We're running the allowance race. Belmont and and These won't see each other all right. Well there you go you're have mystic get and Max `field not going to match up here today but How about arms in the in stakes? Another godolphin runner been brilliant undefeated. Now she has to take on sharing he returns after winning the Breeder's cup juvenile fillies turf. Tell me a little bit about arms. Well it's hard to improve off a four for four so she's one of those you know. We started sprinting. In the first two races and then stretched out to a mile and and Senator to California Jimmy around at del Mar and you know she won that very impressively When you go when you go three for three and want to give her every opportunity. Winter gave her a little rice down. Fairgrounds in anticipation of some big races. King them back up in New York so again like everybody Mike. You know we've had to kind of reshuffle the deck and You know again. There's so many top horses ready to run with nowhere to go. And now when you have some racing dope enough you you look up here and you say GonNa run against the Beers Cup. Beautiful winner here In your first start you know of this season. So a tall order. Graham's got a great philly and sharing Eddie Canal. He's got a nice feeling there as well as done nothing wrong. And unfortunately you know we're in the fourteen hole there but No this really has shown nothing but class and everything she's done so This is a jump in the deep end. But we're going to know what we have come out of this race today. As far as the quality of what she can do against the top phillies and quite honestly we. We thought she deserved the opportunity to be running spots. Like this Oh You know very very nice cities if Philly of an empire maker mayor that has really got a great turn of foot and Again I keep talking about this mental disposition. She too has a great great Mental Outlook Yeah. It's so important and often overlooked with these good horses arms. Has IT MAX field has it for sure You also have three horses scheduled to go to the post in the war chance stakes which would be race eleven as the final race on the program right after the Matt Win picks shared sense in Herodotus are all going to run in there all three or go to run their. Maybe maybe three different reasons. But they're all GONNA show up As you can tell actually shared sense was the possibility for the Matt. Win and speak with Brad Cox Jimmy You know again. We're not looking to run their own horses against each other. Not that we don't but in this particular case with Matt when we really wanted to The focus had always been with with Max build and and secondly misty God if there was no other place to run and share sense You know he's a very very competitive oarsmen. A very very tough allows race down. Oklahoma's last art and back Cox says I've always wanted to run this this little cold on the grass. I just have a feeling that he may really take the turf. Nothing we just discussed it a little bit further and said this might be a great time. 'cause you know really as we say we surely didn't want three in the win and trying to spread them around quarterly so he's he's a an unknown factor and with ability Of A nice mayor collective. Who's the daughter composure and Another street sense. And you know Brad Cox just said let's let's give this a world which so this is unchartered territory for him but think he's got the to to give a good account itself and You know pixelated cities colts. It's done nothing wrong You know has the closing ability in and of course Harare this was last week. Starts shows the ability to kind of control the pace and These turf races you know. Kinda Kinda gotta get the right trip to begin with so we've got some in the front some of the middle and some we don't know yeah well three horses in the royal blue in that war chant and again a very busy day you'll see a lot of royal blue on the race track at. Churchill later this afternoon Jimmy Bell. Nice not to spend some time with me here. This morning Jimmy. Listen Good luck this afternoon. The one thing I didn't get to and I have to get to a break is To ask you about that Godolphin philosophy because you have to be feeling so privileged to be part of that team because they just do things right From the top all the way down. And we'll do that at some point in the future but good luck here today. Go get it done and appreciate the visit here this morning. Thank you so much in order to be a part of the team and and thank you for everything that you do as well. It's great to show these stories. Thank you right Jimmy. Jimmy Bell here on the horse racing radio network like all of our guests appear on the program. We're GONNA send Jimmy a gift. Courtesy of embraced the race. The apparel for the horse racing lifestyle. Where would you love and embrace your passion at embraced the race dot com time now for your lexus? Legends of the TURF brought to you every Saturday at this time by the Lexus tour of Lexington by the way a reminder that the show room is again at the Lexus store of Lexington. So make sure you stop out and see all the great folks at the Lexus store of Lexington. I'm back to visit with Jeff. True from Ruidoso downs. Right after this on June ninth nineteen fifty-six feeling post world running of the fifty thousand dollar argonaut handicap at Hollywood park in the field where language and farmers porterhouse who had whipped his chief rival in this field swaps by ahead in the last previous meeting of the two in the Californian the very speedy bobby bro. Cotto with a master craftsman Johnny Longden and the irons and of course swaps would come off an injury as a three year old to make an attempt at a third world record swaps had already notched world records for one and one sixteenth miles and a mile and seventy yards. The Hollywood park had been especially groomed to be as fast as the one armed paperhanger in a four room apartment. Two hour deadline. The anticipation was high amongst the patrons on this day for the import of a possible record breaking performance trying to emiss- Kenney said lately and openly that his or swaps lower citations world mark. One thirty three three four. The flat mile record that had stood since nineteen forty nine as the horses broke from the starting gate. It was expected that the very speedy Bobby Bronco with longer than the saddle would go to the front ca. Try TO STEAL IT. But Bill Shoemaker got swaps out of the box like rocket down along defense and he was not about to allow himself to get shut up by the speed horses outside of them going into the turn. Swaps established a clear. Lead going into the clubhouse. Turn shoemaker realize Longdon with resigned to playing the waiting game settling in just off the pace with Bob Rococco Schumacher turned that strategy to his own advantage while keeping lots of horse and reserve setting the early fractions swaps out on open. Lead all the way down the backside while turning in twenty two and three quarter forty five and one for the half and eight and two for the first six panels as the field swung through the fire. Turn the glistening California Sunlight Longdon Betas expected. Move with Bobby Bro. And with a quick burst of speed got his mount setup to shoemakers boot on the leader. The shoe went to the stick cracking the flank of swaps with hard liquor swaps. Responded we get and move clear the wreck cells worth on four your old hell sway during the run down the lane and all is right now on the timer which flashed one thirty three and one is. He hit the wire a new world record. Bobby Berko had been beaten by barely length in a supremely game effort and porterhouse and received of nine pounds from swaps success. Further back in third swap said clock the last half mile and most impressive forty eight flat. It was a third world record. He had chalked up and he was in no uncertain terms to be regarded as one of the all time greats on the racetrack. He was blessed with class. Courage and a tremendous amount of ability. Sure fire recipe for greatness. You know not all fast. Horses are great but all great horses are fast. Swaps was undeniably fast indeed many observers on the scene at Hollywood park on the June Day in nineteen fifty six felt swaps could have gone fester. He'd been pushed in the early part of the race but it was breathtakingly fast as it was June night. Nineteen fifty-six at Hollywood park and the argonaut handicap the day swaps said his third world. Mark Visionary Design this Arro- performance an imaginary technology. 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Making one hundred seventy racehorse millionaires and garnishing sixty-six eclipse awards. Most recently Florida bred starship. Jubilee was named Canada's worst of the year the F. Celebrating seventy five years joined Florida for the next twenty five. Hi this is Penelope Miller. And you're listening to a horse racing radio network you're listening to the equine forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by foreign paint dot com urban future fast. Then she picks issues dash right barely. Outside comes with a lot of cash and evening. Snow fall outside. Shake the bag of cash to fastest bonfires here when a lot of cash and it's cash belly managed to the client forum here on the Horse Racing Radio Network. Mike Pana Baron of the backstretch with you. That was the legendary Luke. Cripe Bosh with the call of the nineteen ninety five all American. Futurity any chance. I get to work Luke's voice into the program like do it as we remember him. And what a great caller he was and we remember world champion win a lot of cash. Who won that race in one so many big races and looking forward to visiting with Jeff through the general manager of Riodosa downs? That comes up here in just a minute But want to remind you that if you are looking for live streaming and replays from nearly any race track out there. All you have to do is check out. Rt AND DOT TV. The race track television network are has the most HD content of any streaming service and is available on many devices including TV's PC's tablets smartphones coup and Amazon Fire TV. And how about this as a special treat for all of our listeners if you use the Promo Code Capital H. R. N. All capital Letters. You're going to get the first seven days of live streaming and replace absolutely free. Just go to Artesian DOT TV and sign up now wells. I mentioned Jeff. True is at Ruidoso downs. He is the general manager. They kicked off their me yesterday. They'll go through labor day when they will host the all American to three million dollar a grade one race and jeff boy. Congratulations on a successful start to the meat and looking forward to the next couple of months. Thank you my good morning. We're looking to looking forward to it. Also yeah it should be great. You know that all American when you think about what that race means not just to Ruidoso downs but what it means to the sport. As a whole it's it's equivalent to the Kentucky Derby Right. It's certainly our version of the derby biggest race of the year. It probably drives most of the the yearling purchases and a lot of the speculation throughout the year. Ken We breathe or buy a horse. That can you know go that quarter mile and September first. You're the first Monday in September and say it's You know it's the cap of our triple crown all three races which are run here though so and I believe Mike and I've looked around a bit. I believe it's the richest two year old horse race on the planet There's a big two year old race in Australia but at three million dollars there's not Not any that. I've found that topic. Yeah the money is great and you know the the races leading up to that day on Labor Day throughout the entire meet you have all the trials and the yet the Rideau so derby which is on June. Sixth there are several highlights drought the meat. So Jeff go ahead and fill people in what they can expect. When they tune in to the races at Route Elsa downs thereto sedans is You know tucked away in the mountains about seven thousand feet here in South Central New Mexico. We run those traditional dates memorial day to Labor Day every year and we start off the meat like we did yesterday with Radoslav futurity trials and what that means. Is You know the triple crown is made up of the Rideau so the rainbow and the all American. We have a two year old and a three year old division for each of those triple crown events. The two year olds obviously in. May Most of them are non starters when they enter the trials so we have. We had two hundred seventy seven two year old. Puerto Horses enter the trials a week ago. We split those time trials into two days so the five fastest from yesterday and the five fastest from the trials later. Today we'll come back on June seventh and run fridge. Million Dollar purse will run derby trials. Eleven of them on Sunday and ten of those horses will come back and run for about nine hundred and fifty thousand. So that's the first leg we'll come back while the fourth of July weekend we'll run the rainbow the same way. So the Rados is three hundred and fifty yards. The rainbow is four hundred yards and we get to the American. We'll run those time trials in the middle of August with the plans to come back to the finals. The futurity and the Derby On Labor Day weekend that's had a quarter mile and a horse that wins all three few charities. We'll get a two million dollar bonus. The horse that wins all three derbies will get a one million dollar bonus. And you know it's a pretty lucrative racing program business and you've got a triple crown futurity winner you're talking about nearly four and a half to five million dollars in total purses for the summer. That's a pretty big incentive and it's what drives our our horse sales is what drives our Quarterhorse Business Nationally. You WANNA say nationally-know. We're primarily a south western oriented business and it's one of the courses came from That's where they're they're dominantly. Bread predominantly Raised and bred here in the South West and and our program kind of anchors. The Business Talking Jeff through the general manager of Rita slowdowns here on the horse racing radio network again. They're meet began. Yesterday it runs all the way through Labor Day. Jeff you're like so many other race tracks or I guess every other race track you are operating in what we call a new normal doing it without fans in attendance which means that the product is made for TV in some respects and People can wager on it from all over the country. How does it work? How are you handling this new normal? And how can people access the the racing? And how can they wager on it? Re those sit downs has Has the good fortune albeit not this year but the good fortune of having very high on track. Attendance and handle about fifty percent of our total handle is done right here on the racetrack in typical years. So not having fans is pretty painful to us but to answer your question. I mean we have re purposed much of our marketing money. Much of our focus from it on track event oriented resort. You know weekend event To digital platform and we we put some money into our eighty w partners Promotional Ski Schedules We're talking to you today. We're talking about how you can get to read though so through twin spires. Tv G expressed bit naira bets and two dozen other eighty w partners. We've done some things internationally with fixed odds worse racing partners but you can go to the race RIODOSA DOT COM website. Run on the top banner. You can find the program the the link to the RT in live Live streaming and replay center. We've got tips and selections and we've got history and how to bet. We've Kinda repurpose our schedule. Our promotions to a digital presence changed our our pre game show to a studio show instead of one. That's live out in front of a the fans and the in the grandstand so it's You know Mike. I hope it's not the new normal. We recognize that You know there's an evolution to do this thing and to getting back to our regular normal which is a lot of fans in the grindstone. Because that's what makes radio so work. Yeah and you know like so many other tracks. You have to be adaptable in this environment. That we're operating in and it sounds like Jeff you've done just that you mentioned the wagering were folks income wager online now to help make up for the the wagering that you would lose. Would people typically onsite? But the thing I like to is that you're offering free programs on your website which I guess you kind of have to be hard to sell them but boy what a perk that is you can go there. Download the program and just watch and wager right there at the race. Riodosa DOT COM. And what more could you ask for? Well you know we're we're not teen and Saratoga and DEL Mar. We're not above the fold nationally. We have some. We have a lot of following regionally and we have about two hundred thousand people come to the racetrack every summer. About half of those folks come from Texas and primarily Lubbock Amarillo Midland Odessa. El Paso In Texas you can't even open an eighty w account unfortunately and further in New Mexico and Mexico resident while he may have a AWA account he cannot wager on New Mexico content. I mean that's a quirk in New Mexico law. It's a you know in my view. It's a travesty in Texas and I can say that because I am a Texan but you know. Our digital capability is somewhat limited. So we felt like we had to go over the line and and do what we can to promote Our product to a larger of broader audience and putting those programs out there for fans to download for free. It's an expense to us but we feel like it's worth it and it's an investment to get folks to take a look at Rideau sedans. I mean some of your third but players. That may not have seen quarterhorse racing. I would just tell you that there are. There are fewer variables. Handicapping quarterhorse racing partly. Because it's a short race and specifically because we've got a bunch of Non Starter. Two year olds that have only had schooling works which are on video and a couple of other works in preparation. So you know. Part of the thing with quarter or steel. Can I buy or breathe a better horse than you? And can we point to a race early in the summer without ever trying these horses and win a Big Pot? I mean that's the challenge for gamblers. It's following that mantra of connections breeding preparation conditions and And trying to decipher a winner. And we think we've got a good product and You know we've got a few high volume players that agree with us and there's a lot of guys like the Edberg Arts of the world that That have taught us how to best and it kept puerto racing and it's watching replays and and digging into the connections and the breeding will. I'm glad you bring that up Jeff. Because we earlier in the conversation we drew a parallel to the all American and the Kentucky Derby and if we were talking about being just over three months away from the Kentucky Derby we would have all kinds of rankings and we would have debate over which horses were true contenders which forces might be pretenders on the first Saturday in. May How about the all American is there. Are there some things there that people can grasp on to follow horses along the road to the all America or is it completely different where you have horses? Just kind of emerging. From Week to week you know even during the summer There are races around the country. The certainly the Rados if utility and the Rainbow futurity speak well to the horses that will compete in the all American but their horses come from California Oklahoma from Texas and Louisiana. That have competed well there and when you see them come to the mountain how they react to the mountain. The altitude the change in scenery the You know the thinner air the racing surface how they adapt this area in this. Climate will say a lot but typically if you look and I've done it over the last twenty to thirty years where the horses that win the All American come from it's primarily the rainbow futurity the rainbow trials or run the the fourth of July weekend typically and horses that compete. Well in the trials even if they don't qualify to the rainbow typically do well in the all American trials and and. I can't tell you why I can just tell you that. That's the case. And when they get to that quarter-mile trial that last hundred yards is a tough go. I mean the air is thin. These sources have been going summer You're looking for a horse. That has the breeding to go that distance while a quarter mile may not sound like a long distance. When you're giving it a hundred and ten percent that's about all I can. Do you know when he lucas told me one time he said look good. Horse can give you a sixteen. And he's talking about thoroughbreds can give sixteenth of a mile at one hundred percent a pretty good horse can give you a eighth of a mile but a really great horse can give you a quarter mile at one hundred percent with these quarter horses. It's one hundred percent all the time. So what you see at the wire is is what that horse is and you know a quarter mile for two year old first week of September. That's a tall order and when they do it in twenty one and a half seconds. It's It's something to see. Just a special special event in their. Ob several special moments throughout that me about it runs through Labor Day you can go to race riodosa DOT COM to learn more to get free. Pp's into place your wagers and we encourage you to do so. It's going to be a lot of fun and Jeff. True with me here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Jeff. Listen I really appreciate the support of everything we're doing here on the network and We'll talk with you later on the meat and we'll keep We'll keep people informed as to what's happening throughout the remainder of the meat to my friend. I invite all your favorite players to give us a shot. it's a fun thing to watch and if you ever get a chance to come up to the mountain we'll show you a good time. I'm all in Jeff. True here on the horse racing radio network enjoy the weekend. Jeff thank you all right then like all of our guests who appear on the program. We're going to send Jeff gift courtesy of embrace the race the apparel for the horse racing lifestyle. Don't forget that you can wear what you love and embrace your passion by going to embrace the race dot Com. I'll get through another break when I come back to your industry star of the week and I'll get you set for the second half of the program. This is the form on the Horse Racing Radio Network your home. For racing's biggest events tend to equine and pet care products having keeping world-class equal athletes. Happy and healthy for generations. Keep your excellent athlete. Looking and performing. Well what's ten next generation wound and skin care treatment along with nutritional supplements leg muscle care products that SAS care pulses topical AIDS and grooming products. Visit TEND TO HORSE DOT com today. Our top rate is still there. Master plan is gaining master. Plan at times TAP. Install in front master plan to late. Brin will do it passion. It's TAP. He makes another step forward on his way to Churchill. Well Van Young Man will report home to the good performance tat and hosting Ortiz much. Thanks GAINS WAIST DOWN IN TAMPA. A one point. Two Million Dollar yearling turn classic winter and billionaire following a precocious stakes-winning two year old TAP Brit set a new stakes record in the gray to Tampa Bay Derby before capturing the great one Belmont stakes in his three year old season among the best bread. Sons of tap it ever to enter stood out of great ones visit away stakes winner and multiple greatest eighth producer appealing sophie. His exceptional first foles arriving. Now Tapper it standing for twelve thousand five hundred at Gains Way Power Passion performance. You know I'm talking about gains way far. I told me hey matthew. There's a reason why Tony steaks and seafood is my favorite restaurant. It's because I want to feel part of the family. Isn't that right Tony? That's right there's a saying on the wall that I truly believe in. There's always room for one more at our table. We just want you to be part of our family and believe me you will be. It's Tony steaks and seafood right across from Triangle Park visit them at Tony steaks and seafood dot com. It's time now to shine the spotlight on the Darlie taking the reins performer of the week. And Stan pose to the extreme outside goad standing and Yankee writers at the three hundred meters impending slits up behind them. Hair comes the fiber done and the Toyotas learning a stern heads off Yankee rise. Then good standing in pending at other clay about us done better in the golden rise. How good was that effort by? Darley's stallion stirred rated the best ever winner of Australia's great one. Golden rose. Which in case you don't know what the equivalent to Saratoga great one Allen Jerkins here in the United States it's a big deal and a stern is medallion Dorrell's highest rated Colt ever and he is your Darlie taking the reins performer of the week. Look for his first foals at the yearling sales this year and learn more about a stern and all the Darlie stallions visiting Charlie America Dot Com. Hi this is Jockey Rajiv Murad and I love listening to my friends on horses radio network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by foreign paint dot com. You know the task Wednesday night. I had the chance to visit with trainer. Kevin Retard on our trainer talk programme presented by phasing tipped in spent the full hour with Kevin Talking about his Canadian horse of the year. Newly crowned Canadian Horse of the Year Starship Jubilee. Who rattled off three stakes wins last year? Capped it off with a huge win in the grade. One EP Taylor and that was enough to earn the mayor honors of of course of the year in candidate the sovereign awards this past week and I thought it was appropriate that Kevin be our industry star of the week on the Saturday morning. And the segment presented by Stuart Morris who offers a Boutique full-service bloodstock operation. Remember Stewart. Wants to thank his owners his clients and his entire team. He knows his success is because of you and with multiple stakes horses over the past several years including Henley's joy our brain trust in Malagasy Stewart. Morris is your source for success at the highest levels and you can visit the at. Moore's consignment at all. The major sales are going to be coming up later this summer and into the fall. Well as I mentioned Kevin Tar. Your industry starved the week. And I mentioned those three stakes wins actually played the replay of all three of those four. Him and here was his reaction as I started this segment. Yeah I kind of get a little goosebumps actions. Yes listening to her. The race calls in the obviously the captivated by the EP. Taylor it was. I mean grade one. My first grade one win as a trainer so just brings back great memories and She she's just been a wonderful horse to be a part of. Why is she so special? What makes her so good. Yeah I just think she's so honest you know. She tries each and every time You know what I mean. Doesn't come up with excuses. She so tactical you know being could be on the lead comes off the pace and I mean she just has that will to win the desire and I mean just to see her and obviously we. She's a seven year old now and and she's three three and twenty twenty and it just it just seems to be getting better and better as time goes. What did you see in her? That led you to claimer in two thousand seventeen for just that sixteen thousand dollar tag you know claiming that Gulfstream's is is a tough you you go in for so many horses and and I mean we were just looking for a horse that we could bring back to woodbine maybe win a race or to have a little fun with obviously never anticipating anything that's happening now but you know when We got out for a Lotta horses prior to her and when she came along I liked their forum She had predominantly been sprinting and She had just kind of started running. I mean beyond five furlongs and and She just kept seeming like she want a little bit more ground. When I washed the replays and and I just thought you know what I may be. Stretching her out a bitchy might Might really kind of appreciate that and you might see a little bit better of a horse so we dropped our hat in the bucket and we won a three way shake for that day and the rest of the history if you hadn't gotten out shook for the horses that you tried to claim before her. Do you think you would have gotten her? How tough to say you know. Probably in all and all probably probably not got one and it might have been about bad one we would have been kind of scared to go back in again or Just kinda matter quota mean what what made the case be but I'm sure sure sure. Happy that We their shift on the other ones. That's for sure because we didn't want to take so the sovereign awards were supposed to be held in April but because of the situation would covid nineteen. They were postponed and the Jockey Club. Canada I thought did a phenomenal job putting together a virtual sovereign award presentation which was available online as you're watching the presentation and you see her name as one of the finalists for Champion Female Tur- force which I think she was probably the favorite in that category horse of the year. As you're watching that horse of the year announcement. Tell me about that moment. Where were you what was going through your mind there? Yeah so I'm in my living room Kind with my family and we're obviously watching that point so I'm kind of on the tip of my like rocking chair that I kinda got there and on the side. My wife got me kind of almost like isolated from the family because of Cova nineteen coming through the tracks. She's a little kind of a little. You know what I mean strict with some rules at the house. So he's got my own little corner set up so I'm on the edge of my seat at that moment. Waiting kind of Get Him in here. Who the winners it'd be and obviously you know what I mean. You're going up against the horse of Pink Floyd that's I mean six for six already horse of the year. So you know it's GonNa be a cold call and I it's not a shoo-in I mean. Obviously I was a little by and I thought you know she. She deserved to win her being a grade. One winner and and being a you know she traveled to. Saratoga ran a good race in the Boston. Spa so a soon as they kind of announced just prior to them announcing the name they flash up you can see the horses a picture of the Horse because the Philly come up and I could tell it was her and my son. He was sixteen Joshua Him and I just exploded. And then we were like yeah and Just embracing to be honestly. I think that's the first time I've hugged him since arriving from Florida In being quarantine in my own house where the two weeks mandatory isolation we have here in Canada when arriving from the US or out of province so it was just a thrilling moment and then my wife kind of goes through US afterward. How did you guys know she? It was her name going to be called right. It was just an unbelievable feeling and in the only thing that would have topped off honestly if I was able to kind of obviously share that moment with the owners because they've been really good to me. showed a lot of confidence by long-needed to kind of continue to train the Philly They could have given her. Anybody obviously North America But they chose to kind of keep her with me and and I appreciate that and It's I mean it's just it's been a great Great right yeah. Great Ride Indeed Kevin Itar now the trainer of Canadian horse of the year and starship jubilee. Congratulations to him and to that very special mayor into the owners as well our number two features Graham motion coming up in just a couple of minutes Terry Finley from West Point thoroughbreds with a Special Memorial Day tribute and then Dora Delgado from Breeders Cup toward the end of the show. Get to all of that when I come back right after we pause ten seconds for station identification. This is the horse racing radio network from the rail to your radio. This is the horse racing radio network. Talk Bigots Kentucky Derby big in the wrentham roses five welcome to the equine forum presented by Foreign Paint Dot Com animal kingdom. His town sing lights in the Tomas. Ascot animal kingdom on the outside. Who goes going? Ma'am I tell Nice. I'm running I'm all kingdom. When American firing line put third to the Finnish American? A fuck tugging now. Here's Mike Welcome back hour number two the equine form rolling on very busy morning getting ready to welcome in trainer Grand Motion Momentarily but WANNA remind you that if you missed any portion of the first half of the program or any of our shows you can go back to our website horse racing radio dot net. Listen at your leisure my interview with Jimmy Bell from Godolphin in the first half of the program along with Jeff true from Riodosa downs. Again those interviews available for you on our website after we finish up at ten. Am Eastern this morning? They'll be there horse racing radio dot net in horse racing radio network on Apple podcasts. A poll question of the day. The answers coming in quickly on twitter and on facebook by the way you can go to. Hr In on twitter horse racing radio network on facebook if a horse sweeps all three triple crown races this year. Do you consider them a triple crown winner. Gave you two choices. Absolutely and no way I fall on the side of no way. I don't think there's any chance that you consider them. A true triple crown winner even if they sweep while three considering the spacing in between the races But it looks like most of you disagree. Sixty three percent saying absolutely keep those votes coming in all update them later in the second half of the show. Well Graham motion is with me. Now he has saddled More than twenty hundred winners in his career. Four Breeders Cup winners and one of them returning to the races later this afternoon in the tappan that is the ultra talented. Breeder's cup juvenile fillies turf winner Sharing Graham. Good morning my friend. Hey Morning Mike. Thanks for having me. Yeah thanks for spending a few minutes Look sharing was so so good last year. And let's start by looking back on that win the juvenile fillies turf. You join me afterwards. I know you were ecstatic with the performance. And you should be. Yeah I mean look. It was a thrill me especially to train to mum That was a big deal for me when shared account one churchill. So you know to come back with her daughter and essentially neater just. The Breeders Cup is so special to me anyway so I'm thrilled to be a part of it and when you win one it's extra special. No doubt all. She rattled off in a row. Capped it off with that win in the juvenile fillies turf and now she makes her three year old debut coming up this afternoon in that one hundred thousand dollar tap stakes at Churchill. Take me back through the past few months since that Breeders Cup win. What have they been like for sharing so originally would targeted the Tampa Oaks On the earth and the first time I breezed it down a Gulfstream. I thought she came back a little stiff. Not ghosting Palm Meadows. I'm sorry on the turf. And maybe she overdid it a little bit that day. I think she went a in forty eight and change The grand was quite firm so and then I put our heads together and just decided we'd get it back to the fair hill where she could train on the synthetic Which she's familiar with and kind of had the idea pointing for the hilltop pimlico on preakness we can so. We're really not behind schedule It was great when the tap and he showed up on the schedule at Churchill. So this is kind of been our targeted percents and really. We haven't had any hiccups She's pretty much pretty regularly every week and done things very pleasingly. I would say we always talk about that. Development Graham of a horse from two to three and how significant those months can be What were some of the things that you were looking forward sharing and hoping to see as she moved into her three year old season well possibly you could even say it was a bit of a surprise that she was so precocious at the two year. Old he's grown a lot over the winter. I mean even sort of before the Breeders Cup. She'd grown a lot from the summer but I think over the winter. She's really matured. I think the often you'll see sort of a much bigger mature mayor But have traits changed. Which is really encouraging. She's still very kind to be around Very level headed and I've just been pleased with her works. I've worked with rancor WHO's one of my better mares pretty regularly. It's not often that you breathe three roles with older horses at this time of year. So you know. I think that's a sign of confidence that I have in her and I think he's handled everything very well so I'm pleased. I'm excited to get US started. It is not an easy race. I mean fact that it's a hundred thousand listed race really it could be a group to In the middle of the summer. Yeah it came up really salty as they say and I had a chance to visit with Jimmy Bell from Godolphin earlier. He talked about arms who is undefeated. She takes on sharing in there But she's not the only one you have to worry about size up the competition for me. No look at the great race. It's a great betting race. I think the fact that you know Grad getting back to racing. It's tough for us as trainers and owners because the race is are so competitive but I think the flip side of that is that they make great betting races great spectator races. Very exciting to watch They're really deep field. And I think I'm sure I haven't looked at the other races closely today but I'm sure you can say that about all the races today certainly the allowance race that I mean might as well be a great three the the the boys allowance race on the graph. I think it's sufficient for tough. Yeah super tough you know. Look that's the thing I mean Ben Huffman Told me last week that you know it helps when you're the only show in town but these fields are so good and horses come from all over it it. I thought makes it difficult to get into these racists from a trainer in an owner perspective? But once you're in you better have your running shoes on. Yeah and I think we all kind of knew that going into it but I think that's good I mean I think that's It's not meant to be easy. These races and I think from from the betting public and the from spectator point watching on television. I think it's thrilling race. It I think it makes makes really deep exciting races and this is what you're going to see a bell on to. I mean this is really like Saratoga in in June oh man yeah. It's a good way to put it Graham motion with me on the horse racing radio network. Grammy Mentioned Training. Schering's mother shared account to one the fillion turf in two thousand ten I know you talked about this back around the Breeders Cup time. And you said that she really didn't resemble her mother a whole lot. How about now that? She has grown up in developed as you talked about earlier. Are you starting to see more? Shared account her at all yet. Definitely I mean he had account was kind of a big lanky mayor Very Athletic And I would say sharing kind of filling that frame Very similar type. They have very similar disposition. Very kind I mean. They were shared account with easily. One of my favorite Mez. Partly just because you had this very kind demeanor and shows that trait with her grand motion here on the Horse. Racing Radio Network is a busy morning. I won't keep him too much longer. grandma throughout that poll question on twitter. You're never wanted to be shy about throwing out opinions on twitter Looked away the triple. Crown is set up this year with those three races and the large spacing in between the Belmont and the Derby and then a month to the preakness which will be the final leg. I say that if a horse all three wonderful kudos great job. You're great three-year-old. You're not considered a triple crown winner. Obviously most people are disagreeing with me on twitter. How about you? What do you say well? I put on twitter earlier this week. that it's going to be triple crown with an asterix and I think that's true. I I I don't think you can deny the fact that if a horse is capable of doing it. It's still an amazing feat. I I still believe they'll go down the triple crown winner. But it'll have an asterisk next to his name. Yeah I think so too. I just think you know look. It's because of the order of the races. I pointed this out that in nineteen thirty gallant Fox won the preakness is the first leg then took the derby and the Belmont but he won all three races within like a month time span and now you're talking about what eleven week gotta be more than that it'd be Fifteen weeks I guess in between all three races and that to me just doesn't add up to a. I think you're I think you're disrespecting the other triple crown winners if you put him in the same category yeah. There's no doubt there's been debate over the years about whether the triple crown should be changed. I mean part of what makes the triple crown. So Great. Is that the time between the races. It's it's very tough to do it. And it's not supposed to be easy and we went to years and years. Everyone's saying we need to change it because it is so hard to win it but actually that's ultimately what makes it the typical crowd. But I I don't take you know if a horse is capable of doing it this year. I still feel that. They're going to be a triple crown winner. I don't get the criticism of what the race tracks have done. I think everyone's played the hand that held in. What's just an extraordinary year? And I think quite frankly we just be grateful that you know it's going to be able to compete in these races even though the timing is going to be odd Yeah I think my only disappointment came with not scheduling a fall triple crown with the more traditional scheduling of the racist. Which I think could have been done when you look at the NBC television schedule with with Notre Dame football. I think it all could have worked out if everybody wanted to jump into the same boat and play together At least all three racetracks and I don't think that was the case But that was my only disappointment. Naira did the right thing by making the Belmont shorter since they're going to run it one month from today you can't ask courses to go a mile and a half it maybe touch on that for a quick second grand before. I let you go because people have been complaining about their reduction in distance. But if you have a horse's pointing for the Belmont your one month away you can't get that Horsera- to go mile and a half. Can you know? I think they did the right thing. I mean the only thing you question is maybe perhaps it shouldn't have been called the Belmont this year. Perhaps it should have just been the Peter Pan and maybe we don't run the Belmont but look. I'm not questioning anybody's done. I think everyone's tried to do what? Just been excruciatingly difficult complicated year and I. I think we're so lucky to be back racing. I feel extremely fortunate running church so and really look forward to Belmont Opening. Up and I'm appreciative of all the you know the hoops people have had to jump through in order to get us back racing and hopefully we'll get back racing in Maryland next week. Said he's trainer. Graham motion here on the Horse Racing Radio Network by the way. Graham celebrated his twenty eighth birthday yesterday so Graham Happy Birthday. Thank you Michael. Graham Ocean here on. Hr Grandma appreciate the visit. My friend good luck with sharing and all your runners today and moving forward to appreciate it. Thank you enjoy the races today. Great Racing Yep you YouTube. My friend Yeah it is great racing. He's right about that eleven races at Churchill downs. They have that five hundred thousand dollar guaranteed all stakes pick five which is racist seven through eleven although stakes races and The return of sharing the return of Max `field Who was also undefeated. Sharing is gonNA tackle. The undefeated alms in that race I mean come. On what more could you ask for? And then you throw in As Graham said his allowance race earlier in the program and he's got two horses in allowance. Races he has English be just Howard You throw in by the way. They're both in the same race or in race five together. That races as Salty's is it comes in. He said that could be a greatest stakes race. Yeah really really good card at Churchill. Coming up later today Coming up next Terry. Finley from West. Point thoroughbreds is GonNa join me. A course terry a graduate of West Point He'll spend a little time talking about Memorial Day. And what this weekend. What this day means not just everybody in horse racing but all of us around the country here is we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country Door Delgado from breeders complex. And be with me right around. Nine Forty Eastern. She will talk about Monday's grade. One shoemaker mile which is the first Breeders Cup challenge race of the year here in the United States The winner of that race punching their ticket to the Breeders Cup Mile. So we'll talk the door coming up at nine forty eastern. She'll give us an update as to how that challenge schedule is shaping up now as we make our way toward the Breeders Cup November sixth and seventh at Keeneland. I'm going to break. I'll come back with Terry Finley next on equine forum on H. R. R. N. Presented all month long by. Far PAINT DOT COM tend to equine and pet care products. Having keeping world-class equal athletes. Happy and healthy for generations. 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You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by foreign paint dot com. That's always dreaming and always dreaming with Battle of midway like that. How by as they come into the vital for a long look at least making a on the side up at the second always dreaming two and a half later sixty go looking at Leah's second Benk of Battle of midway classic acquire the and the I was looking at least second battle plaza. Meyer time those two minutes leave. Five seconds welcome back to the equipment boerum presented by FARM PAINT DOT com here in the month of May Mike Pence Baron on the backstretch that was Larry Coleman with the call of the two thousand seventeen run for the roses and always dreaming getting the victory for among others Terry Finley in his West Point thoroughbreds. And we're GONNA talk to Terry coming up here in just a minute but I wanNA remind you that wagering with keeneland select is right now. A great way to support the hardworking backstretch community during this very unique time. If you bet on line we keeneland select during the month of. May this is really cool. Proceeds will fund nourish the backstretch which is a partnership powered by Keeneland and bluegrass farms charities which provides weekly meals and groceries to the hardworking stable community at Keeneland and at the thoroughbred center here in Lexington. So all you have to do is sign up at keeneland. Select Dot Com with Promo Code H. R. N. Twenty H. R. R. N. Twenty and that's at keeneland select dot com start wagering there for the remainder of May all those proceeds benefiting nourish the backstretch. And what a wonderful program. That is well. I told you this is Memorial Day weekend in. It's a weekend and a day on Monday. Were we remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and service to our country and who better to reflect on what this day means? Then Terry Finley of West Point thoroughbreds not only does he own west point thoroughbreds but he is a graduate of West Point in his served our country so terry first of all good morning and let me start by saying thank you for your service to our country. My friend so good morning. Thank you very much and Up Past that also long to all the veterans across the world And a lot of veterans in our business too so I say thank you to them. Yes so many you know Terry as somebody who is graduated from West Point in has i. I know you still do an awful lot with west point and you do everything you can to support them When when you think about Memorial Day what. What does this day mean to you? Well I tell you I was thinking about our talk today. You know. It's tough because there's so many things that we give. Thanks for and you know so. I think I think it runs the spectrum. What does does give us a chance. All of us to pause and to reflect to really give thanks to all those people in the past and that gave the ultimate sacrifice but now are serving. You know we we we think about it. And they're over two million people that are serving in the armed forces now today. You know that I mean. That's an astonishing number there. What three hundred sixty million people in America? So I think that over two million. They put the uniform on every day. It's I think a testament to our great country. You know I remember Terry Back when Uncle Cy was in the Kentucky Derby he was owned by wounded warrior. Stables chip. Mcewen I partnered with chip to host We at that time. Hris had a box it at Churchill box of six and I donated it to wounded warrior stable to host A group of Gold Star families and wounded veterans And it was rewarding things. Yeah one of the most rewarding things I've ever done and you know to to talk to those parents of the children that were lost into to talk with the veterans who had lost limbs and were just so positive and so thankful the be at the Kentucky Derby that was I forget about horse racing. That was one of the most rewarding things I have ever been part of in my entire life. Yeah so I definitely agree might get It it's tough when you try to put into words. The pain and suffering on one side but the real optimism for a great future All all those people that That are part of the other Gold Star family network. You know I I was thinking about it since the first world war there's been over six hundred and fifty thousand Americans that have given the ultimate sacrifice close. You know that that's an amazing number but so Y- of all the things you think about. You think what comes to mind. A lot for me is the fact that they've all those all those people that serving and to give the ACURA ultimate sacrifice right. They did it for us and our military now. We're going to do it for future generations and that's the beauty of America is is. We're we're constantly trying to get better I but the overriding factor overrunning thought is that freedom is not free and the great thing about Memorial Day's we have a shot to pause and to reflect and to to really give. Thanks and I do know that that means a lot to the people that Are are today wearing the uniform so I- I urge everybody you know To continue to pray and and to give thanks to the service members in our past our present and also a the kids who are are growing and are getting are going through their life that at one point in the future. They're gonNA join the military because really we need a strong military and there's no other organization. I mean bar none in the world. That's as strong and as as it is as effective as the military in America. So it's it you know we we do have our problems in our country But the one thing that every one of us can be proud of is our military and The all the service members that we have. So I You know those kind of things and thoughts really bring a smile to my face every time Every time I go into Memorial Day weekend and I'll be thinking about all those people over the next couple of days as I try to on a on a very regular basis but especially on Memorial Day. Yeah very well said and I can tell you this Everybody that Terry Finley Took the time to meet with some of those gold star families that I was privileged to be involved with it the Kentucky Derby back in two thousand fourteen and Terry I know that meant a lot to them and I don't meant a lot to you too. So thank you for taking the time to do that and You know look I mean. This is a as you said. A data reflected data to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. And we will do so over the next couple of days for sure And we thank each and every one of them for their sacrifices but Yeah look you are involved now with horse racing. And you have built West Point thoroughbreds into one of the premier ownership groups in the game Walk me back through how Terry Finley goes from being a west point graduate to now being one of the ownership titans in the sport of thoroughbred racing. How'd you get involved? Well I think I I spent eight years in the military but I always loved the Horse Business. I remember as a kid I worked at the race track and you know I worked on a race Horse Farm in New Jersey Colts Neck New Jersey and I always in back of my mind that if if I add a shot you know if there was some way and there was some how I could get into the business and I could in a sustainable way I was going to try to do it so I got out in nineteen ninety four And I I said you know if I'm ever GONNA I I've gotta do it now and I just remember I said. Let me give this until I was aged. Thirty five which was probably six or seven years after that And I'll I'll try to make it sustainable and You I'd say you take it back to the military you know one of the things that the military teaches you and I think is very beneficial to young kids the put the uniform today it teaches you to be persistent and it teaches you to to to push through and the and keep going and I I you obviously you have to have those traits to be successful in any line of work or any endeavor and I really think it's helped me with my outlook In the racing business especially the first of my career when things weren't as easy. I'm not saying they're easy now. But you know trying to get something started in the business where you didn't really have a background And any contacts in the business. That was a challenge. But that's the beauty of our business is everybody has a shot if you come and you work and you work hard every day you do the right things on a regular basis you know you have a shot to get In our business to a higher and higher level and for that I really appreciate the you know the business in the industry and you know what I've gotten a lot I've got a lot out of the business And I really endeavoured To give it give to get back to the industry and I see more and more people across the industry that are really intent on giving back to our great industry and for that you know that brings a smile to my face as well Mike. Yeah great words Terry and listening to you talk about the persistence aspect of it and getting started in the business and not having any contacts or knowing anybody and having to do it ronit it took me back to when my wife and I moved into the twenty years ago. Yeah and we didn't know anybody. I just wanted to get involved. I am not good around horses so I couldn't work around horses by remember sitting down with on. Never Forget Bennie. Belen Ruthie Bowen. And they took time to make a list of all of the different people. I could go talk with in in the business and they were. Gd Van Cleef and Nick. Nicholson and I'm thinking. There's no way on earth these people are going to WanNa take take an appointment with me and you know what they all did. And I'll never forget what what Benny and Ruthie did for me. I'll never forget all of the people that took the time to meet with me when I came to Kentucky and it sounds like you did things the same exact way. Well yes I would say and You know one actually. That conjures up a thought. We're not as nice to people who are new business as we probably should be an industry whether you know we're talking about people who are looking to get into ownership or or to make a career out of out of our business and I think that's probably wanted to areas of upside that that we have right we need new blood and and and news thinkers and new ways of doing things and the way you get there is as you bring people who who are new And they don't really have a feel for business and the inner workings I mean. We all know that when you look at this business from the outside the barriers to entry and the complexities are really substantial. And I I. I really do. I try to do that. I try not to downplay the fact that you know. I've been around the business for over forty years And I think one of my responsibilities and our responsibilities is to get people in to give them a good view about business and I'm not talking about just the good stuff I'm talking about the good the bad and the ugly and I think when we do that we have you a real good shot to get more and more people in our business but we gotta be nice to them up front and we can't look at them as just a new be. That doesn't really know anything about a business. That's the way we get people. I filter in. So I just bring it up as an aside talking Terry Finley from West Point thoroughbreds here on this Memorial Day weekend program Terry with that in mind is one thing. I hear from perspective new owners who are hesitant to get involved visit. Look you've gotTa have millions of dollars? It's the sport of kings and that perception is still there with thoroughbred racing. If you get involved with owning racehorses can you make money doing it and should that be your mindset going in or should you look at this as being a hobby and let's go have some fun and let's not lose a bunch of money? Well I I think the vast majority of Snow Mike. It's the ladder Very very difficult very difficult. But you know I I say to people look especially with the turbulence in our industry over the last fifteen months or so and And the turbulence in the world you know they'll be contraction of our industry. I you know to what extent obviously we'll we'll find out at some point in the future but but that's GonNa afford us some opportunities especially owners to run for bigger purses albeit Although albeit they'll be fewer racehorse book or Race tracks open so you're hoping that the economic model gets a little bit better but you know no doubt. It's a very difficult model and what I think most of the of the really good partnerships and there are quite a few of them out there or the people who get owners into the business. I think the right thing to do is is is to put in front of them the fact that this is a lifestyle investment and I think when people when they hear that and and they look at the numbers and and and they realized. Like it's it's the whole compendium outside of the financial aspect. I think they feel a lot more comfortable And they as they venture into our business and disgrace as owners. Well Terri. I'll end this interview the way I started it. Thank you for your service on this Memorial Day weekend and appreciate you spending some time with be here this morning. My friend all the best and you. Can you got like my best to you and and to the team and let's go win some races. Let's go do it Terry. Finley West Point thoroughbreds here on the horse racing radio network. Yeah some heartfelt words from Terry talking about Gold Star families in the military. And I know that that is something that is obviously near and dear to his heart as it is for so many of us out there and we remember the fallen in those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this Memorial Day. Weekend get to another break. I'll come back and talk some Breeders Cup with door. Delgado that's next on the line forum on H. R. N. Presented all month long by FARM PAINT DOT COM when it's time to paint the fences in barns thank farm paint at foreign bank. You get the industry's best. Coatings and paints factory direct at low prices. Barn pain is your source for quality paints coatings dustless arena footings and more you can purchase online or drop into a farm paint store near you with locations in heart of bluegrass country at seven hundred slain in Lexington Kentucky Columbus Ohio and Sandusky Ohio by factory direct and save at farm pain dot com. That's FAR PAINT DOT COM. 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The National HCA is a coalition of over thirty individual affiliates in the United States and Canada comprised of thousands of thoroughbred owners trainers and breeders committed to the positive future of thoroughbred racing while working to increase his popularity and uphold the highest standards of welfare and integrity stopped by the visit. Ceo Eric Camelback at the National HP headquarters in Lexington Kentucky and see what the HP? Pa is doing for you. This is Bob Baffert. You're listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by farm paint com sweeping the top of the dockside following hip. Old Justin behind the leader saw what to get second there between as Tom. Durkin with the call of the Nineteen Ninety Nine Breeders Cup Mile. Silic getting the victory the only horse by the way to win both the shoemaker mile and the Breeders Cup Mile and we'll see the shoemaker mile later this weekend Monday as a matter of fact at Santa Anita it is a win in your end for the Breeders Cup Mile Division the first in the United States here in twenty twenty and kicks off the Breeders Cup Challenge series which is still in a bit of flux if you will because of race tracks altering their stake schedules with abbreviated meats and such but no doubt we will get many of those races if not all of those challenge races in as we make our way down the road to the Breeders Cup November six and seven at Keelan. Of course will be there. Is your exclusive radio home once again here on the racing radio network just one hundred sixty seven days away from the Breeders Cup and that will approach quickly Dora. Delgado was when the now she is the vice president of racing and nominations were Breeders Cup in Dora. One hundred sixty seven days is going to be here before we know it. Good Morning yes. It's coming up fast and you know we've all been like you said in a state of flux while we wait for racing to get started again You know even even though it may not have spectators attendance. Were I think everybody across the country? It's just breathing a sigh of relief that we're getting back to a somewhat state of normal. Yeah I think you're right about that talk about the challenges that you in the team. Breeders Cup have been facing trying to put together and keep this challenge series schedule intact with all the alterations and changes. You know. It's really been a complete work in progress. We've we've been very flexible with the tracks that they've tried to sort out which races they're going to have time to run which races they need to drop. Hopefully we're we're All indications seem to be that we're going to keep the majority of the challenge schedule intact That we planned out. But we're still waiting on a few tracks just You know keeneland just announced. They're having missed this small summer. Meet with all the triple crown races kind of moving around. We're we're trying to stay flexible in order to to get the most benefit out to our horsemen if we have to add a race or or drop away somewhere else where we're trying to hold off as long as possible before we had something set in stone. Yeah how important is it to get things finalized quickly so that horsemeat can make their plans. That's right yeah I mean that. That's that's we had twenty nine horses nominated for the shoemaker mile so you can see. There's a lot of interest in getting those forces into races finding that right spot and and getting those win and you're in The event at Keeneland in two thousand fifteen was An incredible very moving event. We had great participation. I think everybody would just really love to make sure that they're there at the end of the year because it's GonNa be a You know what we consider a shining beacon and the horseracing landscape but especially this year. Yeah we touched on it I guess about five or six weeks ago when you join me here on the program that the Breeders Cup is indeed still scheduled for November sixth and seventh here at Keeneland in Lexington. People can go buy tickets. If for some reason. It doesn't happen. Tickets would be refunded but All indications by what's happening here in the state of Kentucky Right now are that we're going to be good for November six and seven so raw keeping our fingers crossed and Again very much a moving target. But we're hoping that everything comes together as planned absolutely. We've been working with the state and local authorities working with a couple of doctors on on adapting. Qianlong's Kobe protocols to the Breeders Cup I was just out of keeneland yesterday. Very simple process. Go and get your temperature taken and get a wristband. These tracks have moved mountains. Getting getting the protocols in place in giving their government officials a sense of of Security knowing that you know everything's going to be done the right way to make sure we. We limit the spread of this disease. You mentioned the large number of nominations that were involved with the shoemaker mile. Coming up on Monday. Which by the way you can watch on. Nbc S N. Beginning at six o'clock eastern time You mentioned those nominations story. Do you think that's going to be the norm with many of these challenge? Races now As racetrack start to open up and start to alter these steak schedules will. We see an overflow of nominations too many of these races. I really think. Tell the the suspension of racing. Excuse me during this. Spring was A little bit of a tightening of the of the purse strings so to speak so a lot of these. These trucks are looking at you know. reducing the first values in some cases just to make sure that they've got enough to to have enough Money in the account to make sure all these states get to take place. The American graded stakes committee has lowered the minimums for graded races just this year. So in order to make sure that we keep the graded stakes schedule as intact as possible. So I think you know. They're they're definitely going to be an accelerated View of trying to get in these raises trying to make sure you've got a spot and getting them all run. You know this this race. The shoemaker mile we actually have four Breeders Cup alumni that race with us in two thousand nineteen Chad Brown sent out courses west sorted marquette. I mean I think that's GonNa be the case as we look over the summer is is really sending those horses. Where where those spots Come up for sure. Yeah taught degree emotional earlier in this hour and taught to him about Breeder's cup juvenile fillies turf winner sharing returning to the races and the tap and stakes at Churchill today That card is tremendous. And you'll have many horses that are on that program looking toward Breeders Cup Challenge. Win And you're in races later this summer and into the early fall as well. How about the the situation with the international horses who may attempt to come here for the Breeders Cup or maybe even for some of these challenges Dora. What's the situation involving them so I talked with the USDA the Over the past week there's no restrictions on in any international horses coming into this country The issue comes into being with their handlers Right now there's international travel ban. We're hoping of course that's lifted fairly soon So it it depends on each track at they put in self quarantine rules. Those those handlers would have to come a couple of you know maybe a week early get clear get tested. Get all their their tests in order so in order to be here to receive the horses when they actually shipped in. I think that's a that's definitely a moving target And hopefully that. We won't have a resurgence So bad in the fall that that whatever Travel bans are in place. Now we'll be put back in as far as forces traveling within the country that seems to be a fairly simple Operation as well get your Kobe test before you get on the plane. Present those findings to the to the host track. When you get there. They'll do temperature checks and and and make sure that we're following all the social distancing and the bars not sharing equipment that sort of thing. These tracks have worked really really hard on their protocols. And it's shows yeah it does show and it's it's great to see all of that coming together and you know Breeders Cup in. My opinion is one of those major sporting events. It not just in horse racing. Obviously all of sports and you know every major sport is going through and trying to answer all of these questions now you look at baseball and college football and the NFL and all of these entities who are trying to put the pieces together. And you're it sounds like you guys are in the same boat but not only do you have to do it internally as an organization at Breeders Cup you have to get all the race tracks on board too so I can only imagine what you're going through. Yeah we've we've been in deep into contingency planning you know since this thing started. We're just trying to make sure we've we've accounted for every possible scenario going into the event And we WANNA make sure that that all of the horsemen. That are that want to send. Horses are simple comfort and and Understanding that you know not only their horses will will be taken care of it there. But they're essential stable staff will will not be in any danger. So it's IT'S. It's a lot of moving pieces but you know. I'm I'm a hundred percent confident we can get this done. Yeah how late in the game could you wait Dora to make a decision on Breeders Cup? If for example worst case scenario we had major spikes again around the country and things go back in the lockdown and just the the absolute worst case scenario. How late can you wait before you have to say? Hey you know what? We're not going to be able to do this. Yeah we've you know one of the contingency plans we of course work through. Is You know what if that should happen. What up the Derby has there on September Fifth? There is some sort of spike afterwards. Or there's some issue where the where the state says you know. We're just not comfortable having people together. You need to do at least social distancing or maybe you just have only participants attend so I think we can we can play that by ear through the Churchill downs. Meet the keeneland meet and still have time to to adjust on the fly. Pre entry is two weeks out from when horses Or started two weeks out from the event horses generally ship in the weekend before. So I think we've got time to to make those adjustments and get the word out to everybody Dora Doug Ottawa Breeders Cup here on the horse racing radio network door before I let you go. I'll just tell you that Our new puppy was sitting right here next to me at my home studio one of the benefits of doing the show from home. And he's not happy that you were Frankie. Haven't been out to see him I now. We're dying baby. He's so cute to stop out and see him. He's he's waiting for you in fact so we will definitely absolutely door. I appreciate the visit and keep things rolling in the right direction. I know you will I think for all you do. All right like all of our guests who appear on the program Doors interview brought to you by embraced the race dot com embrace your passion. Where would you love at embrace the race dot com time now for our monthly interview with the folks at four roses? Bourbon bring in Masters Distiller. Brent Elliott join me a few weeks ago to talk about what they are going through in light of Covid nineteen and he started by giving me an update. We're back up and running with steelers running the We're still bottling now. Our business centers course are still closed. Because we can't really control know social distancing of our guests and we don't WanNa put our employees SORTA guests at risk so we're just kind of playing it by ear there and that's doing our best to ride this out. Yeah it's it's been a trying situation for so many people and I know four roses certainly not immune to that. Let's talk suburban than than Brent. Now that you're bottling and everything's back up and running your job is the master. Distiller is to do what now at this point? It's about the same as ever. I've been focusing a lot. Last couple of weeks on Single barrel selections and every week is different. It's you know all the control whether it's bottling story mingling blending but last week up focusing a lot on Two weeks on sliding barrels for single barrel. So and that's that never stops whether this the celery shutdown or You know spring fall summer. Whatever it is. We're always on a lot of single barrel and we're selling more and more every year. So that's been consuming. A lot of my time here recently is going through hand selecting batches and looking individual barrels and giving those two bottling to go ahead and use for for balling single barrel. That's interesting what? What are you looking for. Brent when you start looking at those barrels part of the I guess the magic of a single barrel is that every barrel aged differently. Each one has its own flavor characteristics. So I know the consumer expects variation from barrel to barrel. But you don't want to have something that is so far different from the typical single barrel profile that you you're forcing consumer to buy something that will surprise them so you WanNa keep it within that sort of a range and that range. The flavors are always mellow smooth. That's true for all of our bourbons but we're looking for a Nice Ri- Backbone Nice. Why spice some delicate fruit of course A nice finish were caramel vanilla and oftentimes. You'll see some cinnamon nutmeg. And some baking spices come through. So I know it's hard to to taste when I'm just describing words but that's kind of the best way to describe the flavor profile of what you'd expect from a typical single barrel and what we look for in batches and barrels that we we select for for that product. Right you're the best brother. Keep up the great work and thanks for taking a few minutes. A few minutes with me here this morning on H. R. N. I thank you Mike. Brent Elliott for roses the master Distiller Master blender of the year. Here in twenty twenty. I'll get to a break. I'll come back and wrap this up. This is equally forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network. Your home or racing's biggest events power still. Their master plan is gaining master planet. Tap TAP Ritz. Doing Front master. Too late Bryn will do it. Passion it's tap makes another step forward on his way to Churchill. Well on young man will report home for good performance is temperate and wholesaler. Belmont stakes gains waist down in tapper. A one point. Two Million Dollar yearling toward classic winner and millionaire following a precocious stakes winning two year old campaign temperate set a new stakes record in the great to Tampa Bay Derby before capturing the great one Belmont stakes in his three year old season among the best bread. Sons of TAP. It ever to enter stud out of great once away stakes winner and multiple greatest as producer appealing sophie. His exceptional first bowls are arriving. Now Tapper Standing for twelve thousand five hundred at Gateway Power Passion performance. You know. I'm talking about gains way far. Bloom racing started by former jockey and thirty five year racing industry veteran Jeffrey Bloom. Bloom racing offers racing partnerships bloodstock services pin hooking and private race management pulling away from dancing participant. The others midnight zoo leaves no doubt today she won the Phipps in hand experienced the fun. Excitement in exclusive access of racehorse ownership with bloom racing forming racing partnerships. Now get in on the action at Bloom. Racing DOT COM warfront. This son of dancing ranks among the world's elite sires with great one winners on dirt and turf and star performers. Both at home and abroad warfront success as an international superstar is unmatched recent grade. One winners include Omaha beach and preakness stakes hero. War of will in the auction rate. Warfront was the number one sire by highest bridget. Keeneland September with yearlings commanding prices up to two point nine million dollars warfront standing at claiborne farm. Good News live racing resumed at Santa Anita Park and although the public will not yet be admitted you can play the races at the great race place by logging onto I bat. That's the number one. S T bet dot com or you can download it at the APP store. A huge three day memorial weekend upon us. I post time through Monday. Memorial Day is at twelve thirty PM on Saturday. We'll honor the memory of the legendary Bald Eagle degree to two hundred thousand dollars Charles Wittingham stakes at a mile and one quarter on turf and are supporting features. Saturday is the great free one hundred thousand dollar Daytona stakes. The highlight of the weekend comes on Monday with a pair of greed. One three hundred thousand dollar turf stakes the gamely for fillies and Mares at a mile and one eighth and the shoemaker mile for three year olds and up also on Monday phillies in mirrors go five and a half on turf in the great to Monrovia stakes. We thank all of our fans for your patients and we hope to reopen to the public as soon as possible please visit Santa Anita Dot com for updates. You're listening to the Equine Forum on the Horse Racing Radio Network presented by foreign paint dot com. Don't forget the inside. The May twenty third issue of Blood Horse magazine tablet. Don't miss so many of the feature stories that make that magazine special including history reborn. The New Silver Spring Training Center revives a revered Central Kentucky. Training track living up to their names. Horses named for top athletes can spark interest and bring a new fans that article by Frank. Angst and more magic talking about some magical great one. Del Mar racing and You can catch all that at blood horse magazine and tablet by. Thanks all the gas for making today's show possible including Jimmy Bell from Godolphin Jeff true from Rita so downs Graham Motion Terry Finley West Point thoroughbreds. Andorra Delgado from Breeders Cup. Don't forget if you missed any portion head to our website. That's horse racing radio DOT net. You can check out the podcast at your leisure and follow us all week. Long listener shows every single Wednesday through Saturday here on the network all that schedule of Al Bullet Horse Racing Radio Dot net now for my producer Lee della peanut in our Lexington studios for Chauncey handling all of our social media. I'm Mike Hannah. Thanks for listening. And Hey go steelers.

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