2019 Michigan Football Preview


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It's our twenty nineteen eighteen michigan football season preview we have extended conversations with special teams coordinator chris partridge defensive coordinator dom brown and new offensive coordinator josh gaddis before we get to coach partridge or minor to please subscribe to us and apple podcast you can listen to the podcast app or on podcast one dot com and please follow us and contact us on twitter at podcast or using hashtag jack talk and now without further ado. Let's get to our football preview. I up jim harbaugh. Jack harbaugh matt dudek myself with michigan. Special teams seems coordinator. Chris partridge joining attack each day the harbaugh's podcast by our special teams coordinator and safeties coach chris partridge here on the show c._p._i. How you doing i'm doing great. It's great to see in the fall camp and pretty excited to finally be that much closer to the start of the season two weeks away here so it's exciting are so let's talk about special teams. You know we talk all the time about go ahead jack in my forty fifty sixty years whatever it is in coaching there's no position. She did all football. That's beta greater evolution positive evolution than specialties back in the old day. He michigan the seventies. It was rehearsal rehearsal time. There was no teaching of individuals skills. It was lineup your kickoff team you line up there. You land up there boom the ball about three times. Get them off off. Now you get a return team out rehearsal. It has come so far and all of those special teams coaches around the country. Take deep house for the the positive evidence that position i would say what's the fun in that a rehearsal we'd like to we like to treat our guys and our special teams like many people like are are covered teams or or a defense right our kickoff our defense and opposition to al and our punt return is a defense you know then it transitions into an offense upon team is like an offense you know it's like formation people put some stress on people so yeah no more rehearsal and you're good player say good players. Some of your starters are mixed into the special teams now as well used to be. You know it wasn't a kind of saved. You're you're. You're talented players for offense defense. Yeah we don't wanna save anybody. We want to go in and be able to win games and on special teams so <hes> we we us guys we mix them all in and of of course depending on how much how many reps they're playing in that game will make sure they're backup on special. Teams is ready to go but yeah we use. We use our starters all over the place there especially the punt team kickoff team those those two those two phases can determine games determine outcomes the games aims and also your your specialists. I mean you want to treat them like snipers and they have to be protected the partner the kicker and the returners. That's right yeah for sure. They those guys you gotta you. Gotta protect them with your life because when you get a good one you wanna keep that guy upright as a head coach standing standing on the sideline that there's three sounds that are dreaded on the punt team when your team is putting its oh they kick and that was not three sounds that you wanted to hear one thump when you're putting the yes that's for sure. You're well back when you got here. Even recruiting kickers they were michelangelo wasn't on scholarship scholarship kickers for years and years and now obviously you're going <music> out and heavily recruiting scholarship guys bringing extra long snappers to give you death. You've battles at long snapper battles at punter at kicker. That's not the common even around the country to have that many really quality bodies at all those important spots yeah we have battles everywhere and they're intense battles but that's what you want because it makes each everyone better <hes> but yeah we right now we are. We got some some fierce competition going in the specialist group so let's start where most people wouldn't expect to start. I want to start with the long snappers because those guys i mean if you're not on the money every single time it throws everything else off so when you watch the long snappers and there's a couple of guys in there that are competing what are all things that you watch to make sure that they are in tune timing everything else that has to happen yeah well. I you know the long snappers the one position shen who is most recently become a specialist right that used to be tight end or a linebacker an old linemen that can just snap the ball in play another position but those guys are now specialist specialists. So what are you watching. We are protection mindset with our long snappers which is different from a lot of colleges. We're pro style punt so our guys not only have to snap and put it on the money but they have to protect as well you know they are involved in the protection so you need some toughness out of the long snapper you know when we are going after somebody. We like some length within the ability to get big. You know some teams will have wide receiver snapping the ball and sprinting down the field. That's not how we operate so right. Now you know we got to long snappers compete and cam a._m. Cheesman and trae harper trae is a fifth year graduate who actually went to kane as a tight end and then transitioned along snapping and he wanted to get involved in a pro style l. scheme because he wants to move on and snap it at the higher level so he came over. She's mine is a is a two year starter right now going into his third year <hes> for us so they're battling. They're getting after it every day. They're taking equal reps and you know it's been really good. Is it possible to split and have one be the long snapper and the other guy be the placekicker long snapper and there are different snaps absolutely completely different snaps ones. Also you know the place kicking long snappers kind of sitting there and getting big and maybe getting run over. He's not you you know stepping in protecting where the punk guy is protecting so you could you could easily have to you could split. It was better than the other. Let me we asked a question on the short snap on the extra point field goal it used to be the the the holder would get the ball and put in an almost twist it to make sure sure the laces or away from the kicker. It appears to me that it's timed up now to world. Most the long snapper could put the ball in the hand. Tell me a little bit about that. Yeah of course yeah i mean we've not only want that thing on the whole there you know in an optimal position to put it down but we want those laces in an optimal position to put them down. That's that's great every single snap we chart every single snap and if the lace is half the be spun that that's nap becomes can go from an a. to a c. so yeah so those those guys just practicing their rotation on their snaps. It's a tobacco you oh yeah because the time you want the times to be fast so you're not getting kicks blocked and you're not getting rushers in the face of the kicker so you know putting the snap on the money and putting the laces on the money will help the time and the other thing. I noticed an approach reason i think here the punters now are holders as well. Are we able to do that or do. We have a special guy holding the ball other than the punter yes yes. That's a great question so we we had a special guy. Hold on a couple of years ago and garett moore's if you remember one i think he'd want holder of the year something they gave him an award <hes> but now our all of our punters are required to hold and then the best one will be up for the holding job but there's other guys that do it. You know we dylan. Mccaffrey holds and is is really good at it. It's just the punters always with the snappers and they're always with the kickers and the pundits have to have good hands to catch the snaps when they're punting being so it just makes sense to have the punter as as a holder chemistry going so you mentioned apptime is the optimal up time for a punt and kick okay so what we want we're looking for is an under a one three on a field goal and then anywhere between two oh and a two one would be optimal on a punt to to to to one. They're not really all that far apart. I know they aren't you guys. Go different in between them. Yes but that's how quick the fans that are listening. They don't actually you just see the pun happen to the field goal kick happen. That's how quick one point two seconds two seconds boom. It's got to get out yeah. Ah seconds usually not one point too. You know it's it's an optimal time usually around one three no no more than one four and a half one five because if it's if it's over one four it's going to get blocked but if it's one two then you might be rushing the whole operation or the kicker kicker might be rushing the kick so it really needs to hit that really good. That's sweet sweet spot there it. There is such thing as too quick of op time especially in field goal situations right because kicker has he's marked. He's marched stems back to a certain pace to know how long it takes to get ball. Guess fascinating stuff. Here's another question on feel goes the the kicker. Does he watch the snap of the ball he does. Ah that is a very interesting question. Yeah so that's debate. That's very debatable across the country across our program and everything does he watch the snap snap or does he watch the spot. It's interesting so it really has to do with a lot of regards guards their upbringing right so if you're a baseball player and you're we used to watch the ball off the bat right so you're a third baseman you know when you're used to watching it all the way through you know you're going to naturally watch that thing through right but other guys who don't play sports like that and and aren't used to the hand eye they wanna watch watched the spot. I think that's what naturally you wanna do and then for us. I feel and i think coach agrees grease. Watching this spot makes it more optimal. You know for us <hes> so that's what we want to train them to do but you know some guys will struggle early transitioning guys that have played sports in hand. I like watching it. All the way through you know pitcher baseball player coming out of the pitcher's hand watching the ball all the way through hand-eye. I will struggle early watching the spot but because of the timing and because you get less stings going through your head if you're watching the spot. I think that's what we like to do. Bill and that's debatable everywhere team you watch n._f._l. Teams half of watch uh spot hatha watch the boston emini half. I think there's like three judge is is the the ball when it's nap of <hes> of baltimore and there's a there's a couple of other really great kickers who do it that way and most of them watched the spot spot and and you know they know to start their approach. When when the when the holders hands go up to catch the ball that's when they as when they start yep but there are some that moody watches the spot yet and quinn watches the ball. They kind of go back and forth. I think it's almost every positional quarterbacks throwing the ball for guys brought up doing it. One way's comfortable and he does it. Well y screw around with it. I'll him allow him that latitude but if he's if he's in a groove and kicking well you don't want to try to the uprise. That's my point. We're looking for when you know you start struggling as as as a kicker right right i mean maybe you start struggling you come in. You're not doing what you want and then we have to be willing to switch that and test them especially when they're young because then all of a sudden he might he might be better the other way. Just never done it so it goes both ways. You know especially with with something like that with your eyes. You know we're not changing his mechanics. We're just changing his. I'd discipline so <hes> <hes> you know. I think that's that's something that you kinda contest out. When they're younger you mentioned jake moody and quinn nordine. How's the kicking battle great. I mean fierce. You know it's it's really good. I think both of them are into it. They're both handling mature. Lee and go for a while here. We're looking to get them. You know thirty to thirty eighty. Five live kicks coming up this weekend and see who the who wins it out. Is there a potential of maybe one of the shorter guy ones along a guy. Will there be a separation. Maybe for a kickoff specialist which we've had in the past well in terms of field goal is. I don't think we're there yet. I think that's something that will you know i'll discuss with coach. If we ever do think in case short verse longer guy but we're not there yet i mean they both have strong legs and you know and are fine from distances kickoff. Yes without a doubt field. Goal on on kickoff are separated in our world. You know if if one guy is better at a kickoff then he's going to take the job. It has nothing to do with whether he's the field goal kicker not so how's the kickoff specialist socialist party goal great same thing here's competition. You know those guys can hit it high. I mean jake kicked up a kickoff yesterday that hit the ceiling are indoor that could have been a four seven and hang which literally would have meant that we would have been on the ten yard line when that guy caught the ball so you know that's he he's he's. He's really coming into zone. There and quinn quicken hit him hit him up there too so they're getting after it in that regard to how does the fair catch rule come into play as far as strategy kickoffs for us we want to run down and hit everybody in sight and pin them within the fifteen yard line and if they fair catch it we want to run by them in the end zone and make them feel us and and and and make them feel less of a man for fair catch the ball if that makes sense so it does not come into any strategy we're going to cover or kicks in practice and and and coach it like they're gonna return every ball and that's just what it is and if they're catching they've forget it. How's the ponant competition again. Get another position where you have multiple guys. That are one guy. That's a preseason watch list for the ray guy award another guy that came into highly ranked recruit a couple of years ago and sounds like he had a really good off-season so between brad robinson will hurt. You have a really lively competition at one or two yeah. It's nice. I mean we'll we'll is kind of taken where he left off last season. He's putting the ball really really really good but brad is come in and healthy now and is putting the ball really really good so that's that's another competition where we'll can't get comfortable. You know he's gotta keep his foot on the pedal and and that's been really good to see two and then of course curtin yes we got. We have a third guy who strong like red shirted last year as a walk on and has a very very strong legs well yeah. He's in that mix as to do. You find a find a balance of how much each guy punts on a daily basis. I know the n._f._l. Level they use the jugs machine a lot because a deadly. You don't want to overwork do you does that. Come into play or do you just have enough bodies to punt for us. We have enough bodies to punt you know the interesting. Thickening about punting is well number. One is i like to be more on the aggressive side of getting them to punt you know and still be cautious about a dead leg but they can. They can pump more balls than some people are distinct they can but we it's very important for us is to get the returners catches part. Returning is a specialist and it's really really hard to catch upon in the big house with the wind going with people bearing down in any stadium stadium so our puns are really rotated through so that they're putting the number of punch that they have aren't only for themselves. It's a make sure that our attorneys. They're all getting a certain amount of catches a day. When i was here at michigan i was the punt return guy secondary coach and taught them that is a tremendous skill <music> always love those baseball players they could they could track ball and the interesting thing is use the jokes all the time and you don't really get a good picture. You kinda the tip of the ball. If i'm telling me wrong ball goes up up up the point of the ball is up is going to come down straight down and you you can almost read the ball off the foot and tell our listeners something about that well. It's a big skill for for a punt. Returner is reading hanging off the foot like you said tip of the ball up. It's going to come down. You know we face a lot also punters who will roll move bill and over end the rugby it you know they'll curve it for some punters to come back in <hes> in curve it back away from you you know so if the tip is is up and then comes down away from where the puck is located foot located. It's curving away from you so there's a lot to read especially with the teams that we face. I mean we looking into it for this year. We're facing seven vastly different types of punters when we're talking about a righty left rugby lefty rugby a righty eighty role partner a guy who can directional to the left directional to the right. You know a guy. You know that could cook it back on you so we're we're training them for all that stuff. It's nice for a guy like carrots and he's really taking huge steps in china mock those guys but developing a type of punt that you know maybe guy it will face do for our return but now you're like wow this guy can actually execute that type upon if he goes in this guy interestingly enough returners this year christmas having read the back end of the ball that's right and it's really taken them to take him to the ball yup tracking the nose tracking tracking the back half of the great point only early a great point because the nose does not tell you the whole picture right. It's the back half of the ball that tells you the whole picture. Fat ball comes up. It's it's really sales turns over and the back. The tip of the ball is up that thing is you have to stay back on you better back with other ways it. It could be a fifteen twenty yard distance in just what you're talking about. The back tip of the ball worried is we're gonna. We're gonna come down sam cooke. I'm sure are you familiar with the ravens. Yes the different number of punts that he does the the conventional the the the role all over the thing down on the goal line where dividends comes back at you and then he's got one to the right hook line nine area and hooks and even kind of slice it to the leads his foot and a punt returner back there. I mean you got so many things. You have to look forward to be able to re data. I would think yeah there's no doubt i mean the main thing when you go back a punt return that we're gonna we're gonna read is he's going to know what type of punt facing that we write right the second thing is the tilt right so some punters aren't good enough to directional punt without getting a hard tilt on it right so we're going to read the tilt but but once it goes from there so you're going to have in your mind. Hey he's tilted to the left. You know i'm facing a rugby planner facing a guy who can roll and a guy who can liz liner honor it so maybe if he's a liner guy where normally you'd read the tilt and you'd walk six seven yards. You'd only walk three yards until you can get a read on the ball so there's a lot a lot more that goes into punt returns punters say facing college you better get and the rugby punters in college you mean no they'll roll and they'll kick it. All the way later the opposite numbers kick it back left right and they trying to get the big bounce and roll down the field on the turf. That's interesting <hes> out back. In the old days we had a long guy and then we had a i st- off to his right about two yards in about you know about ten yards closer for those kicks at kind of returners especially on that on the the rugby type kick that that thing could be kicked short and roll twenty-five thirty yards on you as your returns to deep yep so we did a big study this off season in a tudor turner turner looks and we studied some teams that have done it and done it well so we're we're looking into that pretty heavily here as well you know to to mix it up a little bit fascinating for let you go just for the fact that eliciting them sure they're curious about some of the names we know some of returners lake donald people's jones on the guys that are in the mix on punt return and also kick return yeah so our part return guys right now. Obviously you mentioned donovan. He's been doing it for a couple of years. Ronnie bell mikey sandra. Still you know those guys'll avert hail doing a good job back there mike barrett who is actually a linebacker but he's might be the most smoothest back there to catch the ball so guys like that are all back their department. Turn and kick return. It's ronnie bell. It's mike sanders still. It's <hes> andrew thomas. It's giles jackson. It's taxed. I inhale. It's christian turner michael barrett again. Those guys are all back. They're catching kicks it one thing that <hes> dis- quickly before the core special teams guys and you know being around the ravens and watch an practice day about seven guy that our core special teams guy. He's in the play way. In the league about seventy eight nine years bay never have a starting role on that particular play and just play special teams guy guy. I know we have some guys like some of the guys that you might might mention as being those kind of core special teams guys yeah i mean those are the guys that just are gritty and can and do it. All i mean i'd i'd be pressed to find a better special teams guy in the country jordan glasgow we had bond mingo here with us i in december and he's now the coordinator of the lions and he was like blown away by jordan glasgow every practice on special teams you know he's probably told me not to tell anyone but he said i'm coming to get that guy next year but you know so. He's the one that you stands out because he does it all right every practice every drill every rep it's he understands understands how to play in space blocking space and do everything that we ask you know kick return return and all that stuff <hes> nate shanley's a really really good special teams player that you would consider a core special teams guy that maybe is not even a starter on the team. You know we lost one last year. In brandon watson who you know will probably find in a really good home with the jaguars as a as a core special teams guy and then other than that. I mean guys up and coming. Mike barrett what will be known as a core special teams guy guy in this upcoming season. Cam grown is a guy who who who's been turning. Heads is one of those guys you know really a young guy that you know i'm fall all in love with on special teams right now zac chardonnay. He's just been really really good on all that stuff. <hes> you know on special teams so we got some of those guys and those guys just eat breathe. Drink love it. They just come in and they can't get enough of all the scheme and everything what back when i was your don dufek. He's an ann arbor. Pioneer guy played here for us for three years as a starter plate on the university of michigan hockey team went to the seattle seahawks strong safety there seven eight years started. Maybe once or twice special teams guy every single year for seven years on the last cut don do fact was cut from the seattle seahawks and it happens so often when he got cut they had a party for him saying goodbye to him because in two or three weeks he would be back. I need finish finish up the season. He was one of those guys at played enough to peci living in ann arbor now in the construction business one of my all time favorite player so he would've the ban on one of your guys. I promise you gonna say that. I mean you can really tell the commitment the team that a guy has based on his willingness to contribute on special teams as either a frontline or on one of the one of the teams or as a as a scout. Give a look <hes> player in practice as opposed to the player that i i don't wanna play special teams. There's no doubt catch balls or and we don't we don't have many guys on his team at all that that won't start at least on one even if their starters no matter or who they are you know we you know this pretty much every person through and through unless you're an old lyme and d. lineman and quarterback or getting in on at least one special i i've really been privileged with the ravens to sit on their it in on this graph meetings i mean they're getting like two or three weeks away from drafting drafting day to be able to sit in there. I want to know every single player that goes up on the board. There's going to be a question. Does he. Play special teams. We'll he plays. Can he play and i'll guarantee when they say yes his name board they say no. The name comes down the board. There's no doubt one hundred percent. I feel remiss not to say one name. When you talk about a special teams ben mason we got we got to say that name because is he plays a lot of different things and you know he kind of started taking reps at the d. line in the spring and he came up to me one day and you know he's always intense. Always seriously goes coach. I'm i'm playing special teams all right then you got it. Can you see it as two hundred tel aviv commitment to his team by his willingness to play special. Would you like to be on on the the two kickoff. Return team and your i've got number forty two hundred seventy five that will be happening to people and i got a man up to him on about the twenty five yard line and blocking. That's not going to be a fun time. I won't be fun time for anybody to highlight this much. They're spending. There's some highlighting special teams because they are that important a game or we'll talk offense defense special teams the hidden yardage and the field position game and it can a game can flip on on a dime because the special teams and you guys are doing great and looking forward to seeing your special teams out on the field very soon. I appreciate it. Thanks thanks chris hello. This is jim harbaugh from the a._d. Podcast tell you that when my wife shops for jewish she goes to louis. Jewelers lewis jewelers been in ann arbor three generations david the owner great guy designer honor watches designer jewelry like tag watches. Did you ever get to watch coach. No my wife doesn't shop for me at lewis jewelers shops for herself and i would imagine because it is no commission very informal you walk in there not tuxedos and ballgowns trying to jam something down your throat. Sarah gets to walk in look around the helper. 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Stay the harbaugh's podcast michigan's defensive coordinator coach brown house fall camp bowl camps going great. Everybody's everybody's bouncing around with little getting better every day. So life is good in arbor so fall camp. It's about you know guys that you've seen play a lot stepping into new roles. Maybe some new faces establishing some depth and creating new jobs for themselves. I'll start up front where you do have some fresh faces and some some guys that are coming back on the outside up front sounds like the three guys in particular with <hes> with quitting pay with aidan hutchinson and a newcomer might dana that you have three ends that you can rotate an an wouldn't even bat eyelash would miss a beat. Those guys are certainly talented experienced veteran the players that are complete defensive end types. Each one's a little bit different. A knob asli is bigger stronger guy but <hes> <hes> i think coach would agree is his athleticism at side at six six. Two hundred eighty pounds is impressive. <hes> mccourty pay another guy. That's really <hes> you know up to to seventy eight <hes> might be the best technician as a spread red defensive end i've ever been around in terms of dealing with <hes> spread runs and quarterback play and you know denting connors honors and he's just a a valuable guy to the open side because those guys can get out athlete didn't hurry and he's a tough guy to do that with and mike dana. It's kind of you know a guy that can play both sides for us and we're bringing luigi vilain along and <hes> east had good moments not there yet but he's had some really good moments and we're playing joshu chair there as well josh suchet's men i very impressive off the edge to he can drop he can he can he can come in in different different positions but <hes> he's been impressive of off the edge and then it's all something the other day to that was talking about eight and hutchinson and his athletic abilities. He's what six six six six seventy six seven he was <hes> he was rushing around the end and was really bandon well and then going down down and you gave him the coaching point of touch and go explain that the touch and go 'cause it was to watch him. Do it was pretty impressive. Well <hes> if usually really if you if you go up to an offensive lineman and you just put your hands on them. They'll tend to stop and when they get stopped in their tracks. That's when you got a chance to accelerate and go buy them and <hes> you know that's. That's really what you want is get your hands on them as fast as you can and then get them off and india rip moving year hopefully accelerate near the quarterback i way off. I'm way off. I thought it would aid came around. He bent run. It was a speed rush. I got it. I got the wrong. I must have the wrong for you. How you going down he touched and then kept going into his. That's the dip and drive. Yes so driving didn't push push push off the ground. You know i think we're doing draw dip and dr back shaun nua defensive line coach. I think is doing a good job with a lot of the <hes> with the movement stuff and obviously asli when a guy six foot seven down and literally put his hand on the ground turned the corner and bounce right back off off the pressure that he and that's it's a big deal and <hes> both of those moves equally as effective in and both require athleticism for sure out surprise is he can do that and that got the quarterback with the guy's a defensive outside rusher does he have won two moves moves does does he have more than that or i know we always talk about. He has this moving that move and the other movement but what's the what's your philosophy on that well. I'll up tell you it's interesting because some guys that's their whole problem. They just come off the ball you know and they're they're basically down the middle of the offensive lineman. They're bull rushing the guy as we call it and don't have a move <hes> and you gotta develop start not somewhere usually most. It's the rip <hes> you know it's the long arm depending and then some guys that can run really well. You know oh you teach them to speed the power move but you gotta have one. Maybe two then you're counter and a lot of that has to do is in atomic. Take you a long arm guy. Will maybe the stabs your best move if you're more of a short arm guy but a powerful guy speed the power but you gotta you gotta have one may and plus the counter and <hes> you know trying to trying to get the guys to do that in a three second span the and against an offensive lineman usually termine success or failure for that guy i saw i was watching the lions patriots the other night i i saw chase do the move or kind of kind of what right addy and then he kind of made a move and then back inside he came for for a sack takeout move off of a move off of a move to staff today the chase maybe leaving the n._f._l. Impressions right now in the preseason. He's is an impressive guy. <hes> the thing you know coach knows this. I mean you don't have to worry. If you're going to get a good day's work out of that guy 'cause you're going and get a great day's work and everything he's got. You're going to get i still to this day marvel on the purdue game. It was miserably hot and hey. We're going to spell your here. No you're not getting get him. So guy who came back and played in the bowl game. Arctic seems to focus on the ones that didn't focus on the positive chase winner came back <hes> played in that ballgame and <hes> even the thumb in the yup them in the cast the gotta give him credit gave us. His best effort came back for a fifth year used all his eligibility things. Have it worked out really well for chase. I remember him going back to that. First year you were here and <hes> he was just a two hundred and fifteen pounds line skinny skinny going back. I don't think he had the log hair then we had the oklahoma drill run though he could run run now and he was athlete but they had the oklahoma drill and he happen to match up and i can't remember the guy but he was one of our best inside linebackers it was going to be a one on one with jason this guy and and the linebacker was named ain't player and they have a match up and boom and chase put him down actually put him down guy jumped. I want you again and yeah. I watch again. I i swear he got him again and i thought to myself. There's something about this guy that i really like kind of sticks with you you the first year that he played for us. In seventeen defensively he sixteen. He was good good. He added we could get them into games as a pass rusher. I think that gave them a degree of confidence so seventeen gene we we got a really good effort out of him in eighteen obviously a tremendous effort out of him so happy for him. I was reading today. The rams were <hes> <hes> talking about defensive back david david long as out with him in the head coach very very glowing comments about his his play and how well he matches up man to man and the short burst and and flip in his hips and doing all kinds of different things all the things that we saw here obviously <hes> short area quickness. That guy had it all he really did. Another guy played in the bowl game. The guy played in a bowl game. They gotta steal the rams. They gotta steal with him. In the third round the best note taker i've ever seen in the classroom as a defensive back well unbelievably impressive impressive guy. Some of those guys don't learn that they go to the pros. I'll run into an ed reed or someone this guy for him to pick it up as a college football players impressive very impressive. Let's get back to the defensive front. We talked about the ends a little bit. What about the matchups in the battles inside. You have a lot of different bodies for guys that can play defensive tackle different responsibilities rotate depending upon what looks you're giving who are the guys that are in the right now and how's that competition going to start at three technique donovan jeeter really happy with the way he's playing. He's a physical guy. <hes> can run. <hes> is really <hes>. You know really come into his own over the last. Ask you know few months and happy with the campi said he's been getting. He's been consistently good yep going all the way back back to spring ball yeah so he's won. We've moved ben mason near fulltime and he's at the three technique as well and you know. You don't have to worry about what kind of day day's work. You're going to get there. Just he puts his hat on. He goes to work. He runs he doesn't stop and he's really still in the process of learning and defensive tackle but you know starting to utilize his strength and his ability to run. You know he's another chase win of its type in that you know he's gonna chase the football and do all the things you need this chris hidden as a young guy. <hes> is starting to housi- to put together. Mazi smith has put together some really good practices yes and a lot of improvement from carlo camp. He's probably if you said to me. Who's the most improved guy on the defense. I'd i'd say it's carlo camp <hes> running much better. <hes> you know he had a he. He always had a scenario where he he put his head. In the middle of stuff off. Now you know he strong enough to be in there and endurable enough to utilize his hands and is really made an impact inside and is running much better. He's probably benefited. I think the most from ben herbert being here he he should give them a kiss on ellipses coach. What's you talk about a three technique in a knows. What would you look for in those two positions. Well <hes> <hes> you're looking for the big powerful guy <hes> you know guys that have short area quickness that can really get off on those first two steps and the nose has to be a little bit more of a of a bigger guy because he has to deal with a lot of the combo blocks just the way people block the four three defense. You know he'll get a lot of center guard blocks on him whereas the three technique you know. Will you want that guy to be able to win the one on one battle with the guards soda. You know keep it in those terms. <hes> you know you gotta got a he knows has got to be a little bit more of a of a stouter guy but we're getting good play from carlo. We're really happy with the way him mazi smith you know will will we can kick jeeter over there. Mike duomo four of course <hes> is <hes> a big strong the guy that can play both inside positions as a veteran knows them well so we think we're well equipped inside a couple of hours. Just talking about some of those other guys have gone on <hes> brian. Monet is yeah has a really good chance to make <hes> the fifty three in seattle. I'm hearing <hes> as well as <hes> brandon. Brandon watson great has moved over to safety getting these getting some versatility corner and safety and another talked about earlier with chris <music> brandon watson and his specialties values so yeah brandon watson was a valuable guide to us last year i think what do we have to go to two touchdowns. Ah yeah interception returns for touchdown and <hes> you know had a very very solid year and <hes> you know obviously happy for all those guys uh linebacker position some new faces obviously devin bush played a lot of football but some new faces but it sounds like at the two middle spots at the linebacker position. You have a lot of guys you guys are really happy with that can rotate or give you a lot of added depth at the at the two linebacker positions in the middle. Yeah you know the mike position is a valuable position for us. In terms of a guy that has leadership qualities a guy that that can go sideline to sideline but he also has to be stout enough to you know philly inside run lanes <hes> you know and there's very few devon bushes in the world that can run you know sub four or five and two hundred and twenty five pounds but that being said josh ross has chat an excellent camp after missing you know i'm sure it was frustrating him. Virtually the whole spring may coach and he's had a good camp <hes> this camera grown were kind of rotating him at the two positions mike and will thing i like about cam as he does have the ability to run on in. He is in the four or five area so <hes> you know he's a guy. Go ahead. Run the wheel route on him. 'cause he'll run stride for stride with you. Devin devin gills a veteran guide knows how to play. This game is played. A lot of michigan football makes no mistakes and you know sharp jordan jordan anthony. <hes> is one of the backup mike. He's about two hundred and forty three pounds. He's in great shape. <hes> has taken a a lot out of repetitions and we believe he can go in and give us a solid effort and then the last guy kinda held on was glasgow jordan glasgow glasgow who it kinda does a lot of things for us. We've gotta majoring at the will linebacker position again another guy that can run fast you can match up with tailbacks and out the back door and <hes> but he can also move over and play viper he can he can do some of those <music> <hes> pass rush <hes> package jobs that we kind of look for that swiss army knife type guy that can line up at a number of position and so really happy with the way he's been <hes> been playing in keeping it all in order and worse came to worse if something ever happened to clean cuts and he could he could move over there in a minute and play great football the one thing back in back in the seventies when when we were here i are linebackers were two hundred forty five pounds. I mean those big thick. Guys probably did run. Maybe a four eight type thing and they step up the isolation and do those things and you see tremendous mendes transition now because of the spread offenses and wide open football and even in the pros you see guys were college. Strong safeties are kind of moving into the linebacker linebacker position in nickel and dime type type position situation. Have you felt that same thing about the evolution of that position especially with you know with with the spile a defense fence that we play and and the styles of offenses that we're seeing with all the all the stress on the perimeter you know the more guys you can have run into the football that that have quality speed that can match tailback on the perimeter of the better off yard and we're fortunate we think we got five guys guys that are very very capable of giving us an honest day's work and doing a quality job and still be able to play those teams that pound that ball action. They gotta get ready for wisconsin. You gotta get ready for michigan state so they got to be able to get their nose dirty when it needs when they need to the other linebacker position of course chris you mentioned khaliq hudson is your viper and i and i kind of what i assume that he's ready to explode back to the form that we saw maybe two years ago and just is it really be one of the leaders of your defense. Yeah you know the the thing that was really difficult <hes> early in and i thought it kinda times kind of changed last year. You know he called for too early. Targeting penalties. I think that really impacted his aggressive aggressiveness as a player <hes> and it took him a little time to get back up to full speed plus. He's you end up missing the better part of two plus games so he's back flying around playing with a lot of confidence you know is coverage abilities a vastly improved. He's in great great shape <hes>. I think he has every you know. If you ask our defensive players i think he has everybody's attention and <hes> you know again a guy guy. That's probably benefited. I'm glad you know there was some discussion. Maybe does he come out. Doesn't he. Come out. He made a great decision. He's back. He's going to have a great year. How about the rest of the viper position a lot of the names vine him as there's not a lot of experience other than jordan they can slide over there at the fiber glass can slide over in jump in there in a heartbeat heartbeat because he knows that he's played it and and we've he's played it in games for us. <hes> michael barrett which we've made a fulltime commitment at that that position to and we recruited anthony solomon who is a freshman forced schools just get done with the bridge program and and we've. We've been really happy with the way <hes> you know. His athleticism is outstanding. He'll benefit greatly from playing special teams that will give him a tremendous amount on a confidence moving forward in a year in the weight room. We think we've got a pretty special player there and then of course there's a secondary couple of names that we all know that are back. Josh mattel's l. safety leverett hill at corner. You have some starts to replace but again a position. Where seems like there's a lot of a lot of opportunities a lot of bodies and guys that are out there competing. Whether it's vincent gray eh corner spotter numerous guys including brad hawkins at the safety spot. I think brad hawkins is surprise back there. I think he's playing at a tremendously tremendously high level <hes> he can cover slots. He's tough enough to get in the run game. He can play play the deep <hes> middle third. He can do a lot of things for and <hes> and has really learn the position. <hes> you know he's a guy we've just kind of kept their at one position and let him hone his skills both technically fundamentally and schematically so <hes> we we've got a good player. They're very confident in his abilities and he josh mattel us a really the true safeties and generic woods is matured greatly. We have role for him. You know we have things that we know that he's going to do for us in the game and <hes> you know if he has to play significant minutes at safety. We're very uncomfortable with that. <hes> if you asked me who the fourth guy is probably taxed and heels made a move has lined up pretty cleanly low the last two days as a practice and really functioned on his own and we've been we've been wanting to see that and he's he's every bit as advertised. He's going to be an outstanding standing up player for us and excited to see him grown now that you know summer bridge program is over for those guys so we think those as for the guys kind of man that position you mentioned vincent gray. He's a real deal guy. <hes> you know he's really come into his own. He's a physical performer. <hes> liberty hill is you know had a tremendous camp has stayed healthy and as provided leadership for a guy like vincent gray <hes> we got angry back running around so we're excited about that and <hes> you know we just think those guys jalen kelly powell's really stabilized and doing a good job in that second level but we know we can get significant minutes got to him and and feel good about the minutes that we do get a flu standpoint and just being around and watch it if i were high school core <hes> cornerback or high school safety and i'm looking around the country. I'm one of the top guys i'm looking around. There's only one school that i would look at that as a football player once twice three times and that's the university of michigan for two reasons style of defense you play but they they walk in here. I mean they're gonna to learn to play press. Coverage coverage are going to learn how to move their hips or learn how to get their hands on people. They're gonna learn how to run. They're going to learn how to be patient. They're going to learn how to look at the next play when things don't go well and the same the same with the <hes> with the safety and the other thing is the coaches back their origin and chris partridge and i see again the comments that was made about david long out but the way he comes in he he is a seasoned coached corner earner and our safeties that have come out in here and and i- tribute to you the style defensively play and and the individual coaching that they get into the secondary. We're you know obviously <hes> especially with the advent of the r._p._o.'s and how everybody's kinda gone to that <hes> we think an and plus we do think it fits our athletes. I mean we could sit here and say well. We want to play this particular style but then you have guys that that can't can't measure up athletically. That's a concern so then that forces you to do other things. Maybe that you you quite don't wanna do you know after having a discussion with coach in the spring you know moore's more so in a we're playing several different concepts that are new to us this fall and and mixing them in and and obviously we're hoping that just makes makes us more multiple and tougher to defend but getting back to the comment it bureau great defensive back michigan's a great place. This is your place right here. Speed of defensive backs as football seems to get even more specializes. There's there's all the different looks and you want to get more speed in the field of different times nickel might as well be at twelve starter if you're playing a more traditional style defenses. You're starting nickel mines. It'll be a starter so how does the nickel position like for you guys and what are the differences that you look for. Maybe in a nickel back vs an outside corner well. A nickel guy has to be able to cover the number two receiver their number. One route is to slant their number to route is the vertical and if a guy can't do those two things you're out so that's you know keep it simple. <hes> we've got what we think are three guys that are that are doing a pretty pretty darn good job when we call on the nice thing is when it can n._b._a. Safety boy that's a big deal because you don't have to mess surround in base defense and brad hawkins says shown the ability and josh mattel us to be able to do that and do that at the high level then the crazy thing is taxed in hill is also a safety and he's able to do that that we believe believe at a high level now he's still in the learning process but he's starting to figure it out and and there's no question all all three of those guys are excellent press. You know <hes> slot defenders. We plays what we call. Scoot technique. They're all three of them can do it and if we get a tough match-up. We move vert hill. There and lights pretty still pretty good quick story <hes> secondary coach for twelve thirteen years. That's kind of my go-to position for me and played ohio state one here. I think it was nineteen. Seventy seven will hold onto my wife after the game. I said jackie not i have to be the greatest secondary coach. Maybe that's never coached a game and she said why. Do you say that. I said you realize hieaux state. Today did not complete a pass. It's not one past that they complete and she said that's true jack but they only through three and they were all hail. Marys attended again so raise. He's my race my status and she knocked me down to who i truly am well day. We did good day question. Well coach greats catch up with you. Keep up the aggressiveness looking forward to seeing you guys out there on the football field coming up with the home opener. Thank you very much brown up next new michigan offensive coordinator. Josh gad us here on attack. Each day. Dr podcast make sure to stick around after this podcast to get the latest headlines from the a._p. News who's minute attention sports fans award winning sports columnist and e._s._p._n. Commentator woody pages putting down the chalkboard and picking up the mic for the woody page podcast on podcastone one sports net join what each week it takes on sports pop culture with his roster a famous even legendary guests from the worlds of sports entertainment drop the chalk and download episodes the woody page podcast every week podcast and podcast one now back to attack each day the harbor podcast michigan hired a new offense offense coordinator and installed a new offense. How's it going so far. Here's new o._c. Josh gaddis no. You haven't had a game yet but it doesn't feel like your new anymore. You've been here since the beginning of the year and you're well will on your way to the first season so i welcome back to the podcast aurea. Thanks for having me back. You're exactly right. I feel so acclimated. <hes> you know it's just been a great feeling everyday just coming here being able to work here to university of michigan and is feels like home. How excited you to get out there and call some plays and senior guys. Put your offense out onto the football very excited. I just think got you know where we are. Offensively really excited about. <hes> you know the potential that we have you know i think we've got a special group of young players. They done an unbelievable job and camp. <hes> execunet cnet a very high level. They're at that point now where they're ready to hit somebody else ready to run plays against everybody else and so <hes> you can see the intensity raising in practice. Listen <hes> we'll look forward to being able to execute it level on saturdays in the future coach when a guy comes in and takes over a program so you're on your fifth year. It takes a lot of really established depth. Is that across the board recruiting. There's hits and misses guys all the things that happen. It seems like especially in the offense aside that the depth the quarterback wide receiver lever tight end offensive line. You can go through all the positions that the depth this year on offense. The tools that he has to work with is the best. It's been since you've been here. I think so yeah i think <hes> josh and the other coaches have done a great job. I mean there's the system that we have <hes> but also putting the players in a position to be successful in using their or skill set to to be successful and the amount of things that that <hes> joshua staff have have <hes> <hes> have <hes> installed <hes>. You really gives gives the players that opportunity to do what they do. Well i mean there's now. I want to give away anything before we before we play a game but you see the titans evolve you see the wide receivers involved the backs and the involve quarterbacks involved golf at what they do well <hes>. It's a it's a it's a great system. Guys have done a really great job. Learning our coaches have done a great job coaching. There's <hes> <hes> watching some real exciting stuff in practice so far this camp when you took the job that you know everything happened so quickly when the job when it when it happened. When did you realize the talent level whether it was the quarterback room or the other rooms how much talent that you're going to have at your disposal. Yeah i did actually just obviously my familiarity in the conference uh spending four years at a <hes> at a conference rival or another school and in the conference i was on a lot of losing a lot of into losing battle in the recruiting world. You know just a lot of familiar players. You look at the amount of guys that have been in the region. You know clean cuts in the michael. Kors lavar hails dell's guys that had a lot of you know just folks some defensive guys but even offense players familiarity recruit knows players and unfortunately <hes> didn't come out on on the winning side of the recruiting battles so i've known throughout the years that <hes> you know you have tremendous amount of respect as well as <hes> michigan was always attained that you know frighten me the most you know as a as an opposing coach because you know you knew how talented they won't be how well coached they were going to be and so <hes> when this opportunity presented itself <hes> i i have so much respect for walls built here in the program that we have in the players that we have the i knew exactly you kind of walk in that you know we were going to have really <hes> tough and talented players but also players that had great disciplining wanted to be great student athletes not just on the field but off the field what when you were at alabama you play against mississippi tippy and shape patterson was you did you look at 'em across the field. Well shahid already left at that point <hes> so i didn't have any experience with him but <hes> <hes> let's just say i guess michigan five times throughout my coaching career now and i'm an only on the winning side of that deal so obviously obviously some tough battles <hes> but even coming here coaching in a big house you know i've been able to coach here the big house three times <hes> <hes> and so you gain tremendous amount of respect for michigan by the way they handled themselves on the field and how hard they battled on one other thing this r._p._o. The only thing i mean i had no r._p._o. Until about a year and a half ago is was a buzzword to me. I had no idea what they were talking about. How were oh you introduced to it and and how if you <hes> have you been able to work through so really. It's all about who you ask you know as far as the r._p._o. World <hes> burton burns. Who's a longtime college assistant <hes> when i got to university alabama last year it burns said r._p._o. Stanford run people over that was <hes> a different take on it. You know it's far as the definition of r._p._o. But really this base foundation really got introduced in me from joe moorhead who's a tremendous friend of mine and mentor <hes> when joe was able to bring his system in and taught me that system was heavily predicated on on the run pass option that you give and when people say r._p._o. We not only talking about you know second level reads but you know we encounter first second and third level reached for quarterbacks and you know really the ideal the principle behind it is being able to put the defensive conflict <hes> being able to try to find a way to plus one year numbers because as we all know every defensive coordinator they wanna try to plus one you put an extra guy down in the box but now you gotta make them play discipline a discipline style of a football and and be accounted for in every gap and every man on the field and so what did they do is able to create advantages from numbers and angles to get in your guys out in space whether that's by <hes> scheme or by concept <hes> but it complements mature run game and those two are married together <hes> and that's something that i really believe in having your past game complimentary run game and even in our r._p._o. Jio game they married together so the number of runs in a particular game to number of passes depend as much how they line up on defense as to what you call call from the press box absolutely absolutely there's no <hes> there's no certain number where you say hey look you know they do the ball thirty times a game and you think maybe it's thirty dropbacks dropbacks but you don't know it's predicated based on what the defense does and so <hes> <hes> you know we'd like to schematically define aggressive ways to benefit our run gain. There are times when we choose the r._p._o. World to benefit our pass game <hes> what i really kinda consider. It's kind of eliminate your short passing game. You know your quick game kind of goes away because it's kind of all built in there together but <hes> our guys have done unbelievable job like say coaches. I've done a really good job on <hes> installing everything especially with our quarterbacks. <hes> you know they've got a great field. They got a great <hes> got good timing a great hips and great release <hes> benefits those guys as well and so <hes> in which you also also see for our own line and also cleans up the picture there blocking the six that they should block or the five that they should count if the tight ends involved and so <hes> you've seeing this trend now throughout the n._f._l. Kansas city chiefs. They're heavy r._p._o. Tame the indianapolis colts. I mean you're starting to see this trend grove the rams or the rams hamster the rams sprinkled in it a little bit last year <hes> but the chiefs were one of the one of the leading teams. You know i think they were almost fifty. Percent of of their ron's had some kind of tag tag on it last year and so you see it working itself from high school to college to to professional level and everyone's being able to execute it at a high level so let's go to the quarterbacks is quarterback. Gets the snap on an r._p._o. And depending upon what your call is he's got a read somebody so then he has to decide right between handing it off or keeping. That's the first option that he has the second. One is the next option going to be. I guess it depends on the player. If he keeps it to run versus he has like two or three different reeds to throw it not too much as far as giving away our scheme of things. We do it all everything you know. You may even see him back there. In the wishboned. I'm uh-huh options are available trying to fan an idea of how much quarterback has to read and decide and think all on a really quick period of time and maybe it's it's he made the decision that leads to the second decision which might lead to a third decision and how quickly that well the thing we like to do is is we package our place and when we teach two quarterbacks we make sure their rules are simple as possible but you got to build your rolls around everything you know man coverage rules pressure rules walked up linebackers roles and what i've found is since coming here. We've made our rules even better because of all the different things that we go against our defense defense you know when you're trying to install an r._p._o. Base scheme verse our defense and all the different pressure packages that that don likes to bring you know whether it's three down four down all guys splits in all guys mugging you really have to sit back and reevaluate all your rules that you're that you're telling your lime and telling your quarterback and our our offense coach staff has done an amazing job. We have a system that is really unbreakable. You know are there times. When maybe you can read things wrong or re things right. Yes you know that comes with the game of football decision making <hes> but we try to make it as simple and easy on our quarterbacks as possible to allow those guys to play confident allows guys play fast and most importantly allow all those guys to run our offense efficiently point back way back in the seventies and we're here with bo offense was very similar to what ohio state date ran our defense was very much similar and the reason for that in both thinking was that's team. We have to be and the team. We're going to practice most against ourselves. We knows days you had the twenty full padded practices in the spring then you got two weeks of full padded days in the fall so in essence you're practicing with our system of offense now in offenses at our defensive sees and the way things are going on the defensive side of the ball. I think we're we're. We're doing that in preparation to play games playing ourselves. Yeah i think we i think we are and our biggest advantage on offense as being able to go against such a talented infants everyday in practice <hes> they truly make us better <hes> but you know the thing that you'll get a chance to see and as always say this is a pro spread and coach kinda hit on it. We do everything we do any and everything and really kind of build it around what our players do best in every game plan can be different. You know it's not necessarily hey. You know ten plays that we run that show up every week. You know we really build package. Those plays around okay. How do we attack opposing defenses in their weaknesses and i think that's one of the things that gives us. An advantage anuj is how much of a variety of plays that we run now obviously early on when you're trying to install such a cute playbook kinda can be a learning process there but <hes> we're to that point in our kids fully in firmly understand it to coach has done a really good job installing it and now you're able to go out and see executed at a high level what they have impressed with two and josh is also a great receiver coach is just that there's a place for there's a place for the tall receiver that i can go up and get the jump ball and and catch the catch the balls across the middle but there's also a place for the quick receive the compla- in the slot and get down the fielder builder gained separation <hes> in the middle through quickness and speed and that's <hes> we've. We've got a pretty good complement right now of of those different receiver types. I think you've you've done a tremendous job of looking at each skill set of their seaver improving in every single area what they do but also incorporate those <hes> those different body types and and <hes> and quickness tapes <hes> into the offense yeah the the room that <hes> you know. I was fortunate enough to take over. I think is the perfect ideal room for this offense and what i believe. I don't believe in the cookie cutter approach you gotta have a variety and coaches done in mazing job recruiting receivers over the years. We've got big guys. We've got small guys who got athletic and skill guys in this offense allows you to do is move those guys around and play him in all different positions <hes> when we teach and install the offense we teach it by schemes so schematically they have to learn you know they have no what feel feel one is going to feel three doing because the formation can change you just can't be focused and locked in to what the tight end coach is telling a tight end when he's flexed out <hes> or or ignore what the coach tells us item because that could be you and another formation so when i look at the debt that we have at receiver <hes> the depth the tight end you know when you got guys you know i think nick eubanks is a guy. That's having a phenomenal camp. <hes> sean mccune is so just amaze so polished <hes> but then now when you look at the receivers and guy. That's really standing out to me right. Now is ronnie bill. I mean this guy is practicing at an elite level. <hes> just high energy every play flay every opportunity he gets. He told me the other day he's never felt as good as he does now and you can see it in his legs. I mean he's got the spring. He's got the bounce <hes> you know. He's done amazing job with coach herbert in the summertime with his condition. I mean he's like the energizer bunny he doesn't slowdown out there and when he raises that level of practice play for that group it brings is out the best in everybody. His body type is you could see it changes from basketball player football player and just the different amount of releases is that he has now and <hes> tariq <hes> is really is really improved a lot to hear with josh <hes> just two guys to name nico is as you know is really coming on strong right now and <hes> young cornelius johnson you see him in the and you see where mike sammer still well. <hes> you know that that fast quick type receiver and they're catching the ball down. The last two practices contested contested lasted rodney bell may made a bunch tariq made a bunch <hes> schoon maker those best practices back to back made to me. I'm more unbelievable catch contested type catches but they're tight ends adopted some of the the release moves and and <hes> to gain separation moves that i really think we and we we weren't as good at before. I joked with joked with <hes> up. Coach more tight ends coach. I think i'm gonna take half a sean mccain's released tapes and put it on my drew to teach me because he's done phenomenal job teaching those guys for at least some some of the most fun i've had watching practices watching you coach for tweet drew me to come to energy and engagement i made as a coach you know the game that part of the game i kinda slip by me at some point but watch e energy that you bring to that to that that that and the other thing is how you coach from the feet up you get so many guys receivers or they get catch the ball their feeder catch the ball catch. Catch them all and you teach the feet the movement of the feet to create separation start from the feet and work up through the hands. I have never seen that before. I'm a firm believer. That's where it all starts. You know just teaching i think footwork and foot placement or one of the most under coach things for receivers <hes> and that surprising you're able to gain insight to that because that's a big part of what we do you know just proper foot place mental routes proper footwork and releases. This is a big part in. I got a great group of guys they want. You know they want to be great. They allow me to coach them hard. Sometimes my strength is my is my greatest weakness because i'm so passionate <hes> but we do a really good job balancing that in the room of having fun in the meeting room so it's not just always tough it's light and and coach rowntree coach casula done an amazing job helping me assist with the with the receivers <hes> from that standpoint as far as preparing and putting those guys position to be successful but that rome itself itself you know you look at it and the balance in that room like coach to wreak blacks. Having a great camp made a huge made. Some huge plays a couple of days ago. Let me probably one of his best practices. I've ever seen and everyone was talking about. Mikey coming on as a freshman he picked up right where he left off but there's been another freshman create. Some buzz in cornelius johnson just so consistent just so mature <hes> great ball skills great body great really good speed. He's been quite quite a pleasant surprise you know and when you look at it <hes> the depth that we have with nico donovan which everyone they all know about nico and davin and the great career that they had a great season they had last year but now you can add these other elements to it as well as the luke's gospel makers. The eric calls the status of the world. I mean we've got a lot august skill players in we're in a really good position as we talk about the state of the program not only now but for the future of the program and he still so young the josh jackson is another guy catch your eye. He's he's got that energy and you look for back to back. Rep city takes aches and <hes> you know he's made some tough catches to and and can really run and going to help on special teams <hes> right away but he'll mark mark my word he'll he'll make some plays receivers well. I mean he's he's kind of. You talked about ronnie in that way gonna bounce in the step. I see that the child as well absolutely work cited about jobs you know really you know even giles in jordan johnson when those guys and all our freshman right miller coming off the bridge program so it's coach coach always reminds them in summer school summer school yeah they're going to see dramatic school here at the university of michigan in a lot of practice but they don't miss one minute of of school or or study time and it's it's a great thing get some really acclimated but <hes> you see guys take off once they once they're able to turn their full attention to the football. You really see him. When did your speed in space face. Where'd that come from how how did how did you get to that <hes> speed and spaces southern kinda. We've always talked about as far as the ideal of putting people in conflict and in speed it's space and initially when i said you know everybody. Kinda took off with it. Well it's going to be you know bubble screens and this and that no that's not the that's not the philosophy excreting one on one match ups to allow you guys to be able to be in position to be successful on whether that's by scheme or r._p._o. Or drop back concepts. How do you find creative ways to get your guys open by attacking opposing defenses weaknesses jobs that you can gain that and that's what we do. We just don't run plays. The run plays we run place to attack people and that's why i say every game plan or every adjustment you know how we attack our defenses different how we're gonna attack other defenses and just try to find creative ways <hes> to get those guys out and we we don't just mean you know skill players but we're also talking running backs receivers tight ends and quarterbacks getting those guys out in space getting those guys evolve because we've got a very talented and athletic room at quarterback and so <hes> it's our it's our model auto. We wanna make sure that the defense has to defend all eligible skill players and for us that six five eligible receivers that we have running back tight in receivers then the quarterback as well. They've got defend all six eligible skill. It's been fun to watch. Quarterback says can shave play really great football but at no oh time if dylan mccaffrey goes into the game or joe milton goes into the game you're excited when each of those guys comes into the practice and eventually we'll we'll come into the game because they <hes> they all have they all have talent to what they're best at in the whole room <hes> each of them so <hes> never been in that position <hes> so far since we've been here it's been a it's a great bunch of guys to work with it. Is it's a very talented room in coach mcdaniels and kotwal done amazing job with those guys you know when you look at it. I've been places before in the past where you lose one quarterback. You have to flip the call she over fire second quarterbacks place ace because they can't do run that offense. You know very small. That's not the case for us. <hes> you know each of our quarterback can run the offense effectively and efficiently do are they different. Yes they all have something that they probably excelled that you know in certain areas but they all tremendous value to the offense and so we we can build and package the things they do well but they also doesn't take our foot off the gas pedal of what we do offensively and so <hes> when you see that and you have that depth at that quarterback allows you to think outside the box of what you can do what all of them and create some exciting place. I really think to <hes> joe joe. Milton and kate mcnamara both <hes> went and spent a week with the navy seals the summer <hes> commander camp there were they did navy seal training they were they were on on a aircraft carrier with marines <hes>. They got leadership training captain. Tom chevy commander in the navy. Seals worked with our team. <hes> worked for the whole team this this off season and those two guys in particular <hes> when that came back i mean joe came back really <hes> a different guy is he was so so focused on on leadership and he really engaged when he was out there that camp and see the same thing uh with cade but <hes> that was it's it's been it's been great to watch joe grow in immature as a football player player in the system and also as a as a man yeah i think joe i think that ah kotido right on hey. I think that experience was phenomenal for joe. I remember talking to him right. When he came back and <hes> he was telling me all the different <hes> drills and exercises they went through he kind of took stand out there to be a captain and and kind of lead the group or the unit unit that he was a part of but then now you're able to see that carry over to the football field and joe had some great instances the last few practices where he's been a great leader on on the field whether the back is misaligned overseas motion is wrong. Were you start seeing that leadership grow in the quarterback because that's who your quarterback has. He has to be your captain on the field. You know he's got to be able to command demand. The best from everybody and joe was really really improved in that area <hes> and you start already see show up and so you know when i look at him and i look at kate and i think about you know how exciting those guys future's going to be here and how well they fit the offense it leaves a good spot. You know as a coordinator and those guys are gonna have opportunities. Issue jobs will have opportunities and games share you know and as well as dylan so i think you know when you've got competition level bruin that high in that room you bring out the best in each one of those guys and shea knows he's gotta bring his best each and every day because because of because of joe because of <hes> dylan because of kate iron sharpens iron yeah plus system to i mean they they see how they can be successful and it stimulates new and they've studied. It is intensely they can. I think it's also just been been really stimulating former grow a decisiveness from the from the quarterback position this year. I mean a confidence standing behind that center and that's my impression anyway. Maybe i'm way off base on that yeah. I think i think the things that helps. It's having <hes> if they don't think josh gad straight coaches cash should did anything coaches quieted down the last few days. We're going to let those guys go out and play <hes> but i think it helps. When you have people around you you know that's first and foremost oh. She got the guys up front. You've got receivers. You got the tight ends. We're just in a really really good spot offensively when you look at our personnel and so we're not asking you know any of those guys to have to be the ringleader yes. They're the they're the quarterback but there's gonna be some. They don't have to do the show themselves. No one man has to just carry the load <hes> we're just asking everybody to just do their job and if all eleven guys on the field can do their job successfully on every play going to be good going to be pretty good average average said jazz saying you know the quarterback facilitates it and and you know if you're the you're running back tight end or any the two receivers receivers are out there that are three receivers that are out there or even the four receivers that are out there. Everybody running everybody alert. Everybody's got a chance to to <hes> get the ball make a play on every snap napa and and and if they don't get the ball then they become a blocker that's where <hes> and and receivers and i said that earlier about the <hes> the commitment to a to the team can be measured by <hes> their commitment to special teams. I did not originate that. I got that for from from josh gaddis but it's it's been so it's been good to see our receivers committed than playing special teams it is. I think that's a that's a credit. <hes> you know obviously justice our our team philosophy. You know the team the team the team you know putting the team first and that was something that coach reiterated before we started camping up and that was our motto gonen. Can't you know we're going to judge. Everybody's commitment level on how well they sacrifice. Put the team forward and oftentimes at receiver throughout my years always in the pats. That's probably the one position group that kinda get brings less valuable especially. Those guys see themselves just as pass catchers you know because they don't tackle <hes> but there's other roles in other ways that you can be involved a special teams in the see. The young guys like giles canoe. Those guys are out there competing as starters for gunners. They're running down kickoff. Punt <hes> obviously you. Every receiver wants to be a part of the return game right. That's that's the part that they love but but this exciting spot out there it's fun. It's a fun when so to see those guys just embrace their roles coach departures. It's done amazing job as well as a coach coach hardball <hes> really just finding ways that we can get those guys involved in special teams. <hes> has been a benefit something that i've been truly impressed with their their commitment mid level i know if those guys is down the road some they wanna do but we've talked about a bit early being around being around the ravens sitting in those draft rooms in the question they asked was was he involved in special teams up the board. He goes that's right. Was it down with the board. He goes in for the long term future. There's a lot to be gained through special teams play. That's right. You know you always hear the stories of the guys that <hes> they go on to the n._f._l. And then all of a sudden now they want to try out snapping. They want to try to the things they did whatever they can to make a roster make a role but you know that's just buying that we have special teams as important here within our program and we're committed to it and we're committed to put now the best if you can't play on teams. I don't know how you think you can play on offense having a chance to talk about the running backs the position where there's the fewest returning snaps coming back from last season. How's the running back battle shaking out knowing that you'll have won back. That's too back sets the cetera we've got we've got five guys back there that i truly believe <hes> bring value to us and really have roles lately pass days as <hes> you know. There's been some guys that have stepped up. You know think zack chardonnay is coming on very very strong. <hes> you know he's really hitting into his groove in which it's really exciting for him mm-hmm because he missed so much time in the spring and coach jay had to do a tremendous job making sure he was taking the mental reps and preparing himself for when the opportunity came out out that he was going to be able to get the live reps but then true wilson has had a great camp. He's got it. <hes> spent a lotta time this all season reshaping his body trying to turn turn some of the things that may be perceived as witnesses to a strength and seeing his burst allergy practice <hes> at a high level <hes> you being able to see him being the veteran leader of that group and just does everything right. I mean just you know. The right reads the footwork everything <hes> ben van summers another guy. Who's i mean he's workhorse course if we had one hundred ten other guys at practice at the level ben van summer <hes> they wouldn't need us point. It'd be me right because he just sex the example. You know for everybody on offense finishing through the goal line. I mean he's got a burst. He's a guy that when you look at them you think two hundred forty pound found back. He's going to be stiff but he's not he's got great hips can sink his weight and transition. He's really good speed <hes>. I'm excited to see him. Let it go on saturdays because i think he's going to surprise because a lot of people hassan haskins has had a really good camp. You know those guys that <hes> you know when you talk about zach charbon you talk about <hes> chris turner. Her son has because those guys masala spring so to see those guys come out here this fall camp and they'll pick up <hes> we're really everyone left off and they're not being left behind was a pleasant surprise whereas but then also having chris turner who's on explosive guy and christians guy that just plays fast all the time. Sometimes we got to slow down just a little bit you you know but <hes> he's an exciting back. You know he's got the opportunity to take a little ron and turn them into big runs <hes> so when i look at the room itself when you've got five guys they can go out and play for you and compete which at high level <hes> i it's exciting but you know the balance still ongoing you know i think it's heating up behind a couple of guys in that room. I think zack starting to kind of push the envelope a little bit forward <hes> and bring out the best in everybody and i was also going to say to <hes> nick cappuccino tino walked onto the team is going to get <hes> he'll. He'll gain some yards force this year. I mean he is a <hes>. He's a good purpose back and then <hes> and three promising using freshman backs in leon franklin jordan castleberry and danny hughes all doing a really good job all that said about all the different guys on offense and scheme team this that and the other doesn't matter what ki- me run or what position skill your skill position guys you have. You have to have five guys up front. That can really get the job done for you and there's a lot of experience coming coming back on avenue right tackle. This year is that battle has a little bit of an injury issue with that as well but talking about the guys up front and how they're all gel together to be that maybe the best off it's alive. Michigan sat here in a long time. Yeah i'll tell you it's possibly best off into line. I've ever been around as a coach and kotoinazuma amazing job with those guys is in <hes> you've been bredesen's overseas or captain of our football team leader <hes> but he's not just the only leader on that offense law when you look at caesar rua's <hes> everything kinda on a really runs through seize. <hes> you know just how much we put on our center <hes> as far as getting you know. Everybody lined up getting the combinations getting the i._d. Points <hes> really really make sure the offensive line is all on the same page with him <hes> but you know michael one year. He's having a great camp. <hes> you know very physical guy that can has great feat feet can move people obviously jalen mayfield stepping in at right tackle real excited about jalen is a big time players got a very bright future. <hes> you know he's expect. He's what you expect michigan tackle <hes> just a great kid phenomenal player <hes> the jon runyan another guy that played a lot of football big ten player last year coming back but they're now able to see the debt behind those positions guys like ryan hayes i think having a really improved <hes> a summer camp of fall camp from where he left off in spring two now joe hannaford starters and and you oh guys there's a lot of talented players. We have shop big shug. Oh yeah when you when you look around you know and stephen spinella you know even with our twos but but then also looking at our true freshman and seeing the athleticism of some of those guys i mean we've got some very trendy. <hes> jones is he's as athletic as they come in him and carson carson iron heart is gonna be a really good camp. Ryan hayes <hes> couple a lot of football rambler rambler rambler carpenter at a at an ankle injury but <hes> he was doing good things before <hes> he got the high ankle sprain and stored as well so you know when you look at that freshman class. That's probably as good of a freshman offense along class. I would put that up against anywhere. The country keegan treadmills name well a lot of good. He looks the part just walking on the field keegan. I'm talking about he's had a great great last four or five days. As ed warner said i mean you feel really good about the future those six offensive linemen that we have the entire freshmen class you know sometimes freshman man and they there's a spot just wide open and they get a chance to play these. There's ten or twelve full all players in the freshman class offense and defense. They are wait for an opening. I mean they're playing at a level where they're challenging some of the very good players that are already in place place the ball absolutely and and i would argue in our where we are as a team i would probably say all for two line is probably the most challenging position and right away to to bring value to because especially in a practice setting because the changes all the time you know our defense and all the different packages kids in front and i mean if you're young offered to lamin and you see guys moving around left and right and they're coming up this coming on and it's blitz every play so so it just accelerate your your growing process. You know you really have to mature. You really have to understand learn how to communicate <hes> but it only makes us better you know we talked about iron sharpens iron and so <hes> you know i think what it does it helps. Prepare those guys because the looks of start getting vanilla season goes you know nobody can bring the pressure russia packages that our team can you know and so when you win against that in practice you feel as prepared when someone else does it in a game. Oh see it all the time. You know you ready for it. At that point right yeah exactly right though data there was a time just a couple of years back we had a lot of freshmen <hes> fourteen in seventeen and because we needed to death now i would say i mean there's at least six an offense and six on defense that are challenging allergy for spots either starting spots or or for sure second team spots and as josh said six six are lyman so there's now you're up to eighteen and there's there's <hes> the other seven come. We'll be challenging soon as well. It's been a it's been a really good class matt dudek <hes> take a deep bow that takes village come on. I take a team over there. Okay josh appreciates. I'm can't wait to see you guys out there. Slinging the ball around running the ball putting up a bunch of points for the michigan wolverines. Thanks for having me glad to be back next year. You can contact us on twitter at podcast cast or using hashtag jack talk follow us favors and subscribe to us on podcast one dot com and the podcast one app. Don't forget the raiders on. I tunes what i think podcast one we also want to thank our guest chris partridge dombrowski and josh gattis and our sponsors the athletic and lewes jewelers have a great week everybody and keep attack each day with enthusiasm unknowns mankind opioid ruling. I'm tim maguire the a._p. News been in oklahoma judge rules johnson and johnson created a public nuisance with its marketing and distribution of opioids and the state attorney general. Mike hunter says the five hundred seventy two million dollar. The ruling is justified. Obstinate johnson will finally be held accountable for thousands of deaths and addiction caused by their activities. President and trump is back in washington following the summit in fast before leaving the g seven trump said he's open to meeting with iran's president in an effort to end the nuclear standoff. I will tell you. I have very good feelings about it. I think that we're going to do something. It may not be immediately but i think ultimately we're going to do something. Iran's president has said he traveled anywhere to me. If it would help his country trump also dismissed concerns about climate change saying he's not going to lose the united state's wealth on dreams and windmills. He skipped a session on the topic earlier today. I'm tim maguire.

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