#575: Sales and Achievement Lessons from 2019


In this episode of the advanced selling podcast. We talk funerals. Leo Sayer Jack. Candy and the get up dance all in one episode and we spend some time reflecting electing about what great things twenty nineteen has taught us walking back to the advanced selling podcast the longest running sales training podcast. We are entering into the final episode of Two Thousand Nineteen. I'm bill caskey. Brian Neal here and welcome back for those of you who have joined us for the last. What thirteen almost fourteen years? We have been releasing episode every week. And we really appreciate you. We hope two two thousand nine hundred was an awesome year today. Brian and are going to share a couple of things with you. We've learned in this year and I think it's a good time of reflection before we head into twenty twenty. We've been waiting for twenty twenty forever and hits here do have to say the Twenty twenty vision things you know. Yeah yeah absolutely can see so clearly I can see clearly now. who was at Johnny Nash? How about that? Have you ever heard of the get up dance now. Get up dances a It's one of those. It's not really a country dance but it's one of those dances. It's like a lion. Dan Got Kinda sly and we have a friend WHO's having a wedding next year and they want us to do this dance so my wife and I were looking at this weekend and I'm trying to dance you know. Ah Good though and it's good. It's funny though. It's just different great. There's some kind of groove crab that I just don't have the get up dance. Is it neutral. Yeah fairly new. All right. Yeah it's good. It's good anyway. Where was I going with that? I I have no idea. Hey Brian. I don't know if you've noticed that you have sales tools. That are really good at telling you what to do. But wouldn't it be great. Mr Neal L. if they actually did the work for you I will tell you. I'm lazy human being with this. Anybody that wants to do work for me. I'm in all if few wished you could afford your own executive admin which you actually have due to fill your calendar for you. This might be interesting to you in. The name of the company is chronologically. It's the the world's first calendar monetization engine chronologically takes Leeds from any channel and converts them to meetings. Let me say that again takes. I leads from any channel. It could be online. Could be webinars that you've run. It could be freebies that you've created it could be linked in any of your social channels and converts them to meetings at literally books out your calendar for you so you can maximize your time. Your meetings your pipeline and your compensation you can use their technology for yourself and book a demo. Mo at Chronological Dot A.. That's CR- Chronological K. R. O. N. O. L. O.. GIC DOT Ey. We're going to be having being the one of the founders of this company when I talked to them originally and we WANNA make sure we liked the tools. This is a good one. This is a cool thing because essentially what what happens is you're a salesperson and you literally come open your calendar Sunday night and this tool has booked demos for you or sales meetings for your next week and the way they do. It's very these little is special to John. But it's really cool so we're glad to have you know. I think one thing that we sales professionals channels are going to have to accept is automation and I think we don't. I think they're still this reluctance and resistance to well. You know what if I'm going to call somebody muddy I'll put him in my calendar and I'll bang bang out calls and I'll just keep calling him. Economists like wait a minute. Is that really the best use of your time. Couldn't you be using artificial intelligence elegance and a follow-up mechanism like this forget about a is a follow-up mechanism that you can use to help you manage your time and your prospects. I think it's awesome awesome. It's great and it's it fits into something that bill you talk about a lot. which is am I doing thousand dollar an hour work hundred dollar an hour worker ten dollar an hour work and there's a lot of this stuff that when you really step back from it can be in feel and look like ten dollar an hour work and you can have machine do that for? It's really smart. Okay okay. We need to remember deep thoughts by Jack. Hanna Oh yeah that the the youngsters are GonNa have to look that one up as concurring deal you know I remember where I was talking with. The get up dance is remember the song. I think think I can dance. I think I can. I can dance. I think I can now. It's by Leo Sayer. Oh I love Leo Sayer Leo. Sarah had like three or four. Oh always yeah but he had one called. I think I can dance. Yes I know I know you know it. Yeah I do and anyway I never realized how Legendary Endure Leo Sarah's in the UK. He's like is he British. Though I think's okay we'll have to check or does no longer give us the Bio Doug Dros in calling on Doug Jones give us a bio on Leo Sayer don't look it up now. Well I don't know if he's dead but it says as years active one thousand nine hundred ninety three to present. I mean he's still he's still song records still isn't it that somebody died the other day and it was a real. I was a real fan out of their music. Obviously it wasn't this guy anyway. Leo Sayer used to have. I don't want to go into detail because again. Convert hyper conscious of this but there was a thing the pacers used to have have a guy named dancing Harry. Okay and dancing. Harry would come out of the stands. This was back in the eighties and nineties during the playoffs and he would always dance to the song. Aw come out and put the heck's on the other team as it was very funny until they learned a little bit more about dancing Mary. It wasn't but anyway topic today. Eight twenty here. We're dancing areas these. We thought it would be a good idea to share with you. Some of our lessons that we've learned twenty twenty nineteen and we believe it's a good time for reflection of what's worked and what hasn't for each of us and I think lessons are a good way for us to kind out of encapsulates the year and say what did we learn that we can carry forward to twenty twenty and so I know you've got a couple written down and I've got a couple of written down are there any any macro LECI- big-picture less weird might apple. Does this right so when it's time for a new phone phone starts Jack up so I type these out and they're going I can't find but I know what they are. I do I start with one start. I'm going so my phone is off now. I can't read what it says anymore. It's coming it is coming from my heart but I know what three I wrote down the first one is. Everyone wants a magic bullet and I really feel strongly this year after all these years that that I know what the magic bullets and selling and the magic bullet is changing your energy changing our energy all of all the energies that you show up with your sales calls to your sales behaviors to work to your internal team. Would I just. I've had a couple of clients this year when I've watched I've got one. They just started in August. And I don't know where they're energy was real well before but I know that their energy has switched and they've just owned all the things we would teach a client all all the things about embracing abundance and good good intentions and healthy detachment and feeling comfortable in the process and being just real open safe asking. They just have done everything. And it's just they're killing it results wise and it seems effortless because they work really hard all this pressure off like all the pressure is gone and I think that's the magic bullet. It's the energy with which you show up to these interactions. You see these these meetings. That's it don't choose your phone. Don't you think that I love that and I agree with you. Don't you think that the energy plays out out so importantly in the first part like I know I need to make these twenty five calls this week. You know what I'll put it off until Friday and then conventionally it's June I still haven't raped halls and and I know I'm not accusing I do it. We do it what we're not in a good energetic state. We put put off stuff because it doesn't feel right when you get right energetically. Yeah those are hard cost me no not at all they want to make effortless just it. Just it's just so smooth like yeah just made these calls and had these conversations and some said yes some said no some said maybe just worked intentions were good. Yes and it's effortless for the prospect to because they don't feel like he'd put up you know no no it just feels when even listen to some of these calls back. It doesn't sound like any sort of sales call that we sniffed out. You know ten twenty years ago. Whatever that's good all right? I've got one that's similar to that and and I I've found that people really do want the deep part which I I think. Energy is part of that deep part. I just don't think they know. L. How to ask for it so when someone shows up our world they say Gimme Gimme some language. Give me some moves tactics. What they're really asking for is giving me the solution to my problem? We're telling them is. That's not the solution to your problem. So when when we go in deep deep I mean looking at well. How are you thinking about things? How are you thinking about your purpose here on the planet? How are you thinking about the value? You bring to your customers if you're not thinking correctly about that stuff then when it goes to get get translated translate into the market. It's just going to come out soulless and cold and kind of handy. Yes but I would lesson. I've learned here. Is that people. Actually they want that deep stuff. They don't know how to ask for. It sometimes agree I would agree. What do you tell them? Because I get asked that question people not as much which is I think I would but I get asked from teaching thinking column stuff. Going through the right idea of abundant attachment goes so I I really struggle with detachment. Well how do I fix that. The last that in class what do you say to that. Someone says I'm really struggling. Dealing the Nike just do it. Unhelpful unhelpful relatively unhelpful. It's like the one I took golf lessons. My backswing is very fast and slow your backswing down. Slow your back. So every time time I took a swing a slow your backswing Don. I'm like this is not helping you. Yelling a million slow my backswing down probably makes me want to go quicker so come up with something something else man for one hundred bucks. Envisioning the ball as your face beating it up. So here's one. Here's one thing that I think we can ask people pulling I'm sure you have when someone says how do I detach. Yeah I say why are you in this business. Why do you even do this? Whether it's it's commercial. Real estate dental manufacturing. Why do we even do that? Because until you get in touch with why this work that you do is important into you and to the world into your market until you get in touch with that it becomes hard to detach because everything feels transactional if you're an attachment mode so it's like well. Well how do I detach while I need to get that sale. How am I going to detach? Well forget it you've already. You've already lost that game. So why do you do what you do is a real good way. Okay for you to get clear about. What's the whole purpose? What's my general purpose here in this business? You know work that I'm in and from there then you can become detached because now it's about helping other people get what they want your your clear on your purpose. Your purpose is to help people solve a problem in a certain area so now the focus is all on that not on what I'm going to get so it becomes easier to detach I like good answer. Here's a reflection that I have from the the past year is we're we're getting lots of messages from the world that is like go go act go hundred calls a day. That and I agree. There's like I wrote down here that I I believe that. Action Breeds Action. I do that. What I think is more important is is a consistent? Amount of small actions over a long period of time is the key to long-term high performance. Success in selling and and long-term inaction will slowly joke. You out drive you down and I've just seen this happen at a couple clients. When I've I've noticed this where? The small amounts of inaction in December and January don't show up in their sales results until June and July. And then so what they're doing. Is this massive action. Massive inaction massive action massive in action. And I've come to the realization realization over this year. That if we just do little bits it's in your book. Concerted Market Small Bits of action over a long period. The time or the trick do we need to redefine action because he used to be action. Was Outreach it was picking up the phone making the going to networking session getting a referral and so it was all very out bounty. Is there a reason to redefine. What action is today given the social platforms linked data? I mean it seems like there's a there's another level of action beyond just outreach. Yeah I mean I think it's all tied together. I mean to me it's all that's that's all part of of action. Yeah it's to me. It's the what's worse to me. Is the inaction so this is part of my own self reflecting you reflect on yourself and I look look at some self reflecting me to reflect on yourself. Why don't you tell me that we help? We help with a couple of dumb this down for you bring up blintzes again callback. Still have one no go have one. Don't just look it up go have a blitz. I look at so you look at social media stuff. You look at instagram. And like Oh my gosh. This hundred thousands of people in our podcast and I've got like fourteen instagram followers. Well why is that. Well well because I've done forty eight instagram post in the history of instagram. You look at someone who got four million instagram followers. They've for a a minute. The hurdle life is there. And what's interesting. I'm in so there's a balance and all that but there's no doubt that they're small amounts of behavior over a long period of time payoff. They always do. They do. In physical fitness and weight loss and spirituality in Studying my rule study with football all and things just little bits over a long time. Are the trick. Yeah little bit. That's really good little bits and I think in Gary manner talks talks about this. A little bit is try the four to seven things that you think might work whether it's instagram whether it's Lincoln navigator I got a call from a guy today so you know what my manager wants me to use Lincoln navigator and he's complaining because I wasn't using it and we look and there's fifteen people in the company bought it for all of them not one person's using it right and I and I said well how. How much training have you had on thirty minutes? Well of course you're not going to use it because you don't see the value in it and forget about whether it has value or not my. I'm open but I'm not sold but whatever the question is have you been given enough training that you can honestly say I looked at it. I tried it not for me or I looked at it and try that this. The the best thing ever correct and so part of that going to these consist an actions and then doubling down on those things that work and aborting and in just leaving those things that don't to the CY is critical too. Because you can't do. Lincoln navigator published pieces of content. Have a youtube channel have apart. You can't do it at all so you've gotta double down on something right and I know a couple of guys who've done a small amount over really long time podcast. Steer built up. It's Me Bill we've talked about all of bounce. Some you know any one. I don't like that same company excluded did I also don't like people say when they say speaking of Said Glass Eight when people say yeah so the glass I was really broken and thinking speaking of Said Glass. Look like that statement at all Paul knowing about on it. Yeah well what did you say. Well said let's I got to do with class class speaking reflecting onset employees. She's I don't like it when people I mean on the good hear something funny I was going to say but I'll do a real quick quick story. I went to a funeral the other day of a guy which is not a happy occasional matches. Probably what amused me was the Obe it. It was obviously written by his wife. Okay because that was all and he was in his sixties and his wife fine but yeah obviously his wife wrote it and and there was a lot of reference to his beautiful wife. They're wonderful marriage their model their model children. Well some if it was the children that Roy you wouldn't right but I thought isn't that a little bit full of yourself. Yeah he's want to reread it. Feel good about yourself podcast listener. So I'm sure they'll they'll be calling me. Sorry about your loss. Okay so I bet you lost but anyway my excuses are. You're nothing but a story that I tell myself that allows me to to really use those excuses to get out of behavior so I have an excuse like well. You know I don't have the time to do that right. Yeah and that's really be ass because if it it worked in a generator to a large amount of money or large amount of fulfillment or whatever. I would find a way to do it. Yeah and I think we have to ask ourselves. What excuses are we telling ourselves? And what's the story behind that that we're telling ourselves because until we change the story behind it we really don't change the excuse and all those things I found an. I just believe this. Each they don't matter doesn't matter I mean they're they're the story doesn't matter we'll that whatever the thing is like like what like you said like well. I don't have time or say things like well. I'm not good on audio people. Say why don't we podcast. Not Get an audio like what do you mean. You're not gonNA audio. How many audio have you recorded? And what have you feedback on people. That say you're not good at it. You know what I mean it just and then the you're not good at is for someone says you're not good at it and someone else does. I mean it just it. Just yeah crazy saying that. The story that we tell ourselves probably has some holes and there's no yes and this story is safe because it keeps us from. I'm doing we're right right so don't really want to challenge the story. Then we're there were all into video or whatever that was having a glass of wine with a a couple of friends of ours and you wrote that sorely glass. No I was not and I said I'm not gonNA products products aren't my deal all and this person who you know said I'm going to respectfully disagree with you. You're wrong and I'm like what he means. Like your greater products. You just choose not to do them. I was like Whoa. She's ready to tell me more he's right. Yeah she's like your audio podcast. A really good on video choosing only people sell products that suck on video. And you're good on video. It's a choice you're making It was really good. She's right she's right but I have the tape value on new products so we need people in our lives. I used to say that we because most people would say oh well you know you are not used to know I get you. I feel you man. That's good instead of saying that's right almost all. Bs On that issue she did. It was really really thankful she really and then what happens when she did that now. My wheels going. Oh my gosh. She's right yeah I'm wrong. She's right let's go to last one for me. Personal calendar ability is key. It's not what you think. People think. Personal Accountability means. How many calls you build? And that's fine. We'd do all that. That's great This to me is about recognizing that you have way more in your control than you think you do and I was on a call with a client the the other day or doing a little check in they've lost a ton of businesses a retention group ton of business as I'm doing the check in about fifty percent of the people said well actually pretty good now I lost a half my business but most of it was out of my control. Just cut back on spending Chose to go a different direction. Nothing we did or I did and I'm not blaming these people because but no I really believe they really do and you cannot be a high performer. I don't believe with that kind of attitude you cannot because you will always find why it didn't work outside of yourself. There's always something you could have done without question question because I always say when people get let go from jobs like well they'd cut back. There was nothing I could do. Well they fire. Everybody didn't fire everybody. Some people for a reason isn't that why didn't they keep you over them. And so that's the thing. I think the trouble with that though. Is that when you're when things are going well. Yeah that's the time to do the things that will what prevents you from losing the business a year from now because once somebody says. Hey we're going to cut back it's too. It might be too late then. It may not be but so it's the dichotomy the th the things to do are when you are when they love you and they're buying a lot from you that's the time to go in. And Swirl the pot and say what other order the other problems that you're having versus a year from now just told you there. You're out feeling good. That's good so we want to hear from you. Put this in in the link Dan. If you're a member of our link group Make sure you put in here. What did you learn in two thousand nineteen any reflections? You had this prompt you to think of some some things that maybe Were deep dark secretive lessons for you or in the bright sunshine lessons for you. Either way is fine. We'd love to hear from you. If you're not not a member of Arlington Group. Make sure you go to advance selling podcast dot com slash late. Dan Join Up. We have Almost twelve thousand people in that group have some good conversation so make sure you join us their merry Christmas happy holidays and happy New Year.

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