Ancient Milky Way Eruption Still Shines Bright


I. Love this podcast, support this show through the ACOSS support of HR. It's up to you. How much give and there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the show description to support now. This is space time series twenty three episodes, sixty five full broadcast on the twenty ninth of June, twenty twenty, coming up on space time the ancient eruption at the heart of the Milky. Way Galaxy at still shines bright millions of years later, a Cyrus rix asteroid sample collection set down for October twenty and an annual solar eclipse captivates the world as it sweeps across Africa Asia and the Pacific. All that and more coming up on space time. Welcome to space time. We'd still Gary. About three and a half million years ago, supermassive black hole at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy suddenly unleashed an enormous burst of energy. This blast was so powerful yearly hominids ancestors of modern day humans roaming across the Savannahs of Africa would've noticed this gigantic flair as a ghostly glow, higher head, constellation secretaries. Maybe a million years now aons later astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope are uncovering more clues about this cataclysmic explosion, looking to the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, they founded the blackhawks. Floodlight has now reached so far in a space it's illuminated vast train of gas, trailing the milky ways to prominent satellite galaxies, the large and small match. Let it clouds. The was probably caused by a massive cloud of hydrogen gas, maybe a hundred thousand times, the mass of our sun, collapsing down under the creation disc of material, swirling around the blackhawks event horizon, the resulting blast. Blast sent cones of blistering ultraviolet radiation I above, and below the plane of the Galaxy and space, the Radiation Kern that blasted out of the Milky, way South Pole lit up a massive ribbon like guests. Structure called the magical in extreme. This magical in extreme gas and dust connects both the large and small. Let it clouds with the Milky Way itself, and is thought to be caused by gravitational tidal interactions as out galaxy slowly begins to cannibalize the magical any clouds now a report on the ESTER. Physical Journal claims. The flash lit up a portion of the. The stream ionizing it's hydrogen, and after one hundred million sons by stripping electrons away from their protons, the study's lead author Andrew Thoughts from the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore Maryland says flesh was so powerful. Illit lit up the street mark Christmas tree a truly cataclysmic event. In fact, this shows astronomers are supermassive black holes impact, not just their own galaxies, but also those around them Fox's it also shows how different regions of the galaxy a linked what happened to the galactic. Centre, really does make a difference to what happens out in the magic extreme the. The authors used hobbled. Vala capabilities to probe the stream by using background quasars, the bright 'cause, distant active galaxies as a light sources, hobbled cosmic origins spectograph can see the fingerprints of ionized atoms in this ultraviolet light from quasars, the authors studied sidelines the twenty-one quasars far behind the magical in extreme and ten behind another feature called the leading arm, attended an shredded gases armed that precedes the mental, and it clouds in their orbit around the Milky Way. When light from quasars pass through the gas, some of it specific wavelength gets absorbed by atoms in the cloud. And Win astronomers looked at the quays spectrum at specific wavelengths. They see evidence of light absorption that they wouldn't see that. I hadn't passed through the cloud, and that tells them something about the gas itself. Uses found evidence at the ions have been created the magical and extreme by an energetic flash, this burst was so powerful that lit the stream. Even though it's an incredible two hundred thousand light years away from the Galactic, center and the source of the explosion, interestingly, unlike the magical in extreme leading I'm didn't show any evidence of being lit up the Flair, and that makes sense because the leading arm isn't. Isn't sitting right below the South Galactic Oh, so it wasn't shout with bursts radiation, another interesting point this same event, which caused this radiation flea. We're talking about also generated those hot plasma FERMI bubbles. We talked about last week as massive bubbles, tearing some thirty thousand light years above and below the plane of the Milky Way, they're energetic. Gamma-ray glow was discovered in two thousand ten analysis firming Gamma-ray Space Telescope. And as we mentioned last week story in two thousand Fifteen Fox used hobbles ultraviolet spectroscopy to measure the expansion velocity composition of ballooning lobes, and now Fox and colleagues have managed to stretch will be on the FERMI bubbles. Faulk says he always thought the funny bubbles in the magical and extreme was separate and unrelated to each other each doing their own thing and different parts of the galaxy's Halo, but he now sees that the same powerful flash from the MILKYWAY's for three million solar mass black hole played a major role in both. This space time still the come Cyrus. Rex's asteroid sample collection set down for October. Twenty and spectacular annual solar eclipse sweeps across Africa Asia and the Pacific all that and more coming up on space time. Nassar is, said October twenty as the date when the Sarah Rick spacecraft will maneuver down to the rugged Boulder Strewn surface of the asteroid Banou, an attempt to collect a sample of the engine space rock for return to Earth. The touch and go tag sample collection event will be the culmination of more than a decade of Planning Work Mission. Manages Caridad a successful I rather so back on April fourteenth and a second. It's been slated for August eleven. The original target data sample collection was planned for late August, but then you October. Twenty date will allow more time to prepare in the wake of the covid nineteen pandemic. Ten nine, hundred and fifty five new is what's known as an Apollo Group asteroid that means it's a neo near Earth object on an orbit which intersects with in Crosses, Earth's orbit around the Sun beneath classified as type B carbonaceous asteroid, generally similar to topsy kaban asteroids, droids, but with surface spectra suggesting Priscila gets. Klay Minerals organic polymers magnetized and Sulfides the four hundred ninety to meet a white space rock as an intrinsically dynamically unstable orbit with a significant one in twenty seven hundred chance of hitting the Earth between twenty, one, seventy, five and twenty, one nine. That's one of the highest confirmed impact probabilities of any asteroid. That, if it were to Clyde with the earth, the resulting impact would be the equivalent of twelve hundred megatonne thermonuclear device launch from the Cape Canaveral. Air Force. Station Florida aboard an atlas, five, rocket back on September. The twenty, six, sixteen, the two, thousand, one, hundred ten kilogram, Cyrus wreck spacecraft arrived at Banou in October, twenty eighteen. The probe spending threes orbiting the asteroid. Jude's as low as five kilometers mapping the. The News surface geology, studying its evolution, chemistry and mineralogy, one of its key mission objectives, involves studying non gravitational influences such as the Kofsky effect in which sunlight heats up the surface of an asteroid, and that Haiti's then radiated back into space is the asteroid rotates providing small thrust knowing the news physical properties will be critical for scientists, trying to determine the likelihood of this mountain sized asteroid slamming into the earth. When the Cyrus undetected sample collection, he one actually touched down on the surface, but will have a just above extending a robotic gone down to collect about two kilograms of pristine. Asteroid Regla the sample return to Earth spacecraft decided to leave Banou orbit in much twenty, twenty, one with a sample return capsule, being jettison for a parachute landing in Utah in September, twenty, twenty, three. This space, time. Still to come an annual solar eclipse sweeps across Africa. Asia and the Pacific, providing spectacular celestial display, and China launches more spy satellites, bringing its total Earth Observation Fleet to willow the ninety all that and more still to come on space time. People across parts of Africa Asia and the Pacific of being treated to a spectacular aniela solar eclipse time to coincide with the June. solstice solar eclipses happen when the Moon's orbit lines up in such a way that it passes directly between the Sun. The Moon Tolbert around. The Earth is actually inclined back. Five degrees compared to Earth orbit around the Sun So normally the moon's orbit, a piece to across the sky, either slightly above or slightly below the path son, but roughly every eighteen months. Oh, a lunar orbit places the men directly between the sun and the earth resulting in solar eclipse. Eclipse this happen because over the moon, some four hundred times smaller than Sun. It's also some four hundred times closer to the earth, and so the to appear to be the same size in the sky, as seen from when the Sun Moon and earth lineup exactly experiences a total solder eclipse as the sequoias, the moon begins to slowly pass in front of the sun and Partial Lunar Shadow. A number crosses the surface of the earth. And this can last over an hour. As more and more of the sun is hidden by the face of the moon, then just before totality occurs the Christians son converges into a single, brilliant white diamond of sunlight, as the very last bits of the sun's bright disk shines along the edge of the moon, and the first glimpses the faint. Created a ring around the moon and effect known as the Diamond Ring, then in the last fleeting moments before totality, the diamond ring breaks up into a string of beads, created the Sun's ray shine through the low lying valleys between the mountains, along the Lamar edge of the moon once this fate in on his bailey speeds ends. The moon has completely covered the entire disk of the sun, and you're into town, was he? During totality, the is part of the moonshadow known as the number crosses the surface. During this time, the skies doc stars will appear. It'll suddenly get notice with Kula. Birds will start roosting shedders will take on. On unusual crescent shape, and you'll be able to see the sun's tenuous outer atmosphere corona, glowing, a milky white, often explosions on the sun's surface called prominence will appear a spectacular, Bright Pink or Red Cloud, stretching high above the lunar limb. This path of totality can be up to two hundred and seventy two kilometers wide, although usually it's a lot less and the further away you are from the center of the Path. The shorter the eclipse duration will be if you're outside the line of totality to the north, or south of you'll only see a partial eclipse, which only part of the sun's disc will be covered by the moon. The reason, a total solar eclipse, he's only visible over small part of the earth is because the moonshadow is relatively small when it falls on the Earth on average, the moon orbits about three, hundred, eighty, four, thousand, four hundred kilometers from the Earth about the men's over around the earth is in a perfect circle. It slightly elliptical, meaning one part of the orbit, a bit closer to the Earth about three hundred fifty seven thousand kilometers. That's as parody and another. Another part of the lunar orbit will be bit further away around four hundred and six thousand kilometers, that's not as apogee and win. The Moon's orbit takes a little bit further away. A man looks a little bit smaller in the sky, and if that coincides with a solar eclipse, it doesn't cover the entire face the sun, so instead of a total solar eclipse, the Moon's passage across the sun create an annual or a ring of fire as light from the. The Sun completely surrounds the dock had moon resulting in an annual or eclipse, and that's what happened on June. The twenty first the spectacle began at sunrise over the Central African Republic, and then crossed the Congo and Ethiopia before moving over the Arabian Peninsula, southern, Pakistan northern India and China and then ending sunset over the Pacific Ocean a partial eclipse was visible in north and east Africa's will southeastern Europe most of Asia and Australia wasn't completely left out people across. Across the top in were treated to a sky show those endowing getting fifty seven minutes of partial eclipse while people at the northern tip of Cape York. We're given twenty two minutes of showtime. As the moon continues to slowly move away from the earth rate of about three centimeters per year, eventually, solar eclipses will become a singer of the past, but you don't need to be Earth to witness eclipse as Jonathan. Nellie editor restrained sky and Telescope magazine explains. very often said opposite of the lot. You may say to yourself. Lots of people say that we are very lucky here on that we can experience title. Salary pitches all right. This is because the moon and the Sun a very very different in size but they are just the right sizes, and each of them just the distance from Earth. So when we look at them, they seem to be the same size in the sky. This is with one hundred comes in. The the moon is about one four hundredth of the size of the sun, but it's four hundred times class roughly so we can get titles. Older ships is because the moon can cover up. The Sun doesn't always do so sometimes because the moon's orbit is he lip? Sometimes, it's a little bit further away. From my someone moves in front of the Sun doesn't completely cover the sun, and you get an annual Phipps or ring of fire eclipse, which leaves a little bit of sunlight around the the the age of the moon, but as far as total solar trip says yeah, everyone always says gee. Really lucky and millions and millions of millions of years from now when the moon will moved further away from the earth because he's getting further and further away at the rate of. Growth. Scar was interesting. Goodness Crashes Three Senators. The we'll have to get to the moon on with. so we're very very lucky that we can. We can see these total phone. the questions being raised Can you get tunsil solid clips? In on other planets in the solar system within moons, okay, so one of their authors Rod Hill. WHO's a retired CSI of our research a? Crunch the numbers and he found out that a few of these moons can actually give you a title solder eclipse so about. Yeah, so the the the difficulty is that. these moons typically threat. All the system is very small, compared to the parent planet album moon is very unusual because to. Compared to the Earth, the Moon is actually quite big than some people have sometimes said that. Had Double Planet System and I sometimes say that also Pluto with shower on. I've actually is because the definition of a binary planetary system involves the Berry Center. Being outside that is the center of gravity between the two bodies, being outside the conference of the primary body, in which case that would be Pluto and indicates Pluto Sharon system. It is the Berry Center is outside of Pluto. Technically occasionally, the sun and Jupiter do the same thing with Barry Center of the sun moving just outside it surfaced, but not very often, but yeah, in the case of the Earth and the Moon Attaran system. Be a lovely name for this star Trekkie name. But unfortunately. The Center through center of gravity of the Earth Moon System always remained beneath the surface of the earth. Very Center was a nightclub on Georgia Tech and May will be. How to drain anyway back to this. So it's so, the question is, can yes I? Can any of these other moons on other planets Cho's sober someone it turns out. They can take their twelve moons. belong to Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Pluto. But they occasionally will cause. A scene from those pilots, but usually. Only, for a few seconds duration. Right and and they can be many many years apart like hundreds of years about so if if you didn't know it was going to happen, you would definitely miss it. so I guess the thing is yes. We are very lucky here. Earth, because we do have a moon. That's the right size and righteousness to give on me and they they haven't nice and slowly, so we get to enjoy them, and they run fairly frequently for the which one of the Martian moons does. The eclipsing is a demon so for. Phobos is the bigger of the two. It's the one that's going to fall apart I by the way. Bodily Organ Quantifiable GonNa fall apart. My Body's going. That's Jonathan. Now is the editor of Strain Sky Telescope magazine and forget. If you're having trouble getting your copy, the strain sky tell it's got magazine from your usual retailer. Because the current lockdown and travel restrictions, you can always get a print or digital subscription. The magazine delivered directly to letterbox our inbox subscribing. Just go to sky and telescope DOT COM Dada you that sky and telescope dot com, dot AU and you'll never be left in the dark gain this space time. Still, the come China launches more spy satellites and later in the science report you evidence that climate change is making wet seasons, witter and dry seasons, even drier, all that and more still to come on space time. China is continuous pushed to launch a messy fleet of spy satellites designed to provide continuous coverage of the entire surface. The latest launch takes Beijing's current constellation of Earth observation satellites to over ninety as well as providing the. Coverage. The growing Amata provides ample redundancy for future satellite losses failures. The latest addition to the fleet was the golfing nine, zero, three or patient satellite launched aboard a Long March. two-day rocket from the Satellite Launch Center in western China's Ganci province golfing nine, zero three is optimal remote-sensing satellite capable of providing images with resolutions Daniel batum meter, the mission payload also included two other satellites head five, which will monitoring collect information on shipping and aircraft movements and provide communications for China's Internet of things and a small Pico satellite designed to test future technologies in space. This space time. anti-matter, take a brief look at some of the other stories making us inside this week with the signs report and you study is found that the patents of nineteen contagion around the world suggests that it may spread like a seasonal respiratory disease, a report in the Journal of the American. Medical Association looked at fifty cities, eight with substantial community spirit of Covid, nineteen and forty two, though either minimally affected or not affected. Affected at all, they found that all eight cities with the virus spread significantly occurred in a narrow latitude. No band between thirty and fifty degrees north had similar weather patterns with temperatures between five and eleven degrees Celsius and had low humidity levels. The authors say the patent is consistent with a seasonal respiratory virus, and they're finding should pretty which countries will be at highest risk of covid nineteen spreading in the coming weeks. And you study warrants at the growing impact of climate change on the planet means wit seasons going to get a lot. Wetter or dry seasons will get even drier. The findings reported in the Journal. Nature, communications shows how global warming will cause rainfall to become follow. Variable researchers found that girl. They'll be an increase in annual rainfall averages, especially under the higher emission scenario is being predicted. However, they also founded the variation between the seasons is likely to increase and regions that already having consistent water supplies into high seasonal variation in rainfall may experience even more inconsistent water availability in future. Head congestion is one of the most common symptoms experienced by astronauts during spaceflight that not much is actually known about what causes it now. A report in the Journal of the American Medical Association Claims Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scans of NASA astronauts, both before and after missions may have determined why the study found that some astronauts who went along spaceflights aboard the space station had build up of liquid in the inner ear. Well, astronauts on short emissions didn't and this may be what's causing the head congestion. And you. Study has found that pet owners attorney, more and mortar homemade or raw type pitch foods, instead of the more conventional safer. Drying can't options. A report in the Journal, Vet Record Cidade. More than three thousand six hundred dog and cat owners in Australia New Zealand. Canada the UK and the United States and compared their findings, the data published in early studies they found that most dogs and cats were off conventional pet food, but only a few offered exclusively instead ran half of cats, and some two-thirds of dogs were being offered homemade or options, different feeding practices will report it in different places with Petronas in new, Zealand Canada the most likely to feed their dogs and cats, and exclusively conventional died. The authors are calling on educate clients about intitial needs of their four-legged friends, and the health dangers of feeding them exclusively raw meat diets. Okay let's that by remembering the immortal words of the Great, Dr Sheldon Cooper from Classic Sitcom Masterpiece Big Bang, theory and I quote. There's absolutely no scientific evidence to support clairvoyance of any kind which means it's a fraud. Professional swindle, and its livelihood is dependent on the Gullibility of stupid people. No offense intended. With that opinion mind, we ask the question. Can A PSYCHE COPE? Get through these difficult times to the COVID nineteen corona virus. Anti minute from Australian skeptics is the answer may not be what you expect. From starts off with the interesting cramps that the vast majority of clay avoiding. Get, things wrong. If I say that I can see the future they lying. also says it very. It's tough. It's a very critical story about psychics, and then rapidly deteriorates into a good psychic versus bad psyche permission. If you like of Hey, you can tell with us which often either psychic therapy astrology. They're throwing astrology in there for the psychic treatments and things, obviously in nineteen people are very worried. Cetera story very concept assigned good psychics and dance. Stuff, with the wrong premise he used to say out or any thought so case and certainly. As we've seen and tasted of shine that they don't do it, they can't do it and really the exclusive sake Mike for the errands it's. Hundred. He made me spend spending spending. Psyche help you maybe just to talk to the talk to some of the United States, so you talked to a friend that all these things can help you get through these difficult times yesterday. That depends listening abilities of the psyche of space, but I think they're gonNA help you in any way with their psychic ability as quote fucking ability. From Australian skeptics. And that's the show for now. space-time is broadcast on science radio by the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC and through both IHEART radio and on shooting radio. 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