My Fair Juror (Starring Lindsey Graham)


it's Monday December sixteenth. I'm Akilah Hughes. I'm Gideon Resnick. And this is what a day. The Office Party. That was too fun of Daily News. podcasts my throat hurts literally can't talk right now shows over folks on today's show the latest impeachment and then some headlines but verse. It's is to be weak for Democrats. Welcome back to the twenty twenty Democratic presidential primary where everyone is once again. Having a debate about debates there were two big developments in the the past few days on the topic of when where and how all the candidates will debate each other before the first votes are cast. The first development is about an ongoing labor dispute at the site of the next debate in Los Angeles on Thursday in the second is about how the DNC should structure next year's debates and qualifying criteria. Getting let's start with this week's debate that scheduled for Thursday his day in La. Let's do it so basically what happened is on Friday Senator Elizabeth Warren followed closely by Senator Bernie. Sanders tweeted that they would not participate in this Thursday Databa- at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles. If it meant that they were crossing a picket line. Okay so the backstory here is that workers represented by unite here. Local eleven have been picketing eating since November. And they're in an ongoing labor dispute with sodexo which employs more than one hundred fifty service workers at the university and also recently according to the the unions co-president just cancelled contribution. So that's sort of why this is still going on and after those two senators said that they'd risk skipping the debate in order to make sure sure they're not crossing the picket line. This happening all the other candidates they were supposed to go also said the same thing. Yeah which makes sense. Yeah you want to be the one asshole standing there like I actually don't care everybody but what you're saying. Is We get to go home early on Thursday now because the debates not going to happen we'll see about that the position from the Democratic National Committee. Right now how is that they're working on it They obviously have limited time span to figure it out Chairman Tom Perez said that he didn't WanNa cross the picket line The other interesting thing about Peres's position is that he was former Labor secretary so this is kind of his wheelhouse. You'd think to be able to figure this out and the crazy thing is this isn't the first assigned. There was a labor dispute that has impacted one of these debates. And it's not even the first time that that's happened for this specific one before this debate was scheduled it was supposed to be at UCLA. A separate labor dispute got it moved to here. And that's all to say that it's interesting that the issues that often come up in the campaign are are manifesting themselves in real time. Yeah got it so I think the natural resolution here is to host a what a day debate with all the candidates. I agree. Yeah we would like to formally invite the qualifying presidential candidates to join us for our inaugural WAD debates. Probably you gotta get that. The budget approved. We're GONNA do it. It's Thursday probably need to get some cameras in here. That could properly show the crease in everyone's faces an hd standing-room-only no parking validation. Let's move on from the possible December debate at Loyola Marymount. Maybe hopefully one day one right here in the studio talk about the ones that are coming up in January and February. Yeah so over the weekend. Senator Cory Booker's campaign circulated a letter asking the Democratic National Committee to reconsider its debate obey criteria for next year. This obviously comes. After booker failed to make Thursdays debate and after Andrew Yang was the only candidate of color to qualify Senator Kamala Harris did qualify. But as we all know she dropped out so what happened after that letter was drafted. Yes so all. The other candidates got on board pretty quickly and basically what Booker's campaign was saying saying well what they're asking the. DNC is that they want to go back to the qualifications that they had earlier in two thousand eighteen. which was you can either have donors that help you? You get into the bay or you can have polls that help you get into the debate. But you don't necessarily need both The most recent ones have required the candidates have two hundred thousand unique donors and at least four poll showing them with at least four percent in the early state or national polls and so this is an easy tack booker to take because he has the donors. It doesn't have the polling numbers. I spoke with his campaign manager. A DC domes- on Sunday about all this and he said quote. There's just not enough time now to potentially qualify. If the criteria criteria were the same and the other that he made in that conversation was they don't really have control over who is pulling what and when and if they're not seeing seeing that stuff come in as they haven't been for the last you know fifteen to twenty to thirty days in this qualifying period. Then they're kind of at a point where it's like well. We can't hit those numbers you want us to hit if we're not seeing the polls yeah good point so given that a lot of the other candidates got on board with Booker's proposal. You know what we think is the DNC actually going to go back to the old criteria. Or we're just going to be stuck with the same. I kind of think that they're not going to And I mean Peres told The New York Times that at least for the next debate in January they're going to stick with this polling and and donor requirement but also that the ones that are coming up in February at a point where people will start voting in caucuses and primaries that they're gonNA start including leading some of the early results in how they decide who gets to make it on stage. Yeah so hypothetically. It's like booker. Does really well in Iowa. Then maybe after that he he finds a way in via that result. And it's interesting because throughout all of this right like this is the constant griping that people have during a primary win things going for them or when things is are not going well for them and it's like they're two sides to Peres's point. I think a lot of the campaigns and Democrats take view that everybody has had a lot of time to figure this all out and to do well and move up the ranks and you know the more success. We'll be bold move on. That's how it works and Booker's point I think a lot of the campaigns and Democrats are also frustrated frustrated that after a historically diverse primary has taken place that these are the people that people have been left with at the quote unquote top tier and that you know. Some of the other diverse candidates had struggled to gain traction all part of this sort of broader conversation that we could have until the Dang cows come home share. Well we we'll be tracking the story as it develops and will tentatively be at whatever debate takes place this week. If it happens maybe over here you know. We don't know walking and now for an impeachment news blast delayed but blasting. It's it's the holiday season. Later this month will have Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa festivus New Year's Eve. No clue boxing. Day is and sooner than all that. We'll sit around the fire. Drink some eggnog. And watch the impeachment of the president of the United States in the House of Representatives. Impeachment is one of those holidays that doesn't have presents but I'm going to settle. It's fun on Friday. The House Judiciary Committee confirmed the two articles of impeachment after debating for a day and a half. They are officially abuse of power and obstruction of Congress on Tuesday. The House Committee on rules will debate to decide on. Do you want to take a guess. Gideon rule rule rule debating the rules that will govern the final impeachment. Vote in the house. The rules committee will decide how long the debate will last. And how many amendments if any will we'll be allowed the rules committee has nine Democrats and four Republicans so the rules are expected to reflect that this is very proc- what you actually need to know is that there's going to be voting sometime this this week. The full House vote rather will likely happen on Wednesday and the outcome of the vote is not particularly in question as we've known for a while Democrats hold a majority of seats in the House. Two thousand three to one ninety seven yes so in. All likelihood trump will be impeached this week cruises halo. It's just yeah. It's it's a sitting but that would also give him the same track record as President Bill Clinton who was impeached in the House and I'm sure Donald Trump hates that it's the combination of weeks of inquiry by the House stems very historic. Well now it is time to stock up on that. God Dang Jiffy pop. We have only a couple of days and once the vote is done in the house. There's going to be this transition transition time to hearing the impeachment case in the Senate. That's the trial period Akilah. The process in the Senate hasn't even begun and it's already rife with accusations of partisanship even further obstruction. What on Earth is going on there? Yes so last night. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch. McConnell that said that the dims want want to hear testimony from four trump administration witnesses including acting chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and former national security adviser John Bolton the other witnesses are Robert Blair that was an aide to Mulvaney and Michael Duffy. Who Works at the Office of Management and Budget or Oh and be for short Listeners you will likely hear this acronym in the media going forward for the rest of this debacles just ownby. Is this testimony likely to happen. No probably not. Considering the players involved rape Senate Republicans as you know have so far settled on a strategy of hearing the opening argument from trump's lawyers and then house Democrats with the option to call witnesses leader Schumer is not really into that approach. He says that witnesses should be called. Documents turned over and trial parameters should be agreed upon in a partisan way Bipartisan Way. Yeah I mean that obviously seems optimistic given in that just last week Mitch. McConnell basically gave the game away telling Sean Hannity that he was in close coordination with White House. Counsel about the whole Senator Al.. Yeah which is not trials are supposed supposed to be done. If you're wondering this isn't even a partisan point either you know if you were a juror and you told the judge that you were working with the defense to decide if they're guilty or not you get discharged from Matt. Sweet sweet forty bucks. which is I think what the going rate is for being? You know having jury duty but hey it's twenty nine hundred America. What are norms and standards anymore? We don't care find in Moscow Mitch which. I'm allowed to call them that because crooked. Let's be real people so shout out but also I have suffered through being the senator for Kentucky my entire life So Mitch isn't the only Republican incident Pledging not to do their job loud as fuck in public. Senator Lindsey Graham. He's also the chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the Senate. It said on Saturday that he will do everything in his power to quickly end an expected impeachment trial in the Republican led Senate Gideon thoughts just throwing throwing the towel away before the game. Even I what I expect. But it's still you know if he if he had shame he would have demonstrated years ago asked if it was appropriate for him to be voicing his opinion before impeachment even reaches the Senate Graham replied quote while I must think so. Because I'm doing it. Okay he went on to say quote. I am trying to give with a pretty clear signal. I've made up my mind. I'm not trying to pretend to be a fair jer here which I just feel like. How are you allowed to have this job? And you can't uphold the basic part of the job description. Do Your job. You were tasked with this rise to the occasion please. I would never be a good football coach gauged please anyway with the linebackers well on that note. Even more weird impeachment stuff is happening right now. New New Jersey Democratic Representative Jeff Van Drew Not Andrew has decided to switch parties to become a Republican. Just the house is about to vote. He's been staunchly Anti Impeachment Schmidt from the jump and now he'll be the party as his haircut which has been Republican for a very long time. I mean look him up you know just Google it. He looks more like hand. Kills Deb and Mike Pence It likely won't change the outcome in the house though and a little bit of background on Andrew. It's pretty moderate. He ran as a Democrat and one in his district partly because his Republican opponent made a bunch of races remarks an las backing from the sea. So you know. Moderate what's even more galling about Andrew's decision decision is that it it came after polling indicated that he was in trouble with Democratic voters in his district because for weeks he's been going on Fox and saying he's against impeachment So you know basing decisions on what is right and wrong purely on your own electoral prospects. Welcome to the Republican Party. You are going to fit in great well. The impeachment he's written news is not letting up. And we are going to keep you posted on all of the news as it rains down this week. And that was your impeachment news blast and now to some ads. They've been telling you all about this Bra that I really love and I wear it every day. I mean not just the one several from this company. They're awesome and they totally fit my boobs. And that's why I think you all supreme you try one. So third. 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Sunday morning little to no progress was made especially because major polluters like the United States Australia and China blocked action on measures meant to lower emissions. Because I guess they know about a second backup earth at the rest of US Dole for their part. The trump administration even actively blocked proposals to help developing countries with the cost of dealing with climate. Change this was technically the last year the United States will be part of these talks since trump made the decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement a man who has seen groping reporter during during a December seventh news broadcasts was arrested last Friday on charges of sexual battery. Thomas Calloway was participating in Georgia. Five K. and thought it'd be really cool and funny to slap reporter order Alex Bizarre but as he ran pastor. It really wasn't no one left. here's bazaar John Allen House. She experienced the assault. He took my power. And I'm trying trying to take that back And I think what it really comes down to is that he helped himself to a part of my body. Calloway was was arrested after turning himself in and has been released on a thirteen hundred dollar bond. Accompany that helped fuel. The country's OPIOID crisis is now selling cure for opioid overdoses. Money makes you evil. Purdue Pharma manufacturer highly addictive drug Oxycontin. And now they're foreign affiliate Monday Pharma has been approved to sell an opioid antagonists called the lock zone in Europe New Zealand and Australia. The drug has been available in generic form for years. But now they're selling it in a nasal spray form called make sued for for nearly twice the Price Creek. Say It's pretty messed up to the same people who marketed highly addictive painkillers are now cashing in on the cure. And I consider myself one of those critics a real roller coaster for the hallmark channel. This weekend the company known for Holiday Classic like the Christmas princess and Princess for Christmas was criticized for pulling commercials for the Wedding Registry Companies Ola because the ads featured two women kissing hallmarks decision came after the conservative group. One million MOMS wrote a petition that said quote family. Entertainment payment is not the outlet in which to be politically correct by forcing tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality side note. One million MOMS has four thousand followers. Where all them up when at though also take because if two months is gay a million moms way Gayer anyway hallmark saw the light amid pressure from LGBTQ advocacy groups? Like glad in on Sunday night. They announced that they are reversing their bad decision so they can stop appeasing homophobes and go back to making that one movie that what they do best Chris Princess the princess from Christmas Christmas Princess Christmas holiday Princess of print Francis Christmas Christmas princess. Diaries tired and those are the headlines. That's all for today. If you like to show make sure you subscribe gives us a rating on her instagram. Like our oldest posts and tell your friends to listen by the way. If you're into reading and not just original pilot scripts for quick video bites you can watch on your own. What a day is also a nightly newsletter? Check it out and subscribe at crooked dot com slash. Subscribe Describe Resnick. And that's how you pull yourself together over the last week before vacation. Aw what a day is a product of crooked media it's reported and mixed by Charlotte Landis selling a ton is our assistant producer or head. Writer is John. Mill scene and our senior producer is Katie log. Our theme music is by calling Gilead and his shock.

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