09 We Get Horny (Toad), Smoked and Ascend Above the African Clouds


Man These guys decorate for the holidays. They even brought in live animals. y'All better get out of here. The Musk jive Turkey mayflower pub. That's a stupid name. Jose special today gravy fear. I don't nothing in China. Hello welcome what are you drinking. We'll have a life in sixteen ounces. Please she is welcome to life. Sixteen ounces the show. The raises a pipe to the explorers. The adventure seekers lose wanting to break free from the nor to fill their glasses with memorable experiences and basically basically have a good time. I'm Brandon Save me the breast and I'm Paul. I'm a leg man myself. Hey let the feast begin. I am officer five retired tired Steve Marquette Proud member of the Army Quartermaster Corps. And I want to extend a sincere. Thank you to all veterans on your Special Day and you're listening. Thank you life in this episode. We give thanks to a brewery oasis in the wide open spaces of Texas next week get smoked By a culinary pit master. WHO HELPS US pair Thanksgiving meal favorites with Beer and finally we salute troops past and present and speak with a veteran who rose above his own struggles and ascended? Mount Kilimanjaro. With a band of brothers. Aft In our usual crack on this episode of life in Sixteen Ounce Boy We can never please everyone. That's true so so some some actually liked how we featured more beers in our last scary episode good job by the way and editing O s but some people actually wanted to hear more stories. So we're it's very difficult so you know what I say screw it. This is our last episode. What no we're done? This is the last show we already made into nine episodes. Oh man so what are you what do you think for as we approach Thanksgiving's Ooh you know there's a lot of things First and foremost the show that we were able to get this off the ground and then we continue to You don't have this creative outlet For and a drink beer at to get together with you on on at least a monthly basis absolutely and I win. I win the crowd the audience to know that. We're actually recording this on on Veterans Day. Yes and we're going to do a little special Tribute to to them to us and I'll tell you what I'm thankful for. Actually has is a hand in a throat that works properly and you could you turn that in many different ways so go ahead interpreted. Meanwhile I'll take my hand grab my beer and drink and poor beer down my throat. There you go excellent excellent so let me ask you this though. Okay what what is. What's on your dinner table when you turn that corner or call comes in? Hey the food's ready or maybe somebody even asks you. What would you like to have for Thanksgiving that That question does come up normally a couple of weeks before we all get together for Thanksgiving. And I'm I'm a pretty the traditional guy when it comes to what I like to have You know some families they throw the ham in with the Turkey right. Yeah I don't need the Ham. Just give me the Turkey. I the mashed potatoes. The Green. Bean casserole cranberries not so much. The sauce but the cranberries. He's there's a way to do it with sugar and stuff okay. stuffing love stuffing. I can't get enough of that and if you do it wrong it's wrong. Yes yeah yeah do you have to. I'm not a big fan of doing the stuffing in the bird itself and I think that separate is fine. Even if you WanNa just do stove top shoutout is fine but as long as it's moist And it it compliments the the rest of the meal the key word casserole bothers me and unfortunately and there's a lot of green bean casserole. Who knows what other casseroles The the I love gravy okay. So greedy has to be in there somewhere everything that you said. Yes I I like him. Honestly but I would definitely get less of it compared to Turkey and the vegetable side of the house. Talk to me about that because there's cream corn. There's there's Brussels sprouts there's green beans. There's Yom's is that a vegetable. I don't know I've not really really ever half the The Yam experience. I've had the carrots with the brown sugar right thrown in there. I like that okay. Yeah creamed corn. Take it or leave it. I'm not that big of a fan of that so much. What about the people that don't do Turkey and don't do him? I think we're going to talk a little about about that later. On right yes there are. There are some alternatives out there. And that's fine too as long as you're getting getting together as a family and you're sitting down just to kind of get away from you know the the hustle and bustle of life that you're sitting down to kind of get into that mindset of remembering what what it is that you're thankful for. Let me bring this to you though to bring it back to life in sixteen ounces of you have you ever done or consider doing because I think you and I need to do this next Thanksgiving for the show. The the Turkey on the beer can is that what it's called it. PLOP the top of that and he took it that way for going. It's actually called shrunken is a drunken. No that's your thing that you're thinking of duck and duck and yeah I think it's just beer can Turkey. Yeah yet I heard. It's quite good. Very moist what kind of beer would you use We'll talk about about that. I'm sure but we'll maybe we'll have a life in sixteen ounces kitchen feature and we'll have some of our beer that we made sitting on sitting inside of a Turkey just pour it in right so it sounds sounds good sounds good. Hey I think it is time to drink go yes please dear beer Michigan's road. No alcohol sucks. I can't take much to have a brilliant brilliant before we dive into our stories in the few minutes that wonderful sound you heard means. It is time to feature a beer that will mix just fine. With gobs of cranberries and gravy will fill our bellies. We might drink more. Don't worry the trip fan in Turkey will have a sleeping on the couch. And no tile. Oh yes so. What is on the tasting menu here at Paul's taproom for this episode? I've chosen for what because I I wanted to be one less than what you did last time. There's a lot of stuff to pair with Turkey or Thanksgiving in general so I did my best. I think I hit a little low on the target. But let's go all right. The first beer is from anchor brewery. We're based out of San Francisco fairly local to us right now. They're it's they're porter and it is five point six percent there's really nothing else on the label that really needs to be spoken of so the second one. Oh and that's got forty. Ib US forty the IB forty for those IB fans. Second chose is Samuel. Smith's they are out of Tadcaster Yorkshire in UK. Now we're going way for away. This is their winter. Welcome Ale the label basic as a gigantic thirty. This is their thirtieth winter. You're welcome anniversary. This one is six percent with thirty two. I abuse thirty two issues right next. I found this one. It's interesting because this is stellar Twat. Everybody wants should know their traditional one that you can almost anywhere but this one around the pelted by the way. This one is their premium. Dark lager midnight logger. Oh this one is five point. Four percent with eighteen abuse K.. And then I found one that actually I think makes sense for the Thanksgiving okay. This is from high water brewery out of San Jose so again back to the being sort of local sugary maple pecan Pie aged on bourbon barrel oak chips. It says. Fill your pie hole. Not a fan of pecan Pie. I only have one piece of Pumpkin. I agree I agree. That's why we're GONNA probably spit this out normally. That's the last Pie. That's that's sitting on through the Maple Vermont Maple Sugar. Let's see what else it does say that you wish your grandma had put in her famous Thanksgiving Pie. Sit Back Relax. Enjoy a bottle of liquid love ultimately transport yourself back to when family get togethers and from times past and maybe it'll make new special memories coming coming up. This bad boy is at nine point. Eight Percent Hook at twenty eight ib us. This is the largest bottle bomber. Well Lisa looks like a bomber figures. The one that's more potent than most of the other ones. You can buy a six pack. I think Samuel Smith is four pack. I did shoot the temperature gun on all four between fifty two and fifty four degree bottle temperature. Obviously the outside so there you go well interesting choices. Go and pry that open the first one. Inlets porous a pint so we can show our tasting notes with our listeners. Already ahead of your buddy beautiful as much as we would love of to have certified taste buds one of these days. We'll defer to people who know what they're talking about for their official ratings. We also know that there are those who don't like Turkey or ham or you know or Brussels sprouts or Green Bean casserole Yes no there's lots of libations out there we are simply trying to get through this holiday with all the family drama. Just don't show up we will carve this up and come back for seconds baby during the rest of the episode so without further delay. Let's let's roll into the story. Let the good times roll. Hey let the knock you around. Everybody is a retired captain. Will Martin of the Army Army National Guard Veterans Day. Shout out to all the other national guardsmen out there especially those folks deployed since nine eleven. I know there's been several hundred thousand the way out to Iraq and Afghanistan Kuwait and other great sunny places. You're listening to life in sixteen ounces. What's in my in Sacramento Menno? It's definitely the track seven but when I'm in my home state of Michigan. It's the Houma Lupu malicious which is the Ip that got me hooked as in the first place in northern Michigan from shorts brewery. Those neck of the woods. You definitely gotTA check it out so this first story basically takes us to Texas where you had been visiting families correct yet not my family ambers family okay We went to go went to Saint Angelo. which is west Texas boomtown oil town? It's gone through a lot of changes in currently when you get there it it's flat as a pancake. No no mountains any no mountains anywhere and you fly in you have to go through Dallas to even get to San Angelo because there's only so many flights that go into this place. Okay so we got there and we were visiting don and Karen and Maxi and Ellen Ron and Terry be rive at San Angelo airport and it was fairly early. Nobody was around in. We were we. Were waiting for the bags to come out. And of course I looked around and I saw this bar and I saw taps and I said Oh taps and let me you just walk over there because this is life in sixteen ounces. I took out my visit cars and I started throwing them on every empty. which they're all? There's nobody they're all the empty tables in the guy behind the bar who is setting up for the day said Ma can help you and I said well sure. Yeah he So I'm I'm visiting from California. Here's my business card is a podcast called life in sixty now and he goes. Oh Okay Okay and he would you wanNA try a beer. But he my answer was depends on what time it doesn't it. It doesn't make a difference to drink at six o'clock in the morning watching Liverpool true. Yes so he goes. Oh Yeah Chimera I'll give taste. And it was from the TAP. He introduced me to Horny. toad brewery Horny toad. which is this lizard the thing they have in West Texas in you ask anybody who's from there we'd like Oh my horny toads? Oh my gosh yes I know them. I knew them that. Just litter the desert. I don't know if they're like locusts stuff. No no they clearly grew up with them in the know them. I of course I've never seen one but The label able has has a picture of one and the Guy said here. Try this and it was a Mesquite Bean Brown Ale and I believe the other one was An Ip a call a kickapoo so anyway I tried those and he said how long you here for a couple of days. Because we'll just by. I chance first Saturday of every month. He has an open house in his brewery in a place called Rowena okay. Meanwhile I'm like I don't know where the hell it is it is but I'll find it. So that's how we found out about Horny toad brewery in Ruina. I of course got in trouble because I was drinking beer. I don't know eight thirty in the morning and Ambrose like what the Hell you doing. I said there was taps. I'm going to drink here and it is so we asked people no. I haven't heard of it but we got directions which basically is basically get on this highway and just drive and eventually you run into Rowena driving driving through again the flattest land anything. It's almost like Cockfield. Cotton feel cottonfields. COTTON FIELD MAY BE AN OIL RIG EH balancing up and downs nodding and eventually. Oh there's another town and then we passed through that town and then there's another town eventually come up to Rowena. Place is is by the way. I don't know famous or infamous as being the birthplace of Bonnie from Bonnie and Clyde. Okay yeah that will come up a little later but we pulled into this road once we found the town and as we pulled in we were passed by very jovial motorcycles cyclists there was a quad quad machines. You know four wheel off roading vehicles so not hells angels not hells angels but like. Hey were were. We're just out and about on on on a normal highway road in in a four wheel Buggy kind of thing inside and and they were happy as hell and we passed them there. And we're like oh we've got to be near the brewery it just seemed like we were getting close and then we spotted motorcycles motorcycles. Then we spotted cars and like Oh this must be pulled up and the place was packed. Horny to- brewery is an old service arrestation picture the roll up garage doors a defunct type of Cover over what used to be. AH GAS STATION PUMPS THE GUY. Mike McNeill found himself here he was in the in the army. Thank you for your service. Yes pretty cool pretty cool. Interesting guy met his wife she was from I think San Angelo area and then ultimately they picked picked Rowena as they're landing ending zone if you will Because of a prices and availability. Yes so I sat with him in his front porch area. And and we're we're talking. It wasn't too bad of a heat timeframe at that point in the year. But this place gets hot triple digit hot. We're talking about a wraparound porch. No we're talking about like literally like you're underneath the service pump. Awning of a gas station K.. And inside you you go into what would be a a porch enclosed porch and then back there back in the back is his taproom so as a taproom him. He has an outside serving area. I think four hundred fifty ish people live in Rowena. They get like three hundred visitors on this Saturday. They like true triple almost double. Wow their population and Rowena. Based off of Mike's Brewery people coming from well within a reasonable we'll distance of of Ruina in visiting it to try his beer. He Love Beer. Grew up on beer and decided to start brewing. Obviously a home brewer recipes and then scaled it up from there. I'll get into that later in ultimately started making stuff in sharing it and people. Hey wanted did you go in further. And so he he did and he did open up a official brewery in two thousand twelve. I sat with him and and I asked asked him. How does he deal with the heat in Texas? No insulation and who are in. That building is really really cold in the wintertime. But that's not as big a problem. You can always talk for the for the he. I definitely takes longer crash in the summertime and I gotta I gotTa step it you. We know like in the winter time I can just go from. Okay this is Joan term and I can just senator thirty six degrees walk away and come back acme mornings at thirty six degrees but that does not happen in summertime so I do pretty much five so I don't stress out too much. He had a bunch of chillers that he he uses to cool down his work. Down to fermentable temperature and this is how he deals with that. Assal Vicar team in order to cool down particularly in the summertime because guys to water coming out of the ground is eighty five degrees. There's just no way that more with forty shows it took us on a tour which is basically came in. Let me show you the Service Bay take three steps here. Take three steps there. And then when you're done and they he did have this contraption that I just loved and I believe it's on a social media sites but he took a vessel conical ton. Whatever you WANNA call it and then he spray painted on spray sprayed on installation which contains five hundred gallons that he's able to of of water by the way that he's able to get down to thirty degrees during those crazy hot months in the summer again the middle of nowhere? I don't know do they have really really good water in the middle of nowhere. I asked him about that too. Not good not good to drink so you don't WanNa make beer with water right out of the So I- filter all great to speak filter that every everything water boiler shelters to water used to clean case whatever and then make brew water. I've got a five stage. Reverse osmosis filtration system. Ed grew modern history so once you ended up with is completely the ionized water. There's nothing so ask Dad for burn too so you have to address some carbon this and stuff like that to to make it through. I think the finished today is if I WANNA make You know British Pale spell or or a bidder. I can replicate water so s the advantage of all that stuff you can look up and you can find chemical formula for water from anywhere there today. Supposedly you know why Dan I'm just taking someone's worth pretty good. He has eight beers. Here's on TAP Let's go through a few of them. He has a kickapoo. EPA A mosquito being Brown which is actually pretty interesting. He has his original flagship. Which is the Angelo Amber Basov San Angelo interesting? He has a pump Jack Porter I don't know if he had that they're not at the time. But a con Cacho Cream Ale a care tassir which was a Scottish. We heavy and he told me a story about Scottish guy going. The word Tassir is kind of a funny turn to put into a beer and then a volunteer blond. Which I think he'd does talk a little bit more about how that evolved from being a considered a light eight to be here to what he was a crafts craft brew? Side of the house would be a a blonde. I asked him how he came up with the styles Bloomberg Because even though when I opened two thousand twelve the most popular style here already in the country but Texans is this easily twenty years behind the times and if you go back twenty years most popular beer style was amber so this. He's one of those guys that again. Home Brewer. How do you turn from a hobby to a commitment? And how do you go from a part time job to a fulltime job. He had a fulltime job. He explained that in a volt eventually he had to pick like one time when it started as I held on to my full time job for three and a half years until obviously had two full time jobs and something has to give so and then went off. I probably for like a year is like this is ridiculous average of four hours tonight. Nine Connecticut Hill so I started part time my plan. I'm was to do the embryo only for at least a year. Just do one of the year you know make things easy. I only have one firm it or back. Then you know it's he had. He had a moment where he's trying to select what beers to serve. If two people in West Texas any he he learned a little bit about from a distributor. That told them about a a light beer situation that he had this information that Andy got helped him evolve his light. Beer approach may be the blonde and things like that so interesting. How again he has to make money any? He has to serve something that eventually going to be used. He doesn't want to have stuff sitting in kegs months after it's made although that's not bad thing to have some styles but things like a seasonal batch sitting there for months so I mean I only went three months before the female but now slightly different recipe is born blind and a cell as well. Because does I mean the first batch of one really quick I sold out again right away and named And then the second bitch took a long time. I remember asking one of my accounts. Hey what's going on last month. You so this stuff like it was off and he goes. I can't tell you. How many times have this conversation? Someone come in or Miller lite and I'll say hey. Have you tried this locally. Brewed tree male. And like no haven't tried that it's like well you should try them. Okay and I'll bring him one day later when Cedar Glasses. MVSA house at cre- mill and they'll be like it was really good can get you know. I'll take life and I decided decided after here next story from a couple of different accounts. Light beer drinkers went out looking for beer and craft beer. Drinkers are not looking for as a home brewer myself. If you want to go beyond five gallons you have to scale up your recipes. And this is how how he approached that the IPA appear the Mesquite Bean Braunau and porter were all hungry recipes. Then a skill that was learning process to the first one is skilled. I was the first being ruined and I quickly not learned that. It's not linear You know what I'm saying. Hey well this is what offended batch so just multiply that by twenty no. That's not the way it works because the efficiency of the system is different. I was going to be different first time I did it. I made a supposed to be like a five and a half maybe purchase extra career and the first time I made it onto a system that came out about seven percent and wait hawkiness they just multiply everything his ingredients again west Texas he gets US malts from the typical title two main locations in hops. He's got a guy that he's got a guy right and He helps them out and one of the things that he's going to be brewing here. Sure well I'll tell him he'll he'll tell you about it. His next style is insurance. Only like seven percent this imperial for Mexican Baseball Bat Hombre an just ordered. I normally stop the off the finishing house career. He's GonNa but I I just last week has a fixed and next thing when I sent an email to my guy I'm just gonNA try. Try it distributing. I asked him what inspires him. Cool thing about it. He's he retired from the military. He's been all over the world. He served in Iraq. He's he's seen it he's done it and I believe he was actually in like a human intelligence like thirty five series. Mos So smart guy and he he was able to grow up with his. He's a military brought his father so he was able to taste different styles in different locations around the world. Nothing that is what really helped on the air force and his last assignments before he retired was England so we we lived in England for three years and I turned sixteen years old in England. Winchester take time was illegal at least for beer and I remember going down to the pub is how the uniform in low towncar Chechen in Bucks County County. I mean we were timing. The Americans on the street. All my friends were English. We went down Me My friend. WHO's a few months old me and his only brother Roster column where the names when Unicorn which was a local pub and I was a vassal and I I love English sales I I I mean I I did two tours in Germany Nyami myself and I never I never really I mean I fear number two Germans doing Elva job you know makes them loggers? I mean if I have to drink eh. European blogger preferred to check stuff but can you chose text and I just love hills. I don't know what it is. I always blame it on that. I asked him here. Is I fear experienced by the way the first year experience was probably a year before that My old man was in the Air Force and his union was having their annual picnic and This is you know this is still an England taking place on Bass I guess and Nina the from friends show. We still a couple of Swiss the old manse cooler and cooler full of beer grand antipolo cans and went off behind some trees and drink nests. Will we know well the difference now. Was this exciting. We're drinking a beer. I very first beer drank was a Swiss time was the number one the United States it. It was about a thirty minute. Forty five minute. Drive out to Horny to- brewery but well worth it really cool guy super quiet And certainly certainly Loves his beer in his people his audience his fans clearly love his beer as well. Very friendly location. Very strange and NEAT and I. I can't wait to see how much he's able to has it. Longevity of of not only being noticed keeping his business going and then finding a way to continue on his legacy well hopefully they can distribute due to California at some. I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure they ever do that. He's like I I if I can somehow distribute beyond three hundred miles. Also he's going to be pretty happy or pretty sad because he just he. He appeared to be one of those guys like. Hey I love doing this. But it's it's it's a struggled to keep keep it going to know only brew beer but also distributed. Because he's self distributes. He drives all over the place taking his beer to locations. which has got to be pretty draining? But Mike's doing it. Let's see how long he can keep it up. He's got a great support staff behind him and people love his beer as as becoming so. Yeah check it out. Horny toad brewery sexless store here listening to wife and sixteen ounces. This is Mike into Korean arena Texas Trevor Driving through or in ruining for some reason come visit us even if we're not open probably yeah so going with the theme of Thanksgiving branding. I understand we just spoke with well. We just heard from Mike. WHO's a veteran? And you have a story about out of veteran but we're kind of kind of drain these forebears and I'm a little hungry and I think you're next story is going to make make me want to order some food. Oh yeah pretty amazing. So the gentleman that I have been in contact with for several years ears. His name is Jan Michael. Jim Michael Michael Vince. nope not Vincent Valdez. Thing is the air. Will people like really. You guys are dating yourself did it did it. Didn't Air Wolf People. Look it up. Why this awesome show so jan-michael vow Dez is is a chef Currently for the crust and Crumb in Turlock California. Not a bad place They actually everything thing that they do is a local ingredients. I love the name very nice. Yeah he's also the assistant brewer for renegade brewing supply out of Turlock as well and they've got some things in the works we will probably talk about them in future episodes with brewery that they're going to be opening up In in the near future future and will visit there and and get some ingredients so we can brute your house. One day. Yes so jan-michael. He enlisted age. Twenty two His primary Job in the military was in. He was a nineteen kilo he's a debt well as tanker that's what we call them our crew member AKA tanker. Oh Yeah He graduated number one out of one hundred and fifty three. Maybe it's not that dumb ass. No not not at all. He was given the opportunity to cross. Train is a nineteen Delta. Then he should of. Because that's where I that's my first. I'm dancy wealth to hide. I thought of you right away when he's the guy already. Yeah recon that's where you start He flew through the ranks. Earning his e five or sergeant rank in Just three years course As a lot of people do the military they get busted down in rank for you know a lot of shenanigans not a lot out that no. That's true well I don't know these guys are bad. Boy Me me me guess beer. I'm not sure what they role in trouble for cooking no no Most of US military career was spent He was conducting important research and development live-action training and urban operations to get units ready to deploy which includes some special operations group so after the military kind of a hard transition he found himself going through a lot of va VA programs and PTSD stuff as well. The hit suggested to him to find a healthy hobby. Talk you Pie. His downtime. Mm Yeah absolutely you know. We need an outlet. You need a creative healthy outlet so he recalled a time when he worked at a barbecue smoke house in New Mexico. When he was sixteen years old he worked there for three years and he always found that interesting? And he's he's he he He says that maybe it was his caveman. Instincts brought him To to the barbecuing so you know what he picked back up at that time. Any ran with it He talks about the the brewing aspect of beer. Kinda came to him when he was smoking. One day not actual cigarettes but but meets smoking briskets and in that sort of thing and while he was waiting for the smoker to come up the temperature he. He's having a beer and he liked the flavor but he felt that it was missing something so he looked into how to brew beer and hopes to find You know a way need to get a beer that he really liked drinking. Yeah why why is cooking. Yeah Weiss cooking so he he hooked up with renegade's Bruce Apply interlock and he was often brewing after that So he so picture this. He's got a smoker in Hebrew kettle rolling at the same time the AROMAS. Oh it's gotta be amazing right but can't we have a scratch and sniff podcast right now. So the smokers coming up the temperature of the brew catalyst coming up to to a rolling boil at that time and he he wants to put the meat on the smoker. He jump over to the Brew Kettle and Star Brewing. Beer oughta infuses where the other would be amazing. Which is did he talk about taking like an injector in injecting his meet with a beer beer and well so one of the things that he did? talk to me about was when he gets ready to do a dry rub on his brisket he infuses fuses. It with hops no nice. Yeah he rubs with with with a hop blended heat that he puts on their. Yeah because oil's resin just beautiful awful beautiful Steve Pellets. Holy F- CONES I. I didn't ask him. I'm guessing it's whole leaf though trying to put on there like that But heat heat. He comes over to the house. He's in the in in in my pub and he and I thought he was going to bring over brisk. We were GonNA talk about pairing that risk it and I did push you see if he could maybe lean more towards Thanksgiving traditional neat and he must have read your mind because when he did when he came over. This guy was completely prepared. He came with a Turt- we came a Turkey. Mashed potatoes came with cranberry sauce. He came with Of course it was gravy Stuffing and and he brought over his his signature brisket as well and I supplied the Pumpkin Pie because he says we have to discuss the beers that go along with desserts as well. Yep So amazing. You had pumpkin pie so weird because that's kind of strange how we're still ton of touching on the Pumpkin Pie after episode date. Yeah well so. We started off with the latest beer. Possible your blonde right. And and this is what he had to say about Pairing Blonde Ales with food. So the reason we're starting out with a blonde. The blonde is a light beer. So technically rule of thumb is. Were you want a pair of a light meter white meat from there. He talks about half away. Since we get into F- advising evidence we get into heavens and and He has a couple of Sue Possibilities to where you would shrink that along with a meal. Yeah Marsden's in. That kind of fruity esters. Yeah Nice. Having Bison pairs really good with like Italian creamy sauce or anything creamy. That happened by going to go ahead and highlight or or just pop in the mouth. Now I initially thought of you. This is this. Did this research study. That must have been very difficult for him. That's right this this next one though the Brow Nail I thought Oh boy here we go this is this. Is Paul's playground right here. So interesting enough he says. Has that during the Thanksgiving season for all of the foods that the Brown Ale is universal in pairing our talks and so he talks about that right here. Ales Porters. Your Brownell is your universal pairing if you are loss or if you're a beginner at this and you want to pair your your a beers with your meal always remember that you're Brown L. is always a failsafe in welfare with anything. There's a lot of okay nutty chocolate. He Carulli notes in there a lot of the food that we cook goes through. What's called the mayor's reaction? The mayor's reaction is is something that happens during it's Caramel Association process. There's a non enzymatic and there's an enzymatic process which happens which causes are are not only fruits and vegetables to Brown but also our meets as we cook them that those those sugars caramelized and they complement that Brown Ale with all that Carmel Association on that sugar is perfectly we also got into the Russian imperial cereal. Stoute's Your Holiday Beers you're rushing imperials doubts your Irish read your Amber Ales. All of those are holiday beers in the reason. Is that you. Yeah you look back at throughout time you know we. We have a lot of root vegetables that we consume throughout the winter months. Why because we don't have of those fresh carrots coming up all we don't have all the other You know things that would grow during the summer available to us so it's the same thing you want to cook within your season you want to go ahead and brew within your season. Also and that's why a lot of these beers pair the way that they pair okay so at this point in time. You're you're white. You're like passed out on the floor of your close. We were eating the whole time. He was talking and Either you're soaking up the alcohol or you just like The only my stuffed in my stomach stuff to my throat and there was we had such inks were due for life in sixteen ounces. There was I am not there. It was doing something stupid. Apparently we perfectly married up the different alcohols the different beers in the foods and Then we got into the desserts. We let me let me emphasize us which I don't think we can do it enough. Pairing drinks with food is absolutely crucial. Yes it takes it takes on a whole `nother atmospheric a Experience if you do this right I mean you you can go to places actually used pay a lot of money for and they'll actually do it. Where the ambiance a lighting the the stuff around you and then the meal paired with the right wine or beer and then there's a cleansing Palate in between to get ready for the next course. Yes I mean. They're costly but there's a way to do it where you just like it enhances the taste and normally these are done with wines. He talks about so that you're white meats go with Zafran as quite a with read. Most people do that but they don't do that with beer. No but I guarantee you're going to see an uptick in this particular thing. In general now we went on to talk about the desert and he he said sweet will cancel out sweet For the moment. You don't want to do what we just did. which is a pecan Pie? Nervoun aged but we. I did have an OATMEAL stout. We paired that with the Pumpkin Pie in it was amazing. Okay yes let me throw this out there real quick because I think one of our future show always is GonNa is GonNa do is my homebrew club. A guy made a pumpkin beer and unlike early another pumpkin beer then added lactose to it. Oh ooh in. It came out like your drinking pumpkin pie with cool. Whip topping on it very nice. Yeah it was awesome. I love love. The you know the the roads. I love the barley that that's in an OATMEAL. Stout I love the way those aged but also pumpkin pile of the pumpkin spice. And sometimes I don't really like to takes. Thanks to much sweetness. So in hopes we're we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA use us to cut it out and cut out all the sweetness and one or the other and see what's going to happen and tonight's a science science experiment. I have no idea what's going to happen with the beer in the Pumpkin pie that we brought but That's my that's my main gas in my main goal In what's going to happen with with it. So he also describes Different ways to prepare Turkey and what changes with the pairings. You know for instance If you're going to to to oven bake a Turkey or to smoke it or deep fry there are different pairings with each way that you prepare. The Turkey Duck Turk Kurkin. What does that GIN turn? Duck and her did he talk about putting a Turkey on top of beer can no we got a little bit into that. Mostly he talked about the pairings the different ways of probably far beyond that next experience with our oven roasted chicken or Turkey poultry poultry. I'll I'll call a paltry he can do with anything any anything bird wise avian poultry wise. You're logging oven roasted. WanNa go the a pale lager but also keep in mind that Pale lagers also will pair with fried food so if you have if you want to deep fry that Turkey or French fries or onion rings or anything anything like that. It's GonNa pair nicely with that Your Blonde Ale. which is what we're we're digging on right now is GonNa go great with with that That Turkey it's GonNa go with oven roasted but it's also GonNa go good with the fried chicken it'll go good with fried paltry so that's where your deep Fried Birds GonNa come into play with that Blonde Ale perfectly are perfectly Irish reds are going to go good with your smoked beef pork or barbecue. You're brown L Like I said. Brownell is a universal. Pairing is GonNa go good with Barbecue pork so for those holiday Hams to now we get into porters porters or good for For smoke beef and and Barbecue and we have stoute's which are going to be an excellent pairing for not only the beef but the barbecue ribs anything anything deep fried so this is interesting for this time of year. What do you what do you think he basically says no to completely across the board that you don't don't that doesn't pair with anything Oh the top seller. I'm thinking. IPA Yeah Yeah. Then you're right. No I P as no. Oh yeah zero. In fact he says stay away from those stay way from pails stay away from reds. Oh really red. Yep He said I'd get pales in things because there's a lot of citrusy pining So much that stuff doesn't floral doesn't I can see why floral Piney Piney and y'all citrusy doesn't three that he says that that go with basically anything on this time of year is going to be your browns your ambers and your porters that sounds good. That sounds that sounds good. Really good you can make well. I think we posted this. Before in our social media site you can take the grain the spent grains from the beers at you make a make bread. Yeah Yeah one thing that he wants everyone to remember is that beer is more versatile than you think. Bring my chart backup so you have your potential interactions chart. That's a really good. Go to if you're in you're really trying to Nail this nail. The science park down is there's an art to this. I mean the food tastes really good. The beer tastes really good. But in order for it to get to that point you have to really understand the science behind the art and You know we have the potential interactions. We have characteristics. We have interactions on both ends. You know we have sweet that counter sweet we have a suite that counters Tannin's we have sweet that counters bitter sweet that counters roast suite that counters kept saying in her heat from chilies and Chili Guy. You know a love that Joey we have sweet that counters acid or sour. We moved down into like a salty. Any any salt is going salts going to increase sweet sweet little also counter roast and it'll increase the EST stringency tanny tastes that you would get from like an Ip a it's GonNa increase that skunk Acidic pungent taste any of your acid categories. Your acid characteristics. They're going to call them salty foods. So if you're drinking like pills ner or Longdale anything that's really salty it's going to counter that they're near you know Acids also gonNA call calm fats and it also Other acids it'll increase salvation of course first and then we moved to our bitter category are bitter category we have bidders will will calm bidder. It'll calm sweet. It cuts fat. It calms you mommy. It increases Tannin's it increases kept sason. He it's Mommy's GONNA compliment in the three categories stories. We have here you. Mommy's GonNa complement our fats. Salt and sweets are roast anything with a roasted flavor You know such as our our porters they're going to have that roasted barley roasted malt malted flavour in there It's going to calm any smoke flavor. So that's why we're we're pairing that with the brisket tonight To to really accent that meeting that seasoning and you get a lot of people go crazy with seasoning on their smoked meats and almost simple guy. He has an interesting restaurant story that he's going to tell us about. I go to restaurants and I see people people paren- their wine and Perrin their meals with wine and I've I've always wanted to to pair my beer with my mail because I I love. I love beer. If if I could put a ring on Beer I would put a ring on it so when I go to a restaurant I was really looking forward to you. Know what these servers and stuff were with. Their knowledge was their knowledge base. Where they just slinging food or were they? Were they interested in in my interest. What's going into my body and Whether it tasted good or not and ninety percent of the Times it was no They could they could pair it up and they just say well red meat red wine white meat white wine so the more assorted asking about the more than I knew. A lot of people didn't know about this. And and the more that I I've taken on the responsibility to learn the science and sacrifice my liver in my My waistline for you guys. So that's basically it. I mean he's on the up and up with renegade brewing supplies. And like I said they're going to be opening up their own place Probably Modesto California soon. I think it's called Desert Fox. I'll get back to you on that But there is Jan Michael Vincent the Valdez it's in my love. It love thank you and I believe in any bringing samples next time you're listening to liken sixteen ounces. What's in your this Jan-michael Valdas here encouraging you to push push the envelope get out there? Try New things and don't be afraid to be creative so this next story is pretty elevated. Would you say that it's this. This isn't my wheelhouse. Yes yes this. One came to me Eh. From a fellow veteran John Bender who served in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps. He was an Ramadi I believe no Volusia sorry Felicia okay and he served with a individual name. Robbie Horn any. He you know I was asking around about stories and he said have you heard about Warrior warriors keep and I said No. I said they're out of taxes. They're a veteran's outreach program. Robbie Horn is an outreach coordinator. You should check them out and at the time with with my photography skills. Journalism skills in my videography skills. He said Hey. They need someone to go with them to document their climb. I am their first climb as an an outreach. Veterans Program Group of their of their. Some of Mount Kilimanjaro which by the way is nineteen thousand three hundred and some odd feet. Seventeen thousand seventeen feet and it's located roughly around the equator Tanzania Kenya area of Africa. It's it's one of the seven summits high elevations on each continent and I was like Hell yes so what does how. How have you been before? What's the the high civilization that you've been to for fourteen thousand five hundred and five feet on Mount Whitney'll okay so when we went Clinton was the highest ranked? Okay excellent by far more. Yea Well on a side note yes we have at some point. We're GonNa talk about the things that we we have you know but yes we have been to. The top of Mount Whitney Me Myself a few times weighed at least once you've been twice. Yeah twice yeah okay. Yeah and then of course the skills that I brought to the table. He's like why don't you don't go with us. And I said I I absolutely would however it was happening within almost the two week period and I said I can't spin this around this quickly to go however I kept tabs on them check them out and then I did reach out to Robbie Over a period of six months after they summited in. I just wanted to know a little bit more about warriors. Keep about him and about about. Of course the climb so I spoke with him over the phone. He's out of Austin area. I guess how did you two stories for Texas I know Oh right. We're we're we're California based podcast yet. Tell me how far reaching tentacles I did speak to Robbie and he I I I basically said just right off. The Bat tells about Warriors Kindle orders. Keep his a veteran ran nonprofit organization that We we specialize and we call oath You know the outdoor therapy adventure for heroes is what that stands for So we so you know take better outside and we get them off the couch. Moving around and Yeah I mean that's always say outside side. I mean we climb mountains. It's it's a little bit more challenging than just going outside but that's the basis of it is You know taking enjoy nature using nature's therapy Instead head of this thank pharmaceutical stuff but using therapy man to take these guys and gals mines out of the the dumps and come back on the shoulders Most of us have gone through that and I'm not saying overcome that but most of us have are headed in the right right direction of are coming on. I'll say so we just WANNA share. But we've overcome with other people that that are going through a rough time. I asked him how he became involved with this outreach program. You know you did six years. I've done twenty seven years. There's people that we've we know that have retired and moved on on or or or were were deployed wounded veterans. Things like that who've jumped into a few of these programs as an outreach You know resource what is what is different about warriors. Keep that it's different from the others. And that's what I asked him. How was it developed? John John Cody thirty hardness as founder. He's a marine great guy. I'm so yeah. He's the CO founder Executive Director So yeah talking to him about it obviously so you. Our own stories are on on passive gone down and that was him to as as you know he'd he'd gone to these other support organizations and knocking any of them. Because obviously they're all doing wonderful things you know. They're all trying to help you know that's the main thing right there that supports even out there but it was like you know even in me a hunting trips fishing trips like I said they're amazing times. You know you could not ask for anything better to kill a monster elk like you know I got go down Alabama go go catfish off. Shore some red snapper like who wouldn't want to do that. And then they ship the meat back to my house like who would want that. I mean we the amazing condos on Dolphin Island Alabama. Never been down. There was my first time. I've ever been down there but I mean I grew up in south Texas so it's similar climates really hot. It really humid. But it's just it's a real nice area whatnot but you know it's you go to your trip and then you come home. There was never any like really re the engagement Again not their fault. I'm saying what they did was was awesome but yeah it was just like you know. Here's your here's your prize. You know have a great day So ours is more focused locally Was If we're trying to do. Obviously we intend to be nationwide We just had were growing slow where we're just starting out seattle like up in Dallas in mckinney areas where the organization was founded Did you local events out there for local veterans so we're trying to Builds you know basically a community within our communities to let these veterans know that there's an organization out there that that you can do local things too that we don't have to travel take a week off of work to go on a hunting trip for fishing trip. And you know I'm not saying worry about all the stressors that come along with that but it's something that we can you know we. We like did to ride bikes. We like to hike We like to do a lot more crazier stuff and we do a ropes. Course where you know. It's it's pretty insane. You're pretty high up off the ground just walking on ropes so it's not just like I said it's the walk in the park but you know we we do accommodate. Those what's weird about is doing like veterans day slash slash month. Themed sort of here Thanksgiving and it turns out he's actually climbing in Colorado and Texas In honor of veteran's Timeframe so yeah he's he's he's hiking probably right now curious how that turns out the how did he get started. How did he find warriors? Keep your Corpus Fan Corpus Christi. I grew up a hundred fishermen angler and So yeah when I got out I did a few wounded warrior so I got to go on these trips with these amazing people that are you know done. Some amazing thing for a country see now. It's obviously just just to be around those people and doing those things and I've always wanted to help out with them. You Know I. It's not that I enjoy you know hanging stuff on wall. I enjoy the time you know. Spend together with people and the healing process. I guess you could say the hard work and so I said I went on a lot of those thanks fishing ones and I saw on facebook. Everything's in social media now. I saw video of the worst. Keep the advertisement. You know soliciting volunteers. Here's to veterans to volunteer for the program that you know that wanted to challenge in our. I watched his video and I we used to say and more excited every time we climate 'em out why. Why are we doing this now? What what are we doing this? And he I don't know I don't know what got into but I wanted to challenge she 'cause again Renault Terry once you do that. You're like you know the military makes everything you've ever done. That's fun. They take all that away. They make the beach fun. They you make the water not fun you know. They make flying in an airplane helicopter. Make all that not fun. So humming amount was something I told myself I would never do again and Yeah so I was like you know it was more for the challenge versus the actual the actual act itself. It was more of this was way out of my league and I wanted to challenge my body. I I've been to a whole lot. You know I I was up to about three hundred and forty pounds at one point I've I've way about to ten right now at the second right now so I my body's gone through a huge transition of you know where I used to take all these others medicines and it was just a coma toast just to basically waste of life to work you know. Had I exercise every single day. Now not saying this amazing shape. But you know I've come a very very long way so it was something that I wanted to test myself to to see my inner and outer shell of of of what accomplish there is a moment in your life and I'm not gonNA even attempt to mirror my twenty seven years with Robbie's even though I've done and way more years than he has he clearly has done the harder part of What the military asks of you loss deployments and things like like that He's gone through a lot but at one point in time you realize how ingrained and you are in the uniform. How much you need those battle buddies? How much you missed that? Komo Camaraderie and in his case. I asked him how did he feel like he needed to have that back in his life. Honestly it's one of those crazy. Thanks I I. I've gone to like I said that whole transformation of my body and also at the the time I was living up in Michigan I grew up in Texas. I did thirteen years. In the Marine Corps I went to a couple of divorces. You know they issue those out on record these days so I my my wife at the time. She was from Michigan. We're duty marinas. Well we're stationed in Okinawa. Japan was our last duty station together. And so two little kids and I had a teenager at the time as well That was back in Texas so I moved back to Texas his and Again she was for Michigan. So I I met I live up in Michigan for a little bit and that was That was GONNA struggle but it was just being away from my nor being away from Texas being away from my family and so you know that's had gained a lot of my weight being away from my kids and going through the whole transition of being an event being by. That's my rock bottom man. That's that's rock bottom and then getting out of rock bottom and moving back to Texas. I've been trying so long to pack the taxes like you know the military. It's not just easy to move back where you WANNA co two zero percent a chance and like I said my kids were kind of spread out too and I just overcome so much like in my life period and gotten on through so much that so many people I'm not saying can't but they don't I don't know I just I just did a lot of stuff and that was that had been challenging me for a long time and it was just spitting icing on the cake like it was it was almost like Karma or not even Colorado but like a reverse Karma K.. You deserve this is going to kick your ass but you deserve. Serve this right now. So you know just it's almost like a momentum of of just like icing on the cake of what I just went through. Now he does have a party mentioned quite quite a few times. I think his name's mark if I'm not mistaken bitty but that's his support if you will okay or in other words. That's battle buddy. He provides that listening. Post that That that that person that you dial the number they answer the phone they sit there and go talk to me man. Tell me what's going on. I I would say that. Was You for me but you normally hang up absolutely I go dude. I'm busy. What's your problem now? I can't I can't put the door back on the pickles. So one of the things that warriors keeping again if you look up warriors keep an dot org you. I can see and read all about what they're what they're involved in He does talk about the oath quite a few times. You might have heard but this this new plan of taking on something as tall and has as challenging as Mount Kilimanjaro. It you can't take everybody. So how is he chosen to be part of this. Very unique and Selective group. Yeah so I applied for it was it's GonNa be a kind of a long application process And I wanted you to be in the Dallas area which I understood you know traveling purposes but I was willing to drive to all the trainings trainings. See how it was six months training. Evolution was setup was in place that you know we had to train together for obvious reasons. People die of their own children Gerald pulled out. Let's say five to ten people die. You're out of the thirty thousand that attempt at every year on average about five to ten people died from altitude sickness. There's nothing like that kills. There was hardly any life up there so I applied for this thing. You had to write a bio yet to send your duty to fourteen what you know. It's like your receipt that you're in the military shows everything you've done like awards So yeah since all that stuff in thinking that you know I'll probably make it a little bit but but since I don't have any like mountain climbing experience and it was an MP man everybody hates military police everybody hates cops so like usually when it comes to the military like like like civilians. Think it's cool but military people like. Yeah so I was Kinda thinking. They're going to pick these guys. That have these sexier or Ladies Ozzie sector jobs so yeah they picked me to go to dis- interview process so the first part of the process was a it was a phone interview. Where they they obviously called talked to ask you some questions it was more encoded? Adt Com Shane or treasure in code that called and then we did a I made it through that and then the week later they call ready to face time interview and so I didn't have facetime interview and they're asking what your plans are. You know what do you plan on on doing with this for yourself and you know what do you plan on using. This floor is a tool to help others and just kind of what you planned on on using it for and so I see that they picked. I think we started off with fourteen people and you know some people drops for medical reasons and some people dropped some other reasons and they ended up being told them. Nine of us us weren't Africa but at this at this time that he was doing going through this stuff. I don't want to jump ahead. I did ask him well can you. Can you take take me back to what was going on in your life when when you felt the need like a this is getting out of hand. Some something needs to happen. I need to turn turn turn a corner. I need to do something. Something needs to happen where I harness the healthy part of what what's out. They're the things that motivate me and I asked him what was what was the catalyst or catalysts. They turned helping. Turn that Corner Salah brother. He was a He was ready to. He's one of those you know the twenty to commit suicide. He committed suicide. This year will be seven years. There's actually the nineteen th the next weekend when actually I'll be in Guadalupe peak will be seven years that he's been gone so you know. I always try to do something good on his birthday. You know instead sort of sad beat oppressed. I've learned that overcoming all this stuff. Well I think we've talked about that before that getting outdoors is extremely important for at least at the very at least your mental state in the first episode we actually mentioned that too was the first episode. Yeah how to me. It's my church. It is where I find Zan. It's where I find in comfort and you know. Even Vince your friend that you grew up with he just he just feels at peace out there and then in when you well. I've mentioned this a few times. Also there's medical practitioners doctors that are prescribing nature feature as a way to calm things down to get back to perspective to get kind of senator yourself and he actually Robin. I talked about this because I'm a bit of a of a high freak. I Love Ridge Lines. I love summits. It provides that obviously that goal. Like hey if I get up to that then I'm done I can. I can say I've achieved that and then I move on but when I get to these these locations there's something special there's something magical. There's there's a there's a pause in in a way to reflect what what you've just done and you're well you're closer to heaven. You're closer to God. You have a chance to be alone with your thoughts and I said when when he gets to these summits 'cause he clearly states that he's he's he's never been a climber like I have been for decades but he does almost the same thing he he feels a need to take something with him to do something at the top and this is what he is what he does. It's been one of the I think that's one of the things that keeps me coming back. Man is that the people say like what do you do. And he gets to the top and Mike your silver come with emotion why not just like a buzzer. Goes off like it's very emotional for sure you know I My brother he was an infantry. I can just hear them complaining the entire time you know like so you know I keep that with with me and I do so when I came in. You know I've I've had a few friends and a boss along the way You know throughout the years in the Marine Corps. So I've I've got one that it was one of my marines I wore shirt up there as a grunge style made A. They made a shirt for him. Says honor the sacrifice on the back. It says in memory of Josh will or sort of Joshua or Ashley a a nineteen July twenty twelve was data. See I wore that shirt up top For a lot of reasons you know one is mom. Obviously I keep in contact with his mother. I've never even met his mother. That's a crazy thing I I still. I want to give her a hug. But Yeah I do I honor I like to honor the fallen. Obviously all most of us do that kind of stuff when we go up there I've got AH flag. That one of my old. He just retired first sergeants. He sent me a flag. He got to American flags. Flown for me At the Lincoln Memorial Warfighting Memorial. So I'M GONNA carry those flags with me From yeah everyone in my attack now are every time I go. I'm going to put that my pack and carry that with me and bring bring rocks down. my kids of my kids are amazing. I've got a seven year old daughter Kendall. My son is nine trace and my daughter Madison is. She turned seventeen so I always bring them rocks back They're just amazed by Um you find rocks or a couple of hundred thousand years old. I don't know I think it's pretty amazing. That's it's pretty cool to see those things and now the big. The big thing is which is Kilimanjaro. I don't want to dwell on this guy's struggles like we've done in the past and like you just mentioned with Jan Michael Vincent Valdez when it comes to PTSD and even Robbie says the same thing. Don't dwell on negative. Think about the positive and try to turn everything as happy as you possibly can cause you go down a dark corridor but he has a lot of great stuff to say about this trip. I mean it does take roughly five days Ness just climbing up and down. There's travel aval ahead in travel at the end. There's acclimation involved so I asked him. Just tell us about the killing jar trip. I'll see every day. There's a there's a camp you you go to so depending on the route there's you know a bunch of routes you can go on on Kilimanjaro. We picked the wrong guy route to it's called R. O. N. G. Y.. Rongai yeah something like that may be incorrect but yes wrong guy and So it's yeah it's supposed to be six days up and two days down and then we know we're going to fly day of like basically rest and then back to states so we lost day of acclamation because of the bags so we went went up and made it up to five and a half days so like I said every day. There's a there's a camp that you're going to go to camp that you go to. There's a sign since you get two. It'll tell tell you how far the next camp is and whatnot see us you can only go so far as a way so so there. You're not walking fast at all. You're actually walking what they call. Apollo Poli Sci fi healey. That means slow slow. So you're walking to super slow this guy that actually let us up the mountain. For the five days he was in his mid the seventy s seventy years old. And so you know you're walking by just got at seventy Just super super slow. And it's kind of aggravating at first risk because you know you're wondering why you're walking so slow and it's ridiculous but it's very necessary. It's necessary to climb up Kilimanjaro. You can't walk fast so to slice. The whole. Mount Kilimanjaro. Chip right all right so you obviously arrived there and you first of all. You're not not in normal international airport. So you acclimate immediately. To the culture the heat the movement the people the porters orders and and you don't just get off the plane and hop on a cool ass shuttle and head to a really neat hotel resort. No you bus in you. Do you. Immediately start consuming the food there and your body your stomach your psyche. Everything needs to adjust in if it doesn't do it properly. Then yeah you're GONNA be screwed foodwise interesting yes you eat the for the local food that the port is providing you but you bring snacks you bring comfort food things that are going to set you back you get you get your zen back and maybe provide a nice nice pooper so to get you get you fiber Firoz exactly I love Yams or Green Bean casserole creeping castle in in a in a power bar. uh-huh Robbie talked about quite quite a lot about just just meeting the people again If you read enough or looked enough into into things like High elevation climbing and I'm talking about foreign camping climbing Mount Everest. Things like that. The cult sherpas there whereas in Kilimanjaro. The call Porter's these people. They work hard. They have a great attitude food. They bust their asses for very little money but this is their job they they know how to carry stuff they know how to set stuff up yet. Ah At the same time. They're not going to be wearing the latest ghost. whisperer puffy jacket from mountain hardware in all the other stuff that you can lay up and from your local outdoor gear company. But that's it that's what they do. So you respect that you honor that you your tip them you you get to know them. They are absolutely there because they really WanNa know who who you are and in his great to understand that culture in in and just absorb absorb yourself in that moment one of the things. I did. Read about Mount Kilimanjaro. You go through these temperate zones you go through through. These is one of the vote. More unique Summits on in the world is. You're going through a subtropical tropical sub Arctic to Arctic. You eventually go from foliage that you won't see five thousand feet up from there because again. You're at the equator in your in a Sahara Savannah kind of of temperate zone yet. You Cross over that you pass through an into the you know the elevation where trees become a non non existent and then lava rock dominates the landscape a lot of loose scree Talks about people flying down from the summit down this path. Because that's that's how they get up and come down in its in its provides you a a pretty slick and quick ascent an and descent. Well actually a cent would be very difficult because you take two steps you take you slide down three almost no thank you. Yeah I think I had enough enough on Mount Shasta exactly and shafter would be our most local mountain that kind of probably mimics a little bit of the landscape that you would see the on Kilimanjaro. But there's I think at least two or three ways to get up Kilimanjaro. There's the direct route which is just as scenic but there's also a circumventing lot of switch backs that will get you the summit as well in more of those that need more time to acclimate eight so once you get to the summit I mean this is what he this is what he had to say about that experience of spending days in of course initially initially when you leave a camp hours to get to that some then what happens the some day we had to step off at midnight so we had are like West Kneel at like eleven o'clock at night was more like breakfast so we got up to like ten ate breakfast at eleven o'clock at night and then stepped off at midnight Yeah yeah man it's we. We gained forty. Four hundred feet took a seven hours. Twenty minutes I mean it's just straight up It's pretty intense. I mean it was. I think the hardest thing I've done. I don't see outside the military but it's very hard. I mean very hard I mean you're congress straight up. It's very dark. There's no wind breaks. There's no there's no stopping points. There's no rest areas it's you and your team and it's just just switch back to so just looks like a big a bunch of Z's you know just sideways wants across the mountain because you can't walk straight up. I mean you can literally stand dancing side of it and and you know put out your arm and touch it. I mean it's right there. There's no way you could walk straight up since so you have to walk you know sideways of paths. What's so takes forever? So he sees headlamps and the person in front of you. You have to. You have to have a headline bought See we had headlamps on stepped off. And you're walking really really slow and I mean I had altitude sickness. Hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean you know like you said I kind of had a mild headache the entire time and I did take diamox. Last Day. I sold my pride. I did take dialogues. which is like A? I don't know to toews posted. Make you feel better. It didn't See I is this makes you body. Just start throwing up. I mean there's nothing you can do about it and tell you can drink water but again you're eighteen thousand feet Not On ground level you know so up at eighteen thousand feet you have your breathing in about half the oxygen that you're breathing and right now I mean. Do you have less less less oxygen every breath taking have right now so it's not like you're you know you're comfortable you're right. I mean I was stranded in the middle of nowhere on the side of a mountain. Just dry heaving. I mean. It wasn't going to quit but I mean that's the point where they're thinking thinking like. Is this where people die from throwing up but from you know avoiding to recognize that you know you're you're experiencing this so it put me down like twice or stop. I did stop physically. Made me stop and go to my knees but Overcame that drink some water under. I mean everybody kind of went through that everybody had their own little battles going up and then yeah daylight broke and you can kind of started to see daylight broke once we got up over like the the biggest part of the mountain part of it like there's a big bowl that goes over the todd's volcano so it's you get over this big lip. Stella point wait this is what it's called that's what it was daylight and you can see Weiner above the clouds anyway so it looks like the ocean out there because it's just all clouds everywhere which you can see Moshi town lights emotion town. It's like it's like five miles away like directly like direct line five miles away. It's pretty cool to see and yeah we got to the top. It was packed as a lot of people up there. I couldn't believe the amount of people that were up there Yeah I mean like I said. There's a bunch of route. So they all intersect the very end that set at Gilman's point and itself point is what a intersect restart seeing a lot more traffic because there are that we took was the. It's it's more scenic route. Let's we wanted it. I mean they have like a day route where he can just climb straight up but we took a scenic route to do it and Yeah it was took five days to get up there and then once we got there took us about seven and a half hours to climb up. We're up there for about thirty minutes. Took her pictures. And we climbed seven hours back down and then Yeah that was that. Was it from climbing over teammates. Every every single person made it which is is great. You know they say nobody ever makes it when they get a group of five that come that using your one or two you know will will not make it every time Cheltenham it's made it out was great We got a good picture with our guides in there. Too and Get walked back down to walk down. socked I'll tell you walk down worse to me than the walk up because it's almost like a knee high like sand like rocky sand. It's not like hard surface the jolt of just walking down. You don't walk down and your switchback you can. Just there's a path that goes straight down like if you had a boogie board or a search shirt for something like that it would be. You could ride down that way which there's people that ride bikes down. This is just one aspect of warriors. Keep we're not going to hinge pin everything. On Mount Kilimanjaro. They offer tons more things you can get involved in. Not Every single warrior veteran is going to be like. Oh Yeah when Climbing Nineteen Thousand Foot Mountain Trust Trust me. It's just not going to happen. But there are people in this in some cases like Robbie who also catch the bug and they just want to do it more but but great great thing out of out of Texas amazing opportunity for people like Robbie in those who've gone before him His his battle battle team that that did in last year to do it. I think it's just amazing and I think it's great because it's it's therapy therapy for the mind and the body to be able to do something not just sitting around not just thinking about stuff and I think I think more is keeping cheapest something something special here the Freedom Freak Twenty twenty program we WANNA be nationwide. We have people that are from the United States for just right now. We're we're just for small and so we're just doing some good steady growth which is good We're growing slow and so are in game is to be able to to get like you just said man to get this legislation if they need to use us. Statistics entrust me we keep. We keep all the dynamics of all of our participants we we keep Numbers of all that stuff and of incidents like to do is to work with doctors and to get some kind of solution or some kind of formula that to help. These people ought to help me out to help us sell your find us on our Social Media The warriors keep dot org is our website and yeah we're on facebook And on Instagram's well you're listening to life than sixteen ounces. What's in your pint? What's in mine is Mountains and get and the worst people here sanctioned just lives and change lives L. Salonika and thank you twelve our guests. It's who were kind and brave enough to step in front of the microphone and share. What's in their pint? If you have a story like this or know someone who does please let us know because we are in need of an excuse to drink a pint because you know what that beer's not going to drink itself and if it does then you might might wanna check with uncle Larry or aunt marge who always seem to drink a little too much during the holidays if you know what I'm talking about well it looks like we are approaching last call. Shut up here is another installment of beer buzz. The game show that rates are are featured brew. Let's begin all right so now that we've had a few gulps of the four beers we're going. Let's pretend that we are beer. Judge Competition on petition certified. Now there's quite a few categories and we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA sort of wrap them up. I want you as the contestant brands to talk a little about aroma appearance. It's flavor and mouth feel and ultimately give us your overall impression. Okay coppee she got it all right. So let's just go with the first beer which is stellar twas midnight logger premium. Dark lager at five point four percent. Here we go. Our brain is going to get a little will spiel here. Oh my oh sorry. That's too much all right. No it is dark. It is a very dark ale at Yes monger lager not not a nail very dark. There's the appearance so smell it and all that good so Stella Artois we L. Know that they make their lager. It's very very visual. You can see it could marketing. I mean Matt. Damon is part of their marketing department. But yes it's it's almost everywhere and it's certainly a okay. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA throw out the fact that I think I think it's one of those Lesser Beers to choose news from from the beer menu on whenever you visit someplace. Yeah the smell is not that bad it. I think it smells Nice. I've done and that's about as far as I'll go with that folks Jim role you know the first The first time that this hit my lips I had I had already made up my mind. The second tasting though in May into maybe because we've had so many different beers at this point. It's fairly standard. I don't know that it's something that I would have regularly. I think that I don't know in my mind I wouldn't give this a very high rating and I hate saying that because this would be the first time that we have been and given a beer in my for me anyway a high rating I wouldn't normally have not chosen anything star Twat because I think they're mass produced but I do like their beer as a secondary tertiary choice to what I I might find at a restaurant a bar or some other random location like airport but the fact that it declared it was a limited release. It had this special look to it again. Good marketing whatever. Midnight dark lager. Fine to me though. I'll throw this out there. There lager this. Is it cloaked in darkness. I think overall if if you are a fan of Stella you're gonNA taste that in the in the in the dark they have here. There's a little more body to it. Maybe a couple of Carmel notes but for the most part I mean. It's it's a stella so I mean if you if you don't want to be able to see through your beer and you you still want to Stella by all means I would. You could choose this ice. I like that description and I'm sorry folks. We didn't port all the way to the top where we could take a knife and shaven off. which by the way Mrs Cringe? Shoot the head off all right wonderful. Thank you very much back to my my show notes. Okay let's bring in the second contestant on the beer is right and that would be anchor Kerr brewing porter. Sarah Cisco five point six percent. Are you ready yes please perfect. You tilt your glass a little bit so I can not give you so much foam appearance again very dark mark. You're not really going to go wrong with anything that that anchor steam puts out all anchor anchor anchor okay. I did the same thing I thought. Anger steams known not called anchor steam anchor their flagship beer. That everybody but he knows is anchor anchor steam xactly all right well the anchor porter very nice Subtle notes of your chocolate clip. Your toffee your coffee. No No Yeah there's a little bit coffee I didn't I know I didn't get the cough. No I did did not and that's why I liked it. I don't like anything with coffee. Well that's again very subtle if you like anchor steam you want something a little darker darker little more again. Lower Body Brinda. These cold colder months. Seventy seven degrees right now son son of a biscuit. Yeah not KNOB ED. I would I would put the six pack into my fridge during the colder months to go head into to drink this up. This is a very traditional porter to me very nice. Okay thank you very much. A beer number two all right next on the beer is right. Beer Buzz we have Samuel Smith's winter welcome hail at six per percent. See a little bit of the English actually tries to turn Brandon's taste. Buds into something tilt built tilt the clashes lazy filter right drum roll. Uh Samuel Smith. I can't say this enough about companies they don't Travel too far from their flagships Samuel. Smith's flagship would be there oatmeal. Stout this beer. Yeah I would. That's fine. They have a wheat. We have a nut brown ale which is by but I would consider flagship. Really Nut Brownell. Oh yes they have pails and I. I love their Apricot Apple Cup. I could walk into us into to a store or a produce section or fruit. Stand in one hundred out of one hundred times. I would never leave there without with April cotton in my hand because I know it. I don't want it but dammit I love their Abra got well. I like apricots beer but certainly not together. So I'm just like my my root beer floats. I'll take them separate this winter. Welcome Ale does it does it. Welcome to winter enter. It does I actually think that it's very similar to something that we've had before which would be the we heavy. That's kind of what I'm getting from. Different notes. Yeah if you're not a Scottish beer making company and you WanNa make a beer. That's for the winter that warms your ballet. I think you're pretty spot on their buddy and lots of notes on this thing. There's a lot of spices to me. There's a reason why they put it in a four pack. I don't think that I would want to have a six pack of this Six percent I agree. There's there's some IMF behind it and it does say by the way that you should have this with nuances and complexities that. Oh you should contemplate before an open fire which by the way. We're not allowed to have here in California because a lot of fireworks actions because we haven't had rain in like munt awesome but it's okay. I'm not bitter about it not I'm not I'm not I the You I will give two thumbs up to Samuel. Smith's shot out to to my home region of Yorkshire England. Okay contestant number four. was that quattro. We're ready for the big. I mean we're jumping up from six percent all the way to nine point eight percent. That's quite a jump. I will tell you this high water burry pop the pop the top and I smelled the opening again in. It's still emanates. Massive amounts of UH maple and P. Con if you are a fan of the smallest. It's a sports doubt that they put out right. Yes so high waterbury has has the I would consider is their flagships because distributed more than anything. It's a campfire stout. That's the one I if you they do have a white did you ever read Hale and then a hop riot in in a Scottish we heavy but yeah ooh campfire. Stout is the one that I typically see the most. This beer beer company puts so much flavor and time and effort into everything that they put out. You are not going to go wrong with this beer at all. It's if you're into that right if you're into that kind of like it looks beautiful. Yeah it's the smell. Is there anything you can barely see through it yet. Anybody who's crazy about the aroma. This is this is screams tons of Carmel notes. Notes Dan Pecans and and all those things. Go into Indiana this one like a like what we did last episode with the the two hundred pounds of Pumpkin meet. I'm curious how much how much peak cons and stuff that they put into this bad boy. I'm not normally pecan Fan. Not Let me but this is definitely a beer that I have to of at nine percent in and then defined. Yeah for the rest of the night you had the people that visit Thanksgiving dinner and say hey. Let's have a shot of this or you're talking about right after desert right. Well no some of the People WanNa drink throughout the Thanksgiving and they want to infuse their coke or whatever they want to do and I'm talking about the drink we know the cartel family drama stars L.. Kuopio you might that one away void alcohol altogether if there's issues that you've had throughout the year that's the problem. Nobody does they. They're like oh so and so is going to be here. I'm drinking assumes I get there yeah who's driving me home. Speaking to drive me home. That would be another cars reference. Who's GonNa drive you home? Who is this is quite good and sugary? So yeah I think that might be so aroma appearance flavour mouth feel overall overall impression. I'll tell you it's interesting as we get further into our episodes and finding out exactly what seasonal tastes we. The in joy and Thanksgiving certainly has been an interesting one as we get closer and closer to putting more food. Dr King Gaining weight slowly that we have have to work five hundred times harder. Just bird off all right. Hey try this out with your friends around brewery and a flight go to some of these places These these brands that we were mentioning certainly anchor and high water. Check him out There the lights and it's closing time another upsetting moment. I I don't like when our time together and I'm really thankful that you're here and I love it. I love recording eating these episodes. It's really fine. We'll throw out another if anybody wants to come to a recording of our show. Come on in and it's quite good. Plus yes we need somebody else to drink all this beer. Gosh because I will tell you this. I've never left a beer glass empty. No I've never thrown away a beer. You've never do that. Never thing. Is Poor. Sportsmanship people worked their asses often. We hope you have enjoyed our Thanksgiving themed show. Yes and you can support us by visiting life in in sixteen ounces dot com and subscribing wherever you get your podcasts from WanNa see what happens between shows well click on our plethora off of social media sites linked on our website. Spread the news guys. And whenever you're having your next brew shirt with US using Hashtag life to sixteen ounces and what's in your pint got more to share like a story or an idea for the show. Email is at light in sixteen ounces G MAIL DOT COM. Tell us what's in your pint absolutely love to hear from you. This episode was cooked up by brained and with the help of his grandma's recipe him. Thanks to our team for all of their technical Mumbo jumbo value Shenanigans Shenanigans who take care of us like those who actually know what that aol there are doing in the kitchen right salute praise to those people. Music is by smashing pumpkins meatloaf lamb of God corn chicken foot. That's all the bays that I can find had had thanksgiving chicken foot by the way is a hangover. Yeah that's pretty cool all right. That's IT folks. Join US next time I'm on life in sixteen ounces by now mm-hmm.

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