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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino on Gino. Dan Bongino show our interview show. I'm really really stoked about today's interview. A good friend here. He's a good friend. Greg Jarrett Eric from Fox News. Many of you have seen on Hannity. You probably read his first book which was a huge hit. The Russia folks. We're GONNA be talking about his second book the Follow Up to that witch-hunt folks are record. The intro is when they're over because I wanted I've already done the interview. I want to tell you it's in this. It's going to blow you away. There's so many so much much great information. Here's so many nuggets. The all of the things that went on behind the scenes would Rosenstein and Muller and president. Trump's lawyer Greg Jarrett has unique insight. Stay and we're going to get right to with today's show is brought to you. By the trump make America. Great Again Committee. 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Trump twenty four to eight eight zero two due to this was paid for by the trump make America great again committee a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J trump for President Inc and the Republican National National Committee that is dedicated to making America. Great Again Ladies and gentlemen without further ado one of my favorite interviews us for Fox News contributor the author of which. I'm Greg Jarrett all right. I'm really excited to have this guest a guy who's probably forgotten more about spy gate the Russia hoax the witch hunt that most of us even know a Gregg Jarrett Gregg. Welcome to the Dan. Bongino show I really appreciate you being here today Dan. It's my pleasure to be with you. Thanks for having me. Well Greg Your first book. The Russia hoax was a monster hit one of the biggest books of the year. It's a manifesto on dismantling everything that happened in the spy gate case I loved it. You have now written a follow up which I have right here here. Check it out folks witch hunt by Greg. Jarrett another adjust. Knock him out of the park book. This just lays it out. It is the Bible of the Muller Disaster Astor. I want to get to the book Greg. I just had a couple of questions for you before we started because my listeners. They really love your coverage on this. You have been one of the key guys in dismantling canceling what I believe. And I'm sure you agree. The biggest political scandal in modern hives. So we're here you when I've covered this. We know what happened. We have this. I report coming out on Monday. And I'm sure you saw some of the New York Times piece where it seems like they're trying to take the edge off this greg but what are the things in the time story I found found interesting is. They're trying to claim again again. What your first book? The Russia hopes completely dismantles that this thing was adequate adequately predicated. Now I know you hit on witch hunt this well this. FBI case there is nothing. Greg there was nothing there. This was predicated on nonsense. Am I wrong. You're absolutely right and in fact as I pointed my book Jeans Comey in private testimony. Admitted that they had no credible bull evidence when they launched the formal investigation July thirty first of two thousand sixteen against Donald Trump and that was corroborated by Andrew McCabe as well as Lisa page in their private testimony. You know under the FBI DOJ regulations. You have to have two things. A reasonable reasonable basis to believe that a crime was committed and second specific articulate facts in support of that crime. They had neither. What did they have? They had a a dossier that was unverified. So that's not enough. They had popadopoulos. who heard a rumor that Russia had Clinton Clinton emails? Well it's not crime to hear a rumor so neither of the products for a formal investigation. Were met so it'll be interesting between you. See what Horowitz has to say about that but there's also reporting by the Washington Post that the Attorney General Bill Bar doesn't I believe there was a sufficient product to launch the investigation. Now Greg I know again I'll show it again new book which Terrific Book folks can't recommend it highly enough by Greg Greg. Jarrett see the cover right there. I know a portion of your book. You go into a theory. I've had as well which I don't believe the theory any more. I believe the evidence is overwhelming. You go go into your book. How knows almost immediately that this case is garbage you actually give specific dates and you go over it and pretty deep detail? How Muller how to know Oh? This case was garbage and at one point. You say that John Dowd. The president's attorney at the time no longer but the president's attorney at the time the legal team was starting to question. You Know Muller did he have a grasp of what was going on that. This may have been driven completely by Weisman explained. How that when your book how you go into that well? Within months of the appointment muller knew there was no Russian collusion conspiracy. There was a pivotal meeting March. Fifth two thousand eighteen. That's a year but for the Miller report comes out. The meeting was with trump's lawyers and in the meeting Muller admits there's no collusion evidence silence but he refuses to drop the case he wants to question trump under oath about obstruction which had no application under the law. AW SO MULLER THREATENS TO GO to court in this shouting match ensues in which trump's lawyer John Dowd gets up out of his chair pounds his his fist on a table gets in the face of Bob Muller and yells. You've got nothing go ahead. I can't wait for you to try. You've got no leg to stand standoff. It was quite a scene And I- recounted all in my book but at that moment trump lawyers began to realize is that there was something wrong with Bob Muller. They were disturbed by his mental state. long before he testified in July of this year during during meetings he seemed lost and confused. Disoriented didn't understand basic questions they said or or fundamental law he was nothing in their judgment but a figurehead and it was the highly partisan pro. Hillary Clinton Andrew Weisman who was really running the show behind the scenes and refusing to give up on what had clearly become a hoax in a witch hunt. Eventually you know like the wizard of Oz. Muller was exposed during the hearing in front of Jerry Nadler and his judiciary committee. He he was not what his vaunted reputation promised promised. Well the details in your book which onto riveting about that meeting there were details. I hadn't heard before candidly I'd love to get your take on this. I agree with you. This was obviously a run by Weisman and Greg as you and I both know Weisman had every interest in the world. Because he's already a tainted figure upon appointment Weisman has every reason in the world to make this thing. Go Away for the Justice Department to keep extended heat on Donald Trump because Weisman knows in twenty sixteen in the political providence of the dossier. He's briefed in on it. So I agree with you wholeheartedly. That weisman knows along with Mahler. This is all all a big hoax. A witch on your book is aptly titled and they're keeping this going to keep the attention on Donald trump with the hope. They'll find something my aunt. There's something there already think I'm off basic. They'll dig something up eventually. An obstruction was there. They're kind of like they're they're backstop their strike after strike one. Yeah you're absolutely right In the summer of two thousand sixteen before the election Right after Peter Struck signed the papers to investigate trump on July thirty first two thousand sixteen Bruce or whose wife was working on the Dossiers Department of Justice number four official. He meets Not Chest with Peter Struck and FBI officials. He also meets with a group of lawyers. At the Department of Justice including Andrew Andrew Weissmann and he gives them the contents of the dossier and warns Weisman. That did this thing is incredibly dubious. You can't rely on it you gotTA check it out the FBI. I'll have to try to verify this thing. So weisman was in on it really on before the election. He should have recused himself from the Muller probe and had nothing to do with it. He should also disqualified himself off because he was an ardent anti-trump or in pro. Hillary Clinton advocate. You know he was there. The night of what was supposed to be Clinton's lunging victory party that turned into more of a of a funeral. Mass you know so. So weisman was the absolute wrong. Got To pick for Muller's investigation but it was worse than that because Muller gave Weisman Carte Blanche to pick the staff asu naturally he stacked the deck. Let me ask you this great because your book goes into an angle. My two books I've not I didn't stay away from but I I had sources on different sources. Were really locked in on kind of the behind the scenes mechanics and one of the things you nail in the book. Is this Rosenstein Stein motivation. Now I WANNA throw a couple of things out there just kind of moving moving from Weizmann of this because they're related. There's some theories out there by some that Rosenstein was a good guy title White Knight. And this I don't believe any of that. I agree with you and in the book you mentioned that the appointment of Muller is an active almost vengeance by Rosenstein Stein here and I only bring that up get your take on that how you write it up in the book in a moment but I only bring it up because the appointment of Weisman makes no sense your your great legal mind. I'm with you on panels a lot. What kind of a of a sound lawyer like Bob Muller Former Prosecutor and head of the FBI a points a guy like Weisman with known conflicts? Do you think Rosenstein who clearly appoint smaller in an active vengeance to get back at trump for this but you think excuse me Rosenstein Stein had a role in the appointment of Weisman to knowing weisman would do what he did to kind of target trump later. Oh absolutely. They're all thickest thieves you know they'd all work together Komi and Muller you know we're BFF Rosenstein had worked with them. Weisman had worked with them. You know it was actually leave very close. Knit Ball FBI IN D. O.. J. So you know Rosenstein Points Muller who first thing he does is hall in Weisman and of course James Comey was involved in the machinations of Muller by you know leak stealing government documents or presidential memos leaking them To the media to trigger the appointment but the the most insidious part of it is that Rosenstein appointed Muller in an act of pure vengeance against trump. Not because the evidence into the law merited a special counsel because it didn't go me admitted they had no evidence at that point but Wildenstein had authored. The memory volunteered to write the memo recommending. The firing of Komi he had to the walls were closing in on Comey. So Rosenstein Steinfeldt well. I'll be a hero because everything he does. Is You know. Out of self interest in self-preservation he expected he would be lauded For writing the memo instead the opposite happened he was harshly criticized by Democrats for engineering the firing of Comey so Rosenstein just gets pointing mad. And I recount the meetings between him and and McCabe in which wasn't Stein's fuming over or at any blames trump for his woes so he retaliates against trump by naming a special counsel to investigate the president and on the day of the announcement went confronted over his abusive power ignoring regulations. Rosenstein literally cowers hours behind his desk and bloggers. Am I gonNA get fired. In the meantime Komi would stole in the government documents leaked into the media media. Gloated about at all. And we're talking to Greg. Jarrett here author the great new book again. which on terrific highly recommended folks? Please go pick it up so greg you know Rosenstein obviously is not a portrait and courage in this and again. I've always been baffled by and I respect. I know a lot of different people have different opinions on this case. I'm not trying to insult anybody but I follow the case pretty cozy and yeah for some reason. Some people believe he was behind the scenes trying to help trump. I see no evidence of that based on what you just said and a follow up on that what do you think was the genesis of these expanded scope. Memos I mean we know is initial scope memo. We've seen the declassified portions the mother Sculpture Muller's investigation. Obviously but we have the August second expansion. Do you think this and for the audience. If you don't know what I'm talking about the Rosenstein Basically Charges Muller with investigate this this and this this in what's called the scope memo and he goes back to the table a couple times and expands his portfolio of things. We should be looking at. What do you think's behind that? Is it as simple. Muller wasn't finding anything and he kept giving them more power in the Vale the hope that they dig up something trump eventually yes. I think that's true. I think think he kept Expanding it With an additional scope memo that was hidden from the public For for the reason you stay but also because he realized that the original memo authorizing the appointment of Bob Muller was legally insufficient under the Department of Justice Regulations. You have to state a crime. No crime has stated if you look at the Original memo so we tried to Cya. Hey Belatedly By writing and additional memo that you know goes out of its way to identify a potential crime and and you know it was upon that basis that he went after a Paul manafort not for collusion You know but for for tax evasion and other financial improprieties Friday's utterly unrelated to Donald Trump or his campaign. The interestingly enough manafort a similar case had been closed by the FBI earlier. And listen. As I said my books books do I'm not I don't know Manafort. I've never met him. I have no relationship with a man whatsoever. I'm not a fan or a non fan. I'm agnostic on him. I'm just saying I have little doubt. manafort would be a free man that if he hadn't worked for Donald Trump. I mean it just seems bizarre. All the attention paid to this guy for things like was it. Nine fifty one violations and potential angel fairest stuff. It just seems incredible. I want to get to a couple things. Your book just eviscerates the media and I want to get to that in a minute. It really does a great job laying out how the media were really malfeasance than it wasn't misfeasance. It was active mouse. But before he gets that I wanted to go back to where we were in the beginning. I forgot a question we talked. We were on a great track. Thank you so you brought up something. I think a key point right now. You and I've been astute observers this case that bar bill bar. The Attorney General Right now disagrees with the leaks and again these are leaks. We don't know we haven't seen it yet by the time this interview wears we'll have a little bit more information. Maybe we'll have to interview to about the book but the billboard part disagrees that apparently the case was wasn't predicate in other words the FBI opened investigation would fault the information. I have a theory I was. I've been dying to get your take on that. The reason bar may know that that the FBI case was based on faulty. Intel but Horowitz. The inspector general may not is because Horowitz. He's not a US attorney. He's an investigator. He doesn't have subpoena power and he's the inspector general for the DOJ not the Intel community. I ever theory. Greg did Brendan in and and the Intel folks were the ones who kind of pushed through Harry Reid and their sources the FBI to open this case and that Barr sees that big league menagerie that bigger picture about how the FBI and not that they were fooled. I think you and I both know the. FBI played along after a while. But they were kind of duped into opening this case up in the beginning by faulty Intel. The what do you think of that. One hundred percent agree with that I write about it in my book. I recall John. Brennan the CIA director under Obama the instigator of the Russia hoax while James Clapper the director of national intelligence to his buddy was the prodigious leaker And you're right it we you know. The whole thing was sort of a setup Brennan goes to then majority leader In in the Senate Harry Reid and and you know they concoct a scheme So you you know read You know we've got this dossier but the media doesn't know it. So what I want you to do is to write a letter. Tacoma Komi demanding an investigation. Even though Comey's already opened the investigation with the media doesn't know that and then leaked the letter to the media and the one with their hair. You're on fire Talking about this investigation of trump Skiing only worked in a minor way. A couple of news organizations picked picked up on it so he did it again. Like a month later Right before the election and again nobody in the media you know really went crazy easy with a couple of news organizations. That's when the collusion term was I used And the media didn't grab onto would largely because they assume trump wasn't gonNA win it. Hillary Clinton was going to win. So what you know. What's the big deal? Why Report on this? It was only after trump trump won unexpectedly to the shock And chagrin of the media that they then began to embrace this full throated fallacy of trump Russia collusion. And then of course call me clapper and Brennan Scheme to leaked dossier to you buzzfeed and CNN of course clapper now you know works for CNN You know there were so many schemes. It's really hard to keep track of it. Which is why am I book at the end? I put in a time line as well as a cast of characters so people can flip back and take a look into that happened then. That's what this guy did and so forth. That's a great idea. Reads kind of like a police file. That's a terrific idea. Let me ask you this Brennan and I. I don't think Brennan Coma Friends with this. Now we know clapper in coma your buddies they go back. They love each other these two that we can we agree. Hey there like a big Mac and fries but but Brennan and and call me big Mac and the whopper these to our competitors and the reason I say say that his Bredon has been insisting in public media appearances for the past two and a half plus years now greg that he did not see the dossier until December of two thousand sixteen gene. Now you and I both know that's categorically false. You just laid out how Brennan briefs Harry Reid Harry Reid August of two thousand sixteen obviously before December where Brennan says he sees the dossier. He breached him in August. And Harry. Reid writes this letter to the FBI with information in the letter. That was only in the dossier so I guess my question here is. Are these two about to throw each other under the bus. I mean Komi could turn around and say hey listen you guys duped us into opening this dopey investigation we. I'm not suggesting this. I'm just saying this may be as defense we did it. Brennan told us this information he had was terrific. It was verified it. It wasn't we went out. We tried to verify it and my bad so sad we turned out. The information was false whereas Brennan can turn around and say hey. Listen I'm not an investigator investigate or I'm an Intel guy. No law enforcement powers. I did what I was supposed to do. I got this information and pass it off to call me. It's not my fault. They screwed up the investigate. You see that friction coming ahead. Oh I do and it's already happened to some extent. You know when rats get trapped in a cage the beginning knaw knaw at each other. And that's what Clapper and Brennan and comb. You're all doing even Komen McCabe you know pointing the fingers of Bland. They did it With the intelligence community assessment report Clapper was blaming Brennan. For Phony Information Information Brennan was cleaning. Clap for for the same thing Komi is gone after McCabe for Lime McKay said no you knew about the information nation that I lied about So it's not a lie so you know all of the rats are turning on each other and nine and I think it'll happen even more so after the inspector general report comes out and certainly after. Durham concludes his criminal investigation. We're talking to Greg Jarrett again. Author terrific new book which on check it out folks Amazon Barnes and noble bookstores near you. Please pick it up. It's a great book Greg. I get this question a lot a lot of people when I go out book. Signings things in public appearances. They'll say well. What do you think? Do you think anybody's GonNa wind up in handcuffs or bracelets here any they're going to be any law enforcement action against the perpetrators of this massive political spying scandal. Your thoughts on that. Well we've already had four criminal referrals. one against benched Komi for stealing and leaking the presidential memos which the DOJ declined to act on. That's a disappointment a criminal referral against Andrew McCabe. WHO's deputy director and briefly acting director of the FBI for line? Not just once but four times that still pending there was another case against an unidentified Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI will eventually find out who who it is. A criminal referral against him not acted on And now we have the latest Referral by Horowitz the Inspector General against an FBI lawyer whose primary in the trump Russia investigation Who you know? It's unclear if he was if he quit under pressure. Pressure was fired. Shown the door But he allegedly doctored Some of the emails that were used in and support to obtain a Feis warrant to spy on the trump campaign And so that is still pending as well. Should there be more absolutely we. Will there be more wait and see. Yeah I kind of take the same cautious approach on that that you do a couple more questions. I know you're busy. Is He. Talking to Greg Jarrett author of the Great New Book which police pick it up the White House involvement in this. I think it's implausible as a former federal investigator that the White House House from the top down was unaware completely of what was going on but the evidence is overwhelming. Whether it's the Peter Stroke tax the White House wants to know what we're doing You know now the White House running this post wants to know everything. We're doing an acronym for President United States of course but there's others I mean there's John Brennan testifying up on Capitol Hill saying that he's giving this statement in conjunction with the White House. There's an Andy. McCabe Lisa page email exchange. Where they're talking about the number two with the CIA David Cohen and they say listen some? We're going over the White House to brief on this. We need to speak with one voice. The evidence is overwhelming. But there's one more piece. I just uncovered. Recently it was. It's an older piece by Lee Smith. Who's done great great work this when he was writing a tablet meg and he writes about this June? Twenty Third Twenty Two Thousand Sixteen envelope that arrives at the White House and in this envelope. It's believed by many was the dossier it's apparently says for Obama's is only and maybe two or three more principles but that's it and apparently Brennan's involved volved in this and again lease been kind of wired from the start so to sum all that up I mean is it in any way plausible at this point. That Obama did not know what was going on with the spying scandal on the trump team he had to have known because it was a counterintelligence investigation. In truth it was a secret criminal investigation of trump masquerading as a counterintelligence pro but because they named it a counter intel pro. It has to have the president's approval. Why because 'cause counterintelligence probes or for the benefit of the United States the information goes directly to him about foreign activities It's very different than a criminal investigation. And you're right. There is some pretty strong circumstantial evidence not the least of which is a text message from Lisa page to Peter Struck the White House. Wants to know everything we're doing on this and this was you know the probe of trump and it was the only thing that pages truck we're working on at the time they sent the text message Wjr and of course remember that Brennan was a briefing trump about everything On an almost daily basis. I mean mattis jobs. CIA Director Debrief P brief the president almost every day. You either do it in a memo. You do it in person in in the log to the White House show. Brennan was there constantly gently. So of course Obama not only knew about it but either expressly or tacitly approved What was going on? I mean think about this. The United States spying and investigating a president presidential candidate from the opposing party. Never in the history of the United States is something that agreed to stay in place and as you know. I interviewed trump for my book A- and you know is he said. This should never happen to a presidential candidate. It should never happen to another president in the United States. I agree met a libertarian. Streak for a long time. I was against the Patriot. Act when it was George W Bush proposed it and as a former federal federal agent. This really disturbs me the soul. It's a terrible case. Let me ask you about this. The official FBI story about the genesis of this case. I think is nonsense. Probably I said this tip from Alexander. Downer story is just absurd it seems utterly outrageous. Is that just a cover story. I mean I I believe as we kind of got got to in the question prior to the last one that this was obviously a tip from brandon at the CIA. That went awry. And the whole Alexander Downer this Australian diplomat who met with Popadopoulos Dopoulos and this drunken store which is total garbage. I just believe that was kind of an ex post facto cover story. What are your thoughts on that? I agree and I write that it is in my book. Look it makes no sense First of all sequentially On the day that Comey student in front of cameras and cleared Hillary Clinton his FBI. I was meeting for the first time With Christopher Steele armed with his dossier it's July fifth two thousand and Sixteen and so on the very day that Comey's clearing Clinton The investigation of trump begins in earnest when steel hands the dossier over to his FBI handler the handler. Says my God. I've gotta were LERT headquarters immediately There was an surgency to it and of course It was was given to the FBI on that very day and then later Within in a ten day period of time or two weeks disseminated all the way through to The White House I suspect So this whole Popadopoulos coolest bar talk. is utter nonsense. It was pedal to the New York Times probably by somebody in the FBI To to cover the real reason for the investigation which was the phony dossier pay for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee it because it makes no sense first of all you know hearing a rumor that Russians have Hillary Clinton's emails. So what I mean. That's crime hearing a rumor a basis. That crime has been committed. Hearing a rumor is not a crime it makes no sense. Maybe you would launch an investigation of Russia to see if it's true but you don't investigate Junior unpaid hated adviser. who here's the room? You don't investigate his campaign presidential candidate over that that never it's totally unreasonable. Unreasonable and illogical but of course the New York Times Gobble Book and the media should have done their jobs on that obviously they abandoned any any journalistic standards are integrity at all your book which on eviscerates at my final question for you. This is another big topic with my audience. Obviously the dossier starts. FBI The investigation. Obviously Popadopoulos at this point. That story is just nonsense. Do you believe Steele wrote the dossier I don't I think mostly the dossier. Hey based on the Wall Street Journal Work of Glenn Simpson Back in two thousand seven I believe based on potentially some of the work of helper and how cited cited sources off and others remember steel at one point tells the State Department his sources are this Guy Trubnikov the former head rush intel. But nick off has a relationship with how per we don't know much about his relationship with steel so it appears the actual steele dossier that steel himself might be the fall guy on this S. and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. He may have had some input to it but I don't think it was all him. Well I think you're right and we may find out more about that in horror pitches report by the way I think Horowitz is probably bought into the whole popadopoulos thing is the trigger for the Best Gatien. which is it scares? There's me but but you know I think that The dossier was a collection of a great many things. And you wrote terrifically Klay about it in your book and hats off to you for really digging into that in revealing some amazing information but you know first of of all. There was Russian disinformation And they had to be laughing. Over the Kremlin is is Dan. He'll knuckleheads right. You know the thing about the timing of this whole thing within a course of being within two two weeks of being hired steel comes up with the first memo in his dossier that's impossible. Read the first memo the information in it. You can't get get that kind of information without working. You know on the ground human sources for months and yet like magic. He conjures it up out of thin air in the course of a couple of weeks so he had to be fed. A bunch of disinformation By people people and he either knew was disinformation or He's the most you know Gullible Inspector or Oh spy inspector clues oh You know and I think Glenn Simpson contributed to. Because you and I've talked about before. Read read some of Glen Simpson's old columns bearing a striking resemblance to the gay. It's unbelie Christopher Steele was a convenient face for it because as you documented your books he had worked with the FBI before it had some credible work history they could sell to judge. Look this documented minute source so I agree with you. I think your announced this is great. We've been talking to Greg. Jarrett author really a wonderful. Can't recommend it highly enough book. Check it out right here folks witch-hunt look at that a lot of material in here worth your time. Check out his first book as well. One of the biggest selling books the last year the Russia Hoax Greg. You a been invaluable on this. My audience loves. Do you want Fox. They love your books. I really appreciate your time. I hope to talk to you again soon. Maybe if you do third book who knows we'll have you back. Thanks Dan thank you. I enjoy working keenum mentally with you. You're one of the smartest guys I know. And your books have been absolutely terrific and a great help to me as well. So thank you for having me on to talk about it. You got it buddy take care. We'll talk soon. Take it easy. BYE-BYE I hope you like that interview I know I did. I had a blast as you know. I've written two books myself on this topic. This spy gates scandal is the biggest political scandal of our time and few people know more about it than Greg Jarrett. He's a terrific legal. Mind really hope you enjoyed that folks. Stay tuned for more great interviews news coming up. We have canvas owens. Yes can this Owen schedule next week at should be at should be great. She's absolutely terrific. Thanks a lot folks. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel. YouTube dot com Bob Slash Bongino. We will see you all on Monday. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also get Dan's podcasts on Itunes soundcloud and and followed Dan on twitter. Twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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