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One exclusions apply see store for details U._S.. Only News Gino Grad break all those crazy trump tweets G. grant trouble drunk fell down gene the news with Gina Grad. Well a former software or engineer from Seattle is in police custody charged with computer fraud and abuse after she stole the personal information of more than one hundred million individuals. Her picture sure is everywhere right now and I think we haven't you don't hear about the ladies too often with this capital one announced Monday that a hacker had breached it system gained access to bank account numbers social security numbers numbers. Police arrested thirty three year old page Thompson there. She is who is accused of swiping the data looks like a criminal. She looks like the beginning surname execute of it yeah. That's her honey money honey bunny so she's accused of Swiping the data from credit cards applications applications between March twelfth and July seventeenth. If that sounds like experts say the ten biggest hacks ever and it comes just just one week after the news broke about the equifax breach which affected one hundred forty seven million people capital and says it will contact everyone who was affected offer free credit monitoring wondering and this girl she tweeted something like capital one in their Vikings Orwell's Cowan their stage coach. I don't feel like their technologically advanced enough to handle the age. We're living in fresh. Show some damn robots. I don't WanNa see a stagecoach Viking. I just feel like cutting edge technology but a bunch of Asian adults just like at their computers going. We're monitoring your shit all the time with your keyboard smoking yeah about that. That'd be good. She was very open about the fact that it was her. She said it was like it's the equivalent of strapping of suicide vest on walking in the public. She's like this is me <music>. I'm about doing your life. Quite you know look. I said it a bunch of criminals we always think of them is bad but you have to think of them as lazy like they don't want a job like if you took most criminals ego I broke into the House and they ransacked the house they tore apart all the personal belongings everywhere and you go well. That guy is a bad guy but you really think about it that guy's a lazy guy because if you talk to did that guy in front of the house he was going to break in and ransack and I went what if I could magically just get all the valuables out of this house <hes> put it in put into pillowcase and put it in the back of your car. Go fine do that. I don't want to get bit by dog or by glass the whole identity thing and the whole cyber everything is the ultimate intimate in lazy criminal. Yeah you do it from the comfort of your own home. Yeah like like carjacking is fine but there's a degree of danger danger involved with carjack shop right. Two guards broke down. That's what I love about only in Mexico if he was in Germany Germany he'd still be on the run he commandeered to random cars and they both overheated one hundred feet one of the only in Mexico once upon a time in Mexico so criminals are going to do whatever they can do from the comfort of their own home. There's going to be more and more of that at this point like floyd floyd mayweather sound crazy for he. He says he keeps all his money essentially in cash in his house like all of that but it sounds like that you're you're insane and now with stuff like this. You're like maybe not the worst idea yeah invest in a good safe people well Katy Perry's dark horse. You you know the Song I'll remind you in a moment ripped off a Christian rap song according to a California jury Marcus Gray. He's a Christian rapper. You guys know he's known as Flame Yeah that Katy Perry's two thousand thirteen hit bit his song called joyful noise saying that the most obvious thing Perry lifted was the beat featured in her hit produced hi Dr Luke during the trial both singer and the producer and since they've never heard joyful noise but the rapper said they might have caught it at the grammys or seen it on youtube it got millions of plays so so the case will now move onto damages. She write the song I think with Dr Luke dozen <hes> I'm looking at Dawson. <hes> sorry let me think George Harrison has a song called dark horse right. I believe it's on his first solo think so so anyway so yeah. Now you sound like my wife. Go make me right so I have both of the songs for just to get the VIBE and again. It's just it's just that sort of backbeat. Here's joyful noise this talk about it. You Boys Been Christian quite a few years. Victory in place appeared okay points. Here's every song that Paris Hilton Place D._J.. And by the way I'm GonNa play the Katy Perry and then someone did mash them together if that matters a lot of songs of the same structure but here's the Katy Perry's let's go back well. We're going to run in this. A lot of people aren't going to write songs anymore. fucking put computer computer noise in the background and then put their with their voice your filter. We're going to run this a lot because both are non songs so many algorithms when you do songs send you have songs like ghostbuster steam and they got the new drug or the you can play go with that song sounds like that song. These are both non entity so both just fucking computer shitting out nothing and then people talking to a Roomba so we got no. There's no aim be this is a risky run making your bones the short generic popstar you're GONNA end. This sounds like a thousand dollars is in charge of this fucking case. You're both fucking guilty there. In time for fucking ruining our society Darkhorse darkhorse six songwriters three producers slow in for the doctor for dark horse sewer crew all going down Prejud- songwriters God six. Yes six people can write that shit took six people to write a grab moral. Imagine only took one at the same beat but you could hear a song that was similar and go you rip this off rather one. It's a computer farting Jersey which I never got nice more and he's so fine which always been weird to me now. They don't send a lot of really you don't think so not a lot of life. They sound a little alike but there's not a lot of night. There's a finite number of beats per minute and a finite number of chords and note songs they don't i. I like figuring out what song sound like like like we always talk about that. <hes> sorry can't turn it down but the ghostbusters sounds more bad soul finger sounds more like soul finger than it does. I want a new drug like that that I get <hes> my sweet lord and he's so fine don't sound a lot alike now. Maybe you can break them him down rhythmically into something but when you just hear he so do it doesn't I don't want this Kinda shit the continue because then I'm hoping it never bleeds into comedy where goes hey. I bid about self driving cars. Yeah Yeah Yeah like I do. One you talk about it too and so now I'm suing you the more popular you aren't you afraid of that all the time all the time it has to happen because there's only so much shit going on simultaneously late Brian the world and that's what Comedians do all right what else you got. Tony Stewart Nascar driver really got lucky. It's legit friend of mine legit smoke. Yes okay all right so NASCAR legend. Tony Stewart got little trouble over the weekend because of I just started haggling images ride namic cursing him for quitting just being the worst. That's when Stewart had enough. He got looking at a picture. That's me and smoke on his private jet. Oh you're gonNA love this he he post the way. Let me tell you something about guys who drive cars. They fight all the the Thai fight on the track like the ever want to throw down. Make Fun of a race car driver. I don't know about F.. One but NASCAR GUYS GUYS THEY WANNA throw down through down all the time yeah and so you can't you can't <hes> ring their bell. It was the clip let's see let's see my boy swag too. I mean literally running across. It's a parking lot showcase clean show yeah that was yeah. Oh you gotta you gotTa temperament and and also in here's like I read this article so the guy was mad data because he said Oh he came down here did one lap and then stop like he big time and we all came to see you raise and I'm like he's there signing autographs yeah right. If you WANNA big time you do you WanNa let like like I love it when people tell me like you don't care about your family I do meet and greets after after every fucking show every show and I'll see the whole line like I'm sorry to meet you for your ten minutes and you can go to Brunch yeah. Listen to your idea about how I'm going to be the spokesperson spokesperson for your new <hes> Many donut shop. I'm starting to do that but OLE SIS GONNA franchise out out there signing for people photos. It's the same thing you're talking about with the veterans who are going this is for your guy trump or whatever like. You're there signing autographs. Really you're going like I could. I remember doing a show in God. I think we're in Fresno and didn't like we're done assign. Everyone you take all the pictures you do all this shit and then a certain point you go all right. Everyone's got their pictures and sign and you go. I'm going back hotel. Then you get to sit as liberal yelled at you want me to blow you by the dumpster. What for me that's it? I don't work at the theatre later. I got an empty the garbage some of those dishes like worked on gun. Show at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston. The the show was an hour and a half and then did a meet and greet with everyone who wanted to meet me and that's a theater and we sold it out and the meeting was an hour forty five minutes that was the meet and greet and then some guy commented. He's like I invite you out to a bar toward you said no right done our you know our transaction is over at this point. I like doing the meet and greet. It's cool. I like I like talking to people like you know cure good stories but fuck dude like just gave me an hour and a half show and then an hour hour forty five minutes meet-and-greet. Are you insinuating that being on stage and then talking to which people is harder than sitting and laughing and enjoying top it. I think I think race card. I I think race car drivers especially in NASCAR stock car whatever are generally more aggressive human beings sure and you have to have that element point of this person pass me now. I gotta get him back. I got to get to this person so that is the wrong person to heckle yeah. I'd say Yeah I say well you know if you're going to the bake sale. Maybe heckled those people. You might be a little safer. They move they do a mass a NASCAR fight they they'll pull their helmet off and start swinging around hounding it on the windshield or the other car whatever here's one they don't do that in hockey they would. I think they take it off and waving around there's one nascar clip on if you guys could find it of a guy like drop kicking through the driver's side window the federal style yeah like the thought and then like some guy cut somebody off or Raymond of the wall and he runs jumps and does a full double drop kick the window and I'm like can isn't a fast and furious movie because that's a that's a wrong move right there hobson show you can drop kick car fight Don saint-denis get in here helmet off going to throw the helmet usually use rose this it's up to twenty car and delivers a we heal a helmet. Throw I told you cut the guys off fucking love it through through the windshield taliation talent they fight. That's my favorite scrappers. I duNNo. It's is good but just bounce it out. Ethically Okay Larry Holmes running over limousine long ways to jump onto. I Dunno spinks or whoever was a pretty good not in a race but still involves running over car among running that was a nice bruce double leg kick to the sternum. Yeah and I don't think those sprint dirt track whatever cars have windshield so maybe that was it or if it was lexin accent or something but here we go watch the Arabic Trevor Berbick and Larry Holmes Larry runs over a towncar interests you parking wingtips. The COP Ameri quarters anything Larry Holmes attacked him and it does the most athletic move Larry has ever pulp. Where's where's exactly swan dive? Where's wrestling announcer? Jim Ross when you need them. We Miss Lena broke him and was awesome all right. That's so great what do that well. There's a petition aiming to change the date date of Halloween from October thirty first to whatever the last Saturday of the month is smart petition launch last year by the nonprofit Halloween Costume Costume Association argues that the moving date of Halloween will be safer longer stress-free celebration <hes> so basically in theory it would mean Halloween would kick off during daylight hours not interfere with worker school schedules. They've already scraped together more than sixty thousand signatures more coming. Every day sounds like easy. I'm down with that. You know I guess I I don't know how it works with some of these congressional bills but they tax stuff onto them ORC. What are they hiding in some poor enough with the Goddamn gerrymandering with the kids ads? I don't WanNA see your fucking kids dropped off in my Nice neighborhood getting all my free candy day fuck and got to walk around their piece of Shit neighborhood and maybe that'll spark mark some change in them because of their grant. We've now figure this thing out where everyone just picks up their kids leaves. PACOIMA comes on out encino drops the kids off their hit up rich. Y get the peanut butter cups and then it's back to your piece of shit neighbors. I don't need that I would. I would also tack onto that if you're not wearing a costume. They're out no candy. There's been kids coming to my house this past Halloween that they were out with their little brother little. I'll sit there in the costume and then the kids just stand there in t shirt and jeans going trick or treat right you like for what's trick effort backwards. Dude basically looks like Ken Reeves from parenthood and he's just fucking standing there this greasy hair reference Abbas Aba huff GonNa fucking outfit then come back and have some bad at least put on at least a strange hat yeah at least make the make the effort of that one Adam Sandler rant on weekend update where he was like cheap Halloween costumes any put like a fork for an armed guy he he was okay guy. Look I'm crazy toilet paper head guide and he and he just got a piece of toilet paper on his head that at least that right I agree. Do you remember what Todd Jonah Reeves. Aspiring Profession was imperative that he wanted to be a drag racer. That's right right no money in that and wow we are getting into a time now when you say he's a drag racer you don't know right. Oh my God awed do do do they love themselves so they can possibly love somebody else. What like what are they doing that? At all so different course drag drag racing you hear the term some go some blow now that has taken a turn as to what to believe yeah like we are getting to a point where a lot aww young millennials are not going to know what drag race. You're talking about me me and all the bowlers were we're going to see drag race and you're like I bet you are the positive emmy winner now. Maybe this'll be there queer because queer meant funny a long time ago now means uh us or not funny ha ha funny odd that it meant gay. Maybe this'll be that yeah I mean we're talking about drag racing. I mean something else to us. You mean something else and it is gay so generally we've found you're queer. Everybody one more okay. Italian town will will begin issuing fines to individuals who blaspheme or Curson public as part of an effort to curve impolite behaviour into Newsweek. This is an Italy Italian we live show tackled sow Nata it plans to issue four hundred forty five dollars the equivalent fines to those who break the law the mayor of the town <hes> said that the law doesn't just apply to those who use the name of God in vain but all the Buddha Mohammed he doesn't like it. He finds it offensive. He wanted to stop however there's a few other laws. You might get behind that. He's he's implementing. It also includes seventy five other bands Halloween over there. I don't know if they have that okay. Sorry so when Megan REPEA- no is getting the soccer thing she's like New York kick fucking ass. Get House you find of escort Singapore also yeah that's right caning it. Also includes seventy five others like individuals who dumped trash in public places or don't keep their our dog on a leash. There's also a paragraph defining what hours are appropriate to mow your lawns going on with. Italy's tightening up like there was just a story that the pope explain Blaine to anybody in the mob like you're going to hell get your shit together now. Wow well I mean I don't know that seems to be there seemed to be roping it in a little went ahead and a little more towards morality or something like modern less with the cussing and a little less with the Griffin and maybe you could avoid hell like I it's. It's this. was that new pope. Is there a new well then you wish yeah cool pope told the mobsters knock it off to great S._N._l.. Hey kids do you smoke in the refund smoke for tower. He walks over the jukebox hits it and the Christian rapper mechanic lawsuit POPs up you know cowpoke cool pope well. How about Whisky Whiskey A._M.? Coop hope I don't know a lot about how effective has decreed to the mob to knock it off or they're going to hell is but if we can find any numbers was on that and that it's actually working next. Stop Mexico talking down there are on. They're both very Catholic countries entries. If it had any effect at all I got I got many other stops for him to make those are some of my favorite scenes in Imam movies where like AAC they're. They're just done stabbing a body in the trunk of the car and some guy says God damn thing goes down you awesome one of the best things. The Godfather at the end was having all his enemies killed while he's doing these perfect all right one one more well. A new report indicates that more than a quarter of delivery food drivers sample the customers meals before you get them. Oh Yeah is look a little light in the front and you can't put a bag of fries shotgun when you're driving without that right. Hand Conover is grabbing chicken nugget. They're not gonNA count that chicken there. Hi you got to get the smell guys driving. It was God's sake yeah right. The study examined the habits of both delivery customers and drivers indicated twenty eight percent of delivery drivers do sneak a little taste from the order by their the admission or are they secretly. I don't think they're nanny CAM. Mission is probably many more. That's right when asked if they minded if they're driver took a few fries the average person response was eight point four out of ten. One is no big deal. Ten is absolutely unacceptable. Meanwhile I almost ten go get your own fucking van okay the price of doing business. I like it when the laziest people on the planet or outraged by I someone movement what you're what you're driving around yeah what the fuck I'm trying to work job the star fire you could get pinch. You know what I mean on top of the or your double double its new. We can't do anything about Oh you think taking a piece of topics like like with the sausage pizza little balls assaults on there you could do that some leave a footprint though the Blue Moon Crater onion rings tater Tommy side dish and especially with fast food food when you deliver it the person's getting the food is more likely to just be like <hes> the guy that McDonald's probably fucked it up right yeah and then oh it's a victimless crime perfect and what about your drinks got that shake. They put that little arm one hit L. Fran area yeah yeah back into it. You can never really nail down anything potato. Oh based because I how many times you've done this where it's like you gone out to a Saturday breakfast with a friend of yours. I know it always seems this way you ordered whatever on whatever you ordered the Hash browns on the side and at some point when the things were delivered. It looks like his Hash Browns are ten hint times bigger than what you got a little luck of the draw like sometimes we're at the end of the griddle or whatever you got what you get but sometimes years takes up the space like a small small Kodner and then other times it dominates the whole play. It's laying off the plane. We're that way with. I had French fry bags. It seemed like they were bursting with fries. There's a little bit alight. When you order early we order lobster tail? You kind of know what you're getting 'cause. You're just kind of paying for what you're faced item to range on on the salad never counted deliver to poach from would be then K._F._c.. Buckner chicken was small John that and he got the potato wedges end the potato. Mash potatoes mashed. You gotta you gotTa work it back yeah well. They're theft tamper-proof Buck lids right next sentence off of the paper. The nearly eighty five percent of respondents said they'd like restaurants to use tamper evident lids and li-listen side. I could just get up off my own ass and get and get my own food but that's a bridge too far. You guys do this. Stop mucking up. Yeah you guys stop fucking well. They have all right so there's two things Brad probably knows we experienced this in Denver. The comedy works. I think put everyone cell phone phone in a little unlock it when we get done in the world of racing like if you're doing like like endurance endurance racing or whatever whatever something fuel they'll put a little wire and a little number in a crimp thing over the fuel thing that means you can't fuel inbetween whatever's somebody's going to have to cut it needs to be officially cut off the sweater when you buy at the store at the grocery store variety right. They're just GONNA have to do that with everything. Plus all these little douches spitting into the ice tea bottles and everything we're just fucking bubble wrap everything in tied ziplock and the everything on everything right and then more turtles are going to get more shitting their nose because we can't act like fucking human rights right we got the straws draws out. Thank Christ down on SIP ties. Yeah yeah all right. Let's bring it home. She got it. I'm Gina Grad and that's the news oh shut up the kind. That was the news with Gina Grad. I didn't know my ex called earlier. Kreil done again and Danny trae Ho tomorrow tomorrow by the way it's going to be log cast little bit range. I hit the GEIKO. Everyone's got the to do list and how about you add save hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance. You don't have to go anywhere go to GEICO DOT COM fifteen minutes. You could be saving fifteen percent or more on your auto insurance. It take that extra money and you yeah put it in your pocket. It is the best it is GYCO. Brad is going to be at the Bray Improv this Friday through Sunday and and also in Las Vegas at Jimmy Kimmel's Pov it's right and that is August eighth or the eleven for more gates you can go to Brad Williams comedy Dot Com. I'm going to be in Monterey with the Atom Rain Hamadan cast partner. We'll be there that'll beat the Golden State theatre August seventeenth so stand up there air so we got that and you can go down kroll dot com for all the live shows and if you WanNa get in on the main gods or when we went mad those docs he could have micro ventures dot com slash Adam also yes Paul Bryan Bryan Featuring Rod William Bill all the things you guys talked about no list of performers order that will all be there utopia next and we got good sports next and you can take the podcast one survey podcast podcast one dot study thank you in advance until Nixon Brad Williams Sheena Grad and Bald Ryan Say Mahalo it highlights my moronic ship stick around today's episode of Good Sports Dave Damasec. Adam Corolla coming happened right up now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your the money with the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment. 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Dave DAMASEC check here Adam Corolla over there ace I keep celebrating it and I will continue to do so until the first Sunday of February because for the next ext what twenty four weeks or so football football more football before games that matter we have hard knocks coming at US A._B.. vont has perfect richie incognito at all for our is the greatest hard knocks of all time I dare say Baby Antonio Brown. Oh a guy who knocked him out cold on a foot in a football game in a playoff game in Cincinnati literally. I mean you thought wow A._B.. Might be dead from that hit that had shot that he just took away his body fell. Limp vont is perfect now teammates and then richie incognito who got suspended for threatening a funeral home the funeral homeworkers because he wanted to take his late father's head Ed Richie so right so we forgive. What team is that the Oakland Raiders? Oh sorry yeah I knew he he went to the raiders. That's right I've exciting right yeah SORTA how the mighty fall into because they always take the lower tier teams and I'm you're constantly thinking about the browns or somebody who who spangles and then you go oh the raiders and then though the rare yet but they're not the raiders. Oh but I mean the I mean can you I. I'm I'M GONNA call it here. There's no way this isn't the best season ever. I don't know how this couldn't be the best one ever with the three guys I guess named Plus Jon Gruden Plus Derek Carr are who's in a weird spot as the as the leading man. The quarterback has to have a big season or maybe they then. They're leaving the East Bay. They're moving to Vegas next. It's GonNa be good yeah yeah. I'll tell my Al Davis Raiders joke which people seem to enjoy which is every every other team Eh The raiders insignia white turtleneck and leather weird leather raiders pants. She had black hair always wear raiders. There's paraphernalia raiders memorabilia stuff. You'd buy at the shop at the at the stadium he would wear that to the owners meetings or wherever he went he dressed dressed like a raiders fan not like the owner of the team and I said this would be like if the president of the United States it dressed like Uncle Sam like if Donald trump didn't wear a suit to the inauguration but just dressed like Uncle Sam basically basically what Al Davis did entire career and I would before that I support that idea fully and if it can't be the owner because whatever there's some dignity or whatever involved in require the head coaches of each team to dress like the team mascot I'd like to see grew out there with an eye patch and a helmet without a face mask. Ask on it and I guess his son has a weird bulk cut. I guess out Davis's son. Oh Yeah Mark Davis has I mean I it and I I understand from from people who know Mark Davis and are tied into the organization that he goes out of his way to get that haircut. It's it's a choice. It's not like the one down the coroner so that's why I get my haircut there. He goes specifically. He makes a special trip that I think is more than an hour away if not a couple of hours away to get that haircut every time. Can I say this about the haircut you guys tell me what Chuck Todd for C._N._N.. For for N._B._C. A._B._C. Sorry Chuck Todd Chuck Todd has an all aw come up with my Mount Rushmore of guys who have this but chuck todd's got the thinning hair so chuck todd does the forward comb home but with the high Def TV it doesn't work like it worked. I guys did that in the seventies when half of America in black and white the thirteen inch Zenith Chuck Todd Boy. That's a damning picture. They just pulled up in their of checked out. That's just a picture of Chuck Todd live like he's got male pattern bonus which is fine. You just go the Jason Statham route. Don't do the thing because now you know they always say. I think you're avair cavalier about this ace because you're not in that spot it's I. It's an existential issue when you lose the hair. It's never coming back. You Shave your head. It ain't ever coming back. Go ahead but let me say this. They always say it's not the crime. It's the cover up. <hes> this is literally the cover up. Nobody blames the rock or stay Tham or any of these guys for the male pattern baldness it's when they try at a comb it forward or do the dipsy doodle or whatever the trump move is or whatever that move is. That's when we make funny oh no one's ever made fun of stay them or Iraq or her vin diesel or their handsome devil so that doesn't really that that doesn't count really I hear what you're saying but if you're an average snook the more I I mean I think at least on par with the lousy haircut and the the holding onto youth and it not working for Chuck Todd a goatee and Twenty Nineteen <hes> I'm saying todd should buzzard off because it's the high def. I got a seventy inch T._V.. And Scowl through. I liked the guys it's fun also bad angle when he's moderating the debates when they go from the stage angle. It's a bad thing so when you go to the candidates candidates your from the ground up so everyone has a double Chin but when they go to the moderators there from the stage down which is good for a double Chin but bad for the male pattern baldness baldness a chuck todd's got it bad because the cameras up high going down. If you see me moderator at debate you can <hes> you can check that out also there's can you think of the celebrity that is now kinda suffering for the <hes> from from the forward who's hanging on when they shouldn't well when you see hair going the wrong direction. You know what I mean that right I wanNA know is is Al Davis Son. Is he doing that trying to hide something up there otherwise complete elite nutjob because he's picked the super unattractive. I think there's something to the Samson Syndrome. which is that if you make it with a certain hairstyle style then you hold onto like grim death for fear that if you changed your hair somehow your your fate in the world would would lower and I feel like that's why Donald trump hangs onto his hair? The the old owner of the Houston oilers Bud Adams had one of those heads of hair. That's like why are you still doing that with your hair in the twenty first century Oh because when you broke broke you were you had that hair. You're afraid that it's GonNa Change Your luck if you if you ruin that hair yeah the English actor here we're seeing Chuck Todd from the thing you gotTa let it go. You gotta you gotTa go full. Stay them or you got to spray on some top coverage well Wall Street. Can I tell you something <hes> over the last few years. I don't know if you and I have had this discussion. You know I started to get the flesh Yarmulke some years ago you know and it was a it was a point of shame. I don't know gay slang but keep going. I mean you can imagine we'll see right there. You know little little <hes> skin break in through in the backside there now my my my forehead is still nice and tight. I have a nice head of hair as long as I can stand above you but someone like you who's a little taller than me can see my shame my flesh yarmulke and so they they instructed me once I saw it on camera and I it screamed out to me it was it was a it was a beacon of shame directed at me right right and they said in the makeup room there at the N._F._l.. They're like here. Try a little this. They got the hook. Semi real good some of that topic trying to no no. It's not spray. It's a better various like pepper for your shish a little on your skin. Your skull doesn't show through right now but it doesn't. It's not like I paint it. Somehow magically sits on top of my dome and then why don't you just get like why don't you just get hair plugs back there and the answer is because I'll continue to lose my hair and then I won't have a flesh Yarmulke but I will eventually get a flesh moat around this around this fake hair island in the back of my head. You see these are the issues you are blessed to not have to deal with because you got a nice main. Thank you Dr Pepper. Though maybe before we get some business I have to add on to Damasec story about Mark Davis. He does in fact go to specific barber <hes>. I'm reading a report here from business insider that says that Davis travels more than four hundred miles miles from his home in northern California to palm springs yet it cut at the same barber why what goes on what is what is you guys. Try to figure out if he's still in Qom dot com. Oh I've seen some were shots. One we show you and he must be trying to cover something. No Sane person would make that choice but can you see the hair the flesh rush coming through all right take care of business. I will tell you the prominent actor Ooh the next show who to that so we'll look forward to hearing that tomorrow in the meantime though as let me tell you and the vast good sports audience about truecar over these next sixty seconds that's how long it's GonNa take me to read this this ad for you and that's exactly the same amount of time it will take you to get an offer on your automobile. Aka Your car you just go to truecar from your your smartphone or your computer. Yes enter the license plate number and watch your details pop-up. I might suggest that Mark Davis you have a four hundred mile trip to make this is something that'll have helped. 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Make the reliable investment in reliable reliable energy the Dominion Energy Reliability Investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com you do it right by staying on top of knowing when it's time to stain your deck and your fence lows is here to help you do do it right with the supplies you need and the know how to get it done plus. We even help you save because now when you buy one gallon of Selecao spar exterior stain and seal it you'll get a second one fifty percent off the mail in rebate. Whatever you need to make your outdoors even greater do it right for less start with lowe's offer valid through seven thirty one exclusions apply? I see store for details ideology and pragmatism. I'm Tim Maguire the A._p.. News Minna ten Democrats running for president stays tonight in Detroit. The tender of this debate pragmatism against ideological purity moderates the group warning voters against nominating candidates who embrace wish list ECOMOMICS Economics Montana Governor Steve Bullock same people can't wait for revolution. That's a clear swipe at Bernie Sanders who stood at center stage ten more will debate tomorrow night. A Wisconsin man suspected of killing four people then himself may have tried to imitate the abduction last year of teenager Jamie cloth. There's some items that we found in the vehicle. <hes> <hes> the way the vehicles left and running that we're still working on analyzing that leads us to believe it's similar Chippewa County County sheriff. Jim cohost checks says Richie German junior killed three of his own family members went to the home in another town shot his way inside wounded the parents and killed the

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