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American. What about the welcome to another episode of the Ocho presentative in partnership as always nations blogging, the boys dot com name Joe Chou enemy of course from BBB, and from radio host on the show it is Wednesday July first two thousand and twenty. We hope all is well wherever you are. We hope you're happy. Safe healthy and hope that you are having a fantastic Hump Day. It is July which means that two weeks from today is July fifteenth because today's July the first. That's the way that works one fourteen fifteen Bam. In July the fifteenth. Is the deadline day deadline back day? Whatever you WANNA, call it July fifteenth last date of the Dallas. Cowboys had negotiate a long term contract with their quarterback. Dak Prescott. We all know has signed his franchise tag. And now we will await to see what happens whether he and the cowboys ultimately landed four year. Deal a five year deal whatever the case may be. Going to be a lot of fun hopefully. Two weeks from today to today, I should be moved into my new house and. Moving sucks. I just want to say that again. Moving sucks, but you know what does not suck talking football with some friends. We talked about it. This week is rivalry week across SP nation platforms and to celebrate that we are discussing and dissecting analyzing in. About every NFC, east rival of the Dallas Cowboys, of course, includes a New York giants Washington. Redskins Philadelphia Eagles today. We're discussing the New York football giants. That's right the. Moon are the subject of today's discussion, and in order to discuss big blue. We brought in somebody who knows them quite well from Biglou Dot, com explanations home new. York giants content manager editor-in-chief Extraordinary Ed Valentine. If you're a long-time listener here to the show, you know you've heard him. He's fantastic. Nobody knows the giants be like he does speaking of the show. You can get access to all of our wonderful shows across the blog on the boys podcast network today you will have a brand new episode of talk in the Star later on in your podcast. Feed makes you do subscribe wherever you get your podcasts whether that's apple. Apple Devices spotify tune in radio stitcher. We're available everywhere, my friend if you need help figuring it out, you can always hit me up on twitter or Instagram I am at RJ show on both platforms. My are open. You can also shoot me an email. RJ DOT JOA AT ESPIONAGE DOT COM, if that is more your speed speaking of speed, you know who has a lot of speed lately. The Dallas cowboys cowboys have won six games in a row against the New York giants, and that's worth talking about so let's go ahead and do that from big blue dot com. Ed Valentine joins US next. Right here on the OCHO. Pleased to be joined now by a very special guest of very special friend of mine, a very special friend of yours, the one, the only legend all across the world from nations Biglou Dot, com, manager and editor in chief over there. Ed Valentine Ed goes. It's good, I mean. How do I live up to that RJ? You set me up to fail. Now. I don't think that's true. You know we always get such great feedback when you're on the show Ed. people talk about how nice you are about pulling for the giants and so in the spirit of niceness. I have to start off with a question in terms of of of just kind of how you doing. How are you feeling? About Jason Garrett your months in, but what would have been like that? Well, you know it said. That's a weird question. RJ, because with every honestly with with everything with everything. That's that's been going on. With the pandemic, and the fact that the giants never practiced in the spring. You know no NFL team did obviously. We haven't had the opportunity to even speak with Garrett. Media Wise we haven't so I. Mean I'm very curious. How he handles the transition back to offensive coordinator. I think he'll be fine. You know I'm very curious how it all works out like I said it's it's we just haven't had an opportunity to to see it or feel it out at all yet. Totally I was thinking the other day about how you know by now. He would have all sorts of photos Ri- like you know how challenging it can be when you're writing an article, and you're looking for the right photo to put as the head and whatnot, and we don't have any photos of any of the rookies in their uniforms and. And whatnot not as or anything and I was thinking. We don't even have a photo of Jason Garrett in a giants Polo. You know what I mean like. That doesn't exist I'm sure he's got one like on his iphone somewhere but but there are no. There are none in our libraries that we use you know what I mean. No, it is really weird, because as you said you know one of the things that I missed and I'm sure that that you do as well one of the things that that I really look forward to. Through the spring is to get an idea. You know you get to meet some of the new coaches, and then you get to see the players on the field a little bit, and you can't necessarily judge a guy as completely as far as whether he's. GonNa make a roster? You know when? When they're in shorts and t shirts, but you get an idea which you know late round draft picks which undrafted guys might really have a chance. And I miss that. Well. I. Just thought as you answer that by the way the headline for the first New York giants of two thousand twenty will be hold your judge. Meant you know what I mean like that's? That's coming around the corner. If if you haven't, you couldn't tell before I. I didn't WanNa Know Ed pandemic aside as difficult as that can be. Is this the strangest New York giants offseason that you've ever covered been? You've been around the team for a long time, but our the new head coach with manning retiring. I have to imagine it's. It's been strange in football senses only. It's been very weird. It's going to be very weird to go and see the giants, and not see you know number ten be part of the you know, be be part of the roster and just be part of a part of the deal. Part of what you're covering. You know I've been doing this. Since two thousand seven, so allies been there the entire time. So that's weird. You know an again. It's a new coach it's. It's strange because all. We've really had the opportunity to do I mean I was able to go to. An introductory press conference for judge, but other than that. You know it's all been virtual. You know meeting. The draft picks has all been virtual, so it is. It's a really weird off season. I think for everybody and. So. We'll see how it all plays out. I worry Joe. Judge will deny and has denied it. which he supposed to do, but I worry about a team like the giants with the new coach with a new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, so many young players I worry how prepared the giants can actually be when the season starts, those are fair questions I mean for a lot of teams. The NFC, east, obviously an interesting place with the rebuild happening in seventy five percent of the teams so it's GonNa be a fun season God. Willing It is rivalry week, ed as you are well aware, and in the spirit of that. We thought we'd have you on to talk. some cowboys, giants, rivalry I'll, be honest. You mentioned two thousand seven that run from Oh. Six through like eleven that was speaking in I. Think on behalf of all cowboys fans, it was. It was cowboys giants. I mean you looked forward to those games in a different way I again? Being honest, I don't think that the the matchup has had that same sort of pizzazz. Since then, what are your general thoughts on the rivalry between the New York giants in Dallas cowboys well RJ, it's interesting because it the first thing that I thought of when rivalry week came up. Is the fact that in. Let's face it. The giants have been bad. For Awhile now, let's look you know I'm not gonNA. Sit here and blow smoke. In tell you that they haven't been. They've been bad. In the first thing that I thought of is okay. Who's the biggest rival? and. The reality of it that the the reality that I came to is when you're bad. Like, the cowboys have beaten the giants now. Six out of seven times, giants have had one of the two thousand sixteen was an aberration. You know when they made the playoffs. In both games, they feed them both games, but you know, but it's been what six straight losses now I think something like that and I looked at the the eagles. It's even worse. The giants have won once in the last twelve games against against the eagles, and it's like. Can you really be a rival if you never win? I mean you can, but it certainly doesn't have the the luster. It certainly doesn't have the. The the the magnetism or the draw snow. It's it's. It's hard to get fired up. For Cowboys Games when you know you're. You're GonNa be walking away the tail between your legs. You know yeah, no, I. Get that I mean if if a team's not doing what. The browns, not that the giants of the Browns, but the browns don't have any sort of staunch rivals. You know what I mean. There are different storylines, but in terms of success in the playoffs on the line or whatever the case may be, it's hard to find that you know for the giants here of because even those two games in sixteen were not you know like heavyweight battles. You know what I mean I won. The first one was the season opener the second was that super cold game. I'd say the last cowboys giants game where I really kind of held my breath. If you wanted to put it that way in two thousand thirteen when the cowboys went to New York, it was the I believe the Sunday before. Thanksgiving in Romo had a game winning drive that he put together and Dan Bailey kicked the game winner. you, you said I mean this was five questions. I'll start with the fifth when you said you were wondering who the biggest rival for the giants is historically over the course of the New York giants history. WHO's their biggest rival him? Well. You know historically historically you can argue either of the two NFC east teams you can argue. About the cowboys and you can argue about the eagles I think. The. The team that makes giants fans the most emotional. To be honest with you, the team that makes them the most emotional is probably the eagles in it's just because of the tone of the back, and forth between the fan bases. If you really WANNA, look at history and I i. thought about this a lot. If you really WANNA, look at history. Between two teams that have played a ton. Of, really really huge meaningful games especially playoff games. You. hasn't been recently really, but you actually look at the giants in the forty niners. Eighties in all NFC championship games. In the nineties and then you know the the. God forbid I even mention his name, but the Trey Junkin game back in I think two thousand and two when when he couldn't snap the. Snap the ball and you know and then two thousand eleven. Championship game to get to to get to the Super Bowl. You know those are some of the biggest games most memorable games in giants history, but it's it's so hard for me to between cowboys and Eagles. You know if you if you WanNa, just talk in east but I honestly think that it's the eagles fans that that get under the skin of giants fans more than more than Dallas fans even. My dog has been a guest on our our shows lately, and our doorbell just rang, so he is. He's a he's either upset at the doorbell, or he's upset that you did not pick the cowboys because he's a cowboys fan Well, you know what he can be mad at me. Everybody's mad at me all the time. So that's all right. So I agree I think the forty niners could certainly be an answer couch to as little bear his name, his bear that I've created rivalry for him. With. Excited you do that to your dog. Yeah, I know, but he is calming down now. Thankfully, I think. It is interesting that the forty niners could be. Could be an answer for both the giants and the cowboys. Obviously those nineties eighties battles between thousand San Francisco, or something. You know something to hold in their own right it bear. It is seriously Ed ed is. He respects the cowboys K.. C.? He always seems to show up when I talk RJ I know. To, be honest. He was passed out. He was sleeping, but the doorbell rang. We I've I've said several times on our show. My wife and I were moving, and so we're getting all sorts of different things delivered right now, so he's I think he settled down. It's okay, dude it's fine. We all hated a forty nine. seriously. It's good but. So I I think it's fair I think. At the end of the week. I'm going to pick who I think. The cowboys biggest rival is back. I'm leaning in the direction. At least right now of the eagles, there was a time where I, said I think it was kind of the beginning of Tony Romo's career where the giants for the game that made a lot of cowboys, fans emotional so I'll pivot to distance to make it all about the cowboys, which is kind the cowboy way who is the Dallas? Cowboy ed giants. Fans have hated the most. I mean just could not stand. Oh Man. You know I when you know when when you. Asked me to come on. You sent me a list of questions and. And I could. Probably I could probably go through a bunch of names. But I'll tell you. The one that I keep coming back to is one. That might surprise you a little bit okay. I keep coming back to flow Zell Adams. Wow, I keep coming back to flow Zell Adams because of the dirty hit. On Justin Tuck. That caused him a two thousand nine injury that bugged him for basically the rest of his career. Yeah, I mean people. hold onto stuff like that forever. I can see flows. L Adams the one. You think they hate the most. He's the one that he's the one that I keep coming back to. I mean I'll be honest. I mean the the the nineties. Cowboys those great teams that they had. A lot of respect for those teams the the one guy that jumps out at me. That always bugged me. And maybe it's because he bugs me to this day. Because I just I just don't. I don't really. I don't like arrogant. People who are full of themselves in the guy that bugs me is Michael Irvin. He's He's a if you're a cowboys fan, that's your guy. You know what I mean. Of. Course it is as bare agrees in unison. No I get that I mean that that's a fair one i. think in similar ways like a lot of cow was fans have been annoyed by ally. Manning and I think that they will be very annoyed. When ally manning goes into the hall of fame. At that allies Eric or anything, but you. You just have that one. You know what I mean. You have that one for whatever reason you can't explain I think somebody that just and it wasn't that that he did anything I. think that annoyed. Cowboys fans as much as he just kind of ICE Games which was annoying brandon, Jacobs. He was so annoying as a cowboy. It's it's. It's funny. Because Brandon. Jacobs I think. Like I mentioned Michael Irvin and I can see how Brandon Jacobs. With the whole chicken wings celebration for his touchdowns, and in and I can see how Brandon Jacobs because he wasn't in your face kind of personality, one of the one of the questions that you had sent you know to me was about you know favored games, or you know memorable moments. And I went back and I thought it. The two thousand and eight playoff game. All right. The divisional round. Playoff game did. On the way to the Super Bowl Win for the trump right on the way to the giants Super Bowl win too I think it might have been New Year's Day. Even I'm not even sure pink. You're right, yes? I was not a good time. Brandon Jacobs last minute of the game. Scores. Game winning touchdown. And stamps. Himself as a hated New York giant in the memory of Dallas cowboys fans forever by running through the end saw and throwing the ball shocking the bill off the clock. Yeah, it was. At the old Texas Stadium, they had these stars that kind of mind the walls and he threw it right at that that was. Yeah, so and again that was that was a typical Brandon Jacobs moment you know that that stamps him in the memory of giants, fans as a favorite forever. An as a guy that you know the the cowboys fans, would you know would like to do bad things, too? So is that your favorite giants I? Think that's a fair very fair answer. Your favorite giants win against the cowboys in. It is the one that comes to mind and I I have mentioned. This to you before, but the other one that always comes to mind for me. There are several I can make you know. I can talk about the J.. P. Blocked Field Goal Game Up. In all of that, you know because to be honest. In any game? Any game that that puts that Sour puss on Jerry Jones his face. Is is a favorite for me, but one of my all time favorites is beating the cowboys. I think it was was a two thousand and nine or two thousand week to week to the aid, the Monday opening. The opener of Jerry Dome. And in the thing that that I always remember about that game isn't even so much the game it's that ally. Manning signed the Walnut Locker Room Yeah. So very uncharacteristic, and he will say that he was asked to do that. You know, but but I'm not sure I buy that. That was Sunday night football, and I only apply that distinction because it was kind of the beginning of the the cowboys, giants Sunday night football just run run and run. That's unfortunately. There are a lot of time. Giants losses I think for cowboys. I think the the loss that sticks out the most is without question. The the playoff game and I think that that hurts even more over time. Just because of how good we look back in that two thousand seven cowboys team was thirteen dollars and whatnot. yeah. I, I've said this several times I. Don't think the cowboys would have beaten the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and as somebody that was my senior year of high school, and I really just hated the Patriots into not want them to win so in I. Mean people have kind of debated this forever? I rooted for the giants and that super. Bowl If it's any sort of olive branch, but I I mean the ad man, and I did not realize how many paint philosophies though that. Oh, nine loss was tough. It's also interesting because I think when we follow teams. We always have years when we thank you know in. You're talking about one for the cowboys in. Mind for the giants is the season the year that PLAXICO burress put a bullet in his leg. You know and basically. took the best team of the Coughlin Manning era. And flushed it down the toilet. Because, they were I think they were ten in one or eleven one at the time. Best Team in football at the time. And couldn't get out of the first round of the playoffs after after that happened. You know so I I think we all have those teams where we think that should have been the one. That was my freshman year of college and. How you can look at things through the lens of your favorite team I remember who did the giants lose to in the in the division around in two thousand eight. Was it the Eagles Yeah? said it wasn't even a competitive game. Right and I remember saying like just to everybody who would listen all a year ago. The cowboys lost and everybody gave him all this flack for being the number, one seed and losing at home in the playoffs you know, and then like nobody cared maybe people, certainly in your circle I was obviously looking at it through a specific prison but it felt like. If the OH, a giants enacted anywhere near the Flak, the Oh, seven cow was did for losing I believe also in two thousand eight, the number one seed in the AFC lost. Their first playoff game to the The I think that was carried collinses Tennessee Titans. If Fat, my memory does not fail me so I'm how RJ, somehow that didn't register in my. what is the giants loss Ed to the cowboys that has made giants fans the most emotional. All that are J. I do not know what I really should do during the next week or so is I, really should poll the fan base, and and ask you know you mentioned. One one of the Games that you mentioned. I, think was was two thousand thirteen. And it's it's one that kind of sticks in my it sticks in my memory bank, because believe it or not, that was year. The giants actually started owens six. Oh, that's right and there was point in time. There, there was a point in time while here. They had fought back to a point where. They were an actual legitimate playoff team, and it really been just. For me, that would have been just an incredible store for a team to go. Owen six and fight its way back. In get to and get to the playoffs in that particular game. Was a late season game against Dallas at Metlife Stadium in Dallas, came back and won that game on a late drive. And I! Just remember the giants and I. Don't know who I don't know. If he was out there because of an injury or what had happened, but late in the game. I look. And I see an aging entre roll. Out there and ontrol rolls a great player for a long time. But at this point in his career, he was near the end and I think this was his final season with the giants. And for. For whatever reason? The giants on the final drive of the game head entre role matched up one on one with Dez Bryant. Play after play after times and. And I was like. Soon as I saw it sitting in the press box, I was like. This is bad, not work and and I'd have to go back and look at the numbers, but but there were several big completions in a late net game to Dez Bryant and I was like this. This is just not gonNA work. If the giants had a real cornerback over there, they might win this game. But it's not gonNA happen. Now is a good win for the cowboys I think and I talked about this yesterday. When I set you up coming on the show. My favorite in some of this is like when you're in different stages of life, you know wins and memories have different meaning to you. And this was when I was in high school in this was Tony. Romo's first season in two thousand six the cowboys went to New York late afternoon. Game I'll never forget. The giants wore those home. Reds that we just don't see enough of anymore and never WANNA see those. Ads. and Martine Gramatica who had just been signed, kicked the game winning field goal. Teo had a touchdown in that game. That was that was just a lot of fun. I mean that was a great game in a great win for the cowboys and you know some some. Times metlife. To, we thought to feel, go winners all right. You know it's funny because. I get asked all the time with with the giants with Joe Judge, and with the current situation that were in you know no spring practices in in all of that. Giants have only one nine games last two years. Everybody wants to see the giants. Take a jump. Take a step forward. Maybe wind, seven or eight games, and at least show that that they're that they're on their way back. And you and I have talked about this. The NFC's kind of been two divisions for awhile. It's been eagles in the cowboys. And then it's been you know the giants and the redskins bringing up the rear. and. I get asked well. How how do you judge progress for the giants in twenty twenty? How do you do that? And I don't know how you can say. Giants have a brutal schedule. I, think it's. By some measures, the the second hardest schedule on paper in the NFL in all of this current environment whatever that is, it is because you know I don't know how we can say in June. You know that that this team has the hardest schedule in the league because we don't know for sure what these teams are actually GonNa. Look like. With the pandemic and everything else who knows who's going to be available to play in any given week. But the question I keep getting asked is how do you judge progress? In. Y- There's a lot of ways to do that and to be honest with you. One of the things that I would like to see. I would actually like to see a victory over the cowboys or the Eagles at some point in the season. In a game that matters to one of those two teams right right just like a week. Seventeen right? YEA, prefer a game that matters just to say. Hey, you know we've been a doormat. You know we're not winning the division this year, but we're not a doormat anymore either. We're coming. I would, and and for me, that's. Those those are measuring stick games. I'd like to see the giants win a game that mattered against a good team. Well I think I speak for every cowboys fan. If the giants want to beat the Eagles both times you go right on ahead and you do that that that would that would be a good thing. So you know before before you let me go, R., J., the one thing I do have to say is. I still can't believe. The giants let Tom Landry getaway to coach cowboys for all those years. I still can't believe that you re. Do you realize that the giants a? It may not register for you, but the giants had Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry. The same status is same staff. and. And let them both get away. Now I mean, it's It's wild when you think about you know where things like that started like you could look at a lot of teams like that. You could look at bill chicks, Brown's like maybe not the same way, but certainly in an interesting way at least when Nick Sabin, and and all those assistance that would go on to be general managers and office figures and whatnot tough, but you know we've. We've returned the favor. Edham Jason Garrett's back. You know all is restored. And that! You know. It's funny because you would ask me about. Sort of guys that were cowboys who are now giants that that fan base kind of had to get used to ride. That's my final question and and. And I think to be honest with you. The one that comes to mind is Jason Garrett. because. People when when the giants fired, Patch Shurmur You know Jason Garrett had through his people, or whatever, before the cowboys said even fired him had made it known that the giants would be on his list if If. If the cowboys, which we all knew the cowboys. We're GONNA let him go No, I mean but the. The common reaction was. Not Jason Garrett not to scare. Anybody but Jason, Garrett. Please got anybody but Jason Garrett for sure so so so so now that he's the offensive coordinator. People have had to come to terms with. Well. I guess he was okay as an offensive coordinator. I guess it's okay that they hired him. As long as he's not. The head coach I guess that's all right. So it's like you've gotta come to terms with that one. I had stuff so that was I. I asked her that question. When I sent this to you was in like you said it was a cowboys player that had become a giant that you had kind of you know well. We've always liked this guy type thing and. After I sent it I thought you know there really hasn't been that much crossover like that much cross pollination. View Chris canty everything walls. Minna few, but but nobody who I would have said you know. Emmett Smith didn't come to the right. Now set didn't come to. The giants I- Craig. Morton got traded to the giants, but but do do we really. Do we really need to go there? That's what I'm saying like. There's there's not of a huge name like that in your. Chris Candy was tough. especially you know, or for cowboys, fans watching it and you know when a ring and everything but so for me. The Way I am choosing to answer that is more just giants players that I I think the cowboys fans could not stand when they were giants, and then moved on elsewhere, and they just became general nfl fans of and there are two that come to. To Mind, one is very recent in Oda Beckham June. When he got traded, there were a lot of cowboys. Fans that you know had long recognized his talent that have said finally. I get to root for him. You know what I mean the other, the other one is Jeremy shockey. I loved Jeremy Shockey and then you know once you left the giants. It was like okay I can be all in now. You know and it was. It was a bit liberating in that sense. It's it's funny Jeremy shockey is a guy. Giants fans loved Jeremy shockey. Until, they did. On until his last year, or maybe two with the giants, because you know what happened to Schalke, tremendous talent electric personality. Guy Could do things at at tight end. That were incredible at the time. But. But what happened with Jeremy Shockey? Was that his personality? Got In the way of Eli Manning's development. Because because he would complain that the ball wasn't coming to him enough, and and he was vocal about play calls. Critical of of of Tom Coughlin and and all of those things in in. Unfortunately, he wore out his welcome and I think people were glad to see him. Go on a kind of unfortunate, because at one time, he wasn't incredibly popular player. Sometimes that happens I honestly on the subject of tight ends, I thought the cowboy you hated. The most is going to be Jason Widen just because. I still hate Jason Witten I. Don't know where he is I. Don't know what what's his forty time now about about eight point five, but you know, but but I will I will guarantee you that he could still catch. A half dozen passes in the giants with me throwing. Well that feels like a good note to end on Ed Valentine manager and editor in chief biglou dot com nations home for New, York giants content the best home for New York giants content on the web. He is your house for Jason. Garrett's takes this season so so be gentle with Ed. Ed. Thank you so much for after spending some time. Time with US two years these days hope hope. We have some football. Talk about soon. Enough any any last thoughts. No, just you know same to you guys stay safe. I know that things are. Things are not good in Texas these days. You Know New York New York New Jersey areas. been there in. You know just hope everybody stays safe in. Some of your, some of your listeners might not want to hear it, but to wear masks people. Sure. Thanks thanks for the time out the best deal. Appreciate it. Take, CARE Want to give a big time out to Ed Valentine for taking the time to join us. He's a very busy man. He's got a lot going on, and he's always got some fun stuff to say always. Always really enjoy any chat with ed about life about football about the giants, the cowboys. And make sense that that he would hate Jason Witten Hey. You know I also thought about this in terms of giants that I personally made peace with when they left the giants organization I always liked him on toomer. toomer retired I mean he was just a fun player in Tiki. Barber like there was some good players in. Aaron Ross I mean there was some good players that just unfortunately ended up on the giants, and you hate that it's like anytime. You Talk to an eagles fan that root for Penn state because there's a lot of those. They're so upset that Sean Lee. Is a cowboy that saquon Barkley as a giant just kind of goes that way. That's just sports. Tomorrow we will get into the. Nation's capital Washington redskins. It's been a long time since that was a real robbery. In terms of you know the cowboys, but. We'll kind of. Flip through the history books and have some fun. If you have any thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns on our giants, discussion or just life in general. I fried rice was great by the way you know where to find me at our job on twitter and INSTAGRAM RJ DOT Ocho. It has been nation dot com if you are more of an email person. But yeah that Ah. For, our Hump Day show hope you enjoyed it and we also hope that you have the absolute best Wednesday of all time. Why because you deserve it? We were seeing. Friends as always go cowboys and peace out.

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