I Hate the Fins No. 48: 2020 NFL Mock Draft Pt. I


Back every Wednesday on fish drive. Join Me Eric. Oseberg full report on the Miami. Marlins singly affiliate the Clinton Lumber Kings on eight ball with Rick. We sit down each week with the different prospect. That is part of the violence rebuild and discussed the development of players trends and performances of Miami's Midwest League affiliate listen to Abe law with Eric goes every Wednesday on strikes. You're listening to. I hate the fins as a very special episode. We are on the precipice of very special week. Draft Week Twenty twenty. Nfl draft can be a little bit different this year. Just based on the fact Rollin. Quarantine. So it's not in Las Vegas. He had that big show that was supposed to go down. I mean hopefully we see that you have to figure they do that next year. I don't know That Raiders Stadium does look like the death star. I think it's everything we expected it to look like. So that's pretty cool. I still feel bad for Oakland. With seeing the raiders. Leave all that said. I think we're going try to break this in the two parts issue. We'll see how it goes tonight. Just because these things can get a low on depending on how much you're putting into it I'd like to think that we have a pretty good feel for what's going on but I also look forward to making a bunch of shit up and offending fans of certain teams if they're listening so we've got a big board We'll just go ahead will run it down. We'll tell you what we think if we have. I mean there are certain topics and themes we've discussed on the show as of late so we'll probably apply that. We're not trying to be trolls. It might come. I might make a pituitary. Like what the Hell Are you doing? But really I wouldn't pick. I didn't think it was going to happen. I mean this. We're not in a position where we can just deploy. Click Bait. I don't think we are at least so truthful about it. We can get in there and get Zack. Outta here in time to go watch is a NFL NETWORK. Panelist draft which we've talked on previous years to you. Do look for that forward. That's one thing that I watch every year 'cause I like the NFL folks for the most part And they've actually split it out to where they have almost a person her team picking so it's all sorts of different people this year from the network where in years past. It's been eight to ten folks You know with with somebody moderating In the past before Mac left's moderate Dj Lucky in all make picks the biggest problem in recent years has been like Mgd Ike Taylor and who the other player that was that was making picks but their picks were just like horror ethic like absolutely terrible Njit's picking like running backs like top five just because he can The good news as he's only attached to the Jaguars picks which nobody cares if they make them wrong anyway so yeah. They gave him two of them. I'm trying to think of former players. Lt Zahn there all the time. It wasn't him. I forget who it was. Michael Robinson is making picture seattle. Maybe it was Nate. What's last year old son? Yes maybe I think it was a that was before they promoted him to the good morning. Football whatever. Yeah which which. I don't know if you've ever seen that but that's a decent little show. I actually liked that crew no when I still had an NFL network. I've always liked. Peer Schrager I do think that he's Kinda had to change it up and become a little bit more hype if you will. 'cause they're the time where he was just dropping truth bombs in at a stage where it wasn't necessarily that what people wanted to hear but is what he was hearing so I like him Other dudes name is escaping me right now and I always have to take a second when I see Kyle how Brandt Ray cow brand and I was like see him on twitter where I know this name before and then I'll think I'm like all right. Good Morning Football guy. Cool though he's a he's become one of the flashier more entertaining guy. Cbs borrows from time to time to for for their Pregame panel show. Yeah he's definitely solid for sure. Okay so we'll I'm just gonNA give you the I'm going to be a jerk and give you the numbers all right. I'll take the even ones and by all means if you disagree with anything. I'm doing vice versa. I mean we can chime in and to say like this is what I would have done. Their late matters like Chris. Gears in a call me in console. Consult with me about what they should do. Okay I think that explains everything I always feel like. We need to give like this big disclaimer before we started this thing because typically stay away from mock draft just because it becomes such an over saturated item in terms of Click Bates. Everyone's one And I was thinking like what could I possibly offer to the genre that would make someone want to read mine but strath tweak? It's a big deal Thursday. They're GONNA have it. It's probably going to be nuts with their Microsoft teams and their online drafting and seeing goodell in his basement. I can't wait to see what that looks like. I'll be as a bowling alley next to him or like a one of those on helipads. We're like this. The ceiling opens up. And you can land in there yeah. I think Rich Eisen show is on CBS. Sports and I popped out on now that I'm at home obviously during the week and Rich did an interview with the Commissioner for a charity thing that they're doing along with the draft And he did it from his basement and it was just a pretty pretty plain old basement. To be honest I was expecting more now. I would like to see some bond villain shit. Nah nothing too spectacular from the Ginger Hammer. We during the time when you you'd be rated in the twelfth post after will do a post draft for a wall. We'll tell that story but let's let's clear to mock draft things up before we do this year. step one. Are we doing the picks as we would make them or as we think they will be made I mean honestly I I would go with. What you think is going to happen okay. That's fine that's definitely the way to go because like at this point you know our opinions. Don't really matter. We're trying to guess for what we think's GonNa Happen based on what picks the actually make So that definitely makes pairs down any element of bias that you have in here. Just just say like The Sun. Think you're going to do and I mean honestly if I think that team stupid than sure gone but party here Are we doing trades And if we do. I highly suggest we don't worry about what they're giving away compensation wise unless it's like Miami moving up to one where they have to give up at least one of those first round. Pick something crazy like that. The dolphins are gonNA trade up so I I would say like yeah keep it general. I mean if you're moving up from eighteen and into the dolphins and you have an absolute smorgasbord of picks to to draw from. What did you use to get there? I mean Yeah. Yeah no for sure. Let's we're not going to go crazy with compensation where if they give her away. Something second third fourth whatever around a less. It deals with the first round that we're actually doing way. And we're insulated. Because of that because I mean we don't we don't care what he hasn't Sunday to or not in this. We're not extending into that into that. I think we're headed here so I mean I'm not gonNA waste anyone's time. I think that I love the rumors about the the bengals taking anyone. But Joe Borough just because it amuses me but I don't think that'll happen I do. I do believe the and guess you'd call it a rumor report that he was literally the only prospect. They've spent time on that. That made me laugh too but we live in weird times right now. So why waste overhead? If you don't have to I think you'll borough is Issue what am I talking about? You're the one making the first pick. That's why I'm going anyway. So we're on the same week as long here very cool. That's funny that's also probably a bad omen. Pick to this is tempting because I don't think that this is a walk for chasing but I think chase young. We'll be the pick. I think Washington is going to try to bleed this for all they can and see like what kind of value could pop up in terms of a trade on. It seems like they've been doing things right the past couple of months which feels very weird to say about this team but since they gave Bruce Allin the boot they they appear to be pretty much focused in In solidarity in terms of where they want to go as an organization. I don't know how long that will last. You never know what this organization but I think that it is chasing. Yeah no one hundred percent chase him And if they don't take chase young people will be as upset as the dolphins if they pass onto. That's all there needs to be said there at that point. You're you're out that way to a degree you have a good friend. Who is a Redskins Fan? So I mean I asked. Yeah all the stuff that he re tweets essentially as like they're taking chase Yang and like if they don't like Washington Banjul riot so it's chase yummy if not. That's one the draft gets crazy but we can't predict that. Yeah sure I mean I. That's why we've talked about Detroit hanging onto that third pick until Washington's pick is in an confirmed because it's a wild card you never know. Yeah so so Detroit on the clock at three here. It feels like as the days go by. It is a less and less likely that anyone's trading two three four one of the quarterbacks With that said I'll put a little disclaimer. Asterik on this pick that there may be somebody that wheels and deals in the three. That really wants Simmons or something like that or the top offensive tackle. You know but I just don't see essentially Miami or Los Angeles trading into this pick for a QB. It's kind of weasel out that Miami's kind of happy to sit at five and take the guy and I saw something recently that it seems like the chargers are in the same boat. I think they've kind of worked out a deal with one. Another on the phone protective. Like if you don't trade up we won't trade up. Are you happy with two indoor herber? We're happy with two and or Herbert and kind of shook on it over the phone. I think they hang tight at this point now. Only that good. I was calling San Diego. I always wanted to do that. But it's not really in the chargers. Dna to move up a draft board. Historically I mean that that's a franchise that walks a squeeze every last ounce value out of every nickel and dime they have. I mean sorry. I mean some people might be offended by that but historically it's the truth you've seen like how they run off certain players in the past I'd never really problem with the the Philip rivers thing. I mean his play has taken a a hit the past couple of years. But I think here you just mentioned with With the chargers especially I mean I just don't see I think the Spanos to Lesko connection there is just. I don't WANNA say cheap will go thrifty is at a decent senate and I don't know yeah. Yeah and I think at this point they stay tight there and they pick Okuda That's kind of been the crystal for a while. There is a slight chance it could be Derrick Brown. I just I just don't see it The only downside to pick no kudos. Like how much better did you get? Essentially Swapping Sleigh for Okuda Right But I mean that's their problem will say so. New York is on the clock. And everything's Kinda Gone Chalk. This point has this one's brutal though. Because what is chalk at four spot? Because I mean like chalk when you're time out five even six had going into Carolina at seven. I mean if you if you say I wanna go chok there then. A specific name comes to mind. This one's different because you think about it really not good on either side. The football I think offensively. I'm trying to remember twenty fifth. Maybe defensively Edwards. So I mean that's why you're picking this highs so ultimately it comes down to you. Think they take the first offence of tackle? Do THEY GET You know do they start thinking abstract. And Maybe Take Isaiah Simmons here. Although I think there are better fits elsewhere ultimately I think often tackle. This is where the first one goes and I've gone back and forth on this but I do think it's McKay Becton a chair. Yeah I mean the. Here's the thing with the offensive tackles. We've had this conversation. We have no clue which order the top four. We're going to go in if I'd be unbelievably impressed. If there's anybody out there that does a mock that even doesn't get him to the right team but get the offense of tackles in the right water. I think that almost be a bigger feet than getting into the right teams quite honestly but becton is is really good player has the most upside obviously out of the floor so I can respect that in as you mentioned what what I think they do versus what I do. I would take Andrew Thomas there because I I think subtly. He's probably the most bang for the buck. Add on at the the left tackle position in this draft. But I also think that McKay Becton's does some things that immediately improve New York especially you think about how they WANNA out in the run game as well and you imagine him grading for a squad or what is it Quad Zilla or whatever on saquon Barkley Right now. So all right. So Miami on the clock at five quarterback options or their Simmons's there We're taking a quarterback here you know. I think they go to We've talked through the two of the herber all the stuff. Smoke strains whatever may be You know one important piece. I think came along the wire this past week with Chris Careers press conference on Thursday. Was Somebody asked him about you? Know if a player's ability can outweigh an injury. Risk Within reason and essentially greer said. Yeah like there's dudes He you know He. Referenced Curtis Martin Right. Where do was her all the time? It's the league. I don't think he was ever heard again And there's other dudes that you pick that any referenced a Dolphin Jake Long Right Jake. Law Roy healthy big dude. You know. Countries strong from MICHIGAN COMES TO THE LEAGUE GETS THE FIRST COUPLE YEARS IN INJURY. Bugets them never healthy again so he referenced that. I think that was a big point of you. Know if the ability and the injury you know things kind of even out or ability overtakes the injury. Concer- make that move and I think they've just been onto for too long into a makes too much sense for what they WANNA do. Offensively I think the whole not going to thing that they've tried to push in terms and a Magenta is total. Bullshit I just I don't buy it. I think that he's been there guy. They've I mentioned this. They've looked specifically at every quarterback not name to in the first round meeting about it like they gave Jordan. Love a ton of attention. Just in herber continues. Get a ton of attention. I'm sure they like him. They've been they've been in on him since. What two thousand eighteen. Yeah I WANNA say so injured love as well so at at this rate. I think that this has just been one big game and I do think it's too and I think you're right and I think that people will appreciate that. It'll keep me alive for another week. They won't come after me. We'll come. I mean we've got other picks to make so we could still piss people off Okay so chargers at six on I wouldn't over think this one. I do think that this is Jason. Herbert goes I think that the only other position that would make a lot of sense here would be possibly offensive tackle. You think about what they added during the off season. I mean they've got the makings of a strong lineup front. Which will it was looking good for a while. There then totally fell off a cliff. Some bad luck in there. You think like they draft for US lamp. That has just not worked out. Which speaking of guys who? You just can't predict injuries with none of us saw common. Yeah so Herbertson easy. Pick their Offer to tackle they definitely could go that route. There has been conversation for both Miami End. Los Angeles about potentially going that route and then come back for the quarterback but I think they have their guys and I think they make those staff to back there Carolina Carolina's the interesting spot. Carolina I think is a massive trade out spot For teams that wanted offensive. Tackle that Get Cheer figure. Cleveland NEW YORK Help Tampa Bay. And then you know the question of Miami there too and so I WANNA say Miami traits back into the spot because I think they do trade up for an offensive tackle. I mean essentially if if Miami here and if I'm Carolina Carolina you've gotTA figure out if they're punting to draft a quarterback next year right and if they are if that's the thought process because they did pay teddy bridgewater a paid him like a guy that could play this year and next year. Play well and get another contract But at the same time like Trevor Lawrence you know right at right in Carolina. They're like he. It just makes sense So we could do a trade up here for the dolphins if you wanted to I would trade eighteen and I'd trade a twenty twenty one I and maybe Arnaud Seventy or a day to pick from next year So we could flop that there if we wanted to. If not align could just pick you I mean it's up to you you can pull the trigger on that on yeah. I'm just trying to think of Isaiah. Simmons would be the most likely pickier. They could take offensive tackle. But I think they're okay offensive line wise and I just don't see Simmons fitting what they do The only issue could be is if somebody else wants to move up. Four Simmons and offers more than Miami. But I think Miami offering eighteen next year's one and some form of day to pick probably gets done so I'm GonNa make that trade because I think the dolphins want an offensive tackle after. Read this pick to Ya. GotTa pretender like her first thing as Dude's GonNa get hurt even if it's not based on his injury history standing behind offense align right. I mean look panel. Can't heal was a real healthy guy. His whole career up until the last two years of Miami where he essentially died from being beat up on and at one point the the dude this and blood like I don't. I don't know how to say you know so Dolphins move up here now. The question becomes which offensive tackle are. They take as much as I love. Andrew Thomas is going to say I cannot wait to hear your reasoning on this side going as much as I love. Andrew Thomas. There are two very good right tackles left on the board and I think there are some talented potential left tackles on the board when you get to twenty six thirty nine. So as much as kills me not to take Andrew Thomas I am GonNa just take the comfort route. Take the familiarity that to a has and just take generic. I I called this. I can't believe it and it's funny because he's the of the big four he's probably the guy your lowest on the guy that I'm lowest on is is Mikhail Becton. Just because there there are some questions on some techniques stuff like he has all he he's just in. Herbert of offensive tackles. Baci back like he has all the tools each Athletic like when it comes to some of the head soft soft move in the fee and moving in in certain directions. That aren't just straight line forward. There's some questions. But Jesuit wills. I like him. He's got an unbelievably strong. I punch he can reset a defensive Lineman as they attack My question for him is against top tier athletic speed rushers And he is a little bit of top leaner so offensive. Line coach is going to have to work that out of him but he just go with the Comfort. You know to knows them. He knows to a it makes sense speaking of familiarity. Arizona at a and even though they were absolutely horrible. Defensively because I want to say they were close to that last. Thirty years maybe I think that they wanNA keep it familiar. I think that this is where CD land is going to go if they don't train out which. I mean you've been talking about that that pairing for a while. It just makes sense. You get cuyler. Murray his favorite target back and Era Zona in terms of points on the board becomes a very scary item because CD lamb. You'll see arguments. But in terms of someone who can high point the football in terms of hands and Yak. I mean he checks off all the boxes and if he's not the top in those categories for a receiver he's like one B so I love his game. He's not my favorite receiver in this draft. But I love to watch him play. Oklahoma receivers have become very entertaining as of late in. I think that this is a big boom for what Arizona wants to do on the offensive side of the football. Because I think that they're looking to. They're they're looking for rocket ships pretty much all the time offensively and I think this helps. Oh Yeah I mean at that point. They spread you out. They go four wide they got. Cd outside their Christian Kirk. Outside they move Larry Fitzgerald as a a slower stronger slot presence or play him. Outside doesn't matter quite honestly Than they have a whole bunch of other options inside that they can play with So and they have some good developmental guys at wide receiver too so they're locked loaded out wide receiver which would be awesome Am I real quick? And my great for adding CD. Lambda an offense that just acquired new Hopkins. No no way I mean you got Hopkins and I mean those things where the best analogy I can give for. It is going to be a food analogy if you go get barbecue food. I e. You can't just have one or two good sides of barbecued food because like the best part about barbecue. Food is all sides with that delicious slab of whatever meat you get so you need like three sides minimum so why not have that with wide receivers right? Why not have you know the full array of what you WanNa hit and then some 'cause they're gonNA play a really quick pace offense. You might not have all three out there all the time You could really see Larry Fitzgerald on a limited snap. Count this year into a cam. Wake tone down in the rotation there So it's it's a good move for them for what they WANNA do. End For future plan at the end of the day and just as a quick disclaimer on that Isaiah Simmons would make sense but at the same time. I startled to see that fit with Arizona. I think that Just with I mean. They're very forward thinking in terms of the offensive side of the football. And I think that I don't think they're going to completely disregard what they do defensively but I think that in terms of enabling their quarterback with whatever they can get new hopkins. I I saw that Christian Kirk the possibly on the trade locked on which would be interesting although I really love his game too and then you bring in CD lamb. I mean that's that's an array so That's just where I'm at with it. I concerns Ahah Simmons but I can't say no to the the collegiate connection there. Yeah for sure for sure. So I'm I'm GonNa do a quickie trade swap around here between Jacksonville and the jets. The jets a really really have their sights. Lock on an offensive tackle. They need an offensive tackle to protect Sam Darnold and I think they are. GonNa see the board full like it's a little worried about Cleveland once head of him jets Jacksonville swap. Whatever the hell they decide to swap for the jets move in there and they take Andrew Thomas He. He's a guy that that the plug and play. He's not the sexiest offensive. Lineman in this class. But he's the most shore fire of all He's a guy. That's you know a a minus worse case scenario in all fields He's a plug and play that they need so bad to protect Sam Darnold Poor Sam darnold getting the treatment. He just hasn't had any protection. Play for Adam gays interesting because I think one way or another Andrew. Thomas is plain in New Jersey next year and it just comes down to whether he goes at four. I think because I do believe the jets want him bad feeling for the past month for some reason. Andrew Thomas to the jets has sounded lake. Something that will absolutely happen for sure for sure. So Cleveland at ten. This is interesting too because you think about what they've been through in terms of their offensive line and the really weird thing is if you're I don't want to speak for Jacksonville but I believe they're banking on a certain player being there in Cleveland. Not Going for him. I'M GONNA go ahead and honor that. I think that this is probably where tristen ends up would be at ten Even though plays right tackle fleet-footed enough where I think he can play either side. I think that and he's got the athleticism and also I think he's got the mind to where I would. I would be okay. Thrown him on the left side and thinking like that's fine. I'm not usually into messing with tackles on either side like that because I think it's far more difficult than people realize but I do think here that this is Richardson whereas ends up. Yeah I mean between him and Conklin I think you just play both in the summer or whenever practices begin. Play them both on either side. Figure out who feels better on whatever side. Just cut them loose on that order. I don't think it really matters at that. Point Auckland has played both sides so yeah I think Cleveland will really really struggle with that pick though because I think they could. They could use a interior defensive presence and they could use a safety presence they could take a simmons and play him as a safety and I don't think they'd have an issue with that so I think there's a chance that they could go defense that way too But worse makes a ton of sense at that point. I actually figured because I think that they want to get Baker Mayfield right in terms in terms of sliding off in his second year. But that said I wasn't really thinking about Simmons but I did heavily. Consider the Interior defensive line. Because I think that there's a big time talent out there who's just fallen due to circumstance in terms of what teams are looking for. Yeah for sure for sure. So we get to Jacksonville here and Jacksonville is actually a really great shape because I think they could go simmons or Derek Rounders. Well I think at the end of the day as much as they love to have Simmons as a presence. Romney Harrison was fine for them at Safety Simmons and miles. Jack kind of give you the same thing at linebacker. So I don't really think doubling down make sense Same reason I don't see Carolina really taking Simmons at seven if they stood pat. So I'm just GONNA give them Derrick Brown here and a really weird slide. You know who is a conversation that we had with Everything could go higher. They're gonNA slide last year. I thought there was somebody that was like that to I. Think about it for a second. I don't focus on this draft. I'd have to sit and come back to we'll come back to a quickie quickie goal. Search Year along. I'm doing this. You can talk about the Raider actually Rise Ahah Simmons. Yeah I think that this is where his slide ends. I think that he's got raider written all over him. I think that that this comes down to is probably GONNA come down to a receiver but Isaiah. Simmons is made in a lab. I someone calling me Unicorn. He is absolutely Unicorn. He's an Al Davis approved player. And I think that they're looking to make a big splash in what would have been there. Their hometown draft. So I think that Las Vegas introduces themselves to the community with Isaiah Simmons be late when they make the cake and turn on the car. What position do they put on the card? They'll I I mean it's GonNa come down to linebacker or safety rate I. I don't know probably doesn't matter. I'm just curious. I don't know the PRI- practice say Unicorn. Swiss army knife something. Whatever but he's. He's everything that the raiders pride themselves on in terms of the athletic towns they find I mean he checks all the boxes there so it makes sense otherwise. I think that you'd be looking for a speedster receiver here but there's also a deep receiver draft and they have another first round pick so that makes too much sense. I think between That picking the Derrick Brown pick Jacksonville. I think those picks could happen naturally. There they could move up whatever I think. Those are kind of the natural landing spots for those two players Regardless of where we had them going back to that twenty nineteen slide player. I think it was Devon White. Because if he didn't go to Tampa Bay it was like one was he gonNa go at that point. The steelers probably still trade up to ten. Take Him But it looked pretty barren may be Cincinnati at eleven at that point maybe Green Bay at twelve But I think that was the player I was thinking from last year. Get that was in some ways a bizarro draft last year. Just think like nobody thought that clean ferro was going to go forth overall. You know we all thought that Josh Allen was GONNA fall than four overall because I mean he just seemed like someone who had have raiders written all over him like we just said about Simmons but things happen and in Cleveland Farrell. In terms of all the measurable. He would just almost like seven foot. Wingspan as the EH. Six four is broadcast rusher. Which I mean like you touted that early on last year. You said like his a link who is going to make him far more coveted than people realized. I don't know if you've already fourth overall coveted but you hit that one right on the Hud. Yeah No I. I didn't know he was going to go top five there but I mean teams. Love that stuff. I mean that's the stuff and I mean that's the thing that could have faulted Andrew Thomas back to the top offensive tackle to You know so. We'll say only a few days left but San Francisco from there in Detroit here This could have been the home of Jordan potentially if India was still here not the case. Now you know they're still people claiming night. You know you have four quarterbacks. Go Top ten top fifteen. I don't think it happens quite honestly I think love goes more naturally where he should towards the end of the first So with San Francisco here a question becomes. Do they replace forced Buckner with a Devante? Great adjuvants Kim Law type of Guy. Or do they take one of the top receivers? I just think it's so hard to pass on the top receivers that are here. I mean I feel like Jerry. Judy just make central what they WANNA do doesn't he? Yeah I was actually thinking like that. This is probably where he's GonNa end up which also to a degree pains me because I really don't WanNa seem in San Francisco but you just think about Because they were eighth on offense I mean they were in the top ten. I don't think a lot of people will realize that because they didn't have a lot to offer on the in terms of the offense perimeter you know they trade for Emmanuel Sanders. He's gone now They have some nice smaller Smaller options but you think like if you're if you're in there near Jimmy Garoppolo like you need union acts. You need someone who's going to be able to slash up the field and Jerry. Judy did a ton of that Obama. Yeah for sure so typically at fourteen. I think that this is a team that would absolutely love an offensive tackle especially considering who they just acquired so they could be an option for a team to deal back in for one of the last of the three wide receivers right in front of Denver That that's always a possibility as well to if they're looking to deal out and potentially grabbing offensive lineman towards the end of the first. Because I mean like there's there's been some talk of them looking at can law right. Yeah Yeah like a like you were saying like does that make you really any better when now mode they still have been UVA? They brought back sue for a year. does kimmel really puts. You a win now mode the only reason I see them taking him here decide to is because they see his upside as like people are going to look back and he should've been a top five pick That's the only way I see them taking Kim Law here. Yeah but I do think that they they do take on here. You think about what they've given up on the interior in recent years. It used to be a strength. That's what this franchise has built. Its best teams on or just a ultra penetrating Talent in the middle. So I think that with a guy like Japan Kim Law who someone with his size and strength and you can sort of rebuild. What you're looking for in terms of the interior offensive line so I like it on kind of a a strange projection for him because he could go higher than this it based on how that that Board Falls. I like him. I do think that Tampa is going to be a team looking to acquire an offensive tackle. So I don't I think the fourth the fourth name in that that group falls no further than this pick. Oh for sure for sure Will actually keep this really quick here with Denver. Rugs stolen aboard. They've he's been linked to them forever. I think there's a chance that they get rugs but may move up to get him. But it's rugs they add speed goes with court Portland Sutton at another weapon for drew. Lock to start building his career around. I there's I mean you just run that up to or I'm sorry. You're not ruining to the podium. You're sending it in this here Absolutely I think he's been their guy for a while the fact that they can stay. Stay at fifteen grab him. I think would be huge in terms of not not having a move but you think they've got something good going on with drew. Lock right now and now. You're looking to really expand on his weapons on the perimeter and you can make the case at Henry. Rugs is the most talented receiver in this class. I mean like it's all gone at. Ya and he and he might just. I think that what I mean. He would pair well with new cop going all the way back to Arizona too. So I mean I think Christian Kirk gives gives you a bit of a tastes in terms of That smaller yet A smaller receiver. Who can body guys in Out on out on the edge I think that on Henry Rooks and do that to that. Do can high high point the ball. He's a strong route runner. He's great after the cash. I mean like he's not just like your garden variety vertical too so I mean all the I mean. That's a lot of words to say that. I think that this is a no brainer. I think this is Denver's guy. I think they get him at where they originally sat which is fortunate all right so Atlanta always pick all. I think that this is probably the team thirstiest for Giovane. Ken Law. I think that you've seen a lot of rumors. This could be a team in Detroit up. I mean you already saw Dmitrov floating a bunch of thinly-veiled stuff they need to though they just lost Desmond. Font on things are weird for them out on the edge. I'm GonNa give them your favorite player in. Cj Henderson I think I think he goes here a good pick if they're good and I was just going to say I didn't want to interrupt your flow because you mentioned trade up. I think they could trade up for. Cj Henderson I think there is some truth to the Henderson is potentially higher on some People's Board Than Okuda and that could be because of pure man coverage preferences and at the same time. It's one of those things. Where if he's your guy like sit there away. 'cause I mean doesn't look like anybody else could take them but you never know I mean what if what if the offensive tackles last aboard and know New York says hey like we want to protect. Sam We think we have sufficient enough Weapons where we're not taking a a wide receiver at eleven. There's really good wide receiver. Dennis draft we'll pick up two or three along the way we're gonNA take the best corner we can get at this point so. Henderson makes a Lotta sense here. Yeah that's going to be interesting. I don't think there's any way in Hell that he goes before Okuda but I I'm fascinated by the fact that some teams have come out and said like had no. We're we liked ED. That gator corner over. What has really become cornerback? University as far as I'm concerned with Ohio State so I mean Jeff Okuda. I mean. It's hard to deny his. His twitching is his ability to read. he does everything really well and the thing is like he's still. I don't think he's a finished product. Which is the scary thing. I think his ceiling way high whereas I feel like with CJ Henderson. You know what you're getting. I mean he's a man covered. Stud you are losing something in terms of getting after In getting after the run in terms of being able to tackle Overall so it just depends. It depends on your flavor but I don't know that Atlanta can be too choosy. I will be flawed if they don't move up for dramatic. Giovane KEN law. I think that they've been looking for that big piece on the Interior for Awhile now. I think he's he's their guy but C. J. Anderson checks all the boxes for Atlanta to for sure that's a great pick Dallas at seventeen. I think they are probably pretty bummed that CJ Henderson ended up on pick away They have to have a lot of good number two indoor nickel guys at cornerback. But they need a true number one now. That Byron Jones in Miami. So Dallas is a little upset. Here actually started a make my pick here and then I changed my mind The popular pick here is killer on right Demarcus Lawrence is really good. You need a to punch edge now. They did sign Alden Smith which good for him. He's back on a team. We'll see how that goes but that doesn't stop you from taking an edge player I just think people are GONNA be wildly concerned with Kayla. Von Jason's past medical army was healthy. This year he was a game record in the beginning of the national championship game. But honestly I think they're gonNA make a an investment year that is all about their identity and who they are on offense. I think they come in and they make a really safe pick a little old little high for my taste but not too questionable in a Cesar Ruiz from Michigan Planet Center Guard. Whatever just do what works? Keep that offensive line as a straight As it's been well they just lost Travis Frederick Great. I think he just retired. So yeah I mean that's and I mean this. This is a team that has taken interior often of linemen and the back half of Ron one before taking a lot of heat for drivers Frederick was that guy and that worked out perfectly for them for a time so I I love that pig I. It's it's definitely off the radar. But it's quintessential Jerry so there's that Jeremiah. Chapter got a hot TUB IN THE SHAPE OF TAXES ALL RIGHT. Carolina's now at eighteen. Okay yeah this. This pick becomes far more complicated based on where they sit. Now quite honestly. I don't even know what they need enough to make this point so I'm glad this is not your problem. Yeah this is definitely definitely brought this trash to my doorstep. I think that this is a team. That's usually pretty true there aboard. I think that this is where Kayla Andrzej Zongo's I think that just in terms of length is a pass rusher. The medical I think is GonNa scare maybe some teams off but the upside is undeniable with him. And this is a team that is not a year away anyway so I think that if you can go ahead and stockpile pass rusher who could be special at this juncture. I think you do that. And so I think Carolina fans would would get on you about back to back years of a pass rusher. Belykh would if if you hit on chase on and Brian Burns like potentially the most versatile athletic nasty edged. Oooh in the League and I think that's something that they're going to want to invest in. Because I think Matt Rules Game Plan how he Alexa play on the offensive side of the ball is that they're gonNa work to spread you out. They'RE GONNA look to get ahead and then they're gonNA look to come after you so I think I think that makes a ton of sense. I think you'll just have some pissed off Carolina Fan but FM Panthers Fan. So I don't really care to two things. Finding the team that at any time has said we have too many good pass rushers like we just can't deal with those s not a thing. Also would you want at that juncture where you wanNA reach on a interior defensive linemen? I mean they have a highest pick in day to because I mean they rotate with the other teams. That also said at five eleven. So for sure. You're sitting at a nice spot there but I mean like I would go just maximum value like I. You'RE NOT GONNA win next year. It's going to be ugly. Get The you know or rock. Now ask questions later. Find the best players that you can. I mean if I can't imagine adding someone Kahlon Chase on saying like you know it would just be too bad. Add like a guy with a high high ceiling is a pass rusher opposite burns. Who was a total stud last year yet and take the year to get his body right. So you know. He is full cylinders. Twenty twenty one. So the raiders are back up in nineteen I think this is going to be a pick that makes a lot of people after this. Pick very sad but we're going back to Lsu for Justin Jefferson on this one Ran A lot faster than I thought he was going to. Didn't change my evaluation of him. I think he's still very good. Slot presence that you can play Outside in on a things that you may WanNa do from a shorter in a one of the things that all the SEC teams loved Iran. We talked about it when we talk to a is that slant go kind of Combo that people run and you can run him on either part of that you can run him on the outside in slant you can run him from the the slot. Go so whichever way you want to go. I think he just provides a reliable wide receiver piece that Las Vegas really really needs. Yeah he was money the last half alas he was great all season but he was just such a reliable weapon. Pirjo Bro late in that season. And you you brought it up just bodied every defensive back. In his way I mean it was just an absolute bullet time kind of reminded me of Jarvis Landry honestly the bigger Jarvis Faster Jarvis obviously but really talented guy. I think that playing behind or the fake. The fact that chase wasn't draft eligible I think should have given Jefferson a little bit more attention because he was just an absolute. He was clutch. How he was just awesome and I think that he did himself a huge favor and then he really capitalized dying. Because as you mentioned he killed the combine for based on where expectations where he was awesome. Oh for sure for sure he was. He was a really good solid presence in. That's what Las Vegas needs so because their quarterback positions a little bit in flux right now you think in terms of where they want to go with that forward so all that say this is going to be an interesting pick. Tremendously excited to see what Jacksonville would do at the spot. I hate the fact that I feel like I'm making the the really difficult picks here in the spot and I mean while you're looking you know somethings that could happen for Jacksonville. Here's big variable trade up. They've got plenty of picks on this draft to that they could make a move up for a guy that they want Instead of sitting tight at twenty the other option is is if the board felt like felt like this you know wide receivers are gone. You know you don't love any other corners or anything here They could bogey out of this spot to I think there's some other teams that would be willing to trade up in front of Philadelphia potentially for one of the linebackers. There's definitely some options on the table. Here which could be good for Jacksonville. Yeah and it's just it seems when you're talking about the cornerback. Position in Jacksonville seems criminal. That were were talking about an empty covered as a postal. I mean just where they were one year ago when essentially I mean yeah at that point. Jalen Ramsey is already a malcontent but then Aga on the other side and I mean that was. Aj At a couple of years ago was the number one graded Corner Jalen Ramsey was Aj and then of course you think about like the AFC championship game. He's the one that New England ultimately went after All right I'm GONNA go ahead. I'M GONNA get a little creative with this one and I think that they're gonNA they're gonNA take a chance and I think they're going to go with Christian Fulton at the spot. It's not a now again not what I would do but I think that Jacksonville is also a team like you mentioned. Really trying to strengthen what they've got going on the defensive perimeter it that cupboard's bare right now. I think Fulton is a guy where e some of his tape. You love what he's able to do and there are times where you see these tapes. You're like man. What the Hell Are you doing? So I mean it's a project but I think something that could ultimately work out for Jacksonville and the long term so I think that's where they go this pick until like I think Krista Fulton is similar to CJ Henderson with less athletic pizzazz and less overall man-to-man cover talent. I think you know if we're going to give. Cj Henderson a man demand covered grade Christian. Fulton's like be. Plus maybe a Midas you know. He did run in the four fours. Combine which was good. He's definitely a little scrappy than Henderson is. Shown to be That's a good pick for Jacksonville and I think if you take a corner at twenty a draft and he ends up being your number one. That's awesome if he becomes your number two. I think that's fine So I think that's a solid pick for them for sure will say thing here is this pick is from the rams so this is ultimately what what they trade Ramsey four. So are you getting comparable value? Not really but I mean like a decent a decent ceiling with Fulton said there are times especially early in the season. He was looked at as corner. A leg of I wouldn't say that he was on Kudos level but he was looked at as easily. The number. Two guy in this class Jahan's and see Henderson Demon. Didn't even really have a great season and managed to still them just because Fulton really struggle at times the Syria and wasn't really the focal point in that for that defense has Derek. Stanley was so damn good. Yup Yeah no for sure. I think those are all spot on points. They're twenty one. I mean supposedly Philadelphia wants to receiver here supposedly it. The dream is just Jefferson. I just don't understand what the deal is. What they're receiver situation. They they have Sean. Who's long Matoos's there I get that Contracts to be tough to get rid of him so probably stuck with him They do have Sean Jackson who is again a little bit older as well. But I mean he's still got the athleticism behind him and like people forget that they did draft. Jr Sega whiteside last year like Jj Jayjay could easily be a replacement for Alshon they're very similar what they do. Body dudes up in high pointing the ball. So I just don't feel it but I mean I think Philadelphia needs to get fast across the board. Their state had a little bit of a dragon lag last year. So I'm taking Patrick we're lot of. Lsu I think we have four lsu picks at this point They had quality on defense at at now starting to show. Patrick Queens sidelined a cyanide linebacker. He's good in coverage not outstanding by any means. But he's not GonNa let you down so you can play all three downs and I think he they just need. They need a presence on the defensive guys all over but like they don't have a core presence. I saw somebody else. Mcqueen to Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago and Philadelphia didn't like it so that's probably what's going to happen so they can get over it. Yeah that's cool. Let's go ahead and cut it for now and then we'll we'll do a part to an will finish up the last. How many ten picks off to something like that? So yeah I mean I'm I'm down for whatever if you WANNA stop. That's fine if you want to finish it up. I'm good for either way. Yeah well we're already running up on an hour so we can try. I didn't even look at the timer. I just checked it so all right. We'll go ahead and we'll run apart to We'll get that taken care of tonight and then we'll get it out to everyone so thanks for tuning in to the first twenty one picks of this draft present. My name is Keith. I don't think we even introduce ourselves at the beginning of the show. How committed we are to the craft to everyone. We'll talk to you fairly soon. Take care every Wednesday on fish drive. Join Me Eric. Goes for a full report on the Miami Marlins. Phillies the Clinton lumber kings on April with Eric. Oh we sit down each week with the different prospect that is part of the violence rebuild and discuss the development of players trends and performances of Miami's Midwest League affiliate listened to a ball with Eric goes every Wednesday on fish strikes.

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