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You wouldn't settle for two star Spin class or personal trainer so why settle for a bank. That treats you like just another number ally knows you deserve better and their mission is to be just that with Alabang Yogi great interest rates and you can chat with real people twenty four seven and they won't hit you with those hidden and be allies team actually cares about doing right by you and your money go to A. L. L. Y. Dot Com for more ally bank member. FDIC I see told America that I'm looking for a basketball team to route. Four forty seven percent of people responded to our polls rue the heat twenty six percent. Say Two bucks fourteen percents say the sixers twelve percents and so are you listening to the people they say you should be at least an eighty six percent of them. Say you guys who for the Sixers sixers are losers okay. That's clearly not on the. That's what they said is not. I'm not the one that said that they call a bunch of losers blamed Pablo. He'd be making y'all look bad it making you look prophetic and great and handsome. But let's start with Kawhi Leonard Bomani. That's right because we're going to the finals as I've been saying oh year but usually running into an over the holidays kind of tends to be uncomfortable but Toronto. Welcome back with an enthusiasm that I can't ever recall seeing for a player who just left for for another team. The arena stood up chanted. MVP and Washington elaborate two-minute tribute video and they cheered as now clippers star got his ring so bold. The question is simple. Did you enjoy watching all of that love and always dope. I mean one thing since he doesn't play for them anymore. The opening night ring ceremony was missing the biggest star of their whole championship championship right. So now he comes back now. Something that has to be noted when you say that we've never seen a guy get love like this after leaving the team. We don't have a counter example. That's quite like this one either. He was there air for one year. Pretty much everybody knew he was going to be there for one year and they got what you would hope to get out of that one year. There's no cause for this isn't like album. Holds leaving Saint Louis after being the and therefore ten eleven years and then go away. We're took literally nine years. Or so before they would have been okay with him coming back and he was and he came back and it was beautiful. This is a one time only situation because I don't know if we'll ever again have a case like this. I don't think we will but it is telling in this modern NBA that the modern NBA love story. The most romantic embrace embrace between two former partners is from the most transactional relationship we've ever seen because it does seem like they felt this way because everybody got what they wanted. They they had the players on this team. Not just the fans the players standing at half court as soon as the lights came up and by the way they brought the lights down to let the favorite song the call I love him making the shot sixers in the Eastern Conference finals. They played that like it did seem so heart warming and also so single. Yeah but the thing also though it should be noted if they did want boot every safeguard was taken to make sure that they did not like for example when they shut down the Georgia dome. It was time to bring Michael Vick out on the back of the sports car. You're they put them out there but roddy white because nobody was gonna Boo Roddy White. It was a role of the dice of whether they were GonNa Boo Michael Vick. They ain't nobody F.. You through the greatest play in the history of the franchise and you mark it on the court with the lights and the route and everything with anybody had been inclined to come in there and be mad. Here's a reminder of the best you ever felt rooting for this team and they were going to carry that thing ain't gonna because the fans tend to take the lead of the organization. We're Lebron came back to Miami for the first time when they played the video he got. He heartwarming applause if the organization in his all in all you coming back and being good about it the fans will typically follow a man remember San Antonio Kawhi went back there after leaving. They brought him with Danny Green and they announced them together. And Danny Green got all of collateral day. Care all they don't care about Danny Green and then again that's a different situation. Because they were disappointed and he never let the people in Toronto down because deep down inside they knew damn well. He wasn't coming back there if they lost in those finals and then he comes into for a Abia different situation but do we have the video of Kawhi Leonard explaining how he felt when he got that ring. Everybody God can share one started yours logo in here is somewhat middle finger. So it reminds me of finger. So if you think that's a sub tweet at the spurs but it could also just be incredibly doubly hyper literal. I mean he has to get the ring for the Middle Finger he already has one for the ring finger now. Let's go to the Lakers as they continue to run roughshod out over the NBA legs beat the Magic Ninety. Six eighty seven and push their regular twenty two and three this point. It feels like groundhog day. Braun at a triple double White House. Great out the advantaged defense was excellent. Oh and twenty. Two and three is the Lakers. Best Record through this point in twenty four years. Pablo are the Lakers the best team in the NBA. They are the best team in the NBA. Right now now when Lebron James is on the floor and it is crazy vo because seventeen years ago today. Lebron James made his national TV debut in high school. And I at least I'm still learning learning new things about him like he is the best point guard in the League right now. It is not closed by every passing assist metric. That guy is the best at that job and this is a team team. That's not necessarily set up for a floor spacing three point shooting setup that you might think Lebron would be enjoying. He's squeezing the ball in. Maybe no one else. Can you started there by. I say that the best team in the league. We're Lebron James is on the floor because that a caveat because me. Here's Lebron James. Any is like right now. They seem to be the best team in the league. If you put them next to the clippers I say. They're more complete team than the clippers. Clippers have is that ferocious potential to play defense where they can just shut just about anybody down where I look at the Lakers. As though and I see this Lebron is the guy can make plays. That's what the clippers don't have right now somebody when this type late in the year. Who's going to be the person initiate office because they depended on literature do that right now? It's a hold of the ball game with your opinion on Lebron James to do that but the reason I say when Lebron is on the floor is because when he is on the floor they have the best offensive rating in the League and they will have another playmaker. The thing about the clippers is true of the Lakers. Win The bronze there. He's the reason they can do all of this. He's the reason. Anthony Davis is currently racking up more assists than any Lebron. James Teammate has ever received an until Lebron James is covering up all of these flaws. All of them and defensively. These Lakers are good man. They're like top five league defensively as well what they wound up with. I think it's something that you see happening. A little bit more in college than the pros which is team strikes out on all these guys they want to get the Costa team ultimately have to quote unquote settle for guy. Vogel looks like the right. Do for this team if nothing else. We know that we're Vogel will provide good defensive framework. Now they're at her guard people because last year they couldn't guard sold abroad actually invested in playing defense and of because Anthony Davis Being Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard. If he's only got to play twenty minutes a game he turns right back to being a monster. He's taking six jumpers ninety three shots. Total exactly what they would want. Well let's turn now to jets ravens because there are many reasons not to care about what Vegas us as a Thursday night football blow out with eleven to Baltimore now favored by sixteen and a half F- with then there is. The Mar Jackson was worth seeing and who heard his quad. On a sixty one yard. Touchdown pass last week and now faces the five hundred jets who have prided themselves on on defense in so far as they have any pride remaining at all but if you are the Ravens Bolt how important is this game tonight before you very every single game. They play from here. Iran out is very important if they wanNA have home field advantage for the play offs like now. They should be straight in that regard because they've got the tiebreaker against the Patriots but even if it is against the jets they are still Elisa's lease offense. It'll be a professional football team so winning this game for them is very very important very very important but also it seems like a very very foregone conclusion simply because does in Ravens history I believe sixteen and a half points is the biggest point spread advantage they have ever had or the second biggest and so when you look at the jets on the other side. They don't have Jamal Adams tonight. They don't have winning Williams tonight. They don't have really anybody. You can name on defensive note as banged up as Lamar Jackson is let me ask you this. The fact that Greg Williams is coordinating that defense. How much would that worry you? If you're on the Ravens mean as ten years ago what we're talking about right like dogs do. I think that they're out here are being like we're going to attack. Lamar Jackson legs bring his head back on a stick because I figured do we have any heads on sticks coming back. He's been bag as a coordinator. Like this point. DOC WATSON WE'RE GONNA ask that question every single week about him there's a reason why he turned his whole persona into something else so people like you would stop doing that now. where I worry about the jets though is they say they got something or they're going to have something particular to roll out there to stop Lamar Jackson? You'd like to have a full week to roll that out. You want to try to implement in the short week. Whatever they're trying to roll out they did not get it to practice this week? They did not have a formal practice. They did not do the finger lineup. Somebody who is twenty times less athletic than the Mark Jackson as Lamar Jackson and run through it that way. This is a short week for them. And so they've only had walk throughs and then they face. This guy and as much as Greg Williams is not Greg Williams. I do wonder earl. Thomas has been talking. You've been talking. I wonder if there's still sort of concerned the back of their mind coming up next John Meringue continuing the Yam ofo. Yeah have you ever done your best ball before of course. Hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's the idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch. At Harry's our approach is simple. Here's our secret. 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Yeah I said Yeah M- last night in the win over the sons watch for love. Wave bore way award goes left off two legs with the right back into you. You hit on Morandi in the most fun player to watch in the League already. I have a hard time finding someone who is more fun. Because when you see this and everybody clears out. This is his teammates like hanging on the chain link fence waiting for the fight to break out and look how fast Aaron Vases running in the opposite direction which I guess would be the only thing Aron Baynes can do with that well. Look here's what's startling oiling. About Job Moran in the last twenty five years we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen players who have averaged ten points or more in the paint per game. He is the shortest of all right. Otherwise it's tyreek Evans and then a bunch of forwards. Those are the guys who have done this. which is this dude is just going to tate attacking? It is here for absolutely but next topic. Anthony Renzo the former national third baseman has agreed to a seven year. Two hundred and four hundred five million billion dollar contract with the angels per are passing so you went on Ren Dome Getting Mike Trout in the angels to last at my bed on that. Now my in on this I mean seventy. It'd be two games last year right so I'm not sure that simply adding this one man is going to be something to get them to the playoffs. And what don't has nothing to do with every other free agent agent who has ever signed for the angels but I have been watching this movie take place for over thirty years in other than Vladimir Guerrero. It does not end. Well yeah they are solving one problem in here. Is there a third base OPIE S. I believe dead last their rotation. Era was second though second worst in the League and so does that fix the pitching. No obviously not. What is this guy going to make people? Think of Ghost of Albert Boo bowls. We're getting paid all this money. The good news is they have all the money to spend. He's got a lot fewer miles on it but they're also trying to get arms so we'll see mahomes. Bruised is passing handed last week's game against the Patriots third injury this year series enough to land him on the chiefs injury. The report says he will play this weekend against the Broncos but are you end up being concerned about homes injured hand. I am concerned because I was concerned before about his new cabinet. Concerned before about the ankle sprain and so this is a guy who has some fragility to him and in this game last week bowl once he got hurt. What did they do the shift game plan to more intermediate insure passes if he's bombing bombing the ball deep? I think they'll be okay but until then I would be concerned about his limousine. I'm very cautious about calling these guys fragile when the reality is you probably just got injured. Bruises bruises got on. His hand is probably something that happens to anybody else right and so the worry with bruises not much different than it would be if it was UNRUH Ding it. It's going to be a problem right now. is how we got here in the first place so I don't worry about him being fragile as much as this is the NFL kneecap thing was a little bit weirdest Franken. Somebody rolled up all right. Like it's not like he just got hurt and we. You don't know how it happened. But that's Aikman the three time super bowl champion quarterback told thirteen ten the ticket that he always entertained the idea of being an NFL GM that you would find that challenge of GM into worthwhile. So you win on Asian being good at NFL. No not really no shame to him. I just don't have any reason to believe that he would. It'd be good at it. I don't have a reason to believe that he would be bad at it. Either but all the is to me is Troy Aikman and we do this thing with executives former player we liked and thought was like personable. WE WE WANNA make them in executive. I don't know if there's a correlation I wonder if Troy Aikman is saying this because he is not one of those guys not the peyton manning that normally gets pegged as this is is obviously a future brainiacs. I wonder if he has some resentment about that. Because beyond that this seems like Troy Aikman in some sense to put you hustling backward like like the guy has a national TV job. You can second guess only wants why going I guess I might be boring. I can see it now. Really Sagger former Florida state coach has been hired by Florida Atlantic. Next head coach. You went on this being a good higher for Fau. So I think on this my concern is that was just hiring guys like a fantasy owner. WHO's not really paying that much attention? Oh Big Name Lane Kiffin. Oh a bigger name really tigers but we take her. Does that Florida ties right. USF FSU the recruiting. Didn't go so great but this it seems like a high upside proposition for the school. Also I mean go look at the jobs that Taggart head all of the cleanup jobs right like we got the West Kentucky. I think there was one game the year before he got there. USF that was awful before he got there. Florida state was in the middle of the series rebuild. When he got there this will be the first round? He's got a job where it looks like. You should be ready to go at their job and was as people go back can reevaluate taggart. Remember this Park Charlie strong just got fired at. USF Go look at. Woody was that you took over there. What the decline was? That was a double digit win. Team strong had the first year. 'CAUSE we're tagger put together got and finally drake. Pictures have emerged of the man wearing era canyon gear in honor of Brownie. James Allegedly Julie. So Bo I guess the question really is how out on this argue. What is this man? What is this is high school go as is personalized Nice school year? Oh come on man no no no no no. If you WanNa Jack Right it's pop's I can understand that. He's a hero. But in the lives of a generation to people but let S J and Dante says. I'm not wearing shoes or Jersey of anybody that's younger than me in high school close drake does seem to be perpetually like twenty one jump street in like thirty three and yet he is out here associated with all sorts of young people. But I wonder right. I was doing some research on this. This seems to be like the perfect nexus of the clout industrial complex complex. Kylie Jenner. There was like a sort of lipstick thing on the hat and one of these photos. Some of your rights. This is a Kylie Jenner. Thing is Kylie Jenner went to Sierra Canyon Donald Ronnie James Monte Rally the general regeneration roots for her coming up next. Trust these shoes. 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ESPN to learn. More and Subscribe Channel Lineup varies by package. All right. Our Man Bacillus slapped boxing champion. MPM years get ou- failed this time. When you find yourself holding onto a barrel with two hands? Things in general have not gone. Go but yo shout out to the sportsmanship his man is holding them up. I guess the only other person strong enough to help you would be another slap boxing champ. Yeah the guy slapping him into unconsciousness. No this is my sportsman of the year. By the way I would have voted for that guy and now the all done quote that dismissal sulfuric tiffin's desire to return to the SEC. And a burning passion to exact revenge on saving Aaron suttles Athletic About Lane Kiffin. Gunning Nick Sabin after saving fired him a week before that two thousand Sixteen National Championship. Dan So do you think saving feels threatened by Kevin L.. No he doesn't feel threatened by KIFFIN. Let me tell okay was nick. Sabin feel threatened Ole Miss. It don't matter who Jesus no matter what's going down. Yeah you lost a couple of games to at one point. Okay you want to threaten Nick Sabin. You'll no need to go somewhere other than that school to do. But it does seem that lane. KIFFIN is transparently. Trolling Nick Sabin. He is saying I want you to strengthen coordinate or your strength and conditioning listening coach I want your secondary coach. All these guys offensive line all of that. He wants to establish that he is picking a fight with Nick. Sabin I think because he wants to be punching up and therefore climbing climbing up the ladder and also save is not keen on this idea of hiring assistance. After you've gone my problem with this is the idea. That Lane Kiffin has the audacity to somehow. I believe that somebody did something wrong to him when he got himself fired before the national championship game. Do you realize what a problem you have to be for Nick. Sabin to say in the the midst of all this preparation I am going to generate this giant disruption what was part of Lake Hip and call them. Plays playoff game against Washington. Did the dues hadn't even practice and you know then. Kevin believes that if he was there in that National Championship Game Alabama want probably right quo their trust issues in Houston. Jay Williams is morning on. Get up about the partnership between James Harden and Russell Westbrook. Let's watch chase it to the quarter deals the right here. Why don't why don't all gave guidance? Your team were so Pablo these trust issues. There's something you're seeing this trust so much as it is just reality. Like James Harden knows what Russell Westbrook is Russell. Westbrook right now is a guy shooting. What twenty eighty something percent from three? He's a guy who was shooting under thirty one percent on all jump shots of any kind. This is James Harden wanted to make and now he is a comfortably ably lying in it. So let's ask this question here about Russell Westbrook because last year the rockets had Carmelo on the teams who was a guy who was not the player that he used beyond just I was not able to contribute enough. Westbrook is not the outright liability. Mellow was on defense last year. But what is he giving them on office understand this. This remained Florida James in research research with both of them on the floor. Their efficiency is plus seven points per one hundred possessions right with both of them there with just Horton. It's plus thirteen point. Nate with just westbrook. It's minus nine point nine and with both of them off. Its plus eight point Russell. Westbrook is actively making this team worse and this is is not even the time of year when we would be expecting some sort of combustible in their credit. They have not been saying anything rhetorically. That would make you worried but it does seem like all of the ingredients are here for a blow. Forget about a blow up. How about the fact that he's making them worse like the drama and all that whatever there's an an actual basketball issue here that's why James Harden they pass the ball number the knicks their fifth win last night beating the warriors in San Francisco also Bomani? Are you surprised by just how bad the warriors have been this. I mean losing to the Knicks. No matter who you got left is not something that anybody would see coming right. I mean I don't know what we thought the floor on. This would be once everybody got hurt right. Like what Steph curry was heard. Russell missed all that time. He's now back now. I don't know what I thought it would be. But I didn't think that they would be like the worst team in the league. which is what they appear to be? So what's worrisome. If you are rooting for the warriors to improve that Russell was back in this game draymond was back in this game. They lost the next. They lost to the grizzlies the game before that both games. They were actually favored in Vegas to win. But if you're rooting for the warriors to improve I'm guessing you're not in their front office viscous talking to our friend even Strauss about this. The number one result of the warriors being this bad in his injured is that the front office knows. This season is not what we care about anymore. Yeah the only thing I wonder about this and it totally makes sense. If you're not GONNA make the best pick you can so like what player they getting. And what exactly are they going to do with this one thousand nine year old this supposed to be going to try to add next year to their veteran relying like. I don't know how exactly this all works when it all shakes out. Yeah I have questions about how the fit is going to be questions about the Ngelo Russell sticking around or not all I know. Is that given this this roster and the salary cap constraints that lottery pick is something of a light at the end of the dance Larosa. You won't be around next year. You know that's all I do in nineteen that's the number of points that Coffee Cockburn scored Illinois last night and upset over number five Michigan. But this is why we'll remember his game jagdish out here all right here. We go Gary Gov oh into and to. Yeah ooh yeah yeah that that is yes. Ainley Judah met launch downward head would also know that for the poor ref. If there's two Cockburn wanted to make sure he was okay but I don't think he felt relieved after that happened. Like wow now disguised guys crotch right in my face. It makes my headache. Feels so much. Better know mostly reminds me. We actually of the difference between this referee. Andy last referee to be put in a situation like this. Do we have the video. Twenty Thirteen Carlos Boozer was the difference between those rests. That guy just walks that off. Yeah that is the different. Yeah I mean to be fair. I think we look at this and think that he got hit in the bangs but obviously not because he would have died. You know the other guy had to go into recession protocol. Go question the tap and it's tough. It's a rough one. If you got her got hit where it looks like like he got hit it right now. It is obvious that he did not he did. Not He would have died in all of his forebears would have felt it throughout history and the future so yes it did not happen but I hope that guys okay see okay. That's which came to yes questionable coming up next.

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