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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. Anxiety is still high. Over the spread of the new corona virus. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell nearly twelve hundred points. Thursday dow futures suggest stocks will fall sharply again today at the opening bell. Major markets in Asia all fell more than two percent today the number of covert Nineteen infections in South Korea has surpassed two thousand. At least thirteen. People have died Jason Stronger reports from Seoul. The new corona virus outbreak has led to a shortage in surgical masks hundreds of shoppers lined up in the rain. Outside department store and up to the fourth floor to purchase government-subsidized masks reports say pharmacies and other shops are running out and online vendors are charging inflated prices. Here a five pack is about five dollars speaking through a white surgical mask. Fifty-year-old Kim so young says she waited in line about an hour. She says she couldn't find masks anywhere until she came here. South Korea's police agency says it's cracking down on price gouging and hoarding of these medical supplies for NPR news. I'm Jason Strother in Seoul and airstrike. In Syria's embattled inland province has killed thirty. Three Turkish soldiers Turkeys blaming Syria but some air strikes there are carried out by Russian forces. Russia has denied responsibility. Now Turkey A. Nato member has asked the military alliance for consultations on the deteriorating situation. Linda Fassulo reports that at the United Nations delegates are concerned about the Syrian humanitarian crisis. The UN's deputy humanitarian chief. Aircel Mueller said that nearly nine hundred fifty thousand civilians have fled the government offensive over the last three months and that women from the area told her that conditions are not humanly tolerable and that there have been children so traumatized that they no longer speak. Us Ambassador Kelly crafts that. All efforts must be focused on immediately. Establishing ceasefire if the -tarian crisis is to end meanwhile Russia's ambassador vessels have been Zia. Said that the only long-term solution to the problem of it live is an expulsion of terrorists from the country for NPR news inland Zillow in New York. California's utility regulator has imposed a record fine on utility Pacific gas and electric this for causing recent deadly wildfires for member station K. Q. E. D. Lily Jamali reports. It's the largest penalty ever issued by the California Public Utilities Commission the fine modifies a previous settlement. Pge had agreed to which critics called too lenient. More than one hundred people were killed. In the wildfires of two thousand seventeen and twenty eighteen liabilities from those fires prompted. Pg NEED TO FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY. Last year this harsher fines sets aside hundreds of millions for those victims. It's NPR voters in South Carolina. Hold their primary election tomorrow. President trump behold rally in North Charleston. Tonight the candidates competing for the Democratic presidential nomination are all hoping for a boost that includes vice president. Joe Biden who was seen strong support among African American voters a key constituency in South Carolina in an interview with PBS Newshour Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has defended the use of a controversial surveillance program Muslims under his administration. Npr's Osma hollowed has more. Bloomberg has insisted the program kept Americans safe but no arrests were ever attributed to the surveillance program still in an interview with PBS. Bloomberg showed no remorse and said he had a responsibility to go anywhere. He could to get intelligence. We just lost three thousand people at nine. Eleven course was supposed to do that and so a. Bloomberg defended going into mosques listening to sermons and spying on Muslims. He said it made sense. Given the identity of the nine eleven terrorists. All of the people came from the same place and all came. Were from a place. They happen to be one religion and if they'd been another religion it would have done the same thing. Bloomberg insists everything he did was legal but multiple lawsuits were filed over the program a small college. Npr News Former Baltimore mayor. Catherine pugh has been sentenced to three years in federal prison for corruption convictions. She fraudulently sold self published children's books to nonprofit groups to pay for her political career. He resigned under pressure last. May I'm KORVA COLEMAN NPR news?

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