Facebook Pledges $130 Million to Fund 'Supreme Court' for Content


Artificial intelligence is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It's one of the key underpinnings of modern digital first business. What role does it play in creating a better customer experience find out when we return to the transformation minute comcast business? This is your tech news briefing being for Friday December thirteenth. I'm Terry Yokum from the newsroom. Of The Wall Street Journal in New York facebook has gotten a lot of flak for how it deals with controversial content on its platform form now. They've announced a new Supreme Court to review. How the company moderates that content our reporter Horwitz will explain in just a minute but first let's check some headlines? Officials have confirmed. That Pensacola Florida is dealing with a ransomware attack ransomware. That's the kind of malicious software aware that denies users access until ransom is paid. The attack began on Saturday and it shut down. Most of the city's computer network including city emails phone lines and three one one in customer services as well as payments the city sanitation and energy services. The attack came just days after a mass shooting at a nearby navy base that left three sailors dead and it's unclear whether the cyber attack is connected the FBI is investigating. Disney is in hot water over frozen to several. Japanese artists hired hired to promote the new movie on twitter. said they were instructed to hide that they were paid to do so Disney had originally said that emission was unintentional but now they've changed their tune. Pr Professionals in Tokyo. Say IT'S COMMON IN JAPAN FOR COMPANIES TO PAY influencers for posts without disclosing the relationship and an official says. The government hadn't set any the guidelines about paid posts and two pieces of facebook news today. FACEBOOK says it won't need to make any changes to its web tracking services in order to comply with a new California privacy law setting up an early test of the law which takes effect next year. This law will require websites with third-party trackers to give users the ability to opt opt out while other tech companies have made changes to comply. facebook argues that routine data. Transfers about consumers may not fit the law's definition of selling being data. And you know how you can post a story to both instagram facebook at the same time or use. What's APP to message? Someone from your facebook messenger wrap while we report exclusively. That officials at the Federal Trade Commission are considering seeking a preliminary injunction against facebook for how its APPs interact with one another the FTC DC concerned that those interoperability functions could shut out competitors if materializes. The action would seek to stop facebook from integrating apps any further and could be part art future break-up of the company welcome back to the transformation minute from comcast business. How is artificial intelligence playing a role in creating a better customer experience? We asked Denise Tasty as VP of comcast business. This sort of technology will allow brands like cruise ships to offer experiences. That are more tailored to you. Than what did you ever thought possible. They are now using facial recognition to blink back to your preferences in order to recommend customized experiences for are you based on those preferences. FACEBOOK has long been the subject of public and regulatory dilatory scrutiny over how it polices or doesn't police content on its platform. It's been criticized for how it handles misinformation hate speech and pretty graphic content content like the Christ church manifesto but now facebook says it's introducing a new oversight board to make some of those tough content calls for them here to explain Moore's our reporter Jeff Horwitz Warwick Jeff. Thanks for joining us. Certainly so this idea of an oversight board has been in the works for a while. Hasn't it yes. So this was announced more than a year ago by mark. Berg who acknowledged that while he still believed in facebook's power for good clearly left to its own devices. Without sufficient oversight bad things happen on the Internet Internet and this board was sort of proposed as kind of a facebook supreme court originally and that doesn't mean that it was going to handle all of facebook's got content enforcement I mean decisions but the idea was gonNA provide really high level guidance in the same way that the US Supreme Court handles just a small selection of cases but the idea is that everyone else is supposed to take their marching orders from them. This has been in the works for around a year with kind of a global listening to her that facebook undertook to try to get in but a lot of that came from when you and rights organizations and you can kind of see the result. so you describe this. Are you compared this to the Supreme Court now. The Supreme Court usually waits for people to you come to them and complain about something and then they make a judgement call on. It is that what's going to be happening here. So they are going to be the top appellate entity And so You know any disputes over. Say someone saying that opposed shouldn't have been taken down or the post is hate speech and should be taken down. They can appeal to the board and the board can choose to sort of grant so she are the same way as this court would to hear the case and then render a binding decision on the company so I think the one of the more interesting things about this is the first time that a major social media platform has decided that it is going to hand off responsibility for some of the most difficult court decisions it has to make to outside group that comes with some benefits from facebook to of course because they spent years in controversies over whether they should or shouldn't take down content. Remove a polarizing political figure. Things like that. Yeah I mean. Mark Zuckerberg has very recently even defended facebook as a place where free speech was supposed supposed to live freely. He's defended the company's decision to continue to put political ads on the platform even if they contained misinformation you mentioned I hate speech earlier. What other kinds of content are we expecting them to be deciding over? I mean it could be anything that is sort of falls under the rubric of Community Standards Standards. FACEBOOK isn't getting the board. have any say on matters that it feels. It has to do to comply with laws in many countries in which it operates but but basically everything else is fair game so that could be everything from nudity to you. Know hate speech to anything specifically political ads with misinformation information. Are they going to be making judgment calls about things like that as well. Yes so in addition to being able to decide on particular pieces of content and whether they should stay or go. FACEBOOK is also going to be listening to them in an advisory capacity on sort of bigger picture policy questions so if the board recommends something then. FACEBOOK is required to publicly respond respond to it not to adopt it necessarily so this is kind of a way to force facebook to publicly address concerns of a whole bunch of civil society type type groups that presumably will have representation on this board. What do we know about who's going to be on this board and what is going to be the basis for them to make these kind of tough calls this? This has been a point of debate over the course of the formation of this thing we know that there have been a whole bunch of groups that have been consulted from lawyers goes to government officials to a lot of human rights organizations to journalistic organizations and figures and facebook is going to choose the first eleven members burs after that though the board which is going to have one hundred and thirty million dollars in a trust is pretty much on its own. It'll choose the remainder of the members and choose all board members. There's going forward so it will truly be independent. What are the guiding principles that they're going to be using to make some of these calls so they haven't said entirely it has to be facebook's community standards right so the idea is that they are interpreting facebook's existing rules however there's a lot to be said for the vagaries as of that and one of the things that facebook did along with announcing the hundred and thirty million dollars in funding for this board is announced basically kind of a human rights? It's framework that. They had commissioned that the company says it hopes will guide the board so the principles there are very much focused on sort of international human human rights norms as in United Nations sort of sanctioned approaches to looking at potential harm human rights. So I think as you noted earlier mark Zuckerberg recently recently has been talking a lot about free speech. This definitely the guidelines that the company has kind of endorsed are certainly focused on free expression. They're focused on a lot more. FACEBOOK is now the first big social media platform to implement this kind of solution but obviously this issue moderating speech on social media platforms. Twitter Youtube you name. It has been a big issue. Are we expecting other tech companies to follow suit. I said that that it would be very happy. If other entities wanted to sort of join in on this particular structure but there has been no indication that anyone else is ready to do that they have been on their own on in some of these content moderation decisions partly because of how high profile facebook Spin and how by profile accompanies mistakes have been so this is definitely experimental right now. is this decision by Facebook to create its own oversight board an attempt to appease regulators who might want a to do that for them. I think that facebook has been coming to terms for a few years now with just how vastly much power does have an how awkward it is as for that to be vested in a company that is run by one guy mark Zuckerberg and so. They've done a lot of things in which they've sort of tried to recede into the background a little bit and handing off control over some of the most controversial perhaps the most controversial content decisions facebook book makes is something that sort of plays into that. Jeff Horowitz. Thanks for joining us. Thank you and that was your techniques. Breathing I'm Qatari Yoga from the newsroom of the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for listening.

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