Top 6 WR Debates! Julio or Tyreek? Hopkins or Godwin? (06/24 Fantasy Football Podcast)


This is fantasy football today from CBS sports got. Email us at fantasy football at CBS I dot Com. It's time to dominate your fantasy league. Cheney well your ago. Average deposition of like this that wide receiver, LISA HALF PBR de'andre Hopkins Sixth Overall Devante, Adams two picks later, Julio Jones two picks later then Michael. Thomas Odell Beckham those top five going into the first thirteen picks. You had tyreek hill going just after that. Hopkins Adams Julio Michael Thomas Odell Beckham entire kill was a weird year for wide receivers wasn't nearly as good as two thousand eighteen for wide receivers and this year. Familiar names different order, but right now adp on NFC is Michael. Thomas Fifth overall, then, Davante Adams! Deandra Hopkins tyreek Hill and Julio Jones and one more spot after that is Chris Godwin. We're going to talk about the top six. Those six Michael Thomas Adams Hopkins Hill. Julio and Chris Gavin welcome to a wide receiver. Why rankings edition of Fantasy football today at a maser Jamie Eisenberg Heath comings and Ben Gretch. Jamie and overall assessment of these top six wide receivers. And what do you think about these guys? Compared to previous years where you had Antonio Brown an Odell Beckham in there and you just missed Schuster last year. You know you had kind of the same names over and over again. What do you think about the group this year? which is maybe a little bit different than what we've seen in the past. There obviously awesome. I think they're all going to be. You know if they stay healthy. Have the chance to you know. Continue to produce a high level. Clearly. There's some challenges. Is Calvin really gonNA eat into Jones. Hating her says well is the onder happens going to thrive in Arizona. New Leaving Shawn Watson and the situation he's been used to is Scott when going to be successful with Tom Brady, but you know from what we've seen from them either with a small sample size, no like Godwin having his breakout season last year or or what Julio Jones over the course of his career, I mean these guys are awesome concern i. think would be that. If you draft them early. Are you leaving running back on the board and missing out on still very good wide receiver talent in that round three four rain, and I think that's the the draft challenge that people have to sort of you know deal with his, or you're gonNA go running back heavy with your first toothpicks. And then still get good wide receiver talent later while passing up quickly note. To of these guys may be one of these guests. Heath. You've got devante atoms to and Julio Jones three. They're both coming off of down years by their standards. Why are they two and three? Yeah I mean th down years by their standard sure, but Hopkins had an injury that cost him four games. Adams had an injury costume four games. You'd look at his sixteen game pace over the last two seasons. It's one hundred fifteen catches, fourteen hundred yards and eleven touchdowns. He had some weird bad touchdown elect last year. He's normally been one of those guys that were saying. He's not GonNa score quite that many again. He probably won't be like a twelve thirteen guy, but I expect he's got. Got As good a chance of anybody as scoring double digit touchdowns, and both of these guys in situations where Sharma Jamie mentioned Calvin, Ridley and Hayden. I will ask your for the first half of the year. It was Calvin early Mohamed Sanu and Austin Hooper so I. Don't think Julio's got necessarily more competition that he had last year. Adams doesn't really have any more competition than he had last year. They're going to both go over one hundred and fifty targets, and they're both still really good. Hey Ben. Third episode of the week here's Ben, Gretz, Ladies and gentlemen. then here's what I find surprising based on our rankings where Hopkins is six for Jamie v for Dave and six for heath. Where do you have the Andre Hopkins? I seventh but I'M I. I have him seventh now as well so you've moved Dj more ahead of him. Correct okay. I have more five and a half since January so heats a copycat. Well. What I find interesting is that the ADP I read Michael Thomas Davante Adams Hopkins Three Anti anti-wrinkle Julio Jones Chris Godwin. So are the CBS. Guys just down on the Andre Agassi then. Maybe and I. Don't think it's wrong I. Mean there's. Things to consider right we. We know that you know. He's talked a lot about with him. Moving to a spread offense is going to be a little harder for him to dominate. Targets, we also know there's probably gonNA throw more. So, maybe he can get close to his a similar target number as you kinda projected out, but. I think. I. Don't know initially for me. It was concerned about changing teams the short off season just the history of players changing teams You know a lack of certainty with Colin Murray. We're all really excited, but he's a running quarterback to when we don't know how much. His. His, passing ability will translate to an elite number. One type receivers season especially when I think Christian Kirksey. Good player and way for Gerald so going to be around. So, there's a lot of elements there. That are like okay. What is his real upside? But then lately I said I've been coming around this. Just remembering that yonder options is really really good, and this team's probably on throat. Because it's never been on a team that's thrown for more than like forty one hundred yards right around there. He's never been on a team. That's throwing thirty touchdown passes, but he always gets the thirty percent or more target share the only in the last five years knowing times he didn't get thirty percent or more of the targets was the osweiler year the other four years? It's been at least thirty percent. You know it's hard to. That's a lot. It's hard to. I guess project that. Was that fair to say you know you're not gonNA. Give somebody thirty per maybe atoms. But. If. He got thirty percent of the targets last year. From just what cuyler Murray did, he would have been the second most targeted receiver in the NFL and it would have been the third most targets of his career 166. You go get there. No, no, yes, a lot harder to do in the spread offense right right. All right so we have a lot to talk about with all of these guys and we're looking forward to it. We're also going to read your emails at fantasy football at CBS. I DOT COM. I do have one news item to get to. It's about a wide receiver glass. Time we saw him in a full season. He was number two. Number five and PR that was two thousand eighteen, and that is Antonio Brown NFL network, reporting that the seahawks and the raiders have had internal discussions about signing Antonio Brown. I only played one game in two thousand, nine hundred, and it was good against the dolphins. Did you say the raiders? What's that? Fool me once. Shame. Like. What the raiders that I get it all the wrong team I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm saying that's hilarious. If you're right Raven Raven Rail. season. Okay well, that's disappoint been more fun if it was the raiders but I'm glad we can imagine. The raiders brought him back. Alarm bells should have got off right there. I'm sorry about that. The Ravens. You know. He's always working out with his cousin. Hollywood Brown and Lamar Jackson so I. Guess that Makes Sense. But how do you guys think? Antonio Brown could be if he's able to play this year. Way Better than wor is getting drafted. Right he I think. I probably ranking number three receiver. Somewhere around, thirty. Seattle's interesting because if he goes to Seattle Hour I. Don't even know the answer to this question I would think bobby. I was thinking Baltimore. because. He does Seattle. I don't know how you rank Brown lock in Metcalfe's. It would crush those other guys I was GonNa say this report is most notable for me. Because Seattle did bring Josh Gordon late last year, and Gordon's applying for reinstatement and working out apparently, in Seattle right now and I. Don't know if they've had talks with into. That hasn't been reported, but it seems like Seattle's kicking the tires on A. Big Wide Receiver. Edition we'll big name. Name Right. the report, according to the NFL is whether it's Josh Gordon or Antonio Brown. There's a strong sense. The seahawks will eventually take a chance to upgrade wide receiver, so it sounds like they're gonNA. Make a move. Okay, but we saw the Antonio Brown last or the Josh Gordon thing last year and it didn't really. have an impact. To these are two separate things, clearly Gordon. I wouldn't probably blink an eye in terms of lock it in Mecca. Antonio around I, would. Okay well as We like to Seattle wide receivers quite a bit so i. don't want that to happen. Although hypothetical seahawks go outside Antonio. Brown Russell Wilson Becomes qb blank. For the army. Probably put them at Adak by him. Three Yup it's either three or four with back. I just want to point out. Gordon was nine point one yards per target last year ten point four the year before he still been very good, seattle just used him situationally I. DO agree with Jamie. It's a different thing, but he came in midseason if they brought him back this year after played with them last year I think he could be kind of a more of a threat to to particularly metcalf for me would be a concern. And this one just popping up on Rota World steelers coach Mike Tomlin is comfortable with where Ben Roethlisberger is that in his rehab. Nice. All right back to the wide receiver does a quick little detour back to the top six wide receiver, so I heard the raiders are looking. Man The raiders Jeez. Oh actually. Let me let me promote a few things. I'm glad we're recording Tuesday afternoon, so you'll hear this on Wednesday so I had a lot of fun winning. Poker tonight on twitch. That was great, but Youtube we're on youtube if you. WanNa Watch US Youtube. Dot Com slash fantasy football today. We also have the mailbox show on Friday. Send in your questions. Via, apple, podcasts review or email at fantasy football at CBS DOT com and baseball's back. I got my jeeter shirt on right now. Baseball's probably back so. That's good. The raiders of starting baseball. She's. Going to be I've never live this one down in Jefferson and the raiders. Let's check out the fantasy baseball today podcast. Get ready for the season. Coming very very quickly. And the impact. How's IT GONNA work? We're trying to think about. How can you really do a head to head league? Like would you just do total points which you just do Rodeo because there's going to be? Eight ish weeks of games nine. Nine maybe actually maybe ten. A head to head with an this is where my presence is missed. Do head to head with doubleheaders. You could play. Everybody wants, and then you sort of boils. It's easy right, but when you start the playoffs, you put in the final three weeks this season. Yeah, I don't know what happened so short row with these three weeks. Matter in these three weeks. Don't matter. We've got ten weeks. We're going to use them all just. Why don't you just play? Whoever scores the most points wins? People like playing against each other. Yeah I know, but it's just it's just different. It's weird. If you want to do that, you could play basketball. I'm so much less enthusiastic. This shared. It's such a shame I love fantasy baseball. I can't really get into it right now. What am I supposed? Start a fantasy baseball draft right now it's. Almost. Three months I one draft. It's still going, don't we? Yes. Yes. It's crazy buddies, but the clock for almost two weeks with somebody I can probably guess who it is now now you'd be surprised. I'm pretty sure. That will brinson usually is. All right anyway. Fantasy baseball today, check out the podcast. Let's do fill in the blank V., top six wide receiver with the most upside is blank. Thomas our weekly. Michael Thomas like we. Thomas Souissa. Look. Yes. We aren't Michael. Thomas but I think it's fair to note that down dre. Hawkins and Julio Jones they've had. I think they've had better years than what they they've been close. They've all had huge years like Micheal Thomas did last year. So I think it's a fair question either way. In P. P. R. I think it's pretty clearly Michael Thomas but. There's others you could make. You could argue for Adams or or Tyrique I think a non. Romy is very clearly tyreek, Hill, if Micheal Thomas is not being considered. Clearly even in PR. Yeah in all formats. But offense. I mean I think you said Adams had the best chance to score W touchdowns. Topics were thirteen two years ago when he was healthy, scored seven last year in twelve games, but to those twelve games he didn't even play twenty percent of snaps. You left week one very early in that game in Mexico City against the chargers after think eighteen percent of the snaps. The game he returned after his collarbone only played fifty ish. Percent Snaps, and he scored seven touchdowns in about ten games. And then he scored to a in three playoff games twice in the AFC championship I think he has monster touchdown upside with Patrick problems in monster yardage upside that Davante Adams. Adams is more of a target Canada. Adam, we correct something else you wrong about sure the Andrei. And Julio Jones have not had season's. Just as good as Michael Thomas, what were their best seasons? I okay. I can pull that up. Thomas last year over here. What at Times Square last year three seventy four? Julio's best here with three sixty nine. Okay, so score one for as at Hopkins was three thirty something. The Best Year was three thirty four. Okay, so Julio's been up. There have all right. WE'LL SPLIT SPLIT SPLIT fifty percent, but I got the raiders thing wrong. Some batting three, thirty three, which is great. would be to fifty actually if you were half on one and zero and the other. One for three. Okay I wou tyreek Hill also keep in mind when he left the game against the chargers. as Ben just said very early in that game. He was pretty bad after that you know Houston not himself. They that week eleven week twelve was a by after that last five games of the season. He didn't have more than I. Think Seventy two yards just he was. Not Tyreek Hill. And Lose a little bit. If Hartman takes on a bigger role and Watkins Celtic. I don't think so I'm with you I'm just you know it's it's? It's a potential if yeah, if Edward to is as good as advertised, catchable backfield and Hartman takes on whatever. Whatever extent If he does. And and Watkins is still playing. Whatever percents of the snaps? He's GonNa lie. Then I wonder if you know, tyreek takes a slight dip in production. Yeah certainly a reasonable take. I think there have only been two wide receivers in the last five seasons who have finished top five in pr with less than ninety catches. tyreek Hill in two, thousand, eighteen and Chris. GOB went in two thousand and Nineteen Godwin though played fourteen games. He would have had more than ninety catches. But keep that in mind the other thing to keep mine if you're playing a non PR league. tyree kills two thousand eighteen season. He actually scored more fantasy points than Michael. Thomas did in two thousand nineteen in non PBR so his two thousand eighteen season was really outstanding in. All right back to fill in the blank, which top six wide receiver has the most downside? It's Hopkins Godwin I like to. I am not yeah I think it's Hopkins or Godwin. I me know to be fair. It's probably Thomas. Just because he's being drafted as a top five overall player, and it's unrealistic that he's GonNa do to last year because Emmanuel Sanders will cut into whatever production he has, and Camara should be hundred percent. So, if you're getting twenty eighteen, Michael Thomas that's not bad. But it's not top five player. So this is what this is. What really changed things for me with Thomas? Like he one hundred and eighty five targets us here. Is that right most since two thousand fifteen for any wide receiver, but the two years before that he was right around one fifty. So you and he didn't really like his pay. His rates were pretty similar, so basically just an increase in targets. And then he Michael, Thomas was the number six PR receiver, both two, thousand, seventeen and two thousand eighteen, so I kind of felt like if his targets come back down to one fifty. He's GONNA be disappointing. But? Two Thousand Eighteen Michael Thomas even though he was number six NPR. Those fantasy points would have been good enough to be number one in two thousand, sixteen in two, thousand, seventeen and number two in two, thousand, nine, hundred behind only Michael Thomas. To amazing years in a row, his two thousand, eighteen, I just looked at up. was good enough to outscore every running back except for Christian McCaffrey in that format last year. He did eighteen would have been the number two running back in two thousand nineteen. And Twenty. Thousand was just ridiculous here for wide receiver so. Michael Thomas still if he gets hundred fifty targets as a good chance to finish as the number, one wide receiver NPR, but he still hasn't had stores massive. That's the other side of it. We just learned that even if breeze goes down, he like you know He. He has a lot to do with that success in. Bridgewater is not there anymore, but I think he'd be finally Janus. Faith Hill though. Different scenario. The top six receiver I won't draft is blank. I don't have one that I wouldn't draft. Okay, but Hopkins is going third months receivers. You're not going to draft him I probably least likely to draft him, yes. Top six, wide receiver with the highest floor is blank. Easily Thomas. I would say non PR. It's not Michael Tigar. Dominant format. What do you guys think that I think I think it's Tyreek? Hill and PGA are. Also Thomas! Heath you look like you want to insult me this. Look at your face like you're about to drop the boom well. No I always want to insult you I I was trying to decide. I was really stumped by a non PPO or I think I'd probably lean, I think probably nil. Catches are so different like he's like an eighty six catch guy and Michael Thomas at one hundred fifty last year. When a FREAKING SEASON YET UNBELIEVABLE! All right, so how far ahead of the pack is Michael Thomas from the rest and let's compare it to the running-backs. Who's WHO's more ahead of the rest of the position? Christian McCaffrey Michael Thomas. The rest of the elites. Thomas Jamie. Peoria? I actually I'M GONNA? Say McCaffrey because of Jamie's. Argument that he just made about. All the guys are hurt and Thomas Mann become back to fifty targets. I don't think there's I mean there's a there's a big pretty huge difference for both. Yeah I have McCaffrey A lot. Further ahead of Saquon, Barkley and I knew Thomas ahead of atoms, so I'll say McCaffrey's stands up more. Are you nervous about Julio Jones at this stage in his career with. You know some some decline in the stats last year. There's six hundred chimps like. To go around and Atlanta and it's basically Julio Calvin Ridley and Aden hers no disrespect to Russell Gauge. Why was it a disrespect to Russell? I don't see unless Julio gets hurt, but I. don't see a non injury case for him getting fewer than one hundred fifty targets. He's going. He's always going to be fourteen hundred yard guy. Okay. Does this matter to you? Tom Brady. Goblin, last year, head, thirteen, hundred, one, thousand, three, hundred, thirty nine yards and nine touchdowns. In the last ten seasons with the Patriots. Only one wide receiver. Has Well. I guess twice Wes Welker was the only wide receiver with twelve hundred yards twice. Only one wide receiver I. Think had more than eight touchdowns. That was only one time so basically what Chris Kaban did last year. No wide receiver did with Tom. Brady in the last decade in New England does that matter to you. I don't care what happened with him in New England to be honest. Because Bruce Arians a different animal than what he's had before, he's receivers are different than what he's had before aside from that two thousand, seven, two thousand eight campaign. and. Neither. I just think these guys are going to be fine. I think they're going GONNA, be fine to I, think the gap between Godwin Evans. I have a hard time with it. I don't agree with it. I think there's a lot of Dave has some good numbers on this old. Where Brady's best players typically not been outside receivers, except for that one moss season. It's still a relevant, though yeah I I, my issue with that I don't know that Godwin is very similar to the other slot receivers that he's had in the sense that boat. It's essentially just welker settlement right, and they're both option route, guys. They're both short area. AGILITY QUICKNESS GUYS GODWIN IS A. A he can be that. I'm not saying he can't, but he's a different type of slot receiver. He's more vertical slot committed on a place down the field last year, and I don't know that he's going to be running a whole lot of like option routes and things its own. This is just my perception. It could be wrong I feel like Chris Godman is a more complete wide receiver already than Mike Evans's Mike Evans says. He's really really good at his tricks, but he's kind of two trick, Pony. and. I think Chris. Godwin can do more, and I don't. I'm worried that if he doesn't get those deep shots, he doesn't do very much after the catch if he doesn't get as many of those shots I feel like the floor is a lot lower for Evans. He's going to have such better quarterback play, though both these guys I mean you know. They. They were successful last year based on a lot of them in what areas did for them in left, which did for them. I just think they're going to have a much better. You know. quarterback situation based on how Tom Brady. Is GonNA play? Even as age, yeah! I agree with that for sure, but the other concern I would just add with Godwin and again. It's the gap that I'm talking about it. And he makes a decent plan about the floor, but is Gronkowski and they're gonNA run more two tight end sets and soulful Jay is still involved to some degree. Those are short area targets and intermediate targets. They're all Godwin's range Evans. Still seems like the clear downfield threat. When when Brady does start until then I think he will throw a lot more downfield in Tampa than he did in New England. England I grew. Jamie's can be completely different eeking back into Brady's history the one year he played with Brandin cooks, his average depth, the target averaged throw was a full yard higher than any other season. He's had since twenty thirteen. He was way more vertical passer when he had legitimate vertical threat. Any will be in Tampa Bay in offense is going to have more vertical routes I. Think Evans kind of has less competition for the types of routes. He's GonNa run in the depths that he's going to see targets than Godwin does. The thing about Evans I? Think which is great I know. We're getting away from the topic here, but. His value is just ridiculous like. He may struggle a little bit. But if he's anywhere close to what his average are, and you're getting him in round three, and in some cases mid end around three. That's a steal. Yeah he's Adam Godwin six. So I think the gap should be closer, but I haven't should be talked. That's exactly what ADP is by the way Godwin, six Evans Eight, but separated by eight picks. And his just another thing to keep mind Chris Godwin. For his career averages, fifteen point one yards per catch Julian and west welker average eleven yards per catch in their career, Godwin is a beast. These different employers yeah, but just you know, play the slot, play, similar roles, but different players. One more thing to keep in mind Tampa Bay through the ball, though but less later in the year, their offense last six games of the year gap defense rather got better. They threw less also face some crappy offenses, but there's just a lot. There's a lot so you know what I'm GonNa. Open the Florida you guys. I'm going to let you talk it out. I'M GONNA. Let you rank the top six number. One I know Michael Thomas Fuming let you rank the next five and you guys can. Can debate the rankings and whatnot and we'll. We'll hear from our analysts do that after this quick break here on fantasy football today we're coming right back. Agency check draft check now when the NFL offseason truly begins. Hey, it's Brinson, hosted the pick six NFL podcast here to remind you that we will remain daily throughout awesome. Don't worry. 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So I think the best thing to do here is give me rankings one through six I. Guess we'll go PR here. Jamie kick it off. I'm going to go with Michael Thomas of the raiders one. Adams to Julio Jones Three. tyreek Hill for and. Then Hopkins six Hopkinson. Heath? Same. Top Five is Jamie and DJ more six. Ben? And I go Thomas Hill Adams Jones And then the big question that I had mostly January and February and something I'd like to discuss a little is dj more verse, Chris Godwin Straight up and because I fallen very firmly into. Dj should go ahead of Chris got. Don't understand why it doesn't I have more five Godwin six hopkins up. Wait doesn't is because Godwin's already had the top five and DJ more heaven I- Godwin Godwin did last year and fourteen games and I know Dj more only played fourteen and a quarter as well but Godwin was just a lot better, that's. But it was officiant. Talk a lot about efficiency regression right? He had eleven yards for target. Last year. He had nine touchdowns a massive touchdown. Right that stuff is going to aggressively at one hundred twenty targets. He's pacing for a lot more but more had a lot more volume in the same number of games as you've just said and he's He was a year younger. Younger he's playing with a quarterback. I know Winston wasn't great, but Cowan was pretty bad last year across the board in in pretty much any metric. They went traded him this off season. It'll be a third stringer. and more was very very good on the volume that he did get compared to guys, courtesy mule, who was massively deficient on the volume that he got. and more had the has the longer track record had along a track record as a prospect coming in I think Godwin's very good like. I said I have ranked six, and he's one of my favorite young players to take know I think we did a dynasty start mock not too long ago, I took more in God with back to back at the turn, the one to turn, but I will take more ahead of God when that format, too and Goblin goes higher I. I just I don't understand how more with a better prospect profile, better track record younger, worst QB more volume last year. Endless still productive is going behind the guy who was mostly just officiency last year. I think probably two things would be one quarterback by still probably worse. Going in Yep most people take radio bridgewater offense steady. And For me, it's it's offense. I think that Bruce Arians and what he does, and what will you still will do? Versus what job ready hopefully will do, and I have them two spots apart. You know this isn't a knock against. Dj, because I certainly understand where you're coming from, but I just think Chris Dodd when such touchdown potential also. You know what you which you should be able to get from him. Until Dj more does that. Like get over the if minister Know get to six plus maybe get a ghost attend. I just feel more comfortable with Godwin right now. would not be surprised by any stretch. If what you're saying happens, that more is better, I will say this though Adam because you brought this up that you know we are probably especially based on. ADP were down on. Hopkins, we are higher on Dj more probably anybody else you know and that's not even showing Ben's rankings on our on our Dave's a little bit down on more by comparison heath and I have. He said he moved up the sex I'm GONNA, ranking. So He's six three weeks seven for me. Dave has nine I've been trying to do my due diligence. A I Adam those this but I've been trying to listen to some other podcasting. People are excited about Dj more three. We take him around to. And, I did draft another magazine last week. I got the more early round three. Shots that he was still there. paired him with garden similar to what you did then, but it was with Saquon. Barkley, so I went Barkley. Godwin Dj more in I was like. Send me the trophy now because getting those three players. I was ecstatic about it but we're. We're I. Think a little bit higher Dj more, and you can make a case that he's a tough guy. And that goes back to what I was saying at the start of the show that you can wait on receiver a little bit. And Pass this top six. Allen Robinson's GonNa. Be Good. Hopefully Juju bounces back ugalde encounter really that they're going to have you know potentially monster seasons it's it's a coup cup. You know it's such A. It's such a fun position this year that you don't have to take one of these guys early I it's it's just you know. Hopefully we get twenty eighteen raw. These guys are monsters, but you know I think there's going to be a lot of the wide receivers. Butter well bring this about Godwin though because Moore had one hundred and thirty five targets in basically fourteen games played fifteen technically, but basically fourteen games. I don't know if he had a target in that game he left, but to targets caught a pass. He played six naps, okay, hundred and thirty three targets then in fourteen games. Godwin was on pace for one hundred and thirty, seven or one, hundred and thirty, eight hundred thirty seven targets in sixteen games. That's really not a lot of targets for a guy that you want to finish top five overall I mean. For tyreek hill like because he his yards per cat. All less than what Thomas gave you in two thousand eighteen, but Goblin is up there and Norwich per catch too I mean he's actually very comparable to tyreek hill, which is crazy, but It's not a ton of targets and. The Bucks had the fourth most pass attempts in the NFL last year. Yeah, so and they add gronk and they added Gronk now. The tight ends did combine for over one hundred targets. I think one hundred ten. Where did the panthers ring last year in terms of? Their first, but I'm more confident that they're going to have to throw a ton and their new offense is going to be a pass heavy offense than I am. The bus will be better. And why wouldn't you run more? Why wouldn't you protect Tom Brady a little bit? They were saying seconds. The falcons is referring rusty. One Pass A. I would say there's a better chance of more having more targets got him. Well. It's really more the Goblin like. Does that target volume concern you? Is that a? More is. That the panthers added Robbie Anderson not like he's not going to be involved. Yeah and did you hear her to Sam? Is GonNa have a bigger? Sables concern too and Jamie good point about the touchdowns the. And as you said that I realized you know I'm probably more optimistic about more potential than others. He's right though he's only scored six touchdowns on one hundred and forty two career receptions. That's not very good I will say that. He had one hundred forty six receptions in his college career record seventeen CDs so I'll. It was good at it if this is, this is regression coming in. Hopefully big way you know I just don't know if he's going to be. Godwin feels like he could be ten plus touchdowns. Can can do. Season like that, but it just enough he if he will, and so, that's what separates it from me a little bit. Yeah, sure and I. Think I'm just a little bit more optimistic about it, but it's fair to to not be and he. You're right. You're right there. You haven't back back. Yeah. The important thing is like he's going to score touchdowns. This year. We'll find out this year if his best season if he's Keenan Allen or t, Y, Hilton, where six or seven is the good touchdowns, and you give them Dj more, or if he actually has that top five upsides. Yeah, okay, next topic, then tyreek Hill second for Ben and fourth I believe for Jamie and heath. Scott, so that's tyreek Hill ahead of Julio Jones devante atoms. The Format Nanking Pr Over Jones. But Keep Your I. Just think Jones what he should be able to do. Reception lines put some head of thiry. Was the best wide receiver in non PBR in two thousand eighteen. Is that right? And NPR scoring like in was about as good as it gets for him. FINISH THREE SO I. I don't know the I have a hard time, and it was a very good season for wide receivers I have a hard time picturing in being better than that year. Especially we talked about could make all Hartman improve a little and take a couple tarts away I. worry a little bit about with Clyde. Edwards Ealier and the way they've used Damian Williams, having both those guys on the field and the. The. Red Zone that so many of their touchdowns seemed to come from inside the tin with guys. Running these jet sweeps, or these trickster type plays in those tyreek hill scores on a lot of those is the perfect type of plays, also were Damian Williams and Clyde Edwards. He'll be used as well so I. I think there's a little bit of competition concern, but I mean we're arguing to versus for. We have to this is important decisions. You know it's now the the best wide receiver for the best quarterback you know, no disrespect, the tribes, cows different position, but this is. You know his this guy know this is this? Is this guy you WanNa have if you if you love the chiefs and everybody should love the cheese from fancy perspective so It's it's. It's worth taking him in and if you like him to take to. Its. You can't really argue I think taking any of these guys. I think anyone by Tom. I think with hill the deciding things for me. It's not really a knock on. Jones or Adams but. The offense that even you know they, they let a lot and they still through a ton in situation neutrals such. You know situation neutral situations. They've through even in one score games in the first half, and and way more than not they're. They're going to be passed heavy. Even if they win a lot of games, they're. They're basically not influenced by the fact that they lead teams still throw, and he's tied to the best quarterback, NFL again assault disrespect to Matt Ryan in an era Rogers, but. Those guys aren't aren't on that level, just frank. Julio has tons of upside. Because Atlanta will I think throw a time as well I'm concerned about yes Adam should have thirty percent of the targets but Green Bay, falling even lower in pass attempts to a really low number, if you very successful offensively and that would cap adams. You know he'd still be probably top five receiver where have ranked by third I agree with these guys that is very good, but I think it would cap a ceiling a little bit I think tyreek ceiling is essentially unlimited. He's always been productive. You've mentioned a twenty eighteen. How good he was! He was good last year. When healthy very good he was gonna Playoffs when what's his cat ceiling because you say? It. It's limited. That's I. Think the issue because he see hundred yards, he can be fifteen touchdowns i. don't think that's. Fifteen shutdown realistic was probably only ninety catches I agree like his seal when I say, his ceiling is unlimited I mean like he has potential to shatter records for long touchdown. Long touchdowns in. One Year Paddock Rainy Moss type. Player right like everyone remorse used to have these months. She's catch somebody on touchdowns together with him in Mahomes in this offense, Terry cast potential to have like eight or ten long touchdowns in a season, which is crazy to talk about, but that would give him a massive yardage healing. He wouldn't be a hundred catch got. tyreek hill in his last three seasons. If I have this handy stat, here I guess I do. He scored twenty six receiving touchdowns. Fourteen of them have been from forty or more yards out. Fun Stuff. Yeah, he's teeny place twice a year. The raiders data's. tyreek hill by the way the raiders just gives you. All right anything else guys anything else you WANNA YOU WANNA fight about I. Think what Ben says about atoms interesting. How run heavy? They could be the packers if they are. Bottom five and pass attemps. That's a bad sign for Davante Adams. You don't get elite wide receiver I don't think they're going to be as good though running the wall. And like even if they throw five hundred passes, which is probably. Close to bottom five. And it would be quite a bit lower than last year when I recall key still. One hundred fifty target guy. Yeah. He's the best bet for thirty percent targets, even better than the Michael. Donald, probably. Make Sense. What else yes, what did I do about five receivers? What's the format. Happy. HALF PBR Michael Thomas. devante atoms tyreek Hill Julio Jones and a whole bunch of running backs. 'cause I don't really feel super comfortable taking. Anyone Else Adam feel unstoppable receiver. Not happening that was that was one of your big takes. I it was. Not. Top Day really think vehicles will be top five. Number two actually. I. Believe that I believe that with feeling like if they if they have to throw the ball, you it. I just I'm worried about how much they're gonNA throw the ball. Really say that here. Let me defend number five for me. Yeah, I. Guess would be Chris Goblin really good. Yeah. It's running backs. So. Thank you for asking Jabe. Let's read fantasy football dot coms from Michael. Hey Jd, Turk, Elliot and Carla. SCRUBS scrubs with Zeke's damaged off with no. I agree with the premise of this question. With Ezekiel Elliott's damaged offensive line does that substantially help his PR potential and unfortunately downgrade DAX wide receivers. What's Dan besides Frederick leaving right? All of that is in their offensive line is still well above average. It's not damaged. It's not bad. It's just not leaps and bounds better than every other offensive line like it had at in Zeke's career earlier. And there's no way that Zeke's GonNa suddenly cut into the receivers target share. That's that's the wrong. You're going the wrong way on that okay. From Dosier I was auto drafted the following team in a PR league. Matt Ryan Julio Jones and Cooper Cup Christian McCaffrey Mile Sanders. This is pretty good. Tyler higby robber woods at flex and he also has. The chargers. The Rams would anyway. The question was Camakers on his bench as well. He's got a lot of rams. The free agent was thin at wide receiver on some trying to trade either woods or cup for a wide receiver to level player to relieve my concentration of rams. I love to trade and. Keep keeps going here. But are you concerned about all the rams he has, he has cup. He has woods. He has higby, and he has acres has bench. He has all the rams except for golf. Basically So He's trying to trade one of the receiver for another receiver yeah. I Would Sell Cup because you'll get more in return for him. Based on what I think most drafts with the rankings will tell you. Stole, was the format. P P. R.. I mean this may be something you could pull off. Did Anymore if somebody's looking at a different site. I also like you have enough really good players on this team I'm not so worried about your fifth sixth and seventh best players or fifth, sixth and ninth best players playing for the rams. And the rams like weren't really that great offensively last year, and still if you had cup in woods, did well above average offense. Yeah, yeah, the concern would be. is if acres that. Place Bench player for him. Though right yeah Oh. You don't have to worry about. He said right Tony from Los Angeles. Hey Corey Sean Eric George. World could opinion on fire Wow I know you guys have talked about this a few times and mostly said to go with the wide receivers available in the late first round like Davante Adams. Julio Jones tyreek Hill. Deandra happens et Cetera, but I just wanted to ask one more time. Ll would I be crazy to pick up a players such as Austin miles, sanders Kenyan Drake Nick Chub, or even Josh Jacobs with the late first round, pick somewhere between eight and twelve over those wide receivers in. I'm not crazy about picking a wide receiver in the first round besides Michael Thomas. Point, where if I pick it the back into run, I WANNA, go running back running. I guess. I wasn't Jay one of those receivers. When wouldn't you go running back running back then? I'm almost at that point Thomas in. Heath. What did you say I'm sorry? I want one of those if Adams is there I'm not taking any of those running backs over men PR. I'm in a fourteen team draft right after this we record this which will be done when this is released, and we have the eighth pick, and so we won't pay again until twenty first and being Christopher draft together. We're talking about taking out centers eight. Because in that format. We don't really feel comfortable getting out of the running back at twenty, one necessarily. And you know if we have DJ more there. We'll take Dj more there, but we're probably going to start sanders I. Think you can do it. Yeah, I mean it just depends. There's no chance that your team does not start with Mile Sanders Dj born Aj Brown you realize that. There's no, it's definitely wrong. I mean what could just nothing's GonNa go wrong. No, it might not start with DJ more. Am I trying to get more than third? We'll what I'd like to see the fight. That would ensue. I don't know if Chris is still as passionate about David Johnson, but because running back, they're going to go so heavy in that draft. If at twenty one you're fighting these. David Johnson. It'd be. Never I could never live with David David Johnson in the second round. What if he's there in the fourth round and this fourteen team league? David Johnson will not be in their fourth round of I. Don't think it'll be I would consider them there yet. I took Melvin down recently. Good show guys, thank you very much tight end Daza Taylor will be there in the fourth round. That's you guys know already all draft, plan. Stafford. Guess the consensus top five at tight end. Kelsey kill. Waller Wall. No sorry, Andrews Earth's Waller. That's my guess, Heath and I. Both Have Andrews over Italy. Yeah Kelsey kittle Andrews. Earth's Waller am I, right? It's Kelsey Kendall. Earth's Andrews Waller dammit. Oh well over Andrews and the consensus, even though the two of us have over. Dave must have Andrews Fifth. Point. or Or the rankings. It's now. He's got Andrew Forth Worth whatever it doesn't matter. We'll talk about the raiders. It's not the Ravens. I guys. Thanks a great show. Appreciate everybody, a nice apple podcasts view senator emails fantasy football CBS, Dot com tight ends on Thursday mailbag on Friday join our watch our youtube channel join our facebook page, and for Heath for Ben for Jamie I'm Adam. When everybody talked to you on Thursday.

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