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BEST OF: Lakers/Buck Preview & Heat/Sixers Recap


This scale tales jest are what is good everybody. Nobody it's Gal pals who radio DOT COM. The radio DOT COM APP coming to you on Thursday in a big Thursday as we have. Maybe the game of the season coming up tonight on. TNT between the bucks in the Lakers. We've got a ton coming up on that throughout the entire show but Just a heads up here today. It is only pals today on scales. SCALL- is His flight was delayed coming back from Dallas and the Celtics win over the mavs last night and he was on the Code Kendrick Perkins last night. So we have to wait a day to hear storytime from Scallon Perk there air from the game because his flight is delayed. But don't worry we've got a good guest list year of quote Unquote House year. That'll carry over. We've got Admiral Scofield Wizards Rookie. WHO's GONNA join us in a couple the minutes here? We got to ask him a tough loss last night but he's been getting a bunch more playing time and he's got it we check in every couple of weeks As as a rookie and a guy who's trying to kind of make his way through the league. So I got a bunch your questions for Admiral. WE'RE GONNA go to Milwaukee and talk to Map Alaska's of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He's a box reporter there and he's going to basically preview this team from the Bucks Angle this game tonight right. That's what is what is a potential finals preview. What a finals preview finals matchup that I picked before the season and I want to ask them a bunch of questions about jaanus about if this team team is built for for a championship run? Yeah we liked him in the east. But can they match up with teams like the Lakers and the clippers with just that one star while most of the other contenders have more than one star. It's a map Alaska's of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel coming up in about a half an hour here and then we're going to close out the show Caramba or NBA champion and one of our regulars. You're one of our main pals here on Gal pals So we'll get to him. He's a guy that's from Milwaukee to will get the previewing that game with him as well and we'll talk about last night's sixers loss at home to the heat and and that's where I wanNA start here on Scallon pal today because I said last week that you know the sixers are a team that I just. I can't quit I e no matter how bad it looks no matter how out of it embiid and Simmons can look at times no matter how questionable I think some of the coaching decisions are at times because of their talent and because the east is. Let's be honest. I mean I like like some of those teams After Milwaukee I like Boston I like Toronto and I even like Miami but I don't think any of those teams have the ceilings that team feeling that a team like the sixers have and they go out and they lose at home Their first home loss of the heat last night. And you know everything I saw in that game from. The sixers was really a fear that I had about this sixers team for one. The shooting showed up the lack of shooting. I should I should say showed up They caught up to a great start as soon as the heat. Go to that two three zone which you don't see two three zone. Don't don't see zone. A lot of people think zones for cowards but zone work last night because the sixers don't have a lot of guys that can just step up and make shots and I think you saw last night wants to counter. The they got into the second quarter. They lost that lead and they couldn't knock down shot. And he's Kinda. He kind of took a stranglehold over that game and carried around the the rest of the way the other issue that I had. was you know embiid for as talented as as and we talked about him the other week when shack and Barclay Ron TNT. Calling them out saying you are you can be the most dominant player in the league and honestly Kevin Garnett said that the the other day as well. I'm Bill Simmons podcast that this guy has to realize that he can he he is the most dominant maybe most talented player in the league. And sometimes I think he forgets that and I think he drifts out to the perimeter and we saw last night he was one for five from three was taking a lot of perimeter shots. And because that's what the heat wanted to give up the heat we're GONNA Every team plays sixers is fully happy when Joel Embiid beat is taking jump shots and you heard it from the broadcast drew. Last night it was bringing Van Gundy and I think you know Van Gundy said it on the broadcast that you know whenever teams play the sixers. They want embiid to make his first shot to make his first three because then it feels like he's competent from the outside and they know that he's not going to dominate them in the interior. I think that's what we saw last nights so I don't know if that's a coaching situation. Where they need to be more adamant about where they get him the ball and I know they tried to get him the ball and obviously with two three zone a little bit different little bit difficult for them to break down but that should be? I mean it's two three zone is something Joel. EMBIID should be dominating and it shouldn't be him as a spot pre point shooter on the outside. So that's another problem that I had last night with the sixers and the final problem I have with the sixers. Last last night was again is when they need Simmons to step up he just doesn't end. SCALPING on this for for weeks and months now and it's I don't WanNa keep harping on the same thing and keep calling this guy out because I do think he's talented. I do think he brings a Lotta great things to the table. And everyone's the point of the shootings eight doesn't shoot. He doesn't she doesn't she. Well he does a lot of about the great things. He's a great passer. He's a really good defender. He's great going downhill. But I think even more than the shooting. The biggest problem that I have with Simmons is that in the fourth quarter in crunch time. It just doesn't seem like he's up for like he wants to. He wants the ball in his hand. And I think what you saw last night was even know Jimmy Butler didn't have his best game and man. He was getting booed every time John. I mean that philly crowd it was. It was fun to watch and it didn't but it didn't raise them at all and Butler wants that. Matchup guys like Janas want. They want the ball in their hands. Late Games guys. Like Lebron guys like even Leonard. Those guys are. They're not afraid of the moment and I'm not saying Simmons is afraid of the moment but he just sometimes I think needs to take the game a little little bit more you know. Take the bull by the horns and take this thing as a guy who was super talented and try to win this game. I thought that was the difference last night and the crazy thing about the heat in that game is that you know so as I say Jimmy Butler didn't go out there and dominate by any means it was God's like Kendrick done it was guys like Bam on a bio who I know a lot of people for the season have had Bam as their referral replaceable to me. He's he's he is probably the most improved player in the league. Right now. He's averaging over fifteen points a game. He's averaging over. Ten rebounds is assist numbers of almost doubled year over over year. He's he's kind of like a draymond green type comparable player and it's really impressive to see the stuff that he's doing and his jump from from last year to this year. But those are the guys that Kinda carried carried the heat last night. And you know we all the sixers get all the fanfare of guys like obviously embiid. Simmons Tobias Harris Getting paid a Josh. Richardson But you know these guys these guys that they have that they sort of cultivated that they have groomed and that they have developed in their system that were that were seemed to be much more up for that game last night and much more aware and not afraid of the spotlight so it was an impressive win by the heat. And it's one of those things to where I'm not. I'm not a hundred percent. Sure if I'm still behind line the he has a contender in the eastern conference. I like them. They're a great story and it's funny that you know I think Jimmy Butler was asked after the game like. Hey you guys basically have a one star team like is that okay okay. Is that something that you can do going forward. And he said one star who is it Bam and Bam was the star last night Kendrick. Don was the star last but I think the beautiful thing about this team and I've said this before for that you know they have Jimmy Butler guy but there's a number we talk about you know who's the number two WHO's the number three option. They might not have a clear two and three option night in and had out but they have about five or six guys at any given night can go off and be that guy and you saw from Kendrick on Obama Tobia last night so it was very impressive performance. Now am I willing willing yet to say that he you can win the Eastern Conference. I'm not willing to go there yet. I still think they need another piece now. There have been rumors Obviously in the past about Chris Paul that seems really unlikely because the contract attract they WANNA be players in the free in summer. Twenty twenty for free agency so I think that's probably the right decision. They don't want to screw up their caps situation to bring a guy as good as Chris. Paul is aging and on that a contract. Probably not worth it but a guy that has been rumored to go to them recently and a guy that I think is pretty surprising He's on the block is for a bad. PELICANS team that's out. AWW jrue holiday is I would say one of the most underrated players in the league. I think he is a great on both ends of the ball. He can play the one he could play the two and I think he would fit really nicely with their Miami. I'm not sure what you give up. Do you give a guy. Like justice. Winslow do you give up a pick you. I'm not you know. Make the money work. I think if that was the happen if they were to add another solid player like that I might have to take them a little bit more serious in these cars. But I'm just. I'm just not doing it yet. I'm I'm you know I liked them. I think they're scrappy. And I think they can win anywhere. They they basically be. I mean they beat the Bucks in Milwaukee Lucky to be the raptors in Toronto. They beat the mavs in Dallas and they beat the sixers in Philly. They are giant especially on the road so while I'm impressed with what they've done I think last last night said a little bit more about Philly. Just how they're not ready for the limelight yet. you know in that Eastern Conference that could always change as I've said I'm never going to close the door on them because of their talent but it was a disappointing pointing loss last night and a game that I would have gone a long way and making feel a little bit people a little bit better about about the sixers but We'll do more on that a little bit later with Ron a butler. NBA Champion is going to join us here on scale pals. But let's bring in one of our favorite guys to talk to you. And that is Admiral Scofield Wizards Rookie. Who joins US now admiral? What's going on? I thought you were just you. Were just getting treatment you everything good what's going on. You know I'm good I'm good I just We traveled to Toronto. Today around are four so much missing this morning Nice just knocks here and there. It was a tough loss but you guys last night. Overtime loss to the Bulls. You probably thought you had that thing one with Brad hit the shot talk to me about you. Know what was going on through your mind and the team's mind when Banga fouls it goes to overtime how do you how do you. How do you get yourself up for overtime in a game that you guys have probably one regulation Isn't hard to do. I think the biggest thing is You know in those situations you know being more obvious with a Sinatra you know showing showing the reps and showing everyone that would not showing a hand also just communicate in case. There's a lot a lot of things we could have done better. But at the end of the day you know and not situations you never wanNA put The decision and the rest hands Late late game like that. So you know that's on us and we know that but you know the way we played last night is something that we're trying to train to wars as being the rest of the season only working on just send the standard of how we play hard and you know how he played again. You know you drop twenty the other the G. League game and then you continue to play both. The Gogo is and the wizards. Are you tired yet. adver like is this GonNa take a toll on your you just living it up and you love it I mean I love the Game Eddie. Play basketball every day is is what is what. It's about moving Abbas opportunity. I'm blessed and I see it as every day is another opportunity to get better and every day is another. I would say it'd be better just coming in with that mindset and not harping on what happened yesterday or the day before Just trying to make you know new strides in new goes today Just focusing on now no. The crisis moment is really helped me far as just letting the game slow down. But also I understood. You GotTa Talk to be about Davis Batons Admiral. He is like lighting the League on fire right now. He's shooting over forty six percent from threes making over five a game. He's been one of the surprise as early of the NBA season. Just how lethal. He's been from downtown. Jimmy Good Burton stories or just like seeing him in practice. What's it like? Liked to be with a guy like that. Who is you know what is six eight six nine and that good of a shooter like how impressive Guy Izzy very impressive You know he works at it for sure. I I think the most interesting thing I've seen him do is shoot one leg have almost half court three just draining. I gotta say like I'm I just actually working on balancing the shooting the ball that far it it's amazing to me. He can just flat out. Shoot the ball honestly. You barely misses. Personally yes he's he's such a fascinating guy to see a obviously you guys are happy to have him and he's been a big part. What you guys are doing and be one of the better offense of teams in the League so far throughout the season I wanted to ask you this admiral. Scofield wizards rookie. WHO JOINS US now? On Scallon Pals Admiral. You're plane plane in Memphis against the grizzlies the other night and obviously you as Tennessee vall whereas the memphis crowd giving it to you. Did they know you as Tennessee volunteer or are they giving you crap there for rapper. Yeah they were born they were booing me a lot We had lost earlier that day and they wanted to rub today. So it's fine. It's fine We'll get him next year. I was going to be back intensity for people to play against the Grizzlies Dot Com Aranibar guys. You know just to you back on the floor with insurance. Here's pretty full. You've got an off night tonight You guys as you said you travel into to to Toronto to play the raptors. Are you going to try to check. Kowt Bucks Lakers tonight. Admiral like obviously. This is what people are calling a finals preview. Do you guys as a team kind of watch these games or to go off on your own. Are you excited. Like what's the what's the mood for. The team for Bucks Lakers tonight Well honestly I don't know what we'll do. We usually don't watch a change like that unless we like to eat. But hopefully we'll get together tonight. That'd be pretty cool new Toronto. I'm never going to be Toronto's a great city. Your yeah you'll love Toronto. Although it it's probably freezing cold there but that's all right This time of year. What's it's no what's the what's the chatter in the locker room like you talked about you know facing a guy? John Moran you talk about facing the guy like Derrick. Rose do you guys talk about you. Know what's going on around the lead. You guys talk talk about the things that you've seen from Lebron the things that you've seen from Jaanus just how impressive these two guys are. What's the what I mean is that is that just sort of locker room banter that you guys are still amazed like almost like uh spans are when you watch? Thanks guys. Yeah I mean for example I play Rondo and Lebron made the other day when Rondo fake. Open the box. You know stuff like that Just it's just so funny to see that game and you know those moments those like pick up where you best teammates and stuff like that. So you know stuff like that of Lebron's Ron James Aren't going for fifty four. You Know Kendrick nine doing what he's doing and South Beach. It's it's it's so many so many different stories in the NBA this season. And we don't even have Kevin Durant in careers and you know those guys so like just just to see the excitement around that court guys around the league. It's really a brother. Read start to notice that you know everyone wants to see US succeed. You know just to see even when you know right there. Injuries got how worried guys. Are you know just to see the relationship that guys have been over the years. It's pretty cool to see that So usually usually at the Games. Aw when we're not playing. We were definitely supporting other people. That's good to hear. Hey I saw this year admiral. Admiral Scofield Wizards Rookie has shown us now. ONS SCALLON PALS I saw you had a great tweet the other night. You said that you didn't realize that you were in two k the video game that you actually had a guy. You're on the wizards and you were there. I've actually actually true story. I've actually drafted you in a fantasy draft onto K admiral. and You I. I like the three point shooting. It's all good so did you. Did you get the play as yourself. I thought it was really cool. At first 'cause I played a lot of ceaseless. You Know Yeah I love fees so I play a Lotta caller duty. I don't play as much Mom took as I used to when I was younger but I win by Takeda Digging. I wanted to get some mental reps on on the game. Ah there I am. Everyone's goes I thought it was pretty cool. I forgot that I was on the game because I haven't played it in so and Honestly I don't like the way my guy plays as I think I'm more leading the net. They they got me looking like the markets where on the game and my jump shot is not like how they have. Ah But it's okay. It's okay you're one. We're working there. Yeah you will listen. You know we think we what's the there's the two K. guy that uh-huh Scowl knows we'll have to talk to him and get the ratings stuff is situated for you because yeah like I imagine like you think you're a better shooter better athlete and all that stuff but That's that's pitching that you say that. So you think you. Can you actually learn about opponents and teams by plane to K- that's that's an actual thing sometimes usually they have a The same move if they actually do so. It's pretty cool Kinda scout him when the game but you know I it's tough in the NBA. Because you guys are so talented and so good at what they do that you know. They're so good they just read and play off you. Especially they're leaving weren't so Two ks not a big advantage but far as confidence vote it definitely helps that in that aspect that's awesome WHO issued by the way? Who's your who's your eighteen? What are you playing pizza? Oh I've been to US interests fan for the longest band GonNa play with your ventures in got Rinaldo I was just so ecstatic. Oh How's your thought it was GonNa make it easier but I think this year will do a lot better Manchester United from my negative woods. where I it was more and so I I like Manua and then when I wanNA guaranteed win? I played Liverpool. Oh yeah that's like cheating though. Come on man get down on the way that's awesome. That's awesome man. Well good luck to Good luck to your team's good luck to you event. Thanks for hopping on and SCOWLS SKELA it was on a flight back from Dallas and it's got delays Mister show. Today so he'll he'll join US next time. We abby object. You don't talk to you before Christmas. Have a great holiday continued success and what we're looking forward or to catch up in the next couple of weeks you very much have your holiday scaling bells the rest. It is just palace today but boy we bring Matt in here. I WanNa talk a little bit about the game today. I mean who the one of the questions I was going through my mind about the Bucks Lakers was which team needs this game more. which team would a win mean more towards an because I think both teams are a little bit surprising I don't think anybody thought that they would be twenty four and four at this point. I don't think that the top two teams that are you know in net rating being this season. The bucks are running away with reading just like they were last year. I mean they're great offensively and defensively so one of the questions. I kinda had which. which team needs this more? Would it be like a little bit more of a boost to I think it actually is Milwaukee. I think because I think they'll walk. You still has a point to prove a little bit. I think the Lakers Lebron obviously been there done that. They're trying to acclimate the rest of that squad. Anthony Davis WHO's really only one playoff series in his career. But I think this would go a long way in the bus confidence if they can take down a team like the Lakers to prove not to people who watch it because I think I think I believe they are legit title contender but people that look at last year's raptors loss and say or do they have a second star if they beat the Lakers tonight. I think that's a huge statement to the rest of the League. They they are for real as an actual contender. So let's actually get to that right now. Math Alaska's who is a box reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Matt Perfect Timing. Thanks for hopping on say we really I appreciate you hopping on Scallon Pals. I want to ask you. I was just talking about this. I don't think I'm I think I'm surprised that that these two teams are really good. I'm surprised at the degree that they are so great. Are you surprised that the bucks are almost as good if not better than they were last year despite what they lost and do you think that the team is a little bit surprised through even this good I would say to answer the last part of that I. I don't think that team surprise. I think they expected to be able to confront it back You Know Bank on on their chemistry and play well Yet again and when it comes to me I would be Similarly good to where they were last year maybe they would Drop off wreck advises. They tried to like really manage the season. And that was kind of my perspective going into the year But I am surprised to see that they were able to rattle rattled off. Eighteen th straight wins and be twenty four and four at this point And be dominant as they have been. I mean seeing Janas close for as long as I have you know I. I can't say I'm surprised that he's gotten better but to see how much better guide in how he's shifted his game a little bit to shoot more threes and to diversify defile but as a playmaker. It's been really impressive. Yeah I think one of the things about Yoenis we always said if if he shoots if you can develop that three point shot like watch Out He's GonNa be unstoppable and he's gone you know. He started off really hot cooled off a little bit here but I think the fact that he's just taking these shots a really great thing. It's like somebody like Ben Simmons. Who isn't doing that so so I'm not even that upset if he if his percents floats around thirty percents even if it's even if it's not as efficient still like it's still a great threat guy like honest to have i? I'm not surprised that he had this other level to them. I guess my biggest concern with the bucks was the loss of a guy. Like Malcolm Brogdon the loss of Mirror tich bring in some guys that they had acclimate guys. That are a little bit older coming up up injuries. Like how Korver and and Wes Matthews I WANNA get to Malcolm Brogdon in a little bit but The the criticism of this team I think has always been who is the second guy right. It's Middleton bledsoe it's probably Middleton but when you look at all the rest of the contenders they really have another star players. They're number two. The bucks are really the only team that doesn't do you think that that's a that's going to be the biggest problem with them. Competing with the Lakers for the clippers. You think it doesn't matter and they're just as good because of their death. Yeah I I don't think that that the thing that holds them back against the Lakers and the clippers I think that you know they're definitely having you know Rosser really fully guys. They can plug and play. Yeah I usually beneficial for them in the regular season and it works For instance stateful amount of the postseason Last year I mean they were they. Were up two games on the raptors and then the bottom fell out and they couldn't shoot anymore never really A huge problem for them. you know. They'd won that game three. That went to double title over time. you know. Maybe maybe they go to the finals. Maybe they win the finals And I think that it's a strategy that they believe works that they believe can work now and in the playoffs and I it's just a function of You know on any given night. Who is the guy who steps up is it middleton is it Bledsoe Is it down to visit. West Matthews's Brook Lopez You know Monday night. They didn't really have any of their starter. Set up it was Kyle Korver who stepped up and that wasn't enough against the Mavericks so they need to be able to figure out who they can get to To help you honest 'cause no matter what you honestly that'd it'd be there. Yeah I I think that that you know the loss of the raptors in the playoffs last year in the Eastern Conference finals was a little little bit overrated in that. I think people are carrying over into this this season saying well like with that. That's a major flaw. Like how did that happen to you on. It's like they. You know the bottom completely fell out scowls sort of been in that camp a little bit and I want to ask you something. And he said about that in a little bit. But I I do think it's a little bit overrated when you go season to season because co is not there anymore. I think they're clearly the best eastern conference. I'm certainly right now. And I think the the the the biggest competition would be the sixers ever put it together but looking at last night. I'm not sure they ever will put it together. Who Do you think in? The East is is probably the biggest foe to this box team reaching reaching the finals. I still say the sixers Just because of the defense they're capable of they don't always play Ah Their best But you can see how they could be an elite level defense. And that's what Toronto last year was an elite level defense. You have have you know Kyle lowry who you know. Well known regarded as defensive player You Have Kawhi Leonard Obviously Pascal Siachen who has length and athleticism I'm Arkansas who's incredibly smart any green who has offensive player. I mean you have to have some some serious defensive players to to rival the bucks into slow oh them down and Philly has that At least at their best I I also thought even before the season that Miami could be a team that would give the bucks. That's just because of their Their Lettuce ISM. And the way that they play in the number of big wings inspired defenders that they have so so And you really can't forget about Boston either. I mean they have a lot of strong defenders there guys who can play most positions so The East is really good at the top. And you know the bucks are as you said clearly the the best team right now But come playoff time. There's going to be a bunch of teams out there who can give them problems. uh-huh yeah before the season. By the way we're talking to map Alaska's box reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel joining us here on Scallon Pals Radio Dot com the radio DOT COM APP. I Yeah I I. I think the the East is much deeper. I think than we thought it was going into the season. Most people scallon myself included. Thought it was a two-horse race I I'm a little bit more open to that but I do do. Think that gap between the blocks and everybody else is honestly larger. Maybe that I thought it was at the beginning of the season. So they'll have that going for them Alaska about the game. What you expect to happen tonight but I do? I WanNa ask you this Because it's something that we've talked about on a lot on the show. A lot of people in the media have talked about this and and sort of you know the narrative the bucks in their and their roster they obviously let Malcolm Brogdon go in the off season. He signs a restricted free agent deal with the patients and he's having a great season without Victor Oladipo. He has led them to kind of in that group of the next couple of teams in the Eastern Conference. He's he's looked really great. If you get the bucks management and a candid moment. What do you think they're saying about letting go of Mountain Brogden now you know? I think they're still okay with it They didn't just let him walk. He didn't just go away. I mean they got a first and a second round. Pick for them For a team that has promised first round picks This year in two years now You know they're going to need more. You you know assets more capital more things they can use on the trade market or even actually using those sex in the draft to try to kind of add pieces to this roster and Malcolm you know they they could have gone into the luxury tax form But that would have meant you know basically pay exactly what the pace his ruling to pay which is four years. Eighty five million which you know leave them Kinda strapped And so I think that you know. Would they like to have a player like Malcolm on their team shirt but just based on the situation that they're in to get the fix for him You know what was a positive stand a luxury tax And potentially they can go over it with a trade You know the season or they can over if you honestly signs They know that they'll be a team. That's over the cap at some point. They expect it You know the way shook out. This summer wasn't what they were looking for. Malcolm has been great. I mean he's I- all-star worthy at this point the season the way he's been playing for the Pacers He obviously he's able to be a little bit more free there. He said as much and multiple points wants to season where the ball is in his hands a lot and he can make a lot of decisions a lot of plays. And that's not going to happen when you're on the bucks Youngest is going to have the ball in his hands a a lot of the time. Because that's who everyone you know wants and expects to have the ball in his hands. I think any team would make that decision. You have on your hands or someone else's hands. He'd probably I think on us and so this move allows you to be You know still Jaanus and the bucks are still the bucks and they're still finding well and mountains able to do a little bit more and and kind of shine a little bit more and and it's possible I I think the bucks you know. They're they're hoping that this could be mutually beneficial for both sides and in a perfect world. That's how they look at it. Do you think you know you talked about the picks that they got back and some of the some of the guys that they signed up to replace him. Do you see like a biggest type move before for the deadline of them trying to bring in. Maybe another key player. Are there any names out there. Like obviously we've heard about maybe point guards and things like that maybe another wing versatile wing. Do you think that they try to make a move before the deadline. And are there any players that you think would be interesting. That have been rumored to be out there. You know. It's so tough. Just based on their Their situation relative the CAP and they don't have a ton of like tradeable salaries that would be able to match up to guys that they might potentially be interested in getting I know a lot of bucks twitter right now is Talking about drew holiday and if they can get You know but does that. Move the needle enough. And 'cause he's the The topic is your in terms of players who could be available or potentially available You know I always thought that. Jj read it could be a guy. But if he's not movable people Robert Covington someone who will talk about league wide as someone who could be available but like how do the bucks Put The salaries stories together to make that happen while keeping their core intact and I think it'd be really tough. I think they'll only be interested in trying to find you. Know a guy here or there to try and fit their roster. But it's GonNa be a pretty small needle to thread for them in terms of keeping what they have well adding something in and making it. All Work capless math. Alaska's of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the box reporter out there and Milwaukee joining us on Scallon Pals Radio Dot com the radio DOT COM APP. What do you expect Mat Su To happen tonight I mean the I mean I said this before you popped on not sure if you heard but I do think this game means more to the books I think it would. I think it would be a great boost for them that they need more competence. But I think like I'm not worried about the confidence Lakers. Lebron Anthony Davis and not necessarily about the confidence of Janas. But I do think if they are able to beat a team like the Lakers it is. It would be a statement win win for what is still a team that hasn't really one at the highest level. Is that a fair statement to say. Yeah I think so. I think if I had to pick a team that would mean more for I would probably say the bucks is to The Lakers are are very you know well talked about well regarded. Lebron has been to the mountaintop. Several Times you know if you're seventeen for him he'd have a need regular season wins. You know anything that. He's I think he can kind of infuse that mentality into them The bucks you know. They've they've is on their partners. They hey this game. It's it's a big game games or big games you know. We're not to to worry you prepare and do our best. But I think The Truth Serum I think they were said this game means more. I think mental more when they beat the clippers and and really up on At home here about two weeks ago and if they can You know beat the Lakers. Say Right. Now they'd be three and oh against both La Teams. I think that means something I I would I would agree with you. I think You know both Oh teams oddly. Enough coming off a loss to despite the fact that they have the best records in the League scalise said this in the past and it has been sort of his his main thing thing about as main question about the books and that is you know he thinks he honest is maybe the greatest the best player for forty six straight minutes right the first forty six minutes. Because he's unstoppable. He uses is brute force. He's obviously a little bit more skilled this year and a little bit more from. That's on the outside with that with three point shooting but his question comes off. You're talking about a little bit earlier and that was losing four straight to the raptors after those last two minutes. Can he be a brute strength guy. Can he do that and will his team to victory or does he need a little bit more of ofensive skill typing in his in his game. Do you you see that as being a problem I mean. Obviously they played in a ton of blow out this year. which isn't necessarily a bad thing but we haven't seen them play in a lot of close crunch time games against good opponents? Do you think that that is an Achilles Achilles heel or do you think. Do you think that guy like even in the last two minutes despite the fact that is not ostensibly superpowers that. He's still a good closer for good team potential team that can win a title. Yeah I think there have been plenty games when it hasn't closed so he has been able to close You know he can get to the rim And he can still do do what he does does You know if you can especially if he can affect the game on the defensive end of the Bucks A- unit effect on the defensive and they can get out and run he's still going to have enough of the tank. Do that I think the point is well taken in the sense that you know. They're not always gonNA be possible for him to get to the rim To kind of just put put his head down and drive And I think he knows that too. I think he's been trying to work his mid range game a little bit Obviously three point shot shot something new or at least you know the level of Times that he uses it is new at five threes game. I think it'd be willing going to to take those shots. If left open ill take them late. and then also he just needs to be able to trust his teammates. Because he's GonNa get double teamed if he tries to go inside and if that happens he needs to be able to find you up a man and trust them to make the right play. Whether it's you know containing the swing the ball or make the shot Teams and continue to go one on one against him in the last two minutes. He's going to be the same guy he is for the rest of the game But additionally magnet. That's where someone like Eric. BLEDSOE is so important. Murphy can take off the dribble and if he can kind of orchestrate a little bit more at the end of games I it it forces the defense into you have to because they have absolute respect Janas and if they'll get move and then suddenly the they're scrambling helping they're not helping bledsoe could finish the rim. The bucks there's also a lot of faith in Christmas eight and his ability to step up at big moments make big shots So it's it's got to be a full team effort But I think you know still does have the ability to close Even if you use more improvement two more questions before before we let you go mad again. Map Alaska's bucks reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel joining us here. Gal Pals first off is a recipe right now is and do you think he ultimately takes home his second straight I think right now it would be honest. I think it's It's hard for me to go any other direction. Not just because I see him every day but because he is but and so much better than he was last year I mean he's been historically good in terms of his His efficiency He scoring really well rebounding You know two way player Shooting threes. Now it's just been incredible and I think you know James Harden has been fantastic the season. Luke Donncha Lebron. James Anthony Davis Leonard. Like all those guys are absolutely worthy of being in that conversation but right now I think it's the honest if you keep the bucks playing playing at the level that they're playing at and if they're you know able to clip sixty wins. It made you get even higher than that. There's a one seed going into the playoffs. I think uh every you know quite likely you know the trump will stay with him. I agree with you. I think you know if Lebron plays something like seventy eight eighty games or or something and maybe he gets like a sentimental that he wouldn't deserve it but I do. I do think that I'm more impressed with what has done. Even the Braun is thirty. Four and still putting up the numbers that he's putting up might lead lead the league in assists but I would sort of lean towards Yada the last thing I wanna ask you matt before we let you go and it's the topic that like everybody talks about when it comes to the box and sort of the future of Janas and what his future is is an obvious. You'll be a free agent December of twenty twenty one. Do you think there's any pressure on the team to reach a certain level this year to keep him. I mean I you tell oh me I think he. I think he's GonNa stay. I think it's a good situation for him. He seems like a really great guy. Seems to like Milwaukee but do you think that there's an outcome that they have to achieve. I guess this year that that would make him. I want to resign or make him fully commit to this Organization for another three four years. Yeah I think that you know he just wants to win. I said that's the biggest thing for him. That's all he cares about. And if they can prove to him that that they can can be a winner and be a winner consistently I think that he's GonNa say I think maybe that level level by pediatric conference finals might be the final They don't WanNA end up worse off than they did last here. That's for sure. Yeah I think it's a question we'll probably be asking for you know for a while and through the playoffs but I I'm with you. I don't know if they win it this year map but I do think that they make a finals. Ron and as you said they have assets to out of this thing. I'm not sure there is a better situation for Jaanus around the league. And I said he seems to really like Milwaukee Doc and then embraced him and he's embraced them as well so he's bath. Alaska he's a reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Matt. Thanks so much for joining Scallon Pals love to get you back on when we have scowl and he doesn't get caught up at the airport. Appreciate you hopping today. Thanks for having me scaling bells the podcast. We're back here. Scalp House radio. Your Dot Com dot com as I was saying we are it is Solo Cerruti for a bit here and it'll be pals just without scall- today he is Has Applied Trouble this morning at a delayed flight. Coming Back to Boston from Dallas after the Celtics mavs game last night but I'm pumped to be joined now. NBA Champion Koran Butler. Who is in? Are you in Milwaukee. Wisconsin going to the Games and I go into the Big Bucks Lakers game tonight as a fan as an observer. I'm jealous of you first and foremost Koran but I gave me this. What what do you expect tonight I mean do you do you expect? I think both teams are going to want to win this game. You'd mentioned to me before that you think that Anthony Davis might be a game time decision so obviously that plays into it for sure but do you think you assume both teams are healthy. What do you? How do you see this playing out tonight look? I think that this is going to be a the epic battle for numerous reasons. And I think Lebron James is gonNA bring it. They both coming off. Losses that Warrants a sense of urgency. You you WANNA finish. I don't know if the Lakers have this last game on the road. You're boers another game. Anthony but I know this is a huge win. They WANNA have in a stock and as a stocking stuffer headed into Christmas Day. Christmas matchup versa. Los Angeles Clippers so this is a huge game for them for numerous reasons and also for what a bus you know their win streak was snapped and talking to you honest estimate some time. Janas this Two days ago and Yon I say this is the best use felt in some time. MM-HMM for numerous reasons but the biggest reason is because they've been able to blow out teams in a different fashion and he's been sitting a lot and plan about thirty two to thirty three minutes. which is you know? Roughly probably about ten minutes under his average because he's clan. His player uses his extremely high. So this is the last game of their road trip. They go and they play the nuggets at home and that is before the Christmas Day. Matchup which is another huge against The rematch with the clippers So we'll we'll do do a lot on that as we approach Christmas time. Do you see like you know. Is this a finals preview. In your opinion do you think these are the two teams that will probably see come May and June. So initially I had the Philadelphia. Seventy SIXERS COMING OUT OF EASTERN CONFERENCE AND IN I had delivers coming out the West I feel now that Philadelphia has struggles. I know we're GONNA get somebody stuff on the perimeter shot making ability. But if they can't fix what's broken I think the bucks we'll come out of the eastern conference and I still have the Lakers coming out of the western conference. Let's talk let's talk about Philly. Let's talk about that game last night. The heat go to that two three zone really kind of in the second quarter and it looks like they never looked back. It looks like billy didn't know how to handle that. Obviously they weren't knocking down. Shots like what. What was that about? How how often do you see teams go to zones in the NBA? It's not a lot right. And what was that. Why couldn't philly figure that out? Is it just because they don't have shooters. Listen I'm GonNa tell you like this. I'm not a fan of his own but I became a fan of the zone. It worries championship. Outside of Dirk is because of a zone and Coach Casey put that zone in and it caused so many problems. And I don't know if you recall but Lebron James says says something about the zone that goes Casey have put in This past year. And he's just like you know what that's why gotta jump shot now so coast. Casey Got Brown jump shop but to your point zone worked against Philadelphia. It really did is slow them. Down and one of their best players CanNot you from the perimeter and unless the best is the fact that We we made news headlines when Marquel focus there and he couldn't shoot. It was just like the story every day so this should be the story. The headline it does own out there. In the best player on the Philadelphia Seventy sixers sixers the best the second best player can shoot and is stopped. Everything hindered a office slowed him up and it was able to recover from it. And everybody's saying was it. A coaching thing. It was it was to the banks. It was a personnel thing because Coz break out hat to play a Ben Simmons he had to play the guys that you know he roll with that got him the ton of success that he has ask but also is is a personnel thing because those guys could deliver and if your professional athlete if you're all star and his name you have you have to be able to shoot the basketball that's paramount. Do you think we'll see by the way. This is a very pro Markelle Fultz podcast. Don't worry about that whatsoever. That's our guy but Do you do you think more teams will will will do this against Philli like is this. Is this a blueprint or was that just kind of like a one game that maybe that maybe the heater specifically built to kind of do that to them or do you think that this is a way that teams are going to actually attack. Billy going forward. Yeah you know. It's not a one off because you know is is like when you see something like did that in an actually works if you have the personnel to donate out there on the fly against the seventy sixers. If it's a close game is like you know what zone 'em you know. I I don't I don't understand why teams in the Pirot situations when you garden. Ben Simmons while people trying to meet his body. Why are you running to the body of office player? That's going downhill. That can't shoot. He shot I don't know three or four count on one hand. How many easy shot proudly in his NBA career or made? Rather so. Why would you would you go to the body of a guy like that which he's so talented and develop a skill to make people commit but you drop back and now you're gonNA paint because he's going to meet? You know you can elect to take the charge. You can beat them to a space or whatever the case may be and and play that game with him but you cannot beat him in transition it in a full corp so I think that a lot of teams are going to start dropping back in trying to focus on making sure they have a body joy and be protect the paint and then elect to let them shoot jump shots. I heard I heard Japan gun on the broadcast. They last night it was early and it was when I think he took it three missed it but he was saying that the teams that play the sixers play against embiid like they want him to make some some jump shots and threes early. Because that means he's not going to be in the paint he's not going to be dominating them down there and and he was one for five from three last night. It did seem like he was settling a lot for I. I jump shots. What what wh? Why is one of those things where I go? I know you can do this. It's really impressive that you can step out and make shot but it doesn't mean that you should be doing that all the time. I think that's kind of what Barclay and shack we're talking about on. TNT last week when they were saying hey you need to assert cert- your dominance cagey said it. The other day as well like he could be the most dominant player in the League but he needs to realize that and realize its potential and realize that he's probably the most dominant big big man in the League right now. Why do you think he kind of just drifts out there because it's easier to open shots like what are you? What do you think the reasoning is bond that you know what I think he drifts out there just because you know? Sometimes IT'S A. It's a tire thing you know is like you've been in. You've been banging bruising and then sometimes you WanNa show that you you you you're one of the best big man in basketball that you can still shoot the basketball as well and I know that he spends a ton of time working on his his jump trump shot and doing those types of things so when when opportunities present himself he wants to shoot from the perimeter because every big man wanted to be a guard. Every Gar- are won't be a big man guards living paint big man for some reason one you know go out on the perimeter and not now shots like every. Rapper WanNa be a basketball player and every basketball player wannabe entertainer is one of those things but Joel embiid is so efficient so dominant in the half court. And that's the reason why I think the Philadelphia's Elliot's offense have changed from last season. It was top ten in transition Pace pace of the game last year in this season there there. I don't were they add. Would they definitely. I don't think they're a top ten. They just outside of it though because they're playing more and a half court in Joel. EMBIID is the recipient of you know anywhere from eight points to ten points in the half court of that office so you know they have to continue to find a way to feature him in half core. Keep him from being on the permanent as much but sometimes you will be a pick and pop guy can do certain things and if a big drops back too far off he has to keep them honest. We talked about yesterday. The Kevin and Garner comments about Lebron. Did you got did you hear about those. WAS ON. Bill Simmons Broadcast for anybody who D- For anybody listening did not know basically Garnett said for. I said there was like an agenda against the against the the Celtics and four. The you know the Bronx Heat to make the finals in two thousand twelve series that they ended up losing in seven. The Celtics ended up losing losing in seven. But there's so much I just there's so much animosity and I ask Allah about this a little bit. But he wasn't on the team that year in two thousand twelve but he was there I guess for for for some of those contentious years against Lebron and he he as a guy you you want Lebron many times in his career you you went up against the heat teams that everybody seems to despise cagey like those guys hated. Lebron seems like they hated. Lebron is that how you guys spell or did you. I mean I know you have respect for players but we did. Did you guys really dislike that team. That way Lebron boss the way it came together or was there more respect like you wanted to beat them on the corporate. There was more respect because it didn't seem like there was a ton of respect like cagey destroyed up hated those Lebron heat teams. I don't think You know. Obviously you hate anybody outside your when you're when you're when you compete and you had to find a dislike light for everybody that your opponent is and everybody that she competing against so I saw was fine things and little nuances. That's how I used to go about it to find things that I didn't enlightened about opposing player or whatever case and it made me go a little harder than afterwards you know. It was this wash like he didn't care no more so during the state during in a championship run. I recall a one or two moments where our series took a term dirk came in with the flu and he was coughing and he was sick and My Brother D. Wade and Lebron and those guys was mocking him in a crazy way. And you know it made our team collectively Wli feel a certain way because you know that was our leader and we love them and we want to rally around him and support him in. He founded within himself to you know take his game to new heights and so the the support castle. Those things do happen you know. Katie is on individual. I can't speak on what he was filling in that time. If that's what he's saying that's what he said. I felt you know Katie's been real almost too real to a fault. Sometimes you feel so. That's aww look myself too. So that's how the fuck he fell through. And that's what he meant. I had forgot about the the The coughing thing. That's right that was I think if you I think if you if you went to Lebron way they would regret that I think they. I think that isn't who they are. I guess is what I guess is the way to put that. But did you ever talk to Lebron about that or is that just something that you guys are sort of were like. Hey we're gonNA use this as motivation like we didn't like your disrespecting our guy and then we're going to go out and Eric Cantor handle our business or did you. Did you ever confront them about that. Now now we've never had any conversations or Never confronted him about anything. I just you know. Stay true to my my team and You know everybody does rallied around our superstar and that's what it was but it was funny and you know in real time. It was funny because he actually was sick. And it wasn't one of those places I know that when the moment get bigger guys you know elect to say you know. They're not feeling well. Anything like that. Dirk was dirt fucked up. Dirt was not feeling well at none whatsoever and I think that's why we talk about flu game and when you talk about some of the biggest performances in NBA history. You know he did this in in on the final stage in. I don't think talk about enough man. I messed up in a major way. Then let us to championship. I do want to ask you this to this. I love this old school storytime stuff and and talking about this. Do you think It was there a team that you disliked the most like when you play it as a player are collectively as a team was it. Was it those teams or was it something earlier in your career. Where when you knew you were? We're going up against his team like you were pump because you knew you were going to bring an extra because you didn't like them now because he didn't like the guys but just because you you brought it you wanted to beat these guys. Listen I'm gonNA tell you. Every retired we played the Cleveland Cavaliers. I used Hey Cleveland because once or just the okay. Why gaff meeting for numerous reasons right? I'll never forget We're we're planning every year and we lost to them just like in the craziest easiest fashions. one-season we lost him where Giller in his Mr free throws at the foul line. Lebron goes up to whisper something something in his ear. Yup Get over to rape this guy so clutch never missed free. Throws Mr for another season. Gilmer has the knee surgery. He's in can't play that much limited limited minutes and all that stuff and then we lose to them that way because our superstars now. Another season I broke my hand and I wasn't able to play. And then Gilbert was out so Anton had to go fight that battle on his own so it was always something and it was just like is just hate planning them like I wanted to see them so bad in the playoffs we was going for that match up every time and every time we got what we wanted by they say. Be careful what you ask were. We wasn't able to ever go. It seems like you guys played them like every year in the first round for like five straight it was insane like that and that you're talking about that was the that was the first consideration of the Brown and Cleveland to that was like you know I mean that was like what the Mo Williams teams and all that so that was. That wasn't the second. It was the first iteration. Napa Guy. The Wizards in that you guys had a really great rival like an underrated rivalry because it happened a lot in the first round. What wh what? What did they what made them? What made you mad at them or upset with Emberley? What way the rivalry? So great was it. Just shit talk was it because of the competitiveness like was the bronx talking smack. Were there other guys in the cow sock expected you not like the fans they're like. What was the main reason man you know it had a lot of build up? You know you had the Shawn Stevenson on our team. That's my hit a writer so You know he he did not like Lebron you know from a competitor point and You have Souljah boy at the Games you had Jay z right this record and all that going on man it was just like it created a different type of energy To the game and from a competitive standpoint you know. We just didn't like them. They didn't like us and it. Just you know from a basketball standpoint just went down but we always respected one another's like That I saw Lebron years after the respect was always there in the respect remains mutual because he knows that you know we left it out there on the basketball court but you know is a hell of a talent manager Matt. He's still going so it's this especially to see what he's doing right now. You're making me nostalgic We Miss I think I think we we miss these kind of robberies because it seems like we've talk about this everybody's boys now right. Everybody's like it's cool that everybody play you and you know which is the best for everybody but like genuinely good rivalries in two teams that I didn't like each other like we talk about it with that those away. Celtics teams your your wizards teams against the against the cavs like those. We don't see that a lot in the league now and I think it is. It is truly really truly miss. So you're making me nostalgic. Glad we ended up someone into that conversation crime because that was awesome. We've only got like we got under a minute left. I don't know if you do this or you want to do this. Are you a betting man. Koran depends only win okay so well. Let's do this so you tell me we do this thing every night. It's called the Scallon Pals better tonight. We pick one game that we think that we think is a locked for the night. Would you would every day I think we we. Actually I think we're too we want to last night. I think we ended up pushing the third third one so we had a rough stretch but we we. We were good yesterday. Basically we got four games tonight against the spread. I'll read you the spread and you tell me if you like one of these games okay. Okay shoot we we we got. The jazz are six and a half point favorites at the hawks. We have the Lakers are for the Lakers. Are Getting four points four. Four point underdogs in in In Milwaukee night against the bucks the nets are three point. Underdogs at the Spurs and the rockets are are five and a half point. Underdogs at the clippers. Any of those four games. And you like you like a lock in there anymore. No nothing rockville. The clippers are GONNA BE INTERESTED INTO I. That's a must watch game right there. I want to hear no load management Shit. I want everybody that we own the core. You're I want everybody to be playing and don't cheat the fans out of this experience. We're trying to build up this game's going into Christmas break. Everybody's everybody's excited get jostled quarter player. I agree it's well said it's well said that's why I'm afraid to pick the Lakers. Because he what you said with. Anthony Davis I kinda. I want to stay away from that game. And I'm afraid to load management with if it was a healthy clip if it was a loaded clippers team. I'd say okay. Yeah I'm taking the clippers. Give me outlay the five and a half points but I got to stay away from those games. 'cause I don't know so that leaves the jazz and the Hawks and the nets and the Spurs. I don't really love any of these games but if I had to pick one I think this man I think this win by the jazz jazz are six and a half point favorites in Atlanta against the hawks. The hawks hospitable defensively arguing that could have the host given all anything. So they're gonNA be a jazz my win by twelve okay. I think that's I think that's I think that's a bad. I'm going to actually take the spurs at home. I I think they beat the nets by more than three. That's been playing well recently. But I think the spurs they're going to have to get back into that they can things in that playoff exercised. GimMe the spurs minus three at home against the next night so that'll that'll conclude that's our best best best special which we're happy about. Hopefully hopefully we hit on. That makes them money tonight. CARAMBA otherwise made I appreciate you hopping on thanks for hopping on and filling in for scowl. When he's got some flight issues will make sure to talk to you next week? And if we don't wish a happy Christmas America's you and your family thanks for listening to the scale and pals podcast watcher. Listen to scale impels weekdays from eleven to one. PM EASTERN ALTHOUGH RADIO DOT COM digital network the.

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