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The A-Side Live Chat w/ Cory Sandhagen


You're listening to me along as an what is of everyone. Jose through the fighting dot com here for another. What is it Friday edition of the ACC stages blind together since this quarantine isn't it? So are there other days of the week anymore? Let's be honest. Is it just as they once said. Time is a flat circle. Still don't know what that means but anyway joining me above me is pizza. Carol Usual Suspects To the my I don't know what angle he's at is Casey Liden director and joining us. This week is usually bands waking Corey San hanging before we get into the fan questions. Corey how you been handling Corinthian life know. We talked a little bit about it for we went on. But how's life amid pandemic not too good? I've been watching a lot of reruns of this survivor. You guys watch these survivor. Who has yet like this is called survivor on. Cbs Like really not really old show. But it's been around since two thousand but I've been like cranking knows seasons our other animal the reality show. Yeah the show. Would you WanNa you ready medical wilderness. I would you be ready to go into the Wilderness from what you've learned from this survivor. Show would you recommend? In case there is an apocalyptic situation. Here where we have to start like lighting fires and so. It's not like that you guys here. Yeah that's beautiful energy. And what are we got? What's the Ring Tom? They'll take them by God Jones. My Jones Yeah Houston does yeah. Just change that the other day I was so bored we were just me and my my girlfriend and my roommate sloshing a bunch of old light to thousands rap videos and shit that song came on and I was like Damn I love that Song. Still Tipping Up. Oh Folks Yeah Gotcha. Well Derek. Lewis would be proud. I'm sure repping Houston mattering from Colorado fighter. Anyway pizza what's been going on with. You besides apparently have bad haircut this morning since we last saw you. Can we get Jimmy? Can we talk game? Yeah Yeah here we go. That's wild hair and I'm trying to make it someday shape for us but I can't. It's just yes breast if I knew it was gonna be the hot besides the haircut. Yeah I'm starting to crack open a little bit. I'm going to be a hundred dollars which I know a lot of our already horrible. Yeah it becomes 'em irritate sustained zone. I guess how many Playstation Games you buy Bulls series. How many Netflix subscription? So you can absolutely just rinse through. It's just that yeah starting to get a little bit. Its own very happy to be here talking with everybody again. It's it's been tough for me. Considering I know core you live on this in this part of the world Up in Colorado. I don't know how the weather is there right now in Arizona. That perfect time. Or it's not a thousand degrees outside but it's not in the sixty s about in the mid to high seventies and. I can see out my window and I WANNA go outside in participating activities. Can't do that these days. I don't know how the weather is up there in Colorado right now though. We just had a snowstorm Roads worse it's worse to have. Its Novi 'cause now you're just like well I can't I don't even have the option of going on a walk outside locked inside man. Jesus I know you don't have a fight coming up but how able to stay active at During this pandemic yet did so I've I've taught my girlfriend had our whole the the little taekwondo paddle paddle thing. Did you guys Wando around pad kind of the hand on the got a pat on it. Yeah Yeah yes I taught her. How bad for me. So I've been whole shitload of just kicks in Spin gig because gambled midst because I hit like it can't arms can't they can't she can't handle it so I've been doing a ton of that and then I just haven't been having like kind of move around and then I'll just like it in on on her legs for like take downs. And I've been done. It'd be that for like an hour a day. Try to do some kind of weightlifting or running or biking or something but yet Just journey with my girlfriend. He doesn't know anything about That's the best. The best kind of bonding for a relationship. I FINALLY GETTING TO RANDOM. Jujitsu message matches when she's not expecting it but of course this is not our show. This is the fans show. You guys can ask questions you want. 'em Or non anime related. I know we get in a lot of random tangents lately and Michael talked out length on hunting bigfoot and fighting bears and mountain lions and all that stuff. I don't know of Cory has an experience corey before we get questions you believe. In bigfoot fans got enough. I believe that there might be like some like weird type of type of light bear hybrid woes. Will that could possibly be out there that we haven't really discovered because so good at hiding. Maybe you know I know that mountain lions only really get caught on like those little those little chap cameras that get put off by a sensor so I suppose that there could be something intelligent enough out there so it may be get away from those things. You're GonNa hear you to pack that Rome or one single one. It's probably it's probably a mom a dad and then just maybe one one child one infant exhortatory a little sasquatch yes S. one time sasquatch. What was the name of the animal we discovered the skunk ape core? Skype is terrifying car. You Ain't getting into that. That's a rabbit hole that I began to. It's it's like a real on or not this one is real lives in the corner lives in Florida and the everglades and they actually have a photo of it It was in someone's bushes and took a photo and it is absolutely terrifying looking. Because it's like it has the red is from the camera and it's like Scout Scowling and like hiding in the bushes so Definitely look up skunk aid because going to bring you down on the camera on the on the video screen right now air cool. That's how these diseases start though man for stuff like this and then they get attacked by something in the back all the shit that it had. It's going to be a boy or is coming sooner city due to stay in the city and this is so and this goal games in Florida. Exactly where they want hold. Ma Fights is so. I don't want to find something but anyway West. Anyone see them up. Ask anything and everything. I know a lot of fans are going to have questions for Corey about fighting while you can ask anything you want. So Casey verse. Asha burst question up as boring. Fight questions out of the way. You go from longtime comment or trombone. Jos over tenders. Huda I'M GONNA say over Josie Albatross champions top billing for corey who favor in this matchup whenever it happens. Which of the two would you rather fight in? Why so yes? You'll see two fifty s supposedly going to have an Instituto. Put his hands on my thought on the line against former featherweight champion Josie Aldo. So this is in your way class Corey. Who Do you like in this matchup? And who would you rather fight between the two? That's the tough one I think does probably GonNa land just because he doesn't sued as mornings prime when although is obviously Who I would rather fight more It'd be really tough to say no to a Jose Aldo fight but also I think like finding pseudo when he's Kinda held a pseudo thirty one thirty two Early Early Thirties. I don't think he's that much younger than Josie Aldo Concerned Josie Aldo. Started very young. He's been financial Paul. Yeah I mean he's probably got a lot of wear and tear. Oh Yeah New Year's I'm but I think I'd probably rather fight pseudo Just because ending more Brian B. B. Dj and I think Dj's the man is still really close by I think Dj while away one but Yes who just because? I think that he's better. You know while they're they are exactly the same age thirty Actually Henderson who was older. If you go by months he was born February ninth In eighty seven Now Auto Zone autozone Alba's one year old. This is not updated one year older but only by a few months reminded me a full calendar year older. So it's that close I don't Josie Aldo. Did an interview with us. He said he's only concerned about making the weight because he could beat Henderson. Doodo with his hands tied behind his back. So I don't know if that's just talk or confidence from Josie Alba's bar but I like that fight but I do want to ask you when they actually booked this fight as someone in this way class. What were your thoughts are considering Josie Alba's technically coming off of not even technically he's coming off two losses and his own one in your white class. Yeah I mean. I know that I should care more than I am. I don't really have an opinion about it. I think that I wasn't going to be next so I really care less. Who Uh who is going to get it. Because I wasn't next I knew that me. Kinda shooting for a shot was going to be a long shot and And so I didn't really care. I know I'm still probably one or two fights away from the excellent question. Excellent Answer Casey. What do you got? I actually because I know the questions because we don't have this later but What what what did you think of auto just going down to thirty five? Do you think that's a good idea because I feel like before everyone was like? Hey oughta go up to fifty five obvious Sunday. He kinda goes no. I'm going down and we're like that's crazy but then you may wait any. I mean he bought an incredibly competitive fight so a lot of eat Marlin more. But what do you think of Just autos decision to go to thirty five honestly man. I think it's probably a pretty good idea because I think although probably knows that he doesn't have a ton of more fights left and And making one thirty five a couple times probably isn't going to be too terrible that you probably just tough in that out for the next two years if you're a guy like me And you're thinking about going down a weight class in. You still have six or seven more years in this fort on. I don't WanNa do that for six or seven more years but if I had two more years and I shot him to win the title and I would for sure take advantage of that so I mean. I don't think it's bad idea. I think Frankie's doing same thing. I think that they're both smart about doing that. They know that they're not going to have to do it too. Many Times. They're just have to suck it up and there's a light that's closer to the end of the tunnel than someone who's younger like myself so I think that it's a good move on their part. Thank you very much. Thank what's our next question. Casey from WTO Bueno. So Corey what exactly happened in between dominant cruise to the YOU HAVE C. Really offer you this fight so On our on our new one of our new shows what the heck with might check the cruise woke at length about this. He said that there that he was off that he's you said he said that he trying to. I'm trying to get this right. Because there's a lot of. He said she said even dominant cruise like. There's a lot of miscommunication here. He he said that you had said he turned the fight down but he had never spoken to you and he was told by Shawn Shelby that if he shall we went to him and say what do you want and he goes. I want the fight that will gave me closer to the title. Josh Always said that Peter Yon he said that I WANNA fight puree on. And then he said well he's fighting. Marlin we goes by whoever wins that fight because I want to fight for the title next and then he said we want unified San Hagen. He goes that's fine but I wanNA fight for the title next and if not I WANNA be a hundred percent if you wanna make me fight a bunch of times before getting the title so as Donna. Cruz says it's a lot of. He said she said a lot of confusion on his part in the fans minds. Or what exactly happened between you and and this rumor. Dominick Cruz fight. Yeah so Lianne Algebra and we're talking to fighting after we knew that Mirai S- Janda so I was off for Algebra like okay. Cool this is. This is a good fight. Audience ranked number two in a sense. People are talking about him being a contender on sedan. Made Sense and then My manager or my agent told me that Cruise Santa Message Shelby saying that he wants to come back for that. Sandiego. Part Well that's you're not iron. That's what it was related to me. Is that Shelby said that cruise on come back and fight in San Diego and that the fight that was most exciting would have been mean crews are granted. I I think I've been pretty outspoken. About how much Cruises been helpful in inspiring me along time ago to get into martial arts. I've been really open about that. I was really excited to do that. Just because I think it would be so cool too because ten ten years or so ago when I was watching the WABC and I I was just watching cruising. That was one of my favorite fighters so I remember sitting on the couch and be like Dan like. This is what binding can look like this. This isn't what I see in length of Asfaw Locker Room when when high school you know like this is different so I think that it would be offer for like the the knee that was ten years ago watching crews on television and across from him in the cage. Now you know like that that would be that would be maybe a dream come true also But that being said I I was really about it right so When he told me that guy. Let's let's hope that grew says yes and then days went by and I said I said Hey. Is there any update on what's going on and My agent told me no and I was like okay. Well maybe I'll just make a post like hey Because I wanted I wanted an answer is made a policy said hey reside said yes. It'd be an honored fight Awaiting on you or whatever I said and then Bad next day or that day I think I got tax for my agent. The same foods changed his mind about fighting in San Diego. And as your lights and so Whether or not that's true I actually appreciate that. Pommie a dumb ass. Maybe what shelby said was true. Or whatever So I actually appreciate how he answered that question because he didn't just like gross me like you may be have the opportunity to Because anytime you get an opportunity to like say a narrative about anything in this guy's like take it as far as they can look at someone like I think Tony and could be like I mean Tony Speed in this narrative that could be ran away and this and that and it's like man that's how true bro are like just scared to buy. I know that like that's the narrative that you're feeding people in like a couple of people will buy it better you big fans but it's it's a silly narrative but. I don't know why people do that. I it seems silly to me like wh why you WanNa throw your peer under the bus like that but Yes I appreciate grease not on in all rip assuming that everything. I was being intolerant is true. It must be really frustrating situation that you're in corey because on the face of it you're doing everything perfectly right like. I mean you're winning all these fights you're fighting spectacularly for your kind of become the bogeyman there where people are. GonNa like well. That's a big risk for that guy right like I mean all these guys like Frankie the fight but frankly they didn't together now. This one with dom point Nagoya like that would be huge for your profile like so many. Oem's would bring to the sport. It's just frustrating now. It seems like a very tentative. Next step you know. You're you're really WANNA go. We're in this pandemic and you seem like you're just take flea basically in the division and everything's just at a standstill and you kind of get these big goes to commit to avoid. They would you. Yeah I've had a strain about luck. I guess Yemen so That that fighting January. That was supposed to be a friend who was supposed to be. My coming out. Party is supposed to be the way it was supposed to be my favorite to Peter's Yawns fight. That's what is D for me. scars in line up that way and my bitch about complain. You know. I'm really really low rewarding really. There's nothing to blame that on other than me myself. Not Making myself a higher a higher reward fight which is one my own fault and then to it's just the nature lease by. Frankie didn't happen I was supposed to fight in. Megan's out that may not happen so It's just how the the scars line on the and. I'm not sure over every every day. I just tried to get better and have a lot of faith by just keep doing that. And then I'll be on supposed to be when it's supposed to happen. Do you ever feel pressure to maybe a ham it up. Get the L. Drama going like I always talk to Leon Edwards about this as well whereas he knows like he probably would be rewarded for that beat behavior right but he doesn't want to jeopardize is like at the end of this. He wants to be able to watch this and go. Yeah and we did the right thing there. You know things like that style. You feel very too quick. Ought to be made from talking a lot of noise. I would love to be able to do that and I I really I can't I would. I would come off like such an asshole grow. It would look so terrible I'm just not good at that man. My Gun I'm not good at that. I'm good at being polite. Genuine and honest. And that's and that's not good at you know like I'll shoot people straight if if I think someone being nestled in the parliament asshole but I have a lot of respect for the people around me. I respect her. And and what's the point of hate on people? Like like the all the hype. I've been struggling with this. If I'm being honest I know that you have seen on fans really on board with Peter Yom Bitter Young No Well what am I gonNA do arm for like him having the Stars Lineup really great you? That's fine near me and him fight one day and And then we'll see who's who's a better man you know but but I'm not going to get too. That's a lot of energy bro. That's like every day you know. That's a lot of energy jealous. Energy is a lot of energy to be given up and they can go in a different direction. Do you ever look at past fight and this from the outside looking in it. Seems like you're kind of in a similar position as Kamar. Who's been was awhile ago where you have this big string of wins and all these veterans. Don't want to fight him because a he's not relatively known by the masses yet and he's a super dangerous fight coming into his prime. You don't WanNa risk your position in the rankings. Fighting such dangerous opponent and he is basically taking any fight and then he's offering a step in. He cuts wait for them. Even though he's not gonNA fight possibly fill in for Darren silver as time will the and then he offers to fight in January car that eventually fell out like a month after he fights basically offering the UFC. All of these help maybe cutting away when he doesn't have to offering a savings card fighting and Chile will. Maybe he knows not a lot of people looking in all of a sudden now. They're grant him a title shot. Do you ever look at stuff like that. We're like how can I help you AC- because then down the road? Maybe they'll help me Absolu- Bronco Right now so I'm ready for that. March that a nine. I guess Josie can make it back into the Statesman. Man Wow you know. I'll be ready if they call me on weeks known as I'm going to be ready for that fight It'll kind of sucked not to have any training partners at go red. But I don't want to be an existing where I'm like now. I can't because I was gonNA happen for me so yeah but as far as tomorrow. Zeman man you look at it like a lot of guys that have done that. Like look like Max Hollwood. Maximum on time he Could Be Kaviv. Had a million fights before he got a title shot so for me. It almost seems a little bit like in entitled to even peak over all the way to go. I don't know what he's doing. Computers died on camera pizza. What's going because you are listening to my story. He wanted the charger. Because you don't want to die in the middle of your story. That's what he wanted to. I'M GONNA go to Solo shot of a PT Right now. Just just really put it on them and even here is talkies. Which is either. We're just chatting talking about about thirty seconds so interesting answer as well. I'm snapping ahead. Sorry about that goes anyways. Man You see all this has been the situation for a lot of great guys as why That's feels speaks louder than any words in any action. Or whatever no like as long as I got when I need to stills And as long as the opportunities keep coming up and I put myself in a position to take advantage all of those opportunities. I know that good will come me. I fight with a lot of I find train with a lot of passion. I wake up every morning by myself. I'm getting better today and I know that if I do that for for the rest of my career there will be no doubt that abandoned it will be a of the one of those legend Ledge Day fighters. I don't we're going to end that question because the other questions. I don't have a follow for that one. We did all the stuff that's going on. Did it bro? There's absolutely no doubt about it. How could you question? We're going to tell you what we throw it. How does it how does Carol Kill someone though dude like she doesn't like knife them like what does she do? She poisons him or what I mine and then you know I don't want ruin it. Jose still watched it yet. Even though was his homework for this week. Yeah absolutely the drug them. I that you know you do whatever you want. Just dragged them in there like how do you think she? Did you think strangled over? What now what she did she other animals gory she just she just she she. She just drugged an engine drag them in there and was like ringing the Dinner Bell Baby in. They go and you might be right about that. 'cause I was I was like Nancy feel no. She's not the most physically fit person in the world. That is great. Even if someone is drugged what is she gonNa do like strangled to death? Do you think that she has that? Inner Bro I don't think so I've done some pretty weird shit would've been drugged. This is the Blonde Woman. All over social media right but the one that's That's like an animal rights person. I keep saying I still haven't seen it. We got all of those questions you. There's no fights to watch illu have nothing to do all week. You have nothing do all week. Jose Trash show. It is a good in that show. I've been leave happy at all. I just learned to everyone that I just built. A bunch of reformist. Yeah actually as it unravels. You're like all these are people who say it ends a exact. I wanted to watch it and then I kept like the Tigers and Florida. Like in cars and stuff. I'm like this is going to stress me out like I feel so bad for these animals. I can't watch this right now. Everyone's bad in the show trashy. Maybe I'll watch it this weekend so we can talk about because we're just getting more questions like last week. Oriane chalmers asked us. What are we going to like? Who'd win a fight between like this person this person and this? I'm like I don't know what any of this means. Somebody's at it. We're basically fantasy matchmaking. Ama Card based on characters from the show and I was like this is all you guys. I don't know what any of this means. Equal The doing the second series. I betcha it's a complete flop because we won't be an damage comes out now but he's going to watch just watch that. The timing was very was very good for the release. I Dunno it just felt like it was the right show at the right time carols behind that you caravan the pandemic yes. Of course yeah. That's it well you. You're saying you're saying that you know. Gory thinks that she drugged someone. So maybe she's good of you know the science she's got a lab and no making these viruses just a proper. No her reality show she. She's she's probably producer in the show. We all know a serial killer version of poison breath nearly God. Anyway we gotta work. Watch those records related Oh okay go more fight ones get these out of way has died. The a side from Sean Danny de Longtime Submitter How would the current top? Ooh This is interesting question. How the current top five one thirty five years have gone on in wbz Sosa Hulu Murray's algae yawn and Corey any dream massive matches you'd like to see slash compete and so you did mention the WABC Corey how does this top five of the UC right now stack up to the top five of Wbz past or there any like matchups. That might probably won't happen in twenty twenty or twenty twenty one and beyond that you would like that you would have liked to see between the top five in the top five own and that's a that's a good one the guys though. She's an like though like even favor. I remember when I was watching The WC and like I get into emanating stuff. I remember being like and fighting. They would be cool to he. No like yeah. I don't know the top by who else is in the deputy. I remember around crew thirty five at thirty five. Brian Balls Eddie. Wine Lynn Interest Cruise. Was there you meet. This God Jurgensen was was really Eddie. Wineman I really liked those guys. Do is also really huge cowboy But Yeah I remember. I think specifically any WINE LIMB. I was like Dan not guys cool Favor at super cool crews I thought was cool and Scott Jorgensen Herman number I. I think it was really cool. Miguel Torres was the long reigning. Yeah then campaign right. Yes. That's right. Yeah it'd be. Npr per pound in the world for a long time at US. The man was it. What did he fight? Did he fight at one? Thirty five on news in the forty three by the time he came to the already like definitely on the back nine anyway like I mean back three maybe he had already been top of the World of Utah and then he came to the US. I mean he was a long standing jumping. Yeah he was he was original dominant crews in the sense that he kind of of stepped he was the first guy to establish the one thirty five division on a national level with WBZ. Look I mean we had. We didn't have it on TV over here so by the time it came it was on TV. We'd be reading the articles. Say favors the poster boy and so then I'll burst on the scene. And he was taken care of everyone and I remember. They started showing them then after after all the guys got signed they have played them on European TV. On extreme like at three o'clock in the morning to watch them every night trying to catch up on all the all the voices happened. It was a brilliant organization. I mean Jesus Christ like the the flagship for all the lawyer weight divisions you've got to remember that a few years before it I didn't want even the lightweight division there and then they boy. This is organization. That's just Lloyd away for years at that time. Anyway I know it did once all the other way divisions absolutely unbelievable on the stars that come from it like I mean they're still active into divisions it's great into organization anyway. So that's why that could actually happen yes. We did recently eighty-one inside. I don't know if Tomlin's off the top really I think he has been pretty active. I think he has voice. I don't know that he's been fighting. Or maybe you did. I know that he was scheduled. Fight someone but you know what those guys they should. They should create their own little. Wec after about five years officially all retired. I've like an old man's WABC. I would watch. Oh remember coker. They were saying that the ballot off for a long time. Why don't you start a veterans Grand Prix or something because people were getting so annoyed about say to hoist crazy being at the top of the card when he's in his you know toilet years essentially as a competitor? I mean would do you. Do you like the idea of a veterans pill fighting each other. It's sort of a wild one. I hate that idea. I hate it. Takes away from It takes away from like publicity. That as younger guys can have they. Were you know Judy Chris Behind? You grow that. Christo is getting in the way of the free. Okay you know power. I was GONNA have a lot of listeners on this show specifically who are very much into crystals I mean we have a loyal listener. Jessica who has sent mailed US Crystal Crystal Quinn show we see that Salt Land Behind Pizza? This is the story behind that Saul. He went to cover. It was a cage. Warriors or Bell Baladora Dolan in in Dublin in a fan snuck that into the arena and gave it to. Pc watches this show so We've asked a lot of fighters about their feelings on crystals. Brian Kelleher was on this show and Jessica ascent of crystals and we gave a crystal to Brian Keller specifically because he asked for one and one hour later he gets bumped up to the main card of a conor McGregor fight card and then wins performance. Bonus so I don't WanNa say it was one hundred percent of the crystal. So what are your baby right? Now Jessica sent me some Christie out to get bumped up a whole level up. Do I think the crystals I think Re religion and spirituality crystals Esoteric type stuff like that. I think I'm pretty interested in The Crystal Staff. I think that they are just there. You go nice feet. You feel better. Now I'll feel good. Take your hat off. See if he'll hurt. Wow it's still that the I think that the crystals and stuff are They're just good Triggers right so like I think that I think that if you tell yourself that this crystal means love when you carry it around your you remind yourself that you should be for love than cool but it kind of. I don't think that the crystal itself has any meaning. I think that you could probably take. I don't know like a paper clip in your pocket. And if you assign at the meaning of like you Sean. Compassion to the people that are have you Than every time you fill that paper clip. That's going to be the case. I think that's kind of a more the psychological part of it. Maybe I don't know I saw little reminders on my phone so avoid like certainly today Roy will call this We'RE GONNA call it from now and I'm like are every time I touched his crystal. My hair gets better will will that make my hair better if I believe it into existence. No all right. Well that's a good question All right yeah okay. So that's a good question. Does like that part. Actually enter into like really tranquil. Really take it. Because here's we gave Brian Kelly her I gave him a random crystal. This was right after official way and so this is out on them. It was it was not an all I I. We thought it was pyrite. Because I don't know if you've seen Jared cannon near cares around pyrite on his neck and he has KRIZNER's pocket. I gave him a crystal. What I thought was pirate. This was right after official lands and then later on we found out it was tigers. I and we were reading. The what each crystal does Jessica send us like. A pamphlet of each one is supposed to do and it said it will bring like monetary fortune and luck and. That's why I'm saying. Like an hour later he bumps up to the main card and then wins the fifty thousand dollar bonus. So I'm not saying it was the crisslow but it was a hundred percent crystal go blind tests. There is what were the healing. Power OF POI- turns out the Tigers. Oy gave him wealth instead so I mean. The proof is in the bulletin. Once again gory. We're GONNA legit give one to every fighter after they weigh in and then we'll see if if there's a performance bonus for each fighter on the cardinals you know put us. We didn't so Jessica. Send us all of your tigers. We're running low empty. The quarry got anymore. Yeah coming audio was saying the audio is now crystal clear. Thanks for the arts. Got here Do as kind of a Simi serious question seriously. Yeah okay from trumbull on the site. Fighters Health Insurance question for Corey do. Unc fighters all only have health insurance for not related for the UC related to fighting or booked fights during health crisis like this. This seems to be. This seems to loom large do most. Ufc fighters have their own health. Insurance plans is doing anything for fires with regards to this current situation. If you are a liberty to set so very coy went off talking to do. More famous fighters get more interesting questions. I'm satisfied I have my own health insurance because I don't WanNa get my car accident and then or something weird happened and then me me need that but I have like the lowest of the low pain health insurance someone can buy but yeah the UFC. We'll take really good After your fight in anything that happened in the fight so They've done everything that I've that I've ever needed for. I broke my thumb in one fight. I broke my nose in another day. They cover all of that. You don't have to pay for any of that but No if you were to get like terminally ill I think that would be on you. So that's my health insurance. It's just lab that was a pretty markets for you know the health insurance question the the question itself. That was already making me children because it could see you looking out on going. Well look at his eyes lighting up to talk about this. Actually I got a question. That's on the Youtube comments right now. It's going to be on on this on the screen. Look from your cell on Youtube comments with Corona virus damaging future. Uc FANS for the next two months. Would you rather wait for our Habib Versus Ferguson Guides? Champion gets top billing. Would you rather wait for Beavers For five months or wait for so. Who'd overs is Aldo? Personally I would want to pursue who out of the way Yeah I don't know you know like I think that the UFC has really cool opportunity with all of this I think that they cancelled the NBA season. So they're they're probably going to cancel all of the other Susan's at sports. So I think that what the you have C. is probably I I mean I have a really cool opportunity to be the only live Sporting event on television. Because I don't think they depend on. They depend on the whatever. It's called when people come the door doors. How much did was the What's direct terminal the gate there? We go yeah the gate. I don't necessarily depend on that as much as the other sports especially basketball. Where they're they're having like two or three games every week So I think that's why they canceled. That baseball is going to be the same boat. And I think that football will probably take suit to who who's GonNa WanNa Watch football. There's crowd but I think that as a little bit different There's no home. There's there's no way team. There's no real team that you like your favorite fighters but it's not really team based so I don't think that there's a huge necessity for For an audience. So I think that probably for the rest of the year or at least until I would actually probably made till the rest of the year That the UFC is not going to have an audience And they're going to be played on television and they're probably going to be the only live sport on television at least in the US So I think that they have a really cool opportunity if they play it smart but I I mean I would rather just wait. Five wants to watch can be Ferguson. Fight I think that they're going to go on with these fights. I think that they should probably wait until musty shelter in places and now until we can actually start. Training with training partner is not the girlfriends in our basements So I think that when when that kind of happens Then that will be the best decision from the UFC. Two waiting. Probably till June or July Guys actually train actually look good in the fights. You don't WANNA turn guys gas in out quite more boring than sometimes they already are so That would be my statement to Europe see is I. I would like to see that happening in for the rest of the year the UFC is going to be the only live television show so That could that could really blow up. I think if they do it in the right way which you don't care about Henry Suharto and Jose. Although I have a couple more advised at least have one more bright by like I said I'm still going to be on weights. Have although can make it back into the states in. Pseudo has no one else to fight than I'll be I'll be there waiting for if if he wants to. I don't know that he's asked my mom. Would it be weird fighting in an empty arena for you probably? Yeah I really liked the lights. I really like Like hearing what people are saying. I think it'd be weird But I I don't know I guess I haven't thought about it too much. I think that there would probably be some some different types of psychological things that you could maybe do Where like the judges could maybe here. The punches land a little louder the judges would probably able to hear. Our corner is a little bit more We have a we have our corners Kind of coached. The judges a little bit coach referees. A little bit so I mean I guess could be beneficial but yeah that that would be weird. It would be like I don't I don't know. Do you think anyone would even share in there? Do you think Dana Lights on Salvia Nick Cage side would even make yeah? I don't know if you saw that video but Mick McManus for the UC Brasilia Card was doing like the Wu chance and the stand much chance. And he's like I'm feeling for all the fans what he was doing. All all the chance. Soli by himself right on while I guess as long as Nick Wasn't biased against Then like yeah I'd be I'd be out to that will you? It's also feel crowded all corey the Community Joan. You're very creative. And when you're like I mean do you. Is it methodical for you? As in like this is going to be the way I'm GonNa go about my business anyway or do you feed off. The crowd is in because sometimes you get very loose. And they're like I mean you can see it is that is that you feeding off the crowd or is that you just enjoying your dominance in the in the fight. I try to just do whatever I want. You know as much as the other person will let me. I try to do it. I want So until you know. And that's like what the looseness is is it's like I. I've had a lot of fights where I fought really tended I was really unhappy with myself afterwards whether I want her lost So to me. It's like all right. Well why are you doing this in? It's well it's because I want finding to look really cool. I want fighting to look really efficient and I wanted to be mind so if I'm going to go out and fight kind of like a bitch you know what what what what. What Fun is there in that you know like cool like if I if I get hit good then cool if it knocks me out okay. Maybe I'll change something but you know but It's it's it's it's honestly man like The only thing I really care about is me and my performance you know. Am I happy with a am? Am I doing what I think? Martial-arts Kim look like An iconic got lucky in having that point of view because I I do want martial arts to look cool. I don't want it to look like I'm taking someone down holding them and then just like squeaking out winds I don't want that I want martial-arts to cool and What do you like watching yourself? back when you like replay fights. Anthony Smith on this show and he said every time watches fights he thinks he's sucks it fighting even even when he knocked out show goes on terrible fighting like do you have that same mindset. Now Dude on my favorite fighter. I'm my favorite fighter. Br I worked hard to not being. My favorite was L. Bike avoid was corey. That'd be amazing. I don't know that I don't think that on the greatest in the world like I think that I still make a handful of mistakes but I go out there and I. I'd take a lot of pride in me being able to do what I want in there because I've worked so hard and and I know that I could get myself out of whatever trouble I find myself in And I like to watch that against another person and I like to watch like. Oh look more than this guy or or or I must. I must be doing things really right in order for me to be able to do that to this guy. You know so I'm I was being a little sarcastic on media my favorite fighter. I do really like watching so good. Answer what we got. Cases notified that. We're GONNA do rapid fire for the last few questions. Sell Casey. What do we got here? We go keep it kind of quick Or are we going to restrict sales Godzilla hard drive in San on twitter in theory? If the average life expectancy goes up significantly in the next one hundred thousand years how old with the oldest NA professional beaten older than ten shamrock. Deputy next question being questioned significant. I don't know man. I Dunno fast Jones. It's Cormet de Champs greetings. Abc SIDES. Thanks for keeping the content of so what? D- classes where the current US champion. Why the people want to know. Ps Esther is the so yes shots. Esther land behind the scenes photographer extraordinaire. So I don't know if you're a big fan of dungeons dragons but yeah so I know nothing about what it is you. Dragons is pizza man. Well next question. Yes next question. All be fighters I know that because that is a class of Johnson dragons by the way fighting's and our question is where you go final question for Corey doing a good job with these for husband. Someone's Jose escort who he thinks is the all time. Ufc Goat George Brough. Gst He's again Who Do you have a top five in the university or just anime in general of of all time in the annals of in the annals of time Ooh all those up there? Gsp's up there Beads definitely out there now. to DJ's up there for sure fade on Latte lower weight classes in your top five ever. Yeah Well I. I've always watched sports just learned from sports. I I don't really watch sports town for entertainment. And so he's been so to learn something that's why I used to watch basketball's not because I liked any team just because I wanted to get better but one of I don't have a night enemy fighter but boxer that I really like watching is Brunell. Whitaker my top five so John Jones in your top five now. Antony now is for you. I was GONNA ask because it's Anderson. There's no John Jones and these are all going to have popped is not on the list. I think that there's To me this is more than a sport. It's more than just being good at something. I think that I it doesn't transcend into real life than what's what's the point so Not Not to say that There may be living wrong but I think the guys that I listed are forced Artists artists in the cage. But also outside so so. What about a fighter outs like like a lot of people argue over through the greatest heavyweight is I think the kind of the default answer is either fade or or Cain and I'll steep? Afdc up there. So what do you? Where do you classify someone like Fado? Never fought in the U. OF C. But a lot of people hold them in high regard yet. That's that's a tough on He's up there but to be honest. I don't really enjoy watching time heavyweight fights. I just don't that was. Your last night was headlined by heavy heavy that is Shay but Watching hey that's truth right or Corey Hagan. Hate you anywhere either. The Heavyweight fights are either the best buy in the card or the worst fight. Yeah usually why I? I sometimes wonder if I'm like man. Would I rather be a heavyweight? Been like guy but then I think that the amount like if I get hit. I might like if I get hit good. I'm Mike it knocked out but for the heavyweights. If you get hit good you are getting knocked out so like for me. It's like do I wanNA walk into a fight knowing that would suck man. You know so. They have their challenges to imagine all the pizza though Corey. That's true too well so pizza getting knocked out. That's that's the balance that live right there. What about a fighter like Israel Sonya right now do you think he's kind of on the cost of being in this great? Liz All time. Great Conversation Still. A few wins. Away is undefeated. Champion racking up these winds but maybe not there yet students to tell I really like is me. He came out to Colorado for a couple of weeks. So we've got to get to know each other just a little bit but I think he's a good guy. I think that For me like for you to be one of the greatest of all times. You've got to be one of the greatest for a really long time. He's only been the champ for maybe a year or two. I don't know if it will last another five years of the does than yeah. He's definitely while we're running up on time so corey as per usual on the show. The guest of honor gets say. Talk about anything they want doesn't have to be related to the floor. Is Yours Corey? Yeah now I don't have too much manages. Listen to podcasts. Okay punch lines podcast. Donald the PODCAST APPS and stuff. So I'm not I'm not the greatest salesman but I think it's a pretty decent podcast. I'm getting better at interviewing people. I know that I'm not the greatest study yet. But I'd appreciate it if you give if you'd give it a chance Crystals with what's your question for the media guys Mr Interview with you got any question. You WanNa flip the script. What is your hair? So she pizza. Yes Oh all right so I guess that's two one one more general one one a little bit more for myself but I guess the one for myself is I'm shit this does that sometimes providers crystals. Oh God let me go back to Earth back. Yeah so What is it forgot? Yeah so so. I'm fairly good at listening to people. I feel like I can do that. Pretty good but I have a lot of issues coming up with the next question. What do you guys like consciously thinking about the next question? How does that so when I do media days At the beginning when I first started I would write a lot of the things I wanted to talk about down and I found myself sticking to that script where rather than listening to what the fighters saying so. They could be saying something super interesting that I should have fed up in with that but in my mind. I'm like I gotta get this question it so like I was talking like for example I was interviewing gig. And he was like yeah. I might drop down the welterweight now when I replayed wait a minute. I didn't even register in my mind. He wants to buy Lima at Welterweight for the Baladora Championship. And but in my mind I wanted to get this next question and I completely missed that so I would say feed. Listen to what they're saying. And maybe have a bullet point in your head but you don't have to stick to that. Yeah okay okay. That's exactly what audio I say for you today. Cari I'd say the one question. I think you know because you're not doing it for yourself. You're doing if everyone that's consuming this stuff so everyone that's easy. Wanted knows that we had the dominick Cruz. I had to go yesterday. They want some clarity on that. That was the only question I was like. Oh we need to get carried to comment and then afterwards shoot the shit in fact usually shoot should have been forest. So they SORTA. They're cool which they they can have a bit of -fornia you get a bit of momentum going on. Dan Hit them with the question of people. Want and then after that just go back to shoot and shit. Yeah okay say those those guys that Have your maybe just two three topics you wanna hit but really most important part is listen because once you get kind of caught up in like I gotta ask these questions. They're gonNA say something like No. They never said camera before. You just blow. I buy it because you're so occupied. Next question is your head in your head. So it's just look takes practice and just listening yet. Go is you can see. Bill is getting sick of it when you ask a generic. How'd you get into the Smart Corey? Think folks say straightaway to offer full? Say what the underlying question again. Yeah hope that helps. Yeah that actually does that were okay. How about how about it if This always happens to me man. Oh Man Block and you like is your your question. Just everything goes. I don't even know this guy's name. Okay yeah so So so what's the most efficient way of Do you guys think that. Social Media's the biggest way to get everything out there or do you guys think that they look like what are you guys looking forward to put out on on social media because If that is even the biggest way or is it like it can't just be word of mouth or is it like advertising Pam for posts. What do you think is the most efficient way to get the most kind of publicity on on the podcast? We're we're we're located the fact that we're without voiding right because they have all this huge social media following straight away so you're GONNA get a certain amount of traction straight off the bat but it's not good they're just not gonNA come back and you're GonNa get absolutely annihilated for it so it's like social media definitely has been for the spread of our podcast definitely with a huge following Louisiana. My voting has you. It's a huge. It's a huge factor. Amoy don't like social media actually hated like I don't like him what I need to. You need to these people actually like kind of you know. They're supporting your career by June and I am and listen to your product. So they do have to you know interact with Certain degree. Because that's where you're from but as is our or your listeners. You're following are all there and they're the people who are in your group feel it you gotta you gotta stay off the date like if there's something happening they expect you to be talking about. So that's all idea which I had to stay away from. Just put a picture of my dog. I view social media is like a the step in the door and then it just the quality is the quality is on point. They'll stick around. I mean that's how Joe Rogan blew up like he at first it was like. Hey listen to my podcast. You listen to one. Episode of people got hooked so social. Media's the first step in to like because if the people that listen to you we'll tell you if it's shit when week it'd be like that wasn't great. I didn't like that. I didn't look that interview waiting. You know they'll tell you like I mean you. Just if the people who I listened to it every week are seeing problems like I. That's that's good in Dell right. That's that's something that looks it's constructive criticism. I think some people fly off the handle idea. What awful lot me. It's also it's also when the audio is like when I used to run it'd be the audio is bad last week. So then that's how I know when to fix it and criticisms tricky yet you really have to look for good faith criticism because I mean I mean I I mean I'm I go through all the comments while we're while we're doing the show in like ninety percentages ridiculous but then far. Yeah so it's really. It's really getting a good coach or four criticism of good faith behind it but our final Just want our final question. And then we'll go off the air right here guys here. We Go Nicholas and Jeremy. What's your backs bow? That's fucked up asking that too. That's fucked up Louis. She asked him that. Tell us 'cause I'm skinny Bro. I got no pets dude. I got no muscles doesn't why seven the gold. The last time by bench burst. I don't know I don't know when the last time I benchpress but I don't know it's probably around like five hundred seventy five hundred six hundred seven hundred. Yeah just yeah just one Rep. Yeah one probably around like yes. Six hundred probably well before we go. Also Gloria Jose shortage tourists wanted to say hello. He was on the show last week. So that's shade. Oh my God. Last last episode of Pizza is trying to get a book a fight between who was a man L. Cape and Short Torres simply because he didn't recognize the name and I say the whole place. Senator the darkness there was so much well. Jose once say hello but for C. That's Casey that was cory. You were great. We'd love to have you back on the show. We have a lot of time coming up. I catch more question Jessica. Sankor crystals to he can be officially part of team crystal for Jose. That's pizza that's Casey. We'll be back Monday. Thanks so much cory or out. Thanks guys you're listening to the vox media long has networking.

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