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This is rebecca. Lowe will rebecca if you listen to optimal radio and you on this thing to men in blazers on the nbc sports network. It's which means we've made it through another. We cannot just any week. Wong which marks a year since we went into lockdown a fact which also reflects a bruising truths that this weekend they year ago was the last time english. Football was played before full. Stadia made soon be. Can i miss the passion. The atmosphere the joy. The sense memory. More than i can say very idea of thousands of fans who woman it would fight anything and the next one singer musical song from the nineteen twenties with tears streaming down. Their faces has bubbles flurry around the stadium. Grown men and women temple thing. That's good about football. What thrill we will all experience when we hear these beloved songs ballet again. Yes even that won't and those lyrics at the end of a storm does a golden sky and the sweet silver song of a lot. My god the first time we hear they songs like harrison's grand old team. I swear we will sing them with tears streaming down of faces on this day. I've just spent about twenty five minutes listening to fans singing fans chanting across the primarily and some of the cost everton's walkout music just watching it on youtube called the tell. You made me soap like child right here. Behind my desk. I was allude what english people call in bits. What a sweet sound. Those tears shed were partially are realizing sadness for all that we've lost and they fans who perished in the past twelve months. You will never hear they songs again impartially. His of joy realization. Of how much i long for. Football's return in stadia failed with fans. Also touch of how greek flam fullest return even fan lewis the game. That's provided me with a sense of meeting a sensor per person. I've craved toes. I lacked booth and of course the global connection. Shatters the numbing loneliness of all current predicament. Should say is remote this year. I'm also grateful for all as subtly deranged new niche interests that have come into my life over the past year which have somewhat save me. That daily will the birding the boot writing suit making banjo frustration and the adoption of water. Gleyber remarkable small white dog named tony hit up above. All i am and we are men in blazes so grateful for you did jeff foe peace over the holiday jay dubb's gifted me a beautifully bound copy of all the newsletters. We wrote together over the past year entitled that men in blazers on war footing. Which is i think. Some asset to john green early on and the pandemic room war-footing john green and the books have remarkable document of the conversations about football in life. The we've shared you listeners. And us together during the pandemic. I hope we brought you a modicum of joy. Meaning and optimism time of darkness because you sustain us more than you can ever okay. Enough for this foolishness. Let's dive into the pop. A couple of quick words of business. The men in blazers tv show returns to nbc on wednesday march tenth. The slightly curious time of three thirty pm eastern time however. The guests are incredible. I have long wanted. Hector bello into join us more human being and he didn't disappoint talking with passion about his decision his commitment to use his platform for the force of good miami. Heat duncan robinson. Also joins us. He's a managed long inspired. May he is so bloody emotionally articulate. I love him. I was blown away by our conversation. Manchester city fans and tottenham fans will particularly enjoy. It also embraced many blazers. National team kicked collab- drops a limited edition. Next friday is beautiful where it now a week. Today you can get it in a raven newsletter subscriber blazes dot com. The umbro are genuinely stunning to drill. Top and shorts. And we'll be wearing them along next week starting with morning jay this monday. Seven fifty a m eastern time on. Msnbc breakdown the weekend's action. let's do it they. Let's prepare for all this to come sting the up producer. Joe up. I believe and she lost. He didn't angel from heaven. Shoot mr call. Like loves tiny habits. That was missed the as an angel he is. He is and so. We use stephen thought of norman. Oklahoma you are the angel steven. You're the chew angel. Stephen says w j p the ball to share where you calling your questions and i do my best to answer them. Leave us your messages at six. Four six four five zero nine four seven six four six four five zero nine four seven. We love him at w. f. o. P. the ball presented by dr king sportsbook. The officials sports betting partner of you f. say football. Ufc where this weekend despite one on either fight. It's a lend the punch. Nfl happens why you will cash one hundred dollars. One hundred big wounds. Download the top racy. Draftking sports can't now use primer kate. Mo that's promo. Kate ib mayb when you signed up to one dollar into one hundred dollars if he the main event fight a lens a punch on saturday. Place you breath and watch face fly this weekend. That's mib may may two one dollars to one hundred dollars hundred punch for a limited time on draftking sports roommates pretending to role during npa. Only nicosia's only applies. He comes details. Company come wednesday in indiana when to question wall. Nah hey roger salmon filadelfia. I support african. little bit thanks. You niagara brothers in the football one is read. The other is the wrong will if our guys get outta there with three wins and a draw. I'm not even sure how they should react. So i'm looking for some advice. Side pouring beer down my shirt wanna close by spanking. Ray gaddis courage. Some in the great city of philadelphia. Mesa place i often fantasize about driving down to luke's just getting a cheese state. Getting right back into the car and drive in home will be one of the great trips. One of the great pleasures. Rife with anticipation you questions. Amazing and put me feels that you became inevitable because the man put me in the meant price. Let me focus on that and say some football fundamental totally personal. You'll support is a reflection of just. How long have supported the team the errors you've lived through it rings in a tree trunk. They ended the narrative. They edit the way you process results for his a random example pick completely arbitrarily pull funds who became reds in the past five years. My lord this must feel like the apocalypse they i'm guessing absolutely humility shattered by this liverpool clamps. They've never experienced before as red fans who lived through thirty years of drought. They understand what dog this feels like. They understand the balance of hope the long view. Not that it makes it easier but more life. More memories. More emotions in the pallet to paint which means hold her fans who lived through the eighty s when our team was legit lici. I'm not making this up. this happened. They were on the cusp of becoming the best team. In your the simply have a different understanding of what this team is about than the younger fans who've never seen something. I want so it was routine which is watching at everton. Captain left the trophy in a moment of glory. Having said that mentally. Prepare yourself for this. Monday's blaze eric everton at chelsea. Which comes after both teams when one. They'll midweek evidence particularly pleasurable. It was fogli victory of salad ice. Who won everton fanzine referred to magnificently as baron belch and have it in. Were fourth fourth briefly agonizingly briefly chelsea subsequent one though victory and i'm feel well let's be honest. Everyone snappy epa bogging three points nowadays propelled chelsea into the top four. And so german. Newspapers have told me to whole undefeated in his first ten games in the role of mason mounts new dad z. Civil war. I'll admit this only you sam. They want to shut. My eyes at night have occasionally this week limps. Division of a snarling davis pulling his foot back as a bull comes out to the edge of the area. Duncan ferguson holds the substitute board aloft. A primal moore is a ball spins towards the corner of the net mister car. They simply looks down blues on these cooling cappuccino and even know its dream. I think that's a reflection of what carlo ancelotti is brought to everton is talk. If i'm bishen and sacrificed their life truce that transcend. Football and i adore them. I know him a dc l. Tom davis is resurrection. Thrills me human tenacity alum is a demi god jordan. Pick for playing shutout. Football makes me so humanly half pay more than that can convey. However some in. And i've learned to manage my expectation if anything being evident fan indie premier league era has conditioned deep distrust of hope which too often. There's been a worse friend. Kevin chelsea even transition are so good so solid at the back. Now rudy. Gay man possess they man reborn. It's gonna be a tough tough game. please go. Don't let this be christian pulisic with game to doing such a remarkable job tactically building that collective midseason go from ninth place deep into the helpful. Even franklin pause based loyal fans are warming up to him. His joe cole. This week joe cole. Who has lumps one time. Chelsea and england team mate and friend trying to find the woods for how he feels about the to verse s He's coming and he's had a great stop and he's obviously a great manager is the equivalent of if some if your wife leaves you and you meet her new man. Six months down the line. You don't really want to lock him. But he turns out to be a rotten oscar and so much in common. I think that's a lot chelsea fans feel a moment about to. Kale is hard for them. Because he's raw losing frank because they loved him and i always love him and to come in and he's actually really really good roy. The next question here is this is how it in fort worth texas. My question just is how many more attacking the united need to score against. The crystal palace team knows that and no sense of even attempting to try to score goals. I don't get it over. This question gets to the core of how. Yes the manchester darby. This we can rule on sunday. But i honestly can't remember a manchester dhabi. That has felt so inconsequential in a long long time. And i say that recognizing still. This is a clash of first and second. That should be epic. Even more epic city bring to the field. Their remarkable twenty one game win streak which is incredible to achieve inaudible times. How much more so under the hectic schedule the pandemic football incredible manchester united bring their own record. A twenty one. Game unbeaten away run. She's kind of the statistical equivalent of to pay all the bull man. I mean if you sat through the crystal palace nil-nil which it sounds like you did jeff foe pay out of one tweeted though the game produced a new rule for mediocre performances in the pandemic premier league. If you play like crap at least have the decency to provide fog. thank you manchester. And really clings onto the the brand the legendary ethos of attack attack attack football but in name only team look physically shattered. Bruno has played so many minutes. He looks so bloody warned them. Rush for two and city with a robust altman. Samba cast of talent still so box. Fresh when you look at minutes played vaguely interested intellectually and watching tv bruno. I do get the feeling whatever happens on sunday. Even if united win the gap between the top two teams is. A true gulf team will still only be within eleven points of swollen scarf. Pioneer pat and to be honest ole by handoff zero zero lead to manufacture optimism. Though you know he'd funds let me be avenue. Coolest recorded at the tuesday night down the pub with the glazer family in tampa arm. Merican is just the best roy. Also funds massive moment of did our season turn around for real truth this weekend against burnley you today. I'm rooting for you. And for spurs seek to prove that tottenham back his back gareth. Bale is back delis. Back ash taught for dreams back. We'll say charming happy. Say marines transformative. Resurrection of tottenham season of taking over midseason from evil self destructive. Joseph maria is one of the managerial feet to the season if he can pull it off. Kennedy's t make it. Three wins on the bounce against crystal palace on sunday feel forbade for these north london teams as a p. ahead to next weekend's darby seventy remarkable players on both squads and as i mentioned than wednesday's men in blazes show i took tottenham with one of my favorite nba. Stories duncan robinson of the miami. He and i'm also beyond delighted to have hector bello on the program. I have wanted hector to come on for the longest time. And let's say heke didn't disappoint. I admire is energy. So much his creative curiosity of the failed his willingness to take risks is willingness to be from his willingness to stand up for what he believes. It ultimately use his platform for the power of good and our interview was remarkable. I'm gonna leave you with takes because to bellary is the kind of optimism. The world needs right now. His hack bring on the weekend knowing the face up the affect. Tofei's courage see the dot. Marcus rush for did with child. Poverty here in the uk or raheem sterling raising the issues of racism. And you see that capability that we have. And sometimes i think the power in the hands is way bigger than we actually think and it just takes someone to be passionate the right help. Besides them to make things happen when he's a good course. What marcus did you get the country behind you. We can change so many things that actually help people's lives marcus by doing what he did. Is changing families in kids. And i think is so important to us in a positive way and hugely respected guys and i hope that what i'm doing is somehow similar to them and just to be able to inspire younger generations. That may be in their years. That will have even a bigger platform than i do. We do right now and they'll be able change the while the by.

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