Hour 2: Top Of The East


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F I R S T T A K E. Ziprecruiter dot com slash. I take ZipRecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Thanks for hanging. Everyone. Sportscenter right now on the Collins, the struggle is real in Boston, Celtics. I've lost three straight and five of the last seven games after suffering. Their worst loss of the season at the hands of their conference rivals to Toronto we go Celtics and raptors well put up less than four minutes left in the second quarter south it's down by eighteen Marcus smart. Heck and turns it over why. Leonard gets into the open court of throws down the dunk. So clearly the Celtics often struggling now in the third quarter rappers up eighteen Larry tosses, a long pass to Kawai who makes the basket Celtics looser third game embroil out fashioned years. Coach Brad Stevens. What's going on with his team? We're taking a lot of shortcuts and and not being a solid as we have been in the past. We have to be a lot more connected as a team. It's been a theme for a while. Just festively Kasmin taking shortcuts. So to you see that in how do you fix things like that? Oh up to Brett. Just not to get. Not together. You guys are playing together is that a fair diagnosis? As Mark because the pain is it your respect it. While reality is after their eighth consecutive loss at Toronto. The Celtics have fallen two games behind the Sixers for the fourth season these conference, however, ESPN's CPI still give Boston a sixty percent chance to be Philly in a potential first round matchup. Now, that's a first take. What's going on everybody? Welcome back to I tank coming to you live from of the seaport district here at pure seventeen. Brought to chase in New York City Toronto blowing out the Celtics Stephen a is this more about good Toronto or bad. Boston's about bad Boston in my estimation. That's not to take anything away from Toronto. I'll leave that to max I'm going to say this. It's about bad Celtics because it's not just about them losing. It's not just about them getting blown out in the second quarter, third six thirteen. It's also about Kyrie Irving finishing with seven points. Three attention for the game. This is the man. I mean, this is a star in this league. This is the dude that I've been on record talking about his boxoffice. You don't how much love I got Tyree urban. But think about the statements you have made think about the things that you have said about your teammates think about the things that you know, in effort to try to motivate them, or what have you know? And then just the other day you said quote now, I'm not worried about anything why. Because. I'm here. That's what he said. And then the very next time, we see you. It's this performance against the Toronto. Raptors that's unacceptable. The fact that the matter is that you've got to lead, by example. And I'm not talking about, you know, things on the side like leadership and some of those intangibles I'm talking about doing what you do best. And that's going out there and balling, you'll going up against the Toronto. Raptors you got a Leonard back into the lineup. Okay. You got him. You got Siaka who by the way, we need to pay attention to because CRM had twenty six last night. He hit four of his father, put his documents developed, a three point shot a cry out loud. I'll be getting really had that. He was getting really really scary. Not in the path that you didn't have it. Like he does now. So I'm looking at him and the rest of the crew, and I'm saying skews me if you the Boston Celtics, you gotta step up and kyri has to be that guy car. We didn't step up the rest of the team followed suit, they weren't on the same page, they've openly admitted it I think that's about bad. Celtic. It's not because they lost max. But how they lost the Celtics don't lose like that. Unless it's their for raptors can't do anything about who's on their schedule. And how they're playing all they can do is play like the machine that they are last season. I mentioned several times. It was good. Raptors last time I mentioned last season. I mentioned several times before they got Hawaiian Danny green. When it was the best player. You know? Obviously, a Kyle Lowry and damore Rosen that this team played like this perfect machine. The whole time until crunch time. Sometimes and say blow some teams that. But when it got close, suddenly they're isolating the Rosen, and Kyle Lowry a lot it didn't make sense. First of all those guys aren't good enough to win. You a championship? If they're playing hero ball at the end of game. Just keep playing like you're playing guys, but they replaced the Rosen with a better version of a two way wing in in coli who can hit those big shots and is a much better shooter. And Kyle Lowry you bring up Kyrie Irving 'cause I'm here. And then he goes out and scores seven point. It's no else. Scored seven points. Kyle Lowry with eleven assists and unselfish play. So you mentioned Siaka nailing those threes in the corner. You guys off the Benchley Jeremy Lin going here. Doc hit eighty five percent of his shots. These guys are seven from any happens. And by the way Gusau because now you can been job. Yes bench. When you're bringing Jeremy Lin and Marcus all off the bench, and they're exploiting you defensively including Kyrie's defense. It was mentioned on the broadcast. In fact. This is just a deep team as Jaylen said earlier in the show they play for each other. They play as a group as a unit that is not what we see from the Celtics. I'm not denying that the Celtics are underachieving. But this raptors team has picked up where they left off last year only now with really much more firepower. And then you get a guy like Danny green what he's scores six points last night. Does he complain all he does is play defense and wait for wait for the ball? So he can nail it three when you need them. They have a bunch of excellent players playing as a group that was excellent raptors that are starting to make me more confident again about my preseason picking that they'll wind up in the finals if not for the presence of the bucks and into Kubo in the in the conference. I would not be so worried about the raptors right now. They they have shown you what a great team can do against a bunch of great individuals. Let's take a look the Eastern Conference standings right now guys. So we've got the bucks the raptors Pacers. Sixers, and then the self pick you say that much thank screen in front of you. Who's the best team in east? Well, listen, the answer is the box and they've been the best team wire-to-wire. And and the reason I think ultimately is because mung similarly talented teams, particularly the well coach once the history of the league has told us the team with the best player is the one that's going to advance. I love quiet, Leonard. I think because of the ascension of Paul George this year and the way K D just continues to roll along. And some hiccups co I had this year. That he's his stock has fallen a little bit like, you know, from maybe as high as number two to maybe as low as number six or seven in the league. Bucks. Have if LeBron has slipped. I'm telling you right now, tenth and compo is the best player in the universe and he's surrounded by shooters. And they're all like six foot eight and six foot ten heritage and Lopez and and even a Middleton six eight and they played defense. The answer is the bucks. That's why they have the best record in the league. Basically the entire year. I'm gonna go with this Ranta raptors the box are better defensive team, thus far which is a testament to both Entercom boat and booting oser Toronto is a slightly better offense. The bucks are ranks offensively and defensively. Toronto is ranked third offense. I think they like sixteenth or seventeenth defensively. Here's why I'm going with Toronto as the better team the bucks being Toronto. The last time they faced one another. They go was January thirty first. And I watched a Greek freak have nineteen points. Dad game. Seven to thirteen shooting from the field. What have you what I watched from Toronto? Is this even though the Greek freak is a freak in and of itself, everyone they have is along now, obviously with the exception of Carr Lowrey, and Fred van Vliet as your miniature point guards who do have the ability to spread the floor because they can hit threes for you. But for the most part Toronto can match up against Milwaukee by going big because they can go big that might turn not just the Greek freak, but others in the more perimeter shooters. Now, Milwaukee Ken make the shots, but that's not their bread and butter their bread and butter is predicated on the physical dominance of the Greek freak and how everything breeds from that and feeds off that. Now, if there is one team with the personnel physically to somewhat offset that and to make him. Mm seem a bit human Toronto had us. And that's why feel Toronto is the better team of debate show. And I think that, but when you look at Toronto, they have some depth off that no joke, but I just want to because you brought it up when you look at the match ups on those two teams that's a great point both of them at the point guard position Bledsoe brogden, and Kyle Lowry or vanfleet. Those are the only guys who aren't long and even then Bledsoe's actually long fingertip to fingertip right for a guy his size. But then you have these matchups Middleton and Danny green too long like to slash threes. Really who can shoot and defend obviously, Middleton's a better playbook Kawai versus the freak. Right. Him versus Meredith tall guys who can bomb from outside and mirror, which isn't even really healthy yet Gosol and Lopez kind of the same. I mean, it's an interesting manage up in terms of size and seal, it's very interesting. It's very compelling. But remember. Even though Greek freak can have the ball. That's not his strength his bread and butter. Here's Trump a ha ha I'm talking about bringing the ball up running offense. He can do it. But that's not really his bread and butter because the ball is coming to him. Whereas 'cause you know, you got Bledsoe in there. You got a problem? Whereas with Toronto you get ball look while I agree and listen in the Greek freak remember, the Greek freak has something to prove koala already a trailer. I disagree really disagree with that Kawai can handle the one weakness in Kawais game is the passing he's not a Greg that there's no Greek freak can handle, and he can also defend and the Greek freak not only can you wrote. Not only can you switch. He can legit guard five positions from point guard to he can guard. Those let you tell me we're not going to Boston. But the free I sold a free is a brilliant passer. Hang a great passer. That's not what can wires again. I'm not challenging that. I'm saying it is improving when it counts, we know what to do. Finals MVP. Hey, it's Dan Patrick here to tell you about the Dan Patrick school. The sportscasting I've teamed up with full sail university to create a sports casting bachelor's degree you work both on and behind the cameras and you build skills for the future of sports. So you can connect with audiences. No matter where they are or how they're tuning in learn more about full sail. Universities Dan, Patrick school to sportscasting by going to full sail dot EDU slash, Dan. Patrick school. No one wants Jason v around here for the long term more than the Jones family. I mean, no one thinks more of them than we do. But at the same time. I know he uses it. Everybody's backs against all right now. We've got a really good young team. We've got higher expectations for this young team. And everybody from the Jason to staff to our players to ownership to the organization. Feels the pressure to take to take the next step. Our fans deserve that. And when Donna and Bennett and longtime and certainly feel the pressure to do it. Felt like no one wants to see my face. Now. Stephen I after entrance music that was Cowboys executive vice president Steven Jones responding to questions about the future of head coach Jason Garrett who is entering the final year of his contract. Well cain. Are you available? Molly do a have you have you? Oh, good. Thanks. Thanks for joining us. Yeah. Got a clean one thing off. Let everyone always likes seeing your thank you. And I mean, you know, saving as music. Do you agree with Steven Jones that everybody's back is against the wall right now -solutely agree with that, man. Let me say say, let's say this. Look, look, I wanna take a moment to applaud. Jerry Jones as Stephen Jones because I'm gonna tell you something Jerry Jones, by the way. Did you know that Jerry Jones birthday is the day before mine? October thirteen my birthday's October fourteen Jerry Jones is going to be seventy seven years old on October thirteenth. Lever? Absolutely. Let me be very clear Jerry Jones, you know, father time. I mean, they ain't getting a yoga. Timer that now. I mean, he recognizes that a beautiful beautiful and he wants to continue to enjoy that life. And and the bottom line is is that Jason Garrett hasn't gotten a done. Jason Garrett looks like a Dag on cheerleader. Jason Garrett has underachieved. We all know what I'll give a dam. I mean, you got people like my man, Dominique Foxworth my brother that does a great job. He picks that Jason Garrett is a good coach. All I'm saying is where the hell of the evidence. I don't see it. He's an average coach has at best people who have been better for the Dallas Cowboys have been held accountable and been made to suffer more for their transgressions their ineptitude their lack of production. But somehow some way Jay Garrick continued to laugh so same half those David Jones who also lack also live acting like him alive. That man Stephen Jones is basically speaking on behalf of his father his. Debt, basically saying this is me if we go hold his players accountable. It we go hold off pensive line coaches accountable. It we go hold defensive coordinators accountable. We're gonna hold secondary. Coach is accountable. What the helps in we hold the head coach accountable. I think that Jerry Jones and statement Joe's my buddies, not think that making the right decision about making shorter lead. Jason garrett. No, it's time to put up what setup. This is. Excellent. You this will be your last chance at the, Dan. That's why I plot their decision. That's why the question is. Do you agree? Steven with Steven Jones that everybody's back against all the answers. Nope. There's one guy's back against the wall. And that's Jason Garrett. The idea that that Jerry Jones needs his ego assuaged a catered to. There are lots of guys who can do that not just chasing Garrett and their guys coach as well as Jason Garrett who can who can appeal to Jerry Jones's ego without stepping on it when they. Traded for they had their star running back the offensive line. Now, they got a defense. Many trade it for the star wide out to give up a first round pick. And now they had everything and everyone said well look at this Dak Prescott here. It is Dak let's see if you can be the franchise quarterback. I thought at the time I wasn't alone before you move on from your franchise quarterback that you've invested so heavily in and it was shown under pressure. He can do things. He solid normally. And then better than that. When you need them to be before you move on from that guy. You will move on from the coach more than anything. I thought the trade put Jason Garrett on the hot seat. I think that they have decided that that Chris Prescott is a franchise quarterback. They're going to give him every opportunity to be. I don't think everyone's back is up against the wall. I think one man back is up against the wall. And that's Jason Garrett. Colorado. I disagree with Stephen Jones statement that everybody's back against the wall. Nope. One man's back is against the wall. You know, when it comes to Jason Garrett a lot of people say they like to say that he's the perfect man for the job partially because he can deal with the Joneses. As you pointed out maximum, I don't think the reason he stuck around for what is it? Now nine years is because he's a yes man for the Joneses. I truly do not believe that what I think is they have been dedicated to a laudable idea. The idea that you need to invest in a process, let something play out against reputation against cliche. They haven't been quick to pull the the firing. They've been quick on the trigger finger. They have let Jason GARRETT'S process play out. And it has now played out. His back is against the wall. The Cowboys have a young core. A quarterback a running back offense of line. Now, a number one wide receiver and talent all across the defense, including two studs at linebacker that can carry them well into the future. That course back is not against the wall. There window will be for several years. Jason. Garrett's window is now in this one year. And let me tell you something, you know, I've been on this show twice today. Truth matters, I've been on the show for a couple years now. And I think I've taken more than my fair share of Gulf. I think that the way this is gone down is say, you don't quite have it yet, Steven you're close if you don't know a Guthrie is. But you're not there yet era. I don't believe in karma. But maybe I believe in balance, you know, not unlike Thanos, you know. I've been dealing with way more than I deserve. And I can feel the tide coming. You've had your day. You can say, you know, is true very put upon it's a tough life. You know, what can go wrong? Getting james. You watch this young core you watch because it's coming. I'm going to be the one. Hopefully, if you keep invited me on this set who gets my day, very soon that John is about to turn. Days is coming to. Cain. Mr. k may I respond may I respond let let me be very very clear. Will you look at the Dallas Cowboys. Okay. And you wanna sit up there saying just one man that's on the hot seat that would be Jason Garrett. Can you foresee any successor Jason Garrett coming in and embracing the rest of the coaching staff? That's what the Dallas Cowboys. 'cause I imagined in any coach who takes over the job is going to one his own people with him. Okay. He might have to answer. It be compelled to answer the Jerry Jones and Steven Jones, obviously Hong, but I think he's gonna want his own people. So may say GARRETT'S go may I respond as it. They're going to be a bunch of people that's going with them. Let's let's let's just play out a hypothetical if we can all right. Okay. Let's say that a year from now Lincoln Riley turns Jalen hurts into yet another Heisman candidate at the university of Oklahoma. He finally sees it. There's an UN. There is a blank cheque available for him. Not only in the NFL. But just a firm I'll south in Dallas where he hasn't as you have pointed out had success bring a defense along. With his offensive genius rally. Takes the job in Dallas rehabilitates that Prescott in by the way realizes I got a stud over here on the other side and Chris Rashard who can coordinate my defense. Now, I understand maybe chard says, you know, I'm not I'm not going to do this for a new guy you pass over me. But yeah, there's a hypothetical where you get a new coach who doesn't need to clean house at least on the defensive side of the ball with the coaching staff. Lincoln Riley move is the most obvious. I can't believe you were who you were mentioning Sean Payton the other day. We'll eatings wanna Super Bowl you use your imagination. Will. I'm surprised come on. Of course, Lincoln Riley would be the answer for the Cowboys. It would he is the hottest commodity. The Cowboys are the biggest brand in the sport. They need a new coach the whole league is adopting Lincoln Riley philosophy. The Cowboys are lagging a little behind actually in that department. It only makes all the sense in the world, and is such a Jerry Jones move. I'm just surprised that hasn't already happened. Yeah. But my. My response to you when we had this conversation, and I. I hear I'm not, greedy. I'll take either one, Sean Payton or Lincoln Riley. I think there are Super Bowls on the other side of that rainbow. Either way the only thing the Cowboys need to bring balance back to this this unbalanced conversation we've had for a couple of years is a new coach. And all I'm saying is if the head coach is gone some of the people are going to follow. And I think you gotta take that into consideration, which I'm quite sure that Steven Jones and Jerry Jones are doing which is why they're bit reluctant to get rid. Jason. Why did from the accent? That's all I'm saying still do because I've been gone to. But can I just I'm gonna my parting words a compliment as not bad, Stephen a? It's not. Packers president Mark Murphy talked about it's quarterback Aaron Rodgers and new coach Matt will floor saying about Rogers. He has to embrace it. And I think he is I hope he adopts. Well, I'm excited. I know he's excited. I've had some discussions with them. Obviously regarding his new coach axe. Do you have any issues with Murphy's comments saying that he needs to embrace it and putting it on Erin? Yes. I do because the Packers have surrounded Aaron Rodgers look the reason they're among Super Bowl favorites. Every year is not because of the surrounding talent. They're not the worst. They're not the best. They're kind of middle of the package. Yeah. Package talent in the NFL with Aaron Rodgers. So they're one of the usually half dozen people say they want us because of Aaron Rogers. So it's not as though the organization has put him in the best position to win. Then they give coach with an archaic offenses, I with archaic offensive ideas. Given the new the state of the new NFL spread offenses and everything and Arron Rogers who's a very bright guy. Sees this stuff ain't gonna work. So he sometimes makes it up as he goes along audibles out of things and all that and doesn't seem like he's on the same page with a system that ain't gonna work. And these comments make it sound. As though the real issue was Aaron Rodgers tries to take things into his own hands. When clearly that was the result of the fact that he's trying to win. I think the kind of the way you treat your all universe quarterback in the press, especially given a new start as well. You know, we got him a new guy. Let's see if this guy is good. That's not the way to go. The way to go is we have a we have one of the all-time great talents under center. He's already a Super Bowl champ. We think we've made changes that will make our team veteran. We expect our quarterback to help get us there. Those are the kind of comments you make if you're the president of the Packers. Well, I have an issue for different reasons. Number one, it's ama- rods that needs to to to to adjust. That's what he needs to do the fluid. The. The. So so do do some dude whose name sounds like he's from France coming over to the NFL. All right. Okay. I'm just saying his name. I'm just making fun of. But I'm quite sure that he had some credential Stephen his freedom fringing the flu. Okay. Want to be? So Aaron Rodgers this Batman who is arguably the greatest talent we've ever seen at the quarterback position whose career record is one hundred fifty seven and one as a starting quarterback who went to the playoffs. Eight straight Tom despite the archaic coaching that he was receiving for the most part for Mike McCarthy that Iraq's that Aaron Rodgers who kid throw in a pocket throw outside of his right? Who could throw a football better than almost anybody? We've ever seen that doom. Who's carried this franchise on his back is supposed to adjust to somebody that Mark Murphy decided was the main to lead the Green Bay Packers into the future. This is about Murphy. This is about the organization does about their lack of appreciation that lack of respect for it comes to Arron Rogers, right? This is about the willingness to embolden themselves to show that who's boss has. Us and Europe player. Just shut up go out there and play. In other words to sort of deflate beforehand. Any kind of momentum Arron Rogers may build into in case he feels to articulate himself. I know it's worse than worse than that. Because really what they're saying. What the implication is the reason we haven't been more successful right is because our quarterback will follow the game. How about that? But here's the thing. Here's the reality. Why you still shouldn't have an issue with it? Despite everything they're not just said, here's why you shouldn't have an issue with it. Because the reality is is that that's the situation that Aaron Rodgers is in and for there to be any hope whatsoever at success. If from an organizational perspective from the top on down, the belief is that you are all tra- talented. You are great. And we paid you for it. But you have been a problem for us in terms of being that divider that we don't mean you have to monitor that if your Amer rod. Is because clearly what they're saying is is not just about the pressure that clearly look in the point the blame in his direction as opposed to themselves or anybody else. And that's the problem that he has. So he has to be cognizant of it. That's why I don't have an issue with it. Because it's the reality of Arabs situation's just such a bad way to begin IRA. You know, the idea that okay, Erin, the coach was the problem. Now, we got a new coach if there's still a problem, then we've isolated variable here, right? Like, it's you really that's what you wanna do to the guy who's been keeping your head above water for the last decade and has delivered. You a Super Bowl come on? He's trying to send a message that he's the one that's in charge. Not the quarterback. I don't know. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly, she has no brain, however when in a most nesting doll. Here's the gyco. Not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer pity INA. Most nesting Dollond her lot in life. Con kaffir. Knicks name has been mentioned in relation to both of the new professional football leagues. According to sporting news, XFL executives have discussed him joining their league, and he has requested at least twenty million dollars capital also requested twenty million to join the alliance of American football. According to the Associated Press, the af is giving its players, regardless of position a three year non guaranteed contract with two hundred fifty thousand. Now, the salaries are said to be in line with the XFL which is said it's gonna pay its players seventy five thousand per season. So seventy five thousand twenty million max, if this is true, what is the twenty million dollar contract demands say about Colin I think some people take that to mean that he doesn't wanna play football anymore. I don't think that at all. It doesn't seem that way to me at all. It seems to me that he knows his value. Look the af did some numbers in their debut Trent Bridge. Woodson. Now, he's doing a little something there. They got some ex- NFL players there. There's an appetite for football. It may not be good for the NFL in the long run. Right because it could water down demand by increasing supply. But there is enough of an appetite for football that that thing could work if Collin capper Nick plays for them. You think people will watch? Molly, would you watch. Yeah. Yeah. People are going to watch that. So he understands he's gonna make hundreds of millions of dollars for the week. He wants he knows his value. What is backup quarterback make because that's what it would be in the NFL. Right. Right. But he that's that's his market value. If there's only an NFL in that they won't give him a job, but his value if their rival leagues trying to get attention is sky high and he understands that I think that is insane. I don't believe that for one second. I think that people were clamor to watch and support Colin cabinet week want a week too. But over the course of a season. No, he ain't going gone that much. I think we're getting a bit beside short. How can you be that? What if he's the MVP the league and looking people sitting they would want to take their kids out to see Colin Kapp by Collins, especially galling. No, no, no, no. Well, I first of all ball against who. How many times I bring up competition? Bolinger get to now if you were balding in the NFL that would be different. But don't tell me that you know, the af f. The af or whatever league you want to point to hear plan in the NFL. But people don't clam watch. And we remember the I think if Collin cabinet showed up anywhere. The first time everyone were clam at a watch him. But that's about five touchdowns a game is that's the point against. These are exit the NFL players, and they're good enough to make it look like a foot or. He would shut don't don't talk like no one comprehend your point. We get it. But you sound like you could be out there playing against Golic cabinet and people will watch. No, they what it because you can't play football. And neither. Angel telling that game tied NBA ratings excuse me that af game tied. Time out time out a game. I specifically saying they can't. Civically said the first go round you would our climate watching. Then after that do you back into the care back in the day. When when a major league baseball player was getting older, but he could still hit, but maybe not played defense or he wasn't quite good enough to hit major pitching anymore. I think it was Bob Horner one of those slug. Okay. Go over to Japan and become a big star because they were playing baseball at a high level, but not high enough that this guy couldn't shy. He was a big air in Japan. Thank you. I'm saying that there was that the because it's a high enough level to to the naked eye. It looks like good level football. If he could shine in the af he would do a big rating team. What about Tintin going up against Colin capper neck? You're gonna watch more than a gate. You're not listening. Molly. You're really not listen, you're really not listening to me. Anybody will watch Colin cabinet for a game to see. But once you see then it's not about that anymore. If the decline nor is gone after that think that any of the decline in the ratings 'cause people were very quick to say, oh, the NFL ratings are down, and it's because of the protests people are pronouncing the hall, so there was proven false. Do you think although gore that ran in the media for like a year, everyone assumed it was true because he NFL was telling us, right? How does what tell another that? They will lose it Monday. Now, let me ask you something. Do you think there's anything to the idea that maybe the ratings were down for the Super Bowl because there's a protest kind of vote against the exclusion of Colin Kaepernick? Do you believe there are people who support capture Nick, and who are no longer watching? Do you believe that they would watch the AFL? I believe I believe there are millions of people who support Colin cabinet, and there are millions of people who would stand up for him. And if he showed up at any league, there would be millions of people who would watch him that gay people people because ultimately it's the competition if he's balling against dude that can't barely run with max now. Care some guys whose talent like if capper Nick's going. Well, it's going to look spectacular. He has a big arm and he can run. So if he's looking spectacular he's putting on a show against good. But not great opposition. But good enough to make it look like a professional football game. And you get the protest vote now following cabinet this way, what are the margins? Stephen how many extra people do you need to watch the league to get a bump in the ratings Cup one hundred thousand nationwide. All I'm saying to you is that if you're talking about something like that a couple of hundred thousand four few weeks. Okay, fine. But at the end of the day if it ain't the National Football League. And it's a league that's viewed as significantly inferior undiminished product per se compared to what you're accustomed to watch it from September through January. There is to do Brooklyn. As a result colleague does not deserve twenty million dollars that you were running. The af you own the league. Oh, I give them. Hell, no. I wanna give them. The twenty and then I lived to the lake the, okay, okay. That's fine. Because if you're telling me that I can make that up for a couple of weeks eyeballs, that's different. But I'm telling you how Donald couple of weeks. Hey happening. If you're not if you tell me a couple of weeks they handle what's on the line for the F if they get a real foothold and get off season football as a major thing on an ongoing basis to many billions of dollars. Okay. Okay. Okay. Our life is our show LeBron down. Why like no seriously? I mean, he's getting older he has to do too much for them to win. I mean, just looking he puts out a triple double. And they can't win. I mean, just imagine if he really goes out, and it really exerts himself and has to go toward this season. Now, I mean, this was a wash coming into it. They weren't contending. And when you're LeBron James on they weren't considering from the jump. They weren't contending from the jump on the jump. I've never done this before. 'cause I got enough jobs. Okay. I got enough chops. And I'm a very busy, man. And I love Rachel Nichols. And adopted she does on the jump. I don't and I'm in LA all the time debit, they need to bring me on the blasphemy. I it was Scotty Pippin at t MAC talking about sitting Zay on down to quit on your team. Just just quit now pull here. Get paid. See twenty gauge left. All right. Still in the hunt for playoff spot pull up and say all the fable. Brought up. Matt Pippen, Paul prisoner. But love the truth the truth, Sal, MAC, you free. That's about to be Paul pants, and you go on to jump and you sit up there and say set down look Bron James but playing the world supposedly the world down. Sitter Paul Peirce. That's right. Oh my God. I mean, listen, I got I got to show. The blasphemy only rates of nickel seems to not be blasphemous. Everybody else that shows up on her show up pass to be blasphemous takes mixed sets. That's right. Well, there's no such thing as blasphemy and sports Steven A because you're assuming that there is some kind of holy truth that no one can speak against even if the evidence points that way, sit down Paul Pierce is Paul Pierce is simply reflecting this truth. The truth is reflecting this truth, the thirty five mil LeBron me that for the Lakers. Like by the fourth week of the season is not about he hasn't earned his money. It's not about this year winning a championship. They were never going to contend for a championship this year there. Why plan but what about the next three years? That's what he's saying. I saw Kobe Bryant when they got white Howard and Pagosov Steve Nash and Mike, Dan, Tony I saw Kobe Bryant decided to certain point. We're not missing the playoffs and we'll team to the playoffs. And he ended his career in the process. Now, I'm not saying Paul Pierce is in Celtic AA. Agent. He clearly is however, so so yes, there's some hater aid that he is sipping on right there. Love. However, however, what he's saying in what he's saying Jalen there is some wisdom. I can't wait to get the countdown on Friday to say this to him personally. But I agree with you for all of the reasons you say, and I'm gonna take it in a different direction. We entered into a unique space in sports where where people feel like your team isn't the favorite to win the championship. You should just quit knock play cue. We don't appreciate the journey anymore. Nobody cares about the regular season wins the division on wins. The congress. Chips. Do you got since we can't win we go shut it down. It's still a chance that they can get the ace mile only three games out of the ace. Why then we say Brian is often. The bronze as is very in right now. You may. Tell me the bronze age the best way that were this already miss on game. Jalen already ready that Jaylen you are making valuable point. I believe you're making a valuable point in this case, I think it's misplaced. And I'll tell you why LeBron James even if they make it to the playoffs. They're not going anywhere this year. But given the number of miles on his knees on his legs. Right. And the fact that he has an injury he's coming off Greenwich and you having for three more years, and I'm taking a chance to contend to maybe win a championship over the next three hundred. Why would you risk that over probably not making the playoffs house like this number one you want LeBron to play? So that the guys you tried to trade this year you heightened their value about putting them on a playoff stage. Okay. Number one. That's that's a reason. Right. Number two. Lebron James the leader. And you're the best player you have to be that on the floor. Not in the bore rule. Keaton interlock rule, you gotta show up and play the act hangman's, regardless of the scenario. And lastly. Well, we talk about LeBron having to do too much average a triple double that what he's up. All right. That's what is ridiculous. It's a United stand on principle. And then maybe you don't have LeBron for the next three weeks. I don't know what. Holly's snapped. When he played so many minutes to play them into the playoffs or not we worried about that killing Snape right now. And the next time I'm in LA. The jump had the camera walk outside of dealt with a picket. It's gonna picket side up people Paul parents it, Matt. For the record. I don't think they should shut them down. And I think. You say I'm just saying what he's saying is not. So we'll lay saving that you're gonna like this one so say, for example, the Lakers going wrench streak and they end up falling at the six or the sentence spot. That's right. 'cause they only like three and a half. That's right. We have kids out. So you mean to tell me is not worth LeBron James team making the play off the play against the no. I think they're going to do that. And they might either would apply off series. All right. So you don't think they said that I think Paul Pierce has a point eight a point. But you gotta be. Label. So I don't think they should.

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