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Hey Fabled Fam. It's Colton here also known as Bernard will season to only a few short weeks away and we just recorded the final episode of season one this week week and let me tell you. I'm very excited for all OUGHTA here but I we have some podcasts business to take care of Amos said last sweep that will be archiving all of season one in a few short weeks after we begin releasing season two so on December second when episode three of season two drops the all of season one will be taken off of our feed so make sure that uniforms are all caught up so you don't miss anything now don't forget and celebration of season in one ending next week. Episode thirty seven drops will be having a dice giveaway challenge now. This is a great chance to test your knowledge of the season one and when some free favor following merge so be sure to get your answers in within twenty four hours to have a chance to win. We can't wait to hear from you and without further do. Here's a thirty six promotion commotion. The best friends comrades people barely know that I talked to awkwardly at the water. Kohler Brinton his best friend. Yes well whoever wants to be a positions open. I am so excited to be here tonight. I pay a little bit on that one. You didn't get. I think we have some exciting conclusions coming up. Hopefully some answers you all been looking for like. Where's the gold at any already? got that the goal. What are we doing where am I mean we honestly just got one answer? How many episodes will it take for excited? DMZ podcast and the answer was we don't know yet because it has happened Golly you guys really I like to cut your GYP. anyways we are back. For another amazing episode the Fabled Volleyball Guest and joining me on my left is that we ended last week turning play by Lonnie. Okay I see I made a mistake yet. Let's get to it mine. Employer dead due regard dead. Aden's about to die like monsters. You but to me yeah. You're you're about to. You're literally climbing down a ladder into to my moonbeam. That's where you put your many motor skewed over five feet area. I'm blocked McCain story. Then I couldn't see the invisible Moonbeam I've just remembered some real. I think exciting moments laughing last week you took down a very fearsome deadly creature and maybe not yearly more and I think that counts most most. DNC encounters is the expanse for killing that much. If you experience you pretty much finished it sounds I saw Amir for answers. Just get next where you want to kill him care about this story care about my character shoot things so you're kind of the battle. Hayes is coming down you know that sort of focus that tunnel tunnel vision. You get in and I'm kind of in the back room you all. You got to take in back here is of course the Durbar that you put down yourselves. Sadly they had families. Yeah each other we killed all but what is what do you do like you the carnage is kind of calming down. What is going on? You've got a tied up during our in the dressing room. They're behind you I WANNA drop Moonbeam. I got so that I can move and my friends can move without hurting us and then I wanna go to the front. In case there are still survivors. I was told there's twelve to eighteen bodies lying piled up in the other room so Alani I mean I only have three lay on hands left. Luckily we didn't have to use awesome. We definitely thought we weren't gonNA make a fight but I'd like to go into the theater and I haven't seen it yet so Walk through the door through the rooms. Get on stage. What do I see out in the crowd? Hopefully not crowd. You don't see a crowd you do see as you enter into the stage. Some of the actors or laying there unconscious and then you see on the front row that The famous wrong kwan is is there hey I wanna run to him I okay. Is He unconscious or is he dead. I WANNA do like a medicine do nine. You do see some like haggard breathing. Some some tired just slow chest falls but he is bleeding profusely. I wanted to lean down. And he'll him up and say it's GonNa be Okay Ron Kwan. We we took care of the we took care of the monsters and they give them a point US only on hands whoops on that. Does that like stabilize them he stabilize yeah. All right. Help is on the way I'm going to try and fix up your other actors actors and then we're going to figure out a way out of here and then yeah I'll just keep going around and doing whatever medicine checks I need. I can only heal madison checks. I guess in that can stabilize them. Yeah yeah if I do a better one than a nine but I do have two more lay on hand so I can stabilize to people fail. Okay so what however many rolls you're gonNA make or whatever. Just give me a D twenty roll. I'll be of an odd also. We like going around kind of like helping. Yeah Aidan is going also head out like down the ladder and I think probably on the same time as menards exiting probably both both going out meaning fourteen. On that role you are able to stabilize three out of every four but there seems to be one or two you come to the doesn't stable. Do I do a stable. They're already dead or I could use my two points. Atlanta hands to fix there are thirty. Two okay okay. So I'll just keep my to lay on hands. Yeah okay well cool. I mean that's how to take three out of four of them up without everybody else here. It goes so we only lost what he's thinking like five people total if Corp for okay we we killed. We killed more of them and I'm definitely happy with that. I'm not happy. Four of them died. But I'm happy that fifteen of them him. Yeah I thought they were all of them with all going. Yeah I thought they were all going to be dead. So that's your took care of it really quick so I guess that helped three three rounds amount of combat we took care of it is just going to keep an eye out. Because he knows he didn't take down the mind for everybody does no. It didn't see it as far as you make another recession check. Because I think you just told me last on like there was no trace of him because I think I made one. He's just going acre was left on the right for air cousteau away. Yeah I remember that Just keeping an eye out watching our backs ax looking around with an air already really uneasy. As soon as I'm done checking the I know it probably took ten minutes or so to check them And make sure they're all good and kind of get like almost like a triage impromptu trauma center Luc getting them where they can And of course moving the dead people away the living people but I WANNA go right back to that Just the Dwarf Narciso Norsk knows go. I WANNA go back to him and just Kinda grab him visibly upset picking up and dragging him back into the other. He's unconscious right now. I'M GONNA lean that way. He stable because I just punched but leave him unconscious because yes we killed most of them but he's the only one left alive to pay for four deaths and he needs to pay. He will pay. He will not going to jump off a ladder for. This'll give me another ladder. We'll see two points. Tames it. All that ladder is I have the power to make it as Aidan around the different Derg or make sure they didn't like because he assumes they probably stole from the people that they just beat up and tried to slaughter so he's going to go through and try to gather any stolen items and just Kinda put him an appeal Manila's date if anything because he thinks that they stole of being nice. We we kill all the people that killed all the people in just take their stuff even after reviewing people. That's my grandmother's Nicholas. Well from the dead guy over there so I lost two hundred dollars here half half forty two hundred dollars and found earlier. what you find around rooting for all all their stuff of the door guards belongings You find a nice while with the red liquid in it than you are very familiar with emotional feeling reasonably with that or so somebody and you also find a very peculiar bag similar into a bag. You recently got got the the face on it the Smiley face on it it is just GonNa. It's not a blue velvet bag. This time I mean in my head Kennedy is development aid and think that belongs to all of the eight and needs to think whatever aid in these because a long hair along with that you find five hundred copper and ten gold pieces in the world of dungeons agents in a bag of holding me someone something that just just anybody could have or is it something like for adventure or extremely wealthy. People don't know how much and why you think about that. I WANNA check one of the dead bodies of the people like the good citizens citizens. Yeah if we're we're questioning whether they robbed them or not we can check if they don't have they still have their valuables that we know that these are okay to keep a lot of who they don't have anything on them personally and you're not you're drawn the conclusion either. They stole it from or like their stuff is put away in like a safe locker or something there. Sure because they're actors they're they're they're not and that's okay then that's fine then I. I'm of the assumption that this is the monster stuff people I would because you're right actors. Don't go onstage. With their cell phones. In their pocket Bernard show a bird in his pocket to do it. Yeah no it. Wasn't that one that was on the roof roof. Whenever Andy Office was what was the name of the twenty nine? I Sweeney Todd and then Michael dropped that bottle of wine and it's slowly in front of the states yes you uh and the balloons went up in pop the light and Aaron brought CC and she was crying in the back and it was a mess. Honestly it was a big mets chill always wanted to all right anyway. SARS yes so I'm okay with taking the stuff. It was the monster stuff you know. Yeah the bag gosh. I've never do that in. I guess the goal to you you said five hundred copper pieces. I've already down regular posters. I I think there's minor healing right. That's the duty for we have to post. I mean yeah there's supposed to healing which is forty four plus four so I want to go to Ron John On. Just call them Ron. I can call me whatever you like. The show must go on. Is it Ron on last name. No It's one word wrong Quan. I didn't know that I did not know that either. Call me. What if you liked to call me late to dinner you would have to perform rob? Were these people were there. Anybody left I wanNA make sure that. We're everybody's accounted for. What the happened? Who who all came in here? I think we've defeated everybody but I just want to make sure no one's hiding in the back to take you out when we leave and having so quickly I I don't I don't recall his as if they were these invisible beast which that's not true because then they can only use their ability once a day then the DM cheated cheated. They did just come out of nowhere. Though it was quite vicious I the they came from the doors. Every door was opened and they just rushed in started attacking my actors. I didn't know what to do. I tried to stop them. They just cracked me over the head. I'm so sorry we're not hearing Tom. You made it. You lost four of your actors. We lost four of our. Our people. Were supposed to protect. No Hey did rescue code. Thank you for your efforts. I'm feeling faint. Please let me sit all right. Then I walk away Bernard aiden. Yeah should we. Should we get out of here and go get the guard. Somebody want to stand watch over over the people two of us want us to what you know. We should probably go tell the guard. I'm not sure whether God does assume you're familiar. I can says one two blocks away. If I can get out of the door I can try to other door. I mean I'm not GonNa but like was y'all mind staying here with the people and I'll be right back. Of course all right then alanine would like to go to the front door not the side door that was barred. Is that one specimen e they wanted to see anything interesting on the way like you know and then two is the door barred. uh-huh if you if you try to win the wings Robart but if you make it to the front that's Then the door opens again and do you WANNA cautiously open it walkout because we know that one guy left and then if it was barred they might have people waiting outside so I'll all too cautiously open the door and look around when you open the door. You see we just glimpse to right of this different like like shorter person with a cow over the head and they kind of look up at you and make kyw contact. You see this face of shock and then you see them disappear okay and it's more important for me to go find on the garden. I'm not even going to worry about it but that's all it was out here then. I'm just going to book it. I'm just GONNA run to the guard you said. It was two blocks blocks away like three minutes there and back kind of thing so like I get there like a minute or so who I find. They're lucky lucky choice. Can I take a guess all. CC Chuck James It better not be carbon. They're in a whole different part. The city you find a few guards who are nondescript going on I just run to the guard tower and say guards. I need your help. Ron Quan was attacked. We've we've taken care of them. But I need you to get your clerics medics we need a write up this report unquote is also under. The famous Thespian world-famous Thespian anyways. You see them like start grabbing their gear and stuff ring a bell perfect shipped Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. Being too seriously. Take you as you run out and you see some people scrambling in the The back end of the guardhouse and there they were doors. Well you accompany of five people rush weather you as you lead the way back there and we go back and tell excellent When you had in they begin assessing the situation so what what happened here and we're all together now now there's a group of thugs Durga? You may be aware of those creatures. They attacked at these actors this director. They were attacked and they were trying to find what we found. If you'd like to tell them about that Bernardin going to keep an eye on the door and make sure no one else tries to budge. We found we found and I kind of but in we found a great performance formats and they just attacked it. Probably be beneficial for us to talk to a captain. He's going to be the one that needs to hear our information I want. I don't want to like Budding in before he has a chance we don't we just don't know I don't know who's in what I know. The gangs control a lot of stuff. So I mean as as you're starting to thank you. saw the two clerics Rush Shannon start to administer aid okay yes of course it seems my pay great. Do my best to reach a captain. But in the meantime we will security perimeter security area and they could use this in securing the perimeter and island. Go and find a captain. Sure absolutely there might there deputized. So we're we're all we can do it. It's it's eight and deputized deputy just marrows and Bernard I made a mistake. I didn't line aren't yet. He exits briskly the and goes to scare captain. It is kind of hanging back near where the curtain would be. So he can I. I don't know if he can get an island to the dressing room but he also make sure that we're that door was barred earlier like no one's coming in from there like as soon as we head out to the main area to go like. Yeah exactly but he doesn't want to make an obvious that that's where the entrance is also clear uh-huh okay because he had no idea that to be discreet about your two options are to get up in the balcony her the catwalk area that you were in earlier or down the hallway. Yeah I'll do that again. No get up on the catwalk excellent action. I guess I'll go outside and do all right just scanning back and forth from the main area to the do you WanNa go out front with me and okay. So then Bernardo go out the front door I guess Bernard you WanNa take left. I'll take right. That sounds that sounds so we'll just stand there and watch excellent. You're even if you're you're to make the rounds. Do you remove the chains on some of the doors or you delete the change. I don't think we should. If these are the only entrances they can currently get in. Then that's the one who Bernard Neier at then you know for sure congressional neck and we just can't cover all those doors of Bernard Ireland parameter. I would probably keep him locked up. Excellent excellent and I mean a few moments pass and then You see a A Griffin Cavalry a few different cavalry members swooping in One of them is is a is a captain. Captain I nance Ferdinand. Yeah captain for what am I again sergeant new private private private nice try. What am I when some you lose some Canadian general major pain marine show Captain Ferdinand Ferdinand? Okay so yeah yeah like this and he lands in quickly dismounts the Griffin and standing. Before you what seems seems to be the Captain Ferdinand Alani Cartha the third private. I'm insane effort but we need to speak to lady silver hand at want. What's is there any way that you can get us in contact with her? It is of the utmost importance own. You I you call for Captain Sayad do and now you need to speak to the open opened. Lord wanted heap. Is that what I'm hearing. Absolutely when you were said we were sent on a mission by captain. Jameson right. He s Captain Jameson and sent us on a secret mission. That was of the utmost importance. And we've completed that mission and need to talk to either Captain Jameson but preferably lady silverline. Okay hold on you want me to just be your messenger boy. Is this what this is. No we need you to protect this because we could not do it ourselves any longer Slow down private money. I don't understand what is going on here. I was requested to come here. There was an emergency. Can you down and explain the situation talk to me happening. What can you tell me? That isn't a secret fair. Look classified information okay How or Glenn he does to lose two one? We were on the hunt and we found a secret room at the back of the theater and then doerr attacked bugbears attacked a dwarf attacked a mind. flair was in here. They killed the actors mine yes my friend hidden he. He's inside right now. Protecting the citizens that are left. He shot the mind flair and then it disappeared but we think we did heavy heavy damage to it. It did heavy damage. It didn't do everyday but they did. Heavy damage to us but we took out all eight seven seven bugbears. We have one prisoner left. The six do- regard dead. It's been a lot a lot of death today. Oh I don't need that much information or whatever that's an control. The scientific you can you want to go to Laos over and you can take out. I can think as of that important go. You have no idea how much to do this captain. Well you're GONNA stand here. Thank you me all day. You're going to get to it. I don't remember to tell so I I. I'm so excited to get on this group Z. Take them to the capital Gains Linzie. The name of the other one in the other campaign the one that was written by Captain Stag it was also named Zied. Oh don't do that for this one for this as well. I just named everybody for your European in all my pets video games dirk and my humanoids if I can so well raise a bake. Go take take them to the castle walked I hop on razor beak and I know how to do it. or He's he's going to his sued dudas. We start to fly off like we start to Air Bernardo the same one as me as soon as we do it hits me Bernard can you tell Aden. And you have met your best Saddam who grew away within one hundred fifty l.. Allow it because I want him to know what he's missing. Would you say a calvary alive open. You can jump on the next John. Okay let's see I point align I- Rodney Griffin Griffin. We're going to talk to the silver hand that's awesome and use your voice community and one hundred twenty one hundred fifty a because it's like taking off and flying over the theater already said right as soon as we start to get off though raising agreed we lift our friend. He doesn't turn around kind of just like like almost like he's like man. I wasn't even trying to leave. Just hoping we can figure out a way to such planned and Griffin without me. They wrote it left to get it back for this. It has the bag of holding. We have approved a lady silver and who does up the bag holding coins. I go back down in another bag of holding. Full has a secure account holders are so. Yeah we fly wherever your razor big. It takes us your belief somewhere in the south east of the city and the castle word is in the Mid West the city and so just rockets off. We're flying through the Air Bernard. Yeah my my hair blowing in the wind. Everybody giving so for me. It's just this jets take like I'm holding my bent acid. Glaciers leave pockmarked with corrosion and I'm just like this is literally everything Sylvania's ever wanted for and Bernardus Bonnet. I also really enjoy it. Kinda played like a Tude. Yes I had talked about that person that follows them around and have a life. I literally am Bernard Wonderful Vehicle Proficiency Count. Hanley Rolling Metal Skill is an animal vehicle was just a vessel for the soul. What's happening? It's almost as there's like this helipad right outside the upper floors place grid thirty GonNa drop us off our boop conspiring. When are they opened the back in conveniently this was built get dragons to be in here like win over? The game came out eight years ago. I just played four years. Okay still for that still so everyone we know this today. That game is started date. My wife boom eleven eleven eleven anyways knowing Apis I'm pretty sure. Yelich purposely waited so yeah I definitely also like no not until scarring that way. I don't see him for the whole a week. After I made this terrible decision. At least he looks me Haberman. I did I ever Miss A. I forgot down just balding and so you get to the catalog. He's still in my heart Hair podcast aside the Fabled folly presents hair tests brings uh good times sponsored by painting. Trestle mcchord enjoys during state trace. No I just imagine toy Pol Malu with long dark hair that he needs a haircut guest. It's cutting into your exercise time. It's it stabbing you in the back nine. And it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you in the life you want to live. CBD Medic Targets your pain aimed at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free soil. Get back to your life with CBD medic available online online and at CBS. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease back to the the the Griffin pet griffeth that beautiful blue griffin comes flying into the the German pigeon. Scriven we got from never that weird sort of challenges allergies because we all were run. Pigeons around never sorry. I enjoyed winter. I enjoyed it very much. That won't spend all that money seventy dollars in one day man. Do it got us good came I did. And so there's the Griffin Pat attached to the castle and the Griffin slows. The approaches. It gets closing just here the winged just like yeah. Yeah and you just see the whatever dust has settled on the Griffin Patches Kinda whips up and flies off many gently lands on the Griffin Pad and kind of like bows to give you all the ability to easily dismount like the cable. This the pat him prayer cables are literally transformers. If you'll ever see a four step process it's they get off in Pat Razor beak again. I literally do not know where to go. Talk Your I've never been to this part the castle you you see two guards sitting there and they just what's Your Business Private Alani here to speak with Lady silver hand from Captain Captain Jameson. Let's let's food necks bowed Griffin is what I meant to say Yes for land sent me on the bird. I just got the capital. There's no way you'd be their bird. Fly here on. Its against its we. Also you're GONNA see ladies take on the whole it's the third door on the left. Go to the fourth on the left. That's the the lavatory. You don't WanNa go there. It's been a long day. Well let me so you need to go. This is fine. I mean the chance to use the Royal Laboratory. Those pristine ivory white chamber pots. Let's say if you want the Nice ones take a left. I left. Go down three hallways take a right and in the first on the left. There's only one bathroom. The door did but it does have a nice view under a jab the guy versus black widow to the bathroom fight. It does have a nice view of the harbor but the window is open. Always so griffin's just out thank you sir can you and Bernardi Ready. So we're going to the bathroom or check out the best through that not a single the the fourth door on the right past the door up go to the fourth one on the left on the left the right and it's a dressing room did not vaulted. It's like not like address building. Armory like four hundred harbor is not GonNa rob the royal armory. Avoid one gear like having a Taylor on hand. He's just sitting there. It just went along the week long. The festival season was months ago. Everything is covered in beautiful marble marble toilets and Marble Watch the ripping everywhere everywhere. I imagine toilets seats were being held down by giant slobber Moore who just picturing and morals everywhere I. I was like a slip when a coveted all like Styrofoam Lamar marble pleaded Tom Skilling Marble Leaf. Not GonNa ease this. But it's it's a very specialized uh-huh Bernardi if you know anything it's never put in. An aegis. Wildly misused public funds for did wildly MRIS calling card the marvel the other place at the mobile staircase in the Marble Lake or is or is it. A name is set of Shakeel will soon ladder. We've made so many decisions that this podcast. I guess the big nuisance okay. We'll get that web all work out of me and it will then we back up. It was amazing it was. I was struck doc by this laboratory but then go to ladies over ambigous. This is more important than the. Have you enter the secretary's office. She's she's please or what. Can I help you private Alani here and W Bernard here to see ladies silver hand. Give me one moment. Please make sure she's so. So what is your name. My name is Linda Nice to meet you. It's Linda Lady Lynda Lady thank you. That's very is it lady Lynda Ono. I'm I'm not allowed now. It's kind I was. I was a little embarrassed. You could probably tell cheeks rosy why appreciate it if you would go get lady silver. Thanks I should be post-haste Godspeed and she gets up. She walked so slowly painfully slow as she. Oh yeah she's all Kinda waddling waddling in just a moment please. She enters the room behind her desk and moment passes and then you see coming through the door this lady who's covered in like silver wardrobe and take a knee. He came out with like your classic like the Queen just walked into turns around sees Alami is like Oh God just kind of Push please please ray or is in and we're ready for. WWe Boone's raged. The please now need for this. Please stand up please. And she gestures private Alani Service. Yes I've heard what you been sent out to do. You're back so soon. The Captain Jameson gave me word of commission he green lit captain Farquaad gave us as Griffin. I don't in in writing this company. When he came up with the and stallion they have taken place gave? You have been. Ferdinand I apologize. It's it's been Colonel Day lease silver cabinet would shoot with you so it was good okay. We're losing it. We're GONNA finish begin so we never had yes. He filled me in not in the particulars of how long it would take so. I am quite surprised. Able to be back soon. Well ladies overhand we once again fought the the mindfully who do regards little quite delivers the mind flare did get away again. We are not prepared for that. No Edema was prepared for that. They were quite troublesome those. They I- anytime. I've had encounters counters with my players. It's been quite the ordeal where they do. Try to escape if they feel. The encounters counters lost the fighters lost. So that does sound. They always come back well. We do have good news and it wasn't that the mind flair left. They always come back to decide that we left you there. Yeah Yeah exactly. He says always come back. And then the other shower very right. I said I'll have your head return. Have there is good. News is not just bad news and I take the bag of holding and I start to just I. I reach my hand because I know stuff doesn't just fall out of you but then I started pulling gold out. We found never ember stash. Oh true this is found found dead goal lady. Silver City will be so grateful. Thank you thank you. And how much were you able to. We were able to get Bernard Bernard how much I think it was. Maybe like twenty five thousand twenty five thousand. I think that sounds about all right but you said the whole. It appears that the it is under watch by Mr Kling Hammer surprisingly dragon lady so heck and and he said he knew you. His name was brought Clinton. I don't know that name no dragon by. I don't remember the dry doc links with that. He gave us the dragons he did not. I think Amos told us off air after recording but I did not write it down. He said he had spoken to you on many occasions than you knew he was here. A Gold Dragon. I dare not along you but they are more than a few dragons in the city. But I know of Hughley unaware of it's something that just terrified I understand. It's not something that we want to become a knowledge as your first reaction can seize dragons live here peacefully for thousands of years Bernard. What was that thing? He had ladies he did. He was in possession of this will staff that I've learned about in school. Let's see region notes star. Start describing it you know it had the dragons come up and they twisted at the top and the staff here on Yes yes that's it. Yes most perplexing. I don't know of any dragons we didn't. We know where it was A. It was under the charge of Lord never before he left the city. He may have put it in chargeable in the standard of a dragon and I. It's not uncommon dragging. You can trust to have the staff. They are awful. It's not safe more hands than that. Certainly no one will capable but we did give him that stone of Galore because that would have been the safest place the stone law. Yes the in that I've only heard room is the stone that never locked the knowledge of the the Golden. Yes the stone. The stone led us to let us to ah the tomb. Under Ron Kwan's theater. We could never get our hands on the stone. You found it. We found that in. Where did we find that neck romances? This is all adding up. Their place was underneath Dandy mops founded in there there was there was a hidden dungeon underneath Dandy mops and we we found the stone of Galore and then our our other deputy marrow seat he talked to it in Galore. Lead us to the two men are to the into the dungeon and it was an old door of dungeon and that's where we found. There was gold in their traps. And there's there's hundreds of thousands of gold pieces down there. It had to be everything Lord never ever stole from the people and he left this dragon in charge over. The Dragon said that it belonged to us. Belong to the people would dispatch a team immediately to recover the rest of the gold album to bring ropes ropes. Ropes grappling hooks preferrable I'll give them the orders to be kitted out food dungeon maybe bring it up so whatever they they understand that they will handle it of course but this whole happened so suddenly is wonderful. Wonderful News city is forever in your debt. I'm just glad they got it before the before the gangs got it. I don't know what would have happened in Santa. Thur got it they were trying at the end. I think that's that's who the mind flair was working for. Right Bernard Zanna ours entire. There's a lot of games in the city along. I'm not sure we did have this entire after it to with her stole stole. Yes here's annoying. It sounds I've been through a lot. I I see fit to reward you handsomely upon the return of all the money once we secured We will speak candidly about your report. It might mean my greatest reward lady. Silver hand was simply saving this money from the gangs. I do appreciate any rewards you would give but my the reward of doing my job. Is the only reward necessary. You're right that is reward enough itself doing the right thing. I can't say it better myself so I think that that covers this this. You're good you're good. We can speak more after okay. Yes yes we'll speak shortly. I would not say that I I would not say that. They're obviously I'm kidding. I just like to look at a Brendan's face whenever I tried to get. Gold didn't even look at space but I know him. Well no I if you I think you are the most most knowledgeable of this situation. Would you return and spearhead the cleaning up the scene in the handling of recovering the Golden Gate. If you can handle that I see it to put you in charge of that. If you think you can absolutely private Alani at your service service sounds like twice private racer she knows where that in the rankings. spiriting the operation. You're in the operation of I. Wanted Thousand Voters Sergeant. Sounds like some sorry material to meet but yeah I don't say that I just say privately money graduate service this lady silver and it was very nice to meet. You was quite a pleasure. How do we tell this griffin that? Bring us back. Can't you speak with animals can I can I can I just he. He can speak common but I need him to listen to me when you return outside and you seem kinda like bows domains. He's glowing. Green tomatoes has taken over him. And it's time to go. That's the voice of Celine. Sorry anyways you longing you are able to get on the Griffin and he just starts flying pigeon back to. Yeah I knew at that time. Yes from anything particularly want to do. Things aren't rolling into when I get back. I'm I'm walking that bed boat from the office with Dwi Georgian Alania spearhead these days before silver the hands of words Captain Lairle so Ferdinand. She handed you a of secrets. You can you a CEO says. It's handwritten fly. The plane played stuff to do anyway. Sorry no they don't open it rival wireless. It's a poor pufus support. Okay yes so I walked back. I was like lady. Silver hand. said she needed need to spearhead the recovery. That's fine fine. Of course yes carry-on. We'll take take your lead and I voted. I ate it. You should have seen that aathroom. I should have seen it. You're right I Uh-huh so sorry I was hoping you would jump back and look if someone could climb Asi vast. This is going back to the if you could get outta sarcastically. was having a blonde wants to talk to the cameras like anything. The report captain get a rough day but also like that was the best moment. Ever deathly of cheers from this point and the ride back was spectacular. I mean aiden hasn't taken hit point damage since the pudding so he's feeling great. Nothing of note citizen. That's my deputy sir. I hear it I call back. You're going to call anybody citizen. Also I deputize you as Sergeant Alani of the city guard and I touch them with my lead on ninety nine so anything you want to do or it's just going to touch shit. We have to wait for the guys to get there shortly after you arrived. There's more companies showing up to me. Fellas put her put let this is the man responsible and then we walked up point to the guy by his bond. Let's get them on their one in. Yeah I WANNA like Monday montage montage now us three at the lead and we're just like showing we're like an this bridge fail at our jobs over that bridge and our best friend disappeared back. They eh for that painting stat room with all the goal pots because we think there might be some of the golden their a team to the gold pots copper pots are just killed. Team seeking you three grappling hook over that statue. It will hold sh Asia dynamic. We have sung escape boost jink then then we slot we just light like maybe they did it. Just right kind of lowers zip-line the blonde and we walk back through like he'll alive as they throw another as going to do all the way back when we get into that room. Do I see the dwarf. I'll go what's his name on humor. Client Hamer the Dragon Pelican mouth and then it's holding all the implies to this a lot Ads before it seems totally out. When you start working on those stairs I kind of look at the Galveston? It just doesn't show. It's pretty cool showing off seen it. Yeah I am definitely I am having the air of showing off to all of these is when you get down there. They all have bags of holding. Hopefully they they have the materials to secure a lot of goals. Teaming go back up and get twelve. Coughing didn't use this. This new bag holding Brooklyn Hammer is nowhere to be seen but the gold appears to be all there. I don't say anything about that to those guys. Here's the goal that never ember stole from us. It's yours again. Oh No no no no no ninety silver will have your ahead of course of course anyway men yeah men rabbit up. That's getting going and yet get it. I'M NOT GONNA be any any like just order. He gives them. I want to say right after to make sure they know I'm given orders. Not that guy you see just a girl. A few cuts of men just scooping gold into the bags and there's just disappearing and I'm just standing. Are there with my hand like really high on my. You're not helping no supervisors do it. I standing on one of the steps on Ever kind of take my hair just looking at them for not helping. I don't know what they're doing. Just like double double hand. Also I feel terrible. Sixteen points left. I'm still like I'm stable now but like I am battered and bruised and moving. Well that's the only hip entrepreneur has all he eats few cuts of that and then it cuts back to your in the office of Lyra silver hand. We fly governing it. There we took took a team of Griffin's and we were at the point is so we've seen of the Griffin's flying and it's the sunset the beautiful sunset on the harbor and these beautiful oranges ages and reds beholder skyscrapers. Geez it's time Bernard behind me and my hair's waterlogging augie Maroon Griffin Jew here heavy metal in the background heavy Metal Salami the northerly guitars dot dot dot dot dot and the cuts to Yar and the office of weady. He's over there. We get all the goals you gotta go. Yeah it'd be count. I really informed that is filed gold short. And we can't seem to find you wouldn't in happen to know what happened that I'm of course kidding. Do rispler has been taken to under mountain. Let's go to We have put the money in the coffers and it is all accounted for a splendid job. Everyone what a wonderful thing you've done for the city I cannot be more proud to call you citizens subordinate. We walk as we do. The Breakfast Club won't do the Fish Lake. She says that we don't even just walking. There's a dome at the same time that Bernard's playing Matt like. CSI Miami comes the same time. It all happens at once The I think it might be hitting you. This gold would not be back in the city without your help in Indispensable so I see fit to grant you as a group if you want can't can split it if you need if you want to always fifty thousand Jones for unreal point drop my. I'm like lady silver and that is so much recovered. Five hundred thousand we get to keep the other four hundred fifty thousand so trust me. It's we wouldn't have any of that. If our tavern will be the best tavern in the world you have to remember. There's a coffee a little bird that disappear. There will not get really dark. No the interest in one day when he comes back he's got millions. Yeah Trust Fund Baby. Trust one Birdie. That's what the name of the episodes uncaring good. That's a good name Birdie so That is an amazing. Wait till fluid sees this like the two bags of holding and so both have twenty five thousand that how we because they were already full so we'd have to go that is amazing medical especially takes thousand two renovator tavern true like this tavern about to be I honestly honestly it would have been so cool to kill the clear mouth its head in the tavern every rename it might three now have the gazer though. Hey Gazar that that we can bring in his blogs and steal his beholder back in a steel. That don't do that we don't do. It didn't say that deal brand is a horrible first lady silver hand we will be forever in your debt for leading the city in a manner that never remember never could have hoped. Well I didn't want to take takeover again but I felt it needed to be pulled from the depths of that man again but she in charge before never ever yes. Oh I don't know if it's like a direct succession session. I think she's done a third Okaka. Yeah that's exactly what she's game on all right nerds Swore it was. He didn't say anything. He's spoiled Sky Room. That is an amazing amount of money and I have no idea what we will ever do. Our do we get back to the tavern. I'd I'd throw ten thousand goals now and I'd take knots we just spend it Bernardo's absolutely dumbfounded with how much he just knew what your family is going to be able to do now with their business man alone before you would never have to dress man again ever again trapped in high water the town word. Oh why don't we don't know trap sewer. Rats hunted chains. We see fit to talked with. Captain James We are going to increase your rent to the rank of sergeant. And if you keep up his promise crime yes you know not like that. It's just like like the perfectly blay still like. Suppose here with the light. But it's like coming down my face you keep this promise of promising career and I z.. Captain or maybe even a part of the guard for the open Lord leave him open lauded self that if you each a wheat. He's maybe literally by every week with the Golden Gate. The golden ticket in the box of wheaties makes you open Lord of Water So please keep giving yourself to the city and the city will be there for you. I will forever be my goal lady. Silver and with that ladies and gentlemen we have finished water deep dragon heist so much mud balloon can have all the dinosaur footy pajamas wall. I gave fluid six platinum. uh-huh pieces he already has all the time. We told him the soup up tavern. No it's already done. It should be done by the time we get back is like a nice long dinner table in the main area where we told soup it up and we did without the Gone Su. He did have that suit to spend. And let's of old pieces on zoot It's cutting into your exercise time. 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